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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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news. a hydrogen gas leak fills the r in the east bay, forcing several evacuations and a large emergency response. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. we begin following developing news, that story in emeryville at the ac transit bus yard at 45th and san pablo avenue. let's go out to nbc bay area christie smith who has been on the scene all morning long and she joins us now with the latest. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. quite a bit of progress to report in the last 20 minutes or so, the evacuation order that's been in place since about 8:00
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this morning was lifted and the streets are back open here in emeryville, except for the area in front of that leak, which is at 45th and san pablo. an ac transit spokesperson tells me they capped the fuel source lines and they're just letting the hydrogen vent out of the tank. it should be empty now or close to it. here is what we know. about 7:30 this morning, workers at the ac transit fueling station heard popping sounds and saw flames from a hydrogen tank. this is a center that provides fuel for the hydrogen buses. mutual aid was called in, several other law enforcement agencies and the neighborhood entirely shut down and evacuated, including on san pablo avenue. some people said earlier they smelled something, but they say the hydrogen is nearly odorless and went up and away. there was concern about a possible explosion or fire, but they say that was minimal. >> there is some burnoff, which is a good thing, that eliminates the possibility of any kind of
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explosion or major fire. we are trying to determine exactly what the cause of it was. >> reporter: meantime, emory secondary school was evacuated. 250 students left as soon as they arrived. and pixar, ac transit building here, businesses on san pablo to hollis were evacuated, and residents, too. i spoke with two teachers this morning. >> the school over there by the ac transit where they park their cars. >> did you smell anything? >> so far we haven't smelled anything. >> another teacher says it is effecting her breathing, she has asthma. we haven't smelled anything. >> my asthma hasn't kicked up, i haven't smelled it yet. >> what do they say for teachers and students to do? >> go home. students are waiting for parents and are going to go home. >> reporter: an ac transit spokesperson tells me in his opinion the system worked the way it was supposed to in the event of a malfunction.
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it signaled something was going on. as far as why it malfunctioned, they still don't know. live in emeryville, christie smith, nbc bay area news. everything is back to normal now at sfo where an early morning security breach forced the terminal to evacuate. look at this photo posted on twitter by a passenger showing crowds of people just standing around. an airport spokesperson calls the incident a, quote, procedure breakdown. it was caused when someone got into terminal three without security clearance. the entire united airlines domestic terminal had to be cleared and passengers rescreened. we are told passengers were never at risk. you can expect a crackdown on cinco de mayo celebrations in the south bay this weekend. san jose police are increasing staff today through sunday night to prevent a repeat of violence that plagued the downtown area in years past. this means extra patrols, extra
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officers on foot, and more dui check points. expect this throughout san jose and in downtown and allen brock areas. last year, one person was stabbed, several people were beaten, and businesses as you can see were vandalized. a total of four people behind bars following a gang sweep in san francisco. members of the city's gang taskforce serving a warrant on dartmouth. you can see the suspects being led away in handcuffs. 12 inspectors remain on scene following the arrests. police say the sweep activity was all part of an on-going gang investigation. federal members of two notorious street gangs rounded up in raids around the bay area are expected in federal court today. one of the locations was pet a lum a where three federal agents were shot during the operation, and are now recovering from gunshot wounds. gunfire erupted when dozens of ice agents stormed a home at
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4:00 a.m. yesterday. this is the video you're seeing yesterday. yesterday's massive ice sweep was the kiculmination of the investigation. they led to a 2010 triple murder in san francisco. four of them could face the death penalty. a panel of advisers praising how they handled the unemployment. scott mcgrew points out there's little to be positive about. >> good morning to you. we got the numbers at 5:30 our time. i'll be honest, we were expecting bad numbers, but here they are, and they are bad. 115,000 jobs added to the american economy in april. that's not very many. in fact, not enough to make up for the 18-year-olds that enter the work force every month. and the unemployment rate falls to 8.1%. you might think of it as good
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news that the unemployment rate has fallen, but it really is not that good news. there's something calls a participation rate, the number of people in the labor force or who want to be in the labor force, and the participation rate has fallen. to put it in english, it means people aren't looking for jobs, and that is why you're seeing the unemployment rate fall to 8.1%. again, washington will spin this in some way. some people will say it's good news, some people say it's bad news. truth be told, it is disappointing news. we'll have to wait another month until we can get another look at jobs numbers. back to you. >> good perspective from scott mcgrew. thanks. a bay area neighborhood hit hard by vandalism is getting help from a san francisco city leader. businesses in mission district are cleaning up after protesters damaged store fronts earlier this week. windows were busted out, walls and nearby cars were spray painted. even the mission police department got hit.
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san francisco d.a. george gascone encourages the public to get involved, and asking them to donate to wepay website. they raise $6800 for damaged businesses. the goal is to raise $10,000 in all. if you would like to help them reach the goal, log onto to make a donation. marla, there's a new survey out that may surprise some bay area drivers. you know that scary practice of motorcycles squeezing in and out of cars at high speeds on the freeway? guess what, that's perfectly legal. nbc bay area bob redell joins us on 580 in livermore and has more on the alarming findings. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. it could be a very unnerving ride to and from work. a motorcyclist seemingly out of nowhere passes between you and the car next to you. it's a tight fit. it's called lane splitting.
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would you believe, it is perfectly legal. if you did not know that, you're not alone. the state's office of traffic safety just released a new survey to coincide with motorcycle safety awareness month, which is this month. it found that just over half the drivers realize that this is legal. a huge chunk of drivers think it is illegal for motorcyclists to split lanes. the survey also found almost all motorcyclists perform this maneuver, and that a very small percentage of drivers, 7%, actually try to block them from doing that. >> i don't think it should be illegal in traffic when cars are stopped, i think it is okay for those cars to weave in and out. >> but when it's moving? >> when it's moving, i don't think so. if you hit them, they blame you for hitting them. these guys sometimes just weave in front of you. >> i think it is very dangerous. >> do you think it should be legal? it is legal for motorcyclists like you to do it. >> i think it should have a rule. i think it should be a certain
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speed where you can split the cars, say, you know, anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. >> reporter: we spoke with chp this morning. they tell us it is legal for motorcyclists to split lanes or share the road as they like to say, as long as they're not breaking the speed limit and the conditions are safe. an officer does have discretion, however, to pull over a motorcyclist if let's say he or she is splitting lanes at highway speed in the driving rain. the state will use results of the survey to help come up with a plan to reduce motorcycle deaths and injuries. deaths have actually been down in the past couple of years after a decade of increases. officers are asking that both motorcyclists and drivers this month and for months to come share the road and look out for each other. live here on 580 eastbound in livermore, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob.
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>> appreciate it. a nice weekend in store for us, right? >> beautiful weekend. for everything you want to do outdoors. this weekend kicks off festival season in the bay area. a lot of things happening, and the weather will cooperate. taking a live look at san jose. a beautiful day shaping up. what's left of the cloud cover, hardly there any longer. we're going to continuously clear out, completely clear skies by 4:00 p.m. today. let's get to your temperatures. we are in the 50s and 60s. 64 in sunnyvale, 59 in san jose, 60s for fairfield, concord, napa already. on the way to the 70s today. weather headlines tell the story. a little on the breezy side inland, windy at the coast. tomorrow we warm you up even more, so keeping the winds in place. then sunday the warmest day of the weekend, temperatures climbing to the mid-80s inland, we lose that breeze, get some phenomenal conditions at local beaches. i'll let you know which ones are the warmest, and we'll talk about festivals. a chance for all of you to meet
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bob redell. >> the notorious b-o-b. who is who in the bay area sports scene met for breakfast. we'll show you what they were doing besides eating breakfast. and new developments on the saga that put a big strain on u.s. china relations. the latest on the meeting between a chinese activist and u.s. officials. and the hunt is on for the top gymnast. oneai athlete weighs in with wh to expect in studio. toothpaste is not formulated for cleaning dentures,
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(woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. we can do this. you can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. welcome back, everybody. the five men that plotted the take down of the original world trade center going to court. they're currently held at guantanamo bay. the proceedings will be
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broadcast on four military bases in the northeast, and the men there are facing the death penalty for terrorism and murder charges. secretary of state hillary clinton says progress is in fact being made resolving a case of the chinese activist chen guangcheng. clinton telling the crowd there she's encouraged by a chinese government statement suggesting chen would be allowed to go abroad to study. she says the u.s. is working to give chen the future that he actually wants, adding the u.s. embassy staff was able to meet with him today. all of those recent developments following a dramatic, and very public appeal by chen. yesterday, the activist's lawyer spoke by phone to a u.s. congressional hearing on his case, asking that he be allowed to spend some time here in the united states. jon, you know that summer, san jose becomes gymnastics town. it comes the week of june 25th.
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look who we have in studio, one of the athletes going through it. samantha has competed in trials in the past. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> a little background of yourself. you started gymnastics when you were two. >> yes. >> made it on the team in 2008, then you hurt your ankle at the last minute. >> yeah. you know, i fell in love with the sport at an early age obviously, and it just -- there's something about the sport that really entices not only the gymnast but the audience as well. in beijing, it was incredible. my biggest memory from beijing other than winning the silver medal was seeing more american flags in the audience than chinese flags. that gives me chills even talking about it. >> of course, we are looking at file video of you on the mat. amazing stuff. you have been through the olympic trials. give us a little idea of how it works. >> well, there's a two day
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competition, and the scores are added together. both days are really important. and the biggest impact is the fans. you know, everyone needs to be out there, go and watch. being in olympic trials myself, seeing the fans and the audience and support from everyone, it sets the tone for the olympics, and it is really important for all of the gymnasts to know how much everyone cares and supports them. >> how much training does it take? >> most girls 6, 7, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. the amount of effort they're putting in, it is great to go out and support them. >> how many women can we expect on team usa? >> there's five. >> only five. >> yes. only five. >> how many when you were? >> six, so one more. one less spot this team. and i know there's so many people that would be great for it. it is going to be a battle. >> how many overall competing? >> i think around 20.
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>> i know you flew into town last night, you're from indiana. >> yep. >> thanks for being here, as i said. how long are you in town for? and you're going to be back obviously -- >> i go to school at ucla. so yeah. >> this is coming up next month. you can watch the gymnastics olympic trials starting june 28th, of course here on nbc bay area. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> too late for me to apply for trials? >> i don't know, you could petition. >> i have a mean cartwheel. good luck on that. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh, the main speaker at the breakfast of champions. hundreds attended this event. harbaugh, joined by other big names, ronnie lots and long list of athletes and coaches. facebook sponsoring this event.
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all the proceeds going to job train. a nonprofit organization helping people in silicon valley turn their lives around with job training and with job placement. time for a check on the weather. looks like it is getting nice, christina loren. little cinco de mayo salsa? >> it is perfect for any fiestas through tomorrow. of course, we have the kentucky derby. a lot of things at golden gate field. you'll need the hats, the sun will be out in full force just like it is now. taking a live look at san francisco, beautiful, mostly cloudy sky. temperature is warming nicely, and winds are starting to gust, especially at the coast. let's get right to wind speeds. we have 20 miles per hour sustained wind speeds down to san francisco. choppy on the bay as a result. high pressure is keeping things nice and mild through the next 48 hours. sunny conditions. today, warmer than yesterday by
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five to eight degrees. this weekend, talking about the 80s, beach weather returning to the bay. 68 for san jose, 70 in livermore. the giants are back at it, starting a series against the milwaukee brewers tonight at 7:15, and i do believe winds play a factor as it is very gusty at the coastline. out of the west, northwest, could see the balls taken out to the cove. could see a splash down. hopefully the case for the giants. for tomorrow, want to give you a preview of the temperatures we're expecting. gorgeous for livermore wine country festival. mike inouye and bob redell will both be there at 1:00 p.m., and they'd love to meet you. temperatures are going to be downright perfect. if you want to hit the beach, sunday is the day to do so. first, we fly you to pacifica. temperatures in the 70s. 73 there. take you to half moon bay, even warmer. temperatures around 74 degrees. and winds aren't playing that much of a factor on sunday. that means if you want to hit the warmest beach city, santa
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cruz. temperatures climbing into the upper 70s, really comfortable conditions, even to get your tan on. i know a lot of us have been waiting for this weather around here. 81 degrees, 85 sunday, temperatures staying mild. the full forecast looking good all weekend long. back to you guys. >> jon has a natural tan. >> yeah, i have about 50 block on as well. coming up, an open house of a different kind. why one bay area police department is inviting the public in. and we show you the precious item protesters wrecked at oakland city hall and how it was finally put back together. and to join the discussion, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. speaking of sun block, oh, yeah, that's san rafael right now. clouds blowing away, the sun rolling in. it is a beautiful cinco de mayo eve. get prepared to enjoy yourself. pour yourself some sangria.
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welcome back. occupy protesters arrested for taking over a vacant san francisco building are facing new charges today. police arrested dozens of protesters wednesday at a building on turk street, owned by the catholic archdiocese. five now face multiple charges, most misdemeanor trespassing, but one faces felony assault on a police officer, and felony vandalism charges. oakland city hall celebrating birthday number 160, unveiling a restored piece of history damaged by an occupy break-in. workers at the oakland museum of california have been rebuilding a 100-year-old model of city hall, piece by piece, ever since protesters knocked the display over in january. the whole thing was caught on video. the antique replica being
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unveiled in this morning's happy birthday celebration. the oakland police department is offering the public a chance to get to know the men and women that serve and protect their city. they're holding an open house, giving residents the opportunity to meet the chief of police and members of his command staff. the police chief says he wants people to get a closer look at, quote, who we are and what we do. the event is scheduled to start tonight at 5:00. coming up, the big moon watching event out in full this, you want to catch weekend. you wanto know the best times to see this thing. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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i can barely hear a thing with amber's band practicing. ♪ you're right, we've had enough. but i know exactly what to do. you take care of the music and i'll switch us to anthem. sometimes you just have to pull the plug. ♪ sorry, grandpa, we'll try to keep it down. i just... give it to me.
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♪ [ female announcer ] we know you're still more rocker than rocking chair... that's why we've created medicare supplement solutions that are just right for you. we have plans with no copays, no deductibles, and lifetime coverage. you may even qualify for one of our guaranteed acceptance plans. if you're eligible for medicare or will be soon, you can schedule an in home visit or get answers right over the phone. call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352. welcome back now. taking a live look high atop san bruno mountain. a few clouds left over. we'll see mostly clear conditions all weekend long. temperatures look downright perfect for outdoor activities. up to 85 degrees inland sunday. that translates to 79 degrees at the bay, 72 in pacifica and half
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moon bay sunday. gorgeous conditions. hope you can get out there and enjoy it. back to you. >> we shall. thank you very much, christina. finally, the biggest and brightest show of 2012 for star gazers. you want to check out that supermoon tomorrow night. >> it is when the moon is closest it gets all year to earth. it is fascinating. a distance of about 222,000 miles. when the moon rises tomorrow, it will appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. experts say the best time to see the supermoon is just after8:30. >> those are picturesque, like postcards. >> spectacular. >> i like that. mother nature keeping it sexy and romantic. >> nice night for aston mronoma. >> thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> and all weekend, see you next week. >> happy cinco de mayo!
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