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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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live in downtown san jose. i'll explain the police department's plan coming up. and you've got cinco de mayo, the livermore wine festival and the kentucky derby all tomorrow. your forecast is going to hold up well for all your outdoor activities. things you might need to know before this weekend, though. your full report coming up. and i'm following reports of some debris, a roadway hazard for highway 17 over the summit. we'll give you the latest on what chp finds coming up. >> the beautiful bay bridge. it's may 4th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, it's 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. merchants in the district about to get some help this morning after vandals trashed their businesses during a may day protest. christie smith live in san
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francisco where city leaders are encouraging the public to help out and donate to a special website. christie, good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. the damage out here has been cleaned up, not all of it. we were driving down valencia street this morning. and some boarded up on this side of the street and the other side of the street. we saw some shopkeepers out here sweeping this morning on monday. a group of demonstrators broke off from a larger group that was protesting economic inequality in advance of the may day protest on tuesday. some of the groups ended up busting up car windows, store fronts and in the neighborhood. a lot of these are small and locally owned businesses that couldn't afford the repairs. now san francisco d.a. is encouraging the public to donate to a we pay donation site that was created by facebook designer.
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it shows over $6,800 has been collected with a goal of about $10,000. the idea, to give to the businesses that need it the most to help pay for things like the expensive plate glass windows out on the streets. one of the businesses that was impacted to talk about this. at 1:30 this afternoon. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." well, occupy protesters arrested for taking over a vacant san francisco building. well, they are now in trouble this morning. facing arrest. dozens of protesters were arrested wednesday at the city's archdiocese building. five of them facing misdemeanors trespassing, felony assault on a police officer, and felony vandalism. the oakland police department is offering the public a chance to get to know the men and women who serve and protect. they're holding an open house giving residents the opportunity to meet the chief of police, members of his command staff and
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other police personnel. police chief says he wants people to get a closer look at "who we are and what we do." the event scheduled for 5:00 tonight to 7:30. oakland city hall is celebrating the 150th birthday today. the oakland museum of california has been rebuilding a 100-year-old model of city hall piece by piece since protesters knocked the display to the ground back in january. the whole thing was caught on video. the antique replica will be unveiled during this morning's birthday celebration. four people behind bars following a gang sweep at a san francisco home. the members of the gang task force serving a warrant in the city's portola district. you can see the suspect's being taken from the home in handcuffs. 12 inspectors remain onscene following the arrests. police say the activity was part of an ongoing gang investigation.
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pittsburgh police searching for a woman who attacked a pregnant woman. this all happened in the walmart parking lot on loveridge road yesterday. the victim was pulling out of a parking space and almost hit the suspect. they proceeded to get into an argument. the pregnant woman was then hit with several -- actually hit several times with a sharp metal object. she was treated and released from the hospital. so far, no arrests have been made. we now know the cause of junior seau's death. it has officially been ruled as a suicide. weighing a decision on whether to turn over his brain for research. the 43-year-old former all-pro linebacker died thursday morning from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to his chest. a santa clara man behind bars after being arrested for allegedly holding a teenage girl against her will. and a vta employee is the one credited with rescuing that teenager. 23-year-old merced pacheko
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facing sexual assault charges and false imprisonment charges. the 16-year-old victim stopped with him for a fair violation on the light rail. well, she was listed then as a missing person. being questioned on tuesday, she confided in a vta fair inspector at the light rail station that she was, in fact, being held against her will. the inspector described his run-in with the girl. >> the main thing was once she told me she wanted to be aware from him and the other things she said, i said you don't have to worry about him taking you anywhere. we're going to make sure that you're safe. >> investigators still trying to determine exactly whether or not that relationship between him and the girl was consensual. the replacement is officially underway. the board of supervisors is starting to accept applications this week for her former job. she resigned last month after nearly three months of turmoil. in february, she was assaulted
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by a boyfriend at a newark hotel. she then took leave to go into rehab for alcohol and prescription drugs. she's married to state treasurer bill lockheer. we can tell you, caltrain headed for a makeover in the next eight years or so. caltrain tracks will become electric making way for quieter, faster, and more efficient cars. yesterday's vote by the board was the next step in modernizing this process, which has been in works for years. now the project will use a mix of local, regional, and federal funding and rely on a partnership between several transit agencies, cities, and counties. >> 5:06. new this morning, san jose police are gearing up for this weekend's cinco de mayo celebrations. in the past, the celebrations have turned violent. live in downtown san jose with more on the police department's plan. >> reporter: good morning. it is all about extra patrols this weekend. many happen right here in
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downtown san jose. if you've been here, you certainly know it's essentially a row of bars and restaurants along east santa clara street. and behind us in san pedro square. we can show you what it looked like last year. the crowds packing the streets. it turns into a night of drinking and that leads to violence. last year police say at least one person was stabbed, several others beaten. also many businesses were vandalized. almost ten people were arrested. so this year, police are bracing iffer the crowds by increasing staffing in the downtown area. this is pretty typical, but they say they are hopeful for a last rowdy turnout this year. you can also expect for the drivers, you can expect more dui check points spread throughout the south bay. so if you are going to be out this weekend including tonight, do not be surprised if you run into a dui check point. i don't need to tell you this, but it's always a better idea to get a designated driver or just
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call a cab. live in downtown san jose. "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> a lot of drizzle in the south bay in particular, laura. we were looking pretty good. areas to the south of san bruno. as that system pulls out, really heavy low clouds. you'll probably be using your windshield wipers from san jose up to san mateo this morning. as we head throughout the day, a good-looking day shaping up. widen out on your radar and show you not much of anything happening. and as we continue through the next couple of hours, what drizzle we do have out there quickly clear up. gusty winds expected to pick up and that'll clear out the cloud cover. a gorgeous day setting up, dreary yesterday. 52 degrees in sunnyvale to start you out, climbing into the mid-60s, upper 50s by the water. and rounding out the day with the 70s. 4:00 p.m., getting ready to kick off that weekend. many events in town. i'll be talking about a couple
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of those events that you can attend and what the weather holds because a lot of things happening right here in the bay area this weekend. speaking of which, mike, he's busy this morning. 5:09. a lot of people in town. >> games, festivals, all kinds of stuff. focusing on that debris for highway 17. almost burnt out flare but someone got startled by it coming around the corner. it is out now. 880, though, same roadway, different number. southbound 880 at whipple road, reports of an incident at the off ramp. not blocking lanes, but off to the shoulder. should clear shortly and no slowing past the scene. northbound you see some slowing. highway 84, you know, but that's pretty traditional blip that shows up and we'll watch to make sure that clears without incident. 680, construction down through san ramon valley. approaching stone valley road. on this map, we do have construction as well as up past crow canyon road. and actually a smooth drive between there and the dublin interchange. just a 14-minute drive out of
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the altamont pass. we'll see this start to build up a little bit later than the previous four days this week because it's friday and a live look outside shows you what things are like. out there across the bay, upper deck looking very nice, just about the same guys, construction not causing any issues for the upper deck. >> thank you very much. the hunt is on for meteorites that rained down on nevada last month. researchers for nasa taking to the skies in a nice blimp. they're hoping to spot sites where large fragments fell and then they'll follow up with a ground search. as of now, most of the pieces recovered have been very small about the size of a double battery. a double aa battery. but scientists say they have to be bigger fragments out there. they believe they'll find them. coming up, a popular farmers market reopens in san jose. plus, a whale of a tale in the monterey bay. what happened while this video was being filmed. and a heck of a mess for
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yahoo. we'll take a look at the latest allegations against this ceo. and for the latest news, traffic, and weather, check us out on facebook. just search nbc bay area. ♪
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welcome back. live look outside. golden gate bridge this morning a little drizzle in your commute today. it'll pass making way for a nice weekend on tap. 5:13. we can tell you if you enjoy fresh locally grown produce, this weekend is for you. downtown san jose's farmers market opening up for the first time this year. the farmers market opening in san pedro's square.
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it runs 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. through mid november. >> it's a fun one too. 5:14 right now. a new challenge for brick and mortar retailers who don't have a web presence. a new survey finds more and more shoppers are going online before going to the store. they're checking online sites, even social networking for product research. they're also looking for reviews and trying to find out some promotions. traditional retailers are taking note and taking action. retailers are embracing social media sites and understanding how to leverage them versus fearing them. >> one example, customers who check into four square when they're in a walgreen's can get scannable bar codes for instant discount. the board at yahoo says this morning it will investigate why the company claimed its ceo had a computer science degree when he did not. scott mcgrew says that minor point turning out to be a disaster. >> it is. it's not clear who first claimed
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he had a science degree, but at the very least, he sat idly by while his employer told shareholders and financial regul regulators he had such a degree. i talked with stone hill college and mr. martin mcgovern there in the office said thompson graduated in 1979 with a bachelors of science in business administration. now, the first person to discover this small discrepancy was a guy named daniel lobe, a big shareholder in yahoo and wants some of his own people on the board there. he's not been shy about criticizing mr. thompson. scott thompson's been making major changes at yahoo, but not fast enough for lobe. as for yahoo, it said in a statement, there was an inadvertent error mr. thompson holds a degree in computer science. he's a highly qualified executive with a successful
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track record leading large technology companies. under his leadership, yahoo is moving forward to grow the company and drive shareholder value. now the other big story this morning is the jobs picture. for that, we'll turn to jackie live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning, scott. we're looking at the futuring pointing to a lower open on wall street as investors may be playing it safe ahead of today's big economic data. hiring is expected to have picked up last month causing payrolls to rise by 168,000, but unemployment expected to hold steady at 8.2%. and stocks falling on thursday as a better than expected report of new unemployment, the dow dropped nearly 62 points to 13,206, the nasdaq losing 35 points to 3,024. meantime, that jobs number coming out in about 15 minute's time. everyone is going to be
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watching. back over to you. >> thank you very much. back to scott thompson. he has a lot of enemies, including david sachs. he offered $25,000 for anyone who left the company. he said it was punishment for yahoo. >> i was trying to give yahoo employees a little motivation to rethink their situation in light of management's decision. i was reacting to yahoo's patent lawsuits against facebook. >> now, you can hear all about from what he has to say including his speculation about the facebook ipo, as well, this sunday. >> always looking forward to it. thanks so much. >> 5:17 right now. what we'll also be looking forward to, misty this weekend, but it's getting nice quickly. >> good morning to you. we've got a good-looking forecast shaping up for today, for the weekend, as well.
5:18 am
we do have a little action this morning. you can see what's left of the spotty showers. more of a drizzle generated by the thick, low clouds. but enough to where you'll need to use your windshield wipers at some point if you're making your way up the peninsula to san jose, for example. clouds won't last long, that sunshine is going to be back out in full force. high pressure is taking control of our weather pattern. you can see the realtime doppler right here, not picking up much of anything. that's the good news. we're done with the rain, purified our air. 52 degrees in sunnyvale, 52 in san jose, and 54 to start out in livermore this morning. where, of course, we've got that wine festival this weekend. the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. high pressure generating the offshore flow. what that means for us is temperatures today just a touch warmer than where we ended up this weekend. by this weekend, though, they soar, saturday, sunday, the 80s and the 90s return. if you're looking for the best weekend day for outdoor plans, i
5:19 am
think sunday you'll be a little bit better off. today, not too shabby. and 69 degrees in livermore. we warm you up on sunday to 83 degrees inland. that means 79 degrees in santa cruz. it's going to get busy on 17 this weekend. 86 degrees by monday and we hold on to that stride every day. lots of sunshine next week. don't forget, mother's day next sunday. mike never forgets. >> not now. thank you, christina. looking to the roadways -- we never forget the mother in our family. mothers plural. mine as well as my children's mother. we're looking at 17, a smooth drive. that congestion over the weekend, though, that'll be likely over to the beach like christina's talking about. great weather. the debris we reported earlier is all cleared and no problems northbound. but we do have that drizzle she's talking about, as well. watch damp, slick roads possible at times. you'll have to use the windshield wipers. we're looking over here, embarcadero, you have construction for 101.
5:20 am
the onramp should be reopening any second now and no slowing past the scene as you're traveling down the lower bay shore. across the golden gate bridge, 101 is close to the limit. golden gate bridge, these two lanes are empty, but they are clear. southbound side moving smoothly, just a few cars through the area at a time. look at the flashlights right there, waiting for that morning commute turning into the typical pattern we see there. once that crew clears, nothing going on on the golden gate bridge. into the city, a smooth drive there on our sensors as well as the bay bridge on the map. the map shows the green sensors, as well, coming from the east bay down to the east shore freeway. the san rafael bridge equally as smooth. we had the earlier accident at whipple, cleared without incident and talked about that northbound slowing we saw cleared from dakota without any reports of any problems good stuff through fremont, guys. back to you. how about this? whale watchers getting a little treat this weekend. a battle royale on the high
5:21 am
seas. targeting gray whale calves as they migrated north. the little calves had a little backup. two humpback whales decided to jump in and protect the calves. they say those kind of close encounters like this one can offer tremendous insight into whales' behavior like whales do whatever they want. >> who's got your humpback, right? coming up, invasion of the summer blockbusters. a look at some of the big films coming out this year. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?]
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is part of your plans. "the avengers" big-screen version of the comic book heroes, more than you can count. coming to a theater near you. look for will smith in "men in black iii," the remake of the schwarzenegger classic "total recall," a new jason borne movie without matt damon. >> i don't recall his name at the time, but he played hawkeye and also in the hurt locker. >> special effects there too. >> good movies list. christina loren, you going to be enjoying sunshine, as well? >> it's one of those weekends where movies are great because you'll have the ac. but outdoor plans right by the water, spectacular conditions. and we've got a lot happening right here in the bay area. this morning, i wanted to point out you might be using your windshield wipers up the peninsula this morning or if you're headed down to san jose
5:25 am
from san francisco, keep that in mind. whatever we do have out there is clearing very quickly as i take you to your realtime doppler. we're mostly dry at this point. i wanted to point out a big event tomorrow where the weather will be spectacular. the livermore wine country festival 10:00 to 6:00 tomorrow. we would love to see you out there. mike is going to be out there. speaking of which, let's check your drive with him right now. >> i'll be hosting -- we're going to have a host chef. we're going to give away tickets also. bob redell will be there sunday. yeah, laura just perked up. i don't know if we're allowed to win. we'll see if you have a pseudonym, laura. we'll call you something else over there. looking over here and a nice drive for 580 and also toward the san mateo bridge. no problems in this section for 880. let's look a little further north as we pass the coliseum. the live look shows you no problems on the roadway. let's see if we can get that. live look past the coliseum. there it is. the volume, it's holding steady past high street with those
5:26 am
tailligh taillights. coming out of downtown and all the way down into the south bay without incident. a smooth flow at the limit, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:26 right now. still to come on "today in the bay." one of the men convicted in a high-profile dirty cops investigation, the sentence he faces coming up. you see it happen all the time, but did you know it is actually legal for motorcyclists to drive between the lanes? a new survey reveals how often it happens next. it's a feel-good friday out there as we give you a feel-good shot of the embarcadero. always showing those nice, bright orange lights as the day gets ready to start.ouarnd.ouar. we'll be here at 5:26.
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a dangerous maneuver used by motorcyclists that you probably didn't realize is completely legal. surprising results from a new survey, i'm bob redell, live on the road. and i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the bay area weather center. congratulations, you made it to friday. we've got a stellar weekend shaping up. i'll let you how warm it's slated to be in your city. and we're looking at highway 24 coming off the walnut creek interchange. chp gives me reports of a fire somewhere through the b.a.r.t. station. we'll get the latest from them and give them to you coming up. and right now, we give you a live look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco. looks like that mist is letting up and the sunshine will soon be taking over on this friday, yes, it is friday, may 4th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us.
5:30 am
the time is just about 5:30, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. expect to see more police officers on the treats this weekend. tomorrow is cinco de mayo. marla tellez live in san jose with more on the police department's plans. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. downtown is often a starting point for cinco de mayo crowds. there are plenty of bars to choose from behind us in san pedro square and east santa clara streets. but san jose police are hoping to prevent a repeat of years past. last year the crowds got out of control. police say one person was stabbed, several businesses were vandalized. the issue really comes down to a math problem. police are outnumbered by the hundreds of people who show up. still, the san jose police department says it is increasing its staff today through sunday night. this means extra patrols, extra officers on foot, and more dui check points. you can expect this throughout the south bay, throughout santa clara county.
5:31 am
now, i mentioned that the downtown area is often a starting point for people on cinco de mayo. and that's because once the bars close down here along east santa clara street, they move to the east. they move to the area and san jose police say they will most definitely have a stepped up patrols there, as well. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." well, it's been a rough week for fires in san jose. right now, a home smoldering in ruin this morning. check out the video on this cell phone of the three-alarm blaze that took place last night. the raging flames consuming the house on topaz avenue. fortunately, everybody was able to get out okay. though one person was treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters say an aggressive response was able to prevent that situation from being much worse. >> what we try to do is contain the fire to the house of origin and not let it spread. and that's what we did. and we were aggressive so we could get a lot of resources here in order to protect us so
5:32 am
the fire won't extend and didn't extend to the houses right next to us. >> there was also damage to the home next door, but not nearly as severe as the home that burned. so far the cause of this fire, unknown. and we have new details about another tragic fire in san jose. we have learned the 6-year-old boy rescued from a burning town home on tuesday has died. the boy's mother was also killed in that two-alarm blaze that started in the garage below the unit. five other family members including the boy's father survived. fire investigators still not sure if the apartment had a working smoke detector at the time. it is 5:32 right now. the community where sierra lamar disappeared seven weeks ago is now better equipped to prevent a future abduction. morgan hill marshall arts instructors held a self-defense class last night. the best defense, the teachers say, beaware of your surroundings. organizers say if sierra was abducted, a self-defense class might have helped.
5:33 am
tonight, a fundraiser for sierra lamar will be held in fremont at holy spirit parish hall starts at 6:00 tonight. how about this? a jeweler taking matters into his own hands and a would be thief ends up paying with his life. it all happened yesterday at the jewelry store on broadway street near illinois street in vallejo. police say the suspect came in, jumped over the counter, pulled out a gun and walked toward the back of the store. the store's owner reached out and grabbed his own gun, ended up killing that suspect. the dead man is identified only as a 37-year-old hercules resident. one of the officers in the so-called dirty cops investigation is scheduled for sentencing this morning. 39-year-old lewis lombardi pleaded guilty to nine criminal counts while working with the san ramon police department. lombardi faces a possible 60-year sentence but is said to be cooperating with the government and will testify against his former boss and another officer arrested in that investigation. well, it's definitely scary
5:34 am
and always one of those uncomfortable sights on bay area freeways, motorcyclists, you know, when they straddle the lines darting in and out of traffic and speeding cars. and the survey on how drivers feel about that what's called lane split has come out this morning. bob redell joining us live from the roads with one of the most alarming facts about this dangerous practice by motorcyclists. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. yes, lane splitting. you see motorcyclists do it. you're driving down the road, and all of a sudden a motorcyclist passes between you and the car next to you. they're straddling the painted line that separates the lane. it can be very dangerous if neither party is paying attention. but did you know that it is entirely legal? california, the only state in the country that allows this, and if you didn't know that, you're not alone. to kick off motorcycle safety awareness month, the state's office of traffic safety has just released the survey that found that barely half of us know that lane splitting is legal.
5:35 am
87% almost all motorcyclists do it. and a small portion of drivers, 7% admit to trying to stop the practice by blocking motorcyclists. not sure that's legal. the state will use the results of this survey to help come up with a plan to reduce motorcycle deaths and injuries. in spite of the number of motorcyclists of splitting lanes, the number of motorcyclists dying on roads has been going down after more than ten years of increases as part of motorcycle safety awareness month, the state recommends that motorcyclists do pick a lane so they're more visible. they're not sneaking up on your side especially through your blind spot. and that us drivers increase our stopping distance when we're trailing motorcyclists because obviously for them to stop, it takes a lot more than it would a car. and also, bottom line, they're reminding everyone this month to share the road. reporting live here on the road, southbound 880 through san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> very good. that is scary to watch.
5:36 am
>> it is. >> very, very on guard. >> bring your umbrella today, at least for the morning, right, christina? >> no, i say leave it at home. >> risk taker. >> forget about it. you can see on my facebook page whether or not i was right. people don't hold anything back when it comes to my forecasting. right now this is all that's left. see these little spots, that's it. over the coastal mountain surrounding half moon bay. you might need your windshield wipers, but it's like a mist. and it's rather light so you don't have to worry about it ruining your clothes. you might want to move quickly this morning. 51 degrees in san mateo, 52 to start you out. look at what we're expecting, mostly cloudy conditions to start. by noon today, getting that sunshine just about everywhere. you're going to have to wait a little bit longer. but by 4:00 p.m., full-on sunshine, good air quality, a beautiful day shaping up and the warm-up just begins today. i'll let you know how warm it's slated to be over the weekend. let's check your drive with mike. highway 24, told you about a
5:37 am
little fire reported to chp. this is on the eastbound side of 24 right around morago way. something small over on the shoulder, the fire department has been advised about it. chp says it's not a big deal, not causing slowing and not a problem for b.a.r.t. either. that's good news, but i'll track that for you to make sure nothing flares up. we do have a smooth drive and no real issues as far as the commute flow toward the bay bridge either. the east bay looking nice as well as the lower deck of the bay bridge. we'll give you a look down into the south bay, as well. we have some debris reported, metal debris reported southbound 880 coming by the expressway. that's the only issue right now for that portion of san jose, but the south bay commute and the rest of your drive coming up, guys. 5:37 right now. unemployment numbers were just released. a live update from washington, d.c. we'll also have the race of all races, at least a prelook at
5:38 am
it in the equestrian world. >> better get that bonnet ready. taking a live look outside this morning. a nice way to start our weekend. yeah, not too bad. little drizzly start, butonbrve e laribrelinys d't e veoning umbrella. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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a live look outside right now as the sun is slowly starting to peek over the horizon. that's a live look at san jose. shaping up to be a nice day out there. you might have seen a little bit of downpour on your way to work if you've been outside. if not, looks like it's dry from here on out and sunny. 5:40. we were waiting for these, jon, new unemployment numbers released minutes ago. and they show little change. brian mooar live with the numbers. good morning. >> it's really a mixed bag here. there are some people who were expecting on the high end 160,000 jobs to be added. i believe cnbc was expecting a much lower number, probably
5:41 am
130,000, 140,000. the final number, 115,000 jobs added net last month. and that's sort of balanced out because there was a revision upward of the march numbers. from 120,000 to 154,000. so what's the bottom line here? the bottom line is that unemployment drops from 8.2% to 8.1%. and that really matters just psychologically across the united states. but it really matters for president obama, as well. this is an important number because there has been no president in history re-elected with an unemployment number above 8%. the associated press has polled 32 leading economists who believe that the unemployment number will continue to go down, will be just below 8% on election day, but mitt romney has been very effectively attacking the president and the ability to add on jobs as quickly as is needed to wipe out
5:42 am
that unemployment and basically get americans back to work. that 8.1% we should point out is an artificially low number because there are a lot of americans who have just given up looking for work. and as the economy gets better, a lot of those people will continue to stream back in. so, again, a mixed bag this morning. 115,000 jobs added last month. not as much as expected. but it is a positive number that the white house will say -- shows that the economy is still headed in the right direction, but more work is needed. laura? >> brian mooar, thank you live from washington with an update for us. it is 5:42 right now. china announcing today blind dissident lawyer chen guangcheng can apply to study abroad. an end may be near to a diplomatic crisis that has soured relations between beijing and washington. the announcement by the foreign
5:43 am
ministry follows a public appeal by chen. he spoke by phone to a u.s. congressional hearing on his case asking to be allowed to spend some time in the united states. the five men who plotted to take down the original world trade center being arraigned this saturday more than a decade after the attacks. the men including khalid sheikh mohammed currently being held at guantanamo bay. their proceedings will be broadcast on four military bases in the northeast. the men face the death penalty for terrorism and murder charges. two men are now in custody charged in the biggest pharmaceutical heist in u.s. history. villa and his brother accused of stealing $180 million worth of drugs from a connecticut warehouse. both men are from cuba and were taken into custody down in florida. 11 others were also taken into custody. argentina's miracle baby who was declared dead but discovered alive in the morgue is marking a major milestone.
5:44 am
turned one month old yesterday. she was born severely premature, declared stillborn and sent to a hospital morgue. 12 hours later after insisting on seeing the baby, the mother found her alive inside a drawer. yeah, it is unbelievable. this morning she remains in serious, but stable condition. oh, amazing. the three bears, they spent days in trees above a neighborhood. a mother and two cubs strolling through the neighborhood when a noise spooked them. they stayed in the tree until the middle of the afternoon. so when they eventually came down, they wandered through the neighborhood a little bit and climbed up to another tree. no reports of goldie locks being seen -- >> i'm guessing they were looking for porage, right? the 138th run for the roses is set for tomorrow, the kentucky derby, the oldest continued sporting event. but it's much more than a race. tracie potts is live at churchill downs this morning with more on the fun and, of
5:45 am
course, we expect tracie potts to get in on the festivities because she is a fashionista. tracie, we love the hat on capitol hill. >> wow, wow. fashionista, i don't think i've been called that one before, at least not at churchill downs. it is going to be a lot of fun, jon. because besides the traditions and the fashions out here, keep in mind this is essentially what they call the most exciting two minutes in sports. it is a major sporting event. the oldest continuous sporting event in this country. and 165,000 people like last year expected to pack these stands to see the race tomorrow. and today is going to be a busy day because the kentucky oaks takes place. that's sort of the local version of the kentucky derby. . and tomorrow we'll have the derby. 165 million, that's what was bet
5:46 am
on this race last year. and you can bet we're going to see something again like that. today we've seen them -- the horses were out here running a little bit earlier. spectators out here. >> real quick, i know it's not 9:00 a.m. out there yet, have you had a mint julip yet? >> no, here's the disappointing thing about that. i don't drink, so i said to them, hey, do you have a non-alcoholic version of that? and they're like, yeah, sugar water. no thank you. >> good call. thanks a lot, tracie. >> hey, the weather looks nice. >> it's going to be jam packed tomorrow. and of course, we've got cinco de mayo, i'm proud of my hispanic roots, but i cannot say it as well as laura garcia-cannon. >> cinco de mayo. >> a nice mild start as we head
5:47 am
throughout the afternoon. the biggest difference between today and yesterday, obviously, we don't have those showers coming down, just a little bit of drizzle from thick low cloud cover this morning. it is clearing quickly. i wanted to take you to your doppler radar and show you what's left. just very, very little isolated cells, mostly between san mateo and palo alto. you might have to use your windshield wipers this morning on 101 and 280. looking good across the board and your future cast tells the story, we stop the clock at 11:00 a.m., take a look at all that clearing. when we meet back here for the midday broadcast looking good for the weekend. everything is on par when it comes to that warm-up. high pressure moving in today. bringing up your numbers up a touch from yesterday. the climb kicks in for saturday and sunday. looks like we could see some cities hitting the 90s. which translates to beautiful conditions at the beaches. i mean 79 degrees in santa cruz is hard to beat.
5:48 am
69 for today in san jose, 67 degrees in fremont and 65 degrees in the east shore. we're talking about oakland today, a little bit warmer than san francisco with that cloud cover sticking around. probably until about 10:00 today. but then once that sun comes out over the city by the bay, you too are going to warm up into the 60s. 63 degrees at the coast. this weekend, that climb continues. 79 degrees on saturday, don't forget, we've got the livermore wine country festival. mike will be out there, bob redell, you can actually shake their hands in person. and i've got to tell you, they both have a nice grip. >> thank you. we also have purell available. >> good. >> looking over at a nice drive here as you come through many parts of the south bay. the note about the metal debris, still in the chp report. they may have a traffic break, but no one has reported any problems in the last five to seven minutes. a smoother drive for the northbound routes with the speed sensors showing up. you saw a little blip up here. 101 coming down south, that's
5:49 am
the same area where we had the construction just clearing. look at this, embarcadero, that stretch, there may be crews moving slower southbound clearing the area. we'll track that and make sure there are no further issues for the peninsula. we'll get a live look and see how things are shaping up on the other side of the bay. oakland 880 past the coliseum, a smooth drive, but the volume starting to pick up a bit. still 238 up to the toll plaza we have just a 15-minute drive. over here, antioch, the slowing down into the 20s, below 20 where you see the red right around l street and slow to summersville and starting to lower a bit through bay point, as well. friday typically shows a little bit later and more gradual build. back to you. >> okay, mike, thank you very much. the giants may want to change their names. getting too familiar with the disabled list. aubrey huff and now pablo out for a month. expected to miss four to six weeks after breaking a bone in
5:50 am
his left hand. he's having surgery today in palo alto. he broke the very same bone in his right hand last season. that forced him to miss a total of 41 games. but, of course, in the world of sports and the world in general, the show must go on. the giants hoping to avoid a sweep by the marlins, but the brooms coming out. taking this one 3-2 to close out the series. the bad luck giants try to get things back together against the milwaukee brewers tonight. >> that's not going to help if you keep calling them that. >> i'm trying to motivate. keeping it real, fellas. 5:50. coming up, remember this guy? yeah, he's the u.c. berkeley student that had the cool automated dorm room. he might be in trouble at the university. >> how much energy is he using? we could figure that out with gadget friday. ♪
5:51 am
okay, so who ordered the cereal
5:52 am
that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours?
5:53 am
welcome back, everybody. it's 5:53. and you remember earlier this week did a story on this. the kid at u.c. berkeley tricked out his dorm room. the lights, the disco ball all that. the fun may get him in trouble. >> derek lowe decorated his room all the bells and whistles. got a little disco ball, ability to turn the lights on and off on command. >> it's a party. >> he even posted that video about his room. now u.c. officials may not be enamored with his innovation. they plan to have a chat about his creation. no worry, lowe plans to move off campus in a week he says anyway. >> too much electricity? enjoy, kid. it is gadget friday,
5:54 am
something we can enjoy. scott mcgrew has a printer. and we've seen printers before. >> you've seen printers before? >> yeah. >> not like this, i bet. >> no, it's just the printer from home. kids are going to wake up with their homework and go, where's the printer? what we have is something called the belkin conserve. this can hook up to anything you've got. say your printer i've got next to me right now or a lamp or a fan or what not. not only does it tell you there how much money this thing is going to cost. in this case our lamp is going to cost us $57 per year were we to run it all the time. it'll also tell you how much carbon you're putting in the air. in the case of my printer here, i have it hooked up, and 72, no now 72 pounds of carbon every year just to have my printer in standby mode. i mean, it's not running, it's just waiting to run, which is how most people's printers stand around and do things. and then it's going to cost me
5:55 am
about $7 a year to run this thing in standby mode. we talked a lot about the vampire draw that your tv has and what not. $7 a year, who cares? but then again, when you change it to carbon and you say 72 pounds. >> hurry, go plant some trees. >> exactly. that's what you'll have to do. i'm going to print out that plan. >> yeah, right. >> about $30 from belkin. >> get that thing home. thanks a lot, scott. 5:55 right nowme. let's check in with christina loren. >> can you imagine? my dad took my printer. my dad took my printer. that's why i don't have my homework. and yeah, we have live video of that, as well. today, temperatures are going to be comfortable. 64 degrees, inland at noon which means we will hit the 70s. i wanted to show you this beautiful live picture, those skies are clearing as we speak. we've got a great-looking day shaping up. 5:55. let's check your drive with mike. >> all right. hey, folks, take a look. the map we're looking at the
5:56 am
approach to the bay bridge. that's just fine, we'll take you fu full screen and see the bay bridge itself. something reported, maybe a stall in the right lane as you're approaching treasure island. we took a live look with our cameras. don't see any problem with the flow coming off the toll plaza at the top of your screen as you're moving over into san francisco. no lanes reported blocked. i'll track that incident. meanwhile, the golden gate bridge, a smooth flow here, as well. and i saw the second of the construction crews traveling north, likely clearing the final cones on the north side. at the marin side, we did have remaining construction. but there wasn't any problem with the flow of traffic because as you see right here, guys, it's so very light. this is as dry roadway, but we did have mist in the south bay considerable so there may be an issue as far as damp roadways, as well. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:56 right now. you won't want to miss the show tomorrow called the super moon, when the moon gets so close, the closest it ever does to the earth all year. when it rises tomorrow, appearing about 14% larger and
5:57 am
30% brighter than normal. experts say the best time to see the super moon is just after sunset around 8:30. >> perfect. well, you're super mom, you can get out there -- >> that's my gift. >> let there be light. still to come on "today in the bay," drivers hate it, but did you know motorcyclists actually can cut between traffic lanes and zoom in and out of traffic legally? the results of aurvevey shsh yo survesh you how often hpens. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
5:58 am
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the monthly jobs report came out minutes ago. we're going to take a look at it all -- what it all means coming up. a dangerous maneuver used by motorcyclists that you probably didn't realize is completely legal. surprising results of a new story coming up. and san francisco businesses that were damaged by


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