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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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jose, but through the east bay, it's just fine. but we still have those bright lights and brake lights coming up. taking a live look outside. look at that over san francisco this morning. a beautiful way to start our tuesday, may 15th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us, 5:00 right now, i'm laura garc garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. a suspicious death in the east bay. right now castro valley police still on scene where a body was found almost 12 hours ago. christie smith live in that area on what's being treated as a homicide investigation. >> reporter: yeah, investigators have somewhat of a mystery on their hands this morning. what we know is a dead body was found in the home of the 4300 block of omega valley in castro valley.
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they've got multiple lines of crime scenes tape out here this morning across the street and in front of several homes. one deputy i spoke with this morning says that at 6:00 yesterday evening, they started this investigation that led them here. they discovered a dead body, they won't say, though, if it is male or female or the exact circumstances or if there was a call of shots fired or some other disturbance. now, this would be the first homicide of the year for castro valley. i'm told the coroner has not been here yet, although, again, they started hours ago. i do have calls into a sheriff spokesperson for details. as soon as i hear from him, i'll let you know what he had to say. reporting live in castro valley, christie smith, "today in the bay." this morning, dozens of suspected criminals now off the streets after a massive sweep in oakland. police say 32 people are now behind bars after teams of officers raided multiple locations in a three-day sting. all 32 suspects are wanted for
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serious crimes including murder and theft. several weapons were also recovered. a south bay doctor facing charges this morning accused of running what investigators call a pill mill in los gatos. allegedly prescribed large amounts of prescription drugs without performing any medical examinations. she was arraigned on monday on at least 12 felony counts. the one-year investigation revealing a number of her patients were reselling those drugs out on the streets. >> there's a huge case of overdose and it's tearing people apart, families apart and it's a problem in california. >> experts point out this type of alleged crime is one of the fastest growing drug problems in the state. 5:02, social services and state employees among the targets this morning, the governor's new revised budget plan. governor brown announcing california is now $16 billion in debt. to deal with the deficit, he's
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proposing reductions in child care for mothers trying to get off welfare as well as inhome support services for the needy and health care for the poor. the governor also says more cuts to school in the court system could be coming. he says another money saver would be a four-day workweek for state employees as well as slicing medicare and he is pushing a november initiative for a temporary tax increase. >> the governor's budget is that if we don't approve the temporary tax increases in november, the cuts will get a lot worse, schools could be forced to close up to 15 days per year. >> back in january, brown estimated the budget shortfall to be $9 billion. it's now ballooned as we mentioned earlier to $16 billion. well, now the latest hottest topic in silicon valley, the social offering just days away from facebook's ipo.
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live with the newest target price for shares going up. >> good morning, laura, yeah, it is official, face book says it is raising its public stock price in a regulatory finaling today, this company says it expects to sell its stock for somewhere between $34 and $38 per share, the previous range was $28 to $35. the increased range is a sign of high demand from investors to own a piece of the world's most popular social network. now word on the street this morning is we have been out and about asking people what we think and people we found seem to be excited about the ipo. >> i don't know, there's too many services like it and people that want to emulate it. and if it becomes a charged service, it would lose a lot of appeal.
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i would put my money on it. >> reporter: the main players still making their rounds to would be investors throughout the country trying to convince them that facebook is worth the buy. the nine-day road trip kicked off last month so just over a week ago. the initial public offering expected to happen this friday could have facebook valued at more than $100 billion. that would make it more valuable than kraft foods, disney, or ford. live in menlo park this morning, "today in the bay." well, it's no secret talking and texting while driving is very unsafe and it could soon be very expensive. the state senate just approving a new fine to increase fines for drivers who don't go hands free. the fine is up from $20 to $30, but the actual cost could climb to nearly $200 once you factor in court fees. the measure bans bicyclists from talking and texting on the cell phones. the bill goes to the state
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assembly for final approve. this morning, an elite cycling competition will roll out of the south bay. bob redell live with the amgen tour will kick off stage three in just hours. good morning. >> yeah, good morning to you, laura. and running a bike race like this requires you roll out of bed early. here you can see organizers at the start of stage 3 getting the starting lineup because in about five or six hours that's when the riders and fans will be out here. it'll be starting here at the community center at 11:15 with an expected 3:54 finish in downtown livermore. so if you're going to be driving between the south bay and the east bay today, you want to look at the map we put up. there's going to be a lot of traffic out there with the bicyclists. and it'll start with 1,000-foot climb for riders. heading north for a final finish in livermore. riders will have to travel over
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115 climbs. >> stage three's interesting, mt. diablo, we've never raced over it before. it's in the middle of the stage, not in the finish, so it could really make a difference or maybe not. so it'll be very interesting day to see. >> peter sagan of czech took stage two yesterday. this was the stage that ran from san francisco to santa cruz. he even crashed about 4 1/2 miles from the finish line, a wreck that did cost him 20 seconds, but with the help of his team, he still managed to pull back and take that stage. now, the race ends sunday in los angeles, that'll be after eight stages of total and 750 miles of riding. of course, stage three today is the last stage in the bay area. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it is amazing the distances they go. >> true road warriors out there.
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tour de california. it is 5:07 right now. i just made that up, didn't i? >> we're going to let it go. another jonnism, put it in the books. it's going to be a lot nicer here. stage five, did you see that? bakersfield. 52 in sunnyvale, 53 in san jose. so we're nice and mild to start, great morning for a bike ride. it's still dark out there, we do have low clouds developing at the coast. you want to keep that in mind this morning as you leave the front door. we have a warmer day shaping up for you. i mean really comfortable conditions inland. going to be dreary for the first part of the day right by the water. but i think by mid-morning, the sun will breakthrough those clouds. up and down trend stays this week. i'll take you through the roller coaster on your seven-day forecast. first, let's check your drive. >> so far, no the so much. only bob redell out in san jose. 680, this will be one of the areas where they're also traveling.
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we talked about mt. diablo, but now we'll talk about the road. should have that cleared. 680 also shows construction out of danville and down toward alcosta. we talked about that. the amgen tour will circle mt. diablo. these are all county roads that the bike course will be on. there'll be rolling closures, but san jose through livermore and in toward walnut creek, potential for delays, if that is part of your daily commute, check that out. 680, 580 should be fine. we're looking at a smooth drive for 880, as well. we'll get out to the live shots. 880 no problems, 101 a smooth drive in towards interstate 80. no delays into or out of san francisco, guys. back to you. >> appreciate it. and this is a wild one. how about this, a lightning strike turns out to be very lucky for two homeless brothers. alfred and george januaski were
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struck by lightning last month. and since their story aired, donors have contributed about $10,000 to the brothers. the older brother alfred is still looking for work as an accountant. his younger brother george is developmentally disabled. and this morning, they get to move into an east oakland home and act as temporary care takers. look at that. >> amazing. 5:10 right now. giants' merchandise is going, going, gone. why fans are paying top dollar for broken bats and the works. plus, fall from power. criminal charges that could send a powerful new executive behind bars for life. taking a live look outside. all quiet here in san jose. what about the golden gate bridge this morning? there you go. traffic light there, as well. we'll keep checking that morning commute. >> that's the kind of power you have. >> how about facebook. for the latest news, traffic,
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welcome back, everybody, tuesday morning, and there you have it, a live shot of san francisco. all kinds of colors happening. in our newsroom, we had this shot described as awesome and fantabulos. 5:13. a former news executive and her husband will face charges linked to widespread phone-hacking scandal in britain. rebecca brooks will be prosecuted on obstruction of justice charges. her husband is accused of hiding evidence regarding that hacking.
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journalists routinely hacked into the phones of celebrities, politicians, and crime victims. well, yahoo made official, scott thompson was fired from his job as ceo. and it appears he will not be getting a parachute on the way out either. >> fired for cause, jon, no. yahoo filed the paperwork that looked inside the firing of scott thompson. he does leave with about $7 million, but that's what we call make good. money he was guaranteed in order to leave paypal to take the yahoo job. money he would've left behind in the form of unvested stock options, and that's a normal payout. meanwhile, shares of yahoo gained about 2% on monday, the first day wall street could react to the news of yet another ceo fired. side note at a company-wide meeting. the chairman of yahoo's board gave strong indication he'd like to see ross levinsohn take the job permanently.
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france showed no growth in the previous quarter. francois hollande sworn in a short time ago. and what's the very first thing he's going to do? he's going to go see the german chancellor. we can be honest, germany runs europe. the one exception is greece because it appears nobody runs greece. and jackie is live at cnbc headquarters to continue the thought. good morning. >> hey, good morning, scott. well, the futures this morning, they are higher after the sharp selloff on monday. the selloff was picking up speed in the final hour of trading after investors continue to fret over europe's debt crisis, which you mentioned and greece still unable to form a new government. that was part of the problem yesterday. financial stocks pacing the declines, as well. european and asian markets, though, they are higher today and this morning in the u.s., we are going to get data on retail sales, consumer prices and housing and home depot reported earnings a bit ago. the dow falling 125 points to 12,695 yesterday.
5:16 am
the nasdaq losing 31 to 2902. jamie dimon is going to face jpmorgan shareholders today as the bank holds its annual meeting in tampa, florida. reports saying jpmorgan's board is backing dimon and the way he quickly apologized for the $2 billion trading loss and sought to fix the mistakes. the chief investment officer resigned on monday and president obama says the loss illustrates the need for wall street reform. he said the same type of error at a less stable bank may have prompted the government to step in. and finally, amazon firing the next shot in the ebook market planning to launch a new version of the kindle in july that comes with a front-lit display similar to the nook glow. amazon is also expected today dt a tablet with a bigger display closer to the size of apple's ipad. that could be very interesting. back over to you. >> thank you. we also got word the spacex
5:17 am
has set a date for their launch to the international space station. we'll talk about it in a bit. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:16 right now. we check in to see what's happening out here and beyond. >> we're actually looking pretty good. you want to grab a sweater this morning if you're waking up with us, right by the water. bay side at the coast or even in the north bay where temperatures are running cool. i'm saying bay side and at the coast because it's going to take a while for your temperatures to jump to the 60s. mid-morning, we'll see the sun breakthrough the clouds. still dealing with a full deck, that marine layer, may gray, we'll deal with that for the first part of the day. temperatures are running mild even along the peninsula this morning. we're in the low 50s headed toward the 70s and 80s for today as high pressure's fully in control of our weather pattern. it's going to move in throughout this afternoon and for us, that's going to make for a warmer day. temperatures running about 5 to 10 degrees warmer on average than where we ended up yesterday. here's your hour-by-hour break down. 65 degrees bay side at noon. and at the coast, 60 degrees as
5:18 am
you break for lunch there. warming you up to 80 degrees inland, 75 at 4:00 p.m., and 68 degrees as you make your way home from work, and our highs at 80 at 4:00 p.m. your full seven-day forecast. 81 degrees, 83 degrees jumping back up to the mid-80s tomorrow and then temperatures tumble thursday into friday. we'll see those 70s return just for a couple of days, though, and don't forget, you can catch those san francisco giants there on a winning streak right here on nbc bay area friday, 7:15. saturday, sunday, we warm you back up, we'll tell you which beaches are going to be the best already thinking about that weekend. let's check your drive first with mike. >> we'll take a look out over here. tri-valley, smooth flow, 62 at the air way sensor, 15-minute drive, but we do have a little slowing through livermore, just as chp did get a report of a truck dropping a pallet or maybe a couple of pallets, the big platform things on to the roadway.
5:19 am
we'll let you know if they have to block any lanes. it sounds like the slow lane. and folks are starting to slow because of that volume of traffic. we track 580 for any updates on that. heading eastbound with construction, middle lane blocked for another few minutes, westbound your commute direction shows a little bit of slowing, as well, that's because of the build coming off of the bridge. but no major issues. watch that shift happen over the maze. this is a nice drive for the 24 through the caldecott and the bay bridge, and a smooth drive down the east shore freeway, as well. we take you to the south bay maps and look at the earlier construction 280 and 17 should be clearing up, we'll take a look at that in a second. but note, amgen tour of california starts at various community centers. the road closed east of morrell. these are all county roads it affects. watch your local commutes and a live look showing you that the crews have just about cleared. we have one set of flashing lights here, southbound 280
5:20 am
approaching 17, they should be gone soon and obviously no lanes blocked. back to you. >> going to a wedding soon? maybe this summer, you buy something old, something new, something used at at&t park. i don't know how much of a wedding present this is. broken bats, scuffed up bases, and even jerseys. some are signed, some are just stained. new from the clubhouse store is really a big hit with fans. >> it has like a a sportsy feel to it, you're like they wore it in the game. >> like on hdtv these days and it matches up to this helmet you know was used in that specific game. >> pretty cool. many of these items more expensive than the new ones. the giants will be donating some of the proceeds to charity designated games. you can get a plate. >> yeah, like a glorified garage sale. nothing like getting gear with
5:21 am
chewing tobacco stains on it. 5:20 right now. tapping into your social scene. the new technology that could scan your face the moment you walk into your favorite bar. yeah, plus, lucky ducks, the last-ditch effort to save the family of ducks from a storm drain just ahead. and a live look outside, that is the embarcadero. you know what we need here is just a bat signal up in the sky. keep it up. it's gorgeous. take a look outside. crisp and cool. might want a jacket out the door. it's 5:21.
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nchtsz. welcome back.
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taking you further north. bay bridge toll plaza approach. definitely metering lights not on just yet. not a lot of company. that's a good thing for the morning commute. 5:23. you ever get that feeling you're being watched. well, some bay area bars and restaurants, that will be taking place thanks to a brand new app. the app is called scene tap. it'll launch on friday. here's how it works. hidden sensors will record the age range and the male to female ratio at venues and then broadcast the information out to scene taps so users can check it out and decide if they want to see that scene. the technology uses facial detection, not recognition, don't confuse the two. among the bars taking part, the fluid ultra lounge and the south paw barbecue. >> facial detection. what if you're a really haggard-looking 35-year-old. >> what are you saying? i'm haggard? >> no, it'll show, you know,
5:25 am
maybe the -- a little older. >> how can you figure out with a sensor how old somebody is? >> i think you need to go in anyway, right? check out the scene. >> scene tap. let's tap into some weather. christina loren is over there with the full scene. >> it's on the inside that matters on the inside. i want an app for that. good morning to you. things are looking pretty good this morning. mostly cloudy start over the bay bridge. we've got a gorgeous-looking day shaping up. the sun will breakthrough those clouds by about noon today. your temperatures are starting out in the 50s. it will not be that difficult once the sun does make an appearance to bring the temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 70 degrees at noon inland. 60 degrees at the coast. by 4:00 p.m., 80 degrees, about a ten-degree jump. your seven day is moments away. let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll check the crossing, san mateo as well as 101 and 280, up and down the peninsula without delay. a note, though, since we're
5:26 am
here, the dumbarton bridge, closes memorial day weekend. we're going to be reminding you more and more frequently as that date approaches. a live look outside, what things are like in the south bay. and those crews have completely cleared. no more flashing lights. 880 all at that interchange looking just fine. easy flow to valley fair or santana road. you have to wait until they open. back to you. 5:26 right now. nearly a dozen ducklings fell down a drain in oregon and the rescue answers with a call of his own. >> pardon me? the passer by, yeah, he used a duck call. i guess he happened to have in his pocket. >> smart. don't leave home without it. >> yeah, he saw the duck in distress, he helped fish the ducklings out in the debt, putting them in a safety crate. >> are they trying to interview the ducklings? >> yeah, they plan to release
5:27 am
the ducklings to higher ground away from the grates. but you never know when you need a duck call. >> why is it always funny when you hear a duck call? 5:27 right now. still ahead, your dentist will like it, but will you? the plan to raise taxes on your next soda coming up. plus, san francisco's suspended sheriff makes his case in court. the shocking video he doesn't want you to see. and a live look outside, that is the golden gate bridge as traffic is zooming and flowing very smoothly out there. we'll check it out th me weathend the weather with christina coming up at 5:27.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. developing news out of castro valley this morning where homicide investigators have blocked off the street. they're looking into a dead body found in a home. i'm christie smith. details coming up. and if you're planning to buy into facebook, it is going to cost you just a little bit more. good morning, i'm marla tellez.
5:30 am
we'll look at the latest public stock price coming up. and as you're getting yourself and the little ones ready for the day, dress in layers, headed toward the 70s and 80s. your full forecast is moments away. looking at northbound 880, a smooth flow out of the south bay, but a new incident reported up through oakland. that update and what's going oncoming up. how's your tuesday morning starting? how about a live look at san jose? that's right, it's the time of day when the subcomko sun comes everything turns a shade of blue on this tuesday, may 15th, "today in the bay." it is 5:30 in the morning right now, good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelley, welcome to the show. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, the mystery investigation continuing in the east bay right now castro valley police investigating the discovery of a body. "today in the bay's" christie
5:31 am
smith live at the scene where an entire street blocked off for nearly 12 hours. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in the last ten minutes or so, i've seen one investigator walking around with a face mask on going in and out of one home here trying to piece together exactly what happened. the sheriff deputies have several units out here of crime scene tape blocking off part of the street. this is the 4,300 block of omega avenue in castro valley. i spoke with one deputy briefly this morning. he says this investigation started a long time ago. 6:06 p.m. yesterday. a dead body found in a home, they're investigating this as a homicide. they have their mobile command unit out here at least eight other sheriff units out here, as well. and here we are 12 hours later, nearly, and they're still here. and they say they're not done yet. not saying if this was a call of shots fired or a disturbance
5:32 am
near the home, but a large police presence and being really thorough here. we're hoping for an update on information. i do have calls into a spokesperson for the sheriff's department. and as soon as i get information from him, i'll bring it to you. reporting live in castro valley, christie smith, "today in the bay." another setback to a bay area school traumatized by a mass shooting. the nursing program at oakland's oikos university has been placed on probation. state regulators downgrading the approval of the nursing program just a little more than a month after a gunman killed six students and a staff member at the school. regulators noticed deficiencies including chronically low pass rates on licensing exams by oikos graduates. the school could lose its state license unless it does improve over the next two years. 5:32 this morning, a suspended sheriff's job hangs in the balance as a san francisco judge prepares to make a crucial decision in court today. the attorneys will argue whether a video of ross mirkarimi's wife
5:33 am
can be used in the official misconduct case against him. the video shows a bruise on ileana lopez' arm. he pled guilty to false imprisonment to solve a domestic abuse case. alameda county looking to move forward from the saga of a disgraced lawmaker. today is the deadline to apply to fill the seat for former county supervisor nadya lockhear. she recently filed a restaining order against him. lockhear also recovering from drug addiction. she is the wife of bill lockhear. thousands of undocumented workers in california may get state work permits. bill moving through california's legislature would give immigrants who already have jobs state work permits. many of them are farm laborers,
5:34 am
office cleaners, fast food workers. immigration reform has been a nonstarter in congress and the bill would allow california to solve its immigration problem. critics say state lawmakers should not be tinkering with the federal immigration system. no question it is the number one topic in silicon valley this week. let's just call it the social offering. that's right, facebook getting ready to launch that ipo and "today in the bay" marla tellez is live in menlo park with the latest on that ever changing stock price out there. marla, good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. the stock price has nudged just a little bit higher. now with the base price $6 more than what was initially announced. today, facebook saying it expects to sell its stock somewhere between $34 and $38 a share. the previous range was $28 to $35. now, the thought is this bump up is a good sign, really a sign of high demand from investors. ironically, a new cnbc poll
5:35 am
finds americans are expressing doubt about mark zuckerberg's creation. more than 1,000 people polled and almost half of them, 46% say facebook is merely a fad while 43% predict it has long-term staying power. now we couldn't find anyone today who agrees with that 46%. >> i don't think it'll be a fad. i think it'll be around for quite some time. i think it's proven itself. >> most people use it these days to connect either publicly or privately. there's a lot of social movements getting off the ground with it. to call it a fad, i think, is an overstatement. >> well, no matter what you think, it's not stopping this highly anticipated ipo. facebook expected to go public on friday. again, with a higher public stock price. those shares expected to sell for between $34 and $38. live in menlo park, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. and throughout the week, we are teaming up with our colleagues at cnbc to cover the facebook
5:36 am
ipo from each and every angle. we have a rock solid team in place, including our own scott mcgrew and scott budman covering that story inside and out. and exactly how it'll impact the bay area. >> christina loren looking at the temperatures this morning. how's it looking? >> pretty good for today. good morning to you laura and jon and good morning to you at home. taking a live look over the embarcadero. mostly cloudy here and looks like we are going to see a full deck of clouds through the coast to your inland cities. the temperatures are mild to start. 52 in sunnyvale and at 52 degrees to start you out in oakland versus 51 in san francisco. today looks really good for outdoor activities, you're going to have to wait for that sunshine. if you're waking up with us by the water, probably until about 10:00, 11:00 a.m. south bay, east bay, as well, temperatures will skbrump by about ten degrees from yesterday's high. plenty of upper 70s and low 80s. temperatures swing up and down
5:37 am
through the next couple of days. i'll sort that out for you when i get the seven-day forecast. 65 degrees at noon by the bay, 75 degrees as you make your way home from work and if you're traveling from the bay to the inland cities, yeah, quite a bit warmer as you make your way home. we'll let you know how much warmer we're expecting temperatures to be as we head into the upcoming weekend. not too early to start thinking about that. you've got to work for it, though, let's check that drive with mike. >> taking the san mateo bridge to work eastbound. and over toward the hayward side. we'll look over here. again, eastbound 92 heading over toward the hayward side, we're looking at a disabled vehicle of some sort just off of the high-rise. westbound, your commute direction is all right. but look over at the bottom right corner. looking at some slowing now northbound heading toward 92, as well, through fremont and union city. we'll check on that because there are no incidents reported there. further north, though, we do have an issue right around davis. the off ramp there might have a tire blocking one of those lanes.
5:38 am
chp is heading out to check on that report. we don't see any slowing for 880 itself, but if davis is your off ramp, little slowing for that. we're looking at a smooth drive toward the bay bridge. the toll plaza, no metering lights and no slowing for the east shore freeway. and a live look across the bay, over at the golden gate bridge. a stream of lights, but no major issues down across into the city. a smooth drive. you're at the limit. low clouds, though, hovering around, back to you. >> 5:38 right now. a new tax proposal might leave soda lovers with a sour taste. the city of richmond could decide today to put a 1-cent per ounce sales tax on soda on the november ballot. they're hoping businesses will promote and sell healthier products. also hopes to gain several million dollars in revenue. they argue the measure will hurt businesses and low-income families. a san francisco neighborhood wants to trash illegal dumpers. they've been using the base of
5:39 am
bernal heights park as a dumping ground. the park has been targeted at least five times this year. and so far, crews have removed, get this, several tons of construction debris and green waste. a community meeting addressing this issue will be held at the police station. that starts up tonight at 7:00. coming up, wild weather warning sent to you realtime. there's a new alert system for your smartphone. also a banking ceo's first face to face with stockholders since jpmorgan's $2 billion blunder. we'll have a live report just ahead. >> reporter: and the amgen tour of california bike race comes to the south bay. i'm bob redell. we'l sa cose n in ijoren ming up. ♪
5:40 am
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new this morning, the dawn of a new political era in france as the country swears in the new
5:42 am
socialist leader for nearly two decades. francois hollande took the oath of office. he'll have a meeting with angela merkel to discuss the austerity and growth in europe. hollande takes over for nicholas sarkozy, a conservative who voters ousted after just one five-year term in office. well, this morning, no shock, more backlash over jpmorgan chase and the $2 billion blunder. today the ceo will be on the spot as he faces stack holders for the very first time since the company's massive trading blunder. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill with a look at what's likely to be a very, very heated meeting. good morning. >> good morning. jamie dimon in tampa. what happened and how the company lost $2 billion. it's the first time he's faced them since making that announcement. but he says not to worry because
5:43 am
the company is still making a lot of money. >> going to earn a lot of money this quarter. isn't like this company's jeopardized. >> this is about accountability. at some point you just have to be accountable and you don't get to be in a position of public trust. when you're engaging in practices that you yourself describe as sloppy and stupid. >> and -- >> set up the consumer financial protection bureau, she under president obama, she has said that dimon should step down not from jpmorgan chase, but from the new york federal reserve bank where he's a board member. meantime, president obama was on "the view" and he was talking about the situation. he says at least this time taxpayers weren't left holding the bag in terms of having to bail out this bank that lost so much money. >> all right, tracie potts, thank you very much for the updates. 5:43 right now. your smartphone could soon help you avoid deadly weather disasters. wireless carriers and the
5:44 am
federal government launching a system that will all thematically warn people of dangerous weather. a special type of text messaging will be sent to your cell phone. the warnings will be location based if you're traveling,out get an alert for whatever emergencies happening where you are. the service actually begins this month and it's free. well, the bikers descending on the south bay today for stage three of that amgen tour of california and that route, let's just say this year it's going to be a little bit different. bob redell is front and center on the starting line. what is happening? >> good morning, jon. well, sunday was santa rosa, yesterday was sf to santa cruz, today stage three in san jose for 115-mile ride to the tri-valley up to livermore for a finish in livermore. and if you're going to have any business in those areas today, you might want to take a look at this map. granted, it's not going to be during the commute hours, the stage doesn't start until 11:15, but go to that good idea of
5:45 am
where you will not be able to go during this stage. it's going to take approximately four hours. it's going to be a lot of hard work for riders. three monstrous climbs, the first one up caliveras road, and another up mt. diablo. and in the final climb over patterson pass for a finish in downtown livermore. will peter sagan pull it off again? he's from czech slovakia. he even crashed in stage two, it cost him 20 seconds in time. but he still managed to pull back and take that stage. the race does end sunday in los angeles. there'll be a total of 750 miles, eight stages for these riders when they finish over the weekend. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> nice morning for a ride out there too. >> it really is. you want to be careful, though,
5:46 am
if you're going to go for a ride bay side or at the coast because we do have deep fog settling in. it's not going to last long. high pressure is in control of our weather pattern and we actually started with mostly cloudy conditions, even right here in san jose. but the high pressure moving in quickly has cleared the sky here. the same situation in the east bay. and as a result, temperatures are going to soar by about ten degrees from where we ended up yesterday. looks pretty good for today. temperatures starting out nice and mild, concord, 53 degrees there, 52 in sunnyvale, and 51 in san francisco and san mateo. headed toward the 70s by the bay. good news for you, allergy sufferers and the 80s inland today. this is the best news to bring to the table. i've told you just had to wait until the hills turned brown before we would see those grass levels, the high pollen has forced you to sneeze causing that sniffling finally we're drying out so much and the hills are turning brown so we're back in the moderate range. we've eliminated that high pollen count for now.
5:47 am
expecting these levels to creep back up toward the weekend. that means you can go outside and breathe in the air today. you don't have to limit your outdoor activities because of the pollen. that's the great news. now, throughout the next couple of days, high pressure still in control, but we have an area of low pressure coming through overnight. that ushered in a strong onshore flow, so we're starting out with a full deck of clouds right by the water. going to keep your temperatures kind of on the cool side in oakland and san francisco, but hey, still talking about the 80s in los gatos today. and torl, the 70s in san francisco, wednesday, the warmest day in the extended period. temperatures are going to climb back up saturday and sunday. but we'll have to get through a couple more cool days, cool, cloudy weather on the way for thursday and friday. enjoy that sunshine as it makes its way over the next couple of hours. plus, check your drive with mike. >> all right. over the next couple of minutes, we'll see more slowing. we already have, but i'll show you that in a second. southbound 680 an accident here in your commute direction around concord avenue.
5:48 am
it's going to be a distraction. it was originally reported as a disabled vehicle. no injuries reported there, but that's how quickly things can change on the roadways. we're looking at highway 4 quickly changing here below 30, now into the 20s where you see the stretch of red in through antioch, clearing by the time you get to love ridge. bay point and concord until you get to that accident off 680, cut you a little bit of a break right now. we're looking over here to the east bay. castro valley fine for 580, police activity where christie smith continues to follow that investigation, well, that is near the middle school there and so keep that in mind as you're heading over there. marshall street is closed around omega. we're following this and a smooth drive as a slow build starts for the castro valley y. just south of there, the earlier slowing for 880, there was an animal reported on the roadway. that cleared, so did the slowing. still had that stall reported heading over eastbound on highway 2 just off the high-rise
5:49 am
and a quick look at the south bay. the volume just starting to build a tad bit. 17 that way, and no slowing for either stretches of that freeway. back to you. >> thank you very much. soccer star david beckham will be kicking it at the white house this morning. president obama will host a ceremony honoring the los angeles galaxy for winning the 2011 major league soccer championship. and there she is. after all that picture taking is done, teammates, michelle obama, they're going to host a special clinic, called part of her "let's move" campaign. >> i love how all the women's heads snap -- you're going to say good-bye to the world stage. the media summit, telling reporters the london olympics will be his last olympics. the duke head coach has been doubling his coach of team usa since the beijing games since 2008. coach k. says the company has been an honor and a dream come true. >> when i was given the opportunity to coach our olympic
5:50 am
team, i jumped at it. and as good as i thought it was, it's better. it's the ultimate really. >> nothing short of a coaching legend, coach k. led the u.s. team to the gold back in 2008. that was a narrow victory over spain. team usa will arrive in london in late july and once again, the gold medal favorite. 5:50 right now. coming up, blasting off, the latest shuttle to shoot into space. and we will have the latest on spacex, as well, headed to the international space station coming up. hr never in my lifetime
5:51 am
did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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good morning, everybody. welcome back. how you flowing this morning? on 880, looks like it's starting to flow a little slowly. mike will be along to check the flow everywhere in the bay area. check that out in a matter of minutes. new this morning, a soyuz spacecraft blasted off today headed for the international space station. nasa and his colleagues will dock with the space station thursday morning and join three others currently staying oen the orbiting laboratory. since the u.s. space shuttle fleet was retired, the u.s. has relied on russia to fly astronauts to the international space station. scott mcgrew points out caba is a schoolteacher. >> he's a junior high math teacher jon. kids don't always think their teachers are cool. speaking of space, spacex, the company says it'll laumplg the unmanned mission to the
5:54 am
international space station this saturday early morning before 2:00 a.m. our time. this will be the first time in history a private company will try to reach the space station. now, he is putting himself up for auction. you can spend the day with him hanging out at the spacex factory talking rockets. get a ride in his tessla he'll buy you lunch. the money goes to charities he picked out, including relief for haiti. as far as facebook goes, we're now 99% facebook will do what ringing the bell from their own offices. if everything goes on schedule, marla tellez will have more about that new price in just a little bit. and wall street watching bank stocks. tracie potts was talking about this earlier, jpmorgan chase. some of you may be thinking i guess a bunch of bankers made bets they didn't understand.
5:55 am
still can't quite figure out how much they lost and are repeating the same crazy behavior that got them into so much trouble the first time around and that would be a fair assessment. back to you. >> here we go again. >> let's hope not, please. 5:55 right now. let's go again with some weather. christina loren will be here to tell us -- >> got the numbers worked out. >> i do. i've got great-looking numbers for you today. temperatures are going to be in the 70s and 80s. we did have visibility of the bay bridge. moments ago, we have lost that visibility. the marine layer is settling in and it's going to become more of a factor for your morning commute. 52 degrees in livermore right now, 51 degrees, that fog started to settle in. as i stop the clock on your future cast, you can see by 9:00 a.m. having that cloud cover hugging the coast, mostly clear inland at that point and by noon, we'll get the sunshine over the city by the bay. let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll watch for the effects of the clouds, the fog is a transition to fog as it touches
5:56 am
the ground. we're not seeing any major complications because of that just yet. we are seeing the tuesday start for the slowdown circling northbound 101, north of 680. traffic tuesday, seeing a heavier volume slowing in the south bay, we'll continue to monitor this with no issues for 101 or 280 coming down through this portion of your peninsula commute. looking over for a live shot at the north bay, southbound side at the curve, just south of the north san pedro road. over that hill, you can see those low clouds, as well. lower, but not fog. >> thank you very much. 5:56 right now. still ahead, balancing the budget on the backs of students. we're going to tell you where pink slips are looming for teachers just ahead. >> plus, snuffing out smokers. a tough new crackdown in the south bay. we'll have that just ahead. and taking a live look outside over the south bay. pretty nice temperatures on tap. feels like spring once again. 5:56. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
5:57 am
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developing news out of castro valley this morning where homicide investigators are trying to piece together the story behind a dead body found at a home yesterday. i'm christie smith with that story coming up. plus, we're inching closer to facebook's ipo. details on what's changing leading up to the stock sale. and we've got that natural coolant coming off the pacific this morning nonetheless, temperatures headed toward the 70s and 80s. your full forecast moments away. plus, with that amgen tour attacking mt. diablo nearby, i'm watching this accident see how its affects are on your morning commute on 680. there it is, the golden gate bridge. some of that fog drowning the bridge out. we'll tell you how low the clouds are coming up.


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