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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: hi there, jess. they say they have the car, as you mentioned. what they aren't ready to answer is how they came to have it when they came to have it and what condition it was in when they finally found it. they say it is a significant find, one they hope will lead to the missing teen. these are still images of a car sheriff's investigators say may be connected with sierra lamar's disappearance a day after they told the public what they were looking for, the department announced it is in their possession. >> we just can't make public right now when we found it or where we found it for that matter. >> reporter: then why announce it was found anyway? >> we don't want the calls to continue. >> reporter: from people who thought they might have seen the car. they are asking only to call if they saw the older model with the black hood or the people inside it in the days around sierra's march 16th disappearance. among the many questions the
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sheriff's department isn't ready to answer is whose car is it anyway? >> we know the owners. we can't comment on what role, if anything they have in the case. we know the registered owner. >> reporter: while some investigators work on the car others are diving in cattle ponds on private property in morgan hill. starting wednesday divers will explore reservoirs as well. investigators hope she will come home alive. >> our mind set is she is out there alive somewhere. again, our focus is to find her, locate her and bring her home. >> reporter: as for the family they are happy to have the break, have the car in their possession. it is a car they say they have never seen before in which they have no connection with. if you want to see the images of the car once again go to our website,
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they are images of the actual car lifted from surveillance video that are already in police evidence. again, investigators are looking for anyone who might know something about that car on or around the date that seierra lamar disappeared. that date march 16th. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. we continue to monitor our breaking news. our chopper live over a three-alarm fire. this is just off highway 4 near the antioch auto center, a tire store. you see it down below, a tire store. this is what it looks like within the past hour. a hazmat crew is on the scene assessing the air quality. you see there a short while ago the thick, black smoke spewing into the air. blue star tires is the name of the business near the antioch toyota dealership. fire crews say they have this
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under control and are in the defensive mode. heavy black smoke can be seen in the surrounding areas. traffic on highway 4 is slug ib. just into our newsroom. police arrested the parents of a 2-year-old boy attacked by the family dog in castro valley. wi. it happened overnight on gary drive. this is the map south of 580. police released the photo of the family dog. it's described as a pit bull/german shepherd mix. investigators say the boy suffered severe wounds to his face. >> so we have taken the steps to arrest the father and did arrest the mother at one point. he's been arrested because she is in the hospital and the child will be placed in children's hospital. >> the child is expected to survive. >> this is the second dog attack in two days. yesterday another family pit bull attacked a toddler at a
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concord home. that dog was euthanized today. the dog, mauled a 2-year-old girl at her home. the little girl bitten on her face and legs is in oakland and they are testing it for rabies and any other diseases. criminal charges could be filed in this case if it turns out the girl's parents, if investigators find the girl's parents were negligent or if they find the dog had a history of aggression. well, it is not the kind of crime that happens in a sleepy town of pleasanton but suburbia dealing with the stunning blow after police say man came home to find his wife and teenaged daughter shot to death. the family's home located on stacy court along 580. investigators say this is the first homicide in pleasanton in nearly a decade. jodi hernandez joins us from there with the latest on the investigation. jodi? crazy, you know.
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you wouldn't think it would happen here, and now it just kind of proves that it can happen anywhere. it gives you chills. >> reporter: that's how folks in pleasanton are feeling after a mother and her teenaged daughter were found shot to death in their own home. the city's first skilling in a decade. >> we don't know the circumstances that led to the shooting itself whether or not someone else is involved. >> reporter: a pleasanton man discovered his wife, amy freeman burton, and his 13-year-old stepdaughter, ainsley freeman, shot inside the family house around 6:00 last night. while they recovered a handgun near the bodies and found no evidence of forced entry, they don't yet know if it was a murder/suicide. >> we are hoping to get information from the autopsy. that may lead us to conclude whether or not either of the gunshot wounds were self-inflicted. >> reporter: the news has shaken the girl's classmates. though the family recently moved to pleasanton from missouri,
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teachers say the eighth grader had already made her mark there. >> she acclimated herself beautifully and was hanging around with a really nice group of girls and a top student, top grades. >> reporter: police say the girl's mother had recently become paranoid about some electronic communications ainsley was having with a kentucky boy. communications investigated by the fbi but police don't believe that case is connected to the shooting deaths. now they're going door-to-door in the neighborhood looking for answers. and you're looking at the house where those fatal shootings took place. police say they recovered two handguns from inside this house, one located near the bodies. the other somewhere else in the house. they say the family has gotten those guns from another family member in arizona. it's not clear whether either of those guns were used in the shootings. now an autopsy is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning. police hope to have a lot more information once those are complete. in pleasanton, i'm jodi
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hernandez, nbc bay area news. an alert for peninsula parents, looking for a man who exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl in mountain view. it took place near the intersection of central expre expressway as the girl was walking home from crittendon. she said she was the victim of e methrime c about a year ago. the suspect of last year's case appears to be the same man, accused of being in his 50s with long gray hair. police say the man was wearing a black baseball cap, sunglasses and a t-shirt. the suspect was in a red jeep, possibly a cherokee. san francisco teach remembers set for a strike vote. they are angry over the district's demand to cut $30 million from teachers salaries and benefits over the next two years. teachers held a protest in san francisco. 600 or so layoff notices that
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went out. the teachers say the district has the money to approve a 2% raise and rescind the notices. the district says, though, it has no choice but to send the layoff notices. >> we're talking about $83 million deficit in the last two years and that's on the good side if the governor's initiative passes. if that doesn't pass that swells up to $119 million. >> the school district has approximately $15 million in unspent reserves. that's about 10% of their budget and we strongly feel that they should have people in the classroom and at the school site serving our kids instead of sitting on that much money. >> the final layoff notices will go out before the may 15th final deadline. well, if you lived here long enough, the devastating fires threaten northern california every year. to ensure californians are prepared this time around, governor brown has declared this wildfire awareness week. kimberly tere joins us in oakland where local fire
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agencies teamed up with cal fire to help spread the word and the dangers of the season. kimberly? >> reporter: this is an emergency preparedness exhibit in the oakland hills, also it serves as a tribute to the victims of the fire that happened here more than 20 years ago but for many of those here during that fire, well, they don't need a reminder. every year this time they say they get anxious know fire season is coming. get ready, that's the message from firefighters. >> we're going to bring account offense in response. homeowners need to bring the defense. that means 100-foot defensible space. clear the vegetation, have your evacuation in place prior to the fire occurring so when the fire occurs you and your family can leave safely and allow firefighters to come in. >> reporter: from january through april of this year cal fire crews responded to more than 800 wildfires. that's nearly 2 1/2 times the number for the same period last year. >> we had 50% of our normal rainfall for the area so we
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anticipate a longer, drier fire season. >> reporter: not good news for those living in the hills who know all too well the devastation wildfire brings. >> many of those residents said it won't happen to me and it did. and the potential is there again. >> reporter: wildfires in the area killed 25 people and destroyed 3,000 homes including the one elaine mcgee built with her husband in 1948. >> every september i get the willies. i mean, to get through that fire season is a bit of a problem. >> reporter: the mcgees were among less than hatch of homeowners who decided to rebuild after the fire. but this time they did it better, smarter. >> of course very seriously, the building materials should be as fire resistant as possible in this area. >> reporter: they didn't stop there. the landscape design is clean and clutter free, provides
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firefighters should history ever repeat itself. cal fire has been setting controlled burns just to get rid of some of that brush that could fuel wildfires and they say they take a lot into consideration considering how dry the vejs tags is, air conditions and air quality on that day. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. increased fire danger today with humidities in the teens. also winds 20 miles an hour with some of the highs in the south bay. gilroy topping out at our hottest with 95, also 91 in livermore and concord at 89. a little bit of cooling for wednesday, but we'll tell you when it will go back up again with another temperature surge in just a few minutes. also, coming up at 6:00, school bus areas questioning the safety of their own buses. coming up, tony kovaleski
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explains why. >> reporter: i'm scott budman. you heard about the facebook ipo and road show, but what's it like to really go through that? we'll get an insider perspective coming up. and the push to save precious pieces of bay area history heads for a vote. we'll hear from some of the people who helped create these works of art. and legalizing gay marriage. the battle on the ballot in north carolina and the issue front and center for the race it to the white house. we want to ask you this question. will a presidential candidate's position on gay marriage impact how you vote? vote by texting or calling 408-300-9222.ri
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the resume scandal with yahoo! one exec is out but it's not the
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ceo. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with the latest in what's happening in sunnyvale. >> reporter: the scandal has claimed at least one victim. scott thompson has his job but the director who led the search for the ceo is stepping down. the yahoo! board member and ceo of international gaming technology. she will reportedly give up her seat on the yahoo! board. no comment today from yahoo! and then there's facebook. the menlo park company changing things up a bit. less video as it pitched investors more time for q&a. back here at home we talked to a tech ceo who has been there before and we asked what's it like to put on a road show? massive crowds, security guards, cameras everywhere. welcome to the ipo road show. was it that way with you? >> not quite. >> reporter: well, not every ipo is facebook but scott sellers
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sat down with us to talk about his part in an ipo road show. >> there's no doubt that it's a very, very exciting time, it's a stressful time. >> reporter: scott took silicon valley graphics and gaming pioneer 3dfx, a company he co-founded, public. and he knows firsthand that a road show is much more than bright lights and big bucks. >> so the stakes are very, very high. what that means is everything that's being said is recorded and monitored and scrutinized. that means that the pressure is very, very high for the individuals that are involved. >> reporter: sellers sold 3dfx and now runs azul, a 60-person startup, but he's watching the facebook show and comparing notes. did you have to wear a suit or could you get away with a hoodie? >> i wore a suit. yes, i don't think we were quite the same as facebook in terms of being able to wear the hoodie.
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>> reporter: remembering how proud he felt taking his company public. >> it's very, very satisfying seeing your ticker symbol. it is amazing and a great feeling to what you've been able to accomplish. >> the facebook road show is expected to hit palo alto when the company meets potential investors. >> thank you very much, scott. it's more than just pleasant in some areas of pleasant hill. the city is tackling the prostitution problem at its motels and hotels. so now motel and hotel guests must show a photo i.d. when checking in. management will need to verify that information and provide it along with the license is plate number of each guest to police. no valid i.d., no room. >> it's something the bay area residents and tourists from around the world enjoy but it's up to san francisco voters who help save a landmark, a
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proposition on the june ballot would urge the city to spend more money on the famous mural. the campaign is getting some help from some notable women. here is joe rosato jr. >> reporter: the smell of that wet plaster and the energy just pulsated. >> reporter: anyone who visits the murals will leave with lasting memories. but ruth's memories are more vivid than most. >> i remember the smell of the wet plaster as the art ists wer working. >> reporter: she was there when her father painted a library scene. she's been there every day since. >> and i'm portrayed in my father's mural, the library. i'm on the left in the mini gloves. >> reporter: when she surveys the building's murals today, she sees something else. >> all of these murals are so damaged. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: the group calling itself the protect tower
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committee has qualified proposition "b" for the june ballot. the advisory measure would call on the city to use more of the revenue to repair the murals. >> currently the way they run this place is a fraction of that money, about 7%, gets spent back on the tower. >> reporter: the parks alliance says it could draw away funding from other partial and sets a bad precedent. instead the parks department is pledging $250,000 to help restore the mural. >> my father did this one of the bay. >> but to the daughter of the muralist, the mural deserves more. >> it's a sad waste that they were so done in such pride and care at the time and now they are absolutely treated as nonexistent.
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>> reporter: the father included her image of mural of san francisco's ship yards now more than 70 years later determined to see those moments of history documented in pigment and plaster to create memories for generations to come. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> that was her in the mural. >> those are impressive. people love to see it. let's hope they can be saved. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologi meteorologist. any warmer today, i would have been uncomfortable, right? >> you need to come to my house. it was 93. >> yes, raj, you were in the 80s. now that i'm telling everybody where you live but comfortable where you were. 76 in san francisco. close to records down there near jessica. 91 in concord. low 90s into walnut creek and that 92 for a second day in a row puts us hotter than many spots on the map that you typically think is hotter.
6:21 pm
also atlanta which only ran in the 80s. to our sky camera network and what you'll find is haze str struggling to move in as high pressure remains king. you come back to our weather boards, a stark contrast in our numbers. that onshore flow is developing, major differences. 54 right now in santa cruz and then a half hour, 40 minutes inland. temperatures 20 to 30 degrees warmer. some cooling in san francisco down to san mateo. high pressure will slide to the east. that's going to allow some cooling onshore wind to develop the next 24 hours that will gradually be dropping our numbers. but one thing it's not going to be able to drop, that allergy forecast. everyone off the charts for the next 48 hours. so even if you don't normally think of yourself as having allergy problems, you are sniffling, sneezing, the eyes are itchy here at the current moment. 53 in fremont.
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tomorrow numbers inland, we're looking for things to stay mainly in the mid to upper 80s but, hold on. by this upcoming weekend we're talking about much hotter weather coming back. how high that will go in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, keeping our state parks open. a new plan to save dozens of parks right before the deadliness close them. >> and our investigative unit takes a look at the safety of school buses here in the bay area. why some bus drivers say they're worried. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier?
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with bus drivers and revealing inspection records. tony, buses regularly are breaking down and the question especially when they have kids onboard is how could this happen and why? >> reporter: the south county transportation group includes ten east bay school districts. we forced that consortium to take a much closer look at the performance of the private bus company called durham school services. >> about time durham put on notice that, hey, fix it or get it off the road. >> they know they have issues with the buses. >> reporter: then why aren't they fixed? >> they won't buy the parts. >> reporter: two veteran bus drivers are concerned and speaking out. your bus is broken down -- >> yeah. >> reporter: it's needed parts? >> yeah. >> reporter: and how long have you had to wait sometimes for those parts? >> months. >> reporter: and when you ask what's taking so long, what do they tell you. >> is on the boat >> theseeseses of things shouldn't happen. >> reporter: independent bus expert reviewed records obtained
6:26 pm
by nbc bay area. they are bus inspections by the california highway patrol, inspections of durham buses that include 102 violations on 81 different about buses in the past three years. you see this paperwork and it tells you a story. >> oh, absolutely. it tells me there's a lot of neglect here. >> reporter: before we sat down, you had no idea of these violations with durham buses? >> no. >> reporter: sir, isn't that a problem? you're in charge. you're the liaison between the private company and the superintendents. >> well, we haven't asked for the inspection records. >> reporter: so following that interview the man in charge of transportation for the ten east bay districts requested detailed reports from durham, the private company responsible for the buses. durham says its buses are safe and points to a satisfactory score from the chp.
6:27 pm
one district manager tells us that recently he's noticed a marked improvement from durham. we can report tonight the district clearly taking a closer look much more at 11:00. >> thank you, tony. interesting for a lot of parents here especially. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, we want to hear from you. 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to t up ahead a soldier from the bay area killed in the line of duty. >> also ahead, on the rise, which college students in california could soon face a tuition hike. and i'm janelle wang. syria on the brink of a civil war. the latest efforts to try and bring peace to the region. and sophisticated and hard to detect -- the latest on al qaeda's underwear bomb in your international headlines next. and then legalizing gay marriage. we want to know will the presidential candidate's position on gay marriage impact your vote? tell us what you think by texting or calling.
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a double agent, a bomb, a massive attack on the u.s., tonight, new details about al qaeda's latest bomb plot. >> janelle wang is here with our international headlines. a cia informant infiltrated the al qaeda network. he did such a good job. he was actually chosen to be the suicide bomber. his job, to convince al qaeda to create a nonmetallic bomb that could pass through airport security. it was designed similar to the underwear bomb in 2009 that malfunctioned on a u.s. passenger jet over detroit. u.s. officials say the latest one contained the explosive chemical that was the same used to detonate the printer cartridge bombs placed on u.s. cargo planes in 2010. that plot failed after u.s.
6:31 pm
officials were tipped off. the informant got the bomb out of yemen and handed it over to u.s. officials. airport screeners in the u.s. would have probably detected it, but, according to a homeland security expert, the problem is security overseas. >> we're talking about an international flight coming to the united states. we're relying on overseas technology to pick this up and this would be an extremely difficult device to pick up. >> for the full interview tune in with brent cannon. yemen is now becoming a hotbed of activity for the al qaeda network. all the recent bombs planned for the u.s. have originated in that country. today we learned the pentagon is, again, beefing up its military training in yemen to try and stop the terror network. moving on to syria now where the country is on the brink of a civil war. today u.n. international envoy kofi annan says they must stay
6:32 pm
committed. fighting between al asad's regime and rebels has decreased in some areas but in other parts it's out of control. he hopes to have 300 united nations ceasefire observers in the country by the end of this month. he says it may be the last chance to stabilize the country. >> i'm not telling you any secret when i tell you that there is the profound concern that the country could otherwise descend into full civil war and the implications of that are quite frighten iing. >> the u.n. says more than 9,000 syrians have been killed since the conflict started 14 months ago. in israel a possible step to peace. today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced the surprise formation of a unity government and called off plans to hold parliamentary elections. the government includes an alliance with israel's rival party. the new government gives netanyahu more control but also contains more centrist leaders which may help restart peace
6:33 pm
talks with palestinians, so people are hopeful for that. >> those are your international headlines. >> thank you, janelle. the war in afghanistan hits home for another bay area family. 30-year-old thomas fogerty died sunday when enemy forces attacked his unit. fogerty was with the 25th infantry division based out of alaska. he was the command earp of the armored vehicle hit by explosives. fogerty was a graduate of alameda high school. three other soldiers were injured. he joined the army in 2004. the state it continues to sink further into the red with april's revenue falling short of the target numbers. not even tax day could help. april is the most important month for income tax collections but the state controller reports today that california collected 20% less revenue than expected. also, sales taxes were down by more than 50%. that brings the state's budget shortfall to $3.5 billion, which is a half billion more than
6:34 pm
projected. governor brown is expected on monday and the capital is bracing for a sobering presentation. >> and that means you may have to dig deeper, more tuition hikes could be on the way for university students. leaders say the ten campus system will be forced to look at significant increased cost. if the state doesn't increase funding and voters approve governor brown's tax initiative. right now it's considering a plan to raise tuition by 6% this fall. members have scheduled to discuss ways of preventing an increase next week. new at 6:00 tonight, lawmakers scrambling to save dozens of california parks. next month a budget shortfall will force many of the state's parks to close. but today a palo alto senator says he has found existing funds to keep more than 50 of the parks open. the plan would use state fees to plan parks. they are set to vote on the proposal tomorrow. >> california lawmakers are considering banning a
6:35 pm
controversial form of psychotherapy aimed at making gay people straight. the law passed its final committee vote today. it moves on to the full state senate. if passed, the law would be the first of its kind to prohibit so-called reparative therapy for minors. it is necessary because the treatment does not work. but some religious groups say the law would interfere with the parent's right to seek appropriate psychotherapy for their children. a new gallup poll shows half of same-sex couples should get the same marriage rights as heterosexuals. 50% say same sex marriages should be legal while 48% do not agree. it's down slightly from last year's 53% mark but it does mark the second time in the gallup's history of this question that at least half of americans support legal same-sex marriage. >> and just a short while ago during this newscast we asked you will a presidential candidate's position on gay marriage impact your vote? here is what you said, 61% of you said yes.
6:36 pm
39% of you said no. so how much of an issue will gay marriage be in 20912 presidential election? we bring in our political analyst, larry gerston, to talk about this. we saw the gallup poll, our flash survey. let's talk about the issue in california and, really, the change we've seen in the last couple of years in terms of how gay marriage is perceived here. >> that flash survey showed it would really matter how they voted and it would matter in a positive way because we've seen a substantial swing in favor of gay marriage in california over the past decade or so. the public policy institute of california asked this question just last april, compare its findings, just take a look and see what's happened now with what happened in 2000. it is nothing short of dramatic. we're talking about a 13-point swing here, all in just 12 years. you're moving public opinion very quickly on this social i issue in california. it says an awful lot. and that's another reason why, by the way, jessica, that california has become such a blue state. >> okay.
6:37 pm
so let's set california aside because we do things a little differently here. what about in the middle of the country and on a national stage? >> look, there's no question about it. it starts and ends with the candidates. and each of them has changed on this issue. when he was governor of massachusetts, for example, mitt romney opposed gay marriage but favored civil unions. today he opposes both. now take a look at barack obama for his stance and what he has said in the past. civil unions but was opposed to gay marriage. now he says he's going through, evolving, if you will. his values are evolving which is an unclear message, if you will. will the president finish evolving before or after the next election? >> interesting. they all seem to be evolving. joe biden weighing in on this as well. how does it translate to votes on election day? >> we are going to say this again and again. remember on tuesday, november 6, the presidential election will really be 51 elections for the
6:38 pm
electoral vote. in the 50 states and the district of columbia. in some states, for example, north carolina, florida and ohio, all tossup states, by the way, the gay marriage question could be the difference for one side or the other. and, i'll tell you, if that's the case, it will depend upon what kind of voters turn out. in many states, though, most of the states, the issue would still be what it's always been -- the economy, the economy and the economy. okay. thank you very much. we shall see. >> still ahead, which bay area high schools are ranked in the top 100 of the country? >> and a chance encounter at a costco helps a local boy with a congressional art contest. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. another record setting heat again today. wall-to-wall sunshine but the cloud cover starting to increase with winds picking up anywhere from 66 in san mateo to 54 in santa cruz and much hotter
6:39 pm
england. more on this trend going down. how hot it's going to be for the weekend in a few minutes.
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6:41 pm
top marks for some bay area schools. the annual list of the nation's best high schools came out today and six of the top 100 right here in the bay area. u.s. news&world report ranked dublin high at number 12, san francisco's lowell high at number 51 and mission san jose high in fremont at 67. oakland's american indian public high at 71. summit prep in redwood city at 81 and at 97 monta vista high.
6:42 pm
they evaluated on proficiency tests and how well students are prepared for college. a sad day are for all those adults who grew up knowing where the wild things are. author and illustrator maurice sendek died today. he never regained consciousness after suffering a stroke four days ago. he was 83 years old. "where the wild things are," his lead character max was a bedtime staple for many kids first published in 1963 and was my favorite book growing up. >> he was a brave little max. hot, hot, hot. >> it is hot. in fact, so hot that we almost had 100 degrees for parts of the south bay. morgan hill 99.1 degrees. hot, hot, hot. she has a garage sale coming up this weekend and hopes it's not that hot. might have some bad news for
6:43 pm
you. steve hall likes our forecast better than abc. who knew? we'll have more on this fog come up in the next 24 hours in a few minutes. giants are looking to bounce back after last night's 9-1 beatdown in l.a. they hope ryan vogelsong can notch his first win of the year. plus, brandon mccarthy was slated to start the series opener against toronto, but there's been a change of plans. we'll tell you who is taking his place next.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
a bay area contest won a contest of a portrait with a complete stranger. they are strangers no more. sam bauman entered a congressional art competition to represent california's 15th district. he wanted to do something to represent america. he was looking for an older man with a usa hat to convey loyalty and patriotism but wasn't having any luck. >> i didn't know an old man that i could photograph and do the drawing of, and i was at costco and i was kind of defeated and didn't know exactly what -- who i was going to ask and all after sudden the man of my dreams came
6:46 pm
out of nowhere. >> the man of his dreams at c costco. >> you can find anything there. >> he had no way to let the stranger know his portrait was about to grace the halls of congress. the story got a write-up in san jose. friends recognized their old buddy and sam, the artist, met herman bartole the subject. he will be a guest of bauman at the reception honoring the young artist on monday night. >> san a ramon elementary students have made it to destination imagination, for creativity and problem solving. the groups which call themselves the sunny silver kids competed along with 100,000 others from around the world to make it to the finals. they wrote their own play along with a robot they designed themselves. >> i'm excited because i want to meet other people from other countries around the world and i
6:47 pm
want to try to make new friends. >> okay. those are some nice hats. the kids will travel to knoxville, tennessee, for the finals at the end of the month. and that robot looked like r2-d2. >> they're smart kids. all right. let's bring in jeff ranieri. i think someone said the bay area was hotter than houston. >> yes. >> jeff said that. >> i'm paying attention. >> all that research that goes on in the weather center, not only hotter than houston, hotter than las vegas, than atlanta as well. we were one of the few spots on the map that had temperatures this warm, 95 in gilroy. reports of upper 90s in morgan hill. 93 in livermore and close to records, also,napa. santa rosa cooling off in san francisco with the onshore flow developing and the winds at 28 miles an hour. that is dropping your temperature in innovato dramatically.
6:48 pm
you have 78 and stay back in the tri-valley. in the east bay a great night for us. if you're heading to the coastline, you definitely need the layers. on our weather headlines we'll find patchy fog forming at the coastline. throughout wednesday the cooling breeze will stay with us and start to edge these numbers down. here we go on this temperature roller coaster, by this weekend it's expected to get hot once again. here is high pressure that we've been dealing with the past three days, the hottest weather we've had since october. it's starting to slide more to the east. that will take some of the warm air with it and that will allow the onshore flow to develop right at the coastline. it will not be overly strong but it's going to be enough to shave off anywhere from four to seven degrees as we head throughout wednesday and bring back the coastal clouds. as we head through thursday we'll still stay with the 80-degree temperatures inland. as far as the fog goes, it won't be too extensive. up into marin, the peninsula, down here across the southern coastline, we'll have that fog to start off with and then by
6:49 pm
1:00 and 2:00 p.m. it pushes back and we do look for a sunny finish for everyone as we look throughout wednesday. we'll begin with 56 in livermore. 54 in san jose. much colder in santa rosa with 49 and 50 in santa cruz. daytime highs on wednesday, expected to top off cooler with plenty of mid-80s in san jose. 86 in evergreen. 73 in santa cruz. while it is going to be moderating our numbers, that breeze that's going to be moving in, temperatures will be above average for this time of the year with danville at 84. fairis field 87 and then a few 70s here from alameda to hayward. san francisco, 72. 68 in pacifica and expecting 60s with 86 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast we go down just a little bit. we're not going to see a lot. by friday numbers start to go back up and by this weekend if you loved what we had today, well, we have done well for you. saturday and sunday upper 80s to near 90 as we head into mother's
6:50 pm
day weekend. and we're staying dry all the way into monday and tuesday. so maybe for mother's day, somewhere cool would be good or a cool beverage. that could be perfect for her. stay hydrated. let's bring in henry from our sports cast net newsroom. perfect for an a's game. the a's are back in town. absolutely perfect for a's and definitely perfect for dodgers and giants. the dodgers and giants take the field, there's no time to relax. the g-men were caught sleeping and they paid for it. 9-1 was the final. the giants were looking for payback. two games remaining. ryan vogelsong hopes to notch his first win of the year down in l.a. while clayton kershaw looks to continue his dominance over san francisco.
6:51 pm
he's 2-0. the game starts at 7:00 on comcast sports net bay area. as we mentioned oakland a's baseball. pitching change for the a's. parker will start and wran done mck mccarthy's place tonight against the blue jays. mccarthy has a sore shoulder blade. center field center fielder will miss today's game for an undisclosed matter. our kate longworth is at the coliseum with the latest. >> davis told me he was proud of the way his players stepped up to the plate against some strong pitching on the road and in talking with the team as they go up against the dynamic lefty in ricky romero, they have done their homework and are ready to make some is noise. >> we're going to try to get his pitch count up and take advantage of the balls out over the plate. we hit with guys in scoring position. a lot of big hits during the series and i think we have to
6:52 pm
continue doing that and take advantage of our opportunities. >> with video and everything available now, technology, you can -- you can actually know what a guy is throwing in count situations, lefty, righty, depending on who you're facing. they have so much information in there. it makes my job easier and tougher at the same time. it's easier for me to come up with a game plan and hear what their game plans are, too, and, you know, sit back and engage from mine to theirs. i have to look at all the video. >> he has a good arm, has good stuff. he's going to throw a strike. come right at you. i mean, he's a pitcher. he's a good pitcher and he knows how to pitch and how to keep the ball out of the middle of the plate. he's a tough pitcher. we're ready for it. >> the kcoliseum is known to bea pitcher friendly ballpark but perhaps playing in favor of the a's, it's a pretty warm night
6:53 pm
here at the coliseum and the players told me they expect the ball to carry. i talked with chili davis and he said when i was a player, i had no trouble, hot or cold, getting the ball out of this ballpark. hopefully his players will do the same. reporting at the coliseum, i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> thank you, kate. raiders gm reggie mckin zi has added more beef. the raiders signed center miller. now he's listed at 6'3", 300 pounds. he was originally signed by the steelers as an undrafted rookie free agent last year. mi miller played college ball at central michigan where he started 46 of 47 games. speaking of the silver and black. they announced four staff members will not be returning to the team. the scouting director john kingdom and longtime scout were fired. kent is the father of the former gm of the niners.
6:54 pm
by the way, he said this is a very difficult decision. and a big story developing right now, texas rangers outfielder josh hamilton has four home runs and count iing. the game is still going on against the orioles. we'll have highlights about that a little bit later tonight. i haven't seen a kid hit four home runs since i was 11 years old in little league, and that guy had a full beard and a mustache. he may have lied about his age. >> thank you, henry. >> thanks a lot, henry. for a full half hour, watch sports net central on bay area tonien0:.
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against wrinkles and it's lurking in your own body. marianne favro shows us the first fda-approved personalized therapy that uses your own skin cells to help you look younger tonight after "the voice" finale. and we continue with brent cannon along with google plus hangout. >> that's right. we're getting that fired up. you heard janelle mention the interview. we're going to have a new perspective on that foiled bombing attack. i'm going to talk to them about some of the changes in trying to fight back against terrorism and could syria be heading for civil war? how the violence has escalated there and who is speaking out tonight. same sex marriage and religion, our political analysts talking more about the impact of those issues coming up on comcast 186 in a couple more minutes. >> thank you, brent. have a great evening. we hope to see you back here at 11:00. thank you for joining us.
6:58 pm
and now another viewpoint, response to an nbc bay area editorial. i'm suzanne shaw. in our latest editorial, we said seniority should not be the only factor in teacher layoffs. we think local school districts should consider other factors as well. derek writes, part of the problem is the unions. it's it tough to get rid of bad teachers. but how do you label a bad teacher? john replies, ask the kids. they know who the good teachers are -- the tough ones versus the easy ones. peter says lay off politicians in sacramento before we touch teachers. teachers are far more important and len puts teacher layoffs into a broader context. how can we afford to be fighting foreign, unnecessary wars while
6:59 pm
at the same time not providing are for the education for our own children? as always, we appreciate your views. there's more debate online at nbc - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente,


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