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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm bob redell with why the builder of these town homes that burned down here is suspicious of what happened here wednesday night. we'll take you live to santa clara coming up. more publicity coming today in the search for sierra lamar. why the story will be in the national spotlight. get the ball rolling or lose the funding. why federal officials are urging california lawmakers to move forward with the high-speed rail project. and a live look outside. golden gate bridge, you made it to friday, may 11th, this is "today in the bay." yes, yes, a very good friday morning to one and all, it's 4:30, i'm jon kelley.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. how about that forecast? >> good morning to you. you made it to friday and we had really good weather over the course of this mother's day weekend, especially if you're waking up with us bay side or at the coast. it'll be on the hot side inland today. make sure you're dressing for the summer. although, we do have changes next week. your full forecast in moments. first, let's see how your drive is shaping up on friday morning with mike. >> really light volume as you would expect for this time, especially a friday. but one accident on the peninsula. car went off the roadway into the bushes. there's no major accident, no major slowing obviously either. but we'll see flashing lights there around -- actually just below the parkway for this accident. this is just below a construction zone affecting the off ramp. but again, peninsula not showing any slowing for 101. watch as this activity continues, and i'll let you know if they have to close any lanes. this morning, the company building several town homes that burned to the ground says the fire does not make sense.
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>> it happened wednesday and firefighters were at the scene overnight. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with the latest. >> reporter: firefighters still out here more than 24 hours after this fire. a, to preserve the scene for the investigation, b, to make sure nothing rekindles. the plan yesterday was to let residents back into the buildings that were damaged by wednesday night's fire, but the fire department found new structural damage. as for the investigation as fire of this town home construction site was so large that santa clara fire has had to call in the county's arson task force to help them figure out the cause. we know if they haven't already, they want to speak with witnesses who saw someone pumping a liquid on this site a few hours before it caught fire. we spoke with the president of shea homes. they think it's odd this happened considering it did burn down around 10:00 that night, hours after the construction
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crew had left the site and gone home. >> no electrical, no plumbing yet. basically at the framing stage. unfortunately that means -- that's why you saw the kind of fire we had. >> reporter: and it was a very large fire. a five alarm, apparently the flames were so high in the air that people reported seeing them from a mile away. as far as the investigation, again, fire investigators are not only interviewing witnesses, also looking at cell phone video to help them out. they say it's going to take a while to figure out the cause. reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the ongoing search for sierra lamar reaching a national audience today. the morgan hill teenager disappeared. and tonight, the case will be featured on america's most wanted. last month a camera crew filmed volunteers searching for the 15-year-old and also interviewed sierra's parents. other than the discovery of her clothes and cell phone the day after she vanished, the only break in the case has been the recovery of a red jetta this
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week that may be connected to her disappearance. 4:33, friends of a high school football player in newark will say their good-byes tonight. a memorial service for futi will be held at the high school where he attended. he was stabbed to death nearly two weeks ago. tonight, services will begin at 6:00 p.m. his body will then be returned to his family in american samoa for burial. and in southern california, a public memorial service will be held for former nfl star junior seau, a celebration of his life will take place at the stadium. san diego's mayor as well as many former chargers players are scheduled to speak. a private viewing for family and friends was held on thursday night. seau took his own life on may 2nd. the family speaking out against his killer. mehserlie was appealing his
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conviction in the 2009 shooting death of the unarmed b.a.r.t. rider. grant's grandmother and other family members were talking about the appeal. he was convicted in 2010 and served 11 months of a two-year sentence before he was paroled. tonight, hundreds of east bay families taking matters into their own hands to crack down on prostitution. that'll be at 6:00, a rally will be held at 17th avenue and international boulevard to draw attention to the growing prostitution problem in the san mateo or san antonio or east lake neighborhoods of oakland. organizers want the city to come up with a strategy to try and fight prostitution, including community police partnerships and more targeting of johns and pimps. some progress has been made. more than 20 security cameras are now installed along international boulevard. this morning, u.c. berkeley's research farm in albany where occupy protesters have been living since last
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month is all sealed off. police are allowing people to leave the research site but not enter. the protesters on san palo avenue are being allowed to pass food and water over the fence to those inside. the land is used for plant research. occupy protesters want the university to turn over part of it for community farming. 4:36 right now. learning more about the man shot and killed by san francisco police on wednesday night. identified as 41-year-old dennis hughes. investigators suspect he beat his mother diane to death on tuesday in the home they shared in roanoke park and then stole her highlander. when police eventually confronted him, he started shooting at them. investigators found the missing high lander in that area. it appears president obama's support for gay marriage might be adding big-time money to his campaign. donations have been pouring in since the president made the announcement wednesday. the president raisie ining $15
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million at a dinner in l.a. last night, attended by hollywood celebrities. some of those in attendance paid up to $40,000 for that dinner, others bought a raffle ticket for just $23 for a chance to rub elbows with the president and hollywood's elite including george clooney. well, l.a., just the start of president obama, back in california coming up on may 23rd right here in the bay area. three fundraisers in one day. those will be in redwood city, palo alto, and abiton. 35,800 per person. >> and we want you to come to work the next day too. >> yeah, i'll be here. the u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood told jerry brown and lawmakers the obama administration will not wait until the fall deadline. instead, he's urging lawmakers to approve the rail project in the next budget vote next month.
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lahood want the government wants to make sure that they are committed before allocating the $3.3 billion to start construction. the $6 billion project is expected to start that construction next year. meantime, governor brown expected to release a revised budget statement next week. in oakland today, community advocates will hold a rally calling on the governor to keep funding for social safety net programs like medical, cal works and education. it is 4:38 right now and, of course, friday always feels good, but christina loren is here to tell us there's more reason to feel good because there's a lot of sunshine coming. >> good morning to you. temperatures are running mild in the south bay this morning. we're at 59 degrees in san jose versus popping up in napa.
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the microclimates are becoming more of a factor as we continuously warm up toward summertime. you can see vividly the contouring of this map. we're getting the cooler marine air. 59 in san jose, though, that's a good indication we're going to warm up close to 90 degrees. still dealing with very high pollen levels, as well. you want to keep that in mind. as we head through the next 48 hours, high pressure is going to be fully in control of our weather pattern. we're talking about hazy sunshine today and tomorrow, peak warmth seeing more of those mid-90s possibly triple digits on that temperature map. i'll get to your full forecast coming up. let's get you to work on time with mike. >> 101 heading up toward the area, passing shoreline into palo alto, you are restricted down to one lane. and we've seen this construction zone going on for the last week. no major slowing because of the light volume of traffic, and of course, you'll have to tap your brakes through the area. looking at 85 through 237 and the other spots for construction. 101 between story and tully, 280
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at the 880 interchange, construction spots there, and for the closed ramps, there are detours posted for these spots, as well. the expressway off of 85, that'll be closed until 5:00. another few minutes there. show you the volume of traffic and this is why it's not a big deal. you can see the lights coming underneath -- that's 280 at 17. let's move back to the maps up through the east bay and looking over at the maps again. 880 smoothly through fremont and milpedas. 92, san mateo to the north or 237 to the south. your alternates, to my knowledge, this is the first time they've closed the dumbarton bridge over the weekend for retrofit work going on. and we'll remind you again. >> thank you very much. well, on the peninsula, a well-known animal shelter getting a financial band-aid from the palo alto city council. agreeing to retain services until at least mid june.
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meantime, staffers of the palo alto humane society exploring ways to increase revenue and close a budget deficit. also hoping to convince the council not to outsource the animal services. still ahead, a new weapon in the fight against obesity, the new weight loss drug that could be headed to your pharmacy. and facebook bringing its road show right here back to the silicon valley where ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to meet with investors today. and how far is too far? people reacting to the cover photo on "time" magazine showing a mother breast-feeding her toddler. is it sending the right message? and, of course, you know what to do for all your news, weather, traffic and all sorts of good things. check us out on bofafacebook. merely search nbc bay area. see you in a minute. ce
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welcome back, everybody. we give you a spanning shot over san francisco. you can see the bay bridge all lit up. way out there in the distance. it's going to be a nice day outside today and all weekend long. christina loren will tell you how nice coming up in minutes. it is 4:44. facebook's road show returns to the bay area today. ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to meet personally and with prospective investors ahead of
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the company's ipo. zuckerberg was in new york earlier this week to kick off that road show, but skipped a few of the other stops. facebook is expected to put about $10 billion worth of shares at its ipo next friday. yahoo's embattled ceo tells the company's top executives he never lied about his education. a source closely involved with the matter says thompson blamed the executive search room for that error. the incorrect information listed a computer science degree appeared on thompson's online bio. yahoo shareholder has been behind a campaign to remove thompson. well, it's obvious the angry birds have made their makers extremely happy. the super powered birds being launched at pigs reaching another incredible milestone. how about this? 1 billion down loads. the games tied to the hit franchise have been downloaded 1
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billion times across several platforms, including android, apple's ios, and last month announcing the latest game angry birds space topped 50 million down loads during the first 35 days. >> isn't that amazing? >> mind blowing. >> yeah, it has. going to check the forecast right now. it is friday. >> imagine all the productivity. >> yeah. >> a lot. >> good morning to you. whether you're going to be productive or not on a friday, the weather is going to be beautiful for outdoor activity. good sleeping in weather this morning for you, as well. 52 degrees in livermore. we're at 50 in san mateo and 51 degrees in san francisco. if you don't want to get out of bed, it's going to stay nice and comfortable. you don't have to do so to adjust that thermostat. temperatures will be downright perfect today, for the first part of the day inland and all day long by the water staying nice and comfortable. we still have to deal with this high pollen count. and i want to point out a couple of things. when it comes to the high pollen levels, you'll notice our hills, they are alive in green right now. that's the reason we've all been
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sneezing and having to deal with those really, really high pollen levels. as we continuously dry out, those hills will progressively get more and more brown. hence our pollen levels will come down. we are getting into a better state for that next week in particular. high pressure, though, is going to keep things nice and dry and breezy for today. so you want to limit outdoor activities if you have been suffering from the season. you can see here, high pressure is going to move in quickly. tomorrow it's going to set up over the great basin. for today, bringing your temperatures up about 5 degrees from yesterday's highs. tomorrow, peak warmth, 93 degrees in livermore. going to be a hot saturday. cooling you down a little bit for mother's day. but again, on the warm side. if you want to take mom out for brunch outdoors, you'll want to do so between the hours of 10:00 and maybe 1:00, and it's going to get downright hot in the bay area. 85 degrees monday, leveling off through next week but staying on the warm side. hot inland versus nice at the water. back to you guys. >> christina, thank you very
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much. we found out it's going to be hot for that forecast. see what's happening on wall street and get a check of the markets. jackie live at cnbc world headquarters. good friday morning. >> good friday morning to you, jon. well, the futures are lower ahead of the open today. the banking sector is going to be in focus as jpmorgan shocked investors by revealing it lost $2 billion of its own money on bad trade. jamie dimon has staked the reputation on a strong balance sheet, he said the losses were a result of bad judgment. they dropped in the after hours as did the other bank stocks. and here in the u.s., we'll get data on inflation and consumer sentiment. we saw the dow snapping a six-day losing streak rising 20 points to 12,855. the nasdaq slipping one point to 2,933. meantime, mortgage rates continuing to fall. freddie mac saying the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan
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slipped to 3.83% from 3.84% last week. worries about europe's decrisis pushing investors into the safety of bonds. that pushes the yields down tieing the mortgage to the yield on the ten-year treasury note. watch shares of arena pharmaceutical as an fda panel voted in favor of the new weight loss drug. the pill is called lorcacerin. one of three weight loss drugs right now vying for fda approval. that's it for us here at cnbc. back over to you. >> live at cnbc world headquarters, thank you very much. have you seen it yet? "time" magazine's new cover getting plenty of attention and sparking lots of discussion. >> it's shocking. >> is that real? >> there you go. take a look for yourself if you haven't. reaction to the magazine cover photo of a mother breast-feeding her son who will soon turn 4.
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the article was about an internationally known pediatrician who talks about attachment parenting. but the cover is what everyone was talking about. peggy is a member of the nursing mothers council, a support group for mothers who are or plan on breast-feeding their children. she says she breast-fed all three of her children, her son up to 4 years old. >> my kids are 19 and 17 and 14, and they're perfectly well adjusted and they're not clingy and they're not weird. >> mother no longer feels it's appropriate for her lifestyle, her well being or her needs, it's probably not necessary to push it beyond a year. >> the doctor says the year recommended -- the year is recommended but it's up to the mother, of course, to decide when to stop. >> bottom line, "time" magazine doing what it wanted, getting a lot of attention. >> we're talking about it. the drug that's bringing hope for fighting that virus coming up next.
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plus, cyclists gearing up for the 2012 tour of america. >> well, we really are, aren't we? we like to think we are. and we're looking at the roadways, a smooth drive on four wheels, as well, highway 24 heading to the bay bridge. construction around it, i'll show you where the slow downs are coming up. hey, your high speed internet here at home...
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welcome back, everybody. still kind of dark outside as we give you a live look at san jose. that is hp pavilion. think about this, it's early, but it's friday. that means the day has a lot of it ahead of it. enjoy it, it is 4:54. there is new hope this morning. the fight against hiv. an fda advisory panel has endorsed the first drug shown to prevent hiv infection in healthy people. the panel voted 19-3 to approve it. i'm going to pronounce this right. it's truvada. for healthy patients who are at high risk of contracting the disease through sexual intercourse. the fda normally follows the panel's advice. a final decision is expected by
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june 15th. all right, we are days away from the seventh annual amgen tour of california. the bike race kicking off in santa rosa before heading to san francisco and santa cruz county. stage three starts tuesday in san jose before wining through contra costa county and finishing through livermore. the racers will make their way through parts of central california before finishing things up down in l.a. on may 20th. >> all right. let's get things over around here. check the morning commute with mike. >> talking about friday, folks, looking at getting off work. and these guys and gals, the first to show the area. 680, sycamore valley. both directions have construction blocking a lane or two on either side, but we don't see any slowing through the san ramon valley. a nice easy drive. watch for that equipment to move closer to 6:00 and i'll watch for slowing then. getting away from the bay bridge. berkeley curve up to university. one, maybe two lanes blocked at the most, but really no slowing.
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opposite your main commute and too early, so far, to show any slowing there, westbound's fine, 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge. and a live look outside end with a shot of the coliseum. you're under 15 minutes from 238 in san leandro all the way up to the toll plaza. nice clear view, we'll watch as this continues to develop. friday, things start to slow later, but they still slow. >> thank you very much. we're not talking about spiderman from the movies, it's the french daredevil nicknamed spiderman. >> he climbed france's tallest skyscraper on thursday. >> spiderman, spiderman -- >> some usually end up with him in handcuffs. a little bit of applause, but this time he had permission from the owners of the 758-foot tall building in paris. took him an hour and a half to get to the top with no safety
4:57 am
harness and using only his bare hands. pretty amazing. >> i wonder if that guy's ever heard of an elevator. >> easier. >> faster. still ahead on "today in the bay," a lifeline for low-income families in the south bay. how they're bringing homes and jobs. plus, how did it start? investors trying to figure out the source of a massive fire at a construction site in santa clara. what we're now learning from the developer next. and for all your news, weather, traffic, and updates, make sure to check us out. come on and join the party, search nbc bay area news.
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good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll tell you what the builder has to say about the five-alarm fire that destroyed their town homes wednesday night. we're taking you here live to santa clara coming up. and u.c. police put another squeeze on activists that occupy the farm. but the activists are getting a bigger support system. i'm christie smith coming up in a live report.


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