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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 7, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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only at safeway. ingredients for life. disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar. this morning, detectives release a picture of the kind of car they believe is linked to the case. and for its 75th birthday, the golden gate bridge gets a gift the public can enjoy. i'm christie smith. we'll show you the bridge pavilion in a live report. and we'll let you know what's behind the facebook road show that starts up today. and a live look at san francisco off in the distance from our san bruno cam. the san bruno mountain cam. we'll check the forecast with meteorologist now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. we start with developing news in the sierra lamar case. for the first time, investigators are naming a specific model car they're looking for in the disappearance of the 15-year-old girl from morgan hill. let's get to bob redell with the latest information. bob, what's happening there? >> reporter: good morning, jon. santa clara sheriff's office is asking for help finding a car they believe might be associated with the disappearance of this 15-year-old girl. they're looking for a car similar to the one in this image you're looking at now. it is a red, four-door, mid 1990s, volkswagen jetta with a black hood. they assembled different segments of surveillance video from businesses, homes, buses that showed that kind of car near sierra lamar's home the morning of march 16th around the time that she disappeared. they also confirmed this through tips they received.
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now, the car was also seen they tell us near where some of the evidence was found. whether that was by sierra's cell phone or a purse with her clothes, they won't say. in the video they can't tell who is driving. they don't believe sierra is inside, but they got a license number. >> we don't know if the registered owner or anyone in the vehicle would be associated, but it is in the works now. with that going on, with the detective follow up going on, we're asking for the public's help to come forward with any information about that car. >> reporter: investigators are following up on the license plate. they did check in with the family this weekend. they said they did not recognize the red car. the sheriff's office also just received crime lab analysis of the empty handcuff box and used condoms found in a field near sierra's home. turns out those items are not related to her disappearance. it has been almost two months since she disappeared before
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trying to catch her school bus. that was a friday morning. since then, hundreds of volunteers along with law enforcement have searched morgan hill and the surrounding area. as we speak, the sheriff's office tells us they have a dive team down south at coyote reservoir, part of the search of waterways they have been conducting the past couple weeks. live outside the sheriff's office in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. a protest this morning in fremont over the future of one of the bay area's most scenic roadways. fremont and san oh residents ticketed to let the state know they don't want highway 84 widened. caltran wants to make improvements to the windy, two lane road to be safer for drivers. that would require cutting down hundreds of trees and possibly damaging the alameda creek that runs alongside the road. >> opposed for a number of reasons. one, it is a waste of taxpayer
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money. this project doesn't need to be done. there is not a safety issue on this road. caltran themself have data to back that up. >> caltran met with residents to hear their concerns and decide whether or not they need to change plans. the residents suggested adding more rumble strips, signals and median barriers as an alternative to widening. the all clear has been gif enin walnut creek after the smell of gas prompted a school evacuation. more than 1500 students were moved on the football field this morning when people reported a strong odor between 680 and broadway. they say the decision to evacuate was precautionary. no gas leak was found, no other evacuations were ordered. students returned to class before 9:00 a.m. time is up for some occupy protesters in east bay, uc berkeley, ordering them to leave the university owned property over the weekend. the ultimatum was ignore.
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about 200 squatters are trying to protect that ten acre site from development. administrators say they may have to resort to more forceful tactics. this land is currently used by the agricultural department. visiting the golden gate bridge is about to be a new experience. bridge managers are unveiling improvements ahead of the 75th birthday. christie smith got a sneak peek and has a look at what changed. looks like a beautiful day out there, too. >> reporter: absolutely, it is a great day. used to be you came to the golden gate bridge, you saw it, it is beautiful, maybe walked across, took photos, got a t-shirt. that changed with the 75th anniversary. there's a 3500 square foot pavilion that has everything you wanted to know about the golden gate bridge. kind of a museum and store in one. starting with a 12.5 foot test tower of the bridge designed at princeton way back in 1933 to
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validate the calculations. there's historical photographs that tell the technical side. things like the fact the bridge was designed so it conflicts 16 feet up and down. there's t-shirts and books. there will be the first guided tours, even at night. the round house has been redesigned. this was done without toll money from the golden gate national park conservancy. the bridge is a magnet for 10 million people a year. i talked to one woman. first i wondered why we didn't do this before. >> the bridge focused on the primary role, getting cars across it. maybe we all took for granted that it was fine as it is, but as we looked at it closely, we realized it has incredible stories to tell, it is a beautiful place to stay. it can bring inspiration and memory to millions that come here every year. we decided collectively we can
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improve this. >> did you think it would look like this? >> i thought it would be bigger, yeah. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: still, she was awfully impressed. today also created a bridge photo experience, where you can take a picture in front of a green screen, and they use computer magic to place you out on the bridge. i wanted to show you back here live what i am talking about. this is how ours turned out, steve the photographer and i. took a picture in front of a green screen. then you can buy the photo. the balance is incredible to be out there like that. this store opens up tomorrow to the public, but of course, the big day is on sunday, may 27th. that's the big celebration. reporting live at the golden gate bridge, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> i think you just took your next facebook profile pic there. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor of the golden gate bridge 75th
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anniversary event. you can learn more about past construction and future celebrations by going to you need to search bridge. a man that led san jose police on a freeway chase last night is behind bars this morning. the officer opened fire to stop him is on leave. police spotting the driver of an suv about 9:00, wanted in connection with a weapons15 charge. he drove north on 680 before dumping the car in a neighborhood. an officer then spotted the suspect, fired at him, but he wasn't hit. that suspect was taken into custody. an oakland man hospitalized in critical condition after being shot during an apparent robbery overnight. this all happened on holly street, just off international boulevard around 12:30 this morning. police say it appears the man was robbed on the street, but the confrontation actually continued inside a house. >> police say the man was shot
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in the chest. both suspects are still on the loose. a north bay officer killed in the line of duty is being honored at the state capitol. he is among ten california officers that died on the job last year. this morning he and other fallen officers are being remembered at a ceremony in sacramento. their names will be placed on the california peace officers memorial wall. he was killed last november chasing a bank robbery suspect. relatively speaking, it was a peaceful cinco de mayo celebration in san jose. police say over three days, they arrested 75 people on a variety of charges, ranging from public intoxication to possession of deadly weapons to parolee violations. they say all in all, it was a fairly calm cinco de mayo compared to past years. there was no vandalism reported downtown. back in 2010, as you recall, san jose had to cancel the annual
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cinco de mayo parade and festivities because of violence associated with the events. pilots for united airlines greeting passengers at sfo, but not to help with luggage. they're sending a message criticizing their employer. pilots say they made big sacrifices after september 11 to save the struggling airline, but have now been working under the same contract for nine years. they say while they haven't been getting raises, united executives continued to hike their own pay. the pilots are also concerned much of united's business is being outsourced to smaller, regional airlines. looks like the friendly skies are going to be continuing awhile. you said this is a long stretch of sunny weather. >> yeah. unfortunately it means the green hills will soon be turning brown. we don't have any rain, any significant rainfall in the forecast for at least the next 12 to 14 days. so looking like summertime weather as we head through this week. next week is a little cooler, little cloudier, what we're
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typically used to in the spring in the bay area. but we are not used to 83 degrees in sunnyvalepo at 11:10. talking about the 90s today. i can tell you today is one of the warmer days this week. we're going to stay around 85 degrees inland every single day, all the way through the upcoming weekend. we have mother's day just ahead. i have the forecast ready to go. tomorrow, a little cooler, a little cloudier, a little break. we'll talk about that as well. >> all the expensive gifts men buy for their mothers, they can say mother nature will give you something. double dip. >> that's right. >> thanks a lot. coming up, teenage girl versus shark, could the amazing turn of events during an event. an aid worker held hostage by al qaeda appealing to
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president obama. and the campaign facebook is launching today ahead of its upcoming initial public offering. fifire i itsltltatatum t to re its whwhatat h h hapns nonow? wewe'll l take a look coming up.
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welcome back. executives from facebook are hitting the road today. their goal is to convince investors the social networking stock will be a great buy when it goes on sale later this month. next week, in fact, before sending his sales force out, mark zuckerberg posted a video online. the founder and ceo makes the case that access to facebook's 900 million users is really what's up for sale here. >> we all use facebook, all have a lot of things there. if it is suddenly our news feed has all kinds of advertising, we're going to bail, not going to come back. he needs to tread carefully not to anger users. >> the ipo stock price is expected to be between 28 and $35 a share.
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yahoo ignoring a deadline set down by a rogue shareholder to fire its very own ceo. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew says yahoo didn't even acknowledge the ultimatum. >> that's the best way to handle an ultimatum, isn't it? pretend you didn't hear it. it is over yahoo's claim the ceo had a science degree when really he had a degree in accounting. the fact yahoo didn't do anything this morning doesn't mean it is not taking this issue seriously. "the wall street journal" reports this man, independent board member fred amarosa is leading the investigation into why yahoo made those claims, whether the resume dysfunction came from thompson himself. the board met over the weekend reportedly to discuss the problem. a short time ago, loeb and his partners issued a letter, public demand for the paperwork filed in the hiring of thompson.
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did he fill out a job application, for instance, what about a resume. third point it says it wants to see the papers. third point set a new deadline. five business days from today. depending how you interpret it, it is this friday or monday, the new deadline. meanwhile, american markets fell this morning but recovered as investors reacted to political unrest in europe. socialist candidate francois bol and won, and there's concern france will peel away from plans to save the euro. we continue to watch that and yahoo. we will have much more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. al qaeda has released a video of an american hostage abducted last year in pakistan. in the video, aid worker warren weinstein appeals to president obama. he says he will be killed unless the president meets his captors'
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demands for release of prisoners. the video was posted on an islamic website overnight. it is the last time he was seen. they are pushing out a major advertising campaign this week, focusing on the president's accomplishments from the killing of osama bin laden to saving the auto industry. huge rallies in ohio and virginia drawing crowds of more than 14,000 people over the weekend. president obama talking about the economy and favoring civil unions with an obvious target, that being mitt romney who has yet to publicly choose a running mate. some republican candidates likely being discussed, newt gingrich, marco rubio, and new hampshire kelly ayotte. nothing short of a scary real life nightmare for a 15-year-old girl over the
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weekend surviving an attack by a shark. she was with paddleboaters 200 yards from shore when the shark appeared yesterday morning. the shark started to attack, bit her board several times, and mind blowing the girl wasn't hurt at all. marine patrols have been checking the water since the encounter. so far, no signs of sharks. domino's pizza is adding a new item to the menu. gluten free crust. the announcement makes them the first pizza chain to offer that choice. they will cost about $3 more than traditional pizzas. others are following suit. pf changs added seven more gluten free items to the current menu of 25. and anheuser-busch has gluten free. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to
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find out how spectacular it's going to be. >> warm enough to where you are outdoors, you want to be drinking plenty of water for the next couple days. temperatures are pretty warm, especially for this time of year. we have a dry heat, don't have a lot of humidity to contend with, so you're not sweating as much as you otherwise would be. keep that in mind. as we head through the day today, temperatures are going to climb into the 90s. you can see the daytime highs work out like this for today. talking about 90 in places like los gatos, a little warmer in gilroy. 90 degrees there. inland cities in east and south bay will be the warmest. hey, you're getting perfection. oakland, san francisco, 73 degrees. we have a good-looking forecast, if you like the warmer weather. if you don't like the warmer weather, you want to seek shade just about all week long, with temperatures in the 80s. offshore flow is the reason why, the winds as they move from land to sea, they warm up. so we have gusty winds expected
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later this afternoon. that will enhance the warming effect, and 90s inland today will make way to the mid-80s as of tomorrow. just want to give a preview of tomorrow. showed you the temperatures at 11:00 a.m., start of show, already had a couple of 80s. tomorrow looking like the 70s when we meet back here. that's the good news. if you want the cooler weather a touch cooler tomorrow. now here is where it gets interesting. if you suffer from allergies, pollen levels have been high and will be for the next 72 hours. keep that allergy medicine handy. limit outdoor activities. a lot of people are writing the weather center about whether is this pollen going to stop being a factor. it looks better this weekend, that's the good news. toasty conditions yet again as we hit friday into saturday. mother's day looks good, 82 degrees. back to you guys. >> all about mom on supd. >>. >> it always is about mom. here is a question.
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how many drug stores are too many drug stores? the debate over expansion plans for people in one city this morning. why tickets are more scarce for amtrak passengers. what many will be using instead.
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plus choose from a wide selection of home phone and wireless calling plans. so call now. triple play bundles start as low as $79 a month. switch today and get a total home dvr included. who doesn't like options? choose at&t and personalize a bundle that fits your life. ♪ welcome back, everybody. we can tell you some san francisco residents feel they're being overrun by wall green. the chain wants to expand an open the 68th store in the city at the old tower record site at columbus and bay. there are already two wall greens less than three blocks from the new location. the company says the new store will be different and include groceries to go along with the drugstore items. the concord city council will have a budget workshop tomorrow to talk about the possible closure of a popular family camp near lake tahoe.
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the interim manager are talking about selling camp concord. they say it would save $300,000 by 2013. it was created in 1967 to serve the city's young people. amtrak conductors going high tech, trading in hole punchers and going new school with the iphone. they are using it as a ticket scanner on routes, including from san jose to sacramento. passengers, it is simple. print it or load it to the smart phone, then they can scan it, keep track of everyone that gets on board. 1700 conductors will be using the new devices by end of the summer. >> everything is goingh hig hi tech. a restaurant getting sky high reviews for serving up more than good food.
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welcome back. taking a live look high atop san bruno mountain over the city by
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the bay. spectacular sunshine out there. you will notice from the picture, a little hazy. air quality will suffer this week with no significant rainfall in the future. today we're in the good range, tomorrow as well. temperatures, very warm inland, but perfect at the coast to hit that beach. back to you guys. >> thank you, christinchristina finally a restaurant with the best seat in the house. the seat is 164 feet in the air. >> really? dinner in the sky, restaurant in barcelona, spain. meals are served at a specially designed table kept in the air by a giant telescope. they are strapped into seats, food prepared and put on the table. you eat on the fly. the table can seat up to 22 people, and serves the diners all at once. i don't know about that.
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>> especially with alcohol involved. >> see yonig tht. ht
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