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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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good evening. california's budget deficit is getting bigger by the day and governor brown announce that had january's projected shortfall of $9 billion is now nearly double that. the governor is due to release his revised budget on monday and that budget is expected to include devastating cuts to health and welfare program as well as education. in a youtube video released today, he explained why the outlook is so bleak. >> tax receipts are coming in
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lower than expected. and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions and necessary budget reductions. the result is that we're now facing a $16 billion hole. not the $9 billion we thought in january. >> the governor also pushed for support for his november ballot initiative to reduce the pain of the cuts. it would raise an estimated $7 billion by increasing the income tax on people who make more than $250,000 a year. the plan also temporarily raises sales tax by a quarter cent. the state budget isn't the only thing weighing on the minds of more than $700,000 californians tonight. they either provide or receive in-home care and a security breach has potentially exposed personal information. nbc bay area's monty francis is in san francisco for us. >> reporter: good evening. one woman we talk to called this a double whammy. she is already fearful about
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losing services to state budget cuts and now she has something else to worry about. >> this is just another drama with the state. >> reporter: michelle from oakland was shock to learn her personal information, including her social security number, may have been compromised by a security breach. >> is my social security number out there, too? is all my information about my medical conditions out there, too? if that's the case, shame on the state. >> reporter: she is bound to a wheelchair and depends on in-home support services to live independently. she said she is also worried the person who cares for her along with 700,000 other in-home providers and recipients statewide may be at risk for identity theft. >> it scares me. because my workers information is possibly out there. >> reporter: the breach happened earlier this month when hewlett-packard which handles pay roll data for in-home service because shipping a package of minor row fish.
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the package arrived damage and some contents were missing. an e-mail obtained by nbc bay area from the california department of social services says, while we continue to investigate, at this time we can't confirm whether the information was damaged, lost or stolen. she questions why such sensitive information was sent through the mail in the first place. >> the state losing that information so easily by mailing it and it's not good. >> reporter: with governor brown's revised budget coming out on monday, those involved with in-home support services stand to lose more than sensitive information. they could see a big loss in funding. >> more hit time and time again. it is about time that people who can afford to pay the taxes should pay them. >> reporter: the darrel of social services says it has opened an investigation into the security breach and that it has
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contacted the state attorney general's office. the state is also in the process of contacting all those people affected. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in the race for the white house, mitt romney spoke at a conservative university in virginia, a battleground state. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> romney is working to seal his reputation as a conservative with the far right. president obama made history this past week by publicly supporting gay marriage. and today first lady michelle obama spoke at a university in north carolina about civil rights but she invited the comparison to gay marriage. >> we all know that there are still plenty of serious injustices crying out for our attention. >> tomorrow's nbc's "meet the press" is scheduled to include a debate on gay marriage. the alone governor gavin newsome
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is expected to be on the panel with david gregory. president obama is head back to the bay area this month. he went to san francisco for fund-raisers and he is due back. this time or the a public fund-raiser in wrightwood city. the least expensive available ticket right now s 1,000. if you want some serious one-on-one time, you'll have to fork over about $35,000 at a private dinner in atherton. the body of a missing man from tracy who work in san jose was found late this afternoon along a rural road. chp officers found the car belonging to 63-year-old ray. down an embankment down interstate 580. he was inside the car and apparently died in the crash. he was a vta supervisor and was last seen leaving his job thursday to go home. he never made it. the victim's wife that her husband suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure but did not have his medications with him when he left for work thursday morning. santa clara county sheriff's
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detectives say 2,000 tips have poured in over the last two months since sierra lamar went missing and they expect to get even more after america's most wanted aired the case last night. nbc's kimberly terry is in morgan hill with more. >> reporter: it is really cooled off. during the day here in morgan hill, temperature hovered around 90 degrees. that didn't stop about 120 volunteers from showing up here to search for the missing 15-year-old. he said he is hooked, committed to finding missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. >> i want to help however i can. i believe we'll get her back. >> reporter: he's been on at least 15 searches for her over the last two months since she disappeared. he refuses to cut off the bracelets the volunteers get when they break up into search team. >> people what is all that?
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this lets me tell them. there are case got a boost of momentum last week. >> sierra was last seen in santa clara county. >> reporter: after being seen on america's most wanted. it capped off a week that also brought a possible break in the case. >> it made us feel like we're getting somewhere. >> reporter: after asking the public for help, they located a mid 1990s red four door jetta with a black hood. that car was spotted in multiple surveillance videos the morning of march 16th. the last time sierra was seen. >> it brings more hope. >> reporter: which is something sierra's family and volunteers say they can always use. >> the mom today said she had a dream that her baby girl came walking through that door. it almost brought tears to my eyes. i want to see that for her. >> reporter: family and volunteers say sierra's mom is having an especially tough time this weekend since tomorrow is mother's day. she issued a statement reflecting on the joys and difficulties of motherhood,
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calling sierra her, quote, miracle baby since she had been told before conceiving she might not get pregnant again. searches are also planned for this coming wednesday and next saturday. if you're interested in volunteering, you can head to the elementary school here in morgan hill. live in morgan hill, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. now for a look at the change in the weather headed our way just in time for mother's day. let's check in with rob. >> the change we saw today around the coast and the peninsula will be the way further inland as we go through sunday. you can see from the highs we had, the places that did see that cooling was right around the coast. outside, san francisco, we got a lot of low clouds. you can see the lights out there. some misty skies very likely to kick off. san francisco only had a high in the low 60s. but still, 90 inland around livermore today. that won't be happening tomorrow. the low clouds spilling further
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inland tomorrow morning. you will see some drizzly conditions on the coast. for kickoff of the amgen tour, it looks a lot cooler. only in the 70s around the north bay. you see the clouds off to the west. that could be a reason why we'll see an increasing chance of mountain thundershowers later in the weekend. as we head into monday, we'll have the details coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. and coming up next at 11:00, you have likely heard the ads against proposition 29 that claimed not a cent of the money raised by the cigarette tax would go to cancer treatment. that's true. but we'll show you why some analysts say that claim is about as close to false advertising as you can get. plus -- 30 designers transformed this 11,500 square foot home with all their best ideas. i got them to give us a couple we can do on a weekend and on a budget. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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with facebook planning to go public this week, a lot of people are talking with how millionaires will spend their money. as chris sanchez shows us, there are some ways to get the look without being part of the ipo. >> the most beautiful homes often look the most effortless like the style and cool happen on their open but they don't. 30 san francisco decorators put their best ideas into transforming this 11,500 square foot mansion. the green couch team took the main kitchen and family room from the 1980s to 2012 without demoing a thing. the designers kept the granite in the kitchen which enspire the
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glossy charcoal paint for the old beams. the cabinets went from dark to white. rather than spending $12 per square foot to replace the floor, they refinished it for a third of the price. >> you can work with the cabinets work the stone. get really amazing accent chairs. get fabulous accent pillows, artwork and all those accessories that make it look interesting and finished. >> upstairs, the lesson is pick a theme to keep all your ideas working together. in this guest suite, it is men's wear. >> it is little pops of colors with a tie and a pocket square. if you think about that with your room and a little color here and there, you can do brighter colors than you think you could. >> in the bedroom that means bright silk pillows. in the bathroom, a light avocado ceiling. >> when you have too many things, it does get busy. if you have the tightly woven
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floor time. then this more organic flowing wall paper, they complement each other and don't fight. >> what home would be complete without a place to watch tv? in the media room, an inviting couch and a huge tv. where you say? it is there behind the mirror. you only see it when you want to. several of the decorators said don't be afraid to call in a decorator even if you can't afford to do the whole job. they can give you a little guidance on where to spend money and where to splurge. >> to see the creativity come through is quiteit amazing. i see it from start to finish. it is great to see how the before looked and then see what the designers go through. and creating such a beautiful space. and the time and the effort and the creativity. it is very enspirg. >> whether you're looking for the kind of drama on display in the dining room or better ways to use tiny spaces like your laundry room. you may find inspiration in one of the room of the san francisco decorator's show case. in the process, raise money for
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san francisco university high school scholarship fund. so go ahead. lust if you want. it's for a good cause. in san francisco, nbc bay area nell a w >>e' be we'll be right back wit sports and your full forecast.
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welcome to the xfinity sports desk. it has been a long time since san francisco came close to rattling anything in san francisco let alone the
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diamondbacks. matt cain almost single handedly put an end to the streak. he allowed only one earned run in his start this evening against the diamondbacks. then at the plate, he brought in two. a two-run double right here for matt cain. put the giants up 4-1. during the game, the diamondbacks having a little fun with the giant zoo animals. i think brandon was more amused by this. watch him run. i think i'll go with brandon on the left. he knows how to slide. i don't know if that baby giraffe can do as much. two doubles for him. the giants win 5-2. >> grinding things out. things aren't going your way, find ways to make it work. or you know, running the bases hard or trying to get hits or whatever. that's the nice part about being in the national league. you feel like you can benefit in different ways. whether it is getting the bunt down or doing different thing.
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you love to be able to contribute when you have a chance at the plate. >> matt cain, two for three on the night. brandon mccarthy making his first start since may 2nd. no signs of rest. he struck out the heart of the tigers' order. miguel cabrera, prince fielder and delmon young. he tied the career high with ten strikeouts. cliff pennington slices this one and cal comes around to score. the as go up 2-0. then brian fuentes comes around to score. the a's win it 3-1. >> a good day. i felt like i was in command from the get-go. i was able to stay with the game plan. i wanted to execute. it was probably the highest percentage of pitch i've executed. in big counts, big situations, i was able to do what i needed to do. and it just continued. >> he has a game plan every time he goes out there. he executed today.
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when pitchers are executing their game plan, the balls are on the corners, the balls are down. sometime you're going to stop good hitters, too. >>. >> reporter: it would be a great mother's day in oakland if you care to go. barry zito and jeff saund letters face off in arizona. the two lefties. it will be a good day for baseball. happy mother's day to you. >> thank you very much. right now we'll check with rob on the weather for mother's day, perhaps. >> it looks pretty good. a little bit cooler as we wrap up the week and we have a bit of a healthier sea breeze. pushing in some low clouds across the bay by tomorrow morning. still low 63 in livermore. we'll see a stronger sea breeze. no more 90s in the forecast. maybe close to 80. in the warmest spots storm. you can see the winds. that cooler marine air pushing all way into solano county. the interesting part of the forecast, it will be what happens with this upper level
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low. it will track across northern california into monday. if that mid level moisture, you can see the ban of clouds here rides off to the north of us. i think out toward areas north of sonoma county, mendocino county and perhaps the sierra tomorrow. we'll have to watch out for a slight rick of afternoon thunder. for the bay area, we'll see the win coming in off the ocean. it will be cool at times. i think we'll see a little sun in between the clouds during the afternoon. you can see in the futurecast. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. a few of the high clouds passing on by and maybe some brief sunshine. watch what happens by this time tomorrow night. we'll see the low clouds fill in and punch inland. as that marine layer continues to deepen tomorrow night into monday, very good bet that we'll see some drizzle on the coast as we go into, especially tomorrow night and monday and maybe for tomorrow morning, too. as you wake up and take mom out to brunch. you may find some misty skies and countries around the peninsula and coast. a better bet of seeing that as we head into monday morning.
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temperature tomorrow no, where near the 90s. we're talking low 80s around san jose. mostly sunny 70s around continuer bay, including toward the tri-valley. you can see the numbers. livermore and pleasanton down from 90. about 80 tomorrow. actually pretty comfortable. a little breezy at times as we go through the afternoon with some partly cloudy skies. out on the coast we'll see number in the low 60s. a little chilly at times. we hope we'll get that midday break for sunshine. then low clouds surging in for monday. the start of the week will be wrapping up the weekend with the cooling temperatures, stronger sea breeze. then tuesday and wednesday, if you like warm he weather, you'll like the middle part of the week. we'll see the warm-up that will take the temperature and trending cooler. thursday into friday and the pattern, can't really make up its mind. going back and forth every two to three days. not too hot. not too cold. if you don't like it, wait a day or two. >> the blast from the past on
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tonight's all new saturday night live. >> do you recognize him? will farrell. he'll be joined by usher and just yip bieber to name a few. plus the truth behind the recent glut of proposition 29 ads, the tobacco tax.
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the streets of san francisco need some tlc according to a new report by the controller's office. the report compares san francisco's street maintenance to seven other major cities and it revealed the city spends nearly $50 million a year on
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road work. that is about $60 per resident, and it is the most of any city in the study. but san francisco is ranked below average in terms of the condition of its roads. san francisco has more than twice the number of illegal dumping incidents than the survey average. the big issue on the june state ballot is proposition 29. the tobacco tax. it would raise taxes by a dollar per pack of cigarettes. the ads are confusing so we thought we would check the facts for you. this ad against prop 29 paid almost entirely by the tobacco industry says, quote, not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatment. that is true. most analysts say it is deceiving. the tax dollars raised on cigarettes would not go to cancer treatment but rather to cancer research. the ad in favor of prop 29 is paid for almost entirely by the american cancer society and the lance armstrong foundation. it claims the prop 29 will keep thousands of children from getting addicted to tobacco.
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that is a claim, of course, that is impossible to prove. we'll have more on prop 29 tomorrow night at 11:00 including the money trail. you might be surprised how much money phillip morris and r.j. reynolds are spending to try to defeat prop 29. just days before facebook is set to go public, a co-founder is creating a little controversy. eduardo is renouncing his american citizenship and becoming a citizen of singapore. a move that will significantly reduce his taxes in the united states. that news has outraged facebook users across this country. facebook is valued at nearly $100 billion. the l.a. time said his stake in the company is about 4% so do the math on that. and about $4 billion give or take a few. a lot. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. "saturday night live" is up next and will farrell is hosting and the musical guest, usher. hello?
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vigs president biden still in there? >> yes, 34r presidemr. presiden. >> joe, it's me, barack. >> you mean president jerk face? >> coming in, joe.


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