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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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she's out there alive, being held against her will. >> the car's been found. but is sierra still alive? tonight, her father believes yes. and he thinks a breakthrough in the case is coming and soon. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. concord police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who left an
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injured 5-year-old girl in the street. she was taken to an area hospital. jean elle with more on what happened. >> reporter: police are still here collecting evidence. you can see the crime tape is still up. neighbors tell me that little girl lives there in that apartment building. they say the 5-year-old girl was playing outside with her sister and somehow ended up in the street around 6:30 tonight. police say a driver ran her over, drug her several feet down the street and then drove away. the little girl was airlifted to children's hospital oakland. neighbors say it was a horrifying scene. >> we saw the little girls running around. i heard somebody screaming, somebody got run over. we come outside. and we see the little girl on the ground laying down. we thought she died. we seen her moving and crying. >> reporter: concord police say that little girl has a serious
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leg injury but is expected to be okay. and police are looking for the driver of that truck. it's a light blue pickup truck. it is raised or lifted, with oversized tires. it does not have a camper shell. and has damage to the left headlight area of the truck. the neighbors who saw the little girl okay, were stunned that a driver would leave a 5-year-old girl injured in the street. concord police are asking witnesses to give them a call or anyone who knows that driver to give them a call, as well. also tonight, an investigation that made two southwest flights to orange county in phoenix. one of the planes at john wayne. one at sky harbor in phoenix. it's being called a nonspecific threat. but crews have evacuated passengers on both flights. new at 11:00, there's
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renewed hope sierra lamar's family says it's the break detectives needed. george kiriyama joins us from san jose, where he spoke with steve lamar about that red car and how it may be connected to sierra's disappearance. >> reporter: we talked with sierra's father tonight. and he tells me, quote, we'll have a breakthrough soon. >> it will hopefully lead to finding out who that person is and finding her. >> reporter: investigators found this red jetta. they believe it is linked to sierra's disappearance. a key clue, sheriffs say, will help find her. surveillance cameras spotted it march 19th. tonight, sierra's father tells us, he has a gut feeling. >> even without all of the details, i feel good and
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confident. you know? they're doing their job. and i don't want to, you know, disturb that. >> reporter: detectives will not reveal who owns the jetta to protect critical information. >> we know the registered owner as well as the license plates for the car. >> reporter: sierra vanished nearly two months ago while on her way to school. >> i've been anxious since march 16th. but particularly today. been really hard for me. i was just dying to come down here and -- even if i wasn't going to get answers. just to talk to them. >> reporter: sheriff's divers continue to search kettle ponds on private property west of morgan hill for any clues. wednesday, they will explore more so that her family and investigators hope she will come home alive. >> our mindset is that she's still out there alive somewhere. and our focus is to find her, locate her and bring her home.
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>> reporter: you better believe investigators will be searching every inch of this car looking for evidence or clues. if they find anything, they'll send it to the lab for testing. live in san jose tonight. >> sierra's case will get national attention on friday. "america's most wanted" will focus its show on her disappearance. we invite you to stay with nbc bay area and for the latest in the search. police on the lookout tonight for a white toyota highlander. they believe a person driving that suv is linked to a murder in the south bay. teivdees don't know when the woman was killed. but they say there was a violent struggle. the woman's white toyotan' highlander is missing. here's the license plate number.
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5sgc869. two businesses burned. one person in police custody. this after a massive fire at a building along the pittsburg antioch border. fire ripped through a tire shop and spread to a classic car shop next door. >> it was smoke, black everywhere. you think cars. customers cars. we pulled everything out. >> there are reports tonight the owner of blue star tires told firefighters his shop uses a mixture of gasoline and tar to improve the appearance of used tires. he thought it might have trig r triggered the fire. two toddlers, two separate dog attacks. tonight, police have arrested the father of one of the children. his 2-year-old is recovering at oakland children's hospital after undergoing surgery. cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: the attack happened at the family home in the 2100
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block of gary drive. >> deputies responded to the address at gary drive. when they went into the house, the house was in very much disarray. it had been neglected for a long time. and subsequently, because of that, the father was arrested for child endangerment. >> reporter: the boy suffered severe wounds to his face. his mom also injured, possibly trying to protect her son. this is the second dog attack involving a toddler in the east bay in two days. on monday, a family pit bull attacked a 2 1/2-year-old girl in her front yard. the dog was put down and will be tested for rabies. that case has been sent to the d.a.'s office, to determine if charges will be filed. >> any child should be supervised with any dog. any dog can bite. >> reporter: allison linguist is the executive director.
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>> the children can behave in ways that really frighten daupgs. they run. they dream. if they trip and fall on a dog, or try to take a dog's toy. these are things that the dog will respond to. >> reporter: lindquist is lunching people not to panic when it comes to pit bulls. >> anyone can have a wonderfully well-behaved pet that in the wrong circumstances can bite a child. >> reporter: police say they believe the young boy will survive. meanwhile, there will be a hearing to decide what will happen to the animal. a setback, tonight, in the gay rights movement nationally. north carolina constitutionally banned gay marriage. voters approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage only as a union between a man and a woman. it passed with more than 50% of the vote. north carolina becomes 1 of 29 states with voter-approved bans on same-sex marriage. up next, a fleet of buses
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responsible for taking our kids to school. why are some of the drivers questioning the safety of their own buses? our investigative unit exposes a system that's stalling. and asks if student safety is taking a backseat. and a natural filler for wrinkles. what doctors can now use from your own body to create younger-looking skin. he is "the voice." tonight's winner. i'm jeff raineri in the weather center. close to triple digits. not quite there yet. gilroy, 95 degrees. a cooling breeze will arrive, as we head throughout wednesday.
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they're responsible for safely transporting our children back and forth to school. but tonight, only an nbc bay area news, bus drivers tell us they're concerned that their buses are breaking down too often. and one of the drivers that works for one of the east bay's school bus companies. tonive in kovaleski tells us about his three-month investigation. >> our focus is on the second-largest school bus company in the nation. a company that prides itself in getting students to school on time. tonight, bus drivers and safety records tell a different story. lorraine ramirez is speaking out after six years behind the wheel of a durham school bus. >> the brakes are going out
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right now. every time i take it in for a maintenance, they tell me we ain't got the parts. >> they know they have the issues with the parts. >> why aren't they fixed? >> reporter: this bus driver also sees the problem. he asked us to disguise his identity. >> how often have you witnessed buses breaking down. >> i've witnessed them on numerous occasions. >> reporter: breaking down? >> breaking down. >> reporter: how long have you had to wait for the parts? >> months. >> reporter: when you ask why it's taking so long, what do they tell you? >> it's on a boat from china. >> reporter: the company says it will increase service, cost efficiencies and safeties. >> it was six months ago, when we had six to seven breakdowns in one morning shift. >> durham was put on notice. fix it or get it off the road. >> reporter: she drives a bus from durham's livermore yard. and he drives from the company's
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hayward facility. we reviewed the inspection records from both locations. while the chp gave durham a satisfactory score, it shows problem. >> the last five months. >> reporter: have they been changed? >> nope. >> reporter: during the last five years, inspections found 102 violations on 81 different buses, including an emergency door with exposed wires. three buses with exhaust leaks. three with cracked coil springs. four buses with missing or loose bolts. and one bus with an empty fire extinguisher. robert has three decades of experience driving and manages school buss. he also everyone serves as an e civil cases involving buss.
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you see this paperwork and it tells you a story? >> absolutely. it tells me there's a lot of neglect here. >> reporter: he reviewed the chp inspection records and listened to the drive's concerns. >> six or seven breakdowns. >> that's significant. >> reporter: is that a red flag? >> absolutely. that's a huge red flag. >> is there accidents or something? >> broke down. >> reporter: our cameras captured another broken down durham bus, this time in alameda, back in march. >> that's a school bus. >> yeah. >> you know what the problem is? >> you got me. >> reporter: and look at these e-mails from the fremont unified school district, details more broken buses. a durham employee alerts the district to three bus breakdowns in the morning. in 1, 17 students were late for
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class. jim gannon serves as transportation manager for fremont unified. looks like the shop and the preventative maintenance programs need some attention. when drivers say there's problems with durham buses, from your vantage point, is that accurate? >> the things i'm seeing are typical of an aging fleet. that's something that the consortium is going to be dealing with. i'm sure it is. >> reporter: divers tell us about one day when there's six breakdowns. ever hear about this? >> i don't have a specific memory of that. >> reporter: george manages durham's contract for the consortium. buses that provide transportation between livermore and hayward in the east bay. before we sat down, you had no idea about the violations with durham buses? >> no. >> reporter: isn't that a
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problem? you're in large? you're the liaison between the bus companies and the records. >> we haven't asked for the records -- >> reporter: isn't that your job? to make sure that the company you hire is doing its job? >> yeah. i would like to know more about the violations. and i will look into that. >> reporter: hi. tony kovaleski. we visited durham's office in concord, asking to talk with the regional manager. >> sorry. it looks like he had to step out for something. i just checked. i was told he had to step out. and he's not here now. >> reporter: do you believe that? >> why wouldn't i? >> reporter: well, we called a minute ago and he was here. chuck, you got a minute? >> reporter: moments later, we found the regional manager, driving off the property.
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you got a quick minute? >> really quick. >> reporter: nobody's returning our calls and nobody's scheduling an interview. we're talking about the safety of students in the buses. >> i have no comment right now. >> reporter: why wouldn't you want to talk, sir? no comment on camera. but the company did release this statement, reading in part. the safety of students we transport is the top priority for durham school services. all durham school services have passed chp inspections. durham has pledged to add additional mechanics, improve its maintenance issues and purchase additional parts. one transportation manager told us he has seen durham working to improve its maintenance record. we'll continue to watch. >> troubling for parents who put their trust in these companies. >> a lot of trust. they want to make sure the kids get to school safe. they want them to get there on time. >> thank you very much, tony. if you have a tip for our
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investigative unit or for tony, we want to hear from you. 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to the unit, at a new weapon in the fight against wrinkles. it's lurking in your own body. it's approved by the fda and could make you look younger. >> reporter: crystal may be 59. but she doesn't want to look it. that's why she's trying a new treatment. first, she has to give a little of herself. >> what i'm going to do is give you a small amount of local anesthetic behind your ear. that will numb the area. >> reporter: the doctor is collecting a biopsy from behind her ear. the skin sample is shipped off to a specialized lab, which will grow her fiberglas sells, the
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skin sells that produce collagen. it will take three months to produce millions of more cells. then, ship back and injected into her face. >> we're replacing what the skin loses as we age. >> reporter: because patients use their own skin cells, the risk of lumps or allergic reactions are eliminated. >> i like that idea of having my own cells grown and come back into my own body, which means they're going to grow the way they grow. not anything that is artificial. >> reporter: these before and after photos, provided by the company that offers laviv, show remarkable improvement in smile lines. but la vif is an investment. it costst $4,000. that includes the biopsy, growing the cells in the lab and injecting them back into your face during three treatments. much more expensive than
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treatments like juvederm. >> i want to age gracefully. that's for sure. and anything i can do that is a more natural approach, fits my philosophy a little bit better. >> very interesting. let's check in with jeff. talk about the next couple of days. warm again tomorrow? >> yes. and that h2o, that's good for the heat and the skin. 55 in san mateo. a drop-off in your numbers. 20 to 25 degrees of cooling, from today's highs. 68 in concord. we'll have around the morning some patchy fog on the coastline. the cooling breeze will stay with us for the next 48 hours. it's going to push throughout marin. also, the santa cruz coast. that should drop the numbers for wednesday and thursday. thursday, we're expecting 80s inland. it's not going to be a dramatic
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drop-off. wednesday, 7:00 a.m., cloud cover across the peninsula. and the immediate coastline over to oakland. by 1:00 or 2:00 p.m., it pushes back. and a stunning finish here on wednesday afternoon. and temperatures above average. we may have record. setting numbers in napa, santa rosa, concord and hayward, despite the winds moving in. 69 in santa rosa. that's our coldest sport to start. 52 in los gatos. 54 in san jose. and 53 in fremont. daytime highs on wednesday, we'll cool off in san jose. mid to upper 80s. 74 in oakland. 44 in san rafael. and 84 in santa rosa. as far as your three-day forecast goes, we moderate numbers the next two days. by friday, it starts to edge back up. that's a sign of what's coming our way in weekend, saturday and sunday. upper 80s to near 90 degrees as we head into mother's day weekend. moms get the whole weekend. not just a day. >> yeah.
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>> as we head into monday and tuesday, it stays dry, with temperatures still skirting with record-setting highs. for mom's brunch on sunday, she's going to need a nice, cool beverage to get comfortable. my recommendation. >> put in drink orders now? >> i'll think about it. coming up, a manatee frash mob that surprised hundreds at the beach. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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welcome back to nbc bay area. giants and dodgers on the same diamond. you don't have to remind the fans of that. they have the serious showdown circled on their calendars. giants were looking for payback after getting man handled in l.a. last night. let's go to so-cal. brett hill with a runner on. look out. deep shot to left to make it 2-0, giants. but the runs were hard to come by. bottom of the eighth. javier lopez on the mound. bases loaded. andre ethier grounds into a
11:28 pm
6-4-3 double-play. the former giant, the groundout to end the game. giants win 2-1. bruce bochy talked about his starter after the game. >> it's great tonight. we needed it. i mean, we've -- as you know what happened last year. facing kershaw. he's tough. gave us what we needed. bottom of the ninth for the a's and jays. 3-2. toronto. runner on third for cliff pennington. he singles to right to tie the game at 3-3. later in the inning. bases loaded, one out for the new third baseman, brandon inge. look out. how about a grand-slam walkoff. a's win, 7-3. and hammering hamilton. josh hamilton hit four home runs. you know that feeling when
11:29 pm
you're in that zone? that's what josh hamilton did tonight. rangers' slugger batted four home runs in tonight's game against the baltimore orioles. all of them two-run shots. he's only the 16th player to ever accomplish the feat. he also doubled, finishing five for five on the night. the man was on top of his game, like raj and jessica night. >> we're no brandon inge. what a pickup for the a's. [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles...
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some on a florida beach got a surprise when a group of manatees showed up out of nowhere. the manatees showed up there on the shore. among some swimmers. no one seemed to mind. they were jumping on top of each other. they say the manatees were maybe in mating mode. lifeguards were trying to keep the area clear. everyone was watching. and then, the manatees said bye-bye.
11:32 pm
>> wow. >> sea cows. you know that. you know. >> look they might have been lost. they're not supposed to be there. >> no. >> temperatures not supposed to be where they are. we're not supposed to be where we are, the temperatures in the 90s this time of year. it's going to feel like summer. not so bad this weekend. >> thanks for watching tonight. see you tomorrow. ♪
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