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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we're facing an epidemic, there's no question. >> investigators call her a kingpin. dealing description pills illegally. a wake-up call for los gatos. >> nbc bay area george kiriyama is outside the doctor's office on how it all came to an end. >> santa clara prosecutors are treating this case the same they would as a cocaine or meth case.
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this is the fastest growing drug problem in california. a doctor is in jail. someone they say is part of the problem. behind this store, a pill mill operated. they tell us the doctor prescribed prescription drugs to addicts. >> they were getting pain medication for reasons that were not medically necessary. >> reporter: they uncovered the drug dealing when the doctor allegedly prescribed large amounts of prescription drugs like xanax, to undercover officers without conducting exams. or looking at medical records. >> most of the doctors that get into trouble, are coming from an honest place of trying to help someone. and believe me, everything they're today. >> reporter: the allegations are an example of a greater drug addiction problem in california. >> we're facing an epidemic.
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there's no question. i was talking to my wife who is a psychiatric nurse at kaiser. and we're seeing, just the two of us, 12 new patients a week. that's far more than the alcoholics we see. >> reporter: the one-year investigation revealed a number of patients were reselling the prescription drugs on the street. >> people don't recognize it because it's something prescribed by a doctor. there's a huge case of overdose. and it's tearing families apart. >> reporter: officers arrested the doctor at her office last week. prosecutors are also looking at whether other doctors are doing the same thing. >> they're selling to people that are still addicted, still going to see other doctors and have medications that she prescribed. >> we asked the doctor if she would talk to us at the correctional facility. but she declined our request.
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we're now just days away from what will be the biggest ipo ever. but come americans are expressing doubt about facebook's future. about 1,000 adults think that the asking price is too high. the company is now expected to fetch $34 to $38 a share when it goes public on friday. making it worth more than disney, ford and kraft foods. quite the birthday gift for mark zuckerberg who turned 28 today. we're going to cover the facebook ipo from every angle. and another silicon valley heavyweight, the drama continues at yahoo! their interim ceo, ross
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levinson, who is based in san moni monica, is leading the san jose-based company. scott thompson was forced out after the controversy of his inaccurate resume. it's revealed today that thompson is battling thyroid cancer. some pg&e executives got millions after the san bruno disaster. lawmakers are demanding change. it's been nearly two years since the pg&e pipeline explosion devastated the neighborhood. three families have completely rebuilt. but construction is still under way on dozens of other homes. this evening, the community celebrated the progress that they have made. >> it's our desire to make these people whole again any way we can. for some, it's not going to happen opinion and others have
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taken it and done it. >> today, they proposed legislation to change the way pg&e executives are paid bonuses. hill says the goal is to hold them more accountable. the san bruno disaster resulted in $50 million in fines against the utility. we hear about the billions of dollars we owe. we hear about the looming cuts. but where exactly is this money coming from? who will it impact? tonight, we have some answers. california is in debt. so, governor brown introduced more painful cuts. the plan, to reduce help for mothers getting off welfare. and cuts to the schools and the court system. nbc bay area cheryl hurt joins us from el cerrito tonight. these cuts run deep. >> reporter: they do, raj. a lot of people had been waiting, holding their breath
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for the governor's revised budget. but now that it's here, the future looks grim for a lot of people, including state workers. this state worker didn't want to reveal our identity. but didn't mind telling us how proposed cuts would affect her personally. she has two children. one she adopted four years ago. >> there's a chance if they keep cutting our paying my adopted child will have to go back because i can't afford her. >> reporter: she says she can't believe that governor brown is looking at state workers to balance a huge budget gap. in january, brown estimated the budget short fall to be $9 billion. now, the deficit is nearly $16 billion. the governor calls it a day of reckoning. >> the short-term pain is real. i think the greater good is to balance the revenue with the
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spending. >> reporter: among the proposals, brown wants state employees to work four days, huge cuts to medicare. and he's pushing a november initiative for temporary tax increases. >> the message in the governer's budget, if we don't improve the tax increases in november, the cuts will get a lot worse. schools could be forced to close up to 15 days per year. >> that's something this state worker doesn't want to hear. a worker struggling to keep her family together. >> i was trying to do my part for society. and keep a child off the streets. and out of the system. but if you cut my pay, then, what can i do? >> reporter: the governor is also proposing to raise income levees on the wealthy. >> governor brown's plea is being held across the bay area.
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the educators association demonstrati demonstrationed before that meeting. the sticking point, health care costs at a time, when brown as you laerd, is calling for more spending cuts. >> at this point in time, we have faced with yet another reduction in revenues from the state of california. but remain committed to negotiating with our teachers' bargaining unit, to come to agreement. >> we're asking for fair compensation for benefits. benefits have decreased in 40% in the past two years ago. >> teachers claim the state has enough reserves to give them a raise. the zodiac killer finally
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unmasked. he is so confident in his belief, he has authored a book. he claims the zodiac is a 91-year-old man. he claims he identified him decades ago but was stalled by so-called power brokers. murders, thieves, hoodlums, all arrested during a massive crime fighting sweep in the east bay. 32 people wanted for serious crimes in police custody tonight, after 18 officers rounded up several guns. there's more work to be done. >> we attempted 123 services. and we found 32. so, if you do the math, it's 90-something that are still left. >> no one was injured during the three-day sweep. chief jordan said the department won't be able to take part in
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future sweeps. saying it and the city can no longer afford to participate. it is unsafe and expensive. the cost for using your cell phone while driving will be going up. a new fine, it's up from $20 to $30. but the actual costs could climb to $200, for first-time offen r offendeoffende offenders once court feels are collected. late for a soccer game. that's the excuse a father gave p petaluma police when he was pulled over for speeding. really speeding. he didn't make the game. dad got arrested for reckless driving and child endangerment. up next, allergy season's unexpected side effect. the unusual warning linked to medication. and a surprise many people come to wine country to take in
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a little vino. but end up tempting fate instead. how safe are you driving through wine country? an investigative unit report. you're like -- important game. >> they sure did. they wore it in the game. signed, stained and selling like crazy. a one of a kind giants memorabilia. how fans are getting their hands or a littlend black bit of green. we're still tracking a few showers to the north. let you know what that means for us. sun coming in to the south bay by noon tomorrow. and temperatures in the 60s. we'll have the latest on our ck first tropical stoth orme as.on
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allergy sufferers, and there are many of us nowadays, depend on them for relief. but allergy medication may be causing another problem. they may increase your risk of developing a serious eye infection. jeannette lee in san jose, says 15% to 20% of the patients he has right now has the medications. allergy medications dry out your eyes. so, people in contact lenses are especially vulnerable. >> if you take an antihistamine, the contact lens sticks on the eye. and that can cause a dry patch now that your eye is primed and ready for an infection. >> to prevent infection, a boy
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wearing contacts use artificial tears to stay hydrated. it is the premier wine growing region of the u.s. but the area is dealing with a high number of drives getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. >> we poured through three years of dui violations. how safe are you driving in wine country? >> not what i expected. >> reporter: bob jones' mother, beverly, was 77 years old, when she was killed by a drunk driver. >> she came up just over the legal limits. she had been the designated driver. >> reporter: after wine tasting in geyserville, lindsay slammed
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into beverly's car. her friend also died in the accident. six months later, beverly's great grandson, cody, was hit by a drunk driver in sonoma county. according to the department of motor vehicle, most recent dui report, sonoma county had the second-highest drunk driving arrests in the bay area in 2010. napa county ranged number one. >> i think a lot of it is our aggressiveness. and the aggressiveness in dealing with drunk drivers. >> reporter: on a recent saturday afternoon, we drove along with this sergeant from the napa police department. within 20 minutes, a call for a possible dui offer of highway 29. it's pretty early. >> it's 4:11.
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>> for dui. >> they happen all the time. >> reporter: when we arrived, officers were questioning this man. his friend told us, they visited five wineries that day. >> preliminary results i s indid he was a 0.14 blood alcohol level. >> what made you sit down with us? >> there's a concern on the part of all wineries. >> reporter: this is one of dozens of local wineries where staff voluntarily complete the safe and responsible beverage program training. >> recognize those who had too much to drink. >> reporter: do you think it's affective? >> yes. >> reporter: those getting duis were not tourists visiting the winery. in the last three years, 82% of
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those arrested for drunk driving in the city of napa, were locals. in sonoma county, 80% were from the area. >> still, the problem of drinking and driving is infused in the culture here. she is with the local alcohol prevention group. it found around one-third of those busted for duis, had their last drink at a licensed business, such as a bar or winery. >> all of us are at risk if somebody is on the road drinking and driving. >> reporter: even though the rates of dui arrests are high in wine company, more people were killed or injured in drunk driving accidents in other bay area counties, like in santa clara or alameda. dui defense lawyer, paul berglund, gets about two dui cases a week, from sonoma or
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napa. it's not that more are drinking and driving there. local law enforcement are just tougher on drunk drivers. >> you punish them more harshly without doing more to discourage drinking and driving, to me is a bit of hypocrisy. >> 90% of first-time offenders will spend time behind bars. many other bay area counties serve stiff sentences. all in the high 90s. >> they have a choice to be responsible. and to not overindulge. to have the designated driver. to get a cab. to get a limo. >> died the death of 1,000 screams. >> reporter: bob jones, the son of a woman kill bade drunk driver says, unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. >> it's so final when somebody dies. you don't get them back. >> reporter: to help prevent
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drinking behind the wheel, they want the beverage training mandatory. the cost for drunk driving is $2,000. part of that money goes to alcohol abuse prevention programs. >> if you have a tip for the investigative unit, call 88-996-tips. >> let's turn things over to jeff as we head into tuesday and our midweek. >> tracking a few showers to the north. a lot has dissipated. we didn't expect that today but we did get close to north bay counties. and we'll head in with dry roads for us. with the marine layer at the coastline, those numbers were dropping accordingly. 56 in san mateo. and down in silicon valley. we'll take you out to our live, brand-new sky camera network. it's quiet on the roads right there.
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the shark tank built in 1993. holds about 20,000 people. let's bring you to the golden gate bridge. its 75th anniversary. a lot of cars will be part of the celebration in the coming weeks. tomorrow morning, what we'll find is the fog up against the immediate coastline. throughout tuesday, here's the good news. we have warming coming our way with plenty of 70s. throughout this week, it will probably drive you a little nuts. numbers going up and down and back up again. high pressure just offscore. if this was on top of us, we'd have 90s and 80s. it will stay out in the pacific. it will gradually moderate conditions here. we think the flow will be the strongest on tuesday, with the foggy breeze against the coastline. by wednesday, it starts to lose a little bit of its grip. that's when we'll have some 80s coming back. this has done wonders for the air quality. good to close to moderate category with the sea breeze up
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against the coastline. 47 in santa rosa. that best chance of fog across the coast. for the interior sections, in livermore, down to san jose, we'll find cloud cover. but it won't be too bad for us. we have our first tropical storm of the season. that pacific season occurring tomorrow. this happening a day before that. it's not a very strong storm. winds at 40 miles per hour. this is a storm for the fish out here. not expected to impact the u.s. mainland. for tuesday numbers, 76 in san jose. 77 in milpitas. san francisco will be cool. headed there, you need the layers. close to 80 in santa rosa. three-day forecast, gets warmer into wednesday. we talked about the up-and-down pattern. wednesday, it gets cooler. and back up to 80s by saturday and sunday. and we have 60s thought most of this week.
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no major beach weather. head inland if you want the heat. it will be good out there. >> the bike race is tomorrow. >> i know. >> that's going to be better than last year. we had the rain and the cold weather. >> thank you, jeff. up next, abaa in ntmomeh n back in a moment with a first for the giants. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77.
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this is a good one. sweaty, sticky and dirty. but it's perfect. giants fans are snatching it up. game-used gear now on sale at the ballpark. buster's broken bat or kenny's dirty jersey. >> reporter: orange and black is a game-night requirement for giants fans. now, the faithful have a new way to stand out. original gear. this gear was used by the players. there are dirty game balls and tarred, broken bats. scuffed up bases and worn jerseys. some are signed. some are just stained. >> it has a feel to it. you're like, they wore it in the
11:25 pm
game. >> reporter: diana, wants to cuddle a well-worn jersey. >> i put it on the wall. i'll do something cool with it. >> reporter: like any good second-hand score, merchandise is always changing. giants staff delivered game oaf used goods. >> you see a spot on tv, on hd-tv these days. and it matches up to this helmet, you know he was using that in the game. >> reporter: bobby likes to link his souvenir to specific games. >> why do you want a shirt with sweat marks? >> i don't know. i got lots in the laundry at home. i mean, it's part of history. >> reporter: a special day means a special sale. >> this friday, we it's orange friday and they're wearing the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary. we'll sell all of the jerseys they wear that gay.
11:26 pm
>> it's a hit with all dangers. adrian is eyeing a used bat. >> game-used items are more expensive than new items. some of the proceeds will be totedo charity on designated nights. we'll be back in a moment with sports. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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both the a's and giants are building momentum, with just four days remaining until they renew the bay bridge series. take you down to at&t park. giants beginning a seven-day home stand against the rockies. colorado led it 1-0 in the sixth, when gregor blanco comes up with the solo home run. the third of his career. it would stay tied at 1-1, until the bottom of the eighth. back up the box. blanco comes up to score. giants go ahead 2-1.
11:29 pm
they win it 3-2. blanco gets a pie in the face. >> the giants' game monday night played out in typical torture fashion. low-scoring combined with ninth inning drama. it was an eighth inning youth movement that showed speed and a budding confidence that proved to be the deciding factor for the giants victory over the colorado rockies. >> i think buster getting that hit was huge. and i think we check on the other one. and yeah. that's what we got to keep doing. we're getting better at it. and we keep hitting with runners in scoring position, and our pitching, we're going to do great. >> we need them to play the way they can play for us to win. and we've done that. i would have looked at taking an advantage of opportunity. you can. these guys are here. and we need them. >> reporter: asked if the increased playing time has given him relief on the field, bronco
11:30 pm
replied, nope. it gives me more time to have more fun. >> thank you, amy. as for the a's, they began a road trip in anaheim. while josh reddick has them on the board early, the solo home run makes it 1-0 early. and the a's win 5-0. and, guys, believe it or not, the a's are tied for the best record in all of major baseball .his month. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. get ready livermore. the cyclists are coming. stage three of the amgen ride tomorrow from san jose to
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livermore. riders race 117 miles from near the golden gate bridge. tomorrow, they're going to go, again, back to the east bay for a lot of fun. >> san jose, livermore, across parts of mt. diablo. and ending in livermore for the big party. >> and wine country. >> thanks for joining us. ♪
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