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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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summer-like weather. today another scorcher inland versus comfortable conditions by the bay. your full forecast moments away. and we're looking at traffic flowing on the north bay. 101 toward the bridge. but i have an accident we're following on the peninsula, as well. details and any slowing coming up. and a live look outside, a beautiful bay bridge, made it to friday, may 11th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, and thanks so much for joining us on this friday morning. 5:00 right now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jon kelley, and we have new details on the devastating townhouse fire, the man building the complex says the likelihood wednesday's five-alarm blaze was an accident just doesn't add up. bob redell is there live with the latest on the investigation that's keeping some people out of their homes for a second day. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, jon.
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the plan was to let people back into the two buildings that were damaged by wednesday night's fire. and you can see the construction site that was destroyed in the background are those two buildings, might be hard to see in the dark here. plan was to let them in yesterday, but the fire department discovered new damage inside. they're holding off until repairs can be made and those buildings can be safe. as for the investigation, investigators aren't giving us any information. they did tell us the fire was so large at this construction site that they did have to call in the county's arson task force to help them figure out the cause. we know they do want to speak with witnesses who saw someone pumping a liquid on the site. and here's something else that raises questions, the builders of these town homes, they tell us there was no electricity on-site yet. >> the fact that we were still at the framing stage, and that no one was on-site for over
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three to four hours, it's odd. >> reporter: the fire investigators are not only interviewing witnesses, but they're looking at a number of cell phone videos, perhaps like the one you're looking at right now that shows how large this fire was. they say it is going to take a while to figure out exactly what caused it. reporting live in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:02 right now. a teenage girl facing attempted murder charges for allegedly setting her boyfriend's bed on fire while he was sleeping. 18-year-old jacqueline rosera slipped into her boyfriend's home and used some sort of accelerant to set that mattress on fire. the man's dad doused the flames but not before he suffered minor burns on his hands and arms. investigators say she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. well, tonight, the search for sierra lamar goes from local to national. the case will be featured on "america's most wanted."
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just last month, the camera crew followed volunteers as they search for the 15-year-old. they also interviewed her parents. now santa clara sheriff's deputies say the girl was likely abducted at a bus stop back on march 16th. the parents of a high school football star should be celebrating his graduation in a few weeks. but instead, they're planning a funeral. tonight a memorial service will be held for futi. he died after being found stabbed outside a house party in fremont in late april. another teen has been arrested in connection with the killing. three juveniles have been charged with accessories. tonight's memorial starts at 6:00. and in san diego, a public memorial service will be held for former nfl star junior seau who took his own life may 2nd. many former chargers will speak at the ceremony. and happening right now, a very tense standoff at another
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occupy protest. right now, police have sealed off a 10-acre site in albany where the occupiers have been squatting for weeks now. christie smith is live at that scene where officers are keeping a very strict watch on who's coming and who's going. christie, good morning. >> good morning to you. well, that's exactly right. what's happening is that u.c. police have effectively sealed off the land that the activists have been on since april 22nd. they sealed it off this morning. there is a lock on the gate for people walking in. they can no longer walk in and also for cars that was put up a couple of days ago. now there's a support system going on outside of the gill tract for water and other things that people who occupy the encampment might need. on the other side of the fence, tents and sleeping bags still here this morning. the activists pitched tents and planted crops to protest potential development and the u.c.'s plans here. but a university spokesperson told us their researchers really need to get access in here soon,
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but they're trying to come up with some kind of a compromise for those who want to sustain urban farming. but one supporter outside thought it sounded pretty vague to him. >> yeah, if u.c. berkeley is willing to actually take us seriously and talk seriously and respectfully for that matter about ensuring urban agriculture has a place in this community like the people who live here want to, then maybe. but i think most of us are here for the long haul. >> reporter: now, earlier this week, uc police put up those cement barricades to cars. now people walking can't get in. there is security out here, private security. we see more private security officers than we do u.c. police. overall, things are pretty calm and i wanted to show you there is a pallet that people are using on one side of the fence, another one on the other side. and they're basically using that as a ladder and we see them hopping over the fence and
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helping people out. so far the security don't seem to mind. they're not doing anything about that. some of the activists are also telling us that they're hoping to plan a rally for the folks inside on sunday. reporting live in albany, christie smith, "today in the bay." 5:06. and today oakland mayor jean quan will rally in support for california women and families. deeper cuts are reportedly looming in the budget scenario. and could come in the form of layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts. right now the state deficit is about $10 million which is higher than the governor's january estimate. today's rally will be held at noon. christina loren is joining us in the nbc bay area weather center. lots of folks looking forward to the weekend. plans for mother's day. >> lots of sunshine. going to be looking good. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling all right. i'm not a mother. if i was a mother, i'd probably feel a little bit better. we have to honor all the moms
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out there, including our own laura garcia-cannon. she's got three. she's going to triple up on the gifts. 53 in san mateo, 56 in san jose. so if you're getting your little ones ready for school this morning, you want to make sure they're dressed cool for the hot day inland. a little bit on the warm side, even in san francisco, i'm going 80 degrees in the city today. and then as we head throughout the weekend, near record heat. it is going to be even hotter for your saturday. temperatures warmer than we have seen them all yearlong so far. so make sure you're ready for that. i'm talking about the 90s. so no triple digits just yet. i think we might see maybe 98 degrees in places like gilroy. we're going to hold off on the triple digits, be kind for a another couple of weeks. temperatures running on the mild side, we're in the 50s, in the 70s by noon inland, and at the coast, you'll see a comfortable day today, 67 degrees at noon translating to 75 at 4:00 p.m. when our daytime highs come in. your full forecast is moments away.
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i'll let you know what to expect in your city for you and mom this year. 5:07. here's a proud dad. >> yeah, and i'm trying to figure out for the mom in our families. we're going to do dinner, cards, and we'll see what else we're doing. we're following an accident on the peninsula. no injuries reported. a tree was injured because the car went off the roadway on the side of the road southbound side right around the south san francisco exit. we have a tow truck on scene as well as chp and flares are out. just stay away from the slow lanes, stay over to your left as you pass through the area. no major slowing, but it's also in the area where we have construction closing the off ramp. so a couple of zones there with flashing lights and bright lights. the peninsula moves smoothly into and out of san francisco. construction away from the bridge. berkeley curve up to university and berkeley. construction, but no slowing opposite your main commute. we're hearing now train 518 coming out of richmond into berkeley will be delayed.
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some sort of accident on the tracks, we heard similar information union pacific called berkeley pd for assistance involving an accident. no details whether there's injuries or the impact on your morning commute. we'll get that detail and bring it in to you as it comes in the newsroom. 5:09. coming up, why video game shares are taking a dive. also, a shock jock going prime time. the king of all media, aka howard stern had to clean up his act in the spotlight. plus, a look at yahoo's ceo with the latest explanations as to what went wrong and a bank loses billions in a matter of weeks. and a live look outside. golden gate bridge, not a lot of traffic to report. it is friday. and for the latest news, traffic, and weather and all sorts of spectacular things, check us out on facebook, search nbc bay area.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside. hp pavilion in downtown san jose. not a lot of traffic through there right now. we'll check the morning commute, though coming up in a little bit. and of course, the all-important weekend forecast. the head of yahoo has explained to his co-workers why the world thought he had a computer science degree when he didn't. scott thompson is blaming someone else. >> according to people, jon, who sat in on this meeting, thompson says the error about his college degree was introduced by a low-level staffer at a head hunting agency which was recruiting him for a job. now, i gave a call to them, based in chicago yesterday but i haven't heard anything back.
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thompson says he never looked at the document the firm created and then the document was used to write his online bio at p paypal and yahoo. he never noticed the problem because not once did he ever look at his online bio. as for an actual resume, which presumably he would write himself, he said he never used one to get the job at yahoo. whether he has a computer science degree, he doesn't, or an accounting degree, which he does, probably isn't as important as his overall credibility. here's charlene lee weighing in. >> as a leader, it comes from your source of ceredibility. obviously his credibility has been shot to pieces. >> charlene will be on press here this sunday. something called the volcker rule will go into effect. it prevents banks from making
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certain bets with your money. the kind of bets that can go terribly wrong. the kind of bets that jpmorgan chase just made. >> good morning to you, scott. that's exactly right. the banking sector in focus today after jpmorgan shocked investors by revealing it lost $2 billion of its own money on bad trades in the global credit markets. ceo jamie dimon staked the bank's reputation on a good balance sheet. jpmorgan shares dropped sharply in after hours sessions last night. we saw the asian and european markets lower today and the u.s. futures are lower ahead of the open, as well. meantime, in the u.s., data on inflation as well as consumer sentiment. and yesterday, we saw the dow snap a six-day losing streak rising 20 points to 12,855. the nasdaq slipping one point to 2,933. and other stories, who's buying video games? well, no one apparently. a new report showing sales fell
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32%. that's mostly due to a lack of new and compelling games and the early easter holiday. the industry could get a boost this month, though, as activision releases a new version of its popular game. >> thank you very much. jon, i can think of one video game that still does pretty well. it's those birds, right? >> you got that right. pretty well, bold understatement. the angry birds making their makers extremely happy. the superpowered birds being launched at pigs have reached yet another incredible milestone. how about 1 billion down loads? yes, the game tied to their hit franchise have been downloaded 1 billion times across several platforms including android and apple's ios. and last month announcing the latest game angry birds space has topped 50 million down loads in just its first 35 days of release. >> that is amazing. >> that's a lot. >> just regular video game sales. >> it's common place. stuffed animals and things, t-shirts. >> kids recognize it, that's for
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sure. >> i'm not mad at them. >> how about your mama? are you ready for mother's day this year? >> i'm so ready. >> good thing. we've got a good-looking forecast ready to go. and you kids need to plan, those video games, put them away on sunday. 50 degrees in livermore, 52 in sunnyvale to start you out, a nice, mild morning all across the bay area. we are headed towards kind of a scorcher inland today depending on where you're waking up with us. the microclimates making for a warm day inland versus mild conditions at the coast. even 80 degrees in san francisco is above average for this time of year. so make sure you're dressing for summer although we are still in spring. not getting any of that may gray this morning. mostly clear start, might see a little bit of fog hugging the coastline through the next couple of hours, but right now, clear as a bell. and we'll start to show you those live shots as the sun makes an appearance. looks like sunrise this morning will be at 6:04. now, mother's day, if you wanted
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to take your mom to the beach, comfortable conditions. 72 degrees at noon, that means 76 degrees at 4:00 p.m. really, really nice day in santa cruz. going to be cooler in half moon bay and pacifica. if you wanted to take your mom up to san francisco, that's probably the best beach looking for the warm sunshine. you want to get a tan with mom this year. 89 in los gatos, and tomorrow, peak warmth, temperatures climbing into the mid-90s. maybe even some upper 90s in places like gilroy, 93 degrees saturday, 88 sunday, mother's day looking good for outdoor activities by the water. 82 degrees as the high in san francisco, 88 in livermore. let's check your drive with mike. we're looking again over at the east shore freeway and the construction away from the bay bridge. that is not the concern on that side of the bay. in fact, looking at the rails we're talking about. had earlier reports of an accident. i want to get out of your way. we're looking at the capital corridor service. train 518 going out of berkeley
5:18 am
and towards richmond. they left berkeley on time but did not reach the richmond station. an accident delaying the capital corridor service. i don't know whether or not it actually involved train 518, we're still trying to find that out. but what i can tell you is because of that delay, folks in richmond are waiting now. you can take b.a.r.t. up to the transfer station, no delays in the b.a.r.t. system. that'll get you on your way heading out of the area. we'll track that and see if that affects trains coming into the area, as well. meanwhile, we'll track the live look outside across the bridge. golden gate bridge at a smooth drive despite the haze here. visibility, those lights clearly visible all across from the north bay where there are no delays in novato. you look back out to the maps and look to the south bay where we're seeing construction picking up in these spots, 85, 237, still some crews there, as well as 85 closing that off ramp and tully on the northbound 101. the onramp will reopen in 20 to
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30 minutes a smooth drive. yesterday moved smoothly, but already for 580 out of the pass, we have slowing into livermore and that means more traffic getting toward the dublin interchange and pleasanton, as well, guys. back to you. thanks a lot, mike. and new this morning, new homes and new hope. today the city of san jose celebrating the opening of an unusual, affordable housing project. the twist here, it was built on what used be toxic land. "today in the bay" is live at the site to explain all. good morning, marla. >> reporter: jon, good morning, this is the family apartments south san jose. this is off monterey highway. we're at the grand entrance. it's about four stories, includes 92 homes, 1 to 3 bedrooms each, for families who make up to $57,000 a year. now the project it broke ground in the fall of 2010, turned out to cost about $28 million.
5:20 am
now here's the thing, this two-acre property used to include an auto wrecking yard and that spoiled the land. much of it was deemed toxic with high levels of led. but thanks to a sizable grant from the state department of toxic substances control. and right here, this is the finished product. so today, there is an official grand opening set for noon. san jose city officials will be here including the vice mayor. we're also told people who live here will be here for the grand opening today. by the looks, there's plenty of parking out here, cars and can see some lights on inside. i do believe that people already do, in fact, call this home. live in south san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> it is 5:20 right now. coming up, will michelle obama's latest fashion statement be a cap and gown? why she's going back to school. plus, usually it's the soldiers who surprise their families, this time it's the
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welcome back, everyone. good friday to you. it's 5:23 right now. nbc's hit variety show "america's got talent" returns on monday. the buzz on the show heightened because of one of the show's judges. piers morgan is gone and in his place, that guy, radio shock jock howard stern. stern hosting a radio show well known for its adult language,
5:24 am
little controversy. howie mandel says shock jock is just one element of stern's personality. >> i'm blunt to the point and there's no nonsense. >> i think you're going to see sides of him you've never seen before. he absolutely is compassionate, emotional, edgy and honest, but all those factor into being a really good judge. >> this could be it. >> this could be it. we'll see how it goes. you can catch season 7 on monday night at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. first lady michelle obama hitting the college commencement circuit. we've got video of mrs. obama speaking to graduates at northern iowa last year. today, she will address more than 5,000 graduates at virginia tech. mrs. obama will also give commencement speeches this spring at north carolina and oregon state university. busy, busy circuit there. >> very inspirational. she's on the move with campaign season. 5:24, let's look ahead at today and the weekend.
5:25 am
>> oh, you made it to friday. congratulations, and conditions are downright comfortable this morning in many of your inland cities. 46 degrees, but elsewhere, we're talking about 56 in san jose. on our way to the 70s. upper 70s by noon today. and we'll round out the day with a couple 90s on your temperature map. your full forecast and seven-day outlook in moments, i'll have your mother's day forecast ready to go. let's check your drive with mike. >> the drive is all right. but we'll look at the rails because that's affecting the commute. berkeley into richmond, the capital corridor train 518 has not made it to the destination. also an accident on the tracks in the area likely affecting if not involving that train. we're tracking that. east shore freeway an alternate as well as transfer over at the richmond transfer station north of there getting past the slow down. but in the city, another issue for the rails. this involves a 24th street mission station that is currently closed because of police activity. 15th and mission, eight blocks
5:26 am
is open. transit going through the 24th street station, but no one is allowed on or off or into the station because of that activity which had both of these incidents, guys, on the rails. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. and this is a heartwarming and heart-melting home coming. a u.s. marine returning home for a visit and getting the reception of a lifetime from his 6-year-old son. sergeant jeremy cooney returning after seven months in afghanistan. and the gift his son michael walking into his arms. michael has cerebral palsy. doctors say he would never ever walk on his own. but the boy defying the odds, learning to walk while his father was away. that is just -- >> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. >> one of my favorite stories ever. his family kept it a secret until that actual homecoming. he sees him after all that time having no idea this was going to happen. the little boy just the power of just his fortitude to be able to
5:27 am
walk to welcome his dad home. >> thanks, now i'm going to be red the whole show. >> what a beautiful sight. >> amazing. that really is amazing. it's 5:27 right now. coming up, the feds tell california to speed up on plans for high-speed rail. the crucial vote that could bring the project to a grinding halt. now my contact -- >> well worth that. speaking out about sex and trade. how oakland is trying to keep young girls safe out on the streets. and the appeal from mehserlie to get back on the force. what he's saying about the controversial request.
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. good morning, i'm bob redell, with why the builder is raising suspicion over the fire that burned down their town homes here wednesday night in santa clara. we're taking you here live coming up. and plenty of 50s to start you out. headed toward the low 90s in the lowest cities across the bay.
5:30 am
your seven-day in just minutes. and watching the roads and the rails, we have one train stopped, one station closed. i'll bring you details on your alternates, ways around it coming up. and a live look outside, a very nice start to the day. live over san jose. yes, feel good about it. we have a friday, may 11th, "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us on this friday morning, it is 5:30, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details on the massive five-alarm fire in santa clara. the builder of three town homes went up in flames wednesday. the possibility that the fire was an accident doesn't add up. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live where firefighters are still at the scene. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, and unfortunately, some people not here are the residents who live here. there were three buildings
5:31 am
evacuated. one has been released. yesterday the fire department was supposed to release two more buildings that were damaged by the fire. you see the fire burned, a construction site in the foreground the buildings are in the background. they found damage in those buildings holding off on the release. to be determined when the people will be allowed to go back in. this construction site was so large that santa clara fire had to call in the arson task force to help them figure out the cause. we know if they haven't already, they do want to speak to witnesses who saw someone pumping a liquid on to this construction site a few hours before it caught fire. we have spoken with the president of shea homes, or the builder, and they think it's odd this happened considering that this took place around 10:00 at night. that was hours after the construction crew had left the site and gone home. >> no electrical, no plumbing yet. it was just basically still at the framing stage. unfortunately that means it was, you know, that's why you saw the kind of fire that we'd had.
5:32 am
>> we know that investigators are not only interested in talking with witnesses, but also taking a look at the cell phone video that people snapped and took video of of this fire wednesday night. it was a very large fire. five alarm, so large that people were reporting seeing the flames from as far as a mile away. and as far as the investigation, it's going to be a while, they tell us, before they determine a cause. reporting live in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." we are learning more about the man shot to death by san francisco police. police say 41-year-old dennis hughes beat his mother to death on tuesday. he then stole her suv and hold up at his girlfriend's lower knob hill apartment. that's where police confronted him last night. and when he fired at officers, they shot him and killed him. hughes killed his mother because he was angry she was kicking him out, investigators say. just a few hours from now, the family of grant will be back
5:33 am
in front of cameras talking about the officer convicted of killing their son. grant's mother wanda johnson will hold a conference to renounce his hearing this week appealing his conviction. oscar grant was unarmed when he shot and killed him at the b.a.r.t. station. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter two years ago and served 11 months of a two-year sentence. tonight, hundreds of families taking matters into their own hands to crack down on prostitution. at 6:00, a rally will be held at 17th avenue and international boulevard to try and draw attention to the growing prostitution problem there in the san antonio and east lake neighborhoods. jean quan and howard jordan planning to speak. organizers say a strategy to help fight prostitution, including community police partnerships and more targeting of johns and pimps. more than 20 security cameras are now installed along international boulevard. well, the clock is ticking for california to make a
5:34 am
decision on high-speed rail or risk losing funding. a u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood says the obama administration will not wait until fall for a vote on that high-speed rail. instead, the administration is urging lawmakers to approve it in a budget vote next month. lahood says the obama administration wants to make sure the commitment is still there. jerry brown and the california high-speed rail authority want to start building that rail project by early next year using a combination of state and federal funds. we're just a little less than an hour from the opening bell on wall street. and the buzz heading into the day, jpmorgan chase's announcement it lost, lost $2 billion in just a couple of weeks. scott mcgrew live in our newsroom flabbergasted, really calling into question what banks are doing with your money. >> and that's been washington's concern all along. what jpmorgan chase did will be against the rules, but not until later this summer. you want some more irony?
5:35 am
the head of jpmorgan chase was the leading critic against that rule, nicknamed the volcker rule, the rule that would've saved his bank billions. we're still sorting it out, but what seems to have happened is one banker in london made bets the economy would get better. these bets called hedges are supposed to help banks protect their investments. the same sort of derivatives that brought down the financial system back in 2008. after the financial crash, washington set in place certain rules like the volcker rule to prevent this same thing from happening again. the head of jpmorgan admits he has egg on his face now. jpmorgan chase owns chase bank, but your money in chase bank is completely unaffected. this company makes billions of dollars per quarter. i hate to say that it can afford to lose $2 billion in a couple of weeks laura and jon, but technically it really can. and that is separate money. so don't worry about your own
5:36 am
investment, but as far as your infor investments in jpmorgan chase go, that's probably a concern. >> very interesting. thanks so much, scott. >> like a flashback to 2008. 5:36 right now, let's toss it over to christina loren to take a look at another spectacular day. >> a live look over san francisco from high atop san bruno mountain. and we took you to the top to show you very, very little of marine layer this morning. that means that sunshine's going to come in early and warm us up off the bat. 56 degrees this morning in san jose and 50 in livermore. as we head through the afternoon, we're going to stay mostly clear. a little bit of fog, ragged patches are anticipated right at the coast. sticking to those coastal mountains near half moon bay. they're not going to last long. as of this afternoon, completely clear conditions, 3 to 6 degrees warmer as a result. and tomorrow, we could be breaking a few temperature records. i'll let you know if your city is on track to do so. today it all works out like this. 69 bay side and 67 degrees at the coast. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures
5:37 am
warming up to about 88 degrees inland. it's going to be warm inland. dress in layers. 5:37. let's see if there's any problems on a friday morning with mike. >> christina, the roadways are looking light. the issue is on the rails. so, first, we'll talk about b.a.r.t. early word that the 24th station at mission has been closed because of police activity. but there may have been a change in the last few minutes. for now, count on using the 16th station a little to the north on the same roadway eight blocks away. and more updates on whether or not 24th has reopened. there was earlier police activity. stay clear just to be safe. b.a.r.t. will also get you around the delay for the capital corridor lines. you can take b.a.r.t. to the richmond transfer station and that should get you around the activity that is right now stopping trains for the capital corridor line. we're looking at construction, which is not a big deal opposite your commute for the east shore freeway. just a lane heading up to university and gillman. but the train has stopped, trains 518 heading out of
5:38 am
berkeley didn't get to richmond because they're stuck behind a freight train which has hit a car on the tracks there stopping service right now and if you get up to richmond, you might be able to take a train out of the area. but capital corridor has yet to give us more details on that. we'll track that and i'll send it out via twitter and facebook. and even on friday at this hour, we still have antioch slowing, although much more mild than monday through thursday. down into the 40s as you're approaching love ridge, summersville. no big surprises for your roadways. it's 5:38, and we're just days away from the seventh annual amgen tour of california. the bicycle race kicks off sunday in santa rosa before heading to san francisco and santa cruz county. stage three starts tuesday in san jose before winding through. finishing in livermore. races will eventually make their way through parts of central california before finishing up in los angeles on may 20th. >> it is 5:38 right now. coming up, it's a political push
5:39 am
and shove. the president shakes hands while romney goes on the defensive. we'll tell you who has the upper hand just ahead. and a boardwalk buckles beneath tourists. scary moments in atlantic city just ahead. and for the latest news, traffic, and weather, check us out on facebook. just jump on nbc bay area. ♪
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inelering.more choices and fewer calories, breaking news in brooklyn where a freight train has crashed. christie smith live with the latest. christie, can you hear me? okay. this is a live picture of the freight train and i believe it has crashed into a car out there. this has -- yeah on the left-hand side you can see it there. this at first it was coming in that it could affect the capital corridor line. there will certainly be delays this morning. we do have a crew there live on the scene gathering information, as well. we'll find out if any injuries were involved or the extent of
5:42 am
how long it could possibly take to get everything moving again. all right. two people injured after part of that atlantic city boardwalk collapsed there. you can see this, wow, what a mess. very scary moment as it collapsed injuring two people. officials believe some rocks were knocked loose and they struck the concrete pillars that caused the collapse on thursday. two injured people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. atlantic city engineers investigating the cause of this collapse. this morning, president obama continues his tour of western states leaving los angeles for nevada to talk about the economy. live on capitol hill this morning. tracie, the president spent days shaking hands raking in campaign cash while his opponent has been busy apologizing, but it's been controversial for both sides. >> it has and both of those issues surrounding the same-sex marriage issue that the president endorsed, it actually seemed to boost his donations,
5:43 am
at least in california. you had that big $40,000 a plate dinner down in the l.a. area last night at george clooney's home. the president apparently the center of the single biggest campaign fundraiser ever. democrats say donations have been pouring in since the president said he would support same-sex marriage. meantime, vice president joe biden has apologized for jumping the gun and announcing his support a few days before the president did. republicans say they're going to use this in the fall as a key difference between president obama and mitt romney. but mitt romney is dealing with other issues regarding same-sex, not so much marriage, but when he was in high school, whether or not he was a prep school bully, the washington post came out with a report saying that he harassed a gay student by tracking him down in his dorm with other students, pinning him down, and then romney cut his hair off. romney says he doesn't remember that but did a lot of stupid things in high school as he put it that he apologized for.
5:44 am
brand new this morning, a statement to nbc from the family of that student saying that the portrayal of the student is factually incorrect and that it would be used to further a political agenda. >> thank you very much, tracie. tonight the investigative unit continues to follow your money. this time, more than $1 million tax dollars spent to study erectile dysfunction in overweight middle-aged men and the accurate reporting of a person's sexual history. chief investigative reporter asking why you paid for it. >> the first sense of the description reads, improving self-reports about high-risk sexual behavior. >> right. >> that says to me that they're trying to get people to more accurately report their high-risk sexual behavior. >> yes, that's exactly what it says. >> as part of the federal stimulus program, taxpayers spent $1.2 million to fund that study.
5:45 am
the money went to the university of california san francisco. it paid for 200 videotaped interviews using a new conversational interviewing technique. when you do the math, that's $6,000 an interview. >> i think the average person's going to look at $1.2 million to interview 200 people and say, wow. >> i understand that people could look at this and have issues with it. but, you know, this is research. >> i don't think most taxpayers think that would be a justified spending of stimulus money to conduct a sex study over fixing bridges and roads that, you know, are crumbling every day. >> scott amy serves as general counsel for a watchdog group in washington, d.c. >> i guess the real question is, does the american public approve of a sex study being conducted? was it the original intent of the stimulus spending is to fund a sex study?
5:46 am
>> there is no doubt the federal stimulus program has helped the economy. our questions center on some of the more questionable decisions of distributing that money. tonight at 11:00, more on that grand standing, plus you also pay to study erectile dysfunction in overweight middle-aged men. we ask why. nbc bay area news. 5:46 right now. breaking news in berkeley where a freight train has crashed into a truck. "today in the bay's" christie smith live with the latest. christie? >> reporter: good morning to you. well, right now investigators are on the scene. i want to step to the side to show you what it is they're looking at. this burgundy pickup truck here and the amtrak train. they're not sure exactly how this happened. i spoke with one worker on scene and he said mainly the pickup was parked a little bit too close. one thing i do know is that parking right now -- there are at least four cars that are
5:47 am
parked very close to these tracks. so, again, investigators haven't spoken with us yet, but that's what one worker said he believes may have happened. i spoke with the berkeley fire department this morning and what they're telling me is that there were no injuries involved. and at this point, though, it is impacting -- this is a capital corridor train here on 3rd and camilia street. service is impacted this morning. i do have calls into amtrak and union pacific, as well to try and see when they might have an eta of when this might be cleared up. i haven't heard back. the good news is, again, at least no one is hurt. but i can tell you the train hasn't moved at all. a number of investigators, we believe that a tow truck is on the way to try and move the pickup truck. but for now, everything is basically at a stand still. so something you might want to keep in nind if you ride the train this morning. that's what we have from here reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, "today in the
5:48 am
bay." >> thank you very much, christie. >> let's check in with christina loren to look ahead at the weekend and a good day today, as well. >> great day today, especially right by the water. bay side conditions will be phenomenal. let's start with your look over the bay bridge this morning. just a gorgeous day shaping up. oakland and san francisco seeing very little of that marine layer. as a result, the sunshine coming in early. going to warm you up to the 80s today. it's going to be kind of warm in the city. you want to dress in layers because some cities are seeing temperatures in the 40s. even napa whereas we're in the mid-50s in san jose to start. so you don't even need that jacket this morning in the south bay. as we head throughout the afternoon, you're peeling off your first layer buy noon with temperatures climbing into the upper 70s and looks like a couple low 80s at noon today, as well in places like gilroy and morgan hill. sunny conditions for today, filtered sunshine, a little hazy out there. tomorrow, we're going to be even warmer as conditions warm up. high pressure taking control of our weather pattern. bringing your temperatures up into the mid-90s. i'm going 93 degrees tomorrow in
5:49 am
livermore. that translates to 91 degrees here in san jose. and really nice conditions right by the beach. when we drop your temps by about 5 to 8 degrees from saturday's high. we will get a little bit of relief on mother's day. it's going to be on the hot side, though, similar to today. 87 in san jose, 84 in fremont, and 89 degrees in los gatos versus places like san francisco, three-day forecast shows you, 93 degrees tomorrow, peak warmth and then drop you back down to the upper 80s for sunday. monday, tuesday staying nice and warm, those 90s return on wednesday. and then we remain nice on thursday. we have been following that breaking news. someone with good information for you. here he is, mike. >> first the roadways, we'll be looking at the construction cleared for the east shore freeway going through the area, berkeley into richmond. so your drive eastbound is okay. we're talking about that train accident that christie smith is following in the area heading out of berkeley into richmond. train 518 stopped, capital
5:50 am
corridor tracks is what was affected. reports were that a freight train is what hit the truck over there. however, that live shot from christie, the train did seem to say amtrak on there. we're sorting out the details, bug no injuries reported as you said. that's temporarily stopping service. i checked capital corridor, train 520, just delayed, they don't talk about cancellations yet. but your way around this is -- if you have a chance of doing that, you can get over to the richmond transfer station. take the b.a.r.t. trains over to richmond. end of the line transfer station should get you over to the amtrak trains and if any are running out of the area, you have that chance. first they have to come in the area to get the opposite direction. that's often what happens. meanwhile, 24th street, that station reopened a short time ago as we heard the rumor they did indeed reopen that station after earlier police activity. 24th and 16th. no delays for the system and those stations are open now off of mission as you head through san francisco. we'll get a live look out there at the bay bridge toll plaza, see how things are shaping up.
5:51 am
light volume right now still going on. it's almost 6:00. this is what happens on a friday. the berkeley curve starting to show increased volume. no major slowing approaching the area. back to the maps, a smooth drive, as well, throughout the area of the dublin interchange out of the altamont pass. still only 15 minutes, smooth drive through sunol, fremont and into the south bay where we see the blips for highway 85. no big concern, no incidents, but we'll follow that. the rest of your construction throughout the south bay has cleared. for the road crews, they're getting started with their weekend already. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:51 right now. coming up, how about fun with fans in the stands. they have it all on camera, they get a viewer poll. and we thought that kiss cam was a little awkward. plus gadget friday. what is that? put your guesses in and we'll get back to you in a minute. >> cross between a doorstop and -- >> we can't wait. okay. we'll figure it out. we'll give you a live look out there. sun is up, feeling good, it's
5:52 am
friday at 5:51. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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a powerful connection. with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte stay in touch with your loved ones on skype.
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plus, enjoy verizon's 4g lte network in more places. the droid razr you want, one powerful connection on america's largest 4g lte network. that's real value. give mom the droid razr by motorola. only 99.99. the lowest price ever. verizon. hola, mama. it's my mom. and this is a live look outside golden gate bridge. sun up, little hazy out there this morning. hoping for a nice weekend on tap. 5:54. well, it is friday, everybody. you know what that means. time for gadgets right now. and scott mcgrew has a little gadget that has eyes in the back of its head. >> that's right. good morning. it's called the dot. and what this is a little convex mirror that snaps on top of your iphone. and what it can do is record 360 degrees of video. so you take it to your friend's
5:55 am
band concert. you hold up your iphone and record. and when you post this on facebook, look at what you can do. your facebook users can scroll around the video and look at the crowd. go back and look at the band and go back to the crowd. >> here in the studio -- >> we should tape something in the studio and put it on facebook ourselves. here's dot's inventor jeff glass. >> because people get to look around and say that looks really neat, what about there? behind you, the thing you passed. >> it is neat, $50 called the dot. and you can find them in apple stores. they are now in apple stores. something, and yes, we will totally do that in the studio in the next 30 minutes or so and post it on facebook. >> it's kind of messy back here sometimes. better clean up. it's 5:55 right now. if you thought that kiss cam was awkward, we found something that might top it. here's a young couple out at the ballpark for their first date. you can tell because the guy --
5:56 am
yeah, he brought a homemade sign to share it with the world. that's not awkward enough for you, how about this? check out the bottom of the screen, broadcast booth decided to let viewers weigh in. yeah. >> will there be a second date? >> that's right. >> a text message poll. most of the viewers said yes and we're happy to report so did the girl. in fact the broadcaster is coming down talking to them about it. they're going to help, hook them up with a couple of free tickets to a game. >> it's a slim margin. 51% there. apparently his car broke down on the way to the game so she actually had to drive to the game. >> the body language wasn't all that great. they're leaning -- >> feeling each other thinking, this is a great ball game, great night out. >> leave the signs at home. >> yeah, i don't know about that. it's 5:56 right now. still ahead, burned in bed, a lover scorned. going the other direction on this. accused of using matches to get
5:57 am
back at her boyfriend. plus families still forced from their homes after a massive fire got the south bay construction site. a look at the damage just ahead. and chains and concrete barriers at occupy the farm. we'll tell you how police are dealing with protesters who just will not budge. let's take a look at something nice. that's the bay bridge. sun coming up, beautiful, beautiful shot. a lot more ahead. stick around, 5:57. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. we want to get to the breaking news. the scene of an amtrak train crashed ran apparently into a truck. we have live pictures of that right now. we'll take you out to take a look. christie, are you going to take this one for us? can you hear us?


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