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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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shareholder meeting going to have company this morning. protesters and an assemblyman. i'll tell you what they want coming up in a live report. and a cool and mostly cloudy start to the workweek. temperatures headed toward the 70s today. your full forecast is just moments away. and as we look at this accident and the slowing for 580 through the wind farms, i've also got my eyes on an accident through the peninsula. and from our camera high atop san bruno mountain, how about a look at san francisco. yeah, looks like some clouds and some fog out there. we'll fill you in on exactly how much sunshine's coming in today on this monday, may 14th, "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 6:00 right now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley, and new this morning, a san francisco woman safe and sound after two san francisco police officers helped her fend off an attacker overnight. two officers say they heard a
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woman screaming at mission and fremont streets and spotted her wrestling with a man trying to steal her purse. >> suspect confronted the woman and then actually ripped her -- the purse off of her and threw her to the ground. so it was kind of a somewhat more violent robbery that they interrupted. >> the officers say the suspect pulled a gun as they approached. and one of the officers fired a shot, but nobody was hit. the suspect then dropped his weapon and was taken into custody. also new this morning, a foot pursuit leads to an officer-involved shooting in napa. police say they caught up to a suspect in the backyard of a home on parish road about 11:00 last night. officers fired once hitting the man. that officer is now on paid administrative leave. the suspect being treated at the hospital. 6:01. yahoo employees will meet today to talk about what happens now that the company fired ceo scott thompson. we have team coverage, marla
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tellez is where people are weighing in on the changes and scott mcgrew looking at the turmoil of yahoo. >> they tell me they will have a company-wide meeting this afternoon. another one, this time to hear from yet new leadership. and there are lots of new changes. you have new interim ceo ross levinson, new board members including daniel loeb, the guy who has been such a thorn in yahoo's side, the guy that figured out that scott thompson had been dishonest about his resume. and previously an independent board member has been promoted to chairman of the board to replace roy bostock. most were all dealing with a different board. so lots of changes this morning one day after scott thompson steps away from the company. this is another stunner for what has to be the world's most patient workforce yahoo employees. marla tellez is out there now. she's been getting people's reaction to the changes.
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good morning. >> reporter: scott, good morning. yahoo currently has about 12,000 employees. some of those employees already making their way to work early on this monday morning. now, this is not the first time, as you mentioned, they've dealt with a shake-up. you may recall as scott pointed out, former ceo carol bartz was removed from her position in september. scott thompson took over in january. so in eight months they've had two ceos. it's hard to say how employees feel about this latest shift. but we've been out polling the public, and so far, everyone we've talked to says they are glad thompson stepped down. >> it's kind of sad, but, you know, maybe this will make people actually strive to earn their positions, maybe we'll get better turnouts. >> i think a lot of people up top are crooks and liars and should step down. >> reporter: well, no doubt yahoo employees, they have their own opinions about this latest shake-up as they head into work on this monday morning for what
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likely will not be business as usual. live in sunnyvale, "today in the bay." 6:03, resignations coming this week at one of the biggest banks on wall street. jpmorgan chase's chief investment officer is expected to step down. two people who worked under her also expected to resign. the company reported last week it lost $2 billion in risky investments. jpmorgan's credit was downgraded and the company lost $15 billion in value on the stock market after the loss was announced. we expect a packed house today at pg & e's meeting in san francisco. protesters there will be demanding changes at the utility. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in san francisco live with a message that will be out there sending. >> reporter: they will be holding a shareholder meeting. at the same time, demonstrators say they're going to be gathering out front. one group saying they're trying
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to deliver thousands of signatures of people who are against pg & e's smart meter opt out fees and say a list of people pledging not to pay them at all. calling this take back your power rally. as the new ceo shares a mid-year update on business with pg & e. and this comes at the same time this morning that assemblyman jerry hill plans to unveil utility executive accountability legislation. that would require executives to return bonuses if the utility is fined for violations that happened under their watch. it comes, he says, after the former ceo in the wake of that san bruno explosion, left with a multimillion dollar package, both the protests and the press conference at the start at 9:00 this morning. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." well, some of the victims of the pg & e san bruno pipeline gathering later on today for a symbolic welcome home ceremony. the blast of september 2010
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killing eight people, destroyed 38 homes, and so far only two families have been able to move back into the crestmore neighborhood. today's gathering will celebrate the progress toward rebuilding and it will all start at 6:30 on claremont drive between glenn view and fairmont drive. looks like jean quan will not face a deadline. petitions needed to gather about 20,000 signatures, but, they say, they came up short. the effort was sparked by the city's crime rate. and the mayor's handling of the occupy oakland encampments. an occupy camp in berkeley, meantime, isn't budging. the protesters have been camped out on a 10-acre plot of land owned by u.c. berkeley. campus researchers are set to start planting crops for agricultural research this week. they'll "do what needs to be done to use the land." protesters have been camped out
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there since earth day three weeks ago. 6:06 right now. let's check in with christina loren who is following weather outside and she's going to tell us what it's feeling like right now. >> feels kind of cool out there. good morning, jon, good morning to you at home. a live look over san jose. mostly cloudy conditions here. and as we head throughout the day today, it will be full-on sunny. but as you can see, we are cloudy all the way from the coast through your inland cities this morning. full deck of clouds making for cooler conditions. temperatures right on track with the seasonal averages. becoming sunny throughout the day and then tomorrow and tuesday -- tuesday and wednesday, much warmer conditions. temperatures jumping by about ten degrees from today's highs. so make sure you're ready for that. it all works out like this, the breakdown for today, hour-by-hour forecast, 62 degrees inland, 60 by the bay and 60 degrees at the coast. might need that jacket all day long. if you're waking up with us bay side or at the coast. your full forecast in moments.
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we're also tracking those pollen levels. a lot of people still writing in suffering from allergies. i'll let you know when you're going to get a break. relief in the future. let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll let you know when you need to use your breaks. 580 westbound. still watching the activity. earlier accident still reportedly on scene there. but out of lanes and distraction coming out of the altamont pass and through the wind farms. smoother drive through the middle of livermore, but slowing approaching airway, as well. your typical build for an 18-minute drive through the area. moving a little slower, as well. now, as we follow stuff on the peninsula, we also have this accident northbound 101 at embarcadero road. now, this sounds like it is cleared to the shoulder with just some activities as a remainder with paperwork. but also in the area with san antonio, a in accident reported in the second lane and that's causing more congestion through the area. now, if you have an option for 101 or 280, i'd suggest 280 because that has clear as it typically is, but another
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accident, farm hill still on the shoulder there, as well. we'll follow the rest of your commute including the south bay coming up. but you've got south bay stuff coming up right now. >> thank you very much. we keep it on the roads. a new report finds the new express lanes around the 880 interchange in milpedis performing better than expected. found over 9,000 solo drivers paid to use the toll lanesment back in march, the vta converted a 4-mile stretch of car pool lane into express lanes and depending on traffic and the time of day it costs solo drivers between 30 cents and $6. there's new evidence that the state needs to speed up the high-speed rail project. the state will have to spend $3.5 million a day every day to meet deadlines for federal funding for just the central valley stretch. the first $6 billion spent would have to be invested in the project before 2017 making it
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the fastest rate of transportation construction in u.s. history. the experts say it's pretty quick pace considering the state still needs to acquire permits, land, and assemble a giant workforce. >> that story far from over. 6:10 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," a magazine cover claiming president obama is the first gay president. what some are calling an extremely controversial cover. and live from san francisco where we're just hours away from the start of the second stage of the amgen tour of california. live report coming up. and we'll continue our cover of the yahoo ceo. the old one and new one coming up in business news. and taking a beautiful live look outside. candle stick point this morning, sun breaking up over the bay area this morning. >> beautiful. >> yeah, little cloud cover there. painted picture. gorgeous. and for the latest news, traffic, weather, and all sorts of good things and some spirited conversation, come over and find
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and this is a live look outside over the south bay this morning. look at that cloud cover waking up. cooler temperatures this week might be inviting for some. 6:13. well, this morning, drivers sharing the roads with some of the most talented and most prestigious cyclists on the entire planet. phase 2 of the amgen tour of california set to close down major roadways. bob redell live in san francisco this morning where that race is about to jump off in a few hours. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, jon. one of the most scenic starts of the eight stages of the amgen tour of california. it'll be starting here in san francisco. they're putting up the starting line right now as we speak. the start time's at 11:05.
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you can take a look at the map, what the route was going to be like today. they'll be heading south from san francisco along the coastline, highway 1 going through pacifica. eventually getting through san mateo county. going on highway 9 for two monstrous climbs before a fast descent back into santa cruz. chuck hodges, you're the technical director, correct? >> that's correct. >> from a spectator point of view, what kind of advice do you have for people today if you want to see the race? >> it's a wealth of riches. come down the start. highway 1's beautiful. then at the finish, we have the two climbs you discussed. also at the finish line, we have an expo, big screen tv showing live coverage. a lot of places to go watch. >> talk about those climbs, how hard is this stage for the bicyclists today? >> it's interesting baa uz the first part's not too tough, but then the two climbs kick in toward the end. not going to be the hardest stage, but things could change in the overall standing. >> reporter: stage one was yesterday. peter sagan had an interesting
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finish. he had a flat tire, got the spare and then what happened? >> caught back up. that's why you have good teammates. he had them pull him back up and teamwork paid off, he won the stage. >> thank you very much, chuck. so stage two today about 117 miles south to santa cruz, stage three tomorrow, still in the bay area, san jose to livermore will be traveling before ending in livermore. it's an eight-stage tour finishing up sunday in los angeles. when it's all said and done, these bicyclists will have ridden 750 miles. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." a high-profile member of the cycling world is set to rejoin the amgen circuit and rumored trouble with the feds. armstrong's former teammate. a spokesperson for the team not confirming reports that he was subpoenaed upon arriving at sfo for the start of that race.
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he was armstrong's manager during his record-setting tour de france wins. no rj chcharges have been filed. giants back home tonight, taking on the rockies starting at 7:15. and yesterday, brett pil helping the g-men get their second win in a row. a two-run shot in the fifth inning put them up 6-3 over the diamondbacks, the giants never looked back. they win that one 7-3. no skates necessary at a hockey scrimmage today. joe thornton will hit the pavement at the elementary school in east san jose to battle students in a game of street hockey. the school just resurfaced the street hockey court with help from the sharks' foundation. the puck drops there at 1:30 this afternoon. it's a busy day in store for president obama visiting new york city. the president delivering a keynote address at bernard college. he'll also receive a medal from
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that school and later on today president obama attending a lesbian and gay campaign event hosted by singer ricky martin. now the appearance comes days after the president went on record in favor of same-sex marriages. "newsweek" magazine could be stirring up controversy by declaring barack obama the first gay president. here's a look at the may 21st issue. the cover story written by andrew sullivan, an openly gay political blogger. in a blog post from earlier last week, sullivan wrote the president's support brought him to tears. "the new yorker" showing the white house with rainbow-colored columns. the artist behind the cover says it's a celebratory moment and tries to capture that. it is 6:17 right now, we check back in with meteorologist christina loren to tell us about a monday and a look ahead. we've got a good-looking week shaping up. one of the cooler days of the whole week. temperatures only maxing out in the low 70s, even in the warmest
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cities across the bay. this is the reason why. high atop san bruno mountain. a full deck of clouds. and not just by the water. mostly cloudy conditions all the way from your inland cities to the coastal cities. 54 degrees in livermore, 55 degrees in sunnyvale. heading toward the 70s as i said before that's inland. at the coast, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and the low 60s in the coolest coastal cities. something that is still relentless. those high pollen levels and we'll be dealing with high levels for the next 48 hours, but the good news is, we're going to see these levels creep down toward the second half of the week and especially thursday and friday. major relief from that high pollen. that's the good news. mild conditions for today inland, we're talking about the low 70s by the bay, mid-60s at the coast, the low 60s today. you'll need that jacket if you're waking up with us or headed toward san francisco today. not as warm as we head throughout the day today.
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high pressure finally heads off to the east, but it's going to build right back in as we head through tomorrow and wednesday. so we're talking about the 80s back on the map. 72 degrees in san jose. more like 82 degrees for tomorrow. about a 10-degree jump in your highs monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday, things start to shift yet again. we're going to hold on to the 80s as we head through thursday then temperatures start to drop off. but we have some amazing live shots this morning. you're going to get a beautiful sunrise. we'll show you those throughout the morning hours. that's coming up. first, let's get you out the front door. little late -- >> an amazing look at the south bay. we're looking at the smooth drive, but we have some slowing now for 101 right around the 680 interchange to be expected. unexpected, heading out of the south bay along the peninsula, 101, your second of two accidents that happened this morning right in the same area. this one right at san antonio road. jammed out of mountain view into palo alto approaching san antonio. by the time you get to oregon expressway, you're cleared.
6:20 am
if you can take up past the scene and over to 101 and then go north, you'll be clear of that slowing. but know that it is there. this could be an issue as you travel this morning. no metering lights, but the lights in the next few minutes, though, slowing at the fast track lanes. back to you. >> thank you very much. as we've been talking about scott thompson fired over false claims about his college degree. and as we continue our coverage, scott mcgrew joins us now. you got a chance to dig into this. you've talked extensively with yahoo insiders, what have you told us about this. >> we know what the last straw was. we were talking about a head-hunting firm. scott thompson said the erroneous claims he graduated with a computer science degree came from a low-level staffer at that company. years ago, back before he was an executive at paypal. and he said all the claims he had a computer science degree
6:21 am
from there on came from that error, an error he says he never noticed, except the company was able to show the yahoo board a resume that thompson had given them years ago and on it was his own claims that he had a computer science degree. now, the other news this morning, the "wall street journal" says mr. thompson has told the yahoo board he has cancer. it is thyroid cancer, that's all we know. i have several calls into oncologists but our own research says thyroid cancer is wide ranging, types that are very, very curable and types that are not. we will certainly continue to follow that story, as well. now, an executive summary, everything you need to know on one screen. scott thompson, out at yahoo, ross levinsohn, daniel loeb on the yahoo board along with two of his allies, chairman bostock, four others leaving, one name we're not hearing is former nbc executive jeff zucker, he's not been invited to the board though
6:22 am
loeb had talked in the past about wanting him. and now from zucker we go to zuckerberg and far happier news. it's his birthday. we still expect the facebook ipo on friday so he's probably not paying a whole lot of attention to his own birthday. i would suggest if you get him something, get him a sweatshirt. he kind of likes, i've heard, the kind with the -- >> i understand those hoodies have the facebook mantra on them. >> special stitching. he showed them off on the jay leno show at one point. yeah, that's a tough buy for a guy who can literally buy everything. >> how about a cashmere hoodie? >> fancy. one painted with a tie on it. >> i want to be at his party when he has one. 6:22 right now. coming up, the fda looking at big changes for prescription drugs. how they could affect you next in a live report. live look right there, the sun is up now, the traffic flowing smoothly on the golden gate bridge. we'll let you know if those clouds are going to go away with
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a little more sunshine. kind of crisp. 6:22. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this.
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looking back, everybody, on this monday morning, look at this shot. that is candle stick point there with the sun shining through the clouds out there. they're not going to stop that sunshine coming through. looks like a nice day ahead with the cold start. christina loren will tell us exactly what it'll be like in a
6:26 am
matter of minutes. the fda is considering a change that could impact the way you find your medicine at the pharmacy. tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c. to explain the difference. good morning. >> laura, good morning. a big impact in california. $21 million worth of prescriptions written every year. now the fda wants to create a category between prescription and over the counter medications, they call them safe use. and this is really just something they're considering at this point. but safe use would mean medicines that are not addictive or toxic for conditions you can self-diagnose that don't necessarily need a doctor to follow up to make sure they're not having a detrimental impact. in other words, something that the pharmacist can okay you cotacto take. supporters say it's a good idea, they think, because it could lower drug prices for everyone and it could free up a lot of time for doctors to spend with sicker patients. and it could encourage people who may otherwise go untreated for things like high blood
6:27 am
pressure, cholesterol, to go get medications if they know they don't have to go through the hassle and the expense of going to see a doctor first. doctors, as you might imagine, very opposed to this. the american medical association, family physicians, all say that these medications should only be dispensed by a licensed doctor. and they also point out that if pharmacies and maybe in some cases various pharmacies are giving people different medications, then the doctor has no record of that, that's not a good thing. at this point, they're just discussing it. no word yet on when the fda might make a decision. >> very interesting. especially who's going to regulate. it's 6:27. still to come on "today in the bay," governor robrown showing f his revised budget plan. plus, we will go to sunnyvale, the talk here, what people are saying about yahoo's ceo scott thompson's firing this morning. a lye reomrtpoing c.
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breaking news at 6:29 right now. we are understanding that police are actually raiding the occupy farm that we've been covering all morning long. >> yeah, the police out there have been trying to negotiate to get the occupiers off the land to u.c. berkeley. they've been occupying that trying to plant their own crops. still negotiation going on, but we're being told right now at this hour, police moving into raid that and get them off of the land. >> we have reporters headed to the scene right now as well as our chopper being launched this morning to give you a look at the raid going on. we'll continue to follow that. literally coming into our newsroom right now. 6:30 right now. and new this morning, a woman is safe after police helped fend off an attacker overnight. two officers heard a woman screaming near fremont street and saw her trying to break free from a man about 11:00 last night. police fired a shot, but no one was hit. the suspect dropped the gun and
6:31 am
was taken into custody. also new this morning, a foot pursuit leads an officer involved in a shooting in napa. police say they caught up to a suspect on parish road about 11:00 last night. officers fired once hitting that man. the officer is now on paid administrative leave. the suspect is being treated at the hospital. yahoo employees meeting today to talk about what happens now. marla tellez live in sunnyvale where people are weighing in over the changes. and scott mcgrew in the newsroom with a look at the turmoil right now at yahoo. >> good morning, jon. it's been ten days since the first questions came up about scott thompson's resume. questions raised by i think what we can safely call his arch enemy daniel loeb. they fired thompson, put loeb on the board along with two of his allies. and another bombshell, thompson says he has thyroid cancer
6:32 am
according to the "wall street journal." thompson becomes the ceo with the shortest time at yahoo, roughly four months. jerry yang lasted 18 months, his second time around. now checking yahoo share price up about 1.5% this morning. we've only been trading for about two minutes. all of this is just another stunner for the yahoo employees who have been so patient through so many different ceos. marla tellez joins us now from sunnyvale. she's been talking to some of the people out there getting reaction. good morning. >> reporter: scott, good morning. well, from the outside, it looks like business as usual for yahoo headquarters. some of the company's 12,000 employees already making their way to work on this early monday morning. but it is safe to say uncertainty lingers throughout the yahoo campuses. scott thompson was entrusted to turn around the web giant hired as ceo in january as scott mentioned four months later. he is on his way out after this resume debacle. it came to light that he has one
6:33 am
of the two degrees that are listed on his resume. folks we talked to in the community this morning are not surprised that thompson stepped down. >> back in the days when the ceo made 20 times the average working man's salary, but now he's making 400 or more times the average man's salary, that's unreal. and to pad your resume to get that position is unconscionable. so, yeah, he should step down. >> all the way up the line, even politicians these days. you know. it's kind of sad, but you know, maybe this will make people actually strive to earn their positions, maybe we'll get better turnouts. >> reporter: the big question this morning is how will this all turn out for yahoo? now here's some food for thought. if a new ceo takes over before september, it will mark the third yahoo ceo in less than a year. live in sunnyvale, "today in the
6:34 am
bay." pg & e executives could face more accountability under a new bill. jerry hill whose district includes san bruno would limit executive bonuses if the utility is fined for regulatory violations. money from rate payers would also be protected from paying those bonuses. pg & e paid the previous ceo tens of millions of dollars in bonuses following the san bruno tragedy. jerry brown unveiling details of a revised state budget. this coming after the announcement this weekend saying the budget deficit has ballooned to $16 billion. it relies on a quarter cent tax hike on the november ballot. he wants to increase the tax hike on people who make $200,000 or more. saying raising taxes is the only way to avoid cuts to public schools and public safety. there is a war on words on a
6:35 am
new ad campaign to raise tax on cigarettes by a dollar. the yes on 29 campaign says tobacco companies are being deceptive by running ads saying it won't go toward cancer treatment. it's true it would go toward research and not treatment, but the tobacco companies are not mentioning that. >> so many other things that are not being funded like health care services in the state of california and education, and we believe that money should, if we are going to raise it in a tax increase be spent on those things. >> tobacco companies want to defeat proposition 29 so they can continue to edict and kill californians to protect their profits. >> prop 29 would raise more than $800 million for cancer research. if passed, this would be the first cigarette tax increase since 2000. well, this morning, a 71-year-old san jose woman now just hours away from losing her
6:36 am
home for good. a 71-year-old chery prizant will have to turn the keys over to her san jose home this morning at 10:00. living there for nearly 40 years, but she says she cannot afford to make her ballooned $5,000 monthly mortgage payment. she admits she defaulted on that loan and lost her case in court. she was supposed to be out yesterday on mother's day, but the bank gave her a one-day reprieve. she's now planning to move into a one-bedroom apartment. 6:36 right now. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. see how we're doing right now. >> yeah, you know what? new week, new forecast. good morning to you. can't do much better than this at 6:36 on a monday morning. taking a live look overlooking candle stick point. just a beautiful sunrise. and i wanted to point out a couple of things here. obviously we've got that full deck of clouds overhead, but the sun is working hard to breakthrough that full deck and i think by about noon today, we're talking about mostly sunny conditions all the way from your coastal cities to the inland cities.
6:37 am
57 to start you out in oakland, and 57 degrees in san francisco headed towards the 70s. and the warmest cities across the bay, but we will see those mostly cloudy conditions and a little bit of fog probably until about 10:00 a.m. by noon today, becoming mostly sunny and a big-time warm-up on the way tomorrow into wednesday. 63 degrees at noon inland, 72 at 4:00 p.m. touch cooler at the bay prompting a jacket just about all day long. seven-day ready to go. let's check your drive with mike. >> they're going to have to go slowly for 580 through the tri-valley. your build continues to grow and now 21 minutes over -- out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. bottom of your screen, though, out of pleasanton, slowing for 680. a live look showed you slowing. yeah, a little bit of slowing to the westbound direction around the golf course. watch that to build as folks head to the south bay. also slowing north of 680 for
6:38 am
101 and 87 throughout the south bay and monitor another accident just reported san antonio road. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:37. coming up on "today in the bay," the amgen tour of california riders biking the length of the bay area today. we'll have a live report coming up. well, nbc the home for the olympic games, but if you think about going over to london for the games, we'll tell you how you can still find some travel deals coming up next.
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we are following breaking news right now. police raiding the occupy encampment on a garden plot in albany. occupy the farm has been going on there since earth day when protesters decided to set up camp on a plot of land owned by u.c. berkeley. we'll of course continue to follow this and bring you the latest updates. two months to go until the olympic games in london. and if you think it's too late to affordably soak up some of the action. think again, the olympic torch on the way to london for the games. and travel experts say maybe you should head that way, as well. >> there are tickets, there are hotels, and you can even get into the games. >> there are still bargains to flights to london plus transportation to and from olympic venues is free provided you have a ticket to that game. even if you can't or don't want to get into games, they're setting up big screens for free viewing. nbc bay area is your home for complete olympics coverage.
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visit our website, for in-depth articles or in-depth stories. we're going to see all the games, all the venues from the comfort of your own home right here on nbc bay area. >> i'm pumped up. >> oh, it is exciting. >> all the commercials and the music. it is 6:42 right now. coming back, we'll catch you up on the top stories in 15 minutes of uninterrupted news. including the amgen tour of california snaking down the peninsula today. where it could impact traffic next in a live report. and a live look there at san jose. yes, you can see the clouds are out there. sun trying to peek through. christina loren tells us there's a big deck of clouds out there. should get warmer as the day progresses. ♪ jimmy bond i'm done. my skin's so raw. try new gold bond friction defense stick. it soothes skin and reduces friction. think bond. gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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welcome back, everybody. on a monday morning. look at that there. the golden gate bridge. a little bit foggy out there. not completely focused. our cameras are still high-def, but the cloud coverage seeping into our shot. we'll let you know what it's going to be like the rest of the day. rolling our way, the amgen tour of california coming into its second day bringing a roaring road closures along the route you need to know about. bob redell with some of the world's top cyclists are going to take off in a few hours. bob? >> reporter: yes, the golden gate bridge which you just mentioned right here in the background. what a beautiful start. stage two, the amgen tour of california taking off in just over four hours from marina green here in san francisco where you can see it's an early start for the organizers of the race getting to start line finish. stage two will be heading south from here along the coastline through pacifica on highway 1,
6:46 am
san mateo county and then cutting over in santa cruz county for two huge climbs over bonny dune and big bear on highway 9 before finally finishing at cabrio college in santa cruz. that's 117-mile stage right there expected to take around four hours. many 500-foot climbs and a couple 2,000-foot climbs. what an exciting finish to yesterday's stage-one start in santa rosa. peter sagan winning the race almost not winning, having a flat tire within three to four miles of the finish line. was able to get the spare on and within about 100 meters took out the challengers, again, finishing stage one. levi of santa rosa, he's in 46th place right now after stage one rnkin rankings. tomorrow going from san jose to livermore. after that be heading south for the final destination on sunday of los angeles. when it's all said and done, they will have ridden 750 miles.
6:47 am
again, if you want to see the race, come here to the start, you can see the finish at the college in santa cruz or try your luck along highway 1 and highway 9 along the stage route. reporting live here at marina green, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much. it's 6:47 right now. matt lauer has a look at this morning's top stories. good morning, coming up on a monday on "today," fallout over that $2 billion loss at jpmorgan chase, three top executives slated to lose their jobs as the company's ceo admits he was dead wrong about the situation. we'll talk about all that with cnbc's jim cramer. also ahead, mandatory evacuations ordered in parts of arizona overnight as crews race to control five separate wildfires there. we'll have the latest from the scene. plus, a young georgia woman's difficult fight against the flesh-eating bacteria already cost her one leg and it was contracted in of all things a zip lining accident. we'll talk to her parents when they join us for a live
6:48 am
interview. and this video made ted williams on overnight star last year. what is the man with the golden voice up to now? he'll join us in our studio. we've got that and much more ahead as we get started on a monday morning right here on "today." a tornado put on quite a show in new mexico. take a look at this in central new mexico on sunday afternoon. the storm caught all on camera, didn't injure anyone surprisingly or cause any damage. national weather service says it wasn't too strong, but it may have been an ef-1. looks strong enough to me. stay away. we have breaking news we've been talking about the police taking over the camp there in the garden plot in albany. occupy protesters have been there taking over that land since earth day when protesters set up that camp on a plot of land owned by u.c. berkeley. you can see the police lined up in formation. last week they were preventing any occupiers from going in.
6:49 am
they were letting people out, but now they have invaded that camp, going to start breaking it up. all seems calm at this point, be they are strategically lining up around that camp. and we'll have that live chopper shot throughout the day and keep you posted on what's happening. but once again, police raiding the occupy encampment in albany owned by u.c. berkeley. the two sides have been negotiating trying to move them out peacefully. that's not police, that's somebody sliding something along there. the encampment people gathering up their belongings. >> researchers wanted to start planting crops, that's probably why we're seeing activity there. keeping our eyes on the sky, christina loren. >> yeah, and looks like they have some roads blocked off. we've got you covered. temperatures are running cool this morning. you can see from this live picture, we're starting to see those clouds break apart just a touch. 6:49 now. and we just showed you that live picture of the golden gate
6:50 am
bridge still looking mostly clear at this point. but over the course of the next couple of hours, i think you will get completely socked in with fog over the local bridge. i think probably the bay bridge will see about half of that -- the amount of fog we're expecting over the golden gate this morning. what's happening is onshore flow is in effect, but that marine layer is not going to penetrate past. however, with the sea breeze, that coolant coming off the pacific, the temperatures are going to be much cooler than where we ended up yesterday. you might need that jacket just about all day long if you're waking up with us in any of our coastal cities. 56 degrees for now in sunnyvale, nice and mild to start. and i wanted to show you this. what we do have in terms of cloud cover overhead right now. it is expected to break apart by noon today and what is left of the marine layer will push back out to sea. by noon, mostly sunny conditions, starting to get a really comfortable day. high pressure kept us warm over the course of the weekend, retreated off to the east. as a result, we'll see the low 70s inland, mid-60s at the bay.
6:51 am
and tuesday and wednesday, we'll warm back up. temperatures over the course of the next 48 hours will tumble. low 70s today, from the 80s yesterday and jumping back into the 80s tomorrow. warmer on wednesday, 81 degrees in san jose. basically one of those roller coaster weeks. the good news is, staying close to our seasonal averages every single day after today. 73 degrees in livermore. tomorrow, heating up to the 80s. 81 degrees by wednesday. cool back off, bring in the clouds for thursday. but this weekend, another gorgeous beach weekend, 88 degrees inland on sunday which means 79 degrees in san francisco. let's check your drive at 6:51. mike is busy on a monday. definitely, and a big note. if you drive along the peninsula, take note, this is an unusual slowdown. northbound jammed up into palo alto into sunnyvale and mountain view. your third of three accidents over the last hour in this area between san antonio and
6:52 am
embarcadero. if you get on the freeway north of the oregon expressway, you're okay, but the third accident, still, that cleared to the shoulder. second accident still causing problems and slowing from 237 up through the area. off of the freeway, central up to the expressway, doing better there. pretty standard flow, your usual suspects for 101, spots around capitol expressway, north of 680, around the airport, highway 87 and the approach, those are your slow spots for the south bay. approaching the bay bridge. now 24 moves smoothly through lafayette, but the 50s approaching the caldecott tunnel. about 25 minutes for the east shore freeway, coming down through berkeley and the toll plaza, the metering lights are on there. the activity for that occupy segment on albany, shouldn't affect the east shore freeway, but we'll continue to track that, of course, and a live look at oakland the volume of traffic, not so bad, guys. back to you. >> speaking of that occupy encampment, breaking news, we have our chopper overhead at the
6:53 am
encampment as police are starting to go in to take out those occupiers. the protesters actually camped out on that 10-acre plot of land owned by u.c. berkeley for some time now. researchers are all set to go in. they want to start planting their crops they use that land for agriculture research this week. but the protesters have not been wanting to budge. police are making sure that happens today. we have no word on arrests right now, but you can see from the live chopper shots that they are all ready to go in to the encampment this morning. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story this morning. also new this morning, a san francisco woman's safe thanks to a pair of san francisco police officers in the right place at the right time. police say two investigators were heading back from an assignment just before 11:00 when they heard a woman screaming on mission near fremont street. that's when they turned the corner, then they saw the woman break free from a man trying to steal her purse. >> in front of the woman and
6:54 am
then actually ripped the purse off of her and threw her to the ground. so it was kind of somewhat of a more violent robbery that they interrupted. >> now, officers say an investigator did fire one shot when the suspect appeared to pull out a gun. nobody was hit and officers were able to arrest that suspect. some of the victims of the pg & e san bruno pipeline will gather today for a symbolic welcome home ceremony. the blast in september of 2010 killed eight people destroying 38 homes. so far, only two families have moved back to that crestmore neighborhood. today's gathering will celebrate the progress towards rebuilding. it'll start at 6:30 tonight on claremont drive between glenn view and fairmont drive. it is the premiere wine-growing region in the states, and many flocking there annually. but as the investigative unit discovers, the area is dealing with a high number of drivers getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.
6:55 am
a preview of what the investigation uncovered. >> i think a lot of that is our aggressiveness in dealing with drunk drivers. >> reporter: on a recent saturday afternoon, we rode along with sergeant paul from the napa police department. within 20 minutes of starting the interview, a call for a possible dui off of highway 29. one of the main roads in and out of napa. >> that's pretty early, it's what? >> 4:11. >> dui? >> half the time it is a little bit earlier. >> reporter: according to the department of motor vehicle's most recent dui report, sonoma county had the second highest rate of drunk driving arrests in the bay area in 2010. napa county ranked number one. both are above the average rate of dui arrests in the bay area and the states. >> are you surprised there are so many duis given in napa and
6:56 am
sonoma? >> you know, not really. but we are very proud of the fact that we are very careful about what we do. >> the wineries want to blame it on the locals and the locals want to blame it on the wineries. >> still, megan believes the problem of drinking and driving is infused in the culture here. she's with the local alcohol prevention group called c.l.e.a.r., found around a third of those busted had a drink at a licensed business such as a bar or winery. >> all of us are at risk if somebody else is on the road drinking and driving. well, even though the rates of dui arrests are high in wine country, more people were killed or injured in drunk driving incidents in other bay area counties. tonight at 11:00, the full investigation including who's getting the duis, tourists or locals. yahoo is ushering out another ceo while entering into an uncertain future. we have team coverage of the shake-up at yahoo. scott mcgrew in our newsroom with a look at the dramatic
6:57 am
changes looming in the yahoo board room. but we begin with marla tellez live at company headquarters in sunnyvale. >> good morning, scott thompson's resume is now going to show he only worked at yahoo for just over four months. he was appointed ceo back in january. he was hired to turn around the struggling web giant while he quickly became part of the struggle. after his recent resume debacle. thompson will step down immediately after it came to light his resume was padded with two degrees, one in accounting, and one in computer science. turns out he only has an accounting degree. in our informal public opinion poll today we found people are fed up with corruption at the top. >> i think a lot of people up top are crooks and liars and should step down. >> i don't know if it was him or if it was somebody else that padded it, but he needed to step down. i mean, in the first place in my
6:58 am
opinion ceos are paid way, way, way too much in this society. >> reporter: now, in thompson's place, the board has appointed ross levinsohn ceo. and until now he was the global media head. beyond this ceo shake-up, there's also a board of directors shake-up. our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew is where he picks up the story from here. scott, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you're absolutely right. that's the big deal. dani daniel loeb, the investor has won. yeah, you have a new if possibly temporary ceo in ross levinsohn, but this is all about loeb. he was the one pushing for changes at yahoo even before scott thompson got into trouble. he gets three board seats vacated by board members who had previously announced they were leaving, but now they're leaving immediately. and fred amaroso who was previously an independent board member is now replacing roy
6:59 am
bostock. the new interim ceo's interesting, this new board is way more interesting. most yahoo ceos in the past bartz and thompson, dealing with that old board. yahoo shapes up ever so slightly this morning and the market's getting crushed on european worries. >> thank you very much. 6:59. one last check with meteorologist christina loren. >> 70s inland today, by the bay, upper 60s, and at the coast, low 60s. the giants are back in town tonight taking on the rockies at at&t park, 7:15, catch that game on comcast sports net bay area, 52 degrees as they throw out the first pitch. let's check your drive with mike. folks northbound 101 getting into pali out of sunnyvale have the accidents clearing after three earlier ones and here's your south bay slowing. back to you. and we continue to follow breaking news this morning where an occupy encampment is b


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