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tv   Today in the Bay  KNTV  May 5, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning to you. looking live from our camera out at pier 39. a nice start to the day, though a little bit hazy. warm today, warmer tomorrow. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. happy cinco de mayo. hope you have plans for outdoors. >> the weather is going to be perfect for it. this morning, not much wind there. gorgeous view around the bay there this morning. 40s and 50s. a little chilly, though.
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livermore and gilroy in the low 40s. look at the winds, though. a little bit breezy this afternoon. but with those north winds, we're going to see a warming day out towards the tri valley. a great day to check tout wine country festival. close to 80 today. that will be one of the warmer spots. 60s to mid 70s around the bay. come tomorrow, 70s on the coast and some mid and upper 80s in the forecast. a full look at this warm-up we'll see through the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> might need to stake out your spot on the beach. >> start looking now. new this morning, self-proclaimed mastermind of the sleceptember 11 atax was in courtroom, the first public appearance in more than three years. ka le-- khalid sheikh mohammed signs that some of the defendants will plead not
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guilty. defense teams are preparing for a lengthy fight. six families' victims were chosen by lottery to travel to guantanamo to see it in person. other families' victims were able to watch via closed circuit tv. a frightening ordeal for spa workers locking up for the night. police stay man robbed the workers at gunpoint at royalty spa. the pelosi were at the back door locking up about 10:00 last night when the men approached them, forced them into a room in the spa, then stole money and cars. the missing vehicles are a 2010 white kia van, license plate number, the one you see there. none of the victims were hurt. anyone with information is
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encouraged to call the police. they have an anonymous tipline. new this morning, small earthquake shook sonoma county overnight. a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that hit at 2.23 this morning. the area surrounding the geysers is the largest single geothermal field in the world and continually produces small quakes. with this one, no reports of injuries or damage. many san jose police officers will be celebrating cinco de mayo this weekend because they will be on the clock. already we found officers on many street corners in downtown san jose. they are on standby in case anything happens this cinco de mayo weekend. though the last few years have been mostly peaceful, police want to make sure that this doesn't happen again. this was the scene in 2006 when out-of-control crowds trashed parts of the city. that year, 56 people were arrested and windows were busted out at several businesses. those memories are the reason business owner shawn wofford
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won't take any chances even years later. require plan on being here at least an hour or two later just to see if the crowd is going to be pretty rough or if everybody is going to be mellow. so i'll keep an eye on my business. >> san jose police are focusing efforts downtown, also on the east side near philly and king, which is the heart of the mexican-american community in san jose. this morning, some north bay teenagers are very lucky to have survived a major crash, though chp says none of them was wearing a seat belt. the teens were all in a truck that the driver crashed yesterday. three of them were taken to the hospital with major injuries. two were treated for minor injuries. the highway patrol is trying to figure tout cause of that crash and why the teens weren't belted in in the first place. in san francisco, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver this morning. police say the driver of a mustang ran a red light, causing a cab to crash into a building. this happened on thursday night at mission and 19th.
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the mustang's driver apparently ran from the scene, leaving behind his car, in which police say they found bottles of alcohol on the floor. police in the south bay are looking for some help this morning in their search for the gunman who unloaded on a group of people in front of a home. the shooting happened around 9:30 thursday night on shiloh avenue just off piedmont road. the gunman fired several shots. fortunately, no one was injured, but two parked cars were damaged. police believe at least four people were involved in this attack. if you have any information, they want to hear from you. and now here's a story you will only see on nbc bay area. one moment a woman was eating a slice of pizza. the next, she was in terrible pain. the bay area woman claims that a chicken bone pierced her esophagus and almost killed her. she has now settled the bill with the restaurant and is telling her story for the first time. jean elle has her dining disaster. >> i got a bad piece, so i tried
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to cough it up and didn't have any luck with that. >> calla felicity is telling us about the meal she is still recovering from two years later. there was a chicken bone at a pizza she ate in february of 2010. doctors say the bone lodged in her esophagus. >> i have two holes in my esophagus. it suspended like a bridge across my esophagus. >> hospitalized, felicity fought a life-threatening chest infection. doctors performed 14 surgeries in a matter of weeks. >> they told me that there was a high risk and that i mustn't swallow or i could die. >> the mother of two filed a lawsuit. a injure just awarded her $2 million for pain and suffering and $500,000 for medical costs. in a statement, buster farms
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says we regret the injuries claimed by ms. felicity caused by a chicken bone. the product involved in this case was sold to restaurants as an ingredient and not sold at retail. foster farms has maintained an outstanding food safety record for more than 70 years. >> this was a mistake that they shouldn't have made. >> but felicity claims at trial she learned foster farms and round table know there could be bones on pizza. >> their agreement with the manufacturer was that there could be up to two bones in 10,000 processed products. so they should know there could be bones in there and they should have looked. >> she's hoping her case will help improve quality control at both companies. >> i have two more surgeries, one on the schedule in june, and that would put a chip in my vocal apparatus that will give me more voice and more importantly, it will give me more breath. >> jean elle, today in the bay. >> while she prepares for
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surgery, her attorney is preparing for an appeal. more ahead for you today on the bay. coming up, a key figure in a cop corruption case that rocked the bay area learns his fate. plus, the oakland police department holds its first open house. telll telll you why offie an event meant to bring peace to this community.
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stolen drugs, dirty dui stings and crooked cops, a dramatic turn in the private eye scandal that rocked several east bay police departments and brought down a glitzy private investigator. here's today in the bay's jodi hernandez. >> it's a very disturbing video and it's about as strong evidence as one could have. >> this undercover video showing private eye christopher butler and drug enforcement commander norman welsh taking part in an apparent drug deal, has helped lead to butler admitting he's
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guilty. butler stood up in front of a federal court judge, and in his own words, described how he helped welsh steal drugs from law enforcement evidence lockers, then sold the drugs for cash. >> it's very hard for a defendant to go into custody knowing he's going to do a prison sentence, but there comes a time when it's important to get it done. >> butler also admitted to teaming up with welsh to rob prostitutes. he told the judge he helped open up massage parlor that provided sexual services in pleasant hill. he says he collected money from the women who worked there in exchange for welsh's police protection. >> he feels extremely bad for a lot of reasons. a lot of people got hurt by this. and his family, particularly. >> meanwhile, co-conspirator lewis lombardi, who pleaded guilty in january to his role in the scheme, is also heading to prison.
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a judge sentenced him to three years behind bars. >> on his behalf, i guess i would have to say that there is no explanation and that what he did was wrong and he's prepared to pay the price for those wrong decisions. >> butler will be formally sentenced on september 11. he faces a minimum sentence of ten years in federal prison for the drug charge, only his attorney says he is ready to testify against his co-conspirators norman welsh and steven tanobi. coming up, free cic books. why they're being given out at stores today. for the weekend, we're seeing mostly sunny skies. live looks there at oakland as y unasd eadainto sunday and g un monday. we'll have a look at that when we come right back.
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good morning to you.
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looking live from pier 39 this morning. a little bit of fog today, but warm temperatures, even warmer tomorrow, rob mayeda says. though today, we just need it to be warm enough for some guacamole. >> it's going to be perfect weather for that. right now we've got gorgeous clear skies. beautiful view from san francisco. we're fog-free. if you look closely at the flag there atop the building, not moving around very much, but at times showing a hint of a north wind, which is a sign of a warm-up around the bay area. despite the fact right now it's pretty chilly. if you're joining us from gilroy and livermore this morning, some low 40s outside. our temperatures have really dropped off. but they'll be rebounding nicely as we head towards the afternoon. here you see the north winds i'm talking about. that's going to continue to dry things out. and warm things up as we head towards the afternoon. the story of the day, dress in layers. some 40s outside this morning, but as early as 11:00 and noon, we'll start to see the 70s showing up inland. tomorrow, we will very likely
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see mostly 70s and 80s around the bay area. the rest of the country watching the kentucky derby. we had some nasty thunderstorms overnight. things are clearing out for that big event later on today. west of the rockies, things kind of quiet here, except for seattle seeing a few showers. high pressure starting to build in, so we'll see temperatures climbing up today, tomorrow, probably on into monday as the storm track steers off to the north. instead of seeing the roller coaster week like we saw this past week with that rain on thursday, the next few days we're going to see temperatures climbing on up. so for the giants' game, a little breezy at times. temperatures will continue to warm up even around san francisco come tomorrow. around the bay area today, around san jose, upper 70s, some low 80s possibly popping up near the foothills south of the bay. low 80s for pleasanton. 80s out towards fairfield.
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will dry it out as it drops down in elevation. around the north bay, santa rosa with the north winds. air drying up. but still relatively cool here on the coast, mid 60s. we should see 70s come tomorrow. clear skies, which is good news because you might have seen it last night. it's actually tonight. we've got what's known as the super moon. this is the moon at its closest approach to earth, about 15,000 miles closer than average. so it's about 14% larger. but here's the main effect. it will look about 30% brighter. so check that out tonight. we'll hope that those low clouds and patchy fog stay away from the coast. should get some good viewing of that tonight. temperatures to round out the weekend, a look at that in your three-day forecast. tomorrow will warm up even more. near 70 on the koesms midcoast. unlike this past week, it's not going to involve rain. just a few more low clouds.
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but wow, 80s for those inland valleys across the board. hottest day is coming up tomorrow into monday. a bit breezy the next couple afternoons. >> just to hear that we'll be able to see the super moon. there's nothing worse than when you talk about something awesome and then go oh, by the way -- >> spoiled by fog. >> thank you very much, rob. teachers and parents agree getting kids to read any book is a good thing these days with. that in mind, today is free comic book day. mark barger has more on this story. >> the comic book industry will look to pull in young readers with its 11th annual free comic book day. >> we're going to give away more than three million comics on saturday. >> and that's just in the u.s. comic bookstores in more than 50 other countries are also part of the effort to cultivate new customers, especially younger ones. >> to get them reading is to get them on a start of a journey that will allow them to love
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reading for pleasure, for fun, and for education for the course of their lifetime. >> sales of comic books top $660 million last year, twice the figure from 1997. but in areas without specialized comic bookstores, some libraries are stepping in to help with the free comic distribution. >> we have a lot more librarians and teachers coming to us to find books that are appropriate for their classes and the grade levels and the schools. >> it's ammunition welcomed by teachers in the battle to encourage reading. >> i think any book with bright, colorful pictures and words that accompany it start emergent readers, which is beginning readers. >> often those young readers will see that content evolve on to other entertainment platforms. >> comics represent pop culture, so there's always a book out there that would coincide with what you enjoy on tv or the
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movies you're watching or the games you play. >> they hope that the multi-media success can continue to fire up interest in the pages that started it all. mark barger, nbc news. much more ahead on if the today in the bay." a brave face for a difficult disease. >> it's a disease that people don't like to talk about because it involves the bathroom. seasefo or a disease n's bravei that many in the bay area live with each and every day. at bank of america,
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we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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every day, a lot of folks wonder when a stomach ache is more than a stomach ache. for some people, frequent tummy trouble ends with a diagnosis of ibd or inflammatory bowel disease. what we do in the bathroom, though, is so intensely private that it is a lot of reason people have crone's disease but
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are not open to talk about it. i did talk with a young woman open to talking about it. a few weeks ago, she made more than 700 sweet treats to raise awareness about a disease that's as far from sweet as you can get. five years ago, at the age of 15, kelsey was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease. >> it's a disease that people don't like to talk about because it involves, you know, the bathroom. your digestive tract doesn't work, so you have to be in your bathroom often. >> it's an auto immune disorder which causes inflammation in the colon. the breeding can happen anywhere. >> when there's inflammation involving the lining of the bowel, it causes bleeding, discomfort, so you feel pain. it can lead to diarrhea, weight loss, fever. >> 1.4 million americans suffer from this, and more children are being diagnosed, the doctor says
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perhaps because of better testing. >> on the bad days, i really can't do anything. i'm at home. i'm in bed. i'm ten feet from the bathroom. it's rough. and i can't really eat when i'm sick. >> kelsey is a counselor at camp gut busters, created for kids learning to live with digestive disease that has no cure. after five years of meds, kelsey is now considering surgery. >> it takes away the diseased part of the intestine, but it doesn't completely fix the problem because then you're left without a large intestine. so that's why we really need research. >> i think a cure is a long ways off. >> this year, kelsey will be honored at the take steps walk. >> we're walking down loud and proud. some people even do funny stuff like wear toilet seats around their neck, so it's fun to be able to joke about it. >> she'll try to keep laughing and having less than polite conversations, hoping that the more people know about the disease that sometimes keeps her
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in the bathroom, the sooner there will be a cure. and that walk is coming up later this month. we'll tell you about it as the date gets closer. your body is talking, but you may not be listening. an emergency room doctor says that could be a life threatening mistake. marianne favro shows us four often overlooked symptoms doctors say you really should not ignore. when should you thohead to emergency room? >> severe bleeding, broken bones, high fevers, heart attack, stroke. >> that's trurk but dr. james lin says there are four not so obvious symptoms that might send you here, including back pain. >> sometimes a patient can have a problem in the spinal cord area where there's some compression of the final cord itself. if that's for a prolong period of time, that can lead to a permanent disability. >> we're not talking about an achy back, but severe back pain accompanied with a fever,
7:26 am
numbness in the legs and genital areas, or difficulty urinating. >> dr. lin says you should also pay attention to chest pain, which people often dismiss as heartburn. >> throbs all through here. >> sure, almost all of us get headaches, including sheryl randolph. >> you just feel bad all over and you just want them to go away. >> some head aches may be an early warning sign of something much more serious. >> some headaches that we really get worried about, the ones that are the sudden onset thunder clap headaches, the worst head ache if you're alive that comes on in just seconds. those we're concerned about bleeding in the head. >> the fourth symptom to put you on alert is abdominal pain. don't ignore it. if your pain is consistent and getting worse. >> for something like appendicitis, if you wait too long for that, you can have more complications as the appendix could rupture and make it a more difficult surgery. >> dr. lin says typically men are longer to minimize their symptoms and wait longer to see
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a doctor and that could worsen their condition. so listen to your body and don't try to tough it out. seeking early medical attention may save your life. marianne favro, nbc news. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, held up at gunpoint. the late nest the search for two men accused of holding up workers at a bay area spa. plus, going beyond theaperap .ureme the start-up helping college grads find jobs. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪
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[ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations
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that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. good morning to you. looking live at a very lovely picture of the bay bridge. bouncing around a little bit, though. the camera at that elevation on the ground, it's just nice and cool. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda, who is also nice and cool today.
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>> when the weather is nice, yeah. thursday was very uncool. right now 40s and 50s outside. we do have north winds. we're not seeing it at ground level there in san francisco burke the north bay valley into wine country this morning, you've got the winds going. notice our temperatures quickly by lunchtime, should be in the 70s. mid to upper 70s inland, maybe close to 80 degrees. got the wine country festival. close to 80 by 5:00 today. and the trend will be to even warmer temperatures this weekend. high pressure builds in. i think you will be surprised by just how much more the warming really affects those weekend temperatures come tomorrow. we're looking at 70s on the coast. we'll have a full look at the warm-up on the way for your full seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. may even feel hot in a few spots come early next week. >> that's perfect for cinco de mayo. thank you very much. new this morning, police are searching for two suspects who
7:31 am
robbed spa workers at gunpoint in the north bay. this happened at royalty spa on miller avenue in miller valley around 10:00 last night. the employees were at the back door lock up when they tell police that the men approached them, forced them into a room in the spa, then stole money and their cars. the missing vehicles are a 2010 white kia sedona van, license plate number 6lrx798. the other is a honda civic, 4epp234. none of the victims was hurt. anyone with information is asked to call the police at 415-721-4547. new this morning, small earthquake shook sonoma county about 2:23 this morning. it was a 4.1 magnitude quake that hit about four miles east of the geysers, an area surrounding the single largest geothermal field in the world
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and often produces small quakes. this time, no reports of injury or damage. as we mentioned, today is cinco de mayo, and police in the south bay are preparing for massive crowds tonight. they are hoping to avoid the rowdy and violent crowds that plague the city celebration in past years, the most recent have been mostly peaceful. today in the bay's george kiriyama shows us the plan for today. >> on downtown street corners, you see them. a beefed up police presence on standby in case anything happens this cinco de mayo weekend. >> because of that and because of years past, we do have enough officers that will be out there in full presence, highly visible, just making sure that it's a safe environment for everyone to celebrate. >> what they want to avoid is this scene from 2006, out of control crowds running around. 56 people were arrested that year and several businesses had windows broken as rocks started flying. business owners like shawn wofford do not want a repeat of
7:33 am
that night. >> if my business is vandalized and stuff is stolen, that sets me back financially. >> in the heart of the mexican-american community on the east side, there was a festive move with any passing cars displaying flags and colors. the police were out there, too. >> we welcome everyone to se celebrate. there's no reason for them to fear. >> shawn wofford and other businesses will be staying overtime to guard their stores. >> i plan on being here at least an hour or two after just to see if the crowd is going to be pretty rough or everybody's going to be mellow. so so i'll keep an eye on my business. >> george kiriyama, today in the bay. >> you may or may not know that cinco de mayo is not mexico's independence day. that's actually in september. cinco de mayo commemorates the mexican army's defeat of the french forces in 1862, a key battle in gaining independence.
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new th new this morning, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the september 11 attacks was in a courtroom today, the first public appearance in more than three years. this is video from earlier this morning at guantanamo bay prison where khalid sheikh mohammed and four co-defendants were arrai arraigned on charges that included terrorism and murder. there are signs that some of the defendants will not plead guilty and defense teams are preparing for a lengthy fight. six victims' families were chosen by lottery to travel to guantanamo to see the court proceeding in person. other families of 9/11 victims watched via closed circuit tv. a hate crime investigation is intensitying after a transgendered woman was shot as her friend watched in horror. an outraged community is calling for an end to the violence against them, while the search for a killer continues. cheryl hurd has more. >> brandy had a zest for life. >> oakland police are trying to find brandy martell's killer.
7:35 am
martell, a 37-year-old transgendered woman, shot and killed early sunday morning while sitting in her car with three other transgender friends. a killing that appears to be motivated by hate and a trend that the community says is on the rise. >> we don't create safe spaces for minorities. we don't create spaces for the transgender community, for young gay men, especially of color. where do they go to socialize? where do they go to, you know, get services? >> tiffany woods is martell's former supervisor at the health center in free mont. >> the perception in the trans community is that their lives don't matter. >> woods says she doesn't have access to statistics, but it appears hate crimes among transgender women is on the rise in the bay area. the san francisco district attorney's office says about a third of all hate crimes this year target transgender women. >> i've been raped, i've been
7:36 am
robd at gunpoint, i've been car jakd, i've been shot. >> brianna coleman, a transgender woman and close friend of martell, says she was in the car when martell was shot. she says police need to do more to protect people like her. >> they barely solve any of the regular murders there. a black transgender murder, are you kidding? they figure it's the lifestyle that you choose. >> and that was cheryl hurd reporting. there are at least two arrests during the oakland police department's first ever open house. officers detained two people who apparently caused a disruption during the event. dozens of people showed up for police headquarters last night to get an inside look at what the department is all about. there was a police helicopter fly overand a parade of motorcycle cops down seventh street, some of them showing their skills. police say this was an effort to let the community know that they are doing their best to fight
7:37 am
the huge crime problem in oakland. >> this is really a part of chief jordan's attempt to really solidify and strengthen relationships with the community. we're hoping for a good turnout and a fun time for all. >> some two dozen people stood outside protesting the event. they say the department should go on trial for officer involved killings in oakland. two u.c. berkley graduates held captainen in iran are getting married today. they will tie the knot after becoming engaged in january of 2010 while being held in prison in today rachbl they were hiking near the iranian border when border patrol arrested them for allegedly spying. iranian leaders released sarah in september 2010 for health reasons. bower and satal resentenced to ten years of prison but were later released. the location is private, but
7:38 am
friends say josh satal will be the best man. coming up, a whale of a rescue. how three north bay fishermen jumped in to save a whale's life. is bout with a har aubrey hu anxiety and depression. is
7:39 am
7:40 am
looking live at a very nice start of the day. we have a whale of a rescue story thanks to calm of fishermen. federal wildlife officials say the crew helped free a gray whale from ropes, nets and bu weiss about three miles off the coast. they say this is the same whale first spotted off coast of orange county on april 17. thursday the fishermen say they used 12-foot-long bamboo poles with hooks to untangle the mess that the whale was caught in.
7:41 am
typically, tampering with whales is a violation of the marine mammal protection act, but in this case, federal officials say the crew is exempt under the good samaritan clause. two weeks ago in a panic, he mysteriously left the team, and now for the first time giants star aubrey huff is opening up about his battle with anxiety and depression. huff said he woke up at the giants' team hotel in new york city last month and couldn't breathe. he said he thought he might die. it was the beginning of an eight-hour panic attack. he quickly packed his bags, left the team without telling anyone and caught a flight back to his home in tampa. huff is now back with the giants and shared his story with "the chronicle." i was always taught that people who had anxiety issues were just weak-minded people. now that it's happened to me, you can see you can't control it. to people this has happened to, there's nothing you can say or do on the outside to make somebody feel better. huff is now seeing a counselor in san francisco.
7:42 am
the giants have put him on the disabled list. much more ahead. coming up, it is a tough job market for recent college graduates, but we'll show you how a bay area start-up is using technology to help them transform their traditional resume. and here's a view of 680. i wish it was that quiet in the morning on the weekdays. sunshine. warming up even me tomorrow. full look at your weekend forecast when we come right back. g
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7:44 am
welcome back. there's a gorgeous view across san francisco right now. cloud-free. if you look really closely on the right side of the screen, notice the flag. it's not showing a sea breeze. rather a little bit of a north wind. temperatures climbing up here as we go through the afternoon. today, we have a cool start. clear, dry air overnight without any clouds. so all the temperatures really cooled off overnight. we still have some mid 40s
7:45 am
around livermore and gilroy. look at fairfield. 55 degrees. even nappa, one of the traditionally cooler spots for the morning, 54 degrees. we're seeing the numbers climbing already. the north winds mixing in some warmer, drier air from the higher elevations down closer toward sea level. it will be this wind pattern today. that will make things a bit breezy at times around the hills but set the stage for our weekend warm-up. temperatures chilly. a little bit of light jacket around 9:00 this morning. as we go through the end of the weekend, should see the numbers, 70s, mid 80s come tomorrow. later on today, you'll be watching the kentucky derby perhaps around 1:00 this afternoon. they had some nasty thunder overnight. things are drying out there as the northern plains see some active weather. notice the west coast. pretty dry except for seattle, even those showers should start to move off to the north throughout the afternoon. mainly cloud-free. high pressure building in.
7:46 am
we could get a dose of some offshore winds, which will leave the coastal numbers on up. we'll see the temperatures climbing. heading out to the ballpark today, a couple of early afternoon games this weekend. we'll see those numbers today mainly mid to upper 60s. a little breezy at times. tomorrow, closer to the low 70s even around san francisco. for the south bay today, cool start to the morning, we should see almost a 40-degree jump from those morning temperatures in the upper 70s so maybe even some low 80s today. some of the lower places, a few areas that warm up most quickly. pleasanton as well should see some low 80s this afternoon. across the north bay, 70s and 80s. i think we'll see these numbers climb up into the mid 70s come tomorrow and monday. those will be the warmest days of the next seven. but pretty nice. take your pick. breezy conditions in the hills. we'll have to watch that out because that's going to dry
7:47 am
things out across some of the hill tops for the weekend. but the coast should see some gorgeous conditions. 70s on the way early next week and the sea breeze will turn a bit stronger. probably some morning clouds. but unlike this last week where we had that thursday rain, this week looks really quite dry, so maybe getting out of the roller coaster mode, just a slow bump in the road on wednesday and thursday. >> like the floaty toddler ride. thank you very much, rob. we're very happy to hear that rob's forecast is mostly clear, because tonight will bring a super moon. this is video of last year's super moon when the moon is the closest it gets all yearlong to the earth. it will look about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. experts say the best time to see the super moon is just after sunset around 8:30, and we get to stay up and see it, rob. that's exciting. the job market is sluggish, especially for recent college graduates. a silicon valley start-up is
7:48 am
trying to help them jump start their job search. scott budman shows us how it works. >> the statistics are sobering. even in an economy that's getting stronger, jobs are still hard to come by for recent college graduates. now there's a start-up that wants to help, using technology to move beyond the resume. >> our general philosophy is that people are more than a piece of paper. >> ready force uses software and video to get graduates ready for the work force and bring them together with companies looking to fill jobs. >> so we think about how do you create this multi-conventional profile that has not only that experience, not only the educational experience, but what you're looking for in a job and who you are as an individual. >> it's an idea that worked for this girl, who made this video a year ago and was hired by ready force. she's now a recent grad and a
7:49 am
full-time employee. >> i was definitely experiencing a large brick wall, no matter where i looked, no matter how pedigreed you were. having another tool to present yourself is an advantage. >> an advantage for graduates and for companies trying to hire. this is a way to bring people and jobs together. >> especially for the student population where they're scattered around the country, they can't get on an airplane or fly over with other countries, that video allows us to get those folks closer together faster. >> making you less generic and more attractive to your next employer. scott budman, "today in the bay." still ahead, a much anticipated movie hits the theaters this weekend. we will have a rundown of what you can expect at the box office. but first, a look at your weekend calendar. good morning, i'm mike
7:50 am
inouye. there's lots to do in the bay. fifth day, fifth month. 5/5. children's day, a national holiday in japan and a big deal in the japanese-american community as well. today in san francisco's japan town, kristi yamaguchi put on the children's festival, free admission. all are welcome. it's for the kids and the kid inside each of us. crafts, food, they got it all. don't think that i didn't realize that 5/5 is also cinco de mayo, celebrating mexican culture and heritage. part of my history with this celebration is learning about it in spanish class where we also played a lot of bingo. host you for an evening of music, food, drinks, crafts for prizes. larks but certainly not least, i'll be at the livermore valley wine festival for the 21st
7:51 am
celebration. bob redell is going to be there as well. there's going to be some hula dancers along with the cooking dancers. we're giving away a troy polamalu maui at the end. nbc bay area pavilion, that's where you'll show up. come out and get a chance to win this vacation package, unless i figure out a way to rig the whole thing in my favor. i know that's not in the spirit of w]wí o5/ hang ten, today in the bay.
7:52 am
7:53 am
if your weekend plans include catching a flick, there are plenty of new ones competing for your dollar. here's the week's box office preview with nbc's rafael. >> this summer, a hero will rise. >> i don't think so. >> box office records may fall. >> this is a fan boy's dream come true. >> when hollywood meets the
7:54 am
movie goers. we start -- >> we start the season with "the avengers", a comic book movie. >> i can't think of a better movie to kick off the summer. >> they've got a lot to answer for and they better deliver. >> look for a new chapter of "batman" and a reboot of "spiderman." >> all great films, the gold standard of the genre. >> if they do it well, everyone will be happy. if they don't, boy, will they get hammered. >> other elements of the tried and true coming to a theater new you, look for will smith in "men in black 3" and a new jason bourne movie without matt damon. >> by plugging in jeremy renner, i think they'll get in a big audience who is interested how he will portray this new character. >> if i never see another sequel or remake, i'll be a happy movie goer. >> some of the happiest movie goers are kids and there's plenty to keep them captivated. pixar is in the mix with
7:55 am
"brave." a stock motion boy talks to ghosts. older audiences get their giggle on when sacha baron cohen plays the dictator. adam sandler is a terrible father in "that's my boy." seth macfarlane films a teddy bear nightmare in "ted" there. are movies that don't really have a category. >> hollywood is mining the vaults, trying to find other ways that don't really have other things. >> how about abraham lincoln, vampire hunter, or "snow white and the huntsman." >> was there a worldwide survey and movie goers of the globe said no, we want more fairytales? >> for those who want more hairy tales, there's "rock of ages." >> this is, i think, the perfect summer. >> i almost dread the summer blockbuster season. >> perfect summer, dreading the
7:56 am
summer. i think i'm somewhere right in the middle. coming up, something for thrill seekers. we have details on an unusual the s. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number one small business lender for nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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if you've ever wanted to fly like a bird or jump like a dolphin through the waves, then fly boarding is for you. this is a contraption that hooks up to a jet ski and propels you above the water or through the water, if you prefer. a french professional jet ski rider invented the fly board. the nozzles on the hands help control the movement. the man you see demonstrating is bringing the product to the u.s. he says there's nothing like it. i think he's probably right. >> supposed to be fun? looks painful. >> thanks for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. enjoy the stanley cup and the kentucky derby this afternoon.
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