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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the nbc bay area weather center. break out that summer wardrobe just about every day this week. temperatures close to 90 degrees. your full forecast in moments. we've got something in your roadway and i'm following the slowdowns at the toll plaza, as well. more coming up. >> and a live look outside. what a beautiful sunrise for a monday morning. good way to start out our week on this may 7th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. and thanks so much for joining us. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. it is a website that helps you build friendships through social networking. this morning, facebook execs doing it the old-fashioned way. networking with handshakes and in person meetings to convince investors to buy their stock.
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we have team coverage this morning, business and tech reporter scott mcgrew has the latest on facebook's upcoming ipo. live at facebook headquarters where the sales team will soon be hitting that road to shake some palms. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, jon. it really is interesting if you think about it. taking on a more traditional pitch method. that, in fact, is exactly what they are doing today. it starts the nine-day road show for the executive. it is a road trip for the main players including coo cheryl samberg, david eversman and ceo mark zuckerburg. they'll be making their case to investors throughout the country as to why they should buy facebook stock. zuckerburg already released something you probably would expect. it's an online pitch. it's a 31-minute video called the facebook road show. it gives us an idea of what potential investors will be hearing over the next week.
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>> the right strategy for us wasn't to try to build all of these different products and features ourselves, it was to only build the most important ones and focus on this course so that way other apps and other companies could plug into that and build these other experiences. >> if you'd like to see the whole pitch, you can find this video online. search facebook road show the movie. the menlo park company is expected to ipo next friday on may 18th, and the shares are expected between $28 and $35. now, ipo it stands for initial public offering and this is where scott mcgrew picks up the story from me. in this instance, scott, public, it's not necessarily as public as you might think. >> when we say initial public offering, the public we mean, bankers and connected investors. the people who aren't part of
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facebook. they're public in that sense. they aren't your average mom and pop. the average american makes his or her first purchase after the ipo. the first day of actual trading. so check your calendar. if you have a meeting with mark zuckerburg this week, you are part of the lucky first group, if you're part of the second, the group that buys on the open market, the question becomes whether or not you should invest at all. and i don't give investment advice, but it's hard not to look back at some of the ipos of the past we at least think we're seeing it again. apple, for instance, ipoed at $2.75 adjusted. it's worth $565 on the open today, google, ipoed at $85 on friday's close, $596. and linked in now worth $ 117. the other thing we're watching this morning, daniel loeb, he's given yahoo 9:00 a.m. until california time to fire this man, scott thompson, of yahoo. he owns about 5% of yahoo,
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enough weight he can be a serious threat if his ultimatum is not met. he will reportedly launch a lawsuit. now, late last week, loeb revealed that thompson did not have a computer science degree even though yahoo's financial document said he did. it's still not entirely clear where that claim came from. thompson has not corrected people in the past when they've called him a computer science grad. he has a degree, but it's in accounting. jon and laura? >> thanks for the update, scott. it's 6:04 right now. this morning, a suspect who led police on a freeway chase is now behind bars and the officer who opened fire to stop him is on leave. police spotted the driver of an suv near south king and story roads about 9:00 last night wanted in connection with a weapons charge. the man drove north on 680 before dumping a car in the neighborhood between ashglen and ridgeglen ways. he was not hit. the suspect was taken into custody by police. also today, a final tally of
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the numbers of people arrested during cinco de mayo celebrations in san jose. police say 39 people were arrested over the weekend on a variety of charges ranging from public intoxication to possession of deadly weapons. 12 juveniles who were out past curfew were also taken into custody. 67 citations were also handed out when cars cruising through the downtown area snarled up traffic. it was a relatively calm cinco de mayo compared to past years. back in 2010, they canceled the parade and festival because of violence associated with the event. this morning, 74 guns are off the street in east palo alto. that's hold up guns were turned in during this weekend's fourth annual gun buyback program. the city paid $100 for each weapon. the guns will be destroyed. the city launched the program after the 2-year-old andrew grew was shot to death by a
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12-year-old cousin who found a rifle in the family garage back in 2009. the owner of the gun was sentenced to 16 months behind bars. and an irish tourist driving on the wrong side of the road caused a collision. it happened on a remote stretch of highway 1 saturday night. the chp says the tourist was unfamiliar with american roads and ended up driving his toyota north in southbound lanes colliding with an accra. two were seriously hurt, two other passengers received minor injuries. it is one of the most dangerous roads in the east bay, but a group of environmentalists want to widing the road that runs through niles canyon. bob redell is driving that road with more on the reasons why. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. in a few hours environmentalists will protest outside a meeting where caltrans will discuss the widening of highway 84 that runs
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through niles canyon. over the years, there's been hundreds of accidents on this road. several deaths making it one of the most dangerous in the region. and you can see why, especially when we first came out. it's very windy, it's very narrow. so narrow that there's few places where you can actually pull over. you do have some here. but once you get further in the canyon, it gets very tight in there so you can't turn around, cannot pull over if you needed to stop, that sort of thing. and so in order for caltrans to make it wider to add the medians it wants to do, it would require it to cut down several trees and also fill in part of alameda creek which runs alongside parts of highway 84. and that's where two groups save niles canyon and alameda creek alliance have a problem. they say by doing this they'll be destroying a habitat, namely a habitat that's huge for the snake and the california
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red-legged frog. those are two species that are already in danger. what they're asking caltrans to do is instead why don't you install more rumble strips? this is something that caltrans has already done. and these groups a that by doing this they did already make the road safer. they could also look at adding signal lights or more medians instead of widening. it would cost $80 million, by the way, to widen this road. that meeting this morning from 9:00 to noon at fremont. the city of fremont's housing division. again, they are promising a silent protest out front trying to get caltrans to reconsider the position to widen highway 84. reporting live here on eastbound highway 84 to niles canyon, bob redell, "today in the bay." about 30 people homeless after a fast-moving fire destroys two apartment buildings in san francisco. the fire to both started in a stairwell sunday morning. and within 15 minutes it went from one to four alarms.
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six were injured when a staircase collapsed. many people inside that building barely escaped. >> my mom and my brother and all the people in the building, they are safe. and even in the building, all the people are safe and that's the major thing. thank god for that. >> investigators at this hour still working to try to figure out exactly what sparked the fire. 6:09. in san jose, six people are now out of their homes after a fast-moving fire at a condo complex. fire ripped through an upstairs unit on shadow dancer drive in east san jose on sunday afternoon. took more than 50 firefighters to contain that fire. four units were damaged. one firefighter taken to the hospital with a medical issue. investigators suspect the cause was accidental. this one is an ambitious plan to protect the north bay from a 100-year flood. marin county leaders laying out a $71 million project over the weekend that would create detention basins.
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the ten-year work plan to protect the region from the kind of massive flooding that caused $100 million in damage on new year's eve back in 2005, that was a mess. the project also involves increasing creek capacity, building bridges and retaining walls and also restoring tidal marshes. and we have 15 days it looks like of dry weather. no significant rain chances in the near future. good morning to you. 6:10 now. taking a live look facing west here. if you're waking up with us this morning and you're heading out that front door, all you've got to do is look to the east as that sun is rising and it is spectacular. oranges, reds out there, but not much longer, only another 15 minutes of that as we head throughout the morning. a gorgeous day already shaping up. we do have a building breeze. breeze will be more of a factor later on today, going to pick up a touch. 52 degrees in san francisco right now, 52 in san mateo and mid-50s here in san jose.
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comfortable start for you. noon today, touching on the low 80s inland, 69 degrees by the bay and 67 degrees at the coast. we're going to lose all that cloud cover very quickly. there's a little bit left sticking to the coast. but hey, i say by about noon today, mostly sunny conditions, even in pacifica and half moon bay. big weekend coming up, mother's day is sunday. your seven-day forecast in my next report. couple things to note, 6:11 first, check your drive with mike. >> follow up with folks for the freeway. debris southbound 880 around a street and there's a large box of some sort reported in your fast lane. so stay over to the right. expect the possibility of a traffic break coming down through hayward over the next few minutes. no slowing, though, at the scene. eastbound 580 away from the castro valley y at redwood road. reports of a bumper in lanes there, as well. expect a similar situation, possible traffic break rolling as folks approach the area. we'll let you know if chp warns us on that one.
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eastbound, the construction picking up through lafayette. the volume picking up westbound, but no slowing as you head through the caldecott or approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes, yes, those are ones backed up with these headlines back to the end of the parking lot. fast track lanes in the middle. and with that, the shift will be for all lanes with the backup coming up in a few guys. everybody benefits from those. >> what a difference an hour or two makes. 6:12 right now. coming up, the chain of stores taking over san francisco. plus, reaching for those high notes. a little sneak peek of what to expect as the final four face off on "the voice." and the city of walnut creek is hoping the force is with them as they try to get lucas film to come to tto this business park hasat to do with it coming up. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. a little mix of everything out there. you get a little cloud look. the sun's starting to pop out. it's going to be a nice week. really nice out there if you like warm temperatures. christina loren will tell you how warm coming up, 6:15. walnut creek leaders hope the force will be with them as they try to lure lucas film to their city. this latest development comes after plans to build a new production studio in marin county. remember, it was blocked by neighbors. christie smith is live in walnut creek with more on that city's pitch. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. well, the question is, how do you get a movie heavy weight like lucas film to pack up their light sabers and bring them across the bay over walnut creek. what the city is doing is they're talking about everything they have to offer including the shade lands business park which is about 240 acres, and right
6:16 am
now the vacancy rate is about 20%. they certainly have room. they're considering it a great place for a movie production studio that sent a three-page pitch to lucas film. this comes after they pulled plans to build in a rule marin county area. as the walnut creek jumped right in talking about the open space, the stop schools, two close b.a.r.t. stations. and the mayor says the city is already an innovator. >> the human genome was first mapped in walnut creek in a place not too far from where we're standing. >> reporter: now it all sounds promising, but shade lands is mostly privately owned, so the city didn't specify exactly where the space might be. also, city leaders haven't even spoken with lucas film executives yet and they aren't sure exactly what the company is looking for in a space. still, it's creating quite a buzz as you might imagine in the form of bringing potential tax
6:17 am
dollars here or even the slightest possibility of running into george lucas in town. reporting live in walnut creek. christie smith, "today in the bay." apparently more than a few people think 67 walgreen's in one bay area city is just enough. some say they are being overrun by the chain which wants to open store number 68 at columbus and bay. there are already two walgreen's less than three blocks from that site. the new store will be different, it'll include groceries in addition to drugstore items. christina loren, warmer temperatures on tap today? >> yeah, all week long just about. you'll need to break out the short sleeve shirts, the shorts, basically your summer wardrobe will come into play very nicely this week. take a look at this. we told you it was coming. 6:17 now. just a spectacular sunrise. beautiful sunrise over the bay area. you can see a little choppy out there on the bay this morning with some winds out there.
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winds are going to play more of a factor through the second half of your day. we'll see that breeze pick up. just a beautiful, beautiful drive to work for you this morning. an indication, that sun coming out this early of just how warm it's going to be later on today. if you are someone who works outside, put that water bottle in the freezer. get it ready to go. temperatures are going to climb into the 50s up to the 70s throughout the day. more like 90 degrees here in san jose. it's going to be a warm one as high pressure is taking control of our weather pattern. we're starting out mild, more warm air moving in today as we see those winds pump from land to sea, they actually warm up. that sunshine, that warm down sloping wind effect means we could see the 90s in isolated cities across the bay. more like the general 80s inland today. just a touch cooler. one of the negative impacts, of course, is that high pollen count. you can always check on your pollen levels right at
6:19 am we have all the information you need and we are expecting these levels to come down as we head into the upcoming week. 90 in concord, about 90 degrees in places like gilroy today, tomorrow, bringing in a few more clouds for the second half of the day, starting out nice and clear yet again and temperatures will climb to about 85 degrees tuesday. a little cooler for wednesday, but still holding on to the 80s all week long. sunday, that means if you want to make the plans with mom, your best brunch idea is probably going to be about 10:00 and 2:00. starts to really heat up between 3:00 and 5:00 this time of year. folks, we'll take you to the south bay where we continue to follow this accident. southbound 101 involving the motorcycle, still waiting for the two flat bed tow trucks. right at the scene south of 85 approaching 237. it's held steady there and the rest of the south bay looking pretty fine. even that southbound side is opposite your main commute, northbound are the routes that we follow. and we don't see any flowing
6:20 am
through these. although we did see over the last few minutes some slowing from tully to 680 and beyond. so the volume is starting to increase through this area. we'll watch for a slowdown. stick around over the next 20 minutes through that area. sticking around for westbound 580 to the dublin interchange out of the pass, 22 minutes registering, no additional incidents. for 580 approaching the dublin interchange and then past it through castro valley, a smooth drive all the way to the castro valley y. eastbound 580, we have the debris reported at redwood road, southbound 880, that box was cleared out of the area past "a" street and no slowing toward the san mateo bridge. north of the bay bridge, a look there, and no metering lights. it's a smooth drive there as well as across the golden gate bridge. the volume of traffic starting to pick up out of the north bay, but so far, no major delays, just a little slowing through novato. final votes will be cast
6:21 am
soon for this year's winner of "the voice." the remaining competitors will be battling the next two nights for some the constant public appearanc appearances, hours of rehearsal starting to take its toll. but others say the pressure was just making those finals. >> it's not just us getting on the stage and singing, we're constantly going through mental and physical emotional spiritual building. >> this is icing on the cake. and anything beyond this is almost unimaginable. >> contestants will be performing a solo tune and a duet with a coach. you can catch all the action here on nbc bay area starting tonight at 8:00. >> as they say, being a superstar ain't easy. >> the pressure. coming up, a different sort of spring break. how congress is coming together to give students a break on their student loans. plus, campaign kickoff, an all out media blitz as president obama and mitt romney square off in the race to become commander in chief.
6:22 am
a live look outside. you got that sun staring right at us. that's a beautiful shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. beautiful unless, of course, you're stuck in that traffic. we'll tell you about that and the weather in a matter of mi nute we
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6:24 am
welcome back, everyone. good monday morning to you. 6:24. college students may get that much-needed break on those student loans. the senate is expected to vote tomorrow on a democratic plan that would keep interest rates on those loans from doubling july 1st.
6:25 am
democratic plan says the $6 billion cost with higher payroll taxes all come from high-wage earners. republicans want to pass their own plan financed by eliminating preventative health program in the president's health care reform plan. now to decision 2012. expect a big-time ad blitz from team obama. the president officially kicking off his campaign with rallies in two swing states. "today in the bay's" tracie potts with more on that. and a look at who may end up landing on that republican ticket alongside mitt romney. good morning, tracie. >> that seems to be the biggest question of the campaign right now. who will be romney's running mate. we'll talk about that in a second, but first of all the president kicking off his campaign officially with rallies in ohio. he's been out there fund raising, including in california for a while now, but this was the official kickoff. he is officially also targeting
6:26 am
mitt romney and they are sparring over the economy, although gay marriage also popped into the debate over the weekend when vice president joe biden said he was absolutely comfortable with a number of forms of gay marriage. a little bit beyond what president obama has said. meantime, what about mitt romney and that running mate? who is he considering who might be asked. over the weekend, newt gingrich said in conceivable. i can't imagine that he'd ask me. florida senator marco rubio said i won't discuss it. i'm going to respect the process. and kelly ayotte said i've got more experience than president obama when he ran for president. bottom line, big question mark still on that one, jon. we don't know who that running mate's going to be in the fall. >> all right. tracie potts, i know they'll  keep us guessing until the end and keep that heat on. we appreciate it. no guessing about the forecast, that heat is on. want to check in with christina loren. >> yeah, we're cranking the heat this weekend. good morning to you. that sun coming up over the
6:27 am
beautiful bay bridge, spectacular sunrise this morning for you. but a sign of just how warm it's going to be later on this afternoon. temperatures climbing into the 70s by noon today. comfortable conditions at the bay and the coast, but a little bit warm inland. make sure you're ready for that. let's check your drive at 6:27 with mike. >> i'm going to focus beyond the sunrise. the metering lights are on, backed up over the 880 crossing and 880 itself, get an idea of the traffic northbound. starting to slow a tad bit. not so bad, incident-free on this part of oakland. great news, a better look coming up. >> thanks a lot, mike. 6:27 right now. coming up, why the family outpost could be on that chopping block just ahead. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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good morning. live here in the east bay with why making one of the most dangerous roads in the bay area
6:30 am
safer is so controversial. the story coming up. and a facebook road show designed to woo investors. good morning, i'm marla tellez with more on this so-called ipo road trip coming up. and i'm christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center. the dog days of spring this week. make sure you're ready for a summer forecast. your numbers coming up. and no summer break or spring break breaking traffic. i'm following a new accident over on the peninsula. we'll give you those details coming up. and a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. and if you like sunshine, this week's for you. go out and soak up some of that vitamin d on this monday, may 7th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us on this monday morning.
6:31 am
it's 6:30. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's one of the east bay's most scenic drives, but the beauty belies the danger. the road that ones through niles canyon with more on the fight to block the bulldozers from widening it. >> reporter: good morning. you're talking about highway 84 about six-mile stretch that runs between fremont and sunol. and over the years -- >> oh -- >> and you can see -- can you hear me still? >> no, we can, it's just breaking up a little bit. let's give it one more go. >> reporter: sure. and you can see why it's so dangerous. it's a two-lane road, it's very windy, it's very narrow. there's not many places to pull over if you had to or turn around. caltrans would like to widen this and solve the problem, but that's where the hitch is. there are environmentalists, they'll be protesting this morning, at a meeting where caltrans will be discussing the widening. they don't want caltrans to widen the road because if they do widen it, that means they're
6:32 am
going to have to cut down hundreds of trees. alameda creek, they're going to have to fill part of that in. the group called save niles canyon and another called the alameda creek alliance saying, hey, let's not widen the road. instead, add more rumble strips. might be able to see that in the center part of your screen. they said you could also look at adding signal lights or a median barrier, but widening the road would destroy the habitat for the california red-legged frog and also the alameda whip snake. those are two species already in danger. they're going to be protesting this morning between 9:00 and noon. they tell us this is at the fremont housing division where this meeting will be taking place against caltrans, the widening of highway 4 through niles canyon. reporting live, i'm bob redell, "today in the bay." >> turn around before you get car sick. all right. new this morning, an oakland man
6:33 am
hospitalized in critical condition right now after being shot in an apparent robbery overnight. this all happened on holly street just off international boulevard around 12:30 this morning. police say it appears the man was robbed out on the street. but that confrontation continued inside a house. >> ended up inside the residence and we're doing our best to investigate further. >> police say the man was shot right in the chest. both suspects still on the loose. it could be the end of the trail for a popular camp near lake tahoe. the city of concord wants to sell camp concord for about a savings of $300,000 a year. city council will host a budget workshop tomorrow to discuss the possible cut. camp concord was created in 1967 to serve concord families and youth. of course the facebook sales team is used to doing social networking, but today they'll be doing that in person and hitting the road to try to convince
6:34 am
investors to buy facebook stock. we have team coverage this morning. scott mcgrew has all the latest on facebook's upcoming ipo. but we start things off live at face book headquarters where the sales team is going to get out and hit that road. marla, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. yeah, when facebook goes public at the end of next week, shares are expected between $28 to $35. and this menlo park based company is expected to be valued at some $100 billion. well, still, the executives here, they are going on a nine-day road show to pitch their stock to investors. they'll be stopping in major cities including new york, chicago, l.a., and of course, nearby and san francisco. officials say c.o.o. cheryl sandberg, cfo david eversman are going to handle most of the face-to-face pitching, though mark zuckerburg is expected to make a few appearances. there are challenges to explain
6:35 am
the more than 900 million users into a stream of cash. most users don't like the idea of facebook becoming a haven for ads and zuckerberg knows this. >> we all use facebook, we all have a lot of things there, but if suddenly our news feed is showing up with advertising, we're going to bail and not come back. he needs to tread really carefully not to anger users. >> now, the ipo is set for may 18th. and of course, that means investors have about ten days to make up their minds when it comes to wall street, well, it's still trying to figure out how it feels about facebook. this is where our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew joins us. now, scott, facebook is a company that doesn't want to be a company and it doesn't need the money. >> no, it doesn't. facebook says it'll take the billions it's going to make in the ipo and put it in government bonds. it already has far more billions in the bank and doesn't need this ipo money. as to your other point, mark
6:36 am
zuckerberg has warned that facebook was never intended to be a company and it was dragged into this ipo by obscure rules about how many investors you can have. ironically those rules aren't around anymore, but facebook was not grandfathered in. so not only is one of the biggest ipos in silicon valley history, this is one of the biggest, it's also one of the most peculiar and wall street is having a tough time trying to figure out exactly how much facebook should be valued and how much growth in the future. jon and laura. >> interesting, and you can actually read about and see in the entire 31-minute retail road show video on our website, >> big time difference between price and value. let's toss it over to christina loren to tell us about lots and lots of sunshine. >> tons of sun. told you you were going to miss out on that sunsunrise. i posted a picture on my facebook page for you to check out. but beautiful day shaping up over the city by the bay.
6:37 am
spectacular conditions by the water. it's going to be a little bit toasty inland today. 56 degrees in san jose to start. while mostly in the 50s. couple isolated 40s. places like napa and santa rosa. basically, you can go right to the short sleeves this morning everywhere. we're headed toward the 90s. in the warmest cities across the bay, more like the 80s for the general inland cities. ahead, we've got a warm week all week long, temperatures in summer territory. i'll let you know what that means in your city for today, what you'll need to know dressing in layers is key. 80 degrees at noon, 46 degrees by 4:00 p.m. inland. let's check your drive with mike. >> over to the peninsula with the accident, 280 northbound side, the off ramp there, sounds like it may be out of the lanes now. no injuries, but that was at the millbrey off ramp. and no slowing south of 380 or heading up into the city for that avenue. we're looking at 101 with the
6:38 am
build for the volume of traffic, but not a problem through san mateo just yet. the earlier accident southbound 280 has finally cleared, all activity gone from that side of the bay. hayward moving smoothly, but an accident down through the area, i'll give you that update in a few minutes. >> thanks. 6:38. still ahead, political shake-ups from france all the way to russia. and desperate pleas from an american captured by al qaeda. we have the new video just ahead.
6:39 am
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new this morning. al qaeda releasing a video of an american hostage abducted last year in pakistan. in this video, aide worker warren weinstein appealed to president obama saying he will be killed. the video was posted on an islamic website overnight. and this marks the first time he's been seen since his kidnapping last august. vladimir putin remains president again of russia. took the oath of office hours ago in moscow. putin has ruled since 2000. first as president, then prime minister, his new six-year term will keep him in power until 2018 with the option of running for a fourth term. it is 6:41 right now. coming up, a white water rafter dragged to his death trying to help others getn the boat. more on this daring final act of courage just ahead. ense stick.
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not a word i would use often, but our producer says that is gorg. how sunny and nice, it is, 6:44. joseph biden rocking the vote with a surprise announcement on gay marriage. telling david gregory on "meet the press" on sunday, he supports rights for same-sex couples. some political experts say the announcement was no mistake and could be testing the waters for the president. >> you have to believe that a message was given to those folks in the gay community and those sympathetic to the gay community who are looking for hope.
6:45 am
and if nothing else, it sort of emphasizes there's a difference between the two. between obama administration and the republicans and governor romney. >> biden did preface his comments saying the president sets administration policy and his opinion on gay marriage does not mean the president now supports it, as well. the royal family back making headlines being honored for its work helping wounded soldiers. britain's prince harry will be given an award for his humanitarian work at an event in washington, d.c. today. he'll also be accepting the award on behalf of his brother prince william for all their work and charitable foundations. the "today" show coming up next. matt lauer shows us what they're working on this morning. >> coming up on a monday here on "today," the woman at the center of the secret service scandal speaks out in an exclusive interview. she says what happened that night and she's happy a number of agents have lost their jobs. also ahead, a woman who
6:46 am
cashed in $1 million lottery ticket she found in the trash, but now the judge says the money isn't her. we'll talk to her in an exclusive live interview. and the stars of two new movies will join us. cameron diaz will tell us "what to expect when you're expecting." and the supreme leader opens up about his new film "the dictator." those stories and more on a monday morning here on "today." >> yeah, whatever he is now -- >> he's a character. >> check on something more serious like the weather is going to be seriously beautiful. >> seriously beautiful at the coast. if you work outside today, seriously warm. you'll want to drink that water just about all day long. temperatures this morning are nice and mild, we are in the 50s, but as i can tell you, as i've been saying all morning long, it's going to feel like summer this week all week long. you can break out the shorts, short sleeves, everything that
6:47 am
reminds you of summertime. 52 degrees in concord, 52 in san mateo. as we head throughout the day today, mild and high pressure is still moving in and amplifying. it means we are going to see temperatures even warmer than where we ended up yesterday. and yesterday was rather hot inland. san jose hit the upper 80s today talking more like the 90s in the warmest cities across the bay. monday. 90s today, tuesday, warm and breezy. we're going to cool you off just a touch. we'll get a little bit more of an onshore flow tomorrow morning. i think we'll start out with more cloud cover and that'll keep things a little bit more mild for tomorrow. but taking your temperatures down by a few degrees. overall, holding on to the mid-80s inland just about all week long. now, what that means is perfect conditions at the beach. it all works out like this. 8:00 a.m., 58 degrees in santa cruz, 73 degrees at noon, and 4:00 p.m., 80 degrees. if you have the day off, you're going to beat those beach crowds you have to deal with over the course of the weekend. and so today might be your day to do so. 88 in san jose, 74 in san
6:48 am
francisco, close to 80 degrees in oakland. by tomorrow, a touch cooler. wednesday will increase your clouds even more so. holding on to that sunshine. and then mother's day, right around the corner now sunday looking good for outdoor brunch plans. let's check your drive at 6:48 with mike. we'll take you out to the roadways. looking at 880, southbound side, just as you're approaching "a" street. off to the shoulder now. see the slowing from 230 down toward fremont and union city. also the castro valley y, commute directions starting to show that slowdown. the earlier debris cleared from the eastbound direction. over here, crow canyon road, that's off of 680, but this is an issue. a major roadway, just west of bollinger canyon road, a motorcycle ran into a cow. yeah. the driver sounds like he's okay, i don't think the cow is fairing so well.
6:49 am
680 itself will move smoothly through the area. the 30-minute drive coming out of the altamont pass down through pleasanton and sunol and the south bay commute starts to build up now heading northbound for 101 and 87 through san jose, your typical build and slowing there. over here, southbound at 237, that incident is clearing now, guys. back to you. 6:49 right now, it's one of the most dangerous and scenic drives. now those who want to keep the road pristine are pitted against the state which wants to make it safer. bob redell live along the drive on why caltrans wants to bring in the bulldozers. good morning. >> well, you can see why if you've ever driven through niles canyon between sunol and fremont. it's very windy and very narrow. so narrow that there's a lot of patches where you can't even pull over, turn around, or do anything like that. and it's considered according to caltrans one of the most dangerous roads in the area. there have been hundreds of
6:50 am
accidents over the years, several deaths. in order for caltran to widen this road, they'll need to cut down hundreds of trees and also fill in part of alameda creek which runs right next to it. and that's why environmentalists will be protesting caltrans at a meeting later this morning. there are two groups, they're trying to say to caltrans if you do this widening, you're going to destroy the habitat for creatures like the california red-legged frog and the alameda whip snake. two species already endangered. and they're suggesting, hey, you've already installed rumble strips, seems to have made the road safer, why don't you install more of those or install signal lights or put a median barrier that would be environmentally sensitive, wouldn't destroy the habitat for these creatures and perhaps the roads would be made safer. again, they're going to be protesting this meeting with caltrans between 9:00 and noon and meeting at the city of fremont housing division. reporting live here on westbound
6:51 am
84 through niles canyon, which by the way, if this is your commute to work, it looks clear right now. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. 6:50 right now. a north bay officer killed in the line of duty will be honored today at the state capital. james kapu is among ten officers who died on the job last year. at 10:30 this morning, he and others will be remembered where their names will be placed on the memorial wall. he was killed last november chasing a bank robbery suspect. sadly this morning, a north bay white water rafter is dead after being swept away by a raging current. stan decker's family says the 59-year-old was trying to help fellow rafters get back into that boat when he fell into the water. the father of two was swept downstream faster than the boat could travel. rapids in that area are classified as a level five, near
6:52 am
the top of the international scale of river difficulty. an elderly woman is safe after being pulled out of her burning home. and she has her neighbor to thank. the 22-year-old and his father jumped the fence. the men went to the back door where they found the 96-year-old woman on the phone with fire dispatch. the men carried her to safety before that fire spread to the roof. the woman's adult son and family dog were also rescued unharmed. the salary cap could come off for future california state university executives. this week, the university trustees will consider lifting the 10% limit on salary increases for new president. they're considering using more foundation money to pay for those salaries. visit sicks say the money should be used instead for student scholarships or student instruction. the trustees meeting today and tomorrow in long beach in advance of a public session set for wednesday. 6:52, the plan to give san
6:53 am
francisco young people a free ride faces a new hurdle this week. providing free passes for low-income youths. but the program depends on $5 million in funding from the metropolitan transportation commission. several members of the mtc have expressed skepticism over using regional money for a project that would only benefit san francisco. the plan will be debated on wednesday night. walnut creek hoping to entice a certain film-making giant to build a movie production studio in its city. "today in the bay's" christie smith live with why the city thinks this is nothing short of a win/win move for everybody. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. right now this is a big maybe. but already people in wall nut creek are dreaming about light sabers and villains and how cool it would be to say that lucas film has a production studio right here. and in fact, already, the city has drafted a three-page pitch and sent it out talking about the perks of the shade lands business park to george lucas'
6:54 am
company after he pulled plans to build in rural marin county. the idea is to get the star wars creator to think all about what walnut creek has to offer. two b.a.r.t. stations close by, top schools, lots of open space. shade lands has a number of places for lease already. there is room. mostly privately owned, so the city hasn't specified which space yet. but the buzz is here from potential tax dollars to the slightest possibility of getting close to the force behind the force. >> you would probably get to meet him and i just really want to meet him. >> and like george lucas brought some ideas to san francisco, maybe he'll get some ideas from walnut creek from the cool things. >> reporter: now the city hasn't heard back yet and hasn't even spoken with lucas film executives about exactly what it is they're looking for in a space. other cities have reached out also like vallejo, but walnut
6:55 am
creek thinks they have the edge. reporting live in walnut creek, "today in the bay." good old harry potter taking a backseat to a new set of super heroes. the "avengers" taking in more than $200 million, beating last summer's harry potter finale. the film also pulled in nearly $450 million worldwide last week. >> word on the street is that is a good one. a.m. trumtrak conductors is an iphone as a ticket scanner on some of the routes including the one from san jose to sacramento. passengers can load a bar code on to their smartphone and conductors can simply scan that code and keep track of everybody onboard. 1,700 conductors will be using that new ticketing device by the end of the summer. and the clock ticking down for yahoo. a little more than two hours to deadline. scott mcgrew joins us, 9:00 a.m.
6:56 am
our time. >> daniel loeb has given yahoo until 9:00 a.m. california time to fire the ceo scott thompson or face a lawsuit. we don't expect that to happen. we expect yahoo will ignore the ultimatum altogether. that's not to say that the yahoo board isn't talking. reports say this man fred amroso is leading the investigation after it was revealed that yahoo had been claiming that thompson had a computer science degree. he does not. he has an accounting degree. yahoo's board met over the weekend to try to figure out what to do. we will keep you updated the minute we hear something. the other thing we're watching, socialist francois hollande has been elected. the fears is he won't save the euro. mr. hollande supports the
6:57 am
opposite, stimulus, devaluing the currency. that's legitimate, closer to what we're doing in america, but it causes inflation and jon and laura, the germans had a very bad experience with inflation as you may recall. >> yes, indeed. thank you very much. little bit of a problem. hey, gluten-free you probably heard about it, the new rage, becoming more widely available at restaurants, fast food chains and even in drinks. dominos pizzas announcing plans to sell their pizza pies made with a gluten-free crust. it'll cost you about $3 more than additional crusted pizza. pf chang's also adding sen more gluten-free menu items to the current list of 25. how about this? anheuser-busch jumping on the bandwagon rolling out the new gluten-free ultra light cider some time today. >> okay. want to check the forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren. temperatures warming up. >> yeah, a lot of vitamin d and it's gluten-free. in the 40s and 50s to start, san jose the warmest city on this
6:58 am
temperature map at 57 degrees. heading toward 80 at noon today inland, up to 86 degrees at 4:00. if you're working outside today, inland in particular, drink lots of water, seek that shade wherever you can, and your car, you park in the direct sunlight, gets about 15 degrees warmer than the surrounding air. keep that in mind, try to park in the shade today. by tomorrow, a touch cooler, we'll bring in a few more clouds, that's good news. onshore flow means better pollen levels. we'll be talking about that as we meet back tomorrow. let's check your drive at 5:58, 6:58 with our own mike. >> we're close to 7:00. we want to warn folks the volume building up. we want to avoid this area. that motorcycle and the cow, the accident there, major injuries reported for the driver of that motorcycle. one-way traffic control. folks you suggest you use 680 down to 580. that'll add extra mileage and
6:59 am
take you into the dublin interchange, but that should be okay for the flow. alternate around the area. we're looking at a slower drive now also coming out of the altamont pass, 31 minutes and building, bottling up around 1st and the isabel interchange. typical there and typical the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup in the metering lights, well, they're both affecting each other. the backup all the way back towards the maze and off the berkeley curve. back to you. thanks so much. well, some say she can scat and sing opera but also plays the piano. there are talents that have earned the high school senior from san jose a trip to the white house next month. ♪ >> yeah, that's lila smith, selected as the presidential scholar of the month. the prestigious award handed out to 20 students a year. she's been performing since the age of 6. >> good luck. and congratulations to lila on that. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we're going to be back with a


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