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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 5, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. welcome back to a special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on tonight instead of "nightly news" because of the kentucky derby earlier on nbc. we begin with san jose police who are prepared for another
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round of cinco de mayo. we have kimberly in san jose. she'll bring a live report in a moment. meantime, mexican president attended a cinco de mayo celebration in mexico today. they re-enacted the battle of pueblo. the battle took place in 1862. it's been a difficult day for the victims of 9/11. a hearing was filled with disruptions. khalid mohamed declined to answer questions. the others knelt in prayer. they are charged with 2,976 counts of murder. they took off their earphone
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that is provided translations. a judge ordered translators into the courtroom. they did not respond when the judge asked if they understood their rights to counsel. the 2012 presidential election is here in the u.s. it's just about six months ago. president obama officially started his campaign with rallies in key battleground states. brian moore has a look at that. >> reporter: in his first official campaign events, president obama hit the battleground states of ohio and virginia. >> i still believe in you. i'm asking you to keep believing in me. >> reporter: he reached out to the younger voters he needs to win re-election. he had help from first lady, michelle obama. >> i'm feeling fired up and ready to go myself. i am. >> reporter: his new campaign
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slogan, forward is different from the hope and change he promised four years ago. the disappointing economic numbers showed the problems he face this time around. >> this is a make or break moment for the middle class. we have been through too much to turn back now. >> reporter: he gave a preview of the tax to come on the republican nominee, mitt romney. >> corporations aren't people. people are people. >> reporter: romney's campaign fired back saying the president is ignoring the past three and a half years and voters won't. brian mooar, nbc news. guards and police are still stationed outside the beijing hospital where chinese activist chen is staying. it's unclear if he's being treated for illness or under house arrest. they are demanding to see chen. meantime, in a phone interview, his wife said today that
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applications for travel documents had not been started and no date set for them to possibly leave that country. >> at this time, it is the best choice for both sides. china would like to see him go overseas, whether or not he can return to china is still uncertain. >> yesterday, the chinese government announced chen may be able to leave the country to study abroad. u.s. diplomats, including secretary of state hillary clinton who left china today had been negotiating his fate around the clock. there's no word from china on their decision. hillary clinton went to bangladesh to quiet strikes and protest. at least five people died. clinton stressed the importance of unity in the poverty stricken
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union. she warned of protest to the international community and to investors. [ speaking foreign language ] >> thousands of people marched in tokyo to celebrate a shutdown. crews switched off the last of japan's 50 nuclear reactors. it's the first time in four decades they are not using any e lelectricity from nuclear power. since the earthquake and tsunami, not one of the reactors have been restarted. some want the plants back in operation because of jobs, subsidies and other benefits to the local economy. newspapers in south africa published gruesome photos of cheetahs attacking a woman. they attacked at a game reserve. she survived. she was in a petting pen with the animals at the time. one photo shows her posing with
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them. on another, she's on the ground with blood on her neck. people were able to get the big cats off the woman. she suffered injuries to her head, stomach and legs. she's expected to survive. costa cruises, the company at the center of the deadly crash off the coast of italy showed a low key launch today for the new flag ship. it comes four months after the accident involving the "costa con ko concordia." it will be the largest cruise ship to fly the italian flag. southwest airlines. the contention of a woman told she was quote, too fat to fly at a southwest gate last year. she is suing the airline. she says she flew the airline
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repeatedly with no problems. her legal action is not about money, she wants clarity. we want to go back to san jose where police are prepared for another round of cinco de mayo celebration. they are determined to protect people and property. kimberly is downtown with more on that for us. >> reporter: the streets are crowded right now. it's expected at night fall. we just spoke to police. so far, no problems at all to mention today. there is a heavy police presence out here just in case. police are not taking their chances. historically, san jose cinco de mayo celebrations included roudy crowds and fights. several businesses were vandalized. last night, 21 people were arrested. three were juveniles involved in a gang-related assault.
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the victims refused treatment for injuries. deputies are hoping for a night of lawful celebrating. they are prepared should celebrators get out of hand. >> we are going to react to each individual situation on its own merit. we are not here to impede a celebration. we want them to do it safely and lawfully. if we have a traffic gridlock, we will implement a traffic diversion. that means to flush out the area and make sure it's not a gridlock. tensions flair up. they may be confrontation. >> reporter: last night, it came a week after a 14-year-old san jose boy died from injuries at roosevelt park. police know there's potential for more gang violence tonight. extra patrol is out. most people we talk to want to
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come out to have a good time. most plan to head home early in case trouble happens. we spoke with san jose police who say they have a heavy presence down here. so far new york city reported problems to mention today. live in san jose, kimberly, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the update. still ahead, the music world is remembers a music pioneer. plus -- >> should the average taxpayer be outraged? >> they should be concerned. >> they ride for free while you foot the bill. tony reveals cheating on cta. i'm rob mayeda tracking a warm evening around the area. 80 in santa rosa. it's windy. those are the two weather headlines for the weekend. both in napa tonight. winds out of the north warming quickly for sunday.
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the full weekend forecast comes up when we come back. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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the music industry is paying tribute to adam yauch. the co-founder of the beasty boys. madonna said he was one of a kind. nbc bay area's charles has more. ♪ you gotta fight for your right ♪ >>reporter: if there's a party anthem that helped bring hip hop to a pop music audience. >> they opened up mainstream america for rap. >> reporter: adam, yelp, just 17 when he got together with friends in brooklyn to form a band. they would become known as the
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beastie boys. their first album "license to kill" was released in 1986 and quickly went platinum. one of six albums to do so. they hit number one four times. and sold 40 million records worldwide, setting the stage for future acts. >> any hip hop artist today are driving down the road run dmc and beastie boys fans. >> he first told fans in 2009 he was sick. >> i felt a lump in my throat. >> it was cancer of the salivary glands. he was too sick to go to the rock and roll hall of fame. they accepted the honor without their friend. >> you think of not nosed adolescent kids. the interesting thing is they
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grew up. >> yelp was 47. he's survived by his wife and their daughter and his music. >> again, that was charles reporting. major league baseball is paying tribute to him. several ballparks played beastie boys music during their games. the main stadium attracted 40,000 people. they turned up to see a college tournament. the chairman of the london organizing committee said it was an important day for olympic preparation to make sure athletes have everything they need and organizers can cope with the large crowd. you can watch the olympic coverage here on nbc bay area starting on july 27th. we are going to check in with rob mayeda. you have a nice forecast for us, too. >> for a change, we are looking at seven days of warm weather.
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the hottest day coming up tomorrow into monday. we are at 80 degrees in santa rosa. late day sea breeze. cool temperatures around the inner bay. 75 in san jose. the wind, it's a bit of a problem. the hill tops around the east bay, north bay and the peninsula, you see the wind gusts close to 30 miles per hour. breezy out there. northwest at 16 into san jose. clear skies tonight as we watch the biggest full moon of the year. the supermoon as it's being referred to. just after 8:00, it will rise over the hills. tomorrow, should see the highs mostly in the 70s and 80s. as you wrap up wine country festival in livermore, mid-80s. close to 80 as early as lunchtime tomorrow toward the trivalley and liver moore.
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high pressure building back into california and a trough to the east. between the two, the gusty winds out of the of the north. they are gusty around the hill tops. tomorrow, lots of 80s inland. it is breezy outside. clear viewing for this. just after 8:00 tonight, with the moon at the closest point to earth combined with a full moon. it's relatively speaking 14% larger and quite a bit brighter than a moon at the further point from the moon. look off to the east to see tt at 8:00 tonight. tomorrow, the numbers are quickly rising. by noon, in the 70s. it includes san francisco to oakland. the orange on the map, tomorrow evening, there you go, mostly 80s. half of the bay area. the three day forecast shows monday, i think, is the hottest day ahead. we may get close to 90.
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>> really? >> there you go. a summer preview. like summer, the sea breeze is going stronger. things warm up again toward next weekend f. you like this weather, there's plenty to like. allergies make it tough. >> you can't ask for a nicer forecast. all right. thank you, rob. still ahead, your tax dollars. some of your neighbors may be cheating the system and getting free rides on your dime. red flagsut the light rail system coming up next.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. your tax dollars built the rail system. cameras expose add culture where many riders cheat the system and avoid paying to ride. tony followed your money in this hidden camera investigation.
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>> reporter: did you buy a ticket today? [ bleep ]. >> reporter: did you buy without paying? it's a 42-mile light rail system paid with your tax dollars. one penny out of every dollar spent in santa clara county adds up to $172 million for light rail each year. >> heavily subsidized operation. >> reporter: he's the valley transportation authority's general manager. >> reporter: are you confidence you are managing them the way taxpayers would want? >> yes. >> reporter: $172 million tax used for the cost of tickets for 10 million riders each year. >> the system is based on a premise that people are honest. >> reporter: our hidden camera investigation found many riders honestly admitting -- did you buy a ticket today -- >> no. >> they don't buy a ticket.
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board the train and never paying to ride light rail. >> have you ever gotten caught? no? >> reporter: during the past two months, nbc bay area staff members spent 100 hours riding the light rail. >> find my ticket now. >> reporter: an investigation that covered more than 1200 miles of train tracks. testing every day of the week. >> on friday, april 13th, i am at the san fernando station. >> reporter: riding in the early morning, midday and late at night. >> they don't usually check at night? how often do you ride? >> every weekend. >> they never check one. they never check it. i have been on with a security guard and they never check it. >> reporter: hidden cameras
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found experts, regular riders experienced in the light rail system. >> it's also like -- that's what i use. i put $20 on it to keep it. >> reporter: by not scanning her clipper card when they don't check it, she admits she rides for free. rider after rider told our hidden camera how to beat the system. how to avoid the fare inspectors, how to ride for free. >> you just get out? >> that's what i do. yough get your ticket and just run. >> reporter: the review of the records raises questions about the impact of the fare
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inspectors. how many hours have you worked today? >> eight hours. >> you have already worked eight? you're done? how many tickets? two tickets. records show the fare inspectors only check 24 tickets per hour and only write four citations on average in an eight hour shift. our review of the records found when inspectors identify a fare evader, 70% of the time, they don't issue a citation, opting for a warning. it leaves the liest fare ovation rate. it's less than 3%.
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sacramento, 2%. caltrain, one tenth of one percent. should the average taxpayer be irate? >> they should be concerned. >> reporter: by all indications management ignored the problem for a long time. >> i think it would be great if the agency did something about the situation. >> reporter: you are running a system with a fare evasion rate of 7.2%. is that acceptable? >> it's not acceptable. >> reporter: it appears it's not a priority. >> it is a priority. >> reporter: with all due respect, the numbers show it's not a priority. >> i disagree with you. i understand the numbers. >>reporter: you are the worst of the region. >> what does that mean? >> reporter: a half dozen staff
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members road for 100 hours on 22 days a total of 1200 miles and inspectors only asked us to prove we purchased tickets four times. what does that say about the fare inspection program? >> either the inspectors aren't doing enough or there's not enough inspectors out there. >> reporter: in the hidden camera investigation showed a culture in question. at the current rate of fare evasion, the agency allows more than $1 million in free riders every year. do you think you should change the culture? >> i think riders should expect that they are going to be checked. >> reporter: that's not a reality on vta. >> you asked me what i expect. that is what i would expect. >> i have only gotten checked three or four times. >> reporter: really? your culture has not created that expectation.
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>> i recognize the rate is higher than it should be, yes. >> reporter: taxpayers want to know you are going to take the information and fix the problem. can you do that? >> we will do everything we can to reduce fare evasion within the resources we have. >> terhatagain, that was tony reporting. we'll be right back. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ]
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wedding bells rang for uc berkeley grads. they are known for a hiking trip on the iranian border that went wrong. they were detained in iran for spying. bower proposed while in prison and made a ring out of shirt threads. the couple said, "i do" in the bay air yachlt. >> thanks for watching this
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