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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up "today in the bay," it ballooned since the start of the new year. we show you how much and how he plans to reduce the payments. plus, a major breach exposing nearly a million of californians' social security number. the personal information of hundreds of thousands may be in the wrong hands. >> an outpouring of emotion as people remember three boston university students killed in a car crash overseas. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at the golden gate
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bridge on a bit of a foggier start today on this mother's day. just a reminder in case you forgot. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with. 50s outside right now. we've got low clouds. a little bit of hairspray rain we like to say. notice the winds really cranking up through fairfield south of ocean beach. a southeast breeze from gilroy into san jose. what you'll notice for temperatures, mainly 70s around lunchtime. it's going to be a cooler day today, a little breezy too. inland valleys, a little closer to 60. the other thing we're watching is the increasing chance of mountain thunder off twark lake county and the sierra later
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today. we'll show you the changes in the forecast and the cooler start of the workweek coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks very much, rob. a far different forecast. the deficit is ballooning. governor jerry brown announced that january's projected shortfall of 9 billion dollars is now nearly double that. the governor is to release his revised buchlkt tomorrow and it's expected to include devastating cuts to health and welfare programs as well as to education. in a youtube video released this weekend governor brown explained why that outlook is so bleak. >> tax receipts are coming in lower than expected, and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions in necessary budget reductions. the result is that we're now facing a $16 billion hole. non29 billion we thought in january. >> the governor's solution is for voters to pass his november tax ballot -- ballot tax initiatives.
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it would raise an estimated $7 billion by increasing the income tax on people who make more than $250,000 a year. the plan also temporarily raises sales tax by a quarter cent. as 700,000 home care workers and patients worry about those looming budget cuts, they're also stressing this morning about a security breach that might have exposed personal information. "today in the bay's" monte francis talks with one woman whose information may have been compromised. >> reporter: michelle rosey was shocked to learn her personal information including her social security number may have been compromised by a security breach. >> you know. is my social security number out there too? is all my information about my medical condition it there, too, and if that's the karks you know, shame on the state. >> reporter: she's bound to a wheelchair and depends on in-home support to live
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independently. she's also worried that those who care for her along with others statewide may also be at risk for identity theft. >> it scares me because my workers' information is possibly out there. >> reporter: the breach happened earlier this month when hue lew packard sent some documents. they say, quote, while we continue to investigate, at this time we can't confirm whether the information was damaged, lost, or stolen. she questions why such sensitive information was sent through the mail in the first place. >> the state losing that information is not good. >> reporter: with governor brown's revised budget coming
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out on monday, they stand to lose more than just sensitive information. they could also see a big loss in funding. >> we've been hit time and time again and it's about time that people who can't afford to pay the taxes should pay them. >> reporter: monte francis, "today in the bay." the department of social services opened an investigation into the breach an contacted the state attorney general's office and the state is in the process of contacting all the people affected by the breach. new this morning in afghanistan, a gunman assassinated a top afghan peace negotiator. the former taliban leader was a senior leader in the high peace council and islamic council. he was reportedly shot and killed while riding in his car on the way to work. the international security assistance is calling the attack an attempt to intimidate people who are working toward peace. an aggressive air and ground assault toward yemen. they pressed this morning trying
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to recapture a southern city held by al qaeda. the offensive takes place as u.s. droens intensify raids against al qaeda rebels in other parts of the country yesterday. the u.s. drone strikes reportedly killed 11 al qaeda militants, though there's no word from the u.s. whether washington was behind yesterday's attacks. >> people are remembering three american college students killed in an overseas crash. hundreds of students held a candlelight vigil at boston university last night. the three victims attended the college and were studying abroad in new zealand. five other people were also injured in the crash, which happened earlier in the day. investigators say the van they were riding in drifted to the side of the road. then rolled over when the driver overcorrected. in the race for the white house. mitt romney spoke at a conservative university in virginia, a battleground state. snoop it's a relationship between one man and one woman.
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>> though romney is working to sale his reputation as a conservative with the far right. president obama made history last week by publicly supporting gay marriage and this weekend first lady michelle obama spoke at a euniversity in north carolina but compared rights to gay marriage. >> but we all know there are plenty of serious injustices crying out for our attention. >> today's nbc's "meet the press" is scheduled to meet the debate on gay marriage. president obama is headed back to the bay area later this month. he visited san francisco in february for several fundraisers, and on may 23rd, the president is due back, this time for a public fund-raiser at the fox theater in redwood city. the least expensive ticket available now is a thousand dollars, but if you want some serious one-on-one time, you'll have to fork over $35,000 for a private dinner. the body of a man missing
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from tracy in san jose was found along a rural road. chp officers found the car belonging to the 63-year-old down an embankment near interstate 585 in tracy. he was inside the car and apparently died in that crash. he was a bta supervisor and was last seen leaving his job on thursday to go home but he never made it. the victim's wife said he suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure but did not have his medications with him when he went to work on thursday morning. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." we have the latest on the search for morgan hills' sierra lamar. plus, did you buy a lotto ticket last week? somebody purchased a winning ticket in the bay area. we'll show you where it was bought in case that was you. hello?
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the search for see rare lamar has been generating thousands of tips since she went missing two months ago and the detectives were expected to receive even more tips after her story was told on "america's most wanted." >> reporter: he says he's hooked, committed to finding missing morgan hills teenager see rare lamar. >> i want to help however i can and i really believe we're going to get sierra back. >> reporter: he's been on 15 searches for sierra over the last two months since she disappeared. he refuses to cut off the plastic bracelets when volunteers are separated for search teams. people ask and it givens me a reason to tell them. when this is over, it's not over. >> sierra was last seen in santa clara county. >> reporter: after being seen on "america's most wanted," there was a possible break in the case. after asking the public for
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help, santa clair ka county sheriff's investigators located a mid 1990s four-door volkswagen jetta with a block hood. that vehicle was spotted in multiple survey lance videos the morning of may 16, the last time sierra was seen. >> all that does is brings us more hope. >> reporter: which is something sierra's family and volunteers can always use. >> her mom had a dream that he daughter was in that car and it brought tears to my eyes, you know, because i want to see that for her. >> reporter: family and volunteers say sierra's mom is having an especially tough time this weekend. she issued a statement reflecting on the joys and difficulties of mother hood calling sierra her quote, miracle baby, since she had been told before conceiving she might not get pregnant began. >> searches are also planned for this coming wednesday and next saturday. if you're interesting in volunteering you can head to burnette elementary school in
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>> and not a bad place to spend day with mom. japanese tea garden. there's a nice forecast for it. you might have to bundle up in some parts of the city but around the bay area, you'll find nice weather as well, right, rob? >> yeah. things are cooling auchlt a strong sea breeze picked up last night. yes, it's going to be a cooler finish to the weekend and mostly cloudy. misty conditions around parts of san francisco right now. 52 degrees to start off your mother's day morning in san francisco. 53, soerksz and pretty much 50s across the board. with the low clouds and extra moisture to the air this morning. temperatures up, but notice these winds, southeast of 10 from gilroy into san jose. so we've got that cooler air coming in from the southeast
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this morning and also a good strong push of marine air into fairfield. pretty windy out there. southwest-west winds at 20 miles an hour. we have plenty of low clouds and offshore is bringing mid and high-level clouds. it's going to track into california later today. there'll be enough lift to this and maybe enough moisture north of sonoma county where we'll have to watch for a chance of rain, also north of truckee later on this afternoon. but for the bay area, we'll see basically an all-day-long sea breeze. the temperatures are going to continue to cool down. a few midday sunny breaks. it will mick in dryer air and break up some of the low clouds perhaps right around midday and the low clouds are going to fill in tonight. there you see the high clouds drifting on by for the afternoon. notice the low clouds starting to surge in tomorrow morning and very likely those low clouds
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will pack some drizzle. look at, that filling in all the way through the area. when you see that, that is a super charged marine layer and very likely drizzle or mist from san francisco into oakland. all this coming in again later today and into tomorrow morning. may have even a little bit of wet roads from some of the mist as we get the workweek started. today it's going be mostly in the 70s. this might be mostly optimistic to say 80s around san jose. we'll see the numbers in the low 60s today. tomorrow we'll see the temperatures cooling off a little bit more, and if you like warmer weather. tuesday and wednesday, middle part of the workweek we'll see the temperatures climbing up a little bit and cooling off on thursday and friday. kind of flipping back and forth through warming through the week and mother's day looking good. cool and misty at times around the pepeninsula and coast for t >> sounds good. i just want to lie on the couch and watch a movie with the kid.
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>> that sounds awesome in day. >> you don't need a special forecast for that. if you bought a mega millions ticket recently, you may want to check your numbers. a winning ticket worth $205 million matched 5 of the 6 numbers in friday night's. the winning numbers were 3-15-29-35-54 and mega number 8. friday's jackpot was worth 16 million dollar. did we say which city? santa fe. there you go. looking to transform your living space? it could be a nice start for the mother in your life. we found some ideas for you at the san francisco decorator showcase. and there are also ways to get some of the looks without spending big bucks. >> reporter: the most beautiful homes often look the most effortless, like the style and cool happen on their own, but they don't. 30 san francisco decorators put
7:19 am
their best ideas into transforming this 11,500-square-foot mansion. the green house team took the family room and kitchen from the 1980s to the 2000s without changing a thing. the cabinets went from dark to white, and rather than spending $12 per square foot to replace the floorks they refinished it for a third of the price. >> if you can work with your cabinets, if you can work with your stone, you can get really amazing accent chairs, get fabulous accent pillows and artwork and all those accessories that make it look interesting. >> reporter: upstairs, keep the ideas all together. in the guest suite, it's menswear. >> if you think about that for your room as well and do a little bit of color here and there, it actually can work. you can do brighter colors than
7:20 am
you probably think you could. >> reporter: in the bedroom bright silk pillows and a pink ceiling. in the bathroom, bright avocado and a few patterns. >> if you do too many things it gets looking busy. if you have a tightly woven tile but more organic flowing wall paiper, they complement each other and don't fight. >> reporter: what home would be complete other than a place to watch tv. where, you say? it's there behind the mirror. you only see it when you want to. several of the decorators say don't be afraid to call in a professional even if you can't afford to cothe whole job. they can give you guidance on where to spend money and where to splurge. >> to see the creative come through, is quite amazinamazing. i see it from start to finish. it's grade to see how the before look and see what the designers go through in creating such a beautiful space and the time and the effort and the creativity,
7:21 am
it's very inspiring. >> reporter: whether you're looking for the kind of drama on display in the dining room or better ways to use tiny spaces like your laundry room, you may find inspiration in one of the rooms of the san francisco decorator show case and in the process raise money for san francisco university high school's scholarship fund. go ahead. lust if you want. it's for a good cause. >> it's still going on through may 28 if you want to check it out for yourself. it's at 2020 jackson street between laguna and octavia in the city. coming up, are you trying to look good on a budget? there are opportunities for you to save on high fashion. we're going to show them to you.
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save than ever before. nbc's bob hannahanson shows you ways to save. >> reporter: savvy shoppers are looking for a good look and a good deal. >> they need to spread them further with their clothing budget. >> reporter: the key to looking good is buying high quality, name brand, and designer clothing but that quality usually comes at a price. do you have to have a lot of money to look good? >> absolutely not, but you have to do your homework. >> reporter: that's why nbc visual stylist audrey mansfield spending her day viegz top television folks around the country. take this $200 book. >> in the store it's on sale for $117. at nordstrom it was on sale for $65, the same skirt. >> reporter: finding designer deals inside the walls of a favorite store sometimes means getting to know the people on the inside. >> when you go in to buy
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something, you make friends with either a personal shopper or an assistant and you ask if it's marked down once, is it going to be marked down again and you ask them to hold it for you and give you a call. most people will help you out. >> reporter: next up, hitting the outlets and the offprice retailers like t.j. maxx, ross, and marshalmarshall's. >> it's the same merchandise that other stores are buying but they're able to work it to a better price and get it to the consumers. >> reporter: it can come from a steady stream of clothing because of ordering mistakes or overproduction by the manufacturers. >> it makes you seem smarter and savvier and you found a deal no one else did. >> reporter: smart shoppers also can go to consignment and thrift stores where a $1,000 ralph lauren jacket want for $150. we found banana republic, calvin
7:26 am
klein, talbot's and true religi religion. many spend quality time on their computer. >> you try a brand on and then when you've tried it on, you go online and see if it's on sale at other places because then you know it will fit. >> reporter: it may be a competing store or online tailor. once you know what you want, the internet can be your online shopper. >> you can find it at a lower price. >> reporter: a price that lets you keep more money in the bank or more clothes in your pocket. >> i say be very nice to your friends who are fashionable and hope for their hand-me-downs. you can find a deal on line, you might want to make sure that the garment fits right. if it doesn't, the fashion consultant says you can still make clothing your ownby having it tailored. people will think you spent a lot of money on the item that you really did not. here's your last chance to find great deals on a wedding dress and help families at the
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same time. they're holding their special gown sale in san francisco. the event helps support survivors and their families. proceeds also benefit cancer awareness programs and fs general hospital. organizers say brides can save hundreds of dollars by shopping with them. the event will be held at san francisco's stanford court renaissance hotel. it starts at 10:00 this morning. still ahead on "today in the bay," arm and possibly suicidal. we have the latest on a major manhunt to find an fbi agent. plus, huge protests in madrid thisl we'll explain the connection to the occupy protests here in the u.s.
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good morning do you. you're looking live at sonoma on the green side. it's a foggy morning.
7:30 am
thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob my yeah da. we've been talking about the forecast for mother's day, but there's also a reason. the tour. >> they'll make a loop around santa rosa. we'll see cooler temperatures. we have misty skies. also southeast wind. hour-by-hour temperatures notice santa rosa may be 70. warmest places inland will have a tough time getting out of the 70s this afternoon. so very cool compared to yesterday where livermore got to 70 yesterday. today, probably those upper 70s. close to 80 perhaps. but we're also watching an air kr of low pressure which is tracking up the north coast which may totsz a slight chance
7:31 am
of afternoon thunder in the mountains and north of sonoma county. so we'll be watching that along as well along with cooler temperatures to wrap up the weekend. the full forecast coming up in a few minutes from now. kind of interesting challenges from what we saw yesterday. cooling down rapidly heading into the workweek. >> thank you very much, rob. the state budget is look worse than ever before. governor jerry brown who said the deficit was $9 billion is more than that. the budge is going to include devastating cuts. in a youtube video released this weekend governor brown explained why that outlook is so bleak. >> tax receipts are. going in lower than expected. and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions in necessary budget reductions. the result is we're now facing a $16 billion hole, not $29
7:32 am
billion we thought in january. >> the governor also pushed support for his november ballot initiative to reduce the pain of those cuts. it would raise an estimated $7 billion by increasing the income tax on people who make more than $250,000 a year. the plan also temporarily raises sales tax by a quarter cent. a security breach is potentially exposing the personal information of more than 700,000 in-home care workers and recipients across the state. this happened earlier this month when hewlett-packard shipped a package of data to an office in southern california. the box arrived damaged through u.s. mail, and some of the contents were missing. one oakland woman said the breach is a double whammy because she's already fearful about losing services to state budget cuts. >> is my social security number out there too? is all my information about my medical condition out there too? if that's the case, you know, shame on the state.
7:33 am
>> the state department of social services says it is not sure whether the sensitive information which included social security number was just lost or whether it was stolen. a modesto teenager is accused of trying to kill her baby with rat poison. the modesto bee reports officers went to the teen's home after a classmate reported she wanted to throw her month-old daughter into a trash can. officers found that the girl had put rat poison in the baby's bottle and had tried to persuade others to do the poisoning. the baby is now the care of the teenaged girl's sister. the fbi is on a manhunt not for a criminal but one of their own. special agent steven i advance disappeared in burbank. he may have gone into the nearby mountains. they do not suspect foul play but he was upset and could be suicidal. a massive protest across spain on the first anniversary that in spierd a movement of
7:34 am
occupy protests here in the u.s. at least 100,000 protesters took to the streets yesterday for spain's movement. it sprang from anger over the impact of the country's worst economic crisis in decades. last night thousands of demonstrators filled madrid's central square. spain's unemployment is nearly 25%. and the rippling effect of that movement in spain seen here in the bay area, occupy the farm protessers agree to pack up their encampment in albany but they rejected an invitation from uc berkeley to protest the farm. dozens climbed the fence which is owned by the university of california. they also gathered up most of their belongings. u.c. tried to put up the fence to try to keep them out of the area. but they say they're going to continue to take care of the
7:35 am
fruit trees and vegetables that they planted there. >> you can't sit in a closed room however many miles away and cut little pieces of paper up and try to put community centers and agriculture and fields together. you need to be on the land. you need to take the plant in your hand and put it in the ground and put life in the ground. >> the university had offered to discuss with protesters how the area could be used for both urban farming and forrer er. but since protesters refuse, u.c. say they will not drop a lawsuit filed early her this week against 13 protesters for trespassing. they have been on the land since earth day three weeks ago. they started growing crops to bring attention to the resource-rich land that could be used for a garden. people in the bay are being urged to think differently and become more ecofriendly. the first 350 home and garden challenge is being hold
7:36 am
throughout costa county this weekend. organizers say drying clothing outdoors, planting gardens, just some of the ways that can make a difference in your home and in your neighborhood. well, as rob and i were talking about earlier, the tour of california does kick off today. the elite bicycle race rolls out of santa rosa at 10:50 tomorrow morning. stage three starts tuesday at san jose before winding through costa county and ending in liver moor. they will make their way through parts of central california before the race finishes up in los angeles on may 20. san francisco wants to show its love of all bay area mothers in a very big way. the giant mother's day card displays will be up at pier 39, fisherman's wharf. of course, projectors will display the images onto a large wall. the event is also happening in seven other cities across the country. all of the organizers are hoping
7:37 am
to break a new world record. and while you're in the city, mothers can receive free flowers at golden gate park, but you might want to get there early. the first 100 mothers visiting any of the three gardens will receive that gift that. was a live picture. you can see the weather looks perfect for that. much more ahead on "today" in the bay. facebook's initial public offering happen this week. should you buy the social med giant's stock? we have the experts' advice. strong enough to rebuild tooth enamel, yet gentle enough for sore mouths. new act sensitive. strong teeth, fresh breath. in a sensitive formula. [ motors revving ] ♪ [ motor turns over ] [ liquid pouring ] [ chain saw buzzing ] [ male announcer ] what if everything ran on gas? then again, what if everything didn't?
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the 100% electric, zero-gas nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities...
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america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's be erevancoagiesmp are delivering. take a look at downtown oakland. it's a bit of a hazy start, but it doesn't matter if the weather is gloomy because there's lots of love for mother around hopefully. we have a look at the upcoming week in the world of bids including numbers from some of the nation's largest retailers. >> reporter: on monday mark zuckerberg celebrates his 28th
7:40 am
birthday but the facebook founder's real celebration may be on friday when they are expected to debut on nasdaq under the symbol fb. when it does, it may become the largest offering of a tech company in history. retail stores will also with in focus. we've already heard from some of the major chains, macy's and kohl's. during the upcoming weeks we're going to hear from jc penney, walmart, target, home depot, a real parade among the retailers. the numbers may be boosted by easter purchases. look for lower consumer prices from last month as gasoline prices begin to slide just a bit. thank goodness for that. and we'll see if there's been any improvement in the housing industry with the building and housing permits. wednesday the federal reserve releases its notes from its last meeting. they're going to be carefully parsed by wall street for any overlooked hints for members about additional monetary easing or when there might be some
7:41 am
tightening. and this week gamers can finally return to fight evil forces. blizzards's anxiously way awaited game hits store shelves. it's project third degree million copes will be sold in just the first month. i'm tyler ma thinkson. get all your news on cnbc. >> you can get it before the bell opens or the market opens starting a 39:30 in the morning. as tyler math ison mentioned, should you jump at a chance to own a piece of the giant. today we have more details on facebook's road show. >> reporter: facebook kept our cameras far away from the bay area stop of its pre-ipo road show, but while company executives met with investors, you may be asking should i pony up for some facebook shares.
7:42 am
investor kevin bain says we're fascinated with facebook's stock because we're fascinated with facebook. >> we're using it every day ourselves. >> reporter: does that mean we should buy stock in facebook? at least one tech watcher says it's a risky investment because as a social media company, it's so new. >> wall street is often out of sync with silicon valley. facebook has created something so massive, wall street doesn't know what to do with it. >> reporter: kevin spain says to go ahead and buy but only if you're willing to stay the course through the ups and downs. >> i think it's a wise investment but otherwise you'll have to take your chances. >> reporter: in other words it's an eight-year-old company with a long future ahead. no need to make a snap decision on buying its stock. scott budman on "today in the bay." >> we still have more ahead on "today in the bay." this week president obama became
7:43 am
the first sitting president to announce his support for gay marriage. and we'll talk about just how important this statement is for the upcoming election. nbcay area a political analyst lar larry gerston is on his way in. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong
7:44 am
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well, as you might have heard. it is official. president barack obama says people have the right to marry regardless of their sexual orientation. let's turn to nbc bay area analyst larry gerston. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. most of all, happy mother's day to you and happy mother's day to my wife and all the mothers out there. as husband and father i'm very grateful. >> and grandpa. >> are you running for office? >> no, but i'm telling you, they're the ones. >> thank you, larry. i appreciate it. let's talk about, you know, a different kind of family values.
7:46 am
how important is it that the president announced his support. he had been kind of on the fence before, not saying anything, but how is this going to affect the upcoming election. >> he's been evolving as he says. short term. let's not kid ourselves. look. it's important to everyone. just about everyone. the story went for several news cycles, we know that, further separating the president, by the way, you know, from mitt romney. no question about it. romney has taken a different position. long term. that's a different story. it's a fikting two groups the most. one group will be the members of the lgbt community and their ally who have been waiting for the president to take a stronger position on this issue, no question about that. it's likely to help the president. it ooh going help with money and help with votes including young people, by the way, to look for this reason to vote for the person. they think why, why are you even talking about it. they're impressed with that, okay? the other group, of course, would be the evangelicals.
7:47 am
that's another powerful group. most of the folks don't like obama. they've had great difficult on the other hand supporting republican mitt romney, why, because of his mormon religion. as evangelicals, they have a problem with that. you put that together and that's likely to spite the republican base. get that going. maybe we vote for the romney anyway because what obama's done is just too much. it's just over the top. so you can see those two groups, you know, the gay rights groups and the evangelicals really immobilize in this case. >> how big a role is this going to play in the election over the next six months? >> you get past those two groups. for those two groups this is going to be very galvanizing. get past that. most others,ing loo, they're going to focus on issues closer to them, to the economy, jobs, you know. am i going to keep my house, things like that. we've cede it before. it bears repeating. can't say this enough.
7:48 am
presidents, kris, get way too much credit. when the economy soars, i think bill clinton. oh, my god, i did it all. no, he didn't. when the company tanks, i think george w. bush. bush, it wasn't my fault. in a lot of ways it wasn't. well, guess what? obama is now himself on the hot seat. the more the economy continues to improve, especially if it continues to do so a little more quickly, the better it is for him. if the kma stalls or goes backward, watch out. >> okay. so i want to talk about one thing that came out last, you know, "newsweek." we date ourselves by "newsweek." that mitt romney and a fell low classmate were accused of kind of ganging up on gay classmate. how important should this be going forward as people decide how they feel about him and his positions or drks i mean it was high school, you know. >> you're going to get two answers here, maybe three. certainly critics are going to say, see, i told you he's homophobic, i knew it all along,
7:49 am
no reason to vote for this guy. the fact is folks who look at him that way, they weren't going to vote for him anyway. that's all there is to it. it doesn't matter. i think most americans are going to say something like that occur 50d years ago. no, it wasn't nice, no, it wasn't right, according to all the reports we have that that occurred, okay, but the fact of the matter is, you know, thing about all of us and what we do in our youth. i'd sure like to take a few things back. >> thank god there wasn't facebook back then. >> no kidding. we mature over time. we're not the same 50 years late their we were 50 years earlier. for that reason i think it's unlikely that the stories that will resonate with most people are worried about their jobs and worried about their homes and the shaky global environmental, all of those types of things. one thing is interesting, though. that, is it's not the issue. it's not even that romney admits to it, but it's almost a question of, well, how is he managing it. i think that's the kind of thing we may be watching next week.
7:50 am
>> right. and i think people like to take thinks in context and when things happen 50 years ago, it's hard to that. so, larry -- we mentioned before he has a new book out called "not so golden kwf ats all. you're going to be talking about your book in person if people want to come see you, ask you more questionings soap and if they can grill you harder than i do. >> we'll do that thursday night. >> addison-penzakjcc and that's on okos road in los gatos. plenty of time to get there after work. thank you very much, larry. hope you have a good time, a good turnout on your talk. also a reminder you can get larry's intake any time. we'll take a look at another upcoming decision in politics, this one on the june state ballot. proposition 29, the tobacco tax. it would raise taxes by a dollar
7:51 am
per pack of cigarettes. we thought the ad was confusing so we thought we would check out the facts. this ad was against prop 29 paid for almost entirely by the tobacco industry and it say, quote, not one penny goes to funding new cancer treatment and research. while that is true, most analysts say it is also deceiving. the tax dollars raised on cigarettes would not go to cancer treatment but rather to research. an ad in favor of prop 29 is paid for almost entire by the american cancer society and the armstrong foundation and that claims it will prevent thousands of children from getting addicted to tobacco and that is a claim, of course, that is impossible to prove. we'll have more on prop 29 at 11:00 including money trail. you might be surprised at how much money that phillip morris and r.j. reynolds are spending to try to defeat prop 29. more ahead for you on "today
7:52 am
in the bay." the perfect cup of coffee. we'll show you where you can get a perfect cup of coffee and cuddle up with a kitty even if you can't have your own pet. and we're seeing a cool start to the morning with some drizzle in a few spots around the bay area. we'll talk about your mother's day forecast in a few minutes. but first here's our own mike eno way that you can do with your mother on mother's day around the mother's day. >> good morning. happy mother's day. this special day comes but once a year, sow how about breakfast in bed. better yet, how about breakfast at the zoo? yeah, the san francisco zoo hosts another mother's day breakfast. your reservation gets you admission, an escort to the zoo of mom exhibits, true stories of animal moms and a breakfast that includes wild mushroom quiche, creme brulee and giraffe. no, i'm kidding. they would never do that. they would never serve the tallest treed beauties.
7:53 am
meanwhile the annual gathering of the nations. the powwow continues its final day on farm. competitions will include the traditional dress, dancing and drumming, but there's also a time for you to skroin in the social dancing and the song competition. the topic is, of course, mother's day and from native american to indian, the indian literacy project holds their race for literacy at the park in los gatos. this is the 14th annual fundraiser to help continued efforts. for more info, check out race for reading is an invaluable skill which we sometimes take for granted. we sometimes do the same for the mothers in our lives, too, so to remember mheins da sp tial day, mother's day in the bay.
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> and welcome back. let's show you golden gate park up by the tea garden. you can see overcast skies and
7:56 am
mist under the clouds. our temperatures today, thanks to a renewed push of the marine air. right now low 50s around san francisco, 56 in san jose and low 50s across the north bay. notice the winds coming strongly offshore into fairfield. you see them reaching all the way into solano county. that means you have a healthy breeze going. something we'll also see in addition to the low clouds. this will be briefly breaking up around midday. we'll have high clouds coming in. we'll have to watch around sonoma county for high clouds later on. the big story is the local air conditioning and the low clouds which later today will surge further inland overnight, actually fill up parts of the central valley come tomorrow morning and that means we going see cooler temperatures come monday with more morning drizzle. temperatures around the bay area today, mainly 70s for the inland valley. a 10 to 15-degree drop from the temperatures we saw yesterday. out on the coast we'll see the
7:57 am
number, upper 50s to low 60s. the cooler trend to wrap up m mom's day will follow us tuesday into wednesday. a brief warm-up. then we're going to trend cooler again thursday into friday. pretty pleasant weather out there. not too chilly, not too hot. very nice. better than the poll len. >> well, you know, we'll talk about that later. thank you very much. here's an idea that might catch on in the bay area. it is a cafe in austria that welcomes both coffee and cats. cafe neko opened earlier this month and became very popular as a tourist spot. customers can interact with five feline hosts who all come from an animal shelter. they move about freely, take naps. they spent three years negotiating over hygiene issues before it was allowed to open. i guess a good compromise if you can't have a pet where you are. i want to thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news for
7:58 am
you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 and of course, all day long at have a great mother's day, everybody. we'll see you next weekend. ♪ so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we don't care anymore? we just eat whatever tastes good? excuse me? [ man ] like these sweet honey clusters, they're awesome so no way they're good for you. but i guess that's okay right? actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? ya know? cancel the gym membership. bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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