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tv   Today  NBC  May 11, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> and, yeah, very, very nice. all the mothers -- thank you ovwe much. u.e l. dyoayha gat.ay#b good morning. breaking news. two young girls kidnapped in tennessee found safe and alive in mississippi after a dramatic end to a nearly two-week manhunt. this after the man accused of abducting them and murdering their mother and older sister kills himself during a dramatic standoff with police. this morning, his mother-in-law speaks out in an exclusive live interview. prep school bully? mitt romney responds to a report that as a teenager, he led a bullying incident of a classmate who later came out as gay. he says he doesn't recall it, but is sorry anyone was hurt. could an incident that happened nearly 50 years ago impact the presidential race? and cover controversy. "time" magazine caused a stir with this image of a young mom breast-feeding her nearly 4-year-old son.
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does it go too far? the woman in this photograph joins us live "today," friday, the woman in this photograph joins us live "today," friday, may 11th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this friday morning, i'm ann curry. >> good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie in for matt this morning. and those two tennessee sisters are being checked out at a hospital this morning, but appear to be physically unharmed after think were safely recovered last night. >> that's right. it all started with a tip about a possible sighting of the girl's alleged kidnapper, adam mayes, near a church in northern mississippi. when authorities arrived, they say mayes refused to surrender, pulled out a gun and then shot himself in the head. the girls were found lying on the ground nearby. we're going to go right to this story to nbc's thanh truong who is in alpine, mississippi. thanh, good morning, what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: ann, good morning to you. this ordeal started exactly two weeks ago when authorities say adam mayes kidnapped a mother and her three daughters. the search quickly turned into a nationwide manhunt. but in the end, the law managed to track mayes down to these back woods just miles from his home. responding to a phone tip, a search team swept the woods behind zion hill baptist church late thursday. around 6:30 p.m., a game warden spotted adam mayes and the two kidnapped sisters. that's when mayes pulled out a gun. >> mr. mayes was given repeated warnings to show his hands. he did not. and he then shot himself in the head. >> reporter: 12-year-old alexandria bain and 8-year-old kyliyah were dehydrated but unharmed and quickly rushed away to a memphis hospital as a precaution. a sheriff who first saw them said he told them it was going to be okay and gave them a big
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hug. >> we are very relieved at this event here tonight. we have two little girls that we can return to tennessee to their families. >> reporter: the girls are the sole survivors of a twisted ordeal. two weeks ago, investigators say mayes killed their mother, jo ann, and her eldest daughter, 14-year-old adrienne, at the bain's home in rural tennessee. according to court documents, mayes' wife, teresa, then helped kidnap the two surviving sisters and took them, along with their dead mother and sister, to mayes' home in mississippi. last weekend, authorities discovered the victims' bodies in a shallow drive behind mayes' house. >> we can't forget about jo ann and adrienne who did not deserve to die the way they did. and we're going to see that justice is served for them. >> reporter: the fbi placed mayes on its top ten most wanted list and launched a nationwide search for the missing sisters. by thursday, with mayes dead,
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his wanted poster was updated. authorities say they suspect he'd been hiding near the church for a few days. friends and family of mayes say he long claimed he was the biological father of the two girls, and was constantly visiting them. >> i think he really wanted those kids to live with him. >> reporter: mayes' motive may never be uncovered, but the apparent objects of his affection, and perhaps obsession, are today free once again. mayes' wife, teresa, is in jail, charged with two counts of kidnapping and murder for her alleged involvement. mayes' mother mary is also in jail, charged with kidnapping. while many in this community are saying they're relieved because they found the -- the wildlife and fisheries department finally found mayes. but also saying they feel like they're prayers are answered now that those girls are found alive. ann? >> i'll take it there, thanh. thank you so much. josie tate is teresa mayes' mother and adam mayes' mother-in-law. she's with us exclusively this morning.
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josie, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> my first question is just your reaction when you found out how this all ended last night. >> my first reaction was thank god that the little girls were safe, and alive, and well. and then my second reaction was panic, scared for my daughter, who was manipulated and brainwashed and coerced and physically abused over the last 11 years by adam. >> i know your daughter, of course, is charged in connection with this crime. you just mentioned what you feel adam mayes' responsibility is for that. can you tell us a little bit more about how that relationship went on? what your relationship with your daughter was when she married
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adam mayes? >> when she married adam, he made her cut off all ties with all of her family. adam would not even allow teresa to attend her father's funeral. adam was a control freak. even at the age of 10 years old, adam controlled his mom and dad, you know. it was like he ruled the roost. >> josie, one of the big questions here, of course, is why? why he would have killed jo ann bain and her older daughter and abducted the two little girls. do you have anything that sheds light on that question? >> there's many reasons that's run through my mind. but i think really that maybe he
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done it to have possession of the two children, that he claimed were his biological children. >> do you believe that? >> do i believe that they were his children? >> yes. >> no. they were not his children. >> what do you think will happen to your daughter now? as you mentioned, she's been charged with first-degree murder in this case. >> i honestly don't know. >> is it difficult for you to know that, according to police, she was involved, that she drove these women back down to mississippi, and that even after the bodies were buried in the backyard, she failed to call police? >> yes, that is difficult to accept.
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but at the same time, i know that she was scared of adam. i know that she was coerced, and manipulated, and forced to do the things that she did. >> josie tate, i know these are difficult times for you. we appreciate your perspective this morning. thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> it is now 7:08. here's ann. all right, savannah, thank you. now to presidential politics, and an alleged bullying incident from mitt romney's high school days. that is making headlines now nearly 50 years later. he addressed the issue on thursday. nbc's peter alexander in washington with more on this story. peter, good morning. >> ann, good morning to you. if it wasn't already sufficiently clear that nothing is off limits in politics, here's your latest example. this alleged bullying incident first reported by the "washington post" cites five of romney's prep school classmates, one describing what happened as an assault. last night, the romney campaign pushed back, putting out statements from some of romney's high school friends, calling the characterization of him as a bully absurd, saying romney never had a malicious bone in his body.
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>> give me your vote on tuesday, give me your vote in november, we're taking back the white house. >> reporter: while mitt romney tried to focus on the fall of 2012, he's been forced to respond to claims of bullying dating back to the spring of '65, nearly 50 years ago, when he was a high school senior here at the exclusive cranbrook school near detroit. several of romney's former classmates told "the washington post" about what one of them described as a vicious incident where romney allegedly led a group of friends to confront another student, who "the post" reports was believed to be gay, and didn't fit in with his bleach-blond hair covering one eye. the article says romney and his friends, one of them the school's wrestling champion, tackled the boy and pinned him to the ground. and then as the boy began to cry, screaming for help, romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors. one of romney's classmates, philip maxwell, confirmed the
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story to nbc news, noting the bullies grew into a group of distinguished group of men and we look back at it now and it's a black mark on our own character. on thursday, romney quickly addressed the claims on fox news. and denied bullying anyone for being gay. >> i had no idea what that individual's sexual orientation might be. going back to the 1960s, that wasn't something that we all discussed or considered. so that -- that simply is just not accurate. i don't recall the incident myself, but i've seen the reports, and not going to argue with that. there's no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school. and obviously, if i hurt anyone by virtue of that, i would be very sorry for it and apologize for it. >> reporter: the controversy has raised another question. is a presidential candidate's behavior in high school relevant today? like most everything else in politics, it depends who you ask. one democratic operative tweeted, mitt romney was intolerant in 1965, assaulting a presumed homosexual with scissors, and he's intolerant today, opposing civil unions and same-sex marriage.
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but a prominent conservative commentator dismissed its significance, tweeting, in light of "the post's" story, i just don't think i can bring myself to vote for the 17-year-old mitt romney for president. and nbc news isn't naming the student who was allegedly bullied but, in fact, he died several years ago. late last night, his sister told nbc news that his portrayal in "the washington post" story is factually incorrect and said the family is upset, ann, that he's being used, in her words, to further a political agenda. >> peter, on that point, can you shed any light about the timing of this? i mean, having this allegation against mitt romney come so soon after the president made his announcement about gay marriage. >> yeah, a lot of people view the timing as either questionable or suspicious. of course, the reporting came out just one day after the president said he supported same-sex marriage. mitt romney has said he opposes same-sex marriage, referring to it as a tender and sensitive topic. nonetheless, a lot of people are asking questions about the exact timing of this.
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"the post" insists this is reporting they've been working on for awhile. >> all right. peter alexander, thanks so much for your reporting this morning. it is now 7:11. here's savannah. all right, ann, thanks. president obama's re-election campaign received a financial boost last night as some of hollywood's biggest names turned out for a fund-raiser hosted by oscar winner george clooney. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker is in los angeles with that story this morning. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. well, that clooney event raised nearly $15 million. that's a new record. now it's important to point out, it was scheduled well before the president's announcement about same-sex marriage, but that announcement certainly added to the buzz. in the wake of the same-sex marriage endorsement, president obama arrived in los angeles to cash in on the financial might of hollywood. >> mr. george clooney. >> reporter: george clooney, who has been a familiar face at the white house lately, hosted a record-breaking fund-raiser at
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his posh los angeles mansion. tinseltown's a-list turned out. including barbra streisand, robert downey, jr., billy crystal, and selma hayek. in addressing the crowd of 150 wealthy donors, the president said, 2008, in some ways, was lightning in a bottle. that's not going to be replicated, and that means we're going to have to work harder. he also acknowledged that he had made some news by announcing his support for same-sex marriage. "it was a logical extension of what america is supposed to be," he said to applause. hollywood insiders say new donors are getting on board after this week's announcement. >> norman lear had been reluctant to actually write a check for the campaign. he reversed that position and i've talked to other donors who are encouraging their friends to go out and support -- go online and support the campaign. >> reporter: the president's re-election team also tried to capitalize on the same-sex marriage issue by releasing this ad attacking mitt romney.
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>> i indicated my view which is i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender, and i don't favor civil unions. >> reporter: and the democratic national committee says its phones have been steadily ringing. erica paine is a former deputy national finance director for the dnc. >> i think, generally speaking, the progressives have really been looking for some fire from this president, and so i think you'll see across the board that people really step up. >> reporter: but it cuts both ways. and now, social conservatives are re-energized in their support for mitt romney. >> we're taking back the white house, and taking back america. >> reporter: romney also raked in big cash thursday during campaign events in omaha and kansas. and later, he tried to pivot back to the economy, the issue he sees as his trump card. >> it's the economy which is the focus of what they're talking about. and obviously, the president doesn't want to talk about that.
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>> reporter: a senior administration official confirms that vice president biden apologized to president obama this week for those comments that he made on "meet the press" this past sunday, which he essentially endorsed same-sex marriage before the president did, and essentially jumped the gun on the issue. savannah? >> all right, kristen welker in los angeles, thank you. let's head over and get the rest of the morning's top stories from natalie morales who is looking very springy. >> thank you, ann. good morning, everyone. we begin with jpmorgan chase, the largest bank in the u.s., acknowledging today that it lost $2 billion in trading over the past month and a half. cnbc's steve sedgwick is in london with more. steve, good morning. >> reporter: very good morning to you. we're here in london outside the headquarters of jpmorgan, the u.s. investment bank really feeling the heat now. it was supposed to be a hedge position, but now it's looking like a loss of at least $2 billion. the thing is this is an open position. real question marks about the size of the ultimate loss, what will happen at the risk
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management of this group and will the banks now feel more political heat on the back of concerns about circumventing rules, trying to stop them having these kind of positions. a lot of questions remain both here in london and indeed in new york, as well. >> all right. steve sedgwick in london for us. thank you, steve. a major breakthrough in the fight against hiv as an fda panel backs the first-ever drug shown to prevent hiv infection in healthy people. the advisory panel recommended the daily pill for people at high risk of contracting the virus that leads to aids. a third suspect in the murder of marine wife brittany kilgore is now in police custody in san diego. police say the arrest was made as a result of new information in the ongoing investigation. kilgore was found dead back in april. two others have already been arrested and charged in connection with her murder. both are pleading not guilty. and sometimes the perfect prom picture isn't the most memorable. call it peer pressure. but this dock just couldn't take the weight of all these dolled up wisconsin high schoolers and then, as you see, it gave way. one student say the girls were
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screaming, the boys were laughing. shame on them. no one was injured. and with the help of a lot of blow driers and towels, they all made it to their big night. i'm sure there they made a big splash. >> oh! >> let's hope -- >> good morning. >> time for all that fussing. >> they're never going to forget it. that's for darn sure. >> they probably were late, though. >> it's a great before and after, right? >> oh, my lord. that's not funny. >> i know. >> anyway. >> thank goodness nobody got hurt. >> nobody got hurt. >> except for the hairdo. the hairdo got a little hurt probably. >> as we can take a look what's going on weather-wise down south, we're seeing a lot of wet weather. heavy rain down through the gulf, where you had tornado warnings earlier this morning. heavy rain into the mid-mississippi river valley. out west, plenty of sunshine. showers in northern new england. . out west, plenty of sunshine. showers in northern new england. good morning to you.
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kind of a cool start to this friday morning. the temperatures will be warm today. so you want to keep that in mind as you're picking out your wardrobe, 87 degrees in san jose, 80 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, we're going to gradually warm you up to 91 degrees inland on mother's day, staying nice and warm. temperatures in the 70s next week. >> and that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right, al, thank you so much. defense gets its turn today at the criminal trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. this after the prosecution rested its case on thursday, after 14 days of dramatic testimony. nbc's lisa myers is covering this trial and joins us once again from greensboro, north carolina. lisa, good morning. >> hey, ann, good morning. as you said, now it's john edwards' turn to tell his side of the story. but first his lawyers will try to convince the judge today that the government's evidence is so weak the case should just be thrown out of court.
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after two dozen witnesses over three weeks, prosecutors concluded their case by portraying john edwards as a serial liar with grandiose ambitions. and the hubris to try to become barack obama's running mate, even as his pregnant mistress was being spirited around the country to keep her out of sight. former edwards adviser said the day obama won the iowa caucuses in 2008, edwards had him reapproach the obama campaign about making edwards obama's running mate. hen drytestified he later tried to parlay his endorsement into a job as attorney general. and even as the scandal threatened to engulf him, hendry said edwards used an elaborate long-term goal, which was to be a supreme court justice. >> unfortunately for him, he comes across as not only a guy who's out of touch with reality, but also engaged in a very complex manipulation. >> reporter: this placed the
7:20 am
prosecutors in a 2008 interview in which edwards came clean about his affair but denied any knowledge about money used to cover it up. and denied he fathered hunter's child. >> i know that it's not possible that this child could be mine, because of the timing of events. >> reporter: edwards stared at the video intensely, and sometimes closed his eyes with a painful expression. analysts say prosecutors have succeeded in painting edwards as a habitual liar who destroyed his family, and betrayed his dying wife in the course of a reckless affair. and they say there is evidence that edwards probably knew something about at least some of the money used to hide rielle hunter. but many argue prosecutors still have not proven their case. that edwards knowingly committed a crime. >> they made progress but there's still a big hole. no evidence of john edwards' criminal intent. the government has not shown that edwards thought he was breaking the law. >> i think the government crosses the finish line in this
7:21 am
case in a very tattered condition. its star witness didn't do well. they tried to bring in other witnesses to make andrew young more sympathetic, and i don't think it worked. >> the defense will try to get jurors to put aside how they feel about edwards' deplorable conduct and focus on the law. his lawyers argue that even if everything the government alleges is true, and they say it's not, that still doesn't add up to a crime, ann. >> all right, lisa myers, thank you so much for your reporting this morning on this. well, just ahead we're going to turn to the fight over that million dollar lottery ticket claimed by a woman who found it in the trash. well a judge says the money should go to the woman who originally bought it. we're going to talk to her exclusively. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less. it's 7:26 right now. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelley. fire investigators sifting through the rubble this morning as they continue to search for clues as to how and where a massive fire started at the boulevard town home complex in santa clara on wednesday night. the good news is, nobody was hurt, but two unfinished town homes were completely destroyed. now all that's left are charred beams and melted plastic. >> definitely not safe in there. you can see there's a lot of, you know, still charred things that are up that could fall, there's nails in there, it's very unsteady. >> at this point, investigators say it's too early to tell if the fire was intentionally set. residents in one of the buildings close to that fire may be able to return to their homes later on today. firefighters keeping them out because of a damaged sprinkler
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system. well, a lot to feel good about today. it is friday and the weather's spectacular. meteorologist christina loren is telling us how spectacular. >> it's going to be really nice. especially here in san francisco. gorgeous conditions this morning and we're headed toward just 80 degrees as the high, which means temperatures are perfect for outdoor lunch plans. 53 degrees in sunnyvale, 55 in san jose and 50 this morning in santa cruz. this afternoon, high pressure moves in quickly as a result, we'll be about 5 to 8 degrees warmer in some cities than where we ended up yesterday. meanwhile, nice conditions right by the water. works like this for today. temperatures in the upper 80s. a little bit of coastal fog sticking to the coastal mountains, but really not expecting that to last long. tomorrow we'll see more of those widespread 90s on your temperature map. 87 degrees for today in san jose, and 76 degrees in santa cruz. the seven-day shows the story, 88 degrees staying nice and warm inland on mother's day. if you want to give her a break, take her to the beach. no break for you if you over
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to the san mateo bridge, an accident blocking one lane. one of the three lanes there. also 880 at 92, an accident clearing near that interchange. that's friday light through the area, nice drive up to the toll plaza. east shore freeway, some slowing. the metering lights are on there as well as some delays for b.a.r.t. now. b.a.r.t., minor delays to sfo because of an equipment problem along the peninsula, but no problems to the east bay. back to you. >> thank you very much. and for the latest, check out nbc bay area on facebook. back in one half hour.
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7:30 now on this friday morning, may 11th, 2012. you're looking at the new "time" magazine cover that's getting a lot of attention. it shows a 26-year-old mom breast-feeding her nearly 4-year-old toddler. and coming up we're going to actually meet the woman featured in that cover photo and also talk about the controversy that this has sparked. and there's her son, also, on her lap. i'm ann curry alongside savannah guthrie who is in for matt this morning. welcome. >> good morning to everybody. also ahead the former nfl cheerleader and high school teacher accused of having sex with a teenage boy is back in the news today. did a gossip website ruin her reputation? we're going to have more on that. and then later, an early mother's day present for a really remarkable mom. she lost parts of her legs
7:31 am
shielding her children from a tornado in that massive outbreak in march. she's here along with her family for an exclusive live interview. >> we're all pretty excited to get to meet this family. she's such a courageous woman. though we want to start this half hour with this battle over a winning million dollar lottery ticket tossed out by one woman, and cashed in by another. a judge says the woman who originally bought that ticket should receive the winnings. we're going to talk to her exclusively in just a moment. but first this report from nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: ann, good morning. yes, the million dollar question. a lottery ticket that turned out to be a big winner was cashed in by a woman who says she found it in the trash. well, now we're hearing from the buyer of that ticket and she says the money belongs to her. sharon duncan says the fight over a winning million dollar lottery prize was never a case of finders keepers. because she didn't throw it away. >> if i'd have known that was a billion dollar ticket no way i would have thrown that in that ticket bin. not give it away like that. that is crazy.
7:32 am
>> reporter: this is surveillance video provided to "today" by duncan's attorney which he says shows sharon scanning the ticket in the lottery's bar code reader which verifies whether it is or isn't a winner. so you're certain you scanned the ticket that day. >> i'm certain. i scanned each one three times. and i watched the ask scanner and it said sorry, not a winner. >> reporter: the arkansas lottery commission says the machine was working properly. sharon says she then tossed the ticket not into the garbage but in a bin that becomes the property of store manager, who enters the ticket for secondary prizes. >> so you don't call this a trash? >> no, it's a ticket bin. we've got a trash at this door. we've got a trash at the other door. >> reporter: duncan and the for's owner together filed suit for the winnings. a judge last week decided sharon duncan is entitled to the million dollars. the woman who originally claimed the prize, sharon jones, admits taking tickets from that bin. but says no one stopped her, and there was no sign.
7:33 am
>> i just didn't think justice was done. because, i mean, trash is trash. i couldn't believe that he went that way. >> reporter: she collected the money. $1 million, $68,000 after taxes. now pending an appeal she'll have to give it up. >> i think that you have to look at the facts of the case, and the -- and that's what the judge did in this case. >> reporter: underwood says he proposed dividing the money between the parties. but no settlement could be reached. if you put something in the trash, you feel like it's still yours? >> yes. when the scanner says sorry not a winner and then come to find out that it was, i think it's mine. >> reporter: a game of chance becomes a fight for a fortune. as two sides battle over a jackpot. the woman who cashed that ticket in, sharon jones, says she's already spent about $200,000 of the money. her attorney says they're planning to appeal. ann, back to you.
7:34 am
>> all right, janet shamlian, thank you so much. well, sharon duncan is joining us now exclusively along with the manager of that convenience store lisa petriches and their attorney steve underwood. sharon, what was your reaction when you heard from lisa that you had tossed away a million dollar lottery ticket. >> i almost had a heart attack right then when she told me. >> how is it possible -- >> i was really upset. >> but when you think back on it, how is it possible, if, as we've just heard, the lottery commission is saying the machine was working, how is it possible that that happened? >> i have no idea. but i went up there and scanned it and id said, sorry, not a winner. so i discard it. i trust the machine. so, i discard the ticket. >> did you fail to scratch it off fully. >> it was all scratched off. >> it was all scratched off? >> the way i seen when i looked at it, it was all scratched off. >> so when you put the ticket in
7:35 am
the machine you're saying once or twice you're saying it read, not a winning ticket? >> i put the ticket in twice, and i scanned it, and it says sorry not a winner. i've always scanned my tickets, two or three times and it says sorry, not a winner. >> lisa, why did you tell sharon when you knew about all of this, when you knew that someone else was already claiming the winning ticket, and claiming the winnings? >> because it was her ticket, and i thought -- >> you felt that. i wonder if you feel bad for the woman who actually thought she had won? she said she went into the bin, and that she pulled out a ticket, and she suddenly she thought she was the winner. do you feel bad for her at all? what do you have to say about what she did? >> i don't feel bad for her. no. >> but when you tossed away this ticket, you said, lisa, this is yours, now. you walked away from it. >> yes, but i thought it was --
7:36 am
said sorry not a winner ticket. you know. that would have said winner, i would have kept my ticket. but it said sorry not a winner. and on the ticket bin, she shouldn't have been in there no ways because it said do not take. >> so it wasn't really a trash can, it was a bin where you put tickets that were had been scanned that were that were considered to be not winning tickets. is that right? >> it was like a 13 gallon trash can that we had put right where the lottery is, we had designated area and it was underneath right where the lottery was. >> since you said this is for you, lisa, do you think lisa, deserves some of this money if you ever get it? >> no. it's my money. i think i deserve it. >> let me ask you this question, the woman, sharon jones, who did cash in that ticket, she has said on our air that she doesn't
7:37 am
have work, that her husband doesn't have work, that she's struggling, that she cannot repay this $190,000 that she's already spent. do you have any sympathy for her? would you, under any circumstances, would you consider not forcing her to pay back that money? >> no. >> why not? >> because it's my money. i deserve the money. not her. >> this is now going to be appealed, and you can't get your money until it goes through court. >> till it goes through court. yeah. >> all right. well you've said your piece. thank you for joining us both of you. >> thanks. >> attorney, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> and now we want to get a check of the weather from al. >> "today'weather" is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> and thank you so much. nice group of folks. beautiful weather here in new york. what do you have for your forecast today? we'll show you for "today" we're
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looking at some sdaong storms down in southern texas. they had tornado warnings earlier. the heaviest stuff now moving offshore. but it's going to continue raining. rainfall amounts, we're talking right offshore, up to eight inches of rain but closer in, dallas, wichita falls, two to three inches of rain as well. rest of the country, heavy rain through the lower mississippi river valley. a few showers left over in northern new england. windy conditions, northern california. plenty of sunshine through the plains. with temperatures in the mid 70s today in chicago 76 degrees. well, it's kind of a cool start to this final day of te workweek, but we are headed toward a warm afternoon. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. 93 degrees in gilroy today, 90 in livermore, meanwhile, low 80s bay side, 80 degrees in oakland and san francisco. we'll touch on 87 degrees here in b san jose. as we head through the weekend, gradually warming you up through saturday, then we're going to cool you off just a touch on mother's day staying nice and warm, though, just about every
7:39 am
single day next week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> -- competition in the weather department. someone is encroaching on your work. >> i know. >> take a look. >> as we head toward the end of the week, this afternoon it will be cold, wet and windy across most of scotland. we're under the influence of low pressure, and this weather front pushing northward is bringing cloud and now breaks of rain. >> yes, that is prince charles on bbc scotland. actually his wife camilla also got into the action a little bit. >> he did a magnificent job. >> he did. >> he did it really well. >> he got it all down. and he's very smart. he defers to his wife. >> yes. >> you know, there is one piece of meteorological equipment that she didn't have. i think we can show it. i think it really would have completed the picture. >> let's see. >> if only he had --
7:40 am
>> ah, of course. >> there you go. >> and actually a plaid jacket. >> we had prince harry on our plaza doing the weather recently as well. >> do you remember? >> i don't remember. >> it was around halloween last year. >> oh, that's right. oh, my gosh. we're certainly milking this. let me crown you. >> pretty soon we're going to have to start calling you his royal highness. >> we don't need a lot of excuses. - it's the moment when forever begins. kay jewelers presents the ring that lives up to the moment. neil lane bridal
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or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ back now at 7:43 with a small victory for the former pro football cheerleader and high school teacher accused of having sex with an underage student. well, a court ruling will allow her to proceed with a defamation lawsuit against an online gossip website. nbc's kevin tibbles is in chicago with details on this story. kevin, good morning to you.
7:44 am
>> savannah, cincinnati bengals cheerleader sarah jones is back in the news again this morning. this time over a lawsuit she has filed against the website, claiming that it ruined her reputation. this is sarah jones, in her role as a cincinnati ben gal cheerleader and recently visiting troops in iraq with her squad. but back in 2009, someone posted salacious sexual messages about her on the online gossip site, suggesting she was having sex with bengals football players and had sexually transmitted diseases. she appeared on local radio defending herself. >> -- public information i had students starting to ask me and teachers and you know, just humiliating. >> reporter: then last year, jones who was a teacher, was charged with first degree sexual assault for allegedly having sex with a teenage male student. that case remains before the court. but two courts have now ruled
7:45 am
that jones' lawsuit for defamation against, can proceed. despite laws protecting internet sites from being sued over postings by third parties. >> i think it sends the message that when defends somebody, or any defendant, when defends somebody like they did to sarah, that they should be held to answer to that before a jury. >> reporter: lawyers for sought to have jones' defamation lawsuit thrown out and they say if jones' reputation was ever damaged, it was of her own doing. >> you can't sue someone for damaging your reputation when you've destroyed it yourself. >> reporter: legal experts say that while jones' defamation case may move forward it may prove difficult for her. >> you can't, on one hand say that you have a pristine reputation, and on the other hand, you have first degree sexual assault charges. >> the defamation case is likely to be heard later this year.
7:46 am
bheen meanwhile, jones, who is no longer a teacher, is set to stand trial on the sexual abuse charges sometime next month. savannah? >> all right. kevin tibbles in chicago. thank you. coming up next, the business and fashion faux pas? why mark zuckerberg is being tras chased for what he wore to a meeting on wall street. then we'll make it a mother's day to remember for the indiana mom who lost her legs shielding her kwhirn from a tornado. we'll talk to her live. ♪ ♪ -wee! -woo hoo. [ kids ] pop-tarts, please! [ laughter ] ♪ [ female announcer ] when you give your kids frosted strawberry pop-tarts baked with real fruit, they'll rise and you'll shine. pop-tarts. made for fun.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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hi, i just switched jobs, and i want to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. facebook founder mark zuckerberg came to new york to meet with investors this week wearing his trade mark hoodie. a fashion choice that had some people on wall street crying foul. nbc's mara schiavocampo has more now. hey, mara, good morning. >> hey, ann, good morning. facebook's ipo next week is the most highly anticipated stock market event in decades. so wouldn't you expect the company's ceo to dress like a top ceo? well, not mark zuckerberg.
7:50 am
facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg arrived at high powered investor meetings on wall street this week looking more like he was going running than running a company. wearing jeans and his trade mark hoodie. quickly dubbed hoodiegate the fashion faux pas generated headlines and numerous jokes on twitter, with the hoodie proclaiming itself 1% billionaire, 99% cotton. in the movie "the social network" zuckerberg is often depicted as dismissive of his more traditional elders. >> mr. zuckerberg, do i have your full attention? >> no. >> reporter: some analysts say acting that way in real life could cost him. >> he sends a signal that he doesn't care. that he's entitled to do that. he really is. i just think that that will alienate some potential investors who worry, is this guy ever going to monetize, you know, facebook's 900 million users. >> reporter: though he's worth an estimated $16 billion, 27-year-old zuckerberg is known
7:51 am
for dressing down. in the early days of facebook, he famously went to a meeting with venture capitalists wearing pajamas. a scene recreated in "the social met kwoerk wths. while the president did get him to dress up a little. >> my name is barack obama and i'm the guy who got mark to wear a jacket and tie. >> reporter: even the power of the white house couldn't get him out of those blue jeans. much like apple's ceo steve jobs' iconic black turtleneck. >> thanks for coming today. >> we're building toward the web. >> reporter: zuckerberg's hoodie is quickly becoming part of his brand. >> facebook is going to be in a large part about him. he's going to be in the media. he's going to be all over the newspapers. so he wants to create a persona and he wants that persona to be in live with what facebook's values are. >> reporter: though zuckerberg resists removing his outer wear -- >> no, i never take off the hoodie. >> i know you don't. >> reporter: sometimes it's unavoidable. in this interview posted on youtube, he finally relents
7:52 am
after minutes of sweating profusely. >> maybe i should take off the hoodie. it's a company hoodie. we print our mission on the inside. making the world more connected. >> reporter: turns out there's more to it than meets the eye. now, all joking aside, zuckerberg does have a lot more voting power in facebook than the average ceo. so analysts say investors need to have confidence in him personally, and that could, in fact, be influenced by what he wears. ann? >> all right, mara schiavocampo, thank you so much. i don't know. i kind of like the hoodie myself. i mean, it's his trade mark. >> it is. it's pardon of his brand. >> exactly. meantime we're going to be talking about "time ka te?
7:53 am
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it's 7:56 right now. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. passenger trains are moving through berkeley again after an early morning crash stopped trains for nearly two hours. the capital corridor train was on its way to sacramento when it slammed right into a pickup truck parked out on the track. it happened in berkeley around 4:45 this morning. we're happy to report there were no injuries. police say the truck belonged to a worker at a steel plant and there are several other cars parked near those tracks which police say is illegal. time now to say good morning to christina loren to find out what's happening outside for another beautiful weekend. >> it is going to be really nice for mother's day. good morning to you, jon. good morning to you at home. inland today, 79 degrees at noon, 88 degrees by 4:00 p.m. and a little bit on the warm side. you want to dress in layers inland versus perfect conditions at the coast and bay side, just 80 degrees in san francisco. so lunch activities will be really comfortable. in the city by the bay as we
7:57 am
head throughout tomorrow, temperatures warm up a little bit. we're talking about the 90s. more widespread on that temperature map than what we're expecting today. just a few isolated 90s. temperatures will gradually warm up through saturday and we're going to warm you up a touch, 82 by the bay and 73 degrees at the coast. let's check your drive at 7:57 with mike. >> we're looking at a mild tri-valley commute. there's a new accident westbound right around the dublin interchange. one lane's blocked but not a whole lot of slowing. 24 minutes out of the pass to that 680 interchange. smooth drive through the castro valley y, still have that one car accident earlier on the flat section westbound 92, still trying to clear that from the roadway. slow all the way over to the foster city side. not a lot of slowing for 101, nice drive, northbound around 101, 280 and 85. it's friday, lighter flow there. >> latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area on facebook. we're back in half an hour with
7:58 am
another local update. [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ]
7:59 am
i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza®. experience love that lasts. ♪
8:00 am
the winner of season two of "the voice" is -- jermaine paul! >> on a friday morning, the 11th day of may, 2012. that was the emotional moment when jermaine paul was crowned the winner of "the voice" earlier this week. coming up this morning, he is going to be performing for us live in our studio. and we're very excited about that. i'm ann curry alongside savannah guthrie and al roker. also coming up, we're going to be talking about this controversy that has everybody talking. it's the cover of "time" magazine. >> that's right. the woman featured on the cover breast feeding her almost 4-year-old son is here live in our studio. she'll talk to us about this article, which is about attachment parenting.
8:01 am
this photo has already generated a huge response on our website. we'll talk to the mom and her little boy too. if he sticks around. >> he's not so attached right now. he's moved on. >> he's outta here. and speaking of mother's day, coming up on sunday, we'll speak with a woman who really epitomizes what it is to be a mother, and the sacrifices mothers are willing to make. stephanie decker, who lost part are her legs earlier this year when she used her own body to shield her children thefrom a tornado. we'll be speaking with her and her family live. >> she really is an example of test.
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
8:05 am
around here is going to be comfortable, especially bay side and at the coast. warm inland today. warm inland and pretty comfortable at the coast. not as warm as what we expect tomorrow. peak warmth saturday.
8:06 am
today, beautiful live look at san francisco shows clear conditions, making way to temperatures in the upper 70s by noon inland. that translates to low 80s. 4:00 p.m. when the highs come in. 83 in san francisco and oakland. 82 in fremont today. tomorrow, up to 93 degrees inland. we cool off a touch for mother's day and beginning of next week. about the raging debate over this "time" magazine cover. we're going to talk to the mom in our studio. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more sun tans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records down here on the gulf. more people more good times. this year we're out to do even better... and now's a great time to start. the sun's out and the beaches are even more relaxing. you can go deep sea fishing or enjoy our world-class restaurants... our hotels and rentals have special deals for the whole family. go golfing, kite boarding,
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8:09 am
back now at 8:09 with the controversy over "time" magazine's new cover story on attachment parenting. it shows a young mom breast-feeding her 3-year-old son. we will talk to that mom exclusively in a moment. but first, wnbc's darlene rodriguez has more on this intensive approach to parenting. darlene, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. for some women the idea behind attachment parenting might seem overwhelming, carrying a child all day, breast-feeding, in some cases through the toddler years, even giving up space in your bed. it is the new extreme in bringing up baby. parenting has never been easy. but it could be becoming more complicated from sheer numbers. >> jeremiah -- >> reporter: to unusual feeding methods. how to properly raise a child is
8:10 am
much discussed. and hotly debated. >> oh, honey, she's a baby. >> reporter: this morning "time" magazine hits newsstands with more fuel for the fire. an eye-grabbing cover story on the increasingly popular theory of attachment parenting. it is an intensive approach to motherhood built on the bonding foundations of breast-feeding, right up through toddlerhood in some cases. a family bed. wearing your baby. and attending to that baby's every cry. 72-year-old dr. bill seers is the man behind attachment parenting. raised by a single mom, his 1992 "the baby book" put a heavy emphasis on a mother devoting extraordinary time and energy to her baby. for some, it raises a red flag. >> when you give a child the feeling that the whole world revolves around them, it's not good training for the real world. because, the whole world doesn't
8:11 am
revolve around anybody. >> reporter: the "time" cover is generating one of the biggest responses ever on in a poll we asked what you think of the breast-feeding cover photo. more than 122,000 of you responded. with 27% saying it's great. and 73% saying, i don't really want to see that. savannah? >> all right, darlene rodriguez, thanks so much. jamie grumet and her 3-year-old son are featured on the "time" magazine cover. they're here along with dr. bill seers and "time's" science editor who wrote this article. good morning to all of you. jamie, you knew that this was going to cause a stir. did you know it was going to cause as much of a stir? >> no. i doesn't think any of us were expecting it. >> but you wanted to make a point. and what point was that? >> the point -- yes, we knew exactly what we were going to get into. i felt like our family was basically one of the better ones to handle this because my mom's -- yeah, buddy?
8:12 am
you want to go see daddy? >> he can walk over. you're saying you yourself were breast-fed until you were 6. >> yes. >> attachment parenting is not just about breast-feeding. it's also about letting the child sleep in your bed. basically, being with the child constantly. is that what your life is like? >> it is. and i mean i don't feel like that takes away from my own personal life. my relationship with my husband is very, very important to me. and i think that it gives my children a strong bond, too. so i think a lot of people say, you know, you can't really be, you know, intimate with your husband if you're cosleeping and that's just -- i mean those are kind of myths, too. >> dr. seers, let me turn to you, you more or less wrote the book on atchment parenting. you said you should never just let a baby cry it out. you should wear your baby in a sling all the time. >> actually, if you came in to my office as a new parent and said dr. bill i want a parenting pill that's going to turn out a happy, healthy, well-connected,
8:13 am
super baby, just a connected baby, who gives you eye contact. i've never yet seen an attachment parented baby who's become a school bully. and i'd say practice attachment parenting. and those baby "b"'s, breast-feeding, baby wearing, beware of baby trainers that will try it out crowd and balance, something good for mom and baby. >> but dr. sears i know you know what your critics say, which is that this takes a good thing, mother and child bonding, and takes it to the extreme. and in some cases my undermine child vefl esteem. >> that's why we put balance. it's not extreme. if you were on an island and you had no mother-in-law, no psychologists, no doctors around, no experts, this is what you would naturally and intingively do to give your baby the best investment you'll ever get. >> let me turn to you. this article touches on every hot button issue of parenting. and i think a lot of moms might come away with the thought, boy,
8:14 am
if i can't do this, if i have to work outside the home, am i somehow harming my child? >> exactly. and just one correction, the piece was written by kate piccard, one of our most inexhaustible writers and one of the points that she makes in the story is that children and parents are unique to themselves. and as dr. sears says, and quotes him saying, do the best with what you have. if you can't be the perfect attachment parent, if you work outside the home, then when you're home, this is your time to invest. so how best can you practice the closest possible bonding, the greatest possible nurturing with your child? and still an serve the general tenets of attachment parents. >> jamie, let's go back to the cover -- >> -- >> talk about the cover because it has made such a splash. and you said you knew what you were getting into. >> i did. i did. and i understand some of the breast-feeding advocates are actually upset about this.
8:15 am
>> are they, why? >> because i feel like they don't show the nurturing side to attachment parenting. which is, you know, more -- this isn't how we breast-feed at home. you know, it's more of a cradling, nurturing situation, and i understand what they're saying. but i do understand why "time" chose this picture, you know, because it's going to be such a, you know, it did create such a media craze, to get the dialogue. >> you have another child who is 5. how long do you plan to breast-feed aaron who is almost 4 now? >> well, we're going to do weaning but i'm personally i'm hoping our fourth year, just for me, is probably going to be our final. he's self-weaning right now. and you know, it's a big commitment and it's not, you know, it's not right for everybody and i think that that's the big thing is you need to do what's best for your baby. and for your own family. so, if this, you know, you can take some of dr. sears attachment parenting philosophies, and you know,
8:16 am
others, it's okay you're not a bad parent. your child will still be okay. >> thank you for sharing your experience, jamie. aaron you're done here. you get to leave now. thanks to all of you. appreciate it. and coming up next, a special mother's day surprise for the indiana mom who lost her legs shielding her children from a tornado. coming up right after this. [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] i'll take this. it's mother's day. a day to thank me for all of the little things. like being the only one who knows how to turn on the dishwasher. not saying "i love you" in front of all your friends. and always finding everything for everyone. happy mother's day, family. you love me! you really are the best. i can't argue with you. now join me while i eat cake and receive gifts. [ male announcer ] celebrate mom. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. cause we want to show them something new. you ready? let's go. walmart can now convert your favorite dvds from disc to digital. no way.
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that there's no orange like a florida orange. they're grown in just the right soil... with the perfect amount of sunshine. see, that's how you get that beautiful colour and ripeness. tropicana pure premium is made with 100% florida oranges. because the best oranges make the best juice. ♪ mom's rule today is brought to you by tropicana. tap into nature. >> this morning on "moms rule today" the hero mom who lost both of her legs shielding her children as her home was being hit by a powerful tornado. we're going to talk with stephanie decker coming up in just a moment. but first, this report on her remarkable recovery. >> it's going to be an incredible mother's day for me. my kids are my heroes.
8:20 am
you know, i wouldn't be here without them. >> reporter: march 2nd, henryville, indiana, a massive tornado ripped through town. for stephanie decker, it was do or die, debris flying, stephanie rushed 8-year-old dominic and 5-year-old reese to their basement, wrapping her children in a blanket, she jumped on top of them, as the tornado delivered its direct hit. all their belongings, furniture, clothes, family photos, even stephanie's wedding ring, destroyed. >> go, go, go! >> reporter: miraculously her children survived without a scratch. >> you know, momma bear out there, and they're vicious, you know, they're going to do what they have to do. i honestly feel like it is just me protecting them. >> reporter: while protecting her children, falling house beams smashed stephanie's legs forcing doctors to amputate. >> i've got a shot at life.
8:21 am
and i won't blow that. you know. i want that. i'm going to make the best of it, whether i have legs or not. you know. that's not important to me. >> reporter: doctors said it would be a year before she would walk. but two weeks ago, stephanie took her first steps on her new prosthetic legs with her husband joe by her side. for her courage, stephanie received a handwritten note and phone call from president obama. >> i want you to really know how proud we were of you and inspired by you. >> reporter: with thousands showing their support, and we wanted to honor her, as well. >> welcome you to new york. >> oh, they're beautiful. >> that's the new world trade center across the hudson river. >> reporter: the deckers are self-proclaimed yankee fans, so the team invited them to be their guests. >> what do you say? >> reporter: and for mother's
8:22 am
day to make sure stephanie is treated like a queen we arranged fashion stylist to organize full family makeovers. >> whoo! >> and a photo shoot with world famous photographer nigel barker. just a few steps towards rebuilding what was lost. >> it's a new chapter for us. i think we've ended one chapter of our lives and we've lost a lot of things but we've gained so much. i think that these new memories will be just as precious as the old memories that we lost. it means a lot, all of you for what all of you have done. thank you. >> and now joining us live outside here on our plaza stephanie decker along with her husband joe and their children dominique and reese. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> i want you to know, this is normally not out here, these flowers. these are just for you. i know it's a little cold outside. but let me ask you, how is your
8:23 am
recovery going stephanie? >> the recovery's going remarkably well. fast. as you saw i'm already up on one leg. we're going to continue to push forward and get up on two. >> you know, i saw you watching that story. you had fears of sadness, but also tears of joy. >> oh, absolutely mainly tears of joy. you know, it has been a long journey. but it's been a good one along the way. you're going to have ups and downs, but this has been a great, a great new chapter for us. >> after all of you -- all you've been through, all you went through to save your kids, does this mother's day coming up this sunday have special meaning to you. >> it makes it a little extra special. you know, i always tell people, we didn't ever take our kids for granted but we hold them a little closer and a little tighter right now. you just never know when the -- when something's going to happen and change and you don't have them anymore. so it's extra special to have them this mother's day. >> dominique, you know, when you hear your mom talk about how much she loves you, you know how -- what do you want to say
8:24 am
to her? >> i'm just so proud of her. >> you're proud of her? wow, it must be nice to have a child as young as dominic saying that. and how about you, reese, what do you want to say about your mom? >> i like that she took care of us, and she's -- she loved us, and i love her, too. >> beautiful. stephanie, what do you want to say to your wife? >> well, everybody we've met has been so great to us, and everyone she's touched has called her an inspiration, and a hero. but, she's my hero for saving our kids. and i love her greatly, and one of the things she lost was her wedding ring, so, last night kind of quietly at the yankees game, i got her wedding ring back. took awhile to come up with it, but we got her the wedding ring
8:25 am
back, and i just wanted her to know that this is a special mother's day for all of us, and i'm just glad she's here and okay. >> that is beautiful. and i got to tell you, that's a whopper. that's not a wedding ring, that's a weapon. >> well, i think she earned it. i think she earned it. >> you know what, you lose something like that, maybe it's a good thing to get a bigger one. >> absolutely. it's great. >> so your message then to mothers now listening, because it's a very big day coming up for mothers who go through so much to raise their children every day, and to see you and what you've gone through, to hear your kids say the greatness about you, what's your message to women out who are listening this morning? >> just take care of your children. and most mothers out there protect them just as i would. no differently. and take care of them, love them, because they -- they're either gone in an instant or they grow up quickly. >> that's true. stephanie decker, joe, dominic, reese, thank you so much for being here. thank you so much for telling us
8:26 am
your story. >> thank you. >> great pleasure. and we're back with much more here on a friday morning. good morning to you. 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the family of austin grant is speaking out against his killer, a former b.a.r.t. officer. he was in court appealing the conviction for manslaughter in the 2009 shooting death. his mother and other family members will have a news conference to talk about that appeal. he was convicted in 2010. served 11 months of a two year sentence before he was paroled. let's check the morning commute with mike. >> the earlier accident is still going on, westbound 580 past dublin interchange, approaching foot hill, san ramon. look at the backup from pleasanton and livermore. folks coming down 6 80, cut
8:27 am
through livermore, highway 84, you should be in better shape. san mateo bridge, we had an accident, one lane blocked. just moved it to a pull out. westbound commute is slow. eastbound, there's a stall around the toll plaza, two incidents, one for either direction. we go towards the peninsula side. 101 steady through the peninsula and the shore. another local update in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning. 11th of may, 2012. we have a large crowd here in rockefeller plaza. we actually expect a bigger one one week from now when r and b superstar kicks off our summer concert series. if you're in the area, get here early. it's really exciting that our summer concert is so close. we've got great music coming up in this half hour as well. >> absolutely, american has spoken and chosen jermaine paul as the winner of "the voice."
8:31 am
a former backup singer. he will perform live for us coming up. >> that's right. and how to train your dragon, that great animated film, they're going to have a remarkable new live show that's based on the popular movie. coming up, we're going to take you behind the scenes of the state-of-the-art production. >> that looks amazing. look at that. and then a little bit later on we're going to meet a toddler who can teach us all a thing or two. she really is in science. her name is emily, and she just became the youngest u.s. member of mensa, the prestigious high iq society. she has an iq of 135. >> oh, my goodness. >> really? >> that's amazing. >> hi, everybody. >> very big news coming up next week on "today," to go along with the start of our summer concert series because on monday we're going to catch up with ted williams. remember him. he was one homeless man with a golden voice who became an overnight sensation. we're going to find out what he's up to now when he joins us live and also on thursday and
8:32 am
friday on "today," we're going to be reporting live from cannes about a lot of the big movies coming up. a lot of big stars including the cast of madagascar. >> that's a good assignment. >> ann in cannes. >> i am actually the one to get to go. lucky me. >> take us with you. >> come on. if it was my choice you'd come. >> all right. >> let's say hello now to andrew garfield, the star of "death of a salesman" on broadway. >> hi. >> nice to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> this is your broadway debut. you've already earned a tony nomination. not too shabby. >> i try not to think about it so much. but yeah, no, i feel very lucky and you know proud to be a part of such an incredible play and incredible cast and working with one of the greatest living directors. i feel very, very lucky. >> in fact, you earn something like seven tony nominations for
8:33 am
this production. >> pretty good. >> but it's been 53 years since this play actually was -- won a pulitzer prize. >> yeah. >> and, and to get this role, which is just so demanding, you know, and, and to get a tony nomination, i mean it's a huge deal i mean you must be deeply touched by it. >> it's like everyone likes a part in the back. everyone needs like, you know, you're doing a good job and keep going and -- >> all of us -- >> a little lower. a little lower. >> so you know, it's like in that respect it's like, well of course, a very visible pat on the back is very nice to receive. yes. >> and you're tackling a huge role coming up soon spider-man. >> yeah. >> this movie is going to be released this summer. are you concerned at all? this has been done before. how is it different than the other? >> oh, i mean like it's different, it has to be otherwise why do it?
8:34 am
but, we all want to make sure that we kept the kind of symbol alive, and in a way that the fans will be happy and proud of. i hope we've made an entertaining movie. it's again a really fantastic cast, emma stone and martin sheen and sally field. >> we get to meet speidi's parents. >> you might. >> regularly -- >> i read. >> what else can you tell us? >> i can't tell you anything. >> so you were a fan of spider-man? >> oh, yeah. >> that's got to be cool, too. >> it's unreal. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> going very well. >> everything's fine. yes. everything's fine. >> andrew garfield starring in "death of a salesman." >> meantime a check of the weather with al. >> for your mother's day weekend, tomorrow, a lot of rain in the mid he willer mississippi river valley, the western third of the country going to be fantastic. got some showers around the great lakes. sunny and warm mid-atlantic states then mother's day sunday
8:35 am
sunday mild through the northern tier of states. sizzling out west. but the rain makes its way up into the 34id and ohio river valleys. mississippi river valley, as well. well, we've got a warmay shaping up. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. if you wanted to head outdoors, maybe for a jog or a bike ride, now is the time to do it inland, with temperatures already in the 60s. we are headed to 90 in livermore, 87 in san jose and that's making for beautiful conditions by the water. mother's day looking good in santa cruz. comfortable by the water for you and mom this year. we cool off, stay level next week. >> that's your latest weather. check it out on the weather channel or www -- you know where to get it. >> coming up next, we're going to tell you about a new live
8:36 am
production basted on the hit movie "how to tame a dragon." we'll show you a sneak peek.
8:37 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause that you just keep going. (man) that you have all these people coming together for one common goal. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. we can do this. you can do this. we can all do this together.
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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. back now at 8:38 with an exciting new live arena show based on the popular animated movie "trou to train your dra n dragon." it's coming to the united states next month and we got a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the fiery production. they're ferocious and feisty. fire-breathing. and high-flying. they're the stars of dreamworks "how to train your dragon live spectacular," a new arena show featuring 23 life-like and life-size dragons that move and interact with the cast of vikings, acrobats, and martial arts performers. adapted from the popular dreamworks animated film "how to
8:39 am
train your dragon" about a viking teenager who befriends a young dragon. >> we were looking for other ways of being able to take our movies and actually have them live outside of movie theaters. a couple of us had an opportunity to see this amazing show called "walking with dinosaurs." it seemed like just a amazing opportunity to take the story of our movie, and actually be able to bring it to life in a live show in a way that people have never seen before. >> reporter: the show is four years in the making. and with a cast and crew of 85, it boasts the largest number of animatronics ever to tour the globe. the production is so large, it takes more than 30 18-wheeler trucks to move it and more than 160 people to set up the production in each city. the live spectacular uses state-of-the-art wall-to-floor pro-section to transport the audience to dizzying heights on
8:40 am
an epic journey. >> dragons like dinosaurs on steroids. since we made the dinosaurs our technology has adapted vastly, much more dynamic and can communicate with a voice onstage. >> i can play with him like he's a real pet. not like a machine. like he's really there in front of me. my pet dragon. it's awesome. >> reporter: the show's hero weigh morse than 7500 pounds and flies more than 1.2 miles throughout the performance. each large dragon weighs more than 2 1/2 tons, and features blinking eyes, a moving mouth, hand-painted skin, and a wingspan of up to 46 feet. >> they've been created over two years, and you know, when you start the design in 3-d and on computers and find the coloring. >> reporter: some dragons require up to three people to operate them. >> there's a team up in the bleachers who are controlling the creature. all kind of remotely. they have a thing called a voodoo arm so if they turn their
8:41 am
wrist like that, that 3406s the head, that moves the body. so that it's not like a computer program. it's a performer up there, a puppeteer, who's, you know, playing. >> reporter: after premiering in australia, the production moves on to new zealand, where audience members of all ages immerse themselves in the world of dragons and vikings. >> i've never something like this before. >> they look really real. and i like the spikes. >> you actually feel like you're there. >> we wanted to do something the world has never seen before and feel they're pulling it off. >> the multicityour kicks off on june 27th. and the tickets go on sale today. well just ahead we're going to meet the toddler with an iq of 135 who just became the youngest u.s. member of mensa. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around.
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back now at 8:43.
8:44 am
you know it's one thing to be a natural athlete born to play a sport with the size, speed, and skills to be a star. but desire, practice, and hard work can make someone a winner, too. "game changers" is a new book from west-selling author mike lupica. it will inspire and entertain young athletes. mike, good morning. it's good to see you. >> good morning, savannah. >> so this new book is for middle schoolers, sixth graders, i know you had an inspiration when you wrote the main character doug flutie. you could have picked any athlete. you covered sports a long time. why is he an inspiration? >> he's my favorite athlete for a lot of reasons as a boston college man. but he was never supposed to be a great college quarterback. he certainly wasn't supposed to win the heisman trophy. he certainly wasn't supposed to go on to play 20 years in the pros. as i go around the country and talk about these books, kids always say, does size matter in sports? i say, yeah, the size of your talent and the size of your heart. this book is in that spirit. ben mcbain can't get anybody to see past his size and realizes he's a great quarterback of his
8:45 am
sixth grade team. >> and ben mcbain is the protagonist of this story. he's a young man who badly wants to be a quarterback but there is another quarterback, a boy named shawn whose dad is the coach. >> and i have coached all my kids, and i know what it a struggle it is to coach your kids in youth sports. i have three sons and a 13-year-old daughter. she's on her way of her ultimate goal of world domination. but they're always looking to you to see if you're going to give your kid a break. and i think this coach is trying to do the best thing, but he was a pro quarterback and all he's ever wanted is a son who is a quarterback. except he's bigger, stronger, faster, but is not as good a quarterback as ben mcbain. >> and you don't write the stereotypical coach who puts a ton of pressure on the kids. >> no. >> because i guess you recognize the complications of doing -- having those roles and the desire parents have for their kids. >> he's not a pushy loud parent. he's not that stereotypical little league coach who is yelling all the time. but he wants it so bad that he
8:46 am
makes the mistake that youth coaches make. it's not about them. it's about the kids. >> i know this is going to be the first in a series with these characters, the core four and there's more to that, i know. are you basically writing the books that you loved to read when you were a kid? >> my -- the books that i read as a kid would go from season to season and these characters would become your friends. so scholastic came to me, you know, the harry potter publisher, said can you give me somebody who can't fly. so i'm writing about the same kids that i'm always writing about, regular kids trying to do something great in sports, and they care about the things that i cared about. loyalty, friendship, teamwork. those are the things that resonate with my readers, especially my reluctant readers who come to these books and fall in love with reading. >> you're a renaissance man, you cover sports, you cover politics. got to ask you about a couple of sports stories in the news. the death of junior seau. an nfl player who killed himself. i mean, does this point to something larger, do you think, that's going on? >> savannah, listen, it's three
8:47 am
suicides of ex-players in a year. to me, that's an epidemic. do we know exactly what brought him to this terrible moment? we don't. but there's been so much study now that brain injuries cause depression, and this time it's a 43-year-old star who kills himself. a friend of mine says the other day, there's one thing that could kill the golden goose in professional football. it's this. it's -- and they're aggressively attacking brain injuries, but i think we're just finding out how dangerous they are. >> well, we're out of time. mike lupica, this book you've written i hope will inspire young athletes, the best of sports we can see. thank you so much. the book is called "game changers." up next, a live performance from the winner of "the voice." voic"
8:48 am
8:49 am
the "toyota concert series on today," brought to you by toyota. >> back now at 8:49 with the winner of the season two of nbc's hit show "the voice" and former backup singer jermaine paul from team blake was crowned the champion on tuesday night. he takes home the $100,000 prize and a record deal with universal. jermaine, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> nobody in front of you. you're not the backup singer today. >> yeah. >> on the "today" show. >> it feels amazing. so many interviews, and, you know, media outlets, just saying thank you to all of america for
8:50 am
voting me here and making me the winner. i feel so honored and filled with gratitude. >> it's not just your dream. >> yeah. >> i was just talking to your wife melissa who is just off camera over here. you've been married together for 13 years. she says this was a family dream. is that right? >> that's right. >> family dream. to see him now standing here on the "today" show about to perform. your thoughts? >> i'm speechless. >> but i won't ask you any more questions. but, you know, you're dedicating the journey song you're about to sing -- >> yes. >> -- to your wife. >> yes, ma'am. you know, what happened when i -- when i was younger, you know, of course, i just wanted to sing but eventually what happened, you know, you want your kids to sing along with you. so you know, what you sing about starts to define itself, and starts to change and almost evolve and, you know, into a certain song. so, what greater song to sing than songs like that. >> yeah. and i understand your four kids are watching? >> yeah, they're watching right now.
8:51 am
christopher, jeremiah, aurilia, and savannah. i call them my stair steppers because they're all back to back. >> all right. well, let's let them all listen. melissa, thank you for being here. singing "open arms" here's "the voice's" jermaine paul. ♪ ♪ lying beside you here in the dark ♪ ♪ feeling your heart beat with mine ♪ ♪ softly you whisper you're so sincere ♪ ♪ how could our love be so blind
8:52 am
♪ we sailed on together we drifted apart ♪ ♪ and still you're right by my side ♪ ♪ so now i'll come to you with open arms ♪ ♪ nothing to hide believe what i say ♪ ♪ so here i am with open arms ♪ hoping you'll see what your love means to me open arms ♪ ♪ open arms
8:53 am
♪ living without you living alone ♪ ♪ this empty house seems so cold ♪ ♪ wanting to hold you wanting you near ♪ ♪ how much i wanted you home ♪ now that you've come back and turned night into day ♪ ♪ i need you to stay so now i'll come to you with open arms ♪ ♪ nothing to hide believe what i say ♪
8:54 am
♪ so here i am with open arms ♪ hoping to see open arms ♪ open arms ♪ open open arms >> you know what, jermaine? thank you so much for being here. i think this one wants to give you a hug. i'm telling you. we felt that as well as heard it. jermaine paul congratulations. boy do you deserve it. >> thank you so much. >> we're back right after your local news.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good friday morning. 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the search for sierra lamar will reach a national audience. eight weeks ago she disappeared. it will be featured on "america's most wanted." they interviewed her parents. other than the discovery of her clothes and cell phone the day after she vanished, the only
8:57 am
break in the case is the recovery of a red jetta that may be connected to the disappearance. looking good out there. mother's day, temperatures on the mild side. stay cool out there. hope you have a great weekend. hello?
8:58 am
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back now with more of "today" on this friday morning. the 11th day of may, 2012. we've got a really nice crowd outside as the sun is peeking through in midtown manhattan. as we head into mother's day weekend, a really nice day here today. and i'm ann curry alongside al roker, savannah guthrie, and tamron hall. and coming up this morning, we have a little demon on our hands. i'm not talking about any of us. >> no. >> in fact, we're talking about the age of 3, maybe learning to color. >> drooling. >> crying for our mommies. >> not this little girl, okay? she just, at the tender age of 3, became the younger u.s. member of the high i.q. society
9:01 am
mensa. we haven't even bothered to fill out our application forms. this little girl is already a member. we'll talk to her in just a few minutes. >> smartie pants. >> she's smart and cute. she's got it all. >> got it all. speaking of having it all, she's smart, she's funny, she's cute and she also knows how to show you how far your money can go these days when it comes to your home. homes from wide open views of the arizona skyline, sunny florida escape, and adorable 1910 connecticut victorian, all coming up. >> okay. >> and what else? >> one thing a lot of moms would like to do on sunday, in addition to getting a great hug, you want to relax. i would assume that. we're going to create the perfect mom cave. we've heard about dad cave. we're going to create a mom cave, a place to kick back, escape from the family just for a bit, and beth stern, wife of
9:02 am
howard stern, was on yesterday, how to create that mom cave. >> oh, that's pretty cool. >> be good to your mom. >> every time your mom comes -- >> she's good to me. >> i know. great relationship there. meantime let's get inside -- >> all week -- >> all right. okay. we're not laughing, but happy mother's day. all of our moms. all of our moms. okay. natalie, will you please save us? >> i certainly will. all right. i will. in the news this morning, two young girls are now safe after their accused kidnapper shot and killed himself. 12-year-old alexandra bain and 8-year-old kyliyah were rescued after a two-week manhunt that began when they disappeared with their mother and older sister. the girls were taken to a hospital, treated for dehydration and later released. police say they found the sisters with adam mayes in a wooded area after receiving a tip-off. but when asked to surrender, mayes then turned the gun on himself. mayes had been charged with the
9:03 am
murder of the girls' mother and older sister. president obama will focus on the economy today when he campaigns in nevada. last night, during a fund-raiser at actor george clooney's home the president said his newly declared support for same-sex marriage is a logical extension of where he thinks america is supposed to be. meantime, vice president joe biden has apologized to the president for making his own gay marriage endorsement on sunday, a move that pushed the president to speed up his own public announcement. the largest bank in the u.s. has lost $2 billion over the past month and a half. jpmorgan chase acknowledges that the massive trading loss was the result of a portfolio designed to control the company's exposure to risk. the loss marks a new stain in jpmorgan's record after managing to survive the 2008 financial crisis in much stronger form than its peers. the defense today takes over today at the corruption trial of former democratic presidential candidate john edwards. prosecutors concluded their case thursday by trying to portray edwards as a serial liar, driven
9:04 am
by ambition. but edwards' defense team says the government failed to prove that he intentionally violated campaign finance laws and will ask the judge to dismiss the charges. a major breakthrough in the fight against hiv as the fda endorses the first-ever drug shown to prevent hiv infection in healthy people. an advisory panel recommended the daily pill truvada for people at high risk of contracting the virus that leads to aids. and we're getting our first look today at bruce willis snuggling his month-old daughter mabel. it was tweeted by willis' wife emma heming who writes, being a great dad is in his dna. willis has throw grown daughters with ex-wife demi moore. and the french spider-man added to his reputation thursday by scaling france's tallest skyscraper. it took alain robert about 1.5 hours to make the 758-foot high climb. he has conquered more than 100
9:05 am
of the world's most vertigo inducing structures, including the eiffel tower and the empire state building. five minutes past the hour. he's got the view there for sure. let's go out to al with a check of your weather. hey, al. >> this guy's never heard of an elevator? >> he wanted to go do it the hard way. >> all right, thanks so much, natalie. we've got a lot of rain to talk about down south, down in southern texas. you can see heavy rain, texas into louisiana, as well as going to be sweating into the mid-mississippi river valley over the next 48 hours. out west, we have gorgeous weather. 71 in l.a. 72 frisco. 66 in -- 67 in seattle. showers in northern new england, and heavy rain probably coastal flooding as you get into the mid-mississippi river valley. sunny skies along the eastern seaboard with breezy conditions. well, just five after 9:00. temperatures are close to 70 in some cities. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren.
9:06 am
66 in livermore, 60 in san francisco, 64 in san jose. headed close to 80 degrees at noon today. when the highs come in about 4:00 p.m., that will mean 90 degrees in livermore, 80 in san francisco, and 88 right here in san jose. tomorrow, peak warmth. temperatures in the 90s in the warmest cities by the bay. sunday we cool off a touch for mother's day. >> al, thank you so much. and now to a remarkable individual. before she encelebrated her third birthday, little emmy lynn became the youngest person to be inducted into the high i.q. society american mensa after scoring 135 on an i.q. test. emma lynn known as emmy is here with her very proud parents, michelle and glen. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> how are you doing this morning? i hear you -- >> good. >> -- you love insects, right? >> yeah. >> you want to do a little test here. i know you love to teach. are you going to teach me a
9:07 am
thing or two. can you tell me how caterpillars turn into butterflies? >> metamorphosis. >> that's a big word for an almost 3-year-old, right? and what about planets? i know you love the solar system, right? she loves seeing herself on tv as all 3-year-olds do. she isn't just a 3-year-old, let's show you this picture. do you know what that is right there? i'll show you and then i show the viewers? do you know what that is? >> saturn but he broke his wing. >> so the your honor broke his wing? >> no. >> with the rings. i should understand that because i have a 3-year-old, too. do you know what those rings are made out of, emmy? do you know what the rings are made out of? i think she's enjoying the tv. michelle, let me ask you, because obviously she's an incredibly bright child. but it's not like you're quizzing here with flash cards every day. when she was just a couple of months old i understand that you were concerned, you took her to the pediatrician and he diagnosed with her with unspecified delays. what caused that diagnosis?
9:08 am
>> she just wasn't hitting the milestones in time. mostly the physical milestones. she wasn't reaching for things. and that kind of stuff. wasn't rolling over, sitting up. so he was worried. >> and then i understand a couple months later when she's about 10 months old then, you then had her -- her eyes tested and that's what she got the glasses? >> we had her eyes tested earlier and they finally decided to do glasses at 10 months old. >> what did she put -- she became a different child, is that right? >> she did. it was as if the world opened up. i mean she, i guess she really just couldn't see what was in front of her so she didn't want to reach for things. >> do you know what this planet is right here? >> mars. >> mars, that's right. and is that your favorite planet? exactly. and then at about 15 months did glen get involved here, too, because iion -- >> my belly hurts. >> too many doughnuts maybe in the green room. that's not good. i understand about 15 months or
9:09 am
so you then ended up having her i.q. tested is that right? she was speaking in very complex sentences. >> she was complex sentences and a lot of vocabulary. >> wow. >> sweetie pie, we need to see you there. >> one more minute. >> you knew that she was a pretty smart child because you got back an i.q. test about 135. glen, what was -- what were you thinking? >> i was grflabbergasted actual. when the score came back i knew she was smart and knew she had a great vocabulary but to come back with such high score is just amazing. >> i know sometimes you say you feel like your daughter is smarter than you are. does she like these other cards here? what's this one? do you know what this one is, emmy oh, sweetie. obviously to raise a 3-year-old with such a high i.q. it takes a lot, right? >> yeah. >> and so i know you're looking
9:10 am
for support from mensa. oh, sweetie, she has to go to the bathroom. it's okay. >> i knew this would happen. >> it's okay. we're going to take a quick break. hopefully she'll get a little break as well and we'll come back with you guys, emmy, michelle, glen, thank you. >> thank you. >> sweetie pie, it's okay. coming up next, if you're in the market for a new home we're going to show you what you can get for under $350,000. and then, we've all heard of man caves. what about mom caves? we're going to show you how to create the perfect escape for the hardest working woman in the house. [ female announcer ] to get a professional cleansing system
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you could spend as much as $200. olay says challenge that with an instrument that cleanses as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less.
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9:14 am
i think you got it. this morning on "today's real estate," what do you get for under $350,000. whether you're looking for a classic victorian or a southwestern abode we've got some great homes all across the country. our tour guide is barbara corcoran. >> glad to be here, al. >> first is a real surprise. >> it is a surprise. >> it's a surprise in arizona. >> i'm not sure that's the best name. >> i know. surprise. two bedroom house priced at $309,000. >> this is an arizona community just an hour from phoenix airport and the house has a classic western red tile roof
9:15 am
and indigenous landscaping. which is code for cactus in that part of the country. the living room has a barrel vaulted ceiling, a big arched window with custom shutters. the dining room is cool and bare with an arched doorway and a niche on one wall, the crystal chandelier included in the price. the open floor plan has a very nice dining room as you can see right there, lovely. the big living room has all these different nooks and crannies which people always like. the kitchen has maple finished cabinets, tile floors and snazzy red counter going around there that makes it look pretty jazzy. and there's a covered patio out back for viewing a wide open arizona skies and you're right on a golf course. >> fantastic. okay let's now go to a home that's in rotunda west florida, five bedroom house priced at $319,000. this is west florida, as you said. close to sarasota. the house is over 3,000 square fit big and sits on an oversized lot with a driveway you could
9:16 am
land your plane on. interior surprisingly modern. the living room looks fresh and light with the french doors and unconventional angles here and there. the dining room just off the entry hall has neutral carpet, high ceilings and extra wide base boards. the family room is also light and open with a bank of windows looking out on the backyard lanai. the kitchen has a long breakfast bar and what's a florida home without a pool? there's a sparkling blue pool out back and the lanai is surrounded by greenery. that's part of that house. >> i'll tell you. now let's head to hartford, connecticut. this is a classic five bedroom victorian. on the market for $335,000. >> and hartford is halfway between boston and new york exactly. and this is an adorable 1910 victorian hartford's west end, the best part of the town and it's right next door almost literally to mark twain's house. and just looking at that house you look like you could write a good novel there. >> sit ogen the porch. >> or up in the power up there.
9:17 am
the entryway with the original staircase shows you just how beautifully the whole home has been restored. they did a great job. the living room has a built-in window seat with book shelves the perfect place to cozy up with the dog. >> love the fireplace. >> it's original to the house. still intact. the dining room has gleaming hardwood floors and beautiful door frames and the kitchen looks like it's never been used. it has brand-new white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and soapstone counters. the master bedroom includes a win doer turret space that makes an ideal office or a seating area. remember this is one of five big bedrooms. what a house. >> man. >> what a price. >> that's a pretty good deal. >> all right now let's head to lake way, texas, four bedroom home priced at $335,000. >> this is an impressive looking house on a quiet, secluded neighborhood just 100 yards from the local lake. which is what everybody wants to be near in this town. >> that's why it's called lakeway. >> you betcha. the wide open living room has cool tile floors and brick
9:18 am
fireplace. the formal dining room has huge, sunny windows and gleaming wood floors. breakfast area, granite counters and the master bath has a stone tile shower and a soaking tub. >> the last home in koehler, wisconsin. i wonder if that's the plumbing place. >> nothing to do with it. this is a home in the heart of the village just minutes from the beaches of lake michigan. those big old trees out front probably had about 10% value to that house. people pay a lot extra to have those status symbols out front. >> that is gorgeous landscaping. >> beautiful. and the kids put that in everynight. >> does the dog come with it. >> it's a charming touch. i like it. the living room has a bank of windows, nice proportions. built-ins, crown moldings and tile fireplace. french doors leading to the gardens out book and pristine floors. take your shoes off. why would you want to walk in the house with shoes. the interior flows nicely from
9:19 am
one room to the next. the open kitchen has marble counters, a cook top island, breakfast bar, back splash, and the back of the house is just as pretty as the front, a balcony covered porch, lush green lawn and plenty of painting. remember the house is $349,000. looks like a mansion. >> and all the plumbing -- only kidding. it is kohler. it is. >> you aren't supposed to correct me on the air. >> i didn't, mark traub our floor director did. bark ra, thanks so much. barbara thanks so much. up next supermodel christy turlington is in the house. she's calling on moms to disappear on mother's day. i'm here with carol, flo, and karen for a girls night out talking about activia. i tried it and my body felt so right, for a change. and then there's you... why should i try it? my system gets out of sorts but that comes with age, right? wouldn't you like to feel great? just because we're in that over 50...
9:20 am
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9:23 am
this mother's day christy turlington burns and her organization, every mother counts, wants to focus attention on complications related to pregnancy or child birth. >> a new film called no mother's day is asking moms to disappear this sunday. what does this mean? joining us here is christy turlington burns. great to have you here. what do you mean by disappear? you're saying disconnect from social media, don't really receive gifts on mother's day? what's the message? >> really wanted to take an opportunity where, you know, women and mothers are on the forefront of everybody's mind in this country, we spend a lot of money around this holiday and yet it's an opportunity to be able to educate people about some, you know, very, very preventable deaths that are happening around the world, including in the united states. and we thought to take that opportunity to, you know, to
9:24 am
come together in a very compassionate way, moms for moms, on a day that, you know, otherwise it's just kind of mechanical and we go through motions. >> what inspired you to create this no mother's day message. >> really trying to create an opportunity to pay attention, listen to the facts, take them in and hopefully 3406 forward to wanting to do some action. we, as the mother's council is an advocacy organization that really tries to invite participation. i think it's one of those issues if you know about it, you want to do something so we're inviting that kind of activity. >> you take some action. in the campaign you see the women go in silence, a different way of taking action to bring attention. >> i often say the best thing we can do is use our voice. use your voice when it's necessary but also to use quiet sometimes, take away your voice sometimes can be really positive, as well. i'm hoping the day after mother's day we're going to have a much larger group of people saying we want something to happen about this. >> chrisy, thank you so much. for more about this visit our website
9:25 am
>> and coming up the escape for e hardest working woman in your home. ♪ i woke up to a light bulb ♪ every little thing is possible ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing new fresh take. kraft natural cheese, and the perfect blend of spices and bread crumbs all in one bag. we're not just making cheese. we're helping you make something amazing. ♪ love is a bright idea ♪ life is amazing... [ female announcer ] new fresh take from kraft. ♪ that i found ♪ [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roc® retinol. found in roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results, the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's clinically shown to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. new roc® retinol correxion® max.
9:26 am
nothing's better than gold. it is 9:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the parents of a high school football star should be celebrating his graduation in a few weeks. instead, they are planning a funeral. tonight, a memorial will be held for the newark memorial player. he was found stabbed after a house party on april 28th. another teen was arrested in connection with that killing. three juveniles have been charged as accessories. tonight's memorial starts at 6:00 at newark memorial high school. we will have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:27 am
welcome back. 9:27. a live look over alcatraz. beautiful clear sky overhead. a gorgeous day shaping up. it will be a little on the warm
9:28 am
side. temperatures in the 60s in many cities. taking a live look at san jose, completely clear from the coast through the inland cities across the bay area, making for a warm afternoon. lots of sunshine today. coastal fog keeps the coast a couple degrees cooler. temperatures soar into the 80s in san francisco and oakland. 83 for redwood city. 87 in san jose. we warm up through tomorrow. peak warmth saturday. cooling down a touch as you kickoff mother's day. 88 degrees inland sunday. 79 bay side and 74 at the coast. monday, things change. we got more on shore flow. temperatures coming down, but not by much. holding on to the mid-80s just about all week next weekend. we check the drive with mike. >> lightest day all week, it is friday, we expect that. let me point to the right side of the screen, northbound 680, very slow passing alum rock
9:29 am
avenue. three lanes of closed. someone is walking on the roadway, pedestrian on the freeway, law enforcement is very interested. there's a lot of law enforcement in the area and we'll follow this incident, of course. earlier accident at the dublin cleared. 580 cleared through livermore. 880 jammed past the coliseum. live look at the toll plaza shows a backup. fast track lanes of moving f you have a transponder, good for you. if you don't, you'll be hanging around. we will be back in a half hour with another local update. we'll see you then!
9:30 am
>> the force of weapons. i want everything about it. >> that's actor liam neeson, quite taken by his role as admiral shane in the big action thriller "battleship." monday on "today" liam will be here in studio 1a to tell us all about the game show turned movie. >> so interesting. >> exactly. >> interesting. >> all right. have their man cave, kids have a play room, what about mom? we need an escape, too, and it would be a great idea for mother's day. beth stern is here to tell us how to set the mood and create the ultimate mom cave. >> that looks like kid's day out. >> exactly. >> she is going to talk about howard being here yesterday and
9:31 am
the matt/howard kiss-off. >> howard stern not that bright. do i want to kiss matt or do i want to kiss beth? >> look at her. >> yeah. >> beautiful bed you're going to give mom a break in the kitchen. the scotto family is whipping up some memorable mother's day meal from appetizers to my favorite dessert. i have to ask, why are mary and alana being put to work? anthony should be doing the cooking. it's mother's day. >> not yet. >> well, every day is mother's day. >> you're right. >> i'm not a mom but i've got one. >> okay. >> okay. >> before this takes a horrible turn. >> all right, everyone. >> have a preview of what's coming up. >> single woman -- >> all right. -- >> lester. >> help us, lester. >> this is too good. >> lester, please, i'm begging you.
9:32 am
>> all right. let's show you what's coming up this weekend on "today," we're going to show you what happens when a deck that a group of teens are standing on collapses just moments before their prom night. certainly a prom to remember. we're going to hear more about what happened. then with less than three months until the olympic games in london, william and kate join their fellow olympic team ambassadors at a gala, gala, gala? >> gala. >> gala event. >> a gala. >> gala. so what will kate wear? we'll take a look. at the gala. >> and then restaurant psychology is what we're talking about. did you know in one day we make over 200 different food choices. we're going to tell you why your choices are based more on your psyche than your taste buds. and sunday is mother's day. we're going to meet four deserving moms who will get a very big surprise when they come to studio 1a. just wait till you hear and see what the reaction will be. all that and more this weekend on "today." >> cool. >> excellent.
9:33 am
>> now how about some weather? since nobody's going to introduce us. >> can i just share something? >> this is like -- >> only kidding. >> i think we all need to go back to bed and come back out and restart. >> this is live tv show, right? >> that's right. we've got a very important day. >> well actually. i just want to share something. jenna as you all know is an incredible professional as she is anchor but she's also a great personal trainer. she actually gave me a little lesson in personal training here at our fitness center. but this is sort of the workout you can do everywhere, right, jenna? >> i created this because i'm constantly on the road and i can't always rely on gyms. so i put together one of my workouts and used natalie as my guinea pig. you are a phenomenal guinea pig. >> we put together a 10 to 12 minute cardio strength training blast. you need no equipment for. look at her shoelaces by the way, i'm blinded.
9:34 am
or you can do it as a stand alone. >> like any of us could do that. >> i promise you, when i i explain it, we did it on the web -- >> that makes it easier. >> that means we can sit there and watch it while eating cheetos. trust me. >> trust me. this could work. there are substitute exercises you can do. i've spent time with lester in the gym, as well. and he still shows up on sundays. so, you know. check our website out you can see the video and jenna can be training you in your home, too. >> let's not get crazy. >> so -- >> now, time for weather. >> weather al. >> boom. >> you know what, first of all, before we do this, i want to make sure we have enough time for something we want to say. >> we absolutely do. because it has been seven years, i believe, and counting since our senior producer mark victor has been working with us. i think we have a picture of him. he is now, there he is. >> he's in the middle. >> he's in the middle. >> in case you didn't know.
9:35 am
but now he's moving on to bigger and better things heading up tomorrow productions which is a new division of nbc news. so there he is. mark victor. >> he's been such a great asset to this show. in his time he took our hour to the top of the ratings. he has been terrific under his leadership. also the popular segment like money 911, "steals & deals" and the professionals. mark -- >> mark standing up. >> oh, he is standing. >> no! . >> oh! >> mark we're going to miss you so much. in your new position. >> mark victor take a bow. >> he's got the best smile. >> he's the best. >> i believe mark victor works 22 hours a day. >> he is amazing! >> amazing. >> amazing. >> 100%. amazing. >> doing the arithmetic thinking 45 hours -- >> and that's
9:36 am
good morning to you. we have a warm day already shaping up with temperatures in the 70s and it is not even 10:00 a.m. a live look in san francisco. hazy sunshine, i wanted to point out how much sunshine is coming in. temperatures in the 70s by noon, rounding out with 90s on the map in places like livermore and 80 in san francisco today. 87 in san jose. tomorrow, a touch warmer, then we cool off in time for mother's day. hope you have a great weekend. her. >> all right, al, up next the great escape for mother's day. beth stern shows how to create the perfect mom cave. [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh, good heavens! bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!!
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9:39 am
[ male announcer ] celebrate mom. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. model and tv host beth stern is also known as the better half of radio personality howard stern. the two have been married since 2008 and now beth is the host of hgtv's new series "34078 cave" that designs and builds the ultimate space just for mom. good morning. >> good morning. >> i could use you at my house. >> every mom deserves a mom cave. >> exactly. >> i got to ask you before we get to the mom caves, you're going to give us different ways that you can make your own mom cave at home, seeing howard here yesterday, and matt, there's a
9:40 am
romance going on. >> there definitely is. two of i think the hottest guys on the planet. i liked it. >> you weren't jealous? okay. >> matt and howard are good friends. i heard howard played -- >> a lot of fun -- >> clearly had so much fun in your life. >> you know what? after all of that yesterday and then he had more appearances all day he came home, he went right to bed. no fun at home. only fun for the day. >> absolutely. all right let's talk a little bit about some of these mom caves. i understand you have girl town at your house? >> there's girl town and man town. howard's man town is very dark, very black. there is an iron man mask somewhere in the center focal point. >> okay. >> dark dog beds in his town, light, pink fluffy ones in girl town. >> you like to keep it feminine. >> we're very opposite. >> is that your dog? we see the difference there between your town and howard's town. all right let's talk about how
9:41 am
you can bring some of the elements of mom caves into your own home. >> it's just all about making a mom feel special. >> right. >> adding luxury and elegance into her space. that's what i work on every week when i do my show. mom cave. one thing i think is fantastic to add to any room, whether it be a closet, your laundry room, is a great chandelier. >> chandelier right here. >> all shapes and sizes. you can have beads, crystals. it just becomes the focal point of the room and it's so elegant and just so pretty. >> even if you have a smaller room you can find smaller chandeliers to dress up a space? >> i found a chandelier the other day less than $100. >> great. one way to kind of light up a room and make it special. other things you say, candles. >> comfort is all about the senses. the smell and the lighting. we got the lighting covered. you can buy candles that are room specific. doesn't matter. i like a little nook in a room, chandelier, candle, glass of wine and fluffy pillows and
9:42 am
throws. >> this brings us a little more into the luxury end. you want some more you know more of that space to feel plush and just luxurious. >> these are faux fur pillows. i think adding a pillow or a throw is just another way to make a room personal, mother's day, great gifts for a mom. you feel special. get a pretty one. these ones are still luxurious and amazing. we're putting a really pretty one that we will reveal this afternoon. >> good for you. these are great. and even if you have some things that you maybe want to hide. like a medicine ball, a workout -- there are ways to disguise that, right? >> call my friends who are moms have their medicine balls, why not have it be cute and fun and actually like a -- >> where did you find this? this looks like a giant fur ball. >> they're made specifically for medicine balls. you can get them online. they're a cute little seating area in your mom cave. >> yeah, absolutely. and you can use that for a lot of different uses i guess. and then over here you've got
9:43 am
other things to dress up your space. >> i love baskets. they're multipurpose. i always put baskets in mom caves. i put my dogs toys. people can put their kids toys. hair accessories, scarves. i put my flip-flops in baskets. i have bathrooms all over my bathroom, in my mom cave. >> it's really important to be organized, too. >> organized. multipurpose and just pretty. i think a mom cave could be luxurious and pretty. >> you can come to my house. i'm free later this afternoon. beth stern, thank you so much. and mom cave premieres this sunday on hgtv. still to come the scottos are cooking up a special mother's day meal. will momma get a break? we hope so. she's got a nice cup of coffee. i'm gonna make you breakfast. what?
9:44 am
with magic. you are? see the egg? uh huh. so, look at the orange. now close your eyes. ♪ alakazaam! [ sighs ] you're good. and now i'm gonna make this flower bloom. presto. "love you lots." do you want to see it again? yes, i want to see it again! [ female announcer ] hallmark blooming expressions delivers your love again and again.
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9:46 am
see, that's how you get that beautiful colour and ripeness. tropicana pure premium is made with 100% florida oranges. because the best oranges make the best juice. ♪ when things are going your way, it's a joy to feel good. what about when things don't go so well? in her new book choose joy because happiness isn't enough author kay warren explains that joy is a choice even in tough times. she's also the co-founder of saddleback church with her husband rick warren. good morning. >> good morning. >> i got your book. i started reading it. it's absolutely beautiful because we do select joy escape us. you say we can find it in places including children. you've got five grandchildren, one that's eight months old. >> children are fabulous joy mentors because they haven't -- the joy haven't squished out of them yet. they laugh exuberantly over the smallest things. things don't have to be perfect
9:47 am
for them to feel good. they're great examples for us. >> it's infectious. >> it is. i love when i think about what kids have, they're grateful. they're joyful. they give us that sense of things are still right with the world. >> if your book you give us some ideas on how to bring that joy to our lives. you say first of all lighten someone else's load. what does that mean? >> lighten someone else's load, i wanted to just establish the difference between joy and happiness. >> what is it? >> there's a huge difference. happiness is all about what happens to us. joy is something on the inside. >> okay. >> good stuff happens to us, but also bad stuff happens. and what do we do when you get the diagnosis that you do have cancer. >> which is your experience. >> i've had that experience. or you know you think you're in love and suddenly he doesn't love you anymore or finances are tight. what do you do? joy is deeper than that. it's stable. it can't be shaken. it comes from the inside. and when we begin to realize that we don't put our hopes for joy in people. and possessions. >> right. >> and -- >> although we pass it on which
9:48 am
is why you say lighten someone else's load. >> when you lighten someone else's load you have a recognition that life is tough and you can make life better for other people by paying attention to their needs. by seeding what it is they're really needing that day. how you can make their life better by coming alongside of them. >> you also say be a joy builder instead of a joy killer. >> we kill joy in other people when we don't appreciate their efforts. you're in a relationship and somebody's trying but we think, okay they haven't tried hard enough so i'm not going to tell them they've done a good job because they'll stop trying. when bee appreciate people's efforts it builds joy in them. makes them more willing to keep trying. >> at the church you have this weight loss effort going on. as i mentioned you survived cancer. you fought it twice now. healthy living, and 250,000 -- 250,000 pounds combined. >> combined. >> what happened? >> about a year and a half ago rick was baptizing and our church is baptized by immersion. after he'd been baptizing people
9:49 am
he said we're fat. we're all fat. i'm fat. he decided he was going to do something about it. had no idea thousands of people would join in. a year and a half later, 250,000 pounds have been dropped. there are people i don't even recognize anymore because they're half of their former selves. >> i'm happy to share some joy with you. >> thanks. >> congratulations with the church. >> kay warren. up next your mom will certainly be joyous if you give her the whole day off. the scotto family is cooking up a special mother's day meal. the ladies are getting pampered. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
9:50 am
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9:51 am
"mom's rule today" is brought to you by tropicana. tap into nature. >> this morning on "moms rule today," a mother's day meal courtesy of the scotto family. but no break for momma marion who is here with her son anthony and daughter elaina. good morning. >> good morning. >> happy mother's day to the
9:52 am
mommies. >> i'm overseeing this. >> you're overseeing. you're not going to cook. >> here's the deal. we're getting her out of the kitchen. >> and you're going to give her a big treat. >> that's right. >> but you can oversee for now. >> i'll move down. >> let's go. >> a little appetizer to start mom off. right? >> you know, this is like sunshine. >> i love that. >> mother's day, deviled eggs. i have some with bacon. people come in, they enjoy it. looks like happiness. >> it's a great start. >> i mean it's quiet. >> what are you making elaina? >> we are making a penne gratin. we paul it penne from heaven. we start with pancetta and butter. we throw in the par cooked penne and then we add fontina and parmesan and just like mix this all up. >> how could you not like it?
9:53 am
pancetta and lots of cheese and butter and cream. >> butter makes everything taste better. >> it does. >> so we just mix this all around. doesn'tooha ltk wonderful. >> it looks good. >> and then we add cream. >> we're going to add the heavy cream. >> the heavy cream for mom. >> yeah. >> okay and then, this goes in our baking dish. okay. >> it's already been buttered. >> a little bit more butter. >> and then mom will add -- >> spread this out? >> yep. >> she'll add more cheese. >> there you go. >> more mozzarella. >> more cheese. >> more cheese. >> and then we bake it, and this is what it looks like. >> anthony -- >> we're short on time. >> what i did. >> this is a pork loin or pork breast is what we did. i had the bone on to make it a little bit more juicy. cut some slids in them. added a little bit of parsley.
9:54 am
a little bit of rub. i'm going to brown it. which is what this looks like here. >> all right. >> then i'm going to talk about some of the foods we're going to put -- >> i have a white dress on, you're scaring me. >> no, no, no. i put the apricots. cipollini onions. >> why? >> because you've got the sweet and the little bit of sour. i love all that. we're going to deglaze with a little bit of marsala wine, then add all of this and roast to the. probably about 25 to 30 mi ltes. >> high temperature? >> like 350. add a little beef stock, keep it uncovered. this is what it's going to look like. add some spicy walnuts. that's on the website to give you the recipe. >> oh, that's absolutely beautiful. let's have -- >> okay. >> yeah. >> so moms -- >> favorites is coconut. so we're doing a meyer lemon coconut pudding pie. an than i you start. >> this is just store bought vanilla pudding.
9:55 am
>> this is meyer lemon juice. meyer lehman peel. >> there's zest. >> and then toasted coconut to the. mom is this enough? >> yeah. >> good. >> and we're going to make it as easy as possible. >> graham cracker crust. >> even dad can do, mom, is that what you're saying? >> whatever. >> actually refrigerate it. but we're going to add some of our whipped cream on top. >> oh! >> voila. momma marion, who's your pie. happy mother's day. >> thanks --
9:56 am
good morning. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. today, oakland mayor gene quan and others will rally in support of programs for women and families days before the governor releases his revised
9:57 am
budget. budget cuts could come with layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts. the deficit is about $10 billion right now, higher than the governor's estimate back in january. now today's rally will be held at noon at laney college. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. it is all about mom this weekend. >> it is. and mother nature providing some pretty comfortable conditions particularly at the coast as we head through this sunday. hazy over san jose. air quality is suffering, but i wanted to point out we're still in the moderate range everywhere except in the east bay, holding on to good air quality. we expect it to get more unhealthy the next couple weeks as we transition into summertime. we will update that every day. already in the 60s and 70s. 73 in livermore. on the way to the 90s inland.
9:58 am
93 saturday, and mother's day, cooling off a touch. if you want the best weather, take mom to the beach. looking over here in the south bay, looking at someone in traffic walking on the freeway. that person was taken from the freeway. no word on that person's status. i'll let you if we have anything to report. 880 at the alameda, accident moving to the shoulder. 101 bogged down. southbound at willow, disabled vehicle out of lanes. 880 slow past the coliseum. back to you. >> never a good idea to walk on the interstate. check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. we'll see you at 10:26. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
of what?
10:01 am
10:02 am
10:03 am
10:04 am
10:05 am
10:06 am
10:07 am
10:08 am
10:09 am
we say 85% said it is ve a peck. then half, 50% say it is fine to
10:10 am
make out. nothing ever makes sense when you add all the numbers. >> you're thinking things through and discovering how difficult that is. >> 7% think that it's okay to have sex on the first date. >> so when to call -- >> anybody here in our. >> anthony. okay. when to call after the first date. 50% say that women should still wait for the other person to call before you call. >> i think men like to be the chaser. that may sound old-fashioned, but men are hunters. right? yes, oh, yeah. >> remember the chuck nice line? >> i love this. >> men are not going to run for a bus that they're already on. >> hello. >> i love that. ready for kathie lee's friday funny? what is it? >> do you remember the famous olympic skier picabo street? picabo is not just an athlete, she's now a nurse. yeah. and she's currently working at an intensive care unit in a
10:11 am
large metropolitan hospital. now she's not permitted at all to answer the hospital telephones anymore because it cost too much confusion when she would answer the phone and say picabo ico! >> so stupid! >> all right. it is now time for -- >> "bobbie's buzz"! >> i'm sorry, but we think you're disappearing in front of our very eyes. >> nothing's happening. >> it's called love and planning a wedding. >> i haven't started. okay. so one of the most common questions i get from women, how to find a certain heel height and a certain width for your shoe. i really love this website, chromatic galle you can customize the heel height, which hidth, everything want. >> how long does it take to get your shoe? >> i think just a couple weeks. then also a great idea to not have any dropped calls.
10:12 am
this is called fly grip. this little attachment can either help your phone stand up like that or if you just pop it out it kind of helps you so you can take pictures, steady, one hand -- >> it's a tripod thing. >> people that have an iphone understand. i was surprised to learn 40% of their parents choose to not figure out what the sex of the child will be. this is reversible little onesies. this is such a good idea with little pockets on the back and can you flip it from blue to pink. >> very cute! >> cute, bobbie. thank you. all right. we've got these pink bats here for a reason. >> major league baseball is fighting breast cancer. remember, the nfl did it before? now hundreds of major league baseball players are going to be using pink bats on mother's day as part of their honorary bat girl initiative. >> they are by louisville slugger and it is the official
10:13 am
bat of major league baseball. if you see pink bats, now you're going to know why. we've got a big show for you coming up. goss ship girls chase crawford takes a pregnant pause. >> pregnant nap. >> hello! coming up right after this. about activia. we ag i've been eating activia and i feel great! i'm used to having irregularity. i feel like that's normal. if you are not feeling like trying this on, that's not normal. activia helps with occasional irregularity when eaten 3 times a day. feeling regular to me was a new feeling... i came to find my 'new normal' and i love it! ♪ activia and try new silky, fruity activia harvest picks. another way to enjoy activia.
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10:16 am
gossip girls chase crawford >> you want to go? let's go. your special against my special. whoever sells the most tonight wins. >> fine. >> fine. all right. if i win you have to have a drink with me. and if you win, you may have three drinks with me. >> that's cute. >> i'll see you on the field. sflrt. >> doesn't keep me up nights. >> she's terrific and so are you. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. thanks for having me. >> sounds like a fun premise. >> i like how your character plays out with anna kendrick.
10:17 am
starts off as a flirtation -- >> classic story of two food truck workers battling it out. >> so somebody wins and loses that bet and apparently something happens that particular evening that neither of them expect to happen. >> yes, exactly. it was very unexpected thing that happened. he wired it so regardless they were having a beer after work. yeah. that was it. >> then hello. guess what? >> surprise phone call. yeah. weird. >> which i would think would be every man's worst nightmare. has that ever happened to you? >> it has never happened to me. yes. it's never happened to me. there is a very valuable lesson to be learned there, not sure exactly where but it is a lesson to be learned. it has never happened to me. >> there is -- it is a great cast you guys have, by the way. you have j. lo, chris rock, the list goes on and on. we had matt on with us earlier.
10:18 am
>> matt, cameron, yeah. >> what was it like? did you get to spend a lot of time with other people or was it basically just you and anna? >> they keep asking us. it was just me an anna for the most part. three weeks out there in atlanta. it was like these little minimovies. we did have a couple of like overlaps where i'd pass by cameron diaz and we didn't know who was who. but it was a lot of fun. i did get to meet chris rock and the camdy troupe guys. >> when you saw the whole movie come together -- >> i haven't seen it. i see it tomorrow at the new york premier and next weekend is mother's day, my mom's coming out an we'll watch it on monday in l.a. as well. >> so bring your mom. i'm sure there are some scenes in there. they're a little awkward to watch with your mom. she's seen you on "gossip girls." >> i think she's seen that gauntlet. >> your sister's had a baby. has that changed your life in any way? >> you know, it sound cliche but it is life changing. in a way, even being one step
10:19 am
removed. it's -- i don't have to do any of the dirty work, as the cool uncle goes. >> you can just have fun. >> waiting to feed him sugar. >> this was at the white house correspondents dinner? >> there's the man. >> did you enjoy yourself, by the way, at that din sfer. >> i did enjoy myself at that dinner. you always have that moment where you're like i am like 50 yards away from the president. yeah, it was a good time. >> what i love when we go there -- we've only been a couple times -- but you see people who you never think would be a fan of anybody else's. they're acting just as crazy as someone they like -- >> i'm like there's harry potter, he was coming over to say hey to tony. i guess he's an american football fan. so it was really cool, surreal to meet him. me and tony are secretly harry potter fans. >> you guys are together a lot, you and tony. >> it's a bromance. >> he's my brother-in-law. the brother i never had. yeah. i get down to dallas and play a
10:20 am
little golf. >> which is such a fun city. i love dallas. >> it's great food, it's where i grew up. >> we wish you good luck with this film. >> i guess it's going to be out next week it opens. >> may 18th. next friday. up next, sara's stepping it up with our fans. >> and they could ask us anything. with the wave. right after this. we're here at the famous golden ox steakhouse in kansas city where we switched their steaks with walmart's choice premium steak. ♪ this is really good. like what i grew up with. only one out of five steaks is good enough to be called walmart choice premium beef. can i let you in on a secret? you're eating a walmart steak. no kidding. noooo! i promise. it's very tender. you could almost cut it with a fork. it is delicious! we need to start buying those at walmart. walmart usda choice premium steaks. try it. tell us what you think about it on facebook. it's 100% guaranteed. ♪ you make me happy
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10:23 am
it is time for "321 live with sara haines." she's gathered up a crowd across the street. >> we're going to keep it to moms this week. first up, jennifer from minnesota. >> hello. how are you guys similar to or different from your own mothers? >> i think i'm pretty similar to my mom. my mom, she gets up in a good mood, she likes to exercise, she -- i sort of feel like i have a lot of her traits. how about you and your snom. >> i think i'm much more the way my daddy was. but my mom has lots of things about her i wish i had. for her skin.
10:24 am
my mom is -- i don't know. i think we're quite different. >> i think you guys are, too. >> next up, jerry from illinois. >> good morning. i was wanting to know how has your mothers played a role in your success? >> my mom is like a huge cheerleader with two pom poms and i could do something so small and stupid and she'll be like no one's better than you. i think that kind of encouragement sort of helps you down the road. >> i was very blessed when my daddy was a live and i was a young performer, both my mom and my dad said we love you too much to allow you the privilege of making mistakes, we'll be here when you make them because you're human and you're going to but this is where you can always come home and find a safe place to be. so very grateful for mom that way. thanks, guys. >> happy mother's day. still ahead, we have baby animals. house. plus eva mendez tells us about her lesson in motherhood
10:25 am
from her new film.pcakes! cupcak! [ laughing ] ahh, cloudy glasses. you didn't have to come over! easy. hi. cascade kitchen counselor. look! over time, the other premium pac can leave cloudy, hard water deposits,
10:26 am
but cascade complete pacs help leave glasses sparkling. cascade. love it or your money back. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. we are days away from the amgen tour of california.
10:27 am
stage three starts tuesday in san jose before winding through contra costa county and finishing in livermore. racers will eventually make it through parts of central california before finishing in los angeles may 20an. we'll have a look at the forecast and roads after the break. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77.
10:28 am
that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. hard to believe it is 10:28 with these temperatures. in the 60s in san francisco and oakland and headed towards the
10:29 am
90s later today in places like livermore. 80 in san francisco and 89 degrees in los gatos. if you want to take mom to a real treat, take her to santa cruz. 76 degrees at 4:00 p.m. beautiful beach weather in santa cruz. let's check the drive with mike. horrible traffic for 17, keep that in mind and patience with mom. 680 is cleared up. now just hamilton and campbell, accident there out of lanes, an issue for the intersection. slow at 881. 880 through oakland, slow as well approaching the bay bridge and at the caldecott tunnel. the bay bridge, no problem, should see meter lights off, barely a backup there, sun beating down as well. >> hope the lights are off. it is 10:30. coming up at 11:00, an appeal to get back on the force. what the family of the man he killed says about the b.a.r.t.
10:30 am
officer's controversial request. that's at 11:00. see you soon. the new coming age comedy called "girl in progress" is about a single mother who's busy juggling work, bill and -- boyfriends. >> hello. eva mendez plays grace, a messed up mom, who was so wrapped up in her own life that she doesn't know how to act her age. take a look. >> sorry, i finished the cereal. and the milk. hey! delicious? >> oh! >> coming out just in time for mother's day. >> yep. >> so nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you guys. >> big fan of your good work. you've said this was a dream come true to play somebody this
10:31 am
bad, this flawed, this sloppy. >> yes, exactly. she's just this mess of a mother. totally the opposite of my mother. and you know, just trying to figure it out, failing miserably. has this beautiful little daughter -- >> whom she loves. >> whom she totally loves but she just can't get it quite right. >> she's a narcissist and just self-focused. >> she's selfish! >> she's selfish but she's just also -- there's a host of reasons but she's beautiful -- in the movie i play mother to sierra ramirez who, you guys, this is a talented young lady. >> was it tough to find her? >> yes, it was. but she sent in her audition tape and i was like, oh, my god, this little girl is incredible. there's also an amazing -- look it up on youtube -- on the youtube -- she at 10 years old was at the apollo theater on that stage. we know how tough -- i would be so scared to go. she won that crowd over singing a jennifer holliday song, this
10:32 am
big, 10 years old. she's incredible. she's be taking all my jobs in about four years. >> enough about the little kid, let's talk about you. >> don't you love for her that? you're giving it all way way. >> you're not a spoiled little movie star like we heard. you're really a nice person. >> she's so bad! now your relationship with your mom -- >> in real life -- is terrific. it is a home run. >> yes. we're super, super close. she's an angel of a mother. she decided to go white a few years ago. yeah. >> all natural. >> all naturale. mom is incredible. she worked i don't know how many jobs when i was growing up. >> at the chinese theater. >> yes. one of her jobs, she talk a job at the mann chinese theater in hollywood, the iconic theater. it was during the '80s, she would wear this beautiful geisha gown, she woshd at the box office so every weekend i was there. >> but then one of your movies
10:33 am
is premiering there and you take your mom nap had to be an amazing moment. >> a moment. that was about four years ago for this film and i picked her up in a car. she gets in the car and she's already crying. i was like don't look at me. i was like -- we were like totally ignoring, she's over here, i'm like -- we finally lock eyes, we're like -- mom, it's all because of you. >> she must be so proud of you. >> you were raised not just your mom but equally raised by your siblings. >> i have two olders sisters and a baby brother. they don't like me to disclose the number of years -- nine years old -- so yeah, it felt like i had two sets of parents. i was pretty much raised by fear. if my mom let me go to a party which they couldn't go to, they were like mom, you didn't let us go to a party when we were 15.
10:34 am
>> see, but then we don't see you stumbling out of your underwear. personally we're really happy that you're so happy. that's all we'll say. >> good luck with the movie. >> and all the best with the movie. this movie opens today in theaters. you take a message. take a boo-boo and make it better. take a nap? lol. take a breath. you take care of it all. let nutri-grain help take care of you. it's tasty -- made with real fruit, whole grains, fiber... soft and sweet. take a moment. then take on that to-do list with a grin. kellogg's nutri-grain. take care of you™. then take on that to-do list with a grin. your mood and your makeup. makeup like you've never seen before. new revlon® photoready airbrush™ mousse make up. unique air-infused mousse formula blends easily for a smooth, poreless, airbrushed finish.
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10:37 am
now it is time for "moms rule today" and little craft cal length in honor of mother's day. my mom sammy is here. >> since neither my mom or sara's mom could join us together, we're teaming up for the challenge. >> danny, what are we doing? >> we are doing an up-cycled shadow box and using things from a junk drawer to spell "i love you." we'll gift wrap it using upcycled materials. >> this looks like you had time to think about it.
10:38 am
come on, we got 30 seconds here? >> the winner is going to get the upcycle trophy. >> tell us when. >> on your marks, get set -- >> we're not ready -- okay, now we're ready. >> -- go! >> wait. danny, where's the glue? it's not doing anything! >> i'm sorry, but the glue's not working. >> glue guns don't work. just color. just color. do you have any glue coming out of yours -- be here, ours is working. >> "i." >> i'll make a heart. >> help me here. >> add to it. >> now i don't know what to do.
10:39 am
>> careful, it's hot. >> it's not working! danny, it's not working? >> is yours working? >> no. >> oh, ours is working just fine. >> when you have your "i love you," you want to put the lid back on to the shadow box. and we're going to move on to the next station. >> wait! we're not ready! >> we got to smash the tapes! >> put that down. >> rip it open. >> there's nothing we can do because the glue isn't working. >> well now you're just complaining. >> that's enough. that's enough. hold on. how do you -- this is so --
10:40 am
>> now you're going to choose something to wrap it in. >> this -- mine. wait. mine is excellent. let's go like this. give me another piece of tape. >> faster! >> we need more tape. >> this is an official way of doing this. >> okay. >> we got it. we don't want to cheat. >> i think we're out of time. >> no, we're not -- no, we are not! now let's judge it. judge it! judge it! judge it! i'm ready! >> sammy wins.
10:41 am
>> no wait. look. look. i just want to show you what we did. >> how's yours? >> you are the winner. >> wait. >> that's pretty. i like that. >> liar. >> what does your say? >> "i love you." up next, it's 10 on the "awwftsc thouk ist e baby animals after th stufufufufufufufhahahahaha stufufufufufufufhahahahaha inwi progrgressive mobobile. great! tyler here will show you everything. check out our new mobile app. now you can use your phone to scan your car's vin or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no. well, all right. thanks. okay, here we go. whoa! no one said "cheese."
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10:45 am
we're back with "today's call of the wild." with mother's day a couple of days away, seaworld and busch gardens have brought us babies only a mother could love. >> we were going to start with
10:46 am
an aardvark. >> here he comes! an aardvark with an attitude. >> one of our veterinarians at busch gardens which is exactly where this little aardvark was born just six weeks ago. look how big it is already. >> how big will he get? >> about 130 pounds. he's got a brother that's a year old that's already 130 pound. >> they've got a little pig snout. don't they? >> yes. so many people think that they are related to pigs or to ant eaters but they're actually in family all of their own. >> oh, my god. that nose is the cutest. do they have many in a litter? >> just one at a time most of the time. very few of them have actually been born at zoos. probably less than 50. so this is a very special little girl -- we're actually thinking it's a girl. >> behind you, look at this kangaroo. it is really wanting to jump all over. tell us about that. >> we'll give the kangaroo some
10:47 am
time. in honor of mother's day of course, we've got all the -- but you might be thinking, wait a minute. this is an adult kangaroo but you know what? she's got one in the pouch right now. >> she does? >> yes. >> really? you can see how full her pouch is. >> look! look, look, look. >> i'm a big aardvark, i can eat big aardvark food. >> did you see her belly? >> she's got a 5-month-old in there. believe it or not, that's already been born. when kangaroos are born they're only the size of a grape. then they grow inside the pouch drinking mom's milk for the next six months or so before they stop hopping in and out. >> wow. >> the aardvark's playing with the aardvark. >> that's too fun. >> yeah. once she smells it, she really,
10:48 am
really wants to drink from that bottle but she kind of needs to know where it's coming from. >> oh, my gosh! >> you've got it, kathie lee. a true mother. >> so what about these -- these are some crazy looking scorpions up on top. >> people have no clue that spiders -- which is the families that these guys are actually in, take care of their young. here's a great mother's day story. the fact that these are scorpions. when the babies are born, they're born live and they crawl up on to their mom's back and mom protects them for the next several months. she also have a gestation period of 7 to 9 months so she'll be carrying her babies for that long and these little guys were born at seaworld in san antonio so they've got a great colony -- >> the baby is sticking out! there he is! oh, my gosh! >> oh, oh, oh.
10:49 am
legs were sticking out! and the head! >> look at that. >> that is crazy! what was just happening! okay. do we have something else? a chick. let's bring out the last one. >> this is -- oh, lord. >> emu chick that was actually also hatched down at busch gardens. emus are only five. tall when they're first hatched out but now this guy is about eight weeks old or actually a little bit older than that and he's already this big and he's going to be six feet tall when he's full grown. >> that's unbelievable. >> wow. happy mother's day to all of our animals. >> i'd like the apple, please. >> julie, thank you. happy mother's day, darling. up next, the queen of crafty cupcakes is here. but first, what is this, hoda? >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
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(ancr) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit
10:53 am
now on "happy mother's day today," if you're short on ideas for this sunday but big on gifts from the heart, you might want to consider using your creative talents in the kitchen. >> here with her unique cupcake kree yags, "new york times" best selling author karen taft, author of "cupcakes, cookies and pies, oh my." >> you always come with something new and fresh. >> it's mother's day coming up. i want to spoil my mom. this one you don't even have to turn oven on. use frozen pound cake. you can cut it in flower shapes, leaf shapes. we dip it in melted frosting that we tinted all these colors. >> how cute! >> give mom a little bouquet.
10:54 am
if you want to try tasting one? it's just pound cake. it tastes actually like a glazed doughnut. oh, my god. i'll get you one. my niece is off camera salivating. >> she can come on later and eat some. these are brownies. these are paparazzi party. we made some brownie cameras with brownies. a little frosting on top and i made some -- >> look! >> again, it is using the melted frosting, a little ziploc bag to do the piping. >> so good! >> shoes. we frosted the top of the cup tak, little sugar to match any of the liners. >> watch how she's doing this. >> for the heel or soul part, this is just a graham cracker.
10:55 am
put that on like that. any type of cookie, whether a -- you get these great foil liners, just match them whether you are doing shoes or purses. >> look at the leopard skin purse! >> that's just frosting. >> that's from the kardashian line right there. >> frosting and some sparkly sugar to glam it up. that's just stacking two cupcakes on top of each other. makeup to go with your shoes and purses, even not even turning the oven on. >> this is ingenious the way you make these little leaves. >> the cheaper the spoon, the better. you dip it into some melted chocolate any color that you want. put it in the refrigerator in about five minutes.
10:56 am
but having the cheap spoon, can you just bend it easily an they pop off like a fingernail. >> look how pretty! >> cookies here that we've sandwiched together with a little filling. this is just a refrigerator sugar cookie dough. >> come on, hanna. come on! have a cupcake. come on. >> this is marshmallows, one of our favorite candies. do you like marshmallows? >> yeah, i think so. >> i snipped the marshmallows because they're sticky, i dipped them in some colored sugar and made some pretty little flowers. would you like to try some? >> have your mom come in, too. >> come on in, mom. >> i think that's going to be too delicious. >> down the hatch. >> how was that? karen, you outdo yourself every single time. >> and we came out with a cupcake app! >> what?
10:57 am
who's better than you? nobody! >> next week, the one, the only, betty white is with us next week. >> comedian howie mandel and nick canon. have an awesome weekend, everybody.
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