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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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expect the same mastermind behind that attempt and this one that man being yemeni based al qaeda bomb maker al asiri. he built the so-called underwear bomb that abdullah mutallab was convicted of trying to detonate going to detroit on christmas day of 2009. it flamed up a little bit and only injured the bomber himself. al asiri is believed to have delivered two years back. those bombs like this one were nonmetallic, designed to avoid detection. and yet this one was also highly explosive, powerful enough to blow up an airplane. the white house issues a statement saying, quote, the disruption of this ied plot underscores the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism here and abroad. president obama thanks all
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intelligence and counterterrorism professionals involved in this outstanding work, end quote. >> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. and we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> now defense secretary panetta said that without mentioning this specific plot. now according to u.s. officials, the would-be suicide bomber had not yet picked a target or bought plane tickets when the cia stepped in and seized the bomb. and it's not yet clear what happened to that suspected bomber, though we do know that that bomb is now being analyzed in a lab. in the newsroom, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, kris. in local news, a glimmer of hope for the first time in weeks, a new clue in the search for sierra lamar. today investigators released a description to a car they believe is tied to the 15-year-old's disappearance. kimberly tere is live in morgan hill with the new details.
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kimberly? >> reporter: police say its interviews and surveillance video that have led them to really focus their efforts on one car in particular that they really say they want to know a lot more about. take a good look at this car. it's similar to the one santa clara county sheriff detectives say is on several surveillance video tapes. the car is described as a 1990s red four-door volkswagen jetta with a black hood. >> it was observed in the area near her mom's house and near where some of the other evidence items were collected. we can't tell who was inside the car at that time, but it -- it's more than just a coincidence. >> reporter: police say the car was spotted on several residential, school bus and vta surveillance videos the morning of march 15th when the 15-year-old was last seen. sierra's dad, steve lamar says so far no family or friends have recognized the car, but he is hoping someone else does. >> anything that might have
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happened that anyone can recall like, you know, they saw a suspicious car in the neighborhood that might have fit this description, even if they can't remember the exact model or anything, if it was a red car, report that. because, you know, anything helps. >> reporter: as detectives focus on generating more leads on the car, crime lab technicians continue to analyze possible evidence found during searches for sierra. police say they have determined a box with handcuffs and used condoms found close to the teen's home are not connected with the case. >> there is a lot of speculation i would love to just know what really happened to her. it's scary. >> reporter: more searches are planned for sierra, one this wednesday and another on saturday. also, san jose police are looking into whether the suspicious car may be connected to an attempted kidnapping that happened just two weeks after sierra went missing. live in morgan hill, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news.
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>> okay, kimberly, thank you. the heat is on. a live look outside at downtown san jose at this hour. another warm day and warm evening across the bay area. and for a lot of us, that means another day dealing with allergies. marianne favro has that part of the story. but we begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, are we close to any record temperatures? >> about two to three degrees away for parts of the north bay. high pressure sitting across a lot of the west coast is producing this stagnant air in the atmosphere, and also increasing those allergies. we'll have the full allergy report coming up. let's take a look at that area of high pressure. not only producing the dome of heat. in and throughout the bay area, but also producing some compressional heating down to the surface. the winds increasing the fire danger with some of our humidities in the teens to also 20s at the current moment. so some of the hottest weather today. gilroy at 92. walnut creek also 92. and palo alto at 90 degrees. now we'll take you outside to our sky camera network, and what you'll see here from oakland,
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looking towards san francisco is just a bit of haze at this point. but the camera shaking around as the winds are starting to shift morillon shore. as we come back to our graphics, we do have pollen in the moderate to high region. it is expected to stay that way over the next 48 hours. but we'll tell you when that may improve coming up in that seven-day forecast. >> okay, thank you so much, jeff. and those allergies are causing misery and discomfort for many people who are hanging outside. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live with how bad it is. >> reporter: if you have allergies and you're standing where i am right now, you're probably already reaching for the tissues. you know, allergists say that the pollen count is rising right now, and that may just explain your misery. for people with spring allergies, a walk in the park is more like a stroll through torture town. >> i feel allergies, and i feel the nasal, the nose area and the eyes become very heavy.
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and to the point that sometimes you can't drive or think clearly. >> reporter: and if you love the outdoors, the grass may be greener, but also more threatening. >> we're just getting over the oak pollen. and we're getting into grass season, which is the main pollen season. so people are going to have a lot of sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes because of the grass pollen. >> reporter: the doctor has a pollen spore collector at his south bay home and personally identifies the allergens most common in the bay area. right now he says pollen from oak trees and mulberry trees are triggering allergies. that's a challenge for people who work outdoors every day. like paul rogers. >> a lot of nasal congestion, itchy eyes. and congestion into your throat area, you know. so it's kind of -- kind of miserable. >> reporter: according to the asthma and allergy foundation of
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america, san jose is the 78th worst city for spring allergies in the nation. san francisco was ranked 83. doctors say our recent light rains played a role, giving plants the power to push out more pollen. add in our hot weather, and you have a recipe for a pollen party, which for many means a visit to their doctor. doctors say if you do have allergies, you may want to stay indoors this week and next week, because they say the grass pollen count is going to climb even higher. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. i was sneezing all through the weekend. one of the biggest and most formal meetings of his life, and he showed up in his trademark hoodie. mark zuckerberg is ready to go public. facebook kicked off its ipo road show. in a private meeting in new york this morning, you can see the scene here. the facebook co-founder and other facebook officials answered questions from about 400 potential investors.
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the goal was to convince investors that the social networking stock will be a great buy when it goes on sale on may 18th. in a video posted online, zuckerberg says access to facebook's 900 million users is really what is up for sale here. >> we all use facebook. if it's suddenly our news feed is showing up with all kinds of advertising, we're going to bail. you're just not going to come back. so he needs to tread really carefully not to anger users. >> the ipo stock price is expected to be between 28 and $35 a share. with the pricing, facebook is expected to make nearly $14 billion. a clash of two tech titans in court will likely not result in a major loss for either side. oracle and google have been battling over copyright ourt -- federal jury found that while google is guilty of infringing on oracle's java code in its android software, it could not agree on whether the use was legally protected under fair use laws.
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in a small victory, oracle can go after some money for damages, but that number is not expected to be anywhere near the $1 billion in damages the company had originally sought. a man who led police on a freeway chase last night is behind bars, and the officer who shot at him is on leave, which is standard procedure. the gunfire missed 24-year-old sergio. investigators say he was seen weaving a weapon from an suv about 8:30 last night. just minutes later, when police spotted the vehicle, it drove on to northbound 680 at a high speed. after about two miles, aruta and a second man ran from the vehicle and aruta was soon captured. three men who were in the vehicle with him are still on the run. still to come at 5:00, the looming deadline for millions of unemployed californians. also, a white house divided. the obama administration being forced to respond to the gay marriage issue. plus, a new look at the waist of the nation. a shocking prediction for the
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health of america. as it heads towards the dinner hour, maybe you're coming up short. the new trouble for california wine industry experts, and why the costs could be passed on to consumers. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. widespread sunshine today with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average, and winds beginning to kick up now. it won't cool a whole lot inland tuesday.y e'll talk about whoveilhal some changes in just a few minutes. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. three high profile members of the obama administration have come out recently in support of gay marriage. the latest education secretary arne duncan. he follows vice president's joe
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biden announcement of support. yesterday on meet the press biden said he was very comfortable with same sex couples having the same rights to marry as heterosexuals. some interpret the comments as a break from president obama, who hasn't said if he fully supports same-sex marriage. in the bay area, gay rights advocates say they were encouraged by biden's comments, but want to see the president take them a step further. >> there has been some question how to interpret these comments. the one person who can clarify that is the president himself. and we believe now is the time for the president to say i do. >> today president obama's spokesman said the president shared the sentiments of the vice president, however, he wouldn't say if the president fully supports gay marriage. the money stops flowing next saturday for californians who are chronically unemployed. that's when the federal government shuts off its long-term benefits. 93,000 jobless workers will see their payments expire, forcing them to join the 670,000 other unemployed workers whose benefits have also run out.
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ironically, it's california's improving unemployment rate which has triggered this cutoff. the jobless rate is now 11%, the lowest number in the last three years. seven other states will also see their benefits stop on saturday. a memorial to fallen peace officers was held at the state capitol today to remember eight of the state's bravest who died last year in the line of duty. vallejo officer jim kapu was shot in november by a bank robber. [ bagpipes playing ] >> along with all the rights, there are the duties. and police officers quintessentially express that sense of duty. and those who give their lives in the pursuit is of those duties are worthy of our admiration. >> the men and women honored today will have their names engraved on the peace officers stat you in sacramento right across the street from the state
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capitol. in health matters, stop obesity before it even starts. health experts are trying to find ways to prevent the disease long before adulthood, even focusing on toddlers. today more than 78 million adults are obese. a new study finds that nearly half of those adults will be obese by 2030 if current trends continue. the study also found that 20% of mothers of healthy children wanted their kids to put on weight when they don't actually need to. experts say the best time for preventing obesity is childhood. the study found that it's common for moms of overweight toddlers to misjudge their child's body size and assume that their kids are at a healthy weight. >> for many parents, a chubby baby or a chubby toddler in their mind is a sign that they're doing something well. >> experts say pediatricians should step in with a growth chart to assure parents of healthy kids that they're on the right track. visiting the golden gate bridge is about to get even better, just in time for the
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span's 75th birthday. we got a sneak peek at what has changed there is now a 3500-square-foot pavilion with information about the bridge's history. the round house is redesigned, and for the first time there will now be a guided tour that runs day and night. >> and maybe we all took for granted that it was fine as it is. but as we looked at it closely, we realize it has incredible stories to tell. it's a beautiful place to stay. it can bring inspiration and memory to millions of people who come here every year. >> there is also a fun bridge photo experience, i know them, where you can take a picture in front of a green screen that puts you right on the bridge. the new features will be open to the public tomorrow. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor of the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary. you can learn more about the past construction and future celebrations by going to and searching "bridge." a dilemma in wine country. tonight wine consumption is on
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the rise, but wine grapes are in short supply. as the economy rebounds, more and more people are toasting to better times with a glass of their favorite vino. now wine sales have risen 6% last year and are growing at an even faster pace this year. after years of sluggish sales and an oversupply of grapes, suddenly the wine industry is facing another problem, not enough grapes to meet the demand. >> you're going to see greater demand and see a shorter supply. you're probably going to start to see prices start to rise, even at the premium level. >> maybe stock up. wine producers looking to plant nor violence are having a hard time finding new plant material to put in the ground. it seems there is a bottleneck at nurseries too. industries say we could find higher wine prices and smaller selections for years to come. enjoying the weather outside, i'm sure some people enjoyed the weather today. >> a rosset. >> there is that livermore wine country festival this weekend. i know they had some great attendance with this awesome weather.
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and today, well, we slid right into is the start of your workweek with warm weather. winds down to san jose and gilroy 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's the northwesterly wind that really helps to kick the numbers up today. a slight onshore wind out of the west right now at 8 miles per hour. so in case you missed it earlier, who was the hottest? gilroy with 92 in first position, and also tieing that would be walnut creek. south san jose 91 and palo alto with 90. we'll take you to our sky camera network right now. and in san francisco, all of this compressional heating is pushing any sign of that moisture right down to the surface of the bay. that's why it's somewhat hazy out there back to the golden gate bridge. but the wind schiffs more to onshore, and that is going to be dropping our numbers. let's bring you back to our weather headlines and what you're find in just a moment is a lot of the numbers that were in the 70s and 80s for today will start to moderate slowly over the next 48 hours. for the morning it will stay mainly clear for us.
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but then as we head throughout tuesday, we'll have a few isolated 90s, we'll gradually get this onshore wind back that will cool some of us here into our forecast. and then ahead it looks pretty great in that seven-day forecast as we trend still with temperatures above average. all the storm activity is about a thousand miles offshore. we do have a cool front out here. we're not going to get any rainfall from this. it's just going to enhance a slight onshore flow over the next 48 hours. with the dome of high pressure still aloft, the thing is it's going to stay warm here as we head throughout tuesday's forecast. but then by wednesday, that cooling breeze will be in effect, and we could see temperatures drop from 5 to 10 degrees. and all in all, throughout the next 48 hours, even with some of the changes, we are still going to stay sunny. as for the morning hours, we'll begin with 51 in santa rosa, 54 in los gatos. 50 in santa cruz and 51 in gilroy. and daytime highs expected to top out on tuesday, well, near what you had today here in sunnyvale, with 8. 89 in san jose. 90 in morgan hill, and 90 in evergreen. the wind will stay slightly
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drying here in the south bay. also for the east bay. that's right. temperatures will yet again be near record-setting in walnut creek. 89 in concord. 89 in dublin, and cooling back towards the bay, from 79 in alameda to 76 in fremont. then in our coastal locations, numbers also going down. half moon bay at 67 with a bit of an onshore flow trying to develop. and 69 at bodega bay. 76 in san francisco and 78 in san mateo. how cool over the next few days? you'll probably be happy to see temperatures in the mid-80s as we trend through wednesday and thursday. and then look at this. now six weekends in a row of some awesome weather coming our way. yes, i'm keeping track. in the three years i've been forecasting here, it has never been this great, this long on those weekends. temperatures near 90 as we head through saturday and sunday. even more beach weather mixed in. wow. this is an awesome way to start monday. >> jeff has been in a very good mood throughout the day. >> bright and sunny tie on.
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>> of course. >> perfect for today. >> implement. >> i'm wearing yellow, it's going to be sunny. >> it looks good. thank you. still to come at 5:00, a somewhat surprising announcement from michael phelps. final d in moments. new details about painter thomas kinkade. we're back in a moment. kinkade.
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the coroner has determined that a combination of drugs and alcohol was the cause of death for thomas kinkade, the famed painter of light. 54-year-old kinkade was found dead in his home on april 6th. the coroner's report lists a combination of alcohol and valium as a cause of death. the report says he might have taken the drug ghb, sometimes used recreationally as an intoxicant. since ghb also occurs naturally the report was not conclusive. kinkade was known to have battled alcoholism in his later years. he also suffered from heart disease and hypertension. the united nations is urging
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the united states to address a human rights issue, not overseas, but in south dakota. the famed landmark, mount rushmore which is carved with images of four presidents is on land considered sacred by several native american tribes. in 1868 the u.s. gave the tribes the rights to the land but congress took it back seven years later when gold was discovered. a u.n. investigator now recommends the land be restored to the sioux tribes. they rejected an offer of payment from the government in 1980, saying they would rather nd>> all we'property. >> and we'll be right back with more on the future of swimmer michael phelps.
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america's golden boy michael phelps says this summer's olympics will be his last. 26-year-old phelps won a record
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eight gold medals at the beijing games, which gives him a total of 16 medals in his olympic career number his interview with "60 minutes," phelps confessed that he lost one of his gold medals while traveling. he keeps them wrapped up in a t-shirt tucked inside a small case. he is three metals shy of breaking the world record for most career medals. the countdown is on. 80 days until the london games right here on nbc bay area. very exciting. and you're going to be heading there. >> our bags are packed. we're ready to go from london. >> you say like our, like we're going. >> you might come later on. i get tire and i need a tag team, you guys come join me. >> sure, no problem. >> we can help out. >> okay, how are we doing tomorrow. a quick look for tomorrow? >> we're going to be warming up. still here inland with temperatures close to 90. and then for mother's day on sunday, awesome weather. enjoy your evening. we hope to see you again at 6:00 for more l news. ght. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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