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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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around very much, so a nice calm start to the day. and you'll see our temperatures as we go throughout the afternoon around the coast raining running a bit cooler. mid-60s near the coast, 70s to lower 80s near the inner bay. livermore towards 2:00, we get close to 90. as the sea breeze picks up, we'll hit the warmest part of the day from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. then towards the evening those low clouds are pushing inland by a stronger sea breeze, which will lead to a cooler finish to this weekend. we'll show you how it will impact perhaps some of the mom's day plans coming up tomorrow. we'll have a cooler start to the workweek with the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> momma says to make it nice. new this morning, while you were sleeping, a scare in san francisco under the bay bridge brought the bomb squad out. it started just after 11:00 last night when officers responded to a call of a suspicious package on beel street near harrison street. it was some sort of metal suitcase. now the embark care embarcadero
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was shut down to traffic in both directions for three hours while the bomb squad investigated. they reopened the embarcadero a little after 2:00 this morning. they won't budge. protesters occupying a university of california-owned parcel land in albany said they plan to stay past a 10:00 deadline this morning. the protesters have been on gill tract since april 22nd, earth day. the plot of land is used for plant research. occupy protesters want the university to turn it over to use as community farming. on wednesday u.c. berkeley police sealed off the parcel. this morning volunteers will once again search for clues in the suspected abduction of sierra lamar. as the same time the morgan hill's case is getting national attention on the show america's most wanted, sierra's mother is sending a message. it is going to be a painful
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mother's day. >> sierra was last seen in santa clara county two months ago. and now everybody in the country is asking the question, where is sierra lamar? >> molly lamar is most hopeful that the story on "america's most wanted" will lead to the ending she's wanted. meanwhile, divers searched the reservoir in south san jose. at one point they put a marker on the surface indicating something was low. they dove in and after searching below for several minutes they came up with nothing. >> i'm so not giving up. >> reporter: with mother's day coming up on sunday, she wrote a message to her daughters. in it she describes sierra as her miracle baby. >> reaching out to sierra letting her know i love her so much as a mother and definitely she's a joy in my life. >> reporter: writing a letter to a daughter she hasn't seen in almost two months was not difficult. if anything, her heart poured out through her pen. >> as soon as i put that pen to the paper, things started to
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flow and it was effortless. and i realized there's a reason why i'm doing it. >> reporter: it's a message that gives her comfort and hope. >> i'm thinking about the future mother's day that are going to happen and i'm going to celebrate it with sierra. >> reporter: george kiriyama, today in the bay. >> george also reports the idea to write the letter comes from mark clasp who told sierra's mother it was a good idea to try to make contact with her. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the sierra lamar case. we will have all updates all weekend long as volunteers search for clues. and you can find updated information about the case on our website, turning now to the facebook ipo frenzy. the company set to go public next week, but two of the founders are making international headlines. ceo mark zuckerberg racks up facebook's national road show in his own backyard. zuckerberg was in palo alto meeting with perspective voters
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yesterday giving a ten-minute question and answer session. meanwhile another co-founder is renouncing his american sit accident help citizen ship. eduardo is becoming a member of singapore. facebook is valued at nearly $100 billion. sovereign stake in the company could be worth a few billion. gas prices across the nation are in a steady decline, except, of course, here in california. last week gas prices went up 16 cents in the bay area and experts say we could see another 20 cent jump in the coming days. the reason, they say, it stems from the refinery problems and issues with making california's special blend of clean burning gas. gas prices in the bay area are 50 cents higher than the rest of the nation. well, this morning your mail carrier will be collecting more than just your letters and cards. the postal service's annual
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stamp out hunger drive is today. letter carriers will collect nonparishable food donations as they deliver the mail. to donate just leave items like canned goods and packaged pasta near your mailbox. the items will be donated to local food banks. last year the letter carriers collected more than 70 million pound of food. and we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, cruise ships docked and idling nonstop. why a greener option is on hold in the bay. [ alarm beeping, motor revving ]
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[ motors revving ] ♪ [ motor turns over ] [ liquid pouring ] [ chain saw buzzing ] [ male announcer ] what if everything ran on gas? then again, what if everything didn't? the 100% electric, zero-gas nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all. ♪ and we are looking life from our san bruno camera. you can see the fog squished all the way down like a blanket. rob says cooler temperatures today, especially along the coast. cruise ships docking in the san francisco bay are delivering more than just tourists. they are also bringing pollution. "today in the bay's" jean elle explains why an option that
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exists isn't being used. >> reporter: cruise ships are big business in san francisco. >> cruise ships generate millions of dollars to benefit the region in the tourism industry. >> reporter: documents show they are also big polluters. according to the port of san francisco, they are the biggest emitters of all ship types calling to san francisco. >> it is one of the causes of cancer, your environment. >> reporter: breast cancer survivors worry about the air they breathe. cruise ships docked in san francisco will send more pollutants into the environment. that's because the port authority of san francisco temporarily pulled the plug on sure power that allows ship captains to plug in and turn off their engines while in port. >> we have decommissioned it for temporarily and then we'll recommission it next year after the america's cup is over. >> reporter: cleaner shore power was available at pier 27, but while crews build an america's cup event you and a new cruise
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ship terminal is off limits. >> we expressed concern about it. >> reporter: the air district management says shore power prevented 32 tons of cruise ship pollution from entering the air ever year, but they are once again spewing. >> so what happens is it goes into the air, combines chemically and gives us the spare the air dates we have. then we have another portion of it of these particular manners. >> reporter: in comments about the environmental impacts, the management district wrote decommissioning shore side power will adversely affect local and regional air quality. to help reduce pollution levels, it recommended it selling shore power at pier 70. a dry dock where ships go for repair. this week the san francisco public utilities commission approved funding for the project. >> in the process of selling shore power at our shipyard down at pier 70, which has never had shore power before. >> reporter: it is expected to
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be available in september. and when both shore power locations are operating in 2013, passenger ships and ships in for repair will be running on clean energy. but until then, cruise ships sit idling. jean elle, "today in the bay." >> a cruise ship is currently in dry dock in san francisco for repairs two. more cruise ships with passengers onboard arrive tomorrow. they will both be docking at pier 35. there will be road closures along the embarcadero. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, he's a household name in the homes of bay area foodies. and we snagged a rare visit with renown bay area chef gary denko. and here's a view of what you can see of the golden gate this morning. a lot of fog. misty skies there. but above the low clouds, a nice day. and parts of the inland valleys, we'll talk more about the wildly different weather depending on where you are around the bay up.ngiourn satunda sforecast
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we are looking live at san jose where there is a 5k that will start at 9:00 this morning. the willow glenn 5k to benefit local schools. and it will be a nice, perfect forecast for all of that jogging or walking all the way in the back, that's where i'll be. >> it will be a pretty nice day out there, kris. and for folks that are walking or running, we'll see temperatures, at least for the morning, still fairly cool in a few spots, and some misty skies in a few areas, especially around the coast and parts of the peninsula. this part of san bernardino above the cloud layer. low clouds are spilling in from the coast and around the peninsula and high clouds drifting in from the west. temperatures this morning pretty comfortable, a little chilly in a few areas. near the north bay, we are down to 47 degrees. 54 in livermore and 56 in san jose. 50 in san francisco and oakland. one thing we'll watch throughout the afternoon will be the sea breeze picking up. right now interesting to see
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that south wind in napa. we are still expecting to see the temperatures to hit the mid to upper 80s, but with the south winds picking up later in the day, that could lead to a cooler afternoon in wine country for the afternoon today. allergy forecast not our frigid. you can see near oak, grass, pollen is high, mull berry, cedar, cypress, anything to pollinate is doing it in the bay area. unfortunately, we will see rain to knock down the pollen. we won't see it other than the fact we'll see drizzle tomorrow morning. the low clouds there on the coast are going to start to thicken up with the marine layer thickening and moving further inland leading to cooling, especially wrapping up the weekend for inland valleys. the satellite view is here with high clouds sweeping in over the low cloud layer out on the coast this morning. and as the low tracks in up on the northern california coastline come tomorrow, it is going to enhance that sea breeze, deepen up the what
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marine layer, we'll see a cooler start to the finish. and like we are seeing now, the mist is near the golden gate bridge. drizzle for parts of the coast tomorrow morning. and you'll see a drop in temperatures by the time we get into your sunday forecast. today, still expecting mid to upper 80s near san jose with the marine layer still pretty squished down. we'll probably see more cooling today near the inner bay and back out towards the coast. so as we go further inland out towards evergreen and morgan hill, we'll see numbers in the upper 80s. still close to 90 near livermore before the sea breeze kicks in for the afternoon. a close 90 in pleasanton. mid to upper 80s near the corridor near alamo today in the upper 80s near fairfield and napa and santa rosa. the mid to upper 80s, but notice by late in the day we'll see the sea breeze cranking up, to take san francisco, probably climbing near the lower 70s by noon and trending cooler into the evening. the three-day forecast to wrap up the weekend, extra low clouds tomorrow morning. and really a big drop in those valley temperatures.
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going from the 80s to near 90 from yesterday and for one more day today. then a big drop come monday. you'll see the numbers cooling off. no more 80s in the forecast. so that's a big drop. we won't even have drizzle possible for the next couple of mornings, especially out on the coast. and if things rebound again for the middle part of the week they will trend cooler again thursday and friday. kind of back and forth with the warm ups and cool downs, but for tomorrow we have some mist that will be in the area, cool temperatures, but not the stormy weather, the typical start of the tour early in the year as we are in storm season. >> it is one of my favorite things to cover. i'm not a cyclist, but i really love the race and what it does for local communities. yeah, i have covered it in really nasty weather. >> that's the reason they moved it into may now with better weather. always exciting to see all the bikes flying by. >> super fun. thank you. the only thing harder than getting a reservation at a prize restaurant is getting
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behind-the-scenes access to his kitchen, but we are in with one of the most celebrated chefs in bay area history. we recently launched a new series profiling the bay area's most dynamic people. this morning the interview with gary denko. >> reporter: a few things come with the tore terror. territory, cable cars, the beautiful bridge and gary danko. >> three courses. mix it up however you want. send it out. welcome into my house. how can i make you happy? >> reporter: danko has been a celebrity chef before the term even existed. his 65 lights of heaven is the number one rated restaurant in the bay area for most of the past ten years. does it register to you anymore? >> for my ego, try toy remain humble in every situation. i'm a behind-the-scenes person and don't like to be seen. i have all the chop/chop and all the things behind the scenes.
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>> reporter: and behind the scenes you find the chaos. >> when it comes in, it means automatically fire the first course so everybody puts that out. it comes, bob coordinates it, sends it out, draws a line and hangs it out in neutral zone here. >> reporter: outside of you, i have no idea what you just said. how do you describe what happens in here? >> it is called organized chaos, basically. >> reporter: to be very clear here, this is not just food, it's art. >> and there's a huge gap between a restaurant that really welcomes you in and wants to take care of you versus one that anybody can open, it is really true, but how long can you keep it there? then you get into the nuts and bolts of why people keep coming back. >> >> reporter: and below the hustle and bustle of the kim season one of the best wine cellulars in northern california. do you keep your personalized
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stuff here? >> i have a ton of wines. >> reporter: any guilty pleasures, will you do a double-double burger or something like that? no cheese. tell me what was your last meal? >> simple food, but i eat that every day. if i win out, it will be caviar. my signature smoked salmon caviar and, you know, probably some truffles and all those kinds of things. and great wine, of course. >> that was raj mathai reporting. brides against breast cancer are having a charity gown sale today. more than 1,000 wedding gowns will be on sale to support cancer patients and their families. dresses are donated by manufacturers and bridal shops. the event will be held at the
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samford renaissance hotel in san francisco from 9:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. and runners of all ages will be lacing up their sneakers for a good cause today to take part in the be the one run in san jose's guadeloupe gardens. it is meant to raise money for bone marrow transplant research as well as bringing attention to the need for marrow donors. there's a 5k/1k fun run and a tot trot. the first race steps off at 8:45 this morning. online registration is closed but you can still register in person. we have more coming up, new no-chip manicures. why some doctors say a hot trend in nail salons could come wi
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there is a new weapon in the fight against wrinkles and it is lurking in your own body. it is aproved by the fda and could help you look younger.
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here's "today in the bay's marianne favro. >> chris could be 59 but doesn't want to look it, so she's trying a new treatment here at the dermatology center in los gatos. but first she has to give a little of herself. >> i'm going to give you a small amount of local anesthetic behind your ear to completely numb the area. >> reporter: dr. iris gin is conducting a biopsy from behind her ear. a 1/10 an inch big. this is the first fda-approved self-therapy to improve the look of your smile lines. the ship sample is sent to a specialized lab to grow the cells. the skin cells produce collagen. it will take about three months to produce millions more cells. then they will be shipped back to doctor jen to inject them into chris' face. >> we are replacing what the skin loses as we age. >> reporter: dr. general says because patients use their own
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skin cells, the risk of reactions is eliminated. >> i like the idea of having my own cells grown and coming back into my own body, which means they are going to grow the way that they grow, not anything that is artificial. >> reporter: these before and after photos provided by the company that offers laviv show noticeable improvement in smile lines. clinical trials show the results last six months. but laviv costs $4,000. and that includes your biopsy, growing yourselves in the lab and injecting them back into your face in three separate treatments. much more expensive than injectable fillers such as juvederm costing $500 a vile. chris hopes the extra cost pays off. >> i want to age gracefully, that's for sure. anything i can do that is a more natural approach, kind of fits my philosophy a bit better. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc
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bay area news. >> the side effects include redness, bruising and swelling and itchiness at the injection site. if you have a skin infection on your face, laviv can make the infection worse. a no-chipping manicure and it lasts for weeks. it's the hottest manicure around, but are gel nails too hot for your health? the popular manicure has a side effect exposing you to u.v. light damage. "today in the bay's" jean elle has more on the similarle simple fix. >> reporter: lots of ladies feel pretty when their nails are done. >> manicures for me don't last because i wash my hands a lot. >> erika campbell is at the silk nail salon getting gel nails. the polish lasts for weeks. >> after the coat we put them under the u.v. light and the u.v. light dries the gel. that's the whole technology, so there's no drying time. when you put it in, the u.v. light drys the color. >> reporter: campbell couldn't be happier.
7:26 am
>> this will just last longer and my hands will look pretty all the time. >> reporter: the look comes with risk. >> these little lights are like a miniature tanning bed. >> reporter: dermatology specialists say repeated exposure to u.v. light is damaging. >> the concern is you'll have really pretty nails, but the rest of your hands will look really old. >> reporter: or worse. prolonged exposure can lead to skin cancer. >> it affects the way the cells divide. so that trigger skin cancer. >> reporter: back at the salon the u.v. light is still baking polish on, but at silk technicians are adding a protective layer for customers. sunscreen. >> we start using the method when rumors are going around that u.v. light is not good for your hands because of the strong u.v. ray. so we want to do something to protect our clients, so we just start using sunscreen. >> reporter: a step that every gel nail customer should ask
7:27 am
for. >> the customer themselves should be their own advocate. >> reporter: he doesn't want you to be the next appointment at the term tonlg toll termtology center. looking pretty in pink, "today in the bay." >> they suggest wearing reflective gloves and gutting off fingertips to further reduce u.v. exposure. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a police bomb squad gets called out to investigate the bay bridge overnight. plus, taking control of the streets. how one community that's fed up inupthth aho figioithtiv
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good morning. what a way to wakes up in san
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francisco. looking live at the blue sky is keeping things nice and cool. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. congratulations on your emmy nomination. >> thank you. it is because i work with folks like yourself and talented crew back there that try to make me look good. >> we take credit for it. >> well, maybe it is the nice weather or people are being extra kind because of that. we have nice weather around the bay area. right now we have low clouds around san francisco and the coast. 40s and 50s outside. and a sea breeze, which will start to pick up this afternoon. right now it is just a southwest breeze at 8 through fairfield turning strongerment and if you go to kris' facebook page, think about what she says with the allergy forecast. oak, grass and pollen are high around the bay area. notice temperatures by lunchtime. watch the orange already in the 80s inland. then briefly right there around the tri-valley, livermore and out to inland fairfield. we may see the upper 80s and
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close to 90 for one more day. then the sea breeze is going to kick in to cool us off as we keep a closer eye on the forecast for the start of the amgon tomorrow. traffic was shut down on a major road in san francisco because of a scare under the bay bridge. police went to investigate a suspicious package found around 11:00 last night on beale street near harrison. it was some sort of metal suitcase. the embarcadero was shut down near harrison to all traffic in both directions for about three hours while the bomb squad investigated. they opened up the package with the help of a robot and determined that it was not dangerous. traffic on the embarcadero reopened a little after 2:00 this morning. this morning volunteers are once again getting ready to search for morgan hill's sierra lamar. her story has now made national headlines. >> sierra was last seen in santa clara county. >> last night the case was featured on "america's most
7:32 am
wanted." a camera crew filmed volunteers searching for the 15-year-old last month. sierra's mother marlene wrote a mother's day message to sierra as well. she says she still has hope of finding her daughter alive. >> i'm hopeful. they found elizabeth smart through "america's most wanted." reaching out to sierra, letter he know i love her so much as a mother and definitely she's a joy in my life. >> other than the discovery of her clothes and her cell phone the day after she vanished, the only break in the case has been the recovery of a red jetta this week that could be connected with her disappearance. if you would like to volunteer in the search for sierra, check in between 8:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon at the "find sierra search center "at burnett elementary school in morgan hill. in oakland kids, parents, teachers and merchants marched for safer streets. they say they are fed up with prostitution and robberies
7:33 am
around 17th and international boulevard. and they are demanding action from city leaders. >> gunshots, car chases and a bunch of police in helicopters fighting bad people. >> the police see the prostitution and they drive by and not stop to deal with it. i as an adult see it on a daily basis and allow it to continue. and i think that our kids are paying the price. >> school board member noelle gallo says oakland needs more police officers. the police department says it is conducting prostitution stings and will reveal its new strategy targeting johns very soon. the family of oscar grant is demanding to be heard. >> this is not justice! are you kidding me? this is not justice! >> grant's family and friends gathered on the courthouse steps in oakland yesterday claiming they were shut out of johannes mehserle's trial earlier this week. the former bart police officer is trying to appeal his conviction. a jury found him guilty of killing oscar grant in 2009.
7:34 am
mehserle's attorney says he made a tragic error when he mistook his gun for a taser. grant's family, though, disagrees. >> there was no mistake made. what he did, it was done on purpose. >> never missed a day in court, never! and for them to allow them to come next door to our house and not tell us that johannes mehserle in court and not give us the right to be there angers us. >> johannes mehserle finished his sentence last week. he wants to clear his record because he wants to return to law enforcement. the court has 90 days to make a decision. fit up teachers in san francisco sent their school district a very strong message. an overwhelming 90% said yes to authorize a strike. they announced the results at galileo high school. the 6,000-member union took the first of two strike @
7:35 am
authorizations friday night. a second vote is required before teachers could actually walk a pingt line. picket line. >> they totally undermined going forward and working together on the important concerns that we need to work together on. we are not looking forward to a strike. >> contract talks between the school district and teachers reached an impasse earlier this week. a state mediator will now join the talks. a state woman is working to rename the post office after her son killed in the iraq war. u.s. army first lieutenant kenneth ballard of mountain view died eight years ago. his mother, karen meredith, wants the post office on hope street named after him. the city council is tentatively set to vote on this matter on may 22nd. we are just a day away from the seventh annual angon tour of california. the elite bicycle race kicks off
7:36 am
tomorrow in santa rosa before heading to san francisco and then on to santa cruz county. stage three starts tuesday in san jose and winds through contra costa county and finishes in livermore. racers will make their way through parts of central california before finishing up in los angeles on may 20th. this is the season for caps, gowns and did lo mas, and more than 3,000 u.c. berkeley graduates or students will officially become graduates today. u.c. berkeley's graduation ceremony starts at 10:00 this morning. and this year's keynote speaker will be google executive chairman eric schmidt, a software engineer and pioneer and u.c. berkeley's alumnus of the year. bay area entrepreneurs hope to take their first step at becoming the next mark zuckerberg. 120 ninth graders will present their ideas to venture capitalists in two rounds of competition. it is all part of the bill use
7:37 am
competition. winners receive start-up money to launch their businesses. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, its designer called it awkward and beautiful. the olympic sculpture just unveiled is dividing opinions. hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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good morning. this is looking live at san jose where the little 5k will start in justless than two hours. i know the moms and dads out there are already out there setting up tentds. new this morning a minivan crash killed three boston university students studying in new zealand. five other students were injured. the crash took place this morning near the vacation town near new zealand's northern island. the driver appeared to have rolled the minivan over after trying to overcorrect. they were part of a group of 16
7:40 am
students traveling in two minivans on their way to a hike. also new this morning, people in major australian cities rally to show support for same sex marriage. hundreds of people marched through sidney, melbourne, prison bain and other cities part of the marriage equality national bay of action there. polls show most people in australia support same sex marriage. although the prime minister remains opposed. well, it's designer called it both awkward and beautiful, and there is no doubt for its biggest sculpture dividing opinions. the twisted metal of the olympic orbit was officially unveiled today. reporter red martel has been asking people what they think. >> reporter: at 115 meters tall, it is britain's highest sculpture. 1500 tons of steal have attracted a weight of criticism likened to mutant contortion of metal looking more like a roller
7:41 am
coaster than a piece of art. >> people will be critical of it, that's okay. all big buildings in cities have to deal with criticism. we'll deal with it, too. >> reporter: then when you get to the top of the orbit you get a sense of the height. it is 22 meters taller than the statue of liberty. an incredible thing assembled by just four people. built in sections, two cranes placed them on top of each other. the pair of workmen bolted them together. all the work completed in just 18 months. the orbit comes with a heavy price tag, 23 million pounds, but it is almost spire entirely funded by steel giant who met with another leader in the bathroom. >> it was a conversation in the cloak room. no secret about that.
7:42 am
but the result was 19 million pounds www.of sponsorship. >> reporter: many living in its shadow think the cash could have been spent elsewhere. >> the amount of money could have gone to housing, people need more housing. >> i ride the subway, and it is definitely an eyesore. >> when i found out it was a watchtower thing i kind of ignored it. >> reporter: enter prices will be steep, 15 pounds a ticket. but that can also include a sneaky view of the games themselves. reporting from the olympic park. more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, navigating the next camping trip with an app. we have a list of great ones to help plan and navigate your outdoor excursions. if you are heading out near oakland this morning, we have hazy skies with a nice start to the morning. going throughout the weekend, we'll talk about coolerngha cesa ahead. we'll have the full forecast when we come right back. mom? hmm?
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what does your esophagus look like? let's look it up after school. here. thanks, anita. eww. dad, how did luke cage get his powers? umm... here, i'll show you. [ comic book expert ] luke cage's superhuman powers... thanks, anita. mom, how is paper recycled? anita! anita! [ male announcer ] answer life's most pressing questions. instantly. get high speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪
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welcome back. good morning to you. we'll show you the san bruno mountain again. you can see the dryer air now mixing down into the very compressed shallow marine layer this morning. still some misty skies in and around the golden gate bridge and out around the coast. that will be the first area we see this weekend that starts to cool off as the sea breeze turns stronger a little bit later on in the afternoon. right now 40s and 50s outside. so still light jacket weather through probably about 9:00 for the inland areas, but it will be light jacket weather throughout the day because instead of seeing these light calm winds we'll see winds increasing through the afternoon. that will be that strong sea breeze that takes the edge off the hot temperatures inland. so today areas of low clouds will hang out on the coast, we'll see a stronger sea breeze. still at least one more warm to slightly hot day out towards livermore and pleasanton. but then tomorrow we'll see extra low clouds for the morning and maybe a few more misty skies come tomorrow morning.
7:46 am
satellite view still shows you high pressure anchored up to the north. and we have this little upper level system that's approaching the coast. it's going to do a couple things during the next couple of days and enhance the sea breeze, which is going to lead to more cooling and we'll expect to see low clouds push further inland over the next couple of mornings. the item to watch up near lake county and north of sonoma county, we could see clouds atop the coastal range for the far north bay and out to the sierra north of lake tahoe. we could see isolated showers over the afternoon. but for the bay area we're talking about that stronger sea breeze, which will lead to a cooling effect with temperatures, especially come tomorrow. temperature near the bay area, comfortably in the mid to upper 80s further inland near the santa clara valley south. then cooler back through the inner bay right around mid-afternoon. we'll see the sea breeze picking back up once again, 15 to 30 miles per hour. out toward the east bay areas east of 680 getting out to the altamont pass, we'll still see the numbers probably climbing into the upper 80s to near 90,
7:47 am
but the sea breeze is turning on toward the evening with temperatures dropping off rather quickly toward the evening. the upper 80s near fairfield and around the inner bay we'll see some 70s around san francisco and then cooling quickly toward the evening, 60s on the coast. still 80s around the north bay, but we'll watch that as the winds pick up out of the south. that's going to pump in the cooler air and drop those temperatures down into the 70s come sunday. so we'll see widespread cooling by the time we bet get into tomorrow. mother's day plans look fine with a little drizzle here and there over the morning hours. into monday, temperatures cool down even more. then notice what happens. we'll go back to a warming pattern for the middle part of the week with temperatures climbing back up wednesday inland. we'll see the 80s and near 90. then cooling once again. if you don't like the weather, just wait a day and a half. we'll be slipping back and forth through the forecast here a bit cooler thursday into friday. then next weekend you get another warm up. more 80s and 90s coming up heading into next weekend. >> there's a nice up and down,
7:48 am
up and down. >> i wish the pollen could come down, but not so much. we need some rain. >> it is terrible. i won't complain about it. it has been done. thank you, rob. well, imagine an eight-story building falling straight on top of you. it is a wall of water that happened last november in portugal. the guinness world record says it is the biggest wave ever caught by a surfer. garrett mcnamara reemerged from the tube after the 78-foot wave crashed down over him. mcnamara said his friends urged him to go out on a day he was not feeling quite right and that's what happened. that's a nightmare to me. summer is rapidly approaching and for many people that means heading outdoors to camp. whether you are a luxury motor home kind of person or you like to rough it in the tent, mike gwendolyn has outdoor apps for you to navigate your outdoor
7:49 am
adventu adventure. >> reporter: this is the we camp here app. click to get detailed campground information. you can read and write reviews, call for reservations and view the campground website and get turn by turn driving directions to get you to the campground. looking for a flee place to spend the night in your r.v.? well, try a walmart parking lot. this free app for the iphone android shows you which walmarts in your area let you spend the night. it also lists which amenities are nearby. what would a camping trip be without some great food? the cullman camping cookbook is a great free app that features a meal planner, detailed menus and pictures for cooking everything you can possibly imagine. one other cool app from coleman, the creepy campfire tales iphone book. gather the kids around the fire
7:50 am
and scare them as you read from a collection of spooky stories complete with sound effects. now there's more, just do a search on camping apps and you find plenty of others. if you would like to look at the apps i just showed you, head over to i built in direct links to everything i just showed you. until next time, i'm reporting for nbc news. >> i thinking i like the spooky story one. still to come, mother's day freebies with a list of companies offering free things for mom. but first, here's mike inouye with a look at your weekend community calendar. good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's lots to do today in the bay. it's the weekend, and the kids may have been bugging you to get outside. get outside and start bugging. head to the san born science and nature center in saratoga for the youth science institutes insect fair from 10:00 to 5:00.
7:51 am
hands-on experiments with millipedes, snakes and more. maybe you are on the move for something else. in pleasant hill is a comedy tribute for mother's day featuring four of the bay area's funniest comedians. no naughty language so you don't have to let your mom know that you know those words. this benefits the bay area crisis nursery as well as other worthwhile groups. so it is worth your $20. and for pleasant hill to willow glenn for a pleasant run or walk, bill willow glenn 55rks is raising money to help willow glenn elementary. come out to run the race on the school grounds. there's food, drinks and more for those who need first aid and massage therapy. nbc bay area is a sponsor and your anchor, cay sanchez, and you'll see that you look exactly like this, even after a 5k race.
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that's amazing. no matter what you do, you'llebi rd salooking good because it is saturd "intoday tu the bay." da
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7:54 am
and looking life at san rafael this morning. hopefully they are both getting out to remember to get cards for their mothers for tomorrow. you have one day left. no pressure. the graduating class of an illinois high school has achieved something remarkable this year. the students at warsaw high school won more than a million dollars in college scholarships. 27 students won that record amount. >> i got almost $16,000. >> i got $15,000 a year for ku and $3500 through the school. >> i think it was close to $33,000. >> what seems to be the secret to their success? students are surrounded by the expectation that they will go to college and so they do everything they can to get there
7:55 am
affordbly. they typically apply to 30 to 40 colleges. but another tip because most students apply to several colleges but only go to one, colleges often have extra funding available. so if you are in need of additional funding, check with your college's financial aid office right after classes start. you don't have to break the bank to show mom that you love her. we found some mother's day gifts that are free. redbox has a facebook deal, too, for a free rental. ikea is cooking up free breakfast for moms in the restaurant. dads love that one. from opening until 11:00 a.m. ruby tuesday will give moms a free cookbook with their meal while supplies last. and, of course, happy mother's day to all of the wonderful mothers here in the bay area. we still have more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, they are cute, they are kudly, but they are justseei of ltlise gal needs a home. l
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
well, this morning our friends from pets in need join us. lisa simmons is here with a kitten and trivia. she's a little torte. all of them are girls? >> yes, it is guaranteed to be a girl. every now and then you have a male, but it is very rare. >> well, now i learned something. you know something to talk about over brunch tomorrow. tell us about this little girl named louisa. >> she is louisa. we don't like celebrating mother's day in animal welfare, but we are in the midst of kitten season. it finally hit. and shelters are just being slammed with tons that are at o shelter. and they are all at least 8 weeks old. and we do spay and neuter at that age. and they are ready to go. >> all right. well, thank you very much for coming in and bringing in louisa. you can find out more about pets
7:59 am
in need at see you tomorrow.


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