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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 6, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, major heat warming up the horizon in the bay area. we will show you how hot it is supposed to get. beautiful shot. an apartment fire in san francisco's mission district sent six people to the hospital today. some of them firefighters. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and this bay area teenager has sung her way to not only a prestigious award but a date with president obama this summer. news at 5:00 starts right now.
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rob available for us, rob? >> yes, we are watching temperatures around the bay area. you can see just over my shoulder, lots of orange showing up. the sign that we soared into the 80s for many places around the bay area. as the sea breeze is picking up, late in the afternoon. we are looking at those temperatures around the bay area if we take a closer look at maps. you will see that we have numbers in the mid 08s for inland valleys. 84 degrees in con cord and fairfield. we are cooling off though, you probably have noticed the wind. now this is almost a summer like pattern right around 3:00, like clockwork, we had the sea breeze kick on as temperatures heating up inland and pulls in that ocean air so now cooling around san francisco and oakland. the problem is, if you have allergies, this might be the worst week for you. we have pine, oak and cedar in the high range grass pollen really climbing up moderate to high. as we get into the work week. now here is a sneak preview of your work week forecast.
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pleasanton close to 90 degrees. 80s and 90s in our forecast. >> thank you, rob. in san francisco, a fire sent six people to the hospital including several firefighters. it started in an apartment building in the miss district this morning. stephanie is there with more on what happen pepd. >> hi, diane. people all afternoon have been coming back it find their homes destroyed. one building behind this corner unit is red tagged as well as a blue apartment building. flames and smoke pouring out of windows that are now gone. this is deemed unlivable and now 37 people are without homes. the cause of this is still under investigation. we do know that fire started just before 10:00 this morning and 15 minutes later went from one alarm to four alarm fire. so it was spreading very fast. fire officials say it appears it
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began in a common stair well between the two buildings which like every building on this block are wooden. firefighters say they immediately decided to fight from inside. >> they are making an aggressive interior attack. the division chief made a good call. he started to see the top floor light up so they today knock it. prevented it from hitting the second building. >> it turned into a big flame. i couldn't believe my eyes. i couldn't even take the photo. >> the latest from the assistant fire chief is that six firefighters suffered minor injuries. three were hurt when a stair case collapsed and one of them suffered a minor concussion from that. there is also a woman who lived here who walked out of what is described by firefighters as a wall of fire. now she was taken to st. francis for smoke inhalation but she is expected to be okay. when you see back here live all of the damage, the fact that everyone escaped, okay, with minor injuries sb is even what
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firefighters have been saying. unbelievable and positive light in all of this. coming up at 6:00, we will hear from man whose business is now closed because of this and whose family is without a home. and again that's coming up at 6:00 tonight. live in san francisco, stephanie, nbc news. >> thank pup. >> one man is dead and another man is in the hospital after a shooting. two officers tried to approach three people in east oakland just after midnight. one of the suspect took off. police say one of the officers chase he him and ultimately the two shot at each other. the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. the officer was hit in the legs but is expected to be okay. the alameda county district attorney's office is investigating the officer-involved shooting. chp is investigating two accidents in half moon bay. one killed a 20-year-old woman near san jose. happened near the ritz carlton.
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the woman driving the other car was rushed to the hospital with major injuries. there is no center divide on highway 101 and chp is looking into whether clol or drugs was involved in that accident. about six miles south of that location, there was another head-on accident. in this case we're told it involved an irish tourist who was unfamiliar with the road. the tourist got on the wrong side of the road after stopping to take pictures and then crashed into an oncoming car. in ireland of course, people drive on the opposite side of the froroad from the u.s. three tourist were rushed to stanford hospital with major injuries. two children suffered minor injuries. there's a bizarre story coming out of the kentucky derby today. one day after the famous race, authorities are investigating a homicide at churchill downs. a security guard found a body early this morning in a barn about 12 hours after the race. >> we are still interviewing people who were there at the
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stables and also at the barn. people who work out here, again trying to discover his identity as well as what may have possibly led to this. at this point we don't have anything pointing to the fact of any association in terms of churchill downs of the derby itself. >> authorities say that the death appears to be a homicide. there is an autopsy planned for tomorrow. >> in the race for the white house, republicans are starting to rally around their candidates and the big question now is who will be the vice presidential candidate for mitt romney. brian moore has that and more on the president's campaign as well bp. >> kicking off reelection bid in the battle ground states of ohio and virginia, president obama took off the gloves and took on mitt romney. >> i don't care how many ways you try to explain it. corporations aren't people. people are people. >> romney's resumtive republican nominee, formal rivals are helping him bring the party
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together. >> if you look at mitt romney, it is all about his proven track record and what he has done with his life. >> so you have endorsed him. >> i have endorsed him. >> and attention is turning to a possible romney running mate. mark why rubio could help deliver hispanic voters. >> this president asked us to hire him four years ago on the promise he knew how to fix the economy and that he would be different. he would unite the country. >> may help with the grap in women. >> i have more experience than when barack obama ran for senator. >> the 2012 campaign motto no longer promises hope or change. >> we're not going back, we're moving this country forward. >> forward, that's the battle cry for a president fighting for another four years. >> this past week brought another dispointing jobs report. that is not good news for the
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president trying to keep his job. >> the president of france has it find a new job. nicolas sarkozy is the latest to be pushed from office in the midst of a financial crises. he was defeated by a socialist. during speech, sarkozy said he called alan and wished him luck. alan is expected to have a more stimulus approach for france and the rest of europe. up next at 5:00, a bay area teenager with a golden voice is on her way to the nation's capitol to meet the president. she is also picking up some rare hardware along the way. also, the blockbuster movie "the avengers" took box offices by storm, but was it good enough to knock harry potter from the record books? and extreme justice. we will show you where you might ime fithe ngtiupghro gto ser spoe the cri fighting groupupeserro.he s
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the presidential scholar of the arts award is one ever the highest recognitions the nation can give to a high school graduating senior. only 20 students are selected eachier own this time a bay area musician is among them. kimberly is in downtown san jose with more on that. hi, kimberly.
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>> reporter: hi, diane. the teenager said she was thrilled to find out she received the award bp ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the 17-year-old found out on wednesday she won the prestigious award presented on behalf of the president. the selection is based on academic, civic and artistic achievements. her passion is jazz but she is also classically trained and plays the piano. her parents say in preschool her teacher told them she was gifted and to get her into lessons. they did and have never looked back. she attends the marrin school of the arts. >> it is pervasive, healing and unifying. what else is out there that can do that? i mean, i'm not sure how much i can say. it's like when you're making
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music or when you're listening to good music and like you can feel, the base and it's liking with physically shaking you and it's -- there's nothing better. i don't know what else to say. >> she's been performing since she was six at bay area festival. she said after graduating she want to pursue a career in music and is also interested in teaching so she can share her gift with others. she is performing at the jazz wednesday night series at the fair mont in downtown san jose on may 23rd, in case you want to check out her music for yourself. kimberliterry, nbc, news. >> thank you, kimberly. they are called the extreme justice league. a real crime-fighting crew who rides the streets. the bad guys are right here in california. we will show you where. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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the action movie "the avengers" came out this weekend about a team of sieper heros. southern california has its own group ever soup heros. or at left they look like superheroes. they patrol the street as part of the extreme justice league. nbc's nicole gonzalez has their story. >> reporter: mr. extreme and his group of real live superheroes train in karate, partly
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because -- >> nobody in the extreme gistis league is allowed to carry a weapon. >> so instead. >> this is double trouble stun gun. very powerful. very nice. >> they carry self-defense weapons while patrolling streets in the gas camp quarter and escondido. >> we are here to help. eyes and ears. >> but not all departments want the help. >> >> in escondido, it is more of a challenge. i was told like last week by a police lieutenant that we are not welcome in his city. >> law and order svu shows the justice league as a group of vigilantes. our homegrown version says they work within the law. >> they want it improve the community. >> lieutenant andrea brown of the san diego police department appreciates the effort but says the toys and karate doesn't make them crime fighters. >> these people are private
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citizens. even though they wear costumes, it is not the respected police uniform we wear. >> the justice league is expanding into known gang areas in san diego. >> you start into taking actions, taking the law into your own hands so to speak. that's when we perhaps start to have problems. >> absolutely. that was nicole gonds reporting from our sister station in san diego. the leader of extreme justice league says while he doesn't have a law enforcement background he has worked in security before. >> asian-american student were honored today for artwork and writing inspired by the 75th anniversary. you recognize her? oh, yeah, our own janelle wang was one of the hosts at the annual growing up asian in with america contest. more than $27,000 in savings bonds and award were handed out to winning student for their depicks of bridges they have built through learning languages, cooking, playing music and overcoming adversity. winners include outstanding
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young writers and artist from more than a dozen asian cultures tp. >> right now we have to check in with rob, it will be hot tomorrow, rob? >> yes, we will probably add at least five degrees. what is typical of a summer like day, we are seeing a sea breeze around the area. in the the way the flag is pointing. don't have the low clouds surging in. so it is like the fan is spinning but the real ocean ac is not kicking on until later on in the new week. so right now, mostly sunny, mostly pleasant around san francisco. temperatures around san francisco, you can see 71 degrees. 74 in oakland. still in 80s around san jose. some hotter temperatures today, earlier in nap pa and santa rosa. you can see the winds up there. blustery through nevado. cool air into napa county. so tonight we stay breezy in the hills. pretty mild, mostly 50s to maybe
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near 60 in the foot hill winds higher up. valleys, 80s and maybe low 90s. sea breeze turning stronger as we head into the middle part of the week. looks like june and for the rest of the country, this looks like june. as you see the gulf moisture surging toward the midwest. powering up severe weather basically east of the rockies. look how dry the west coast is here, as high pressure continues to build in across northern california. trough off to the east. so the wind flow is out of the northwest and out of the north during the day. under the ridge ever sinking warm air aloft. temperatures climbing up, climbing up more come tomorrow. i think areas towards salano and south ever of san jose, 80s around the inner bay. meanwhile, the marine layer getting squished down. 70s along the coast. nice there. and cooling as we approach the middle part of the week. tonight, mostly 50s.
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mainly clear skies. as we head into tomorrow, should see numbers in upper 80s around san jose. pleasanton and livermoore, mid 80s around con cord and right around 3:00, we see the sea breeze pick up and cool things off, 80s across the north bay. out towards livermoore we will see temperatures climbing up. you will see the numbers in low 90s inland. notice what happens as you pass the middle part of the week. sea breeze picking up. well start to cool off midweek. warmer towards friday. but you saw the pollen numbers earlier in the newscast. the combination of that grass pollen which is coming up the last few weeks and pine, cedar and oak right now also high. the weather is nice, but a lost sniffling and sneezing around the bay area. >> include ming my son. thanks, rob. let's look at sports.
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little baseball action, scott? >> a lot of baseball action. diane. sunday baseball. beautiful weather near and far. a's with an impressive come back and giant in san francisco, riding the right arm of matt cane, trying to win a series against thers. highlights galore ahead rewers. highlights galore aheaind sports spp hello?
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> hi, everybody. scott reece in the comcast sports newsroom. fans know it is never easy. call it tore fewer or just plain maddening. everything is razor thin and
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yeah, another one run game. rubber game between the two and hey, happy birthday willie mays, 81 years young today. angel extending that hit streak to 20. second 20 hit running streak. later, ryan, little bingo. scoring and 3-1 giants. 3-2 in the ninth. santiago trying to shut it down. dimeng it's never easy? former giant finds a hole. guys can't make the play. in the 1 17b1th, hector ends it. giants win in dramatic fashion and win the series two games to one. >> i got to be ready everyday. this is my job to be ready for the game. that situation.
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we we hit the road, it's been a tough road game stand. manny, what great job he did. romo and that would have been a long ride down hey. no getting around it. a's and rays. final game before returning home tuesday. 4-0 tampa lead into a 4-1 ball game. later in the inning, 4-2. bandon, welcome to the ball club. first home run as an athletic. puts a's on top 5-4. home team doing what are they can to get the fans fired up. they fired up the wrong team. derek barton, all the way to the wall. that will play johnny and a's
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win 9-5 and all nine runs crossed the plate with two outs. that is some clutch hitting. we will hear more from giants' players as they get set to hit the road to los angeles. diane kwb, for now we kick it back to you. >> i'll take it. thanks, scott. w, weill wback, we will see if "the avengers" were able to erase hairy harry potter from the top spot.
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the new action adventure film "the avengers" set a new record bringing in $200 million with its debut. the superhero film features a star-studded cast portraying thor, captain american and ironman.
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it surpassed the $169 million debut of last year's harry potter finale. part of the reason is that it is 3-d an theaters charge and additional fee for 3-d and even more for imax. so that added to the 200 million. right now we have the heat coming our way. >> right. good movie day. actually. get inside. >> no, i like being out in the heat. >> i think tomorrow -- well, maybe close to 90. some folks may want it stay indoors. out towards liverpool and pleasanton. by wednesday, we will see the clouds come back. that will cool us off and rebound. temperatures wise, right in the comfortable range. 60s and 70s on the coast. 80s inland thursday and friday. pretty nice, if you don't like the 09s. just hang on. wednesday, things will be cool enough. nice for the middle part of the week. >> that's a nice forecast one way or the other. >> yes. one of the nicer


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