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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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er today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. the fight over the measure on theup coming ball lot has many fuming. proposition 29 would raise taxes on cigarettes and raise the money for cancer research. the tobacco companies launched a multimillion dollar ad campaign that many say is deceiving. monty francis has the details for us. >> reporter: good evening, the at a back co-companies are outspending 10-1 and many in the medical community say the campaign against prop 29 is
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decepti deceptive, phillip morris and reynolds spent money to defeat the measure. and the lance armstrong foundation has raised little more than $5 million. prop 29 would impose an additional tax of $1 per pack of cigarettes, supporters of the measure say that tobacco companies are being deceptive by running ads that say no one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatment. that is true because the money would go to cancer research and not treatment. >> tobacco, of all of the things in this country that are sold and market, if you follow the directions perfectly, they will kill you. if you follow the directions, it will kill you. that's why we have to vote yes on prop 29. >> when we have so many other things that are not being funded like health care, services in the state of california and education, and we believe that money should if -- if we are
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going to raise it in a tax increase, be spent on those things that while it's worth while should not be a priority. >> reporter: prop 29 generated money for cancer research in california. it makes the claim impossible to prove when they say prop 29 will prevent thousands of children from getting addicted to tobacco. if prop 29 passes it will be the first tax increase on cigarettes in california since the year 2000. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the amgen tour started today in santa rosa and it is expected to give a $7 million boost to ther. tomorrow the elite bicycle race heads to san francisco and santa cruz county. stage three starts in san jose before going to contra costa county and finishing in livermore. racers will make their way through central california before finishing up in l.a. on may 20th. yahoo!'s ceo scott thompson
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who has been under fire about questions on whether he lied on his resume is stepping down. he is the third to leave the internet giant. we're going to check in with kimberly terry in just a moment. right now we're going to check in with ron on the weather. what's going on? >> we're going to be watching closely, the stage two of the amgen tour because we may see the weather impacting that i think tomorrow morning. now today we had 60s to mid-70s for highs and notice the temperatures right now, not too far off from the numbers you just saw, lots of 50s and 60s and also gusty this evening. look at the winds now, southwest of 30, we'll see winds throttling up from now until 9:00 this evening and tapering off a little come tomorrow morning. an upper level low may fire up thunder north of lake county tomorrow but will enhance the may reen layer to the point where it's likely around the
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peninsula we'll see drizzle or light rain 8:00 tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow breezy and cool and low 60s around the p peninsula. chilly changes in the forecast as we head towards monday and mid-week warm-up. if we like the 80s, you'll like the forecast. all right, thanks a lot, rob. he took a political risk himself when he announced his support for gay marriage nearly a decade ago. today gavin newsom weighs in on the impact it could have for the race for the white house. >> i don't know there's an issue that's moved this fast in such a short period of time. the last 24 months, this moved 10%. it's a much safer time than in 2004. >> except at the ballot box. >> yeah, but that's always the case when you subject the rights of a minority to the wins of a
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majority every single time the minority wins. >> as mayor in 2004, you directed city officials to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. this past wednesday the president announced his support for gay marriage while mitt romney continues to oppose it. the chair of the republican national committee was on meet the press and told nbc's david gregory that at this point he's not sure if it's going to be a defining issue in november. in san francisco, dozens of homeless mothers were treated to a special day all about them. 25 moms living at the hamilton center had their hair and makeup and nails professionally done. volunteer stylists and makeup artists from benefit cosmetics helped the moms look their best. many of the mothers say it's a day of star treatment that they will never forget. >> very special. because i don't get pampered, i do a lot for everyone else and never take time to do for myself, never.
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finally getting a chance to do it. awesome. >> after the pampering the women were whisked away in limb mows to the star light room at the sir francis drake hotel for a special mother's day brunch and show. the hamilton center is one of the largest provides of shelter in san francisco. did you feel it? the quake that rattled the north bay this morning. does age matter when it comes to running a fortune 500 company? one co-founder proves at least for now that age is only a number. mom? hmm?
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mom, how is paper recycled? anita! anita! [ male announcer ] answer life's most pressing questions. instantly. get high speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month r fo months. at&t. ♪ the defense in john edwards criminal trial is due to present its side tomorrow. the former presidential candidate is charged with taking illegal campaign contributions and making false statements. as nbc's lisa myers reports, the big question is if he will be called to testify. >> reporter: the biggest decision for the defense, will john edwards take the stand? prosecutors have gone out of their way to shred edwards dez credibility with a parade of former aide who recounted his many lies and playing edwards own words, a 2008 interview in which he claimed to be coming
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clean about his affair but continued to lie about other things, including that he fathered rielle hunter's child. >> i know that it's not possible that this child could be mine because of the timing of events. >> reporter: analysts say showing that video to the jury put even more pressure on edwards to testify. >> i think the heat is really on john edwards to take the stand. >> reporter: there are big risks. he starts in a deep hole with the jury in terms of credibility and would face embarrassing and potentially damaging questions. many analysts say not testifying may be a bigger risk than taking the stand. >> it's going to be up to him to look the jury in the eye and convince them that he did not violate the campaign finance laws. >> reporter: the government alleges that money used to cover up his affair with rielle hunter amounted to illegal campaign contributions, a charge edwards denies. prosecutors opted not to call hunter herself to testify. the defense still could but analysts say at the would be
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very risky. >> john edwards entire career has been about persuasion, highly successful trial lawyer and as a politician. analysts say it's hard to imagine that with everything on the line he won't tape the stand to make the argument of his life. lisa myers, nbc news, north carolina. and coming up next, we'll have more on the major announcement from yahoo! today plus, how hundreds of bay area families were treated to a day off from cancer. mom's day finished off breezy and cooler finish around the bay area. we're seeing gusty winds right now. temperatures in the 60s, brief break from clouds on the coast and those will be forming again tonight leading to a chance of seeing light rain early tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in the forecast whco wenme re ht .ck
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yahoo!'s ceo who has been under fire about questions on whether he lied on his resume is officially stepping down. thompson came under fire about a week ago when third point, the hedge fund that owns a 6% stake in yahoo! alleged that thompson lied about details of his resume, specifically he claimed on his resume that he had a computer science degree he never earned. today in a statement yahoo! confirms scott thompson has quote left the company after four months of being there. tech analyst rob an derly says it isn't surprised since yahoo! has a policy that you'll be fired if you falsify your reports. and the problem with the ceo's resume was carried with him from
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paypal, and the problem will likely cause other companies to start doing background check s on all top executives. >> this is kind of executive 101, do a background check so this stuff doesn't come back to haunt you. there are a lot of people sweating bullets that have false backgrounds or who may have been incidental in hiring people with false backgrounds, both of those groups are now at risk. >> yahoo! has also announced that not only will thompson be out but four directors who have planned to retire at the animal meeting will step down immediately. two small earthquakes rattled sonoma county this morning. a 3.9 quake happened about 5:30 in the town of cobb, 25 miles santa ro,of a second quake hit three hours later with 2.8. the area hit is near the guyers geothermal development.
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no damage was reported. motherhood is full of on at a xals and joys, right? there's no doubt moms of children with cancer face another level of challenges and every mother's day the american cancer society and great american theme park team up to give moms and families a day off from cancer. more than 600 families were invited across northern and central california, the santa clara men's basketball team was among the celebrity athletes on hand to take photos with young fans as well. >> it's absolutely phenomenal to see the kids, survival rate for kids with cancer has gone so high. that about 85% of them really get through it. >> this is a 23rd year of great america has hosted courageous kids day. brides to be were able to get a deal on a dress and help cancer patients at the same time today. the nationwide tour of gowns came through san francisco, this
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weekend. nearly 1,000 wedding gowns donated were available and all of the proceeds go to cancer education and outreach. >> he has been at it since the 1960s and this we'll a palo alto woman was recognized in washington, d.c. for her tireless environmental work. marla teyes has her inspiring story. >> there's nothing more beautiful than a march in evening at sunset. >> reporter: florns's love affair with the wetlands began 2450 yea 50 years ago. >> you know it has value and should not be destroyed. >> reporter: that's what happened in the '60s. developers began building where wildlife thrives and that sent larevere into action. >> i read this little note, if you're worried about san francisco bay and what's happening to the marshes come to my office tomorrow at 10:00.
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>> reporter: with the help of done edwards, this very determined and passionate woman helped establish the first urban national wildlife refuge in 1972. >> it may sound corny, but it was democrat in action. >> reporter: today as known as the don edwards san francisco bay national wildlife refuge, the refuge covers the southern part of the bay and spans 40,000 acres. here in fremont, a section of it is named after florence. >> these days her efforts are enjoyed by so many. this man has been visiting the land for 45 years. >> now i know where the name came from. that's great. >> reporter: now she's adding to hur wall of recognition, she is the recipient of this year's national wetlands award from washington, d.c. at 88 years wise, she says the acknowledgement is never expected. >> you work on things you care about just because they are
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important to you. >> reporter: in palo alto, nbc bay area news. all right, let's go outside and talk about the weather. what's going on? >> we're seeing a big cool down that get started on the coast and marched to our inland valleys. drop in temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees, which means we only topped out in the mid to upper 70s inland. right now the only place you'll find 70s around sunnyvale. the other thing getting your attention is the gusty winds we're seeing now, blasting into our east bay valleys and in towards the delta. winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour. pretty gusty into fairfield, eventually it will pull in low clouds which could set us up for drizzle tomorrow morning, if not just that, a little bit of light rain possible as the cloud cover rises up the coastal range and drops light rain on the north bay coast and around the peninsula early tomorrow. later on monday, we'll get clearing rapidly changing
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temperatures this week and then yes, all of this wrapping up this time next sunday with hope flip a clear view of a solar eclipse. right now we're seeing clearing on the coast, temporary clearing we think because the low clouds should return later tonight as this area of low pressure tracks inland towards our north tomorrow. areas north of sonoma, watch out for cloud build ups. for the bay area it's a cool push of open air to keep temperatures down one more day. into tonight and tomorrow morning, notice the future cast picking up drizzle and light rain through 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. should start to see clearing as northwest winds pick up late tomorrow. it's going to clear out the skies and tuesday the northwest winds warm up for the middle of the week. we'll wait for the low clouds to come back in, which at least for the start of the day may bring misty conditions tomorrow.
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70s outside towards places like pleasant ton and then towards santa cruz, does look like we'll continue to see misty skies and drizzle for the morning but the temperatures rebound tuesday into wednesday. we see the temperatures climbing up into the 80s inland and cooling down thursday and friday. the next saturday and sunday temperatures climbing high pressure building which is good news because it will be very close to this time next sunday when we have that partial viewing of the annual solar eclipse. 6:32 in the evening, 80% coverage of the sun. it will be interesting, the skies will turn darker around this time before lighting up again before the official sunset just after 8:00. interesting viewing, which we'll do here safely for you with the cameras. you cannot stare at a solar eclipse. >> good advice. does age matter when it comes to running a fortune 500
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company. facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg is trying to prove age is only a number. can he survivelic ub pany? we'lowl ow you surprising facts. y
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tomorrow is mark zuckerberg's 28th birthday and it falls during the week when his company is scheduled to go public. he will be half of the age of the regular ceo on the s&p 500 but many argue he's just as
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experienced. most leaders last an average of seven years and zuckerberg has led facebook for eight. although many of the early years the company was quite small. wall street observers say his maverick style might have to undergo a shift though now that facebook is going public. he'll have to answer to shareholders as well as more hedge funds and pension funds. a big week for facebook. for a look at what's coming up with sports, we want to check in with dave benz. >> we all could have started a company like facebook by 28. it was a memorable mother's day in the desert. all comip or what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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a powerful connection. with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte stay in touch with your loved ones on skype. plus, enjoy verizon's 4g lte network in more places. the droid razr you want, one powerful connection on america's largest 4g lte network. that's real value. give mom the droid razr by motorola. only 99.99. the lowest price ever. verizon. hola, mama. it's my mom. i'm dave benz, happy mother's day everybody. the one day of the year when it doesn't seem unusual to see big
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league baseball players singing pink bats and swing them well the giants did on this day in arizona. finale of the series and charlie culberson making his debut and dad getting choked up. melky cabrera, got an 11-game hit streak. here's blanco using the pink bat and broken bat, sanchez and crawford makes it a 4-1 game. standard issue two-one home run. third of the season makes it 6-3. then three batters later, charlie culberson capturing the moment. he gets his first career big league hit. no doubt his parents and wife will never forget that moment. here he is afterwards on his big day. >> first day up, pure adrenalin.
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it was a blast to have my family come from back home in georgia and my wife too. unbelievable experience. >> we watched your father and he teared up when you were announced as a big leaguer. what does it mean to him? >> he played five years and got drafted by the giants as well. he's always been my coach. for him he always told me keep working hard and one day it will happen. when the day came, they were going to be here and sure enough on the first flight from atlanta and i know he's very proud. >> braden made history at the coliseum two years ago, will there be more history? justin verlander tried to shut the a's out and it didn't work. seth smith solo home run timed the game off at 1 off the reigning mvp. avila robbed by eric sew guard at second base.
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later, grant belfour in for relief and walks off in jackson. tigers take a 2-1 lead. it stays 2-1 into the ninth when miguel cabrera comes up with the insurance run. tigers win 3-1. verlander wins again. here's the a's following the loss. >> one of the better pitchers in the game. going out and giving our best. down a few guys today but that's what our team is about, picking each other up. >> he's a great pitcher and something we have to chip away. i think we did a good job of working hard and keeping good at-bats, i think that was good to set us up and move forward. >> i think we have confidence and all 25 guys on our team. that's why they are here. they are banged up and come here and produce. he pitched a great game. we have to tip our hats to him. >> serve-game road trip
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tomorrow. how about the clippers, western conference quarter finals, l.a. i up one then kenyan martin the put-back to open the fourth, gives the clips a little breathing room. up by eight, trying to bring the grizzlies back with a six-point game. moments later o.j. mayo the steal and he misses the easy one. clippers win 82-72 and win the playoff series four games to three. the third playoff win in the last 41 years. down in miami, lebron got his mvp trophy before game one and tyler with the dunk and pacers led by six. in the fourth quarter the heat put it away. lebron in transition, he had 16 of his 32 in the forth quarter and then under a minute to go, heat up by seven. lebron, the dagger to put it
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away. miami wins 945-86 to take a one game to nun series lead. that will do it from the sports desk, let's get you back down to diane. >> thank you, dave. good night.


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