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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 9, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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activists occupying a farm in albany. i'll show you what's going on now and why the activists are still here. after silence on the issue, embattled mayor speaking out about the recall efforts against her. the next steps in a search for sierra lamar, after a potential new lead in that case. nbc bay area news starts now. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm john kelly. >> i'm marla tellez. we're told
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police are checking out a report of someone with a weapon near the school on educational drive. right now, it is only a report, as i said. police are just checking this out. but so far, they have not found anything. of course, we'll stay on the story to bring you the very latest information just as soon as that becomes available. we have new developments this norng a battle that's been brewing for weeks when occupy protesters and police in albany. uc berkeley making a move to reclaim its property by limiting access to the occupiers. christie smith is there live with what's happening right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. right now, there is only way in, and one way out by car. and that's on the other side on san pablo avenue. after uc police put out two cement barricades this morning. what's happening is uc doesn't want this encampment to grow. overall it hasn't been very confrontation al since we've been here, but it looks like they've come to a fork in the
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road. by 6:00 this morning, uc police put protesters on notice that they would restrict unauthorized vehicle access to this uc-owned land. one protester described what happened. >> the police on the mega phone basically saying they were closing one of the exits, and going to, if anyone interfered, arrest them, and use chemical agents. >> reporter: what did you think of that? >> it was an interesting way to talk about it. >> reporter: it's the agricultural land. they say it's to be used as an urban farm calling the movement occupy the farm. tents and animals, not knowing what would happen next as they rallied support from neighbors. >> albany is a community of families. that's why families move here. and for -- i believe this situation could be resolved peacefully. >> reporter: the university and demonstrators have had dialogue, but a spokesperson for uc said their researchers will need the
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land back soon. a professor of agriculture said he planned to show research and the occupation could co-exist. he brought tomatoes but decided not to plant today. >> i don't think it's a good idea to conduct an experiment with the students, because i don't know how the situation is going to evolve. >> reporter: it just seems like no one wants to give. the activists are out here right now, some of them are planting tomatoes anyway. there are maybe 50 or so activists today. some had already moved their items to a south lot. but for now, they say they're staying put. the latest from here reporting live in albany, christie smith, nbc bay area news. news this morning, two fires in the east bay are keeping crews busy. firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire in oakland. this is video from our chopper just about an hour ago. the fire sending up a whole lot of smoke in the 2000 block of 8th avenue. firefighters as you can see right here, they're on the roof chopping out holes to vent this
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fire. no word on injuries or a cause. in hercules, fire crews evacuated a center center after a small fire that was confined to just one unit. residents of samara terrace on civic drive had to be helped outside because there was so much smoke. the fire was put out quickly, and people should be let back into their rooms any minute now. oakland mayor said it's time for the city to move forward. a mayor and her group of supporters holding a news conference about 45 minutes ago to address the recall efforts against her. she said she's trying to stay focused on job creation and crime prevention. >> all throughout this process i've tried to just focus on being mayor of a big city. it's a really tough job. frankly, you don't have much time to focus on almost anything else, private lives. >> quon points out the deadline for the first signature petition against her is tomorrow. right now polls show a recall
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would not pass. the family of missing teenager sierra lamar has new hope this morning from a possible new lead. investigators say they have a red jeta in their custody that may be connected to this case. live in morgan hill where searchers are under way right now. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. the fact that investigators have found this car, they believe is associated with sierra lamar's disappearance, has certainly been reinvigorating for the volunteer search effort here in morgan hill. sierra's mother, marlene, was encouraged to see so many volunteers here this morning, especially since it's a work day. there are at least 80 volunteers, some of who joined her, in prayer, before heading off to look for clues of the whereabouts of her missing 15-year-old daughter. >> amen. thank you. we're not giving up.
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this is the first strong lead. i'm very optimistic. >> reporter: that first strong lead, marlene lamar is referring to, is this red 1990 four-door jetta. announcing they found it and believe it is connected to sierra lamar's disappearance. they won't say when, where or how they found it, only to say they do have it. and they won't say whether anybody was inside at the time. they want to know if anyone in the public has seen it before. surveillance video confirms it was in the area around sierra's home on the morning of march 16th, around the time that she disappeared. >> considering even though it's been a couple of months, this is still a good thing, you know. it's not months later. and again, elizabeth smart was recovered nine months later. you know, i think about that story, and that definitely makes me cling on to hope. >> reporter: we spoke with the
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sheriff's department this morning. they say it's quite possible that divers could be back out in this area today. searching bodies of water. there's also the volunteer search effort being run right now out of burnett elementary. you must be 18 years of age. reporting live. investigators say workers at the immune path biomedical firm in menlo park were heating gold in a beaker of acid outside during the night. a deputy investigating an unrelated suspicious car cause a whiff of the strong chemical smell, and then called hazmat. authorities say this process is supposed to take place inside, not in the open air. it's not clear why workers were not using the lab located next door. no one was hurt. unfortunately a scary scene
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in concord where police are looking for a hit-and-run driver that left a 4-year-old girl injured. a truck hit the girl as she played with her older sister. witnesses say the driver just kept on driving, even dragging the little girl right down the street. >> the two little girls were playing outside, running around. and then after i hear someone screaming somebody got run over, we came running outside. and we see the little girl on the ground laying down. we thought she died. but we seen her moving and crying. >> that girl was air lifted to children's hospital in oakland with major injuries to her foot. we'll have a report. she is expected to survive. now, the truck is being described as a newer model light blue pickup with oversized tires. it may have some damage out on the front end. new information about a fatal skateboarding accident that happened in livermore. 13-year-old nathan strube died after colliding with a pickup truck on kara place on lomitas
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avenue last night. police say he was wearing a helmet. the truck driver was going the posted speed limit. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be involved. we are expected to learn new details about that shooting that left a mother and daughter dead inside their pleasanton home. autopsies are scheduled today for 37-year-old amy freeman burton, and the 13-year-old ainsley. burton's husband found their bodies inside their home monday evening. investigators found two guns inside, one near the mother's body and the other near her daughter. san francisco teachers again speaking out today at noon demanding a fair end to their contract fight with the district. those teachers believe the district does have the money to approve a 2% pay raise and rescind hundreds of layoff notices. the teachers protested last night school board's meeting using empty chairs to represent the 600 or so pink slips that went out to teachers on march 15th. the district says it does not have a choice, with the raises
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or layoff notices, because of a ballooning deficit. the teachers will hold a preliminary strike vote tomorrow. good morning to you. not quite as hot as yesterday's temps. >> especially at the coast. they're getting a big-time break right now. but inland temps are warm. so stay in the comfort of your air conditioning. taking a live look outside, we'll show you what it looks like. it looks hot in san jose as temperatures are climbing. let's show you the contrast between the coast and your temperatures inland right now. taking it right to your temperature map. okay. there we go. 63 degrees in oakland, 59 degrees in san francisco, versus the mid-70s inui pces likeuj sunnnnyvalale a and gilroy righ. downright warm conditions, and hey, it's just going to heat up even more so as we head throughout this week. cooler conditions at the coast today, just about as warm as it was yesterday. inland uks a nice clear start tomorrow. the heat stays on. then we crank it up even more so just in time for you and mom to celebrate. >> that's a beautiful thing.
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we know when your map has those colors all over, the microclimate is jumping around. >> making my life difficult. >> but you do it well. development in a lawsuit that impacts millions of drivers. also, that failed terrorist plot against the u.s. airliner that's the subject of a house hearing this morning. we'll have the latest information about the double agent who broke the case and where the fbi's focus is shifting this information. new information about the spread of smartphones and a look at which company people are turning to the most. stay with us. what's the difference antween a drill aoooc uses uses dwaret you get at the har store? we'll answer that question coming up.
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welcome back. the fbi is now investigating whether an explosive device designed by an al qaeda affiliate in yemen would have been found by airport security. fbi director robert mueller testified before a house judiciary committee hearing on fbi oversight this morning. the foiled al qaeda terror plot
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to bring down a u.s. commercial jetliner was a focal point of this questioning. meantime, there are new details on the failed plot. the bomber trusted by al qaeda to pull the trigger, turns out to be an informant for the cia. in april, he delivered the sophisticated device which contained no metal parts out of yemen to intelligence agencies. it is now being studied at an fbi crime lab. lawmakers say we must continue to be vigilant. >> they keep on adapting and they keep on changing to respond to our defenses. and we have to keep changing our defenses. we also have to stay on the offense. >> the obama administration and members of congress say they are concerned so much, information has become public. they will investigate how word of this top-secret intelligence operation first began to leak last week. this just in. new developments in a story that struck a chord with a long list of hybrid owners. it's a setback for the l.a. woman who sued because the civic
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did not get the mileage honda had promised. heather peters won a judgment earlier this year. she encouraged other hybrid owners to try that very same tactic. unfortunately a judge overturned the judgment just this morning, saying fuel economy claims are for comparison, and do not account for various factors that can affect mileage. he also says the automakers' claims are not promises of anything. and speaking of fuel economy, yeah, wasn't too long ago we were sweating the idea of gas hitting the ugly $5 a gallon mark. but hey, mildly good news. it looks like the prices are actually going in the other direction, after peaking at the end of march. gas prices across the nation now have been in a steady decline. analysts crediting lower demand and higher summer supplies. >> enough refineries producing it, and guess what, we get a little leveling off here. a little drop at the pump over the last several weeks. i think you'll see a continual drop for the next couple of weeks.
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>> not to be danny downer here, keep in mind memorial day is just three weeks away, and the prices could creep back higher with the summer travel. this probably won't surprise you, but smartphones are now more popular than ever. a survey finds they might be the fastest spreading technology in human history. even surpassing television in the 1950s. a recent neilsen survey finds that most people in the u.s. own a smartphone. as of march, 50.4% of mobile subscribers owned a smartphone. that's up from 47.8% last december. apple is the top manufacturer, but google's android is a top system. another development in the strange case of yahoo! degreegate. scott is tracking the latest. >> the latest is this letter delivered to yahoo! just this morning.
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another demand that yahoo! ditch its ceo scott thompson who has been accused of being dishonest, if only mildly dishonest, about his academic record. in part it says, quote, third point has over $1 billion invested in yahoo! and we take no joy in witnessing this carnage, this board's unchecked value destruction must stop once and for all. and once again, calls for thompson's firing or resignation. now, he said he's not impressed with patty hart's announcement that she'll step down come this summer. hart was instrumental in hiring scott thompson. to add insult to injury, lobe wants her to pay back a $15,000 bonus when she helped yahoo! find its new ceo. other news, video out of houston, texas, where this morning surgeons performed brain surgery while using youtube and twitter, showing the whole procedure. and don't worry, we're not going to show you the whole thing.
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answering questions as well from people all over the world. one of my favorite questions is, what's the difference between the drill you use in someone's head and the drill you would use at home that you get from the hardware store? the surgeon answers, basically nothing. they're the same bit. so yuck. you can check yourself, it's memorial herman hospital, just go ahead and google that. even though the surgery is over and it went very well, you can see the whole thing. back to you. >> thank you so much. we do have more on the breaking news we brought you at the top of this newscast. independence high school in san jose is under lockdown right now. we're told police are checking out a report that a student has been spotted with a gun near the school. the school's located on educational park drive. right now, this is only a report. but police are responding, just to check the area. right now we are told that nothing has been found. of course, we will keep you posted on information just as soon as we get it. of course, one of the many things we love about wednesday means we're creeping ever so close to the weekend.
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christine has sunshine to sprinkle all around it. >> it's one of those weekends where you can hit the beach in spring comfortably. it's going to feel like summer just about all weekend long and into next week. so i hope you like the warmer weather. this morning, we had a little bit more of a low cloud formation. that marine layer did move inland. as a result, we're a little bit cooler. however, what's left is kind of situated over the golden gate bridge right now. you can see that vividly from this live picture of san francisco where it's still in the 50s. 59 degrees in san francisco, versus 75 degrees in fairfield. what was really interesting here is the difference between san mateo and sunnyvale. san mateo at 61 degrees, still getting the cool marine air off the pacific, versus 75 degrees just 20 miles away in sunnyvale. so yeah, we're seeing the microclimates become distinguished. it's that time of year. cool conditions at the coast, warm inland. as we head throughout this afternoon, temperatures will end up just about as warm as they did yesterday in the inland
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cities. i can show you exactly why. you can see the weak onshore flow. still mostly cloudy at the coast. that goes for santa cruz as well, versus completely clear conditions, that was warming us up. more on the way as we head into this weekend. high pressure taking that storm track way to our north, well into canada. for us today, we'll see temperatures close to 90 degrees and above in some cities. i think gilroy will top out right around 90, 91 degrees. a little bit cooler at the coast today. tomorrow we'll start out mostly clear. we'll lose that onshore flow, so everybody heating up yet again for your thursday. and then we're going to tack on a couple more degrees as we head into your friday. so make sure you're ready for that. keep that summer wardrobe ready to go. upper 80ings, low 90s inland. we've got the giants on right here nbc bay area. so happy to have that game on our station. we are the giants station. they're taking on l.a. going to be a little bit mild and hazy.
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another way we beat l.a. as we head throughout the next couple of days, as you can see, temperatures stay on the warm side. coastal fog will be the situation again on friday. come this weekend, offshore flow pushes that marine layer way back out into the pacific and we'll start out mostly clear. 80s, even bayside. back to you guys. >> perfect. thank you, christina. new information on what was happening at an east bay tire shop before it went up in flames. california college students are running those numbers, just how much those tuition numbers are expected to increase. dw
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east bay tire shop employee is behind bars this morning accused of setting off illegal fireworks and then sparking a four-alarm fire. it was not a good scene. this was yesterday afternoon at
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blue star tires on the pittsburgh antioch border. that fire burned for more than three hours. flames just ripping through the tire shop. and then spreading to five more businesses. police arresting 32-year-old ready, from pittsburgh, on suspicion of starting that fire. two of his fellow employees suffered minor burns. uc students may want to put away extra money. uc leaders will ask regents next week to consider a 6% tuition hike next fall. that's an extra $732 a year. university administrators say the hike is necessary to avoid more layoffs, and class cutbacks. they say the extra money could cover most of next year's $139 million shortfall. but only if the governor's tax hike proposal passes to funded indication. up next, if king kong played chess, i'm guessing this is what it w looke it weighs more than two tons.
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finally this morning, a pretty good bet you would not find a chess player getting busted for steroids. but we can tell you down in st. louis, it looks like one of the chess pieces did just that. >> take a look at this. unveiled right here. the curtain came off a massive chess piece yesterday, which moved into the books as the largest in the world. >> wow. >> it is 14 1/2 feet tall, 6 feet wide at the base and it weighs 2,200 pounds. >> wow. >> it's big enough to set a new guinness world's record. the chess club and scholastic center of st. louis built the piece to kick off the 2012 u.s. women's chess championships, which starts today. >> checkmate, as long as it sits wherever it wants. >> i saw the chess pieces that were pretty big. >> run for the money. thanks so much for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. have a great day.
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