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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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welcome back, everyone. it is 4:59 right now. we continue covering breaking news of a hazmat situation in menlo park this morning. more coming up in a live report. concord police are searching for a hit-and-run driver this morning who left a 4-year-old girl injured in the street. christie smith live in concord this morning with details of a vehicle that police are looking for. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes. i spoke with concord police and they are asking for public's help to find the hit-and-run driver. the little girl was playing here on 6th street when a man in a truck hit her and kept right on going. she lives in an apartment in the area and neighbors tell us that the little girl, years old, playing outside with her older sister and somehow ended up right in the street where she was hit and police say the driver ran her over and dragged her for several feet and drove away as witnesses watched in horror.
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>> seen the little replying. i heard scream, got run over. come outside and we see the little girl on the ground laying down. i thought she had died. we seen her moving and crying. >> reporter: the little girl was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. a major injury to her foot. the good news she is expected to survive. the truck involved is described as a newer model light blue pickup truck. it is raised, oversized tires. does not have a camper shell it. but it may have damage to the area around the headlight. now the driver took off. i don't know if you can see down there but that's clayton road and the driver took off westbound. if you have any information you are asked to call the kornd concord police department. >> let's hope they get some tips. story we have been covering all morning long. right now we update that hazmat situation going on in menlo park. >> crews are on the scene of a
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hazmat situation there. there was a little bit of discrepancy whether it was coming from a car police pulled over, or actual laboratory nearby. bob redell live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are outside of a business here at the edison technology park in menlo park. and as you can take a look at that parking lot down there, wrond the line of yellow tape, that's what they are calling the hot zone. this is the area where they have concern of this chemical smell. they say that this is confined to their. started around 3:30 this morning. san mateo county deputy on patrol. came across some men in a pickup truck outside of a business down there. thought it was suspicious. went over to speak to them. they were cooperative. in the process with speaking with them they smelled a chemical smell coming from the pickup truck that they were with. and not clear what it smelled -- not clear if it burned the nostrils or not. the deputy realized that and inside building with a lab of some sort, thinking that the two
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were connected. they were concerned and decided to call in the fire department and hazmat. they have been out here ever since. you can see some people right there in yellow bunny suits. it is not clear if they have made entrance into the building yet or if they figured out what the smell is coming from the pickup truck. you can see it, there is a gurney out front. that's just on stand standby in case anyone were to get hurt. right now no one has been hurt. now i did speak to some people who are somehow connected with this. we believe they might be employees. i went up to ask them, hey, what happened. one of the people told me they said that, quote, this was a big misunderstanding. that was before the san mateo county sheriff's department ushered us away. reporting here live in menlo park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 0:03. the father of the 2-year-old boy attacked by a family pit bull in jail this morning. jerrod perkins is facing charges of child endangerment. his wife can also face charges.
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the attack happened at their home in castro valley 3:00 a.m. tuesday. the police say the house was unsafe. >> responded to the address on gary drive. when they went into the house, the house was very much disarray and has been neglected for a long time. subsequently because of that, the father was arrested for child endangerment. >> the boy suffered several bites to his face. animal control officials will decide the fate of the dog. this is his second pit bulldog attack in two days in the east bay. the 2-year-old girl is also recovering after an attack at her home. that dog has been euthanized. so far, no charges filed. officials are being cautious but it could be another rake in the in the case of morgan hill teenager. investigators say that they found a car that may be connected to see air lamar's disappearance. marla tellez is live in morgan
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hill now where a certain much today may come with renewed o n optimi optimism. that's the hope. >> reporter: good morning. even though 15-year-old sierra lamar has been missing for almost would months now, investigators are hopeful she's alive and once again they will set out today to look for her. divers will be searching the gaudalupes are soar. also it is wednesday and this means that it is weekly volunteer search. if you would like to take part in this volunteer search, i will tell you how you can do so in just a moment. first, much of the investigation is now focused on this red jetta that is in detective's custody. investigators say surveillance cams captured the car near sierra's home when she went missing on march 16. the spokesman for the santa clara county sheriff's department said they do know who the registered owner is. they have ablicense plate number even but they are not able to make this information public yet. he did express the department's
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optimism. >> there is no evidence -- our main concern is she is still out alive there somewhere. our focus is to find her and locate her and bring her home. >> reporter: if you would like to help find sierra, you can take part in today's volunteer search. registration gets under way right here at burnett elementary in morgan hill starting at 8:00 a.m. registration lasts until 1:00 this afternoon. you must be at least 18 years old to search and if you are going to come down keep in mind you will be likely walking through all sorts of terrain. it is very important that you wear long pants and appropriate shoes. live in morgan hill, marla tellez, "today in the bay." autopsies will be performed this morning on a mother and daughter found dead in their pleasanton home. 37-year-old amy freeman burton and 13-year-old amy are were found shot to death monday night. police say two handguns were found inside of the house and there was no sign of forced entry. but they are still waiting for
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forensic tests to try to determine if this was a murder-suicide. investigators also say they do not believe that the mother is concerned about her daughter's reepsent communication with a kentucky teenager played a role in the death. in nearby newark, a memorial will be held for a murdered high school football star. futi was stabbed to death nearly would weeks ago. the police found the 18-year-old lying on the street near a house party he attended. one man and three juveniles have been charged in his death. memorial services will be held at newark memorial high school friday night. his body will then be blown back to american is on msomoa for bu a mother and son were killed in a fire. the father remains in the hospital. his school, stonegate elementary, raised more than $11,000 for the family.
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a funeral for david and his mother set for friday at oak hill funeral home and memorial park. request to use video of suspended sheriff's wife against him is on hold for now. san francisco mayor ed lee wants the video to make its case that he is guilty of official misconduct. a bruise on her front forearm, from an argument her husband and she had back on new year's day. mirkarimi pleading guilty. as a result the mayor wants him to be removed from his position permanently. a will give mirkarimi's time to keep the video out his hands. it was a major settlement can soon be announced. it could happen as early as today. the dubai star dumped between 400 and 800 gallons of oil in san francisco bay in oskt 2009 when the fuel tank overflowed. it happened mere the bay bridge and left about six miles of
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alameda coastline coated in oil and killing dozens of birds. the d.a.'s office and fish and game officials will announce the ship's owners will pay nearly $2 million in civil penalties for this spill. 5:09. money will be on the minds of uc students who may soon face another tuition hike. the leaders will ask regions next week to consider charging students at least 6% more next fall. that's an extra $732. university's ad mutual fund straighters say it is necessary to avoid more layoffs and class cuts. only if the governor's tax hikes are passed by voters to help fund education. it is 5:09 now. meteorologist christina loren tells us mother nature keeps cranking that heat up and up and up. >> just keeps changing her mind. today a little cooler and tomorrow she will crank it back up. little cooler as we head through the end of week and weekend.
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it is on for mother's day. very warm. looking over the bay bridge this morning, nice, mostly clear start for now when it comes to your visibility. right at the surface. however, when that sun comes up it will reveal a pretty solid deck of low cloud cover hugging the coastline. that will cool you off was just touch for today. it is going to penetrate probably across the bay bridge and reach the east shore as well. mostly cloudy conditions to start for you there. then we will see the sun break through by about noon today. mainly at the coast where we are expecting the fog this morning. cooling breeze expected today. going to be pretty comfortable. second half of the day we get that breeze, it will feel really, really nice around here. so 80 degrees by noon. and as opposed to 84 degrees which we hit inland yesterday. 28 degrees making your way home from work. gilroy was a big winner. 95 degrees. today we are shaving off 4 to 8 degrees. that's pretty ridiculous for this early in the season. just keep that in mind as you are taking out your best red outfit today. how is traffic looking?
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>> award gilroy with some ice today. head over to get a popsicle. looking over to menlo park. bob redell follows the hazmat situation. talking about the edison technology park. fair oaks avenue. this is not fair oaks and sunnyvale. menlo park. smaller street. 101 is clear. just right near the technology park, fair oaks, edison way are affected by the crew there still. looking at more activity in the area. dunbarton bridge, construction eastbound. heading north, no surprises there. south of there, construction on 101 between embarcadero and shoreline has just cleared. you might find slower moving vehicles for the next few minutes there. as well as further north, broadway and milbrae, 101 southbound has crews as well. they should be clearing now just after 5:00 is when crews should be on the move and haven't heard any delays. san mateo bridge moves slowly. let's check the toll plaza at the bay bridge. very light volume here.
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nice clear view. beautiful. looking at east shore freeway in the distance and no slowdowns there. >> that looks nice. thanks, mike. still ahead why water experts are already getting anxious about next year's water supply. >> also, do you happen to have one of those flip phones? you might be in the minority now. the rise of the smartphones, next. >> mark zuckerberg's hoodie a sign of disrespect? coming up. and reduces friction. thes skin think bond. gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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welcome back. beautiful live look outside this morning. kind of a nice cool start to the morning. before the warmup. we will check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. no secret smartphones now more popular than ever. reepsent nielsen is your vap
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finding the majority of people right here in the u.s. do own smartphones. as of march 54.4% mobile subscribers own ad smartphone. apple is the top manufacturer. google's android is the top smartphone operating system. the woman who led yahoo's search for a new ceo will step down from that company's board. scott mcgrew said she's the first to fall in the controversy over scott thompson's resume. >> good morning. petty hart is one of two women on the yahoo board says she will not run for re-election to that seat. yahoo made that announcement yesterday. hart was in charge of finding a new ceo for yahoo. after the board fired its previous ceo. she did not pick thompson specifically. several reports say thompson called yahoo and applied for the top job. hart herself had confusion over issues as far as her own resume goes. the same rogue investor who pointed out the ceo didn't have
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a computer science degree was able to show hart didn't have the degree she claimed either. hart's online bio says she had an economics degree and it was a business degree. business administration. now, yahoo employees i talked to quick point will out the fact that's unfair here. if thompson was less than forth come being his degree, why is it the person who failed to catch thompson is the only person being personed? the story is still developing. as we reported earlier this week, yahoo created an investigative unit to further delve into the questions. surrounding the ceo. we also have been talking about european elections all week. in greece, essentially two sides won. far left and far right. that's possible in the parliamentary system. obviously that is a problem. one of the issues that wall street has been dealing with. jackie deangelis joins us from cnbc are with more. good morning. >> good morning, scott. absolutely. you are right. we saw stocks dropping tuesday with the dow falling for a fifth straight day. this is as investors continue to
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experience more turbulence from the political turmoil in europe. that's threatening the future off austerity measures and raising fresh concerns about the region's debt crisis. there could be more red arrows on wall street today as well. futures are lower at this hour. we also saw the asian and european markets lower today. here in the u.s., we are going to get data this morning on wholesale trade and also earnings from aol and macy's. the dow is down as much as 200 points yesterday, closing down only 76. 12,932. under that key psychological mark of 13,000. nasdaq is losing 11 points to 2946. companies putting out more help wanted signs. that's good news. employers posting 3.74 million jobs openings in march. highest number in four years. about 12.7 million people unemployed in march. that works out to roughly 4.3 people fighting for every available job. that is down from the 7-1 ratio at the end of the recession in 2009. still well above the 2-1 ratio that we have seen in a healthy job market.
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it usually takes companies would to three months to fill the position. power square is muscling its way on to its own turf. "wall street journal" reporting the networking site that lets users tell friends where they are by checking in on their smartphones is going to start offering personalized coupons. merchants will be able to buy special placement for offers on foursquare and users will be able to see those coupons that you have check in to dedeem them. they will be up and running as part of a new apn july. >> thank you. analyst covering facebook is criticizing ceo and founder mark zuckerberg for wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. it is a mark of immaturity. i think he has to show investors the respect they deserve because he's asking for their their money. zuckerberg has ditched the hoodie in the past. >> my maim -- name is barack obama and i am the guy that was
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marked to wear a jacket and tie. >> wear as suit fairly often. wore one for the president. they quickly ditched their jack whets he came to town in spring of last year. he wore one to the g-8 summit. here he is meeting with the prime minister of japan, suit and tie. he looks really good both ways. as long as he is making investors money i don't think anybody cares. >> suit up. nice. thank you. 5:19. we are soon going to get a clearer picture on what this year's unusually dry winter means for the water supply. department of water resources will hold a webcast to explain the situation later this morning. despite dismal snow levels, there is some optimism. this year's final snow survey found water content to be only 40% of normal compared to last year. reservoirs are near capacity due to carryover from water from past winter seasons. 5:19. we will check back in with christina loren. i'm surrounded by talent every day. >> tomatoes. >> lot of red. >> yes. >> we are all wearing red today.
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go red for women day. they are having a big event nbc bay is proud to be sponsor of. >> you can do your part. bring a lot of awareness today. pick out your best red. cool outfit for today. it is going to be hot out there yet again. especially inland. i-want to point out we are watching for in a marine layer this morning. expecting more of the low cloud cover than we saw this time yesterday. and as we head throughout the morning hours, we are going to hold on to that cloud cover. just probably hoot hour, hour and a half long. as a result your temperatures especially at the coast and right by the bay, we will drop off by about 5 to 6 degrees. temperatures this morning are in 250s. 54 degrees in sunnyvale. we are at 51 degrees in santa cruz now. as we head throughout the day today high pressure is still in control of our forecast. this is a big, strong ridge of high pressure. does not look like we will get out of the warming trend until the middle of next week. maybe neck week to start you out it looks just about as hot as it
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has been. coastal clouds for today. a little bit of relief. not much. drink a lot of water. temperatures in the low minutes across bay. then tomorrow, we will see more of those upper 80s and low 90s by this weekend. and i would not be shocked. not be shocked to see the triple digits in places like gilroy. all works out like this. 84 degrees redwood city. 77 in okay land and 87 degrees in fairfield. 88 degrees in livermore. 7-day outlook tells the story. remain warm for your thursday. we will get a little bit of cooling. take a look at the temperatures. san jose, 90 degrees on sunday. it is going to be very, very warm. and because we are getting warmer and warmer each afternoon your overnight temperatures are going to be as comfortable. you will probably be using that ac overnight more and more. and as we head into the weekend. we will keep you updated. giants game on nbc bay area tonight. i have that forecast there. playing in l.a. it will be hot. stay tuned for that and get you out the front door first. >> let's take a look at here. looking at highway 24. we still have an accident
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reported earlier. sounded like a nonissue but taking a while for all of the activity to clear from the shoulders. i want to call it out. westbound 24. we are looking at eastbound 24. construction has blocked the transition to 6 80. that's cleared as well. no slowing. 680 smoothly as well. highway 4 down to concord as well. antioch now starting to show slowing through the typical areas. lit kick in over the next 40 minutes. i want to show you around 50 and how much that changes. we will check again. south bay, look at all of these things that are clear. that's good news. all this construction cleared except for 101. we still have the southbound side with a lane or two as you come by 680 down towards tully road on ramp to northbound. that's still closed for construction crews clear. scheduled until 7:00. clearing earlier than that. we will jump up from the south
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bay over to the connection to north bay. golden gate bridge. nice easy drive. smooth clear view and no problems throughout san rafr yell to this spot. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> it is a 5:23. guess what, there is a new king in town. yes. the world's largest chess piece. we will tell you about it coming up. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help.
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5:25. leonardo dicaprio may be forever the king of the world. a brand-new one is reigning over st. louis today. curtain coming off of a massive chess piece yesterday which moves into the book as the largest in the entire world. yes. 14.5 feet tall. six feet wide.
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weighs 2, 2shgs 00 pounds. big enough to set a new guinness world record. they built this piece to kick off the 2012 u.s. women's chess championship. >> how in the world would you checkmate that? >> you would need a bulldozer. let's check the forecast now. checking in with christina. >> i'm just a pawn. a good looking forecast for today. it will be a little bit warm. and especially inland today. temperatures will come down by two two to four degrees from where we ended up yesterday. it comes out like this. you can see from the live picture the clouds, yes, starting to develop. we have those low clouds settling in at the coastline. i think that marine layer will push all the way across the bay bridge. and reach oakland into the east shore today. that means cooler conditions especially if you are waking up with us by the water. 57 degrees for now in san jose. we will be at 72 degrees if you break for lunch rounding out the day upper 80s and low 90s. we will check your drive with
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mike. >> you know what, interest didn't even take 15 minutes. dropped 15 miles per hour. just wanted to show you how quickly things change for antio antioch. your approach to the maze, that construction crew taking you away from the bridge is clearing. toll plaza itself, volume starting to pick up a tad bit. live look out there shows you a nice stream of cars. no metering lights. no del zblas good news there. thank you very much. 5:27 now. still to come, new hope for the parents of sierra lamar. investigators find a car that they say may be linked to wwesel casewe will l let you know whatt with the investigation. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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i'm bob redell. we will take you live to menlo park where hazmat has shut down part of a technology park because of a chemical smell. the latest coming up. >> reporter: the search for sierra lamar continues in morgan hill today. good morning. i'm marla tellez. i will tell you what investigators are saying about
5:30 am
the car that could be the big break in this case coming up. i'm meteorologist christina loren. now that we are in this warming trend, it looks like we will be in the thick of it at least through next week. your full forecast in moments. >> as we drive the nimitz, construction picking up in many spots. but the commute kicking in. i will show you where the latest slowdown shows upcoming up. live look outside. picturesque bay bridge. traffic flowing smoothly. mike will fill you in on that. christina has the hot looking forecast on this wednesday, may 9, "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. time now is 5:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are following breaking news this morning. fire fighters are working on a hazmat situation in menlo park. it is happening at a building at 3507 edison way. that's very close to 101 and marsh road in an area called the edison technology park.
5:31 am
bob redell sl live at the scene gathering details for us. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: it is quite possible this is as a result after misunderstanding. i will explain that in just a minute. we are at the edison technology park. you can see if you look down there to the second string of yellow tape, you have got hazmat crews out there. the so-called hot zone is just beyond that. confined to parking lot and a business. according to the law enforcement they say it is just in that area. this should not be a concern for anyone else who lives around this area. there's a lot of homes that are bordering up to the technology park. 3:30 this morning, san mateo county deputy on patrol and came across men in a pickup truck and thought it was suspicious given the time of the night. in the process of speaking with them, smelled a chemical. not clear what that chemical smelled like, not clear if it burned the nostrils or anything like that. they also realized inside the building was a lab of some sort. thinking that the two were
5:32 am
related and decided to call menlo park fire and san mateo county hazmat unit. they are out here. we have seen the firefighters in yellow bunny suits with oxygen masks going into the so-called hot zone to investigate it. not clear what they have found and what they have determined. now, some of those employees an men associated with that pickup truck, we were able to speak with roughly about a half hour ago. and i talked to one of these men and i said what happened here. and what he told me was that this was, quote, a misunderstanding. reporting live in menlo park, bob redell, "today in the bay." following weeks of little to go, a car could be the latest clue in the search for so air a lama -- sierra lamar. they found a red jettap. marla tellez, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators certainly have a lot going on right now. they have that car that you mentioned in custody. this could be linked to the
5:33 am
disappearance of sierra lamar. also they have a couple of search that's i will talk about in just a moment. first, about this car, they are not saying much about this four-door mid 1990s red jetta they have in custody. images of it were captured in morgan hill the same day sierra disappeared in mid march. ky#f know who owns the car. that's about all they are saying. >> we know who the owners are of the car. we can't comment what role if anything they have. we do know the registered owner as well as license plates for the cars. we just can't give that information now. >> reporter: this morning, santa clara county sheriff's investigators are zing public if you recall seeing the red jetta that has a distinct black hood on the day sierra disappeared, march 16 or in the days before or following her disappearance. they do want to hear from you. if you have any information you can call a tip hotline.
5:34 am
408-808-4500. as for those searches, divers will be searching the gaudalupe river today. volunteer search gets under way. registration begins at burnett elementary in morgan hill at 8:00 this morning. live in morgan hill, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> search for sierra get national attention this provide. the case will be front and centered featured on "america's most wanted." stay with us for tall latest developments. across the bay area this morning, police are on the lookout for a white toyota highland their may be linked to a homicide in the north bay. a 66-year-old woman was found dead inside of her roanoke park home tuesday. detectives don't know when she was killed but they say that there was a violent struggle. the woman's white toyota highlander is missing. here's the license plate. 5sg c869. information is on our website,
5:35 am a skateboarding accident in livermore taking a tragic turn. a 13-year-old boy killed when he ran into a pickup truck. the teen was transported to a hospital where he was sadly later pronounced dead. one person is in custody this morning in connection with a four-alarm fire at a hire warehouse in the east bay. the flames quickly spread throughout the blue star tires and spread to a classic car shop next door on pittsburg antioch highway. this took firefighters hours to put out. >> yeah. i mean, it was smoke and black everywhere. you are automatically thinking the cars, customers' cars. got to pull everything out. we pulled everything out. >> the tire shop owner telling firefighters his shop uses a mix of gas and tar to improve the appearance of used tires. he is thinking that maybe that triggered that fire. >> thick black smoke, too. hey, let's check the forecast now.
5:36 am
meteorologist christina loren. we are all in red this morning. celebrating go wed for women. american heart association is having a big event downtown. look at you in your red. >> thank you. we all have the red. we are all showing up to represent and bring awareness to a great cause. you can do your part as well. you want to dress cool for the hot day ahead. temperatures are going to soar yet again today. all show we are going to keep them down by about would to four degrees from yesterday's high by the coast. more like 4 to 6 degrees inland today. yesterday 95 degrees. today low 90s with the clouds. natural comant coming off the pacific ocean. tomorrow we are going to warm you right back up even more so. as we head into the upcoming weekend, full forecast is just moments away. 5:36. let's get you out that front door. he's also wearing red. hopefully not a red on the traffic lights. >> starting to show up. we have the -- red flashing lights. bob redell is reporting. this is fair oaks at edison way in menlo park.
5:37 am
mentioned march sxsh 101. those areas are clear. just the immediate vicinity of that edison technology park. only affecting that business park and rest of the commute moves smoothly. the slowing we see on 101 unrelated but it is a blip that popped up. i will track that down. no incidents reported there. little further over. we will look at livermore, westbound 580. slowing in towards about north first. not a big surprise or big deal. nothing out of the ordinary there as well as highway 4. we have spread out. tall way over towards this area, 30s. red blip approach iing. 880 past the coliseum. volume of traffic starting to pick up a tad bit for 880. up to the bay bridge toll plaza and southbound side. smoothly. volume, getting a lot of company
5:38 am
out there. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:37. still ahead on "today in the bay," terror plot in the sky foiled by a double agent. beautiful live look outside, embarcadero, look at the cruise ship docked there. nice start to our day. 5:38. latest news, traffic and weather and all sorts of updates, come on over and find us on facebook. very simple process. all you have to do is search nbc bay area.
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this morning, we are learning more about the bomb al qaeda planned to use to blow up a plane over the u.s. including the shocking revelation that bomb was likely going nowhere because the person in al qaeda chose to carry it was cooperating with the cia. tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning. she has all the latest updates.
5:41 am
good morning. >> interesting development. good morning, everyone. turns out the would-be suicide bomber was actually on our side working on behalf of saudi intelligence. they were cooperating with the cia. he drove that bomb back into yemen and turned it over to authorities and now sits at the fbi's crime lab in quantico where it has been for a week. the secretary's homeland security napolitano says even if that had not happened, if we hadn't been in on this from the beginning with an insider, she thinks that maybe our own security would have picked up the bomb, either scanners and pat-downs or other airport security. as we have noted we are not yet changing security as a result of this. but the tsa sent out another reminder to foreign airlines and foreign pirts to be on lookout for the hidden explosives because they think that the top bomb maker for al qaeda in yemen who they believe was responsible for this or one of his students may still be working on another bomb or another plan to hurt
5:42 am
americans. >> that's a big store write. lot of information out there. tracie potts, we will keep our eye on this one. 5:41. widespread violence in syria is moving closer to a civil war. the head of the international community for the red cross says fighting has been so intense in the prove ichince there. the assessment means that international humanitarian law embodied in the geneva convention is applicable to both sides of the conflict. new development for the blind activist at the center of a week of diplomatic tension between u.s. and china. the paperwork for his trip to the u.s. is ready but he still needs a passport. chen was in a beijing airport for intestinal problems and broken foot. a mystery solved this morning. at fleas part.
5:43 am
900 dolphins and more than 4400 pelicans died off of north earn peru. scientists believe warmer than usual ocean temperatures caused schools of an choefchovies to disappear and causing the dolphins to starve. president obama says he's disappointed with a decision voters in north carolina have made and that state has constitutionally banned gay marriage. now voters approving an amendment defining marriage only as a union between a man and woman. it passed with more 507b% of the votes. north carolina becoming one of 29 states with voter approved bans on same-sex marriage. one of nation's largest banks will be getting an earful from protesters. thousands expected to surround the shareholder meeting in north carolina today. they are calling for the corporate giant to pay its fair share in taxes. it also wants to stabilize the
5:44 am
housing market and to create more jobs. we all know it wasn't too long ago we were fearing gas prices might hit that ugly $5 a gallon mark. but guess what little good news. looks like they are actually starting to dip in the other direction. after peaking at tend of march, gas prices across the nation have been in a steady decline. and analysts crediting lower demand and higher summer supplies. >> refineries producing it, guess what, a little leveling off here. as a matter of fact, little drop we have seen at the pump over the last several weeks. we will see a continual drop important the next couple of weeks. >> memorial day now just three weeks away and prices we know they could start to bounce up a little bit with the start of summer and all of the traveling that goes along with. >> it we will have to see how the california refineries fare as well. >> keep your fingers crossed. check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. felt like summer. >> yeah. it has. you know. unofficial start of summer.
5:45 am
we are already starting in the bay area. and what i can tell you is we are going to hang on to the pattern just about all weekend long. and into early next week. this morning, getting a little bit of a break. there it is. marine layer. i told it you was forming. sun starts to make an appearance. sunrise today at 6:05. it will set at 8:07. you can see from the live picture that it is not a very thick marine layer. you can actually make out the mountains off in the distance, coastal mountains. we are looking towards a pretty good looking base today. temperatures on the mild side. we are starting out at 57 degrees in san jose. 53 in livermore and 55 degrees in fairfield this morning. starting out nice and mild. we will easily climb into the 70s by noon today inland. and then we are talking about a day with upper 80s in the warmest cities across the bay. isolated 90 or two in gilroy. a look at this. really making itself distinguished. 17 -- 71 degrees.
5:46 am
holding on to the low 60s even in the peninsula. comfortable conditions today. if you are waking up in the redwood city, 7 degrees. 83 in san rafael. temperatures on the warm side. breeze will make it feel pretty darned nice. later on this afternoon into this evening. i said before the sun does not even set until 8:07 this time of year. thursday, 87 degrees. staying warm. cooling at the coast. little bit on friday. and mother nature kind of taking us up and down just a little bit. we will start to level off this weekend. we are leveling off in the upper 80s and low 90s. which translates to potentially triple digits and warmest cities across the bay. gilroy at 59. i would not rule that out of the realm of possibility. best chance for that sunday and tuesday. we will be watching it. giants forecast coming up. first let's check your drive with mike. >> we are looking over here to the south bay where the volume starts to steadily increase about now. we see slowing for highway 87.
5:47 am
both directions at times show 40s on our sensor. we will watch that. so far holding smooth in downtown. tul write, on ramp here, only construction remaining in the area. no major slowing. we expect it to be the first to show consistent slowdowns towards 680. we will track that. south of there, we have construction as well. blocking lanes south of the summit and southbound side. down towards santa cruz. no major slowing. i will let you know if it is causing any disruption over the summit. if it does it should be for very few minutes. again, we will track for anything unusual. liver more took just five minutes more slowing to show up. 16-minute drive out of the altima pass. starting to jam up as you come in towards livermore. this is a typical pat learn the as well as the dublin interchange. it is slow towards 680 but smoother as you head through castro valley and cass traffic valley wide shows us traditional blip at 238. no major problems towards the san mateo bridge.
5:48 am
construction cleared from milbrae and broadway. smooth drive from 92 into the city. and across the golden gate bridge. nice drive as well. 101 looks nice. as far as the flow picking up the volume. low clouds not a problem for visibility. you can see the bridge across to the marine headlines. you may have an issue from time to time patchy low clouds through san rafael. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:48 now. historic fairmont hotel has a new owner. for a price of $200 million. two low loss companies sealed the deal in the knob hill hotel with an ownership group that includes oakland as managing partner lou wolf. they looked at upgrading the fairmont to youer with condos in 2009 but the hotel workers union objected. concerned smaller hotels would cut jobs. the show testimony went up for sale in june of last year. it is 5:48 now. coming up, the man is now officially "the voice." grand finale to the hit singing competition, winner jermaine
5:49 am
paul shares what got him to the top. we will take a look at wall street. you know what's wrong with the reusable grocery bags? they are reusable. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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5:51 am
chevron with techron. good morning to you. a live look outside this morning from the east bay. looks like traffic is picking up along 880 this morning. another mice day across the bay area. we will check the morning commute with mike. the forecast with christina and all covered at 5:51. the winner of season 2 of "the voice" is jermaine paul.
5:52 am
>> the intensity and ecstasy. jermaine paul, this year's winner of "the voice." he beats out simms and gives coach shelton his very first champion. paul was a backup singer working with alicia keys and mary j. blige. it was clear that his solo work captivated america. >> left my heart, whole heart, on the stage. vocally i think -- maybe done some different things. it doesn't matter when you leave your heart. >> now he has a lot to leave that heart with. some money. he gets a recording contract and $100,000. so it is a good night for that young man. >> good for him. 5:52. scott mcgrew says posting on twitter is not brain surgery. unless it is.
5:53 am
>> follow along as a surgeon in texas open as woman's skull and live tweets about it. this is video from an earlier operation on a heart. the patient gave her permission for this morning's tweeting. here you see some youtube video. the neurosurgeon at memorial harmon just got under way about 20 minutes ago to remove a tumor. he says, quote, the event will include all steps of a brain tumor section including surgery prep, removal of the bone flap, resection of the brain tumor, and closing the site. enjoy your breakfast. >> is he -- i'm sorry. to markets. is someone wheating it for him? >> yes. i think there is a whole team that's tweeting. yes. absolutely. >> let's talk about wall street. >> wall street, we are looking at six straight declines in a row. you can largely blame europe. in greece, power sharing agreement between the far left and far right. that's going about as well as you would think. greece threatened to bail out of the bailout deal. may take the euro down with it.
5:54 am
interesting story, though, talking about later on the "today" show. scientists trying to figure out what made a group of schooling soccer players in oregon sick with the norovirus. it wasn't the snacks they were eating. the reusable grocery bag that carried them had the disease in it. turns out if you store them in a hot trunk, a perfect way to grow bacteria. they will take a look at it. >> got to wash them. >> note to self. make sure they are clean and sanitized. you are on top of those things. >> purel. nice to meet you. let's check out with christina loren what the weather is outglide a good looking day today. it is going to be on the warm side. you do want to dress for the two parts of the day. temperatures at 57 degrees in san jose. 45 in santa rosa. micro climates, yes, they are going to become a factor. waking up with isolated inland
5:55 am
cities, grab that jacket. you can dish it in san jose. hour by hour breakdown shows you. we will see temperatures climbing to 80 degrees by noon inland and means 69 degrees bayside and 67 at the coast rounding out the day. low to mid 80s inland. 50 to 70 today. at the coast and the upper 60s bayside. temperatures are going to be comfortable important the next couple of days. downright toasty as we head into this weekend. your full mother's day forecast coming up in a moment. let's get you out the front door. >> we don't have a whole lot of that according to the chp. reports clear here. we got a new incident reported just south of the bridge. hilltop drive. motorcycle in the center divide. no injuries. no accidents. but this is a distraction. we will monitor that. no slowing and no lanes blocked. 18 minutes from there tall way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. towards the maze, moving slowly. live look at the oakland camera shows you a smooth drive. volume continues to pick up
5:56 am
here. no major slowing, though, from here to the coliseum and 98. ten minutes to the toll plaza or vice versa for the southbound side. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:56 now. how about this? beachgoers in florida getting impromptu party with a bunch of manatees. >> look at this. take a look at the video. manatees swam up into the shallow water. >> how are you doing? >> i heard the lady screaming there. they didn't seem to mind the crowds and spectators. lifeguards tried to keep that area clear but pretty write soon the manatees were the talk of the beach and everyone came out to watch. >> look at that. it is a party now. manatees know how to get down. they are chilling. look, we like to share the beach, too. step aside. >> they were there first. it is a 5:56. still to come, update on that hazmat situation. why investigators say it may have been a misunderstanding. >> also a break in the sierra lamar case. we are polling the latest
5:57 am
developments. >> a beautiful live look wrought side. golden gate bridge. hazy out there. looks like traffic is moving smoothly. we will check the forecast and your morning commute. ♪ so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we don't care anymore? we just eat whatever tastes good? excuse me? [ man ] like these sweet honey clusters, they're awesome so no way they're good for you. but i guess that's okay right? actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? ya know? cancel the gym membership. bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic.
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are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories,
5:59 am
america's beverage companies are delivering. a suspicious chemical. [ no audio ] >> what we now know about the car that could be linked to the disappearance of sierra lamar. good morning. i'm marla tellez. the latest from morgan hill coming up. the search this morning is on for a hit-and-run arrive that seriously injured a little girl. live report is coming up. we have had some of the hottest weather across the nation. right here ie


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