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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. why didn't anyone they were there. good evening, everyone. >> i'm raj mathai. we begin with a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. our news chopper about san jose's valley medical center, where a construction dig is halted tonight. a startling and odd discovery at
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one of the hospitals. a dozen graves discovered. and george kiriyama has the details and this link to our local history. george? >> reporter: that's right. there's close to 1,500 bodies and pine boxes underneath valley medical center. officials had no idea they were there, until 15 of them were dug up during construction. no more jackhammers, no more backhoes, there's for now. the valley medical center is on hold. >> about 15 pine boxes were asked for when they were asking for a loading dock in the services building. >> reporter: this is part of an old cemetery, that date back to the days when valley med was county hospital. this map we obtained, shows a cemetery on the property. >> there's anywhere up to 1,445
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boxes that would be in the ground there. >> reporter: between 1875 and 1935, the site was a popper's graveyard. >> people who died indigent, were buried at this site. >> reporter: county officials were surprised at the find, and only checked the archives after the graves were found. >> and 1958, there's no indication that the cemetery exists. and we don't know how it was done. but there's nothing in the county archives that indicates that. >> reporter: the county has hired an archaeologist. and has asked the court to remove the bodies. >> to see if there was someone that wanted to dispose of the remains themselves. if it's native-american remains, we let the bureau of indian affairs know. >> reporter: now, the county has asked the court to remove the
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boxes in the area of construction. about 100 remains will be removed. as for the other graves, they will stay. new tonight at 11:00, how to spot undercover agents. it will make a good title required by a federal judge, who agreed to sell a grenade launcher out on bond. the 23-year-old is required to read and write every day. jean elle is live in san francisco with this story for us. >> reporter: this judge seems to be trying a new tactic, mandating the suspect read and write every day. she may be trying to change his future. an undercover atf operation goes bad in march in richmond. agents shot at suspects, trying to sell them a grenade launcher. court documents say one of those
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men, 23-year-old otis maubly, didn't call a weapon on agents. but is facing conspiracy to commit robbery. under the law, he is liable for the group's crimes. >> two people go into to rob some place, and one person is the lookout and the other is the gunman, it's the same for both of them. >> his attorney asked to release the young father on bond. 11 people vouched for the alleged drug user. the judge agreed to release him to his grandmother's custody, on $150,000 bond. on several conditions. judge yvonne gonzales rogers said mobley must read one book a
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day. >> having to read and write reports, the judge is being creative. it could be that the judge sees the potential of this particular defendant and says, you know, if he did a little school work, it might help him get a job. >> reporter: it could be the judge's way of steering mobley away from scenes like this in richmond. the judge did mobley time to appeal the decision. that appeal was filed here. that moves here to the ninth court of appeal. heroin ring dismantled in the bay area. after a 2 1/2-year operation, officers arrested a dozen people today. investigators describe the ring leader as a aund palo alto, ea
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and redwood city. several search warrants were served today. the officers seized guns, drugs and cash. the suspects are gang members and imported the heroin from mexico. a bloody mess. that's how investigators collecting bags of evidence from a castro valley house described the murder scene inside. sheriff's deputies made the gruesome discovery last night, finding a dead body, during a probation search of mega avenue. maybes said the son had a party there sunday night while his mom was out of town. there was a fight outside in the early mornings. city leaders are looking to the skies in hopes of attracting more people to live down down. the plan is to build three high-rise apartment buildings. in an-2 vote, the city council
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approved to build. those incentives include a 50% rate in construction taxes. and tonight's vote eliminates a requirement for an air container system for firefighters in the high-rise buildings. another setback for san francisco sheriff, ross mirkarimi. these are still shots of that video. and in it, you can see there's a bruise on his wife's arm. ed lee wants the sheriff removed from his decision and he wants to use the video to do it. back in mark, mirkarimi plead guilty to a criminal charge where he grabbed peloz's arm hard enough to cause that bruise. tonight, mixed news about
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the facebook shares. the stock is so high, cnbc is reporting that it will sell 85,000 more shares at its ipo. it's raised its proposed price to $38 per share. general motors said it would pull the plug on facebook. it's not getting what it expects. today, statements made by steve jobs, recited by a federal judge, who refused to throw out lawsuits. the judge ruled that jobs told publishers, the customer pays a little more. but that's what you want anyway. apple is accused of con conspiring with publishers. an inhumane act or a delicacy. the food fight, leading to death
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threats among local chefs. somebody's watching you. get a drink and get profiled. isn't it an invasion of your privacy? and something from above. literally, a woman finds a puppy after it drops out of the sky. good evening. i'm jeff raineri in the weather center. we're tracking some drizzle on the radar right now, mainly impacting highway 101. also, 280. we'll track that for you.z' nu s tamber wof numbers that will go up and down and back up again. th
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just days after an nbc bay
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area investigative unit reported, a u.s. senator is demanding answers from nasa and google. the issue? whether people who run google are getting special access to moffett field. the men who run google are the same principals after h-211. nasa says the planes must be used for scientifi we we analyzed the flight tracking ta and find only 5% of h-211 flights out of microsoft were for scientific reasons. >> that's for google to park their private planes here. >> it's an expensive agreement with them. data that we couldn't otherwise
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collect. and we are very proud of that alignment. >> senator grassley has asked nation is a to respond no later than may 25th. some like it hot. others prefer it cold. others are happy it's about the menu. the death threats to local chefs have begun. >> reporter: a french delicacy, some call inhumane. >> how can you tell if you jam something down the throat and they can't let out a squawk? >> reporter: now, some of the biggest names in bay area dining fear for their safety. >> i've been told, i should be gutted. >> reporter: as the debate rages, the law is looming. and some say the fight is long from being over. >> put this down there. >> reporter: the days are numbers for fois grois.
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this is chef is also a dog trainer and self-proclaimed animal lover. that's why he refuses to sell veal. >> i made a decision, no veal. >> reporter: for him, fois gois. putting in mush, that can enlarge the level up to ten-times normal size. water birds store pounds of birds before a long flight. mark pastorry says, modern agriculturer and farming take advantage of the trades that exist. >> animals are bred to be more man natural. a wild cow is not the same size
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as a domesticated cow. >> a lot of what we do in livestock is not a natural thing. >> reporter: king visited a production farm in sonoma county. >> i sat there with the ducks. i touched them while they were fed. there was not a stressed animal in there. >> how does he do if a bird's in distress? seriously. he's a very wise man. he's dr. doolittle? >> reporter: for the current california democratic party chairman, john burton, authored the bill in 2004. >> it was given a seven-year lead time. not once during the seven years, did anybody hear anything from the chefs. >> reporter: burton is frustrated by what he deems a last-ditch effort by supporters. recently, a group of 100 top chefs lobbied sacramento to better regulate the industry, instead of banning it. they claim legislators agreed to sponsor a new bill, until burton squashed it. >> told people from his own party, if they support this, he
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will take action against them. >> what was i going to do? shoot them? i mean, i told the legislators the facts. >> reporter: but the chefs are taking issue with something else burton said. something they perceive as a serious threat. "the san francisco chronicle" quoted him saying, i'd love to have 100 of them down sit and have duck and goose fat, better yet, have dry oatmeal, shoved down their throats over and over again. >> if i said over and over and over, so what? was that a threat? i would like -- i'm gonna. i'm gonna go get you. >> reporter: it's not so simple, for the other owner and head chef, who says even the fbi is involved. after he opened letters with powder inside. >> i've been told that i should be gutted and my entrails should be fed to people in the street. it's okay to kill me. but it's not okay to raise an animal and feed people with it. >> when you're a leader of the
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democratic party, that sends a message to people around you who might not understand the line between rhetoric and violence. >> reporter: even if the debate quiets -- >> this is humane, absolutely. >> reporter: chefs aren't feeling defeated. >> i might be wrong. i think it's 1,000 bucks. maybe get a fine. maybe challenge it. challenge the fine to the supreme court. >> reporter: chicago lawmakers passed a similar ban in 2006. but chefs found a way around it, like giving it away and charges for a crouton on the dish. chefs say they can get creative. and for them, the fight isn't over. live in san francisco. >> stephanie, a passionate debate on both sides. thank you. if you saunter into a bar in san francisco this friday night,
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a new app could be sizing you up. 25 bars have installed cameras with facial recognition software. that gives them a snapshot of the crowd. iphone andta android users can download an app to get that same information. >> it's not to do any kind of spying or anything. we don't have the recording capabilities. but we go into a venue. we worked with them from a marketing standpoint. what could you do better? how can we help you and tell you who is coming into the venue. >> the software launched last year in las vegas. let's bring in jeff raineri and how we're looking heading into wednesday. >> looking good here. we have fog holding strong for us against the coastline. so strong, that our doppler
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radar is picking up areas of drizzle on the peninsula. mainly, as we put a rotation on this, san carlos, to san mateo, on highway 101. and outside, on our sky camera network. that fog is enveloping downtown san francisco. even producing drizzle here on those local streets. it's a cool breeze right now, across san francisco. down to san me tad mateo. dropping off in livermore. fog is not going anywhere, as we head throughout tomorrow morning. and we have a breeze here. let's look at the seven-day forecast. numbers going up. numbers going down and back up again. we have a little kink in the forecast. this area of low pressure will be pushing across. no major rain. we any it's going to amplify that fog machine enough so, that we'll have drizzle remaining in the next 72 hours. for tomorrow, it will be mild
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inland. we will have sparse temperatures. but thursday, 80 will be a rarity here. we'll find the drizzle remaining put. as for the morning hours, the fog back to the east bay. low clouds along the peninsula. and right throughout marin. in the afternoon hours, we'll have the pushback in the next couple of days. we begin with 47 in los gatos. chilly in santa rosa. and very low visibilities expected across the peninsula. if you're one of the early morning travelers, plan a little extra time for you. as far as wednesday goes, it's cool. cooler than we had for the past couple of weeks. with 78 in san jose. 79 in the castro valley. 77 in dublin. 80 in pleasanton. 82 in pittsburg. 81 in concord. low to mid-70s for fremont.
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also, 68 in san francisco. 65 in pacifica. and 77 in santa rosa. the trend in your three-day forecast has numbers going down on thursday and friday, with the fog and drizzle. and by this weekend, numbers go back up. saturday and sunday, we are expecting low 80s to come on back. by monday and tuesday, no measurable rainfall. and we'll hold steady with 70s. it seems like an odd pattern lately. but this is actually what we should have this time of year. it's been like two years out our typical fog pattern. >> it's been two years. >> driving to work with the marine layer. good stuff. still ahead, a dashboard camera captures this wild ride.
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they were supposedly driving to the department store when their car had other plans. the couple's hyundai began to accelerate in south korea. 13 terrifying seconds they drove through a busy intersection and weave through traffic at up to 80 miles per hour. the hyundai set off a chain reaction crash, in which 17 people were injured. as for now, there's no way to prevent it and no cure. tonight, there's hope for millions that suffer from alzheimer's disease. genetech is going to try an alzheimer's drug. they will test families from colombia. the trial is backed by a $16 million grant, part of the national alzheimer's plan. the goal is to find a treatment for the disease by 2025. let's check in with sports
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and henry in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. what's coming up next? >> nba and nhl playoffs are getting interesting. and it's timmy tuesday. was the freak firing on all cylinders tonight in
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welcome back to nbc bay area. three-straight victories for the g-men. and giants were confident they would end the night on a four-game winning streak. we had a tight game. rockies and giants closing out a two-game series at at&t park. top of the seventh. rockies up 3-1. carlos gonzalez. singles to left center. one run scores. lincecum, seven innings, four earned runs. seven ks.
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former oakland a's, marcos scutaro, solo homer. last chance for san francisco. nate schierholtz strikes out looking. rockies win, 5-4. >> we had our chances. you don't get the runs in, it usually comes back to hurt you. you know, we had a man on third, twice with less than two outs. and couldn't get a man in. you're not going to get him in all the time. but tonight, with bases loaded there, you know, their guy's got good stuff. we probably helped him out a little bit there. earlier in the game, you know, we just need contact. and couldn't get it. over to the a's, trying to sweep a two-game series with the
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angels. bartolo colon gets the start. solo homer to center to make it 4-0, angels. to basketball. nba playoffs, clippers and spurs, game one. spurs up three. daniel green to tim duncan, who dunks it. 42 -- 47-42 at that point. spurs win, 108-92. what about hockey for you? kings and coyotes, game two. big game for center jeff carter. scored a hat trick tonight. two goals in the second peod. had another in the third. kings win 4-0. they lead the series 2-0 over the coyotes. speaking of big series, we have a couple coming up beginning tomorrow. a's and rangers. and also, san francisco giants and cardinals. we'll have all the highlights right here on nbc bay area. that will do it for tonight.
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tomorrow, fresh start. we'll see if the teams can get some victories. night.appened tonight.ppened too many errors. thanks, henry. >> absolutely.
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this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. if you got the downward yoga pose, you would be wrong. a los gatos woman said her puppy fell out of the sky. she says she was outside on her ranch on saturday, when she says a hawk dropped that puppy from its claws. so, she said she saw it and it really happened. >> we could see six talon marks from the hawk holding it. and it seemed to have lost its dinner. it wiggled right out of there. and landed on the ground. >> and she picked it up. the puppy survived the fall.
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she's been caring for it ever since. and she said, when god drops a puppy from the sky, you have to keep it. she is naming him heavenly. >> that puppy is just chilling out on her shoulder. >> i don't know. is it real? >> it is real. >> i need one of those puppies in my purse. >> you have dogs in your purse? >> thanks for joining us tonight. we hope to see you tomorrow. ♪
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