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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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to clues to the disappearance. kris sanchez joins us with more on the car and what they need from the public. >> reporter: the sheriff's department isn't saying whether or not they have that car in their custody or in their possession when they asked for the public's help. what they are saying is they got a lot of outpouring of support and tips from the public and they're not saying whether one of those tips led to the car. this is the car that santa clara county investigators wanted to find in connection to sierra lamar's disappearance on march 16th. investigators say they have the car in their possession and are now doing forensic work looking for clues. sergeant jose cardoza said the family took that find as a positive find. >> we wanted to make sure they didn't recognize the vehicle and nobody close to the family owned the vehicle and if they knew if it may have been related to sierra and they did not. >> reporter: the sheriff's department announced that find
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only one day after they announced that they were looking for that older model red jetta with a black hood. sergeant cardoza says the still images are lifted from images already in evidence. the photos were from still photos from what they have in evidence. these videos were obtained from the morgan hill area and they're not specifying where there are residential cameras, business cameras or bus cameras, that they were from the morgan hill area. >> investigators aren't ready to say whether a tip from the public led to the red jetta and they're hoping a tip could lead them to sierra and they're  urging anyone who might have seen that vehicle around the date of march 16th when sierra lamar disappeared to give them a call. >> there's no evidence leading to it, our mind set is that she's still out there alive somewhere and our focus is to find her, locate her and bring her home. >> reporter: while investigators comb that car for clues, divers were looking through private
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ponds on private property, cattle ponds and they'll be looking in the guadalupe reservoirs. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. also new at 5:00, another child and another dog attack. this is the second one in the east bay in less than 24 hours. this took place in castro val owe gary drive. it happened overnight. a 2-year-old boy was bitten by the family's pit bull/sherman shepherd mix. he suffer sed veer wounds to his face and had to have surgery. the toddler is in children's hospital in oakland. yesterday a 2-year-old girl in concord was mauled by her family's pit bull. she's if stable condition also at children's hospital with bite wounds to her face and to her legs. the dog was put down and will be tested for rabies. both attacks are under investigation.
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a man found his wife and teenager daughter shot to death in their own home. police have identified the mother as 37-year-old amy freeman burton. we just received this picture of her. investigator say this is the first homicide in pleasanton in ten years. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live where police have released some new information. jodi? >> reporter: police say the woman's husband told them that his wife had recently become paranoid over some electronic communications between their daughter and a 16-year-old boy in kentucky. they say the fbi investigated those communications and found nothing criminal. at this point they do not believe that that case had anything to do with the shootings that took place inside this house. so far they do not know who is responsible. police spent the day canvassing a pleasanton neighborhood looking for information on what led to the death of a mother and
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daughter found fatally shot in their own home. police say a pleasanton man discovered his 37-year-old wife amy freeman burton and his 13-year-old step daughter shot inside the family house around 6:00 last night. >> we don't know the circumstances that led to the shooting itself and whether or not there was someone else involved. >> reporter: police say they recovered a gun near the bodies and found no evidence of a forced entry, but they say they don't yet know if it was a murder suicide. >> we are hoping to get information from the autopsy that may lead us to conclude whether or not either of the gunshot wounds were self-inflicted. >> reporter: the news has shaken the girl's classmates at thomas hart middle school. though the family moved to pleasanton, teachers say the eighth grader had already made her mark there. ? she acclimated herself beautifully and was hanging around with a really nice group of girls and a top student, top
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grades. >> it's crazy, you know? you wouldn't think it would happen here and now it just kind of proves it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: neighbors, too, are stunned. they say the family seemed friendly and nice with no indication of problems. until police find answers, they're being extra cautious. >> yea. i did lock the doors last night. >> reporter: and we are back here live. police say they found two hand guns inside this house, one located near the body and the other somewhere else in the house and the family recently got those guns from another family member in arizona and they don't yet know whether any of the guns was used in the fatal shootings. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning and police hope to have a lot more answers once those are complete. reporting live in pleasanton, i'm jodi, hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. the message now is get prepared and that's the message from governor brown who declared this
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wildfire awareness week. the statewide safety initiative teams up local fire agencies with cal fire to remind people of the dangers of not maintaining the area around your home. >> we're going to bring the offense and respond. homeowners need to bring the defense and that means 100 foot defensible space and have your evacuation plan in place prior to the fire occurring so when the fire occurs you and the family can leave the area and allow firefighters to come in. >> defend your property. cal fire says it is training now with other agencies. cal fire crews have responded to more than 800 wildfires this year. that's nearly two and a half times the number in 2011. today's hot weather makes fire preparation even more important. our chief meteorologist is here with a look of conditions outside as we speak. >> raj, we have humidities down in the teens and the fire danger increased here throughout
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thursday and however, it is hot, inland. 89 in gilroy and 89 in san jose and we noticed the breezy weather starting to drop our numbers at the coastline, but here's how we stack up. walnut creek one of the hottest at 92. temperatures anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees above average and when you compare it to the rest of the nation we are one of the hottest back here across northern california. we'll take you out live to the sky-cam and what you will notice in san francisco is a lot of glorious, blue sky and look toward the center of the screen and that's the onshore flow starting to develop and went out a little bit at least at the coastline. it's a sign of changes coming our way and as we come back to the weather boards, high pressure have been over us here for the past two to three days, reducing some of the hottest weather since october the 13th of 2011, but here's the thing. that area of high pressure will slide to the east and that's going to allow the cooling southwest winds to develop and we'll let you know what that
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means for our temperatures and the upcoming weekend in just a few minutes. >> thanks, jeff. we want to get back to our breaking news along the antioch-pittsburgh border. this is happening at the blue star tire store. there's a three-alarm fire. we have been told that firefighters have been told to go on a defensive mode to stay safe and let this fire burn possibly burn itself out and 300 tires burning right now. no reports of any injuries, but officials tell residents and businesses in the area to stay away from this area and it's not health toe breathe in this smoke. of course, the nbc chopper is live over the scene. a fire burning at blue star tire store along the pittsburgh, antioch border and there are three businesses total, possibly involved in this fire. keep it here and we'll keep you posted. while sophisticated and possibly undetectable. we are learning more about al qaeda's latest underwear bomb. u.s. officials say the device contained the explosive chemi l chemical, the same chemical used to detonate the printer
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cartridge bomb placed on cargo planes in 2010. that plot failed after u.s. officials were tipped off, but the explosives need past cargo handlers and airport screeners. this latest am bo was recovered by a cia informant, a agent that had posed as a would-be suicide bomber. it could pass through airport security and the bomb is being analyzed at an fbi crime lab. the war in afghanistan hits home for a bay area family. a soldier from alameda was killed in action. the department of defense says 30-year-old thomas foghery died on saturday when enemy forces attacked his unit. he was the 25th infantry divisionout based out of alaska. he the commander of the vehicle hit by explosives. he joined the arm ney 2004. divided over same-sex union,
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a new gallop poll believes same-sex couples should get the same rights as heterosexuals in terms of marriage rights. 48% do not agree. it's down slightly from last year's 53% mark, but it does mark the second time in this question, at least, that half of americans support legal same-sex marriage. the poll comes just two days after vice president joe biden told nbc's "meet the press" that he was comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriages. our survey question tonight, would a presidential candidate's position on gay marriage impact your vote? tell us by texting us or calling us at the number on your screen, 408-300-9222. press one for yes if it would influence your vote or two for no. we'll have our flash survey results coming up on our 6:00 newscast. >> still to come at 5:00, concerns about tainted dog food, but it's not the animals that are getting sick. preventing hiv before it
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happens. how a bay area company proves to do that, but there's one hold up. early warning signs? what president obama's team knew about john edwards' private life. let's take a look at an amazing story of what comes next for this baby weighing less than three pounds. it's a bay area proud exclusive. and good afternoon upon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. near-record setting heat again. morgan hill topping out at 92 and liver more and conk ord at 89 and we'll let you know when the back upum go back up again and what the weekend looks like in a few minutes.
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. we continue to monitor our breaking news in the antioch pittsburgh area. if you notice the skies are smoky, here's why. a fire at a tire store right on the antioch-pittsburgh board. this is the blue star tire store
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pretty close to the toyota dealership in antioch. fire officials are in a defensive mode, essentially letting this bush out and containing the area. we'll continue to monitor this throughout the evening. salacious new details revealed in the corruption trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. a former policy adviser testifying in court today that he told barack obama's presidential campaign about edwards' affair with mistress rielle hunter. he also said he was astonished edwards still believed he deserved a spot like vice president or attorney general while hiding a four--month-old child with another woman. edwards has pleaded not guilty to six criminal charges of campaign finance violations. if convicted he faces up to 30 years in prison. one good deed deserves another. if we all lived by that motto the world would be a better place. there's one young man in the south bay that could teach us all about returning the kindness and hard work of others. nbc bay area's garvin thomas is here with the story of someone
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who has been overcoming obstacles by day one. >> janelle, if by day one you mean the day he was born, yes, that's right. his father says throughout his son's life doctors were telling him what he won't be able to do, they he says they've finally stopped because he's a young man with a lot of determination and a lot of heart. it's tonight's "bay area proud." >> it will be a little difficult. >> pain is something from which people rarely give thanks, but at just 17 years old, christian has proven time and again to be something of a rare person. he was, in fact, born that way. christian was premature at birth, very premature. at the time the second smallest baby ever to survive at his hospital. here he is at three months. it was, however, just the first of many obstacles christian has had to overcome. he was soon diagnosed with
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cerebral palsy, a condition that made so many things so many of us take for granted like walking, a challenge. so for 16 of his 17 years christian has been getting therapy from the california children's services facility in san jose. 16 years of pushing, prodding, of soreness and, yes, pain that christian has him where he would never be on his own. >> i would probably be in a wheelchair. i wouldn't be able to go into mainstream education. i wouldn't be able to tie my shoes. i wouldn't be able to be in the boy scouts. >> but christian isn't just in the boy scouts. he's poised to become an eagle scout just as soon as he completes a service project and this is where the thanks for all that pain comes in. >> i just wanted to help in any way i could. >> what we're planning to do is -- >> what he needed, it turned out, was a place to store all of this equipment taking up
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valuable therapy space. christian promised to tear down two old unusable sheds in back and erect a brand new one. it is not something a boy with cerebral palsy should try on his own and christian didn't have to. more than 20 fellow scouts and scout masters showed up on a recent saturday to help christian with his project. >> sheet metal, be careful, wear gloves. >> as project manager, christian wasn't supposed to get his hands dirty, but limits, as we have learned, don't mean much to him. >> he can do whatever he wants to do. >> he doesn't let his physical disability prevent him from doing the things that he enjoys. >> christian says the symbolism of what he has done is not lost on him. 16 years ago he came to ccs in rough shape, and they helped make him better. he just hopes that his work is
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as good and lasts as long. >> hopefully, if everything goes according to plan i'll be up and around when i'm in my 70s. >> it's not just christian who is thankful for the work at ccs. his parents are, as well. they never could have afforded all of the therapy he got there. they're concerned about what's happening with the state budget right now and threatening cuts to ccs which means if christian was born today they might not get the services they got back then. >> he's a good project manager. >> yes. we want to get a check of the sunny forecast. temperatures are still climbing anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees above average and a lot of times around here we say it is so hot outside and you know, when you look at the grand scheme of thins it is downright hot across the national map in the north bay. 92 in walnut bay. we beat out houston, las vegas, miami and atlanta georgia, also known as hotlanta. definitely well above the mark here for our tuesday.
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we are sliding to an onshore flow in san francisco, west-northwest in novato and shifting to an onshore flow and still drying winds in gilroy out of the northwest at 13 and that is still what is keeping our numbers very hot in our interior secs like 89 in gilroy and close to records back into concord with 90 and that's where things cool off. we'll take you outside to the live hd sky-cam network and what you see looking toward san francisco in the bay bridge is some of that haze that's also shredded that onshore flow that will be building as we head throughout the overnight hours and cooling us out for the morning. as you will see in the weather headlines that will bring patchy, coastal fog start on wednesday and it will be about the cooling breeze that will drop our numbers and the weekend will be getting hot for us again. >> so high pressure sliding off toward the east and that is going to allow at least some of
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this warm air to move off to the east with it, but at the lower levels what we'll find is the onshore flow will be in place long enough to continue to drop our numbers and also build those clouds at the coast and by thursday we'll still stay above average with temperatures in the 80s. it is not going to be a dramatic cooldown, but it will slide us another five to seven degrees. we start out with the peninsula and north bay and the southern coastline and into 1:00 p.m. that all pushes back so we'll have a sunny finish for everyone as we head throughout wednesday afternoon. 52 in los gatos and 51 in the walnut valley and day time high expected to top out in the mid to upper 80s. so shaving a few degrees out here with the onshore flow returning and 85 in dublin and 85 in black hawk and 83 in the castro valley from hayward to alameda. san francisco also cooler with the mix of 60s to low 70s and 60
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in pacifica and the three-day forecast, the numbers start to climb back up and it's only two days of these numbers that are on the downward side and as you see into saturday and sunday we go back up into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees for mother's day weekend. beach weather mixed in there and once again, a little bit of a break tomorrow. it will still be warm out there, but not as hot. >> thank you very much for the update. >> let's go back to the breaking news near the pittsburgh, a three-alarm fire near the antioch auto center near the toyota dealership there. fire crews have it under control, but they're in a defensive position right now. plenty of tires more than 300 tires on fire in that store. we'll continue to the throughoo sty throughout the evening. we're back in a moment.
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i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this togethe . and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> we have an update for you now on a 2-year-old mauled by his family's pit bull. we just learned the parents have been arrested on child endangerment charges.
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it happened last night in castro valley. investigators say the toddler suffered severe wounds to his face and had to have surgery. the toddler is at children's hospital in oakland and we'll bring you the latest tonight at 6:00. in "health matters" big news in the fight against hiv. a foster city could be the first to get an hiv-prevention pill approved by the fda. trevada were released in the fda report today. the pill was safe and effective in reducing the risk of hiv infection in high-risk people. the pill is already used to treat people who have hiv. an outside panel of experts will review fda documents on thursday to hpthecide i if the drug should be used as a prevent tiff treatment. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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what you food a salmonella outbreak is prompting a recall of sufficient ral brands. the pet owners have become infected just from handling the dry food. the outbreak was in a south carolina plant and warnings are going nationwide. some other companies are voluntarily recalling products including natural balance, kirkland's signature and apex. another look at a fire burning right now at the blue star tire store. that's right on the antioch pittsburgh border near highway 4. i'm sure drivers can see the thick, black smoke. firefighters have taken a defensive mode for safety reasons and fortunately there are light winds and the flames are still burning and keep it here on nbc bay area for the latest and more news at 6:00. hope to see you then.
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