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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, new details just in about a bay area toddler mauled by the family dog. plus, one-on-one with sierra lamar's mom. her reaction to new evidence uncovered in her daughter's disappearance. murder in mexico.
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a trip to paradise cost a bay area man his life. good evening, everyone. >> it's a destination hot spot. millions flock to mexico every year. but one bay area man never returned. >> more violence has forced the feds to warn americans traveling in that region. there is no standard on how and why they make that determination. >> reporter: state officials say they can only advise americans not to travel in countries they say aren't safe. ultimately, it's your decision. we found the state department can't verify the accuracy all of the information it determines to make he's points. >> it's spurned traveling forever. >> reporter: february 2009, susan and her husband, timothy, rented a condo, overlooking the ocean in mexico.
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>> staying in a nice area. >> reporter: she says an intruder tried to rob them when they were asleep. a man grabbed a knife from their kitchen. timothy was stabbed to death. >> there was nothing i would do. i watched him. >> reporter: a year after timothy was killed, a u.s. department of state issued a travel warning for americans traveling to mexico. the san carlos woman wishes it had been issued before their trip there. the year that timothy was killed, 78 americans were victims of homicide. at least 113 were killed in 2011. the number of americans listed to the state department murdered
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abroad is made public because the u.s. government is required by law to disclose the information. but that's where it ends. >> the way we will determine once we've arrived at a travel warning, is a lot of kimpbt sources. >> reporter: hugo rodriguez says there's no specific formula for issuing a travel advisory. so, he's unable to tell us how the state department made its decision to issue a travel warning about mexico. >> our regional security officers and our officers overseas are constantly monitoring the local situation. they work with local law enforcement authorities. >> reporter: and those sources give the state department crime statistics. but the government doesn't make their stats public, because officials say they can't guarantee the accuracy of the information. according to mexico's attorney general, the country had more
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than 28,000 homicides between january and september last year. "la reforma" reported more than 12,000 killings last year. that's up from 2,000 in 2006. >> if you're in the wrong place, you might be a victim. >> reporter: this february, the state department issued a travel warning to mexico. but for the first time it pinpointed dangerous areas in 18 of the 31 states in the country. including popular destinations. 31 countries throughout the world are now under travel warnings. but the state department distinguishes mexico as a country where its government makes a considerable effort to protect americans in major tourist destinations. and the country only issues travel alerts in countries with
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natural events. there are currently four countries worldwide with in a classification. >> i would like to see a better, honest response from the data that we have. >> reporter: john is a criminalology professor at fresno state. his specialty is violence in mexico. are americans getting an accurate picture on how often crime is happening in mexico? >> i don't see how they could. one of the first requirements of getting an accurate picture is you have to have some measurement that's credible, that's valid, on a regular basis. >> i don't know if the state department wants to do that much more of a job. >> reporter: travel lawyer, al analyst, represents two of the biggest u.s. travel agencies operating in mexico. he believes the government's advisory system is influenced. >> they don't want it. bad for business.
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>> when you travel abroad, you are responsible for your own security. >> he's so handsome, i wish he was still here. >> reporter: susan conner has no plans to travel back to mexico. she says it's a place that brings back too many painful memories. >> i miss him every second of every day. and i will for the rest of my life. >> reporter: unlike many of the countries under a travel warning, travel officials note that americans visit safely every year. if you want to know more, go to our website, >> what a tragedy for that woman. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us at the number you see on your screen. turning now, to what could
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be a key break in the search for sierra lamar. tonight, we're hearing from the teen's mother, about a major clue in the investigation. one she says gives her renewed hope and police new leads. george kiriyama is live in morgan hill. >> reporter: santa clara county investigators are thinking about releasing surveillance video showing the red jetta. but investigators say this is the biggest development in this case that's almost two months old. the owner of a car similar to this one could be pivotal in finding sierra lamar. >> it is a lead that everybody can focus on. you know, we have to be really caref careful. >> reporter: investigators describe the car as a red jetta with a distinct black hood.
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>> the red car being associated in her disappearance, it's pretty important in the case. we hope it leads to something more substantial. >> reporter: sierra's mother hopes that finding the car will unlock the mystery behind her daughter's disappearance. >> law enforcement is reaching out because they know the sense of urgency. >> reporter: detectives say the jetta was last seen on march 16th, the morning sierra vanished. surveillance cameras spotted the car near sierra's home. and where evidence has been recovered. >> review of recent tips in the case, has helped to identify this vehicle is related. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether sierra's case is connected to another one in walnut creek. in a incident happened just two days before sierra disappeared. >> let's end this nightmare for
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all of us, including the person that has not made the right decision. if you could release her, and end this whole thing, you could do it now. >> reporter: now, detectives say despite all of the rumors flying around, they do not have a license plate number. they are hoping that someone has seen that car and will give them a call. polite he is not. a man in his 20s, maybe late teens, introduced himself to women in livermore. that introduction turned into sexual assault. a young man approached a woman and introduced himself as gabe. and then, extended his hand. >> she extended the courtesy back to him. and when he grabbed her hand, he
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pulled her in and started to grab the intimate parts of her body. she immediately yelled at him. he backed up. let go of her. she can'ted to yell. >> it's scary to think that people are like that nowadays. that people are going to take advantage of other people's kindness. >> livermore police say there's been seven sexual assaults along bike or jogging paths since 2006. police don't think that one person is responsible. it's not record heat. but the warm weather is going to be sticking around. >> three to six degrees away from record highs today. some of the hottest weather in gilroy. high pressure not budging at all in the next 24 hours. some of the warmette weather in seven months will continue. we'll get a reprieve with temperatures in the 50s or 60s. we'll detail the hottest day of the week and also the warmest temperatures for tomorrow. new details just in about a bay area toddler mauled by the
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that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. mauled by what was supposed to be her four-legged best friend. an east bay toddler has brutal bite marks on the face and legs. bite marks called by the family pit bull. the dog's been taken away. and the 2-year-old is hospitalized. cheryl hurd joins us live in concord. >> reporter: well, jessica, we put a call into oakland
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children's hospital, to get a condition on this young child. but we have yet to hear back from them. meanwhile, family members here are obviously upset about this attack. >> i'm sorry. i'm not sure what's going on. >> reporter: family rushed to the home where a child was bit by the family dog. >> we have the dog at this time. we're looking at other avenues in the case. >> reporter: police say the little girl was attacked here. and then, airlifted from a nearby park to children's hospital. >> right now, we're concerned about taking care of the child. the child is receiving emergency care. there's the potential we'll be investigating whether or not the dog has a require history. if there was the case, there's potential criminal charges. >> reporter: family members did not want to talk to us.
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one neighbor did not want to appear on camera, says he's seen the dog and knows the owner of the animal. he said the dog was always on the leash and did not appear friendly. another neighbor had this to say. >> this dog was not a problem. was not out, and tended at any time i'm aware of. and i'm sure the rest of the neighborhood would say the same thing. >> reporter: animal control is the lead investigator in this case. no word on what the next step will be. the cia and the fbi confirming, tonight, they've stopped an ambitious bomb plot by al qaeda, targeting a u.s.-bound flight. officials prevented a suicide bomber from using a next generation of underwear bomb, close to the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. you may recall the one that fizzled and burned by a confessed al qaeda operative in
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detroit 2009. the new bomb was meant to pass through the best u.s. airport security. here's defense secretary leon panetta, this evening. >> this sun has to remain vigilant against those who would seek the attack this country. we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> on sunday, officials say an american drone killed al qaeda's top commander in yemen where this plot originated. it's the hottest trend around. but are jell nails too hot for your health. the new manicure may be exposing you to u.v. damage. >> reporter: lots of ladies feel pretty when their nails are done. >> manicures for me, don't last long because i wash my hands a lot. >> reporter: erica is getting
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jell nails. the polish lasts for weeks. >> after the coat, we put it under the u.v. light. and the light dries the jell. when you pit it in, the u.v. light dries the color. >> reporter: campbell couldn't be happier. >> this will last longer. hands will look pretty all the time. >> these little lights are like miniature tanning beds. >> reporter: repeated exposure to u.v. light is damaging. >> you'll have really pretty nails. but the rest of your hands will look really old. >> reporter: or worse. prolonged exposure can lead to skin cancer. >> it affects the way the cells divide. so, therein lies the trigger for skin cancer. >> reporter: back in the light, they're adding a protective
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layer for customers. >> we start using methods when there's rumors saying u.v. lights aren't good for your hands. we want to do something to protect our clients. we start using sun screen. >> reporter: a step he says every jell nail customer should ask for. >> the customer should be their own advocate. >> reporter: he doesn't want you to be the next customer at the dermatology center of san francisco. >> it's interesting. >> reporter: and looking pretty in pink. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> experts suggest wearing reflective gloves and cutting off the fingertips to limit u.v. exposure. >> this was hot tonight. tomorrow, hotter or cooler? >> you know how the bay area works. today, we had temperatures near walnut creek. topping out at 92 degrees. the old record was 95. >> set back in 2000.
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not quite there yet. but numbers 10 to 20 degrees above average. that poses the other thing that we dealt with today. the bay area was hotter than these locations. so, hot, hot, hot, back here in the bay area. let's give you the current numbers. 53 in san francisco. 55 in san mateo. and cooling off inland, as well, with conditions in the mid-60s in the east bay. we'll take you out live to our camera. and the city is twinkling tonight. when you have days as hot as it was today, you'll have brilliant skies. for the morning hours, it will stay cool. throughout tuesday, some of you will be hotter. a cooling breeze will drop the numbers near the coastline.
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we have activity offshore. but it will have no chance of building in and bringing any kind of cooler air for us. primarily, through tomorrow, we'll have 90s. but the onshore flow will develop. and by wednesday, we'll be able to drop our numbers 48 degrees from today. even the sea breeze not going to be able to fix. that's the pollen report. next 48 to 72 hours, moderate to high category for the greater bay area. a tough go for you, if you do suffer from allergies. 52 in los gatos. not too bad in santa cruz, at 50. hopefully you got a view of the supermoon this weekend. it will be brilliant through the morning hours. maybe want to get up earlier possibly. top out at 89 san jose. a drying wind for the south bay and east bay. that's where temperatures would
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edge a little warmer for tuesday. 89 in livermore. 88 in pleasanton. and back for the bay, we'll try to cool things off from alameda to fremont. san francisco going down with 76. 75 in berkeley. 77 in oakland. 80 in san mateo. our coastal locations will remain in the 60s with the slight onshore flow starting to develop, which could bring us fog through tomorrow night. overall, down into wednesday. then, look at this. the numbers go up a little bit. but that's going to be a lot by this weekend. temperatures expected to be close to 90 degrees on saturday inland. also, edge up the coastal numbers at the beach in the low and mid-70s. and by sunday, for mother's day, it will be the hottest mother's day, in the past three years or so. >> wow. >> fantastic. >> all the hot mommies out there. >> exactly. >> we have one on set. >> of course. >> hopefully you get hot gifts.
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scott reese, from our comcast newsroom. when i saw magic johnson at the game, it threw everything off. >> that's the order in l.a. dodgers/giants, pique the interest of both fan bases. spoiler alert, it didn't go the giants' way. there's magic. first home game for the dodgers. barry zito on the hill. he was okay. juan rivera to short. what a play. that was great defense. and you know what? there wasn't enough about that where the giants are concerned. here arias with the stick. melky cabrera ties the game at one. bottom six, a.j. ellis down the right field line.
11:27 pm
that will plate bobby abreu. tony gwynn junior throws it down. ariba scores. and rivera, right back to him. the ball in the glove. trying to make a play. it's posted down the right field line. matt kemp scores. 4-1. now, the eighth, 6-1. gordon and ellis score. 8-1, dodgers, which has become a blowout. top nine, there's aubrey huff, first game off the disabled list. pops out as a pinch hitter. couple of batters later. this is the only drama remaining, as he's sitting on the hit streak. the hit streak is over. tough night all around for the giants. they lose 9-1. now, before the game, they learned that relief pitcher guillermo moto has been suspended 100 games after
11:28 pm
testing positive. he will appeal the suspension. but he cannot suit up until the appeal is heard. the team issued the statement. the giants are disappointed to learn of guillermo mota's suspension. we support baseball's drug prevention and treatment program. to be continued on that front. but a tough night for the giants. they lose a reliever for 100 games. and aubrey huff comes back and pops out. >>'ll see if they fairrrow he t tomorrow. >> the bearer of bad news. >> don't shoot the messenger. [ alarm beeping, motor revving ]
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olympics. he won eight gold medals at the beijing games. phelps is confessed he lost one of his gold medals while traveling. he kept them in a t-shirt. he is just three medals shy of breaking the world record for the most career medals. the countdown is on. 80 days until the london games. finally tonight, it's considered the oscars for the restaurant industry. tonight, a local hot spot wins the best restaurant in the nation. and the winner is -- guesses? boulevard. the san francisco classic wins the james beard award. the announcement was made tonight in new york city. this is boulevard's eight-straight year as a nominee. first time as the big winner. the last bay area restaurant to win the restaurant of the year, french laundry in 2006.
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and jeff raineri is here, he's done a great job with the weather, raj says he's taking all of us to boulevard. >> if we can get reservations, right? >> why not? i love you guys. let's look at temperatures in the mid to upper 70s here, as we head through the afternoon hours. on your three-day forecast. we'll see numbers go down. and back up by saturday and sunday. ♪
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