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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 13, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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been filled. >> good morning, my friend. how are you? >> reporter: of course, sister lilly must provide the sponsors to find a job for all of the students but she's optimistic. >> you have to work really really hard and trust in god. and if it's meant to be, things will work out. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> right now we want to check in with meteorologist ron mayeda on the weather. little chilly this morning. >> we had low clouds and air conditioning cranked up and misty skies earlier. even though the temperatures are cool outside, probably the most sun we've seen around san francisco and the coast, the clouds have started to break up. 63 in san francisco, 70s inland around sunnyvale and san jose, only managed mid 60s around gilr gilroy. a cool and eabreezy finish. south wind at 10. we had cooler air and marine air
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spilling in the north bay valleys and southwest wind up to 25 right now in fairfield. in terms of the cloud cover, you saw it throughout most of the day on the coast and late in the afternoon started to see clearing. started dry air aloft helped to break up the marine clouds. but tonight we're expecting low clouds to fill in again and the marine layer about to get kind of super sized overnight it is going to deeperen to the point where we could see more than just midst but perhaps rain early tomorrow. we'll continue to have onshore winds and cool temperatures tomorrow and areas north of sonoma county as area of low pressure moves off, slight risk for isolated thunder north of lake port but the bay area is still see -- the chance of seeing drizzle showing up here in the future cast looking at tomorrow morning, you can see around the north bay and along the coast line from san
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francisco down towards santa cruz, drizzly in the morning but watch in the afternoorn, clearing skies and another cool day. but things are going to be warming up quickly come tuesday and wednesday. so tonight, 40s and low 50s outside. we'll see the low clouds into tomorrow morning and high temperatures tomorrow running very cool once again. we're talking low 70s down from the near 90s we had on friday and saturday. so a cool start to the workweek with morning midst and drizzle, probably looking at a little bit of light rain here and around the peninsula for the morning. a pretty decent day tomorrow, just running a little cool as we start the workweek. tuesday into wednesday, if you like warmer weather, you'll like those days as high pressure builds in and roller coaster ride takes another dip. as we head towards next weekend, not only are we seeing warming temperatures there but if you
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look closely on sunday, this time, next sunday we'll start to see a solar eclipse under way around the bay area. that's something we'll talk about next weekend and have viewing tips in the next weather forecast coming up in about 20 minutes. >> we'll see i then, rathanks, rob. hey, dave. >> a depleted green and gold faces the reigning cy young and barry zito looks to charm the highlights coming up nexest. highlightst. cing up nex what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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what did you give your mom this mother's day? it wasn't as unforgettable as charlie culver son was able to give his mom, a memory that will last a lifetime and came from the desert in california. taking on the diamond backs and his major league debut, mom and dad and wife in the stands. and well, giants had a good day, 1-1 game, cabrera, rbi single, blanco tries to take a 2-1 lead. blanco broken bat single brings in sanchez and brandon crawford. giants up 4-1. it is a 4-3 game with a two-one shot, third of the season makes it 6-3 and charlie culverson at the plate and his mom and dad never forget this.
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his first career big league base hit. a pretty good day. giants win by a final 7-3. barry zito gets the second win of the season. final game of the four-game set, 1-0 detroit. as we pick this one up, the bottom of the fifth, seth smith off verlander, see ya. third of the year, ties the game at one apiece. avila, look at eric zoe guard reaching out to rob him but later on in the sixth, belfour with relief. tigers take a 2-1 lead. it will stay that way until the ninth. cabrera comes up with the rbi and tigers go up 3-1 and win the game by a final of 3-1. let's head to the nba. clippers taking on grizzlies game seven western conference
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semifinals. l.a. up one in the fourth. nick young with the three and kenyon martin off the nick young missed the tip-in. 11-2 run to miss the fourth. here come the grizzlies, it's a six-point game. and moments later the grizzlies with good d, o.j. mayo with the steal but can't cash in on the other hand and clippers hold on, 82-72, the third series playoff one in the last 41 years. pacers taking on the heat, game one of the eastern conference semifinals, lebron with his mvp trophy before the game. hans burg dunk. it's a 6-point lead at the half then lebron james in transition, dunk you very much. then under a minute to go, heat, clinging to a 7-point lead. lebron gets the ball and buries
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the dagger. miami goes up 95-86 the final and take a 1-0 series lead. on the golf course, matt kutcher wins the championship. that does it it from here. still ahead, the ceo of a major bank announcing major losses this past week defends himself on "meet the press." authorities make a gruesome discovery near the border of k. noicbe right back.
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put those warning signals and look back for other red flags, that particular red flag, we made a mistake. >> jamie dimon on the defensive
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today, the ceo of j.p. morgan chase spoke out about the $2 billion trading loss. one of the biggest names in banking has become the poster child for bad judgment. they lost $2 billion in six weeks and today on "meet the press," you might be surprised what the head of the company had to say about it. his comments come as lawmakers in capitol hill argue over the future of regulating wall street. brian mooar has that story. >> reporter: from the ceo of jp morgan chase an explanation on a stunning $2 billion trading loss. >> we made a terrible egregious mistake, almost no excuse for it. >> shrugged off mounting concerns that something was terribly wrong with a $100 billion hedge investment that is being described as a bad bet. >> we know we were sloppy. we know we were stupid. we know it was bad judgment. >> reporter: ks a reminder of
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the meltdown that upended the economy four years ago. mainstream americans paid a steep price and the economy is still crawling towards a recovery. this time around, jp morgan's reputation and stock price are taking a hit but the company still expects to turn a profit. for democrats, this is a warning sign. >> we're not trying to stop banks from losing money, we're trying to stop them from losing moneys that will cause damage to the -- >> reporter: the dodd frank law designed to reign in wall street but republicans say it's stifling investment. >> you have so much government regulation coming in you can't see the forest for the trees. >> reporter: a fight over regulation that has a new focus, jp morgan chase, the loss by jp morgan chase and lingering worries about the economic recovery are threatening to make this a bumpy world for the world financial market.
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brian mooar, nbc news washington. three top jm morgan executives tied to the loss are expected to leave the firm this coming week. in mexico, authorities made a gruesome discovery along a highway. nearly 50 victims of a has kerr. the bodies were found in bags just east of the northern industrial city of monterrey. authorities say the drug cartel claimed responsibility for the massacre through a banner left at the site. mexico's organized crime groups leave multiple bodies in public places as warnings to their rivals. uganda may be one step closer to capturing joseph kony, military officials say they have captured a top commander in his army. uganda's army has a force backed by american troops dedicated to capturing joseph kony, it gained
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international attention when a video became wildly successful on youtube. am afghanistan, a former high ranking taliban official currently working as an afghan peace negotiator was assassinated in kabul. he was being driven to work and one of the capital's safest areas when a gunman pulled alongside and shot at the car killing him. the former taliban member had reconciled with the government and trying to set up formal tanks with militants. the taliban have denied responsibility for the killing but officials say the group has threatened to target peace negotiators in the past. an fbi agent base the in los angeles is missing. 35-year-old steven ivans was last seen on thursday. he is possibly suicidal but they are not giving out any other information at this point.
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bloodhounds tracked ivan's scent toward the rug he had mountains where the search picked up today. >> very well liked and very good person in the community. and that's why we're taking this very seriously and want to make sure we are able to find him. >> ivans has been with the fbi for more than three years. and before that he was an l.a. police officer. he is married with a 1-year-old son. there's more information tonight about the secret service prostitution scandal. a hearing is scheduled to review the investigation into that incident in colombia. joe lieberman has said a hearing for may 23rd. he wants to know if there were any warning signs and was being done to ensure it does not happen again. the space shuttle is making some moves around new york this weekend. two weeks after its arrival, it has finally been hoisted off the jumbo jet that carry today from
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washington. the shuttle was removed by cranes from the top of the 747 this morning at jfk international airport. it will stay there for a few more weeks before being moved again. this time by barge to the intrepid sea air and space museum. this space shuttle is called interprize, it was a test vehicle that spent the last 10 years or so at the smithsonian, enterprise will be part of that exhibit that opens to the public in new york in july. and still to come at 5:00 -- the avengers is smashing records at the box office for the second straight weekend. no records being smashed in our weather today. it was chilly outside. we had a good strong sea breeze flowing keeping temperatures in the 60s and 70s. tracking not just a chance of drizzle but slight risk of mountain thundershowers as we start in the workweek. we'll have a look when we come
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if nb has its way, you can expect to laugh a lot. new comedies starring familiar faces, mark barger has a sneak peek. >> are you serious? >> reporter: former friends star matthew perry is returning to nbc. his new comedy, go on, about a wise cracking sports caster coping with loss is one of six new series the network is launching this fall. >> he's a big star, great actor. not only a comic actor but great actor. >> reporter: following perry on tuesdays will be the new normal from glee creator ryan murphy, about a gay couple who enlists the help of a surrogate. >> all i could think is family is a family and love is love. >> reporter: family audiences are the target for two wednesday comedies, guys with kids and
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animal practice starring justin kirk who enjoys dealing with pets more than their owners. >> all human characters are great but the animals kind of kick it up another notch. >> reporter: nbc has new dramas for fall, revolution follows the aftermath. and chicago fire comes from law and order creator dick wolf about the exploits of firefighters and para medics. >> there's great action in fires and rescues but most of the drama is going to happen you know, between these characters in the fire house. >> reporter: along with the new series nbc is launching, they also announced the biggest hit will be back in the fall "the voice." there will be fall and spring editions of the voice next season, possibly with the same four judges in each. >> we have deals with all four for the fall and spring and we have to see how the schedules shake out. >> reporter: viewers will decide
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now nbc's new fall lineup shakes out. mark barger. nbc news. nbc's long running comedy "30 rock" and "the office" are coming back in the fall. no decision on whether it is the final season for either of those. a super hero block buster is expected to reach the $1 billion mark today. "the avengers" is number one for the second straight weekend. it set a record its first weekend and then became first film in hollywood history to bring in more than $100 million on its second weekend. let's check in with ron checking out the weather. when will it warm up? >> we had the winds pick up. even though the highs still reached the mid-70s inland, i don't think it felt like that outside. the sea breeze kept it going 20 to 30 miles per hour. 60s outside. not much orange. that marine layer deepened up
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and speaking of the winds, still gusty from napa into fairfield and into livermore. the altamont pass and wind farms are happy with this weather but folks who want 80 degree dmts temperatures, you don't want winds that far west. late in the day along the coast we got a little bit of sunshine. as long as the winds are coming in off the ocean, we'll see cool temperatures on into monday. here's the upper low we've been watching kicking off isolated showers on the north coast and still the risk of mountain thunder north of sonoma county. we'll see low clouds fill in once again and future cast actually picking up here, maybe a little more than drizzle, maybe spotty areas of light rain during the day and as we go through the afternoon, we should see the clouds clear out on the coast as late monday into tuesday transitions into warmer weather as temperatures will get back in the 80s by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday.
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tomorrow morning waking up 40s to low 50s. it's going to be jacket weather again throughout the day. as we get towards 4:00, looking at mostly 60s around the inland valley locations and low 70s. that will do it in terms of warmest temperatures for tomorrow. the sun does come back in full force tuesday and wednesday. not too hot. it's going to be a two-day warm up. thursday and friday, another cooldown as we head towards next weekend, that's more like it. there you see mid-80s and upper 80s coming back. notice the sun on sunday. this team next sunday, let's hope the clouds stay away because we will see a pretty good view of this. this is an an you lar solar eclipse. the best total viewing will be on the north coast around eureka and towards redding, the bay area should get an 80% view of that and peaks at 6:32 in the evening. you cannot stair at these things. you can take two pieces of paper
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atake one and put a pinhole in it and it will project the image of the sun. >> i remember doing that. it was so cool. >> when we return, an expression of love and respect on mother's day. this is not the first time they are marrying each other, first time they are doing it incke does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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100 couples in southern china celebrated mother's day in a special way. their children threw them a western wedding complete with white gowns and black tuxes they rode in horse drawn carriages, most are over the age of 60. the organizers wanted to give sons and daughters a way to express their love and respect foir their parents. since the first wedding was traditional chinese, they
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thought it would be fun to try the western style this go around. thanks for watching, we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together.


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