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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 6, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. coming up on "today in the bay" a police officer is in stable condition this morning after an overnight shootout. we have the latest details for you. and how did it all turn out? officers were out in force for bay area's cinco de mayo celebrations after violent incidences in the past. did you see it? the super moon was hard to miss overnight. some of the best video we have seen. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at the transamerica building and old glory waving in the sea breeze this morning. super moon is gone, but we have
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some of the best videos and pictures from overnight. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. we were lucky we didn't have fog or clouds. >> it was beautiful viewing. it was dramatic coming up over the hills. and just a few moments ago off to the west, you can see we have 55 degrees in san francisco. look at fair field. 62 this morning, napa of 1, north wince mixing in warmer arm. so we've got the clear skies, maybe some high clouds at times today. what you're going to see are temperatures warming up. so numbers, as we head towards, let's say, lunchtime, getting close to 80 inkind, topping out those areas t and speaking of our inland valleys, wine country festival wrapping up. just a fantastic weekend, you could not have ordered up nicer weather. we could be talking 90s tomorrow. so nice from maybe too much of a
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good thing. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. i wish i had the rip-amps like the basketball players. >> you need the warmups. new this morning, an oakland police officer is shot in an overnight confrontation. now the department is investigating what let to the fire fight with the suspect. the scene erupted near birch street and 92nd just after midnight. police say the suspect shot first, hitting the officer in the leg. the officer then returned fire, had illustrating the suspect. the officer is listed in stable condition. the suspect's condition has not been released. a north bay officer killed in the line of duty will be honored today. vallejo police officers james caput died on the job this year. another 10:30 this morning he and the others will be remembered at a candlelight vigil at the capitol mall. he was killed last notify after a suspect shot him during a police chase.
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every may officers killed in the line of duty received special recognition nationwide. a deadly head-on carl crash in half moon bay on a stretch of highway 1 where there's no center divide. a young woman in her 20s was killed. anothe young woman is now at stanford medical condition wito major injuries, she is expected to wsurvive. the highway patrol is investigating what led to the accident. there's no center divide right there. a relatively quiet night on the streets of san jose for cinco de mayo. arrests were made for minor eaveses. kimberly tere reports a big law infers mchbt presence could be why. >> reporter: for many it's a chance to celebrate. >> people should now, that it was a battle between the puebla and the fremplg. they won't that battle the day.
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>> reporter: it's a celebration. >> that a lot of people do. >> my family every year, we always come down just to kick it, chill, hang out with family. >> reporter: but in years past, violence has overshadowed the violence. this year there were stepped-up patrol with back upfrom chp and the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> our main concern is they do it safely and lawfully. >> reporter: police reacted quickly to problems. music from cars competed with the sounds of sirens as officers stepped in to break up small fights in which glass bottles were thrown. they used diversion tactics to control the direction and flow of traffic, which they say sometimes gridlock can lead to shouting and it escalates. >> right now everybody is having fun, doing their thing. >> nobody is hurt, so that's good. >> that's kimberly tere
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reporting from san jose. please say they will release how many arrests were made. friday during during a pre-celebration, 23 were arrested. also in san jose, emergency crews rushed a man to a hospital after someone opened fire in an apartment complex. the shooting happened just after 8:00 last night just off winchester boulevard. a neighborhood sent these photos from the crime scene. police say the victim's injuries are potential life-threatening. so far no arrests. today president obama is expected to size up his competition. "new york times" reports that the president will meet with a group of adviser toss discuss the reelection strategy. in the meantime, the president wants to keep moving forward. that is the slogan for his 2012 reelection campaign, which he officially launched just one day ago. >> this is a make or break moment for the middle class, and
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we've been through too much to turn back now. >> he held rallies in two key battleground states. he claimed that mitt romney has little understanding of the struggles of average americans. republicans fired back, saying the president is ignoring what's happened in the last 3 1/2 years, but voters will not. this morning some families of the september 11th victims say they are angry over the antics of theself proclaimed mastermind. khalid sheikh mohammed was arraigned yesterday in a hearing that was filled with disruption. he repeatedly decline to answer the judge's questions, and hess foreco-defendants often knelt in prayer. they're charged with 2,976 counts of murder. they also took off the head did not phones providing arabic translation. new this morning japan is reeling from another natural disaster.
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a tornado hit a town outside of tokyo, killing one person, injuring more than 30 others. media reports say the twister damaged about 200 homes in the northern part of tokyo and left theoing without electricity. tornadoes are relatively rare in that area. for the first time in nearly a half century all of japan's nuclear power plants are off-line. they were shut down for routine inspections. it's the first time in 42 years all of the nuclear facilities were deactivated some experts say that would lead to a shortage of power with, but the government says there is a backup plan, including restarting one of the plants. still ahead, the super moon lit up the night sky last night. i hope you got to see it. some of the spec tack lay video we saw. an incredibly automated dorm that takeses from sleep mode to party mode. we'll talk about thele keleer ut video that's
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nasonex is there for you, anytime of year. kiwi. soy milk. impulse buy. gift horse. king crab. rhubarb pie. lettuce shower. made by bees. toucan sam. that's not cheese. grass fed. curry. gingersnaps. soup can tower. 5% cash back. right now, get 5% cash back at grocery stores. it pays to discover. were looking live at chrissy field. what a day to go to the beach. rob says it will be nice and warm. you might want to stake out your spot early, because i think people will have the same idea. you probably saw a lot of posts about the super moon that lit up the night sky last night. testify bigger and brighter than
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usual. stephanie trong explains. >> it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: when 9-year-olds are excited, you know it's good. >> i wanted to see the moon. >> reporter: it's not just any moon, but a super moon, 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the usual full moon. >> the moon's orbit is not a perfect circle. it's an eclipse, to sometimes it's closer and sometimes farther. tonight it's closest, but also a full moon. >> so people trekked oat to the chabot science center to check out the ageless fascination. >> we're so excited. we've never seen it before. we've seen it on tv, advertised, so we just wanted to see it up close. >> the bay area sky putting science into perspective. >> different, because you see it
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in pictures, books, and now you see it live. >> reporter: but your eyes may be playing tricks on. >> many people report that it looks closer when it's rising. that's an optical illusions, you're seeing it relative to objects on the ground. >> this 9 heart set even bigger sights. >> let's see, how big the universe is. >> reporter: that's what you're studying when you grow up? >> yeah. >> stephanie trong, bay area news. our own meteorologist says there's something more spectacular on may 20th, two sundays from today, when we see the annual similar eclipse, when the moon blocks the sun, but this time there will appear to be a ring of fire around it, followed by a lunar eclipse on june 4th. still ahead more on "today in the bay". coming up the berkeley
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freshman you may want to wire up the electronics for the next party. you can see we have mostly clear conditions, and a mostly warmer finish to your weekend. ts80s o 80s around the bay are. ♪
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enjoying the early morning sunshine. and now let's check in with rob for the weekend forecast that might be the best one yet. >> right now i think the w5r78 july we'll see shook mostly comfortable, but foreman i this i it may feel hot for a few spots. we have an interesting spread the temperatures. 60s typically in the places that would be the coolest. so not often you see the morning swing in temperatures like that. right now thanks to the north wince, into napa and solano county mixing in some warming and drying air aloft. as we go through the day today, and we have these breezy conditions, if you have allergies liallerg allergies like chris and myself, it may not be fun.
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without any rain for a while, i think allergies will be suffering, but great baseball weather. early afternoon start to the giants game 75 around gametime, but breezy as we go through mostly sunny today, high clouds drifting in, but high pressure building in across parts of the west coast today, tomorrow on into tuesday, so for the hilltops it will stay breezy and quite dry. in our inland valleys into the sandy clara valley, could get close to 9 on degrees. low 80s around san jose. mid 80s around south of san jose, and look at pleasanton getting into the upper 80s. mid 80s around livermore, and around the north bay, 87 degrees santa ross that, as the wind warms up it will descend and dry
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as it heads down to the lower elevations, so we'll get the mid to upper 80s around there. then cooler an the inner bay, but still pretty nice. then we should get that sea breeze to pick up around 3:00 in the afternoon. the next three days, the warmest days of the week for inland valleys, close to 90 in a few spots for monday, and then the sea breeze will turn stronger, and we'll see that picking up wednesday into thursday. we'll get some cooling, as the ocean air-kinning turns out. we look for the low clouds to surge inland and then temperatures will rebound a bit for the second half of the week. this is may, but this looks like a summer-like praern. 60s and 70s on the coast, 80s to near 90 inland. >> there was a big fight, the kentucky derby, super moon, cinco de mayo.
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well speaking of the derby, one of the most sbhens crowd greatered if pleasanton, because they were cheering for jockey martin garry. he started his jockey career in 2007. and he rode into the headlines. you might remember two years ago when he won the predictness. his old boss says she introduced him to horse racing. >> to have your son in there at the same time they open up those gates and the pounding of the hooves is one of the most exciting things i have ever in my entire life ever experienced. >> garcia grew up with horses in mexico before he moved to the u.s. yesterday he finished in the top ten. this time of year most college students are cramming for finals, but one uc berkeley student has found himself the
7:18 am
center of attention, all because of a project he calls berkeley ridiculous. >> reporter: it's a ritual for most students to personalize their dorm rooms, but derek lowe wasn't content. with a few clicks of his lap ton his dorm room transforms into something of a disco. he set out to automate his dorm room with all the bells and whistles you would expect from an electrical engineering student. all run bitsh computer. you set the -- he hen -- >> i do have a romantic mode that's been quite comments on youtube. and another motor when the party is over. >> i can shout out sleep mode. what it does is it shuts off the
7:19 am
lights, closes the curtains. >> he posted a video of the dorm room on youtube. it's gotten 600,000 hits. but among the viewers was the university itself. >> we were a bit concerned about his altering wiring that might electric roe cute him or alter the electrical currents in his building and room. >> but they relaxed a bit after an electrician checked it out. the college freshman says he only used tape and binder clips to do the work and wisely decided against the fog machine. >> i don't use it, into you it triggers the smoke detector. >> the hoopla has made it tough for the students to study, he's become of a bit of a star. >> i wish he could live with me next year, or spice up my apartment. >> reporter: he has about a week
7:20 am
left before he moves into his own apartment. >> i'll set it up again. >> joe rho sato jr., nbc bay area news. >> i can see how it could go either way. much more ahead a "today in the bay." still to come, extreme justice, where you might findis iscrime-fighting troop of heroes patrolling the streets. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online.
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that doesn't mean they lose their competitive edge, from
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martial arts to rock climbing, amputees are taking on new challenges. we're shown a special pros threatic center are making the difference. >> allen's leg was amputated when he's just 3. he's learned to live with limitation, until now. he can do eight minutes on the treadmill and complete -- >> the technology has begun to level the playing field where amputees can become athletic if they want to be. >> reporter: carlos gonzalez lost his leg after being shot by gang members in san francisco he can do martial arts and boxes complete with fierce kicks. >> honestly, it makes me feel complete and that i belong. after you go through hard-chlorotragedy, losing a limb, you field displaced, that
7:23 am
you don't belong, udifficult. so martial arts got me back into what i love to do. >> here tess human performance center, amputees are tested out specialized training that will let them excel in sports. he plans to do the long jump in london this summer. the in property theics are giving them up move flexible. >> kent brown says it's a big improvement over the property thesic he had as a teenager. >> we've seen changes in personal, but not only changes, but physiological change as well, the patients are tone, going to the gym more often. >> kent brown says it's a big improvement over the prosthetic he had as a teenager. with the new comfort comes new
7:24 am
confident, no longer looking at limitations, these amp tiers are taking chances, reaching new heights. marianne favro in san francisco. a group of men and women as they worked on a difficult math problem. both genders had a higher heart rate, but then men had increased coronary blood flow, while women showed no change. experts say this difference mace predispose women to stress-related heart problems. soldiers are refusing to leave some war victims behind. a charity set up by a former british soldier is taking care of stray animals found in kabul. the organization makes sure they are given full medical checkups before they are then adopted. soldiers from the united kingdom
7:25 am
as well as the united states have brought home over 330 pets. >> dogs have been proven to be help with post-traumatic stress, so actually the soldiers who adopted a dog over here are actually addressing those moments. the organization has found new homes for pets lost in the iraq war as well. a real-life team of super heroes are fighting crime in southern california, but not everybody wants their help. the extreme justice league patrols the streets of escondido and san diego. their costumes look wild, but the mission is serious. team leader, mr. extreme, says they want to be the eyes and ears for the police. while law enforcement appreciates the help, they say the streets can get dangerous. >> these people are just private citizens, even though they wear costumes, they're not the respected police uniform we
7:26 am
wear. you start getting into taking actions, the law into their own hands. that's when perhaps we start to have some problems. >> members of the league do not have a law enforcement background necessarily, though some say they have worked in security. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up police need your help. plus an east bay officer is gunfire. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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good morning once again, a very clear start to this morning. it's going to be nice and warm. if you have yard work, get it down early. >> i have a lot of that, for sure. i'm kris sanchez, along are rob mayeda, with a forecast that looks summery. >> it is. thing will be warming up at the coast, too. how about 60s to start your day in napa and -- you don't see that too often unless you have north winds. tomorrow night napa over towards fair field, one of the things to check out, part of the wine country festival in livermore through 5:00 this morning. you could see those numbers, and hour by hour lunchtime, almost the entire bay area should see 70s to 80s as we get into the
7:29 am
afternoon. you see all the area in the orange today, that means east bay valleys down in the santa clara valley tomorrow, that could be red. we're talking 90s. that is very likely, a summer-like forecast. and you sigh the warming temperatures. but we'll talk about the charge that may include some 90s. new this morning we're following a shootout in oakland where aung officer was shot and so was the suspect. the confrontation happened just after midnight, a suspect shot the officer in the leg, but he was wouldn't the in the return fire. the officer is now listed in stable condition. no word yet on the suspect's condition. police have not released details on what led to that shooting. a tragic doesn't in half moon bay overnight. a head-on collision killed a young woman in her 20s and sent another woman to the hospital.
7:30 am
it happened on highway 1 near miramonte point overnight. the highway patrol is investigating what led to the accident. there is no center divide on that part of highway 1. people are enjoining a relatively peaceful cinco de mayo weekend in san jose. officers stepped up patrol after violence overshadowed the holiday in a couple years past. the chp and santa clair county sheriff's office main teamed up to have crowd control. >> we're not here to impede people from having a celebration. our main concern is they do is safefully and lawfully. san jose police used diversion traffic to control the direction of traffic, since gridlock can lead people to sometimes shout at each other and perhaps escalate to more.
7:31 am
they also say that they are going to release the arrest tally later on this morning. sandy chris police are looking for a hit-and-run driver involved in a deadly collision. this accident happened friday morning along highway along coast road. a car struck a bicyclist from behind that pushed a victim down an embankment. he died from his injuries, but a dog he was carrying was not injured. investigators say he was not wearing safety gear. they're looking for a suspect. it/have front end damage with a broken right headlight and right turn signal. mill valley police need your help following a carjacking case. a woman was car jacked yesterday as she parked her car yesterday. the suspect drove off in her car, a silver 2007 bmw suv, with this place.
7:32 am
5yzr 758. he was last seen heading toward mill valley drive. if you have any information, call police. more than half a dozen people had to be rescued from the san francisco bay after winds died down and left kyte surfers stranded. they were in the water for about -- for a while about a half mile away from chrissy field. the coast guard and san francisco fire department sent out boats. fortunately no one was hurt. every may officers killed in the line of duty receive special recognition. today there will be a canned manylight vigil in his honor at the capitol mall in sacramento rho. he was shot by a suspect during a police chase. there were be memorials throughout the state throughout the month of may. the bay area is celebrating
7:33 am
theation-american heritage by rewarding some of its brightest students. winners for an eisai contest will be honored today. 36 students were selected from more than 1,400 entries. winners get a shatter of a, and that event begins this morning. neighborhoods in this is part of the city's sunday streets program. of course, a way to get residence to enjoy the fresh air in a safe environment. sunday streets will be held on a two-mile stretch of the mission from valencia to 24th street. roadways will be closed to traffic. the event starts later this morning. it will be held the first sunday in the next three months.
7:34 am
different neighborhoods throughout the city. we still have more ahead. coming up, facebook mark zuckerberg hits the road for the company's ipo. plus a former nba star, o'e ow iso' a doctor. we'll explain.
7:35 am
7:36 am
and once again, good morning. looking live at the city from our san bruno mountain camera. at that elevation, a bit of breeze, but on the ground just warm temperatures for whatever you have planned today. from facebook's initial public offering ipo to andy warhol art up for sale, tyler mathisen has a look at the upcoming week. >> excitement is building for the initial ipo. they'll meet across the country this week drumming up interest in the company. that new stock could begin trading by the end of the month.
7:37 am
we'll get a gauge on wholesale inflation with a report on producer prices, see how much more red ink was added in and i want. some of the big names reporting latest quarterly, retailers looks maky's, kohl's and nordstrom. media companies will also join the pa rad. the senate resumes work on -- while republican primary voters head to the polls on tuesday, this thursday's reelection fund-raiser for president obama at actor george clooney's los angeles home is expected to garner some $2 semiwrong, the biggest one-day campaign haul ever. a painting of elvis presley dressed as a cowboy shooting
7:38 am
from the hip, is expected to bring in $50 million. long live the king. i'm tyler math i sene. get all your business on cnbc. and lauren and john get started at had:30 in the morning. shaq is now dr. o'neal. the former nba star received his doctorate in education from barry university. he had to crouch down on one knee. the former all-star and nbs earned a come la, the doctoral project explored how humor is used in the workplace. he says next he wants to go to law school. london is holding the final tests at olympic park this weekend. thousands of sports fan braved cold, rainy weather. it was the first time the maid stadium in the heart of olympic
7:39 am
park was opened to the public. test events are used to gauge reaction from participants and make changes before the big olympic games. those who took the track yesterday say they looked it. a new shopping experience for shopping lovers. san francisco's first-ever fashion truck rolls into the streets. it will hit the streets from 11:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight. at the be parked on linden street and golf streets. it's a unique shopping experience. hand-picked hip clothing for fashion forward women. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. still ahead on "today in the bay" expect to see changes in california's voting system when you head to the polls, today in the bay's accomplice cat analyst will explain how that works, but first here's mike inouye with your calendar.
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>> once again we promote the livermore valley wine festival where a tropical storm is being cooked up. there will be hula performances, and someone will win tickets to a hotel on maui. if fun in the is sun is not for you, how about the land of the mid night sun. it continues at ft. mason, including all things norse. food, sweaters, you may even sample the fine microbrews. if you only knew how that was spelled, you would be totally impressed. then mountainview should be just right. the 16th annual a la cart and art festival, two 2u7bz of the west coast top artists. special artists, and a clark car
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looking live at chrissy field, why is it so empty is it it's a beautiful start to the day. i guess the dogs went off to get a sip of water. if you want to get out there, stake our yew spot early. california's voting system will be different thanks to proposition 14, xh voters passed in 2010. nbc bay area political analyst larry gersten joins us to talk about what is now known as the top two systems and how it works. we're starting to see more of it. what does it mean for voters who maybe haven't experienced in yet? >> first time, this june. so top two, as it's called, primary systems, designed for
7:44 am
congressional, executive branch and state legislative branching. we have no executive branch elections this year -- >> but june. at all this year. so what happens here is the top two candidates, just like it says, get the most votes in june s. will run off againstr against each other in november. or two republicans for that matter. it also mines that if one gets let's say 90% of the vote and the next is 5%, 6%, 10%, those two will mace off again, even though the first one won more than the majority in june. it's crazy that way, not what people expected. >> that's what i thought. i mean, we're seeing how it works. let's talk about why we switched this system. you can see why there would be pros and cons.
7:45 am
>> people try to make things better. if prouponents wanted to re -- and nominating influences. one democrat, one republican, that kind of thing. instead they wanted to make sure the best two candidates should be running off against each other in the fall. look. that's one idea. they also thought the system might provide more moderate candidates, because california has a tendency that's the way we think a lot of times. this is the first time we're see it statewide. >> you try to make changes, and sometimes the change you think you're going to make tirn out to be different. we haven't done it yet, but it's clear here that it would make it
7:46 am
much more costly, why? okay. fine, they will face off against each other in june. who are wins, will face off again each other in november. so they have to fund raise twice. but we're also saling a weakening of minor parties, why? because none is likely to be the top candidate of the two. so -- allowing them to vote, they're going to pretty much be gone. so as producing, let's say a bunch of more moderate candidates, which is what a lot of people hoped, so far we haven't seen signs of that. if it does, it will be down a ways down the road. you gave the example. can that person get that 5%
7:47 am
concede and then avoid that costly second runoff election? or is there a mechanism? >> the chances are is if you manage to get into the top two, you'll say, what do i have to lose? there's my name. i'm automatically there. the more interesting thing is when you have candidates who have spent a lot of money in a tight race, one wins, and they still have to go again and fund raise even more. in an era where people are bemoaning the costs of campaigns, yet found another way to increase the costs again, which will make campaign consultants very happy. >> somebody should be happy. thank you, larry. if up more insight, look for prop 0, that's his blog. a major shake-up could be on the way in greece. angry voters are ready to punish both of the country's major
7:48 am
parties over a decimated economy. the greek government has been trying to raise bailout loans, but the major sticking point has been over the all sister measures which have resulted in daily mass strikes. and anger over the is it slumping economy is spreading to france, where voters are looking for a change in leadership. they're voting in today for the presidential runoff election. sarkozy's opponent from the socialist peter appears to be headed to victory. vladimir putin l. inaugur e inaugurated as president once again, and vendors are cashing in. traditional russian dolls have his likeness painted on them, and selling right off the shelves. how to escale the longtime russian leader's face? he was the president for two terms, but then had to step down
7:49 am
because the russian constitution bars a person from being in office for more than two consecutive terms. something funny is going on in india. today is world laughter day. the country is having a fun time. more than 70 other cunning are celebrating, saying it's a way to create friendship and brotherhood. the event started back in 1998. one of the most unusual dining spots you'll ever experience, we promise, and we'll show you where to find it. if you're going to be dining outdoors around the bay area, gorgeous afternoon on the way. you can see a lot of sunshine &gere.alkbo morebo a summer-like forecast, when we come back. achoo! nasal allergy symptoms
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like congestion, runny nose, itchy nose and sneezing can hit you year-round, indoors or out. prescription nasonex is clinically proven
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to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms any time of year. [ female announcer ] infections of the nose and throat and slow wound healing may occur. do not use nasonex until your nose has healed from any sore, surgery or injury. eye problems, including glaucoma or cataracts may occur. have regular eye exams. nasonex can increase your risk of getting infections. avoid contact with infections like chicken pox or measles while using nasonex. side effects may include headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds, and coughing. nasonex is there for you, anytime of year. ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you. and welcome back. gorgeous start to the morning. where is everybody? it's a gorgeous day to get out
7:52 am
there. you'll want to stake out that beach. we're looking at temperatures in the 70s and 80s this afternoon. interesting how we're seeing 60s in napa and fair field. we have north winds warming things up. mixing in warmer, drier area closer to sea level. meantime where you have light or calm winds, you're seeing country of a chilly start. everybody warming up nicely heading to the afternoon. we will see a few high clouds dropping in from time to time out of the north, but the story of the day, lots of 8 09s showing up. a little gusty. we'll continue to see winds for elevations above 1,000 feed. turning slightly offshore tomorrow. that's the why why your highs monday may get close to 90 degrees. nice day to head down highway 17
7:53 am
to santa cruz, probably crowded there today, low to mid 80s. look at pleasanton today, up to about 87, 85 around livermore. should see 70s today, look at the numbers there. santa ross getting up to 87 degrees. next three days, the hottest days i think. especially for inland valleys. then the say breeze will turn stronger, so a bit more comfortable, then rebounding up again as we head toward next weekend. very summer-like. we have some kids visiting in studio today from blossom hills in los gatos, so make sure
7:54 am
you wear your jackets earp to. take a look, a dinner in the sky concept in barcelona, spain. there is a specially designed taped 164 feet in the air, 22 chairs kept in the air. the diners are strapped in with safety belts, i might need two of those glasses. don't look down, though, if you are afraid of heights. that likes scary to me. we want to thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. more local news tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00, and anytime newsbreaks. have a great day and enjoy that beautiful weather. >> it looks awesome. >> say hi, kids.
7:55 am
hi, i'm lisa glenn. with me is dave mulligan, host of "great getaways." a popular travel show here in the bay area. we're at blue rock shoot in saratoga to talk about dave's latest show. you go on these amazing adventures with your family all over the world, but this show is just a little bit different. why is that? >> but similar also, because we go to an incredible place, a destination that's amazing as usual. different in that we're staying instead of a five-star hotel this time, we're staying in an actual home, a townhome or mountain lodge at a new resort development up in the sierras. just beautiful. >> where exactly in tahoe is this? >> about 15 minutes from the lake in truckee, just on the outskirts of truckee. truckee you have all driven through, all seen it.
7:56 am
it's an old town built around the railroad. lumber used to come out of there. this is called schaeffer's mill. the original location of the source of the lumber that built san francisco. >> so tell me more about sheaffer's mill, what exactly is it? >> it's exactly a beautiful gated community built an a golf course designed by johnny miller and john harbaugh. you know, we've played golf all around the world on this show. this matches scenically with any course i have seen on earth. >> speaking of golf courses, you had an epic golf match for the show. >> we did. >> how did that turn out? >> my father-in-law challenged me. or did i challenge him? i'm not sure. we go back and forth. neither one of us is a pro, but we're good enough to have fun, and what an exciting place to do it in. >> people often talk about resort-style living, but schaeffer's mill has the amenities to back that statement up. >> absolutely. >> especially one in particular. >> you're talking about the
7:57 am
yacht? >> it's amazing. >> it comes with a yacht when you own there. it's called the "no-brainer" for a good reason. a 46-foot sunseeker, it comes with a captain. you take it anywhere you want to go across the lake. you cover the gas for a small fee for the crew, and we had it catered too. they showed up with a chef. >> and it's available to anyone when you own there? >> when you own there, you set it up there the concierge, and it takes you anywhere you want to go. >> unbelievable. when you talk about tahoe, you think of skiing. what sorts of things do they have for the skiers? >> everything. i mean, northstar is right there. there's 18 resorts in the tahoe basin. there's a shuttle. again the concierge sets it up. it's the epicenter for all things skiing. >> how do people find out more about scheaffer's mill and experience it for themselves? >> it's super easy and the best time ever to do it. they have a deal going. you go to $199, two nights, three days, you stay in one of these townhomes and it's all taken care of. >> thank you so much, david.
7:58 am
i can't wait to see your next adventure takes you. in the meantime go to to plan your own great getaway visit. under next time, i'm lisa glenn. kiwi. soy milk. impulse buy. gift horse. king crab. rhubarb pie. lettuce shower. made by bees. toucan sam. that's not cheese. grass fed. curry. gingersnaps. soup can tower. 5% cash back. right now, get 5% cash back at grocery stores. it pays to discover.
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