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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, governor jerry brown makes a surprising announcement about the state budget crisis. we'll let you know what it is. missing teenagers here this weekend say thers a renewed energy in the case. we'll explain why. another summer like day in the bay area. the changes approaching starting tomorrow for mother's day. what to expect. the news at 5:00 starts right now. announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. california's budget crisis is much worse than previously thought. at least that's what governor brown said today. the short fall is nearly double what it was predicted to be a
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couple months ago. monty is live in san francisco with more on that and what it means to schools and other government agencies. monty? >> reporter: good evening. the governor releases the revised proposal on monday. it will mean cuts to health and welfare. the short fall has grown to $16 billion. back in january, the budget short fall was $9 billion. as for why it's grown so much, he said tax collections have not come in as expected and the economy is not growing as hoped. lawsuits blocked billions of dollars in state cuts. this means even if voters approve the initiative. the revised budget will contain deeper cuts that they didn't plan on in january. >> this means we will have to go much further and make cuts
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greater than i asked for at the beginning of the year. we can't fill a hole of this magnitude with cuts alone without doing severe damage to our schools. >> reporter: the governor says if the measure passes, it would protect schools from cuts. they would raise $7 billion by increasing the income tax on people who make more than $250,000 a year. the plan would temporarily raise the state sales tax by a quarter percent. we'll see what programs are on the chopping block when the governor makes the announcement on monday. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. tens of thousands of unemployed people here in california will lose their benefits today. 93,000 people were checkless because of an extension called fed ed that expires on may 12th.
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they are eligible for 79 weeks of unemployment instead of 99 weeks. san francisco police are searching for gunmen in two separate shootings. it happened in the city's oceanview neighborhoods. a man was shot to death around 7:00. later, a 54-year-old man and 27-year-old woman was shot near tenderloin. the woman survived but the man died at the scene. they have not released suspect descriptions, either. in the east bay, occupy the farm protesters decided to pack up today. they rejected an invitation from uc berkeley to discuss the expansion of the farm. it is owned by the university of california. uc put up the fence to keep them
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out of the area. they will continue to take care of the vegetables and fruit trees they planted. they are asking the university leaders to make a decision that is best for the land. >> you can't sit in a room and cut pieces of paper up and try to put community centers and agriculture together. you need to be on the land. you need to take the plant in your hand, put it in the ground and put life into the ground. >> the university offered to discuss how it could be used for urban farming and research. uc will not drop the lawsuit they filed against 13 protesters for trespassing. they started planting crops to bring attention to the resource rich land. some were protesting, others
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celebrating. graduates were honored at a ceremony. ift was a special day for the 750 graduates of the college of engineering. the co-founder of communications company marvel was the keynote speaker for the ceremony. she is the first woman in the history of the college of engineering to give the commencement speech. she is humbled and honored by the opportunity. >> go where your true passions take you. go change the world. go bears! >> all right. she graduated in 1984 with a degree in computer science. north of graduation at dominican college was bittersweet. they remembered a student who should have been walking with his class. he was a crew member killed in the yachting race accident a few weeks ago.
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today, 350 of his classmates and friends paid tribute to him during the graduation ceremony. >> we will be giving a degree to his family. he was very close to graduating and should be here today. to honor him, we are going to offer them his degree. >> the president read a poem he wrote about failing and handed his diploma to the family. a scholarship is being established in his name as well. we want to check in with rob mayeda and the weather. beautiful day. pictures of fog in san francisco. i think something is changing. >> the breeze is cranking up. right now, the radar is dry. the clouds really starting to spill in there in san francisco. let's show you downtown san francisco right now. sure enough, the fog is blasting in. winds out of the west, close to 25 miles per hour. the low clouds pushing inland,
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dropping the temperatures now, big time, around san francisco toward oakland. low 60s right now. this looks like a map we typically see in july where you have 80s and 90s by livermore. 70s and 80s arod san jose. there's the big marine push of cooler air. look at the wind direction. the sea breeze is funneling up through the north bay. it's going to lead to cooling as you wrap up the weekend. they are getting started tomorrow before 11:00. drizzle for a few spots in the morning. temperatures cool. the riders, as they head south, may come into gusty head winds thanks to the gusty sea breeze. the other thing to watch, notice the satellite view. we have mid level moisture a ou there that may drift over the coastal range over the mountains and bay area. we could talk about dry lightning potential. we'll talk about the fire danger for the rest of the weekend
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forecast and the mom's day forecast coming up in a few minutes. diane? >> don't forget mom's day. still ahead, the search for sierra lamar. facebook co-founder is getting some backlash after renouncing his american citizenship for tax purposes. hear from one well known business mogul and what he had to say about it. >> i wouldn't be able to go camping. i wouldn't be able to make a fire. i wouldn't be able to do all that stuff. >> he is returning the favor. in our bay area proud series, we meet anager teenager helping a that helped him for years.
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the family of that missing teenager from morgan hill says there's renewed energy in the search for their daughter sierra lamar. there are new leads thanks to the case getting americanwide exposure. kimberly teri has more on what is going on today. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. more than 120 volunteers showed up for the search today. the heat was a bit of a problem. it was low 90s in morgan hill.
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at least one volunteer suffered from heat exhaustion. they had to deal with rattlesnakes. those we talked to say it is worth it to keep the search moving forward. this week, the sheriff's investigators asked for the public's help to find a mid-1990 red four-door volks waggen jetta. it was seen the morning of march 16th, the last time she was seen. within a day, the car was found and they were processing it for possible evidence. police say they had 2,000 tips come in. they will likely bring in more. >> people working out here are volunteer staff. volunteer searchers. we had a good turnout. i think it's probably the event this week that motivated us.
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>> reporter: family and volunteers say her mom is having a tough time this weekend since tomorrow is mother's day. she issued a statement reflecting on joys and the difficulties of motherhood calling sierra her miracle baby since she was told she may not get pregnant again. a service is planned for wednesday and saturday. if you would like to volunteer, come to the elementary school to sign up to help with searches wednesday and saturday. live in morgan hill, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the update. days before facebook is set to go public, the co-founder is creating controversy about his plans for the future. he's renouncing his citizenship and becoming a citizen of singapore. it will significantly reduce his taxes. the news is outraged with users across the nation including mark
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cuban. he's outraged he would try to skip out on taxes owed. it's valued at $100 million. the company is about 4%. meantime, the facebook ipo road show made a stop in the bay area. yesterday, ceo mark zuckerberg met with potential investors. as the day near, they are wondering if they should buy. this as scott budman talks about whether it's a good investment. >> this is a business that has what it takes to generate great concerns. >> kevin is a capital partner. we are fascinated with facebook stock because we are fascinated with facebook. >> we are consumers. we understand the technology. in many cases we are using it ourselves. >> does it mean we should buy stock in facebook? one said it's a risky investment
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because as a social media company, it's new. >> washington is out of sync with silicon valley. facebook is so massive, wall street doesn't know how to deal with it. >> reporter: go ahead and buy, but only if you are willing to stay the course through the ups and downs. >> if you are a long term investor, it's reasonable. otherwise, you know, you'll have to take your chances. >> reporter: it's an 8-year-old company with a long future ahead. no need to make a snap decision on buying stock. scott budman, nbc bay area news. still to come at 5:00, mitt romney speaks out about gay marriage at a conservative college today. has he changed his stance? we'll show you. look at this picture. this story has a happy ending. what came next for this baby weig
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one good deed deserves another, right? there's one man in the south bay that can teach us all a lesson about returning kindness. garvin thomas has the story of someone overcoming obstacles from day one. it's tonight's bay area proud. >> okay. this is going to be a little difficult. >> reporter: pain is something
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for which people rarely give thanks. at 17 years old, christian proved time and again to be a rare person. he was, in fact, born that way. christian was premature at birth. very premature. at the time, the second smallest baby ever to survive at this hospital. here he is at 3 months. it was, however, the first of many obstacles he's had to overcome. he was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy. it made walking a challenge. for 16 of his 17 years, he's been getting therapy from the california children's services facility in san jose. 16 years of pushing, prodding of soreness and pain that he says has him where he would never be on his own.
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>> i would call him -- i wouldn't be able to go to mainstream education or be able to tie my shoes. i wouldn't be able to be in the boy scouts. >> reporter: he's not just in the boy scouts, he's going to become an eagle scout as soon as he completes a service project. this is where the pain comes in. >> i wanted to help them out. what we are planning to do is -- >> reporter: what they needed was a place to store all this equipment, taking up valuable therapy space. he promised to tear down two old, unusable sheds in the back and erect a bland new one. it's not one a boy with cerebral palsy should try on his own and he didn't have to. more than 20 scouts and scout mathers showed up to help with his project. >> sheet metal, be careful, wear
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gloves. >> reporter: as project manager, he wasn't supposed to get his hands dirty but limits don't mean much to him. >> he can do whatever he wants to do. >> he doesn't let his physical disability prevent him from doing the things he enjoys. >> reporter: he says the symbolism of what he's done is not lost on him. 16 years ago, he came to ccs in rough shape and they helped make him better. he hopes his work is as good and lasts as long. >> hopefully it goes according to plan and i'll be up and around in my 70s. >> all right. we are going to check in now with meteorologist rob mayeda on the weather going on around the bay area. changes, too. >> we are seeing rapid changes around. the inner bay and the coast, a good, strong sea breeze blowing in. if you want to find summer like
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temperatures, you can find it around the valley or livermore. san jose, not much of a sea breeze. the winds are picking up out of the northwest. compare it to san francisco. it's a completely different story. look at the golden gate bridge. look closely, the windshield wipers moving as the mist is flying around the golden gate bridge. you can see the temperatures from the fog to the sunshine, 60 right now in san francisco. close to 80 in san jose. near 90 in livermore. when you see the rainbow of colors you have a spread of microclimates. you will find chilly conditions in san francisco. notice the wind direction. south winds pumping up into the north bay. it points to a deepening marine layer. drizzling in a few spots. as you head out to brunch with mom, a drizzle in the peninsula.
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the forecast is going to be potential for fire danger in the mountains north of sonoma county. the radar is dry. we have all the low clouds surging into san francisco. they punch in around the east bay. likely, some of our inland valleys will see patchy, low clouds tomorrow morning. here is the upper level system. this is mid-level moisture. this is going to track inland late tomorrow and into monday and cross the northern california coastline. we see a cooldown with morning mist and cooler temperatures. you have to watch the coastal range. i think north of santa rosa especially on monday. the mid level moisture, if you get lightning, it could create dry lightning. you get the thunder without the rain. this is the air we have to watch. lake county northward and north of interstate 80, you may see thundershowers firing up for the afternoon. tonight, low clouds moving inland. lows in the 50s.
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temperatures mild as we get the blanket of low clouds. moisture in the air overnight keeps the temperatures up. 53 in san francisco. the tour starts. breezy and cool with morning mist. turning over to a nice day. not near 90 tomorrow. low 80s inland. a combination of 70s to low 80s by the trivalley. the north bay, the numbers running cooler. no 80s here. mid-70s tomorrow and 60s around san francisco and oakland where the low clouds will linger for the next couple days. tomorrow, the cooling. monday is the coolest day of the week. livermore will cool off in the 70s as we get the workweek started. then the roller coaster ride. the temperatures warm up for the middle part of the week with mid to upper 80s. trending cooler for thursday and friday. the roller coaster swings upwards next weekend. 80s coming back next saturday and sunday.
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a comfortable forecast for mom. misty skies out there. maybe it will knock off the pollen. >> it's been a tough season for those who suffer from allergies. thank you, rob. let's bring in henry for a look at sports. what's going on? >> hey, diane. coming up in sports, a dominant california high school team that doesn't get the coverage it deserves. they don't just win. they smash their opponents. their winning streakil wl make you say wow. stay tuned. sports is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. when you think of high school
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winning streaks in northern california, you might think of football. they won 151 consecutive games. there's another northern california high school team that has that record beat, john henry smith. they watched the birdies fly. the bad mitten team at mt. eden high made the birdies fly like no other. they have not lost a regular season game since 1999. it's a league record, 154 straight wins over 13 seasons. the coach has led the way for all of them. >> i don't know how far it can go. i do know this, it's all on the kids. >> reporter: the kids take keeping the streak alive very seriously. >> it's been going on so long, we want to be a part of it.
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it doesn't matter individually our status. it's how the team keeps going. >> reporter: he took over the program in the late '90s after a stint as the football coach. i have two loves of sport, football is my team sport and bad mitten. >> reporter: they say the coach used football methods to turn them into a tight ship. >> he made us do football drills. i know they were football drills because a teammate was on the football team. >> by the conditioning and hard work outs, by the intensity of what we do. it tends to build camaraderie. >> reporter: that racket, $225. uniforms about $30. this birdie, they go through about 800 of these a season at $1.50 per birdie. you do the math.
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bottom line, it's not cheap. the alumni members of the family, they say they do their part for the costs. >> we have alumni generous to donate new nets to the team. some alumni buy birds. >> some come back and teach us. it's like they are all of our brothers and sisters. >> reporter: family keeps it going in more than a figurative sense. >> they have siblings or families that played before us. >> reporter: as we found out on our visit, the players consider him family, too. ♪ happy birthday to you >> i don't need to make a wish. you are the perfect wish. >> ahh. >> reporter: john henry smith for nbc bay area. >> very nice story. thank you john henry. the giants and as are inct


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