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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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might want to evacuate or stay inside and get out of the way because it is unclear what might happen next. i asked if they heard any gunfire or any loud police activity. and they say that despite the heavy police presence, despite all of the crime scene tape that is out here, i have to tell you, it goes -- crime scene tape goes in several blocks in each direction. the direction we are looking at here but also kind of hard to see it goes in the other direction, down the street as well. they say that despite all of this, it has been rather quiet out here this morning. i'm trying to get more information on the suspect and as soon as i do i will bring that to you. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> quick question. calm right now but i guess somewhat of a tense situation. can you give us an idea, guest mate of how many officers are out there now and what the mood is? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that it is -- i mean, despite all of the activity, it is rather quiet. you do see neighbors walking around. some of them in blankets. you see this one officer here but, again, it is hard to see
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where we are standing if you look in the other direction, there are three police cars over there, one behind us. and then i asked the officer on scene, you know, i-can't tell exactly who the s.w.a.t. officers are here. he said believe me, they are here. they are walking around at the top of the hill. we just can't see them. there is a lot of activity. it is really spread out throughout the neighborhood. >> christie, thanks very much for that update. we will be checking back in with you. in the meantime, also breaking news. oakland, s.w.a.t. teams are stationed high street trying to track down several armed suggestion expects wanted for an overnight carjacking. so far no evacuations are in place there. the area has been shut down to traffic during this investigation. a man right now fighting for his life after an overnight shooting in san francisco. officers say the man was shot on sunny ve sunnyvale avenue. no arrests have been reported. police have not released any information about the suspect. a discovery halting part of
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the construction of a south bay hospital. more than 1400 bodies. some dating back to the late 19th century. may be buried at valley medical center. bob redell is live in san jose with the latest what construction crews found and the city now plans to do about it. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you. this came as a surprise to the workers doing construction here at valley med and hospital itself. nbc bay area has discovered that in february, during a dig, workers came across 15 pine box wes bodies inside. turns out there are many more buried there as many as 14,445. between 1875 and 1935, there was a cemetery on the grounds here of what used to be known as county hospital. information confirmed by a map from 1932. it was a pauper's burial site for families that couldn't be
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found. >> in order to see if any heirs still exist that would want to take the remains itself or if there is any indication if it is a native american, native american remains, we obviously let the bureau of indians affairs now. >> reporter: most of those caskets will stay here on site. the one onty need to remove about 100 of them for that portion of the construction project to resume. you about for that to happen, the county does need court permission and that can take several months. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." new report this morning shows female farm workers across the country are too fearful of immigration to call police when they are sexually harassed or assaulted. the human ripts watch interviewed 52 farm workers and more than 100 across the state.
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female farm workers reported rape and the human rights watch is calling on congress to pass new laws protecting immigrant farm worker women. the group is also calling on the department of homeland security to repeal rules and encourage local police to report federal immigration violations. plan to eventually shut down the state youth prison system is being scrapped. governor jerry brown reversed his decision monday. after protestses from law enforcement agencies argued counties had an increase in prisoner population. more juveniles would be sent to adult prisons. governor brown originally wanted to shift young offenders to the county by next year and saved the state nearly $25 million annually. this morning, an international heroin ring with ties to the bay area is dismantled and a dozen people, including the ringleader, noun behind bars. agents also receiving guns and cash.
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investigators say the suspects are tied to a drug trafficking ring that smuggled heroin into the bay area from mexico. state and federal agents had been tracking the suspect for nearly three years during an investigation called operation middleman. agents made arrests in several bay area cities including east palo alto and hayward, and oakland. it is 5:05. we have a picture of the man suspected of robbing a wells fargo. this is surveillance video of a photo rather of the suspect that walked into the bank on monday night. witnesses say he approached the teller, flashed a note and weapon. then left with an undisclosed amount of money. anyone with information could -- should call the twin cities police department. it is 5:05 now. water provider on tap to face penalties for leak write equipment. santa clara valley water district facing up to $25,000 in fines for spilling hydraulic oil in several reservoirs.
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mechanical valves that led water in and out of dams being blamed. 20 gallons spilled in the reservoir back in january. there was a smaller leak at the lexington reservoir last we are. both spills were cleaned up and the agency says that the water is now safe. san jose city council voted to pass law that's designed to deter teenage drinking. marla tellez is in san jose with us. what homeowners need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is called the social host law and for the city of san jose, lying in a deadly drunk driving crash that happened right here in south san jose. it was in 2010 when lee land high school grad riveri died in that fiery crash. his 16-year-old friend was behind the wheel with a potent blood alcohol level. he lost control going about 100 miles per hour. he died at the scene. the driver, mitchell penny, survived. his death really inspired san
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jose city councilwoman nancy pyle to push for the social host ordinance. here is what it does. it makes homeowners liable for gathering involved underage drinking on their property even when the party does not cause any sort of disturbance. until now, homeowners could be fined for underage drinking parties but only if a disturbance was reported. social host law says that it doesn't care about a party disturbance. you hold a party where minors are drinking and you are now liable even if you are not at home at the time. or even if you are unaware the party is actually happening. many cities throughout santa clara county already have adopted a social host law. san jose is the largest city in the area now to adopt one. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." san jose cracking down on payday lenders. the city council approving a cap on the number of lenders who can set up shop around the city. the vote to make san jose now the largest city to limit the number of payday lenders.
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the ordinance would also block lenders from opening in or near low-income neighborhoods. sponsor of this measure say lenders target low-income families and trap them in a cycle of debt. sonoma county one step closer to banning plastic bags. the waste management age sly lay out a plan today to conduct an environmental impact assessment on those plastic bags. if the final report is approved, vote will be taking to ban the bags in all retail stores. the ordinance can only be adopted by a unanimous vote for the ten-member board which is made up of representatives of each of the nine cities of sonoma county. by the way, right now on a wednesday morning, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. she is in the nbc bay area weather center with a look what's happening right now. >> yeah. i'm walking over to the weather wall now. good morning. 50s to start you out. and you know what, sonoma county, one of the coolest regions we are talking about this morning. we have the upper 50s down here in the south bay to start you.
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57 degrees in sunnyvale. comfortable. you may want to bring the light jacket with you. right at the coast. lit take a while for the sun to break through the clouds. futurecast tells the story. you can see clearing, very quickly today. an hour earlier than what we saw yesterday. 2 temperatures will be 2 to 3 degrees warmer as we head through this afternoon. especially inland. hot yesterday. good news is that onshore flow is keeping our air quality in good range. going to open up the windows and enjoy it. we also have a much lower pollen count. we will talk about that coming up. i want to point out 70 degrees at noon inland today. hour by hour forecast shows you 65 degrees. bayside in 60 degrees, great for lunch at the coast. we are going to round out the day with the mid 80s inland and upper 70s by the bay. upper 60s and low 70s in the coastal communities. we do have changes, major changes on the way as of tomorrow. take you through that and show you your sunday forecast in the next report. let's check your drive with mike. >> better news for folks heading north of that dublin interchange. 608 restricted down to one lane.
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all clear now. northbound side, lanes are fine. heading through this area. as you get closer to san ramon, into danville, both directions have a lane or two blocked. no slowing for 680. look at the slowing for 580. starting up westbound out of the altima pass, slow to about -- just touching 50, turning yellow. still have a 14-minute drive registering. as the speeds come down, travel time will come up. live look at the golden gate bridge. laura showed you flashing lights. making their way to north side of the bridge. moving those cones getting ready for the morning commute. but also clearing the construction which did at one point have traffic restricted to one lane in both directions on the north side. moving smoothly into and out of that north bay. we should see all of those cones and lights clearing. it is 5:10 now. still ahead on "today in the bay," major automaker decides to make an unfriendly move against facebook. why general motors says the online ads are not paying off.
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welcome back, everyone. give you a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. nice and smooth. traffic flowing. mike inouye will tell you how soon that will be filling up. the rest of the road to the bay area. 5:13 there are two ways for a company to make more money on its ipo. increase the price your own crease the size. tuesday facebook upped the price. scott mcgrew, playing the other
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side as well. >> they are. the size and an enormous boost to the float. the number of shares that will circulate publicly. facebook just filed the paperwork. eighth amendment to it. increasing it to 25%. making the total value as much as $16 billion. eight times the value of google's ipo in 2004. in fact, it will be the third largest american ipo ever. visa, san francisco based visa. it was worth $17.9 billion. facebook could actually top it. visa ipo'd under similar market conditions, lousy market conditions. second biggest was general motors. this also factors in this morning. jackie deangelis at cnbc with that. good morning. >> good morning. on the eve of facebook's ipo the company may be losing a big sponsor and that's general motors. it is dropping its ads from the social networking site due to their low impact with customers. gm says it is not unusual to
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move the ad dollars around. it will keep its facebook pages that don't cost anything to sea eight and run to promote its vehicle lineup. in futures this morning, pointing to a higher open on wall street after stocks sold off late in the yesterday's session. that was spur bid news greece's president said people have been pulling nearly a billion dollars out of local banks in recent days on warnings the country's political parties won't be able to form a coalition government. european and asian markets lowered today. here in the u.s. get data on housing starts, bidding permits as well as industrial production. this afternoon we will get the minutes from last month's fed meeting. target reporting earnings before the bell beating estimates and providing upbeat guidance. dow falling 63 points yesterday. 12,632. four-month low. nasdaq losing eight points. 2893. let's hope for a better day today. scott, back over to you. >> thank you much. we were talking yesterday about the meeting between the french president and german chancellor. 10 t french president's plane was hit by lightning on the way to germany. had to turn around. nobody hurt. they use ad second plane.
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i looked up the word omen in french just in case you need it. >> very clever. always educating as well as entertaining. scott mcgrew, thank you very much. >> check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it is nice and clear already in the east and south bay. indicative of high pressure fully in control of our weather pattern. now, we still have a moderate onshore flow at the coast. and bayside. you are going to see that cloudy -- cloudy start probably until about 9:00 a.m. but the bulk will burn off early. about an hour earlier than did it yesterday. as a result that sunshine coming in one hour earlier. will make for a two to three degree judgment in the temperatures from yesterday. right now we are in the 50s. low 50s to start you out. 57 degrees. upper 50s here in san jose. and peninsula, though, still nice and cool. grab a light sweater or jacket. area of low pressure will move through today. as it does so looks like we will see a stronger onshore flow. but not until tonight.
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so for us, we will be able to warm up into the 80s and the warmest cities across bay. then come waking up with a full deck of clouds. and temperatures toppling by about ten degrees as we head through tomorrow. 83 degrees for today in san jose. 80 in fremont. 61 degrees in san francisco. want to spend time our 7-day outlook. we are getting closer to the weekend. you made it to wednesday. get you over that hump. the good news is we are going to drop off in temperatures. thursday into friday. 78 degrees friday but we will climb 83 on sunday. you can make those outdoor plans comfortably in the upcoming weekend. monday into tuesday, temperatures stay on the cool side. we will see the clouds we are accustomed to. temperatures will be right on track for averages. let's check the drive. >> mountain view, hope to talk about the complete reopening for 101. we still have a clear reported on scene. actually all of the 5:00 construction that was supposed to clear has not yet been cleared from our system.
5:18 am
we are looking at 101 passing north of shoreline. still no slowing. crews should be on the move there. as well as 85 approaching 280. we do have this crew sticking around. we know that, 280, 17. 17 northbound and 880 continuing through the area. suddenly seeing slow sensors on that. monthsably have crews heading out of the area. they wouldn't be traveling in the opposite direction. we will follow that as we clear out. no incidents but i will track 17 and 880 to make sure that's the case. rest of the south bay looks really nice heading up the peninsula. lanes just a little slowing there. approaching the bright lights. waking you up. construction, two lanes. eastbound direction. remember, memorial day weekend, whole bridge is closed and same weekend a celebration at the golden gate. would bridges getting in some celebration, retrofit.
5:19 am
bay bridge, no problem. celebrating here, easy flow of traffic through the area. and we have a little slowing here showing up forrant wrok highway. we are going to end with this map here. just show you the 54 that's coming down to the area. no major drama. the debris earlier metal stuff on the road sway cleared. that's good news. >> thanks so much. first i thought we would have a yoga session here. you know, zen moment. her new puppy. yeah. new meaning for downward dog. >> she says that the puppy actually fell right out of the sky. what do you think? elaine says she was outside of her ranch on saturday when a flying hawk dropped this puppy from its talons. >> with when we picked up the palmy we could see there were six talon marks from the hawk holding it. and it seemed to have lost its dinner. it wiggled right out of there.
5:20 am
and landed on the ground. >> they rescued it. yeah. the up survived. they are caring for it ever since. when god drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it. >> hallelujah. >> cutie pie. >> beautiful thing. yes. let's hope the dog doesn't have any -- want to get revenge. grow up and get the hawk. coming up, are the warriors heading to the waterfront? that's a good question. the team gets serious about playing ball in san francisco. >> yes. are we in a sunscreen short thaj summer? new decision that could help new sunscreen companies from getting burned by an spf deadline. >> live look outside. start you off. that is san jose before the sun comes up. then we will flip the switch and give you -- yeah. fog. that's san francisco. clouds. christina loren will help us blow those micro climates all over the place coming up. ♪
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welcome back. taking you live to rich monday this morning where we are covering breaking news. s.w.a.t. stand-off continues at l street and bay view avenue where a suspect sing believed to be holed up in an apartment there. s.w.a.t. teams are there. you see police providing a little bit of -- we have a reporter, christie smith on the ground gathering information. we will check in with her shortly. looks like the warriors are getting very serious about pulling some round ball in san francisco. the chronicle reporting the team's owner meeting again with marilea this week. the discussion reportedly centered on moving the team to a new water front arena. on friday, leap sent a letter to the owners in an attempt to bring the warriors to the city for the 2017 season. that letter was signed by all 11
5:24 am
members of the city's board of supervisors. time to check the forecast now. met meet christina loren. mixed bag of weather out there. >> yeah. we have a lot to deal with this morning. good news is that we are going to get through that cloud cover by about noon today. as a result, temperatures will be nice and comfortable. time now is 5:24. 51 degrees. napa. 52 in con cords. 54 degrees in san jose. headed towards a comfortable afternoon. area of low pressure does move to our north. we will see a little bit of fog and maybe drizzle at the coast today. even more so tomorrow. and temperatures are going to tumble as you head through thursday. keep that in mind and grab a light jacket. 7-day outlook moments way. check your drive with mike. >> all right. folks, you know the approach to the bay bridge moving just fine. we did have that breaking news we con to follow the stand-off in rich monday. pointing out where that was in relation to your commute. this is l and bay view. mean tween 580 ander and state 880. off from carlson.
5:25 am
not a major commute spot and it does look like on and off ramps taking through the area are open. again, we will track this and christie smoyth the scene there. meanwhile, look at that time rest of your commute and slowing out into livermore at the altima pass. send it back to you. >> to avoid a sunscreen shortage fda will give sunscreen make areas new date important changing the labeling. last summer the agency ordered that label's only read bronze spectrum spf. if they protect against those ultraviolet a and b rays. and mussel i am nature the words waterproof or sweat-proof by next month. however, companies are now being given six more months to make the changes. the fda says that without the extension retail stores could actually run out of sunscreen. no shocker here when it comes to spending money on vacations. most of us are still pinching those pennies. trip advise wrors annual is your vein finding 86% of americans are planning trips this summiter but most say they plan to spend less. four out of ten didn't pay for a
5:26 am
vacation all of last year. 5:25. high hopes for the skyline. what the city is eyeing new sky high buildings downtown. >> search for sierra hits a heartbreaking milestone. how community a community is now pulling together to bring the missing teenager home. >> targeting banks to make sure neighborhoods stay clean and safe. live look right now. control central here at nbc bay area. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for the effort. that's the team that aeepslosng chugging along. >> they really do. >>
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good morning everybody. wednesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. the time is 5:28. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with an update to the stand-off we have been telling you about. the situation has now been resolved. the police confirmed just minutes ago that that stand-off
5:29 am
on ells street and bayview avenue is over. a suspect barricaded himself inside of an apartment. we don't know if the suspect is in custody but we are told that the stand-off is over. we also have breaking news to tell you about from oakland. s.w.a.t. teams in position right now trying to track down several armed suspects wanted for an overnight carjacking. this all happened near high is and santa rita street. so far no evacuations are in place. but we can tell you that the area has been shut down for traffic during this investigation. christie smith is on her way now to that scene. we will have a a fullup date wi -- a pull update as soon as she arrives. construction crews digging up something that was long forgotten. bob redell live at san jose with more on the discovery of a cemetery. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. the hospital had no idea that there was a gravesite on its
5:30 am
property until a construction crew stumbled upon 15 pine boxes during a dig last february. and it turns out there are many more underneath. over 1400 before this was valley med the site used to be county hospital. and an old map shows between 1875 and 1935, there was a pauper's graveyard located on the northern part of the property. >> people died indigent and whose families couldn't be found were buried at this site. the sites exist all across the country. >> reporter: none of these pine caskets have been removed. in order for that to happen, the county has hired an archaeologist. the law requires that they get that information to find family and see if any of the people buried here are native american. and then they must go to court to get permission. the county does want to remove all the caskets, only about 100. that portion of the construction project can proceed.
5:31 am
the rest of those caskets around 1300 will remain. a bloody mess. that's how investigators described a seen of a killing at a home in castro valley. sheriff's deputies still have not identified a body found during act probation search on omega avenue on monday night. so far, it is not clear how the person actually died. but we have learned a woman and her adult son live inside of this home. a neighbor says that the son had a party there sunday might while the mother was out of town. that neighbor says that there was a fight outside during the early morning hours. >> new this new york, friends and family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar are marking the two-month anniversary of her disappearance today. with yet another search. volunteers will meet at burnett elementary at 8:00 a.m. this morning. the search for the 15-year-old has been ongoing since she disappeared on her way to school the morning of march 16. the sheriff's office announced they found a red jetta believed
5:32 am
to be connected with that case. oakland looking to clean up foreclosed homes in neighborhoods and the city now asking big banks to help put that bill, oakland expanding its program on tuesday. the banks now required to register homes into the program's database the moment a default notice is sent out. they must pay hundreds of dollars in yearly registration fees and maintain the appearance of the home. banks argue it does not legally own the property, they should not be held responsible. this morning, south bay lawmakers are pushing to hold parents responsible for letting underaged kids drink in their homes. marla tellez live where the city council approved the new law to punish those parents. >> reporter: good morning. san jose city council voted unanimously to pass this law. it is called the social host ordinance. now it is a very -- specific deadly drunk driving crash that happened here that inspired
5:33 am
councilwoman nancy pyle to get this on the book. you may recall the crash happened almost two years ago. it killed leyland high grad a passenger after a night of drinking. roberi's intoxicated friend got behind the wheel and survived. he's now serving time for this deadly crash. a couple months later in 2010, councilwoman nancy pyle began pushing for the social host law to help deter underaged drink g drinking. until now homeowners could be fined for the parties. but only if a disturbance such as loud music was reported. now, the new law means that homeowners are liable even when the party does not cause any sort of disturbance. the bottom line here is that if you have underaged drinkers at your home, even if you are not there or aware a party is happening, you are responsible. san jose is the largest city in the region to adopt a social host law. >> also in san jose, city
5:34 am
leaders now looking to the skies in hopes of attracting more people to live downtown. the plan is to build three high-rise apartment towers. hoping to get another 1,000 people to move into the downtown area. the vote was 8-2 last night. the san jose city council approving incentives to residential builders. those incentives include a 50% break in construction taxes. a 50% reduction in fees that the developers would have to invest in a park. and the vote also eliminates a requirement for an expansive air container system for firefighters in high-rise buildings. the city of pleasanton helps wall mark will help people save money and live a little better. city council giving the megastar chain the go-ahead to open new a a new store on santa rita road. the council said that it couldn't find a legal reason to prevent walmart from moving into
5:35 am
the location. 5:34. check back in with meteorologist christina loren. talk about a wednesday and beyond. >> yeah. we have a good looking wednesday. we want on get you over the hump so you can celebrated the weekend. the weekend weather looks good. we will cool off substantially before we get to enjoy that, though. and you saw from the live picture golden gate bridge, the fog is starting to creep in. 51 degrees now in san mateo. 56 this morning in sunnyvale. 54 degrees in san jose. headed towards the mid 80s. we a warmer afternoon than yesterday. light jacket probably necessary this morning if you are waking up along the peninsula or near the water. temperatures are going to go up and down as we head throughout the upcoming days. i will sort it out for you when we get to the 7-day forecast. what you immediate to know for today here your hour by hour breakdown. 70 degrees at noon inland. 65 bayside. 60 degrees at the coast. rounding out the day at 83 degrees in san jose. i will have your full forecast in just a few moments. to help you make the weekend plans if you are already starting to think bit like us.
5:36 am
let's check your drive. here is mike. >> you know, we are going to straighten out a few things. maze is still moving smoothly aas you approach the bay bridge. talked about -- an accident in ashby a few minutes ago. there is in the center divide westbound our east shore freeway, your commute direction. no slowing as you head towards the berkeley curve. another issue we are talking about is there's some sort of activity here. high street at santa right pap reports that high street traffic affected there near santa rita. high street is a major off ramp for 880 and also connects to 880. prepare for traffic through the area as you are approaching that police activity. likely rerouting a couple of blocks. it shouldn't be major issue as far as the commute goes. right now most folks traveling through the area will take 580, 880 or one of the local roads, coolidge is an alternate through that area. we will get a live look south of here. oakland -- sorry, san jose.
5:37 am
880 and 17. we saw some trucks and flashing lights clearing from the area. we have one of the crews 280 at 17. 17 approaching 280 clearing. we have another one southbound 880. approaching 280. some more construction spots for the south bay. send it back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:37. the debate over gay marriage is hitting presbyterian church leaders against the church itself. first of its kind move, representatives of northern california presbyterian churches voted against the punishment. given to a retired north bay pastor marrying 16 zbai couples in 2008 when gay marriage was legal in california. the move defies 2010 ruling by the church which charged the rechd with violating the church's constitution. the charge does not care yea concrete consequence. appealed that decision to the church's highest court but the ruling was upheld in february.
5:38 am
5:37 now. coming up on "today in the bay," going green at the golden muchemuch arches. >> lunch time meeting for both sides of the table. how the president is reaching out to congress just ahead. >> we reach outside for a live look at the glowing skies over san jose. moments away from seeing sunshine and right now 880 in oakland. looking like it is getting jammed up early. christina loren, ball the weather. >> for the latest news, weather, traffic, getting up and logging on, find us on facebook. search nbc bay area. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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. welcome back, everybody, a wednesday morning. that's a picturesque shot over san jose. looks like a metropolis picture
5:41 am
from a movie. that's the 280/17 interchange. don't see much traffic. a beautiful shot. developing news this morning in local yeah where the country's president is offering a reward to track down those responsible for a deadly bombing. the president is offering $300,000 in the case. on tuesday, a bomb went off in the commercial district of the capital city of bog that. the explosion killed would people and injured more than 30 others. investigators say the country's former interior minister was the target of that attack. in kenya, one person is dead. several others injured after a grenade attack wrought side of a nightclub in the city of mombassa. attackers tried force their way into the club. a guard kept them out. it is the latest attack in kenya since the country sent troops into somalia to crush islamic militants. in switzerland, main highways and roads are shut down after series of huge rock
5:42 am
slides. so far no word of injuries or damage to any buildings. people in nearby villages have been evacuated in mountainous areas. northwest of the border of italy. new this morning, president obama sitting down with top congressional leaders from both parties trying to tackle a to-do list. in an election year probably looks more like a wish list. roy an moore is live on capitol hill this preview of a rare sitdown meeting. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: it is going to be a bipartisan lunch at the white house and on the menu, certainly some items republicans will find hard to swallow. the president is pushing for an increase in the debt limit so uncle sam can continue writing checks and paying bills. but the president wants to pay for that with increases on the welt write. people above $200,000. let the bush era cuts go away. the president -- republicans rather have already said that that is a non-starter. the house speaker john boehner is drawing a hide line.
5:43 am
>> time comes i will insist on my simple principle of cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase. >> reporter: republicans are want cuts and the president wants tax increases. fundamental battle and there is a december 31 deadline. congress and the white house cannot you a degree on something by then, bad things happen. taxes go up for all of us across the board. and big automatic spending cuts kick in. >> brian, thank you very much for the update. today john edwards can close out their case by calling the former presidential candidate to the stand. edwards is charged with masterminding a plan to use campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress during his run for the white house. no official word from the defense who will be called to testify. legal experts say that possible witnesses include edwards, his daughter, cate, former mistress, rielle hunter, and his former aide, andrew young. edwards is pleading not guilty to the charges against him.
5:44 am
san diego's police say that the home belonging to late football star junior seau has been ripped off. officers say the burglar broke into the home through the doggy door. burglar apparently rummaged through cabinets in the garage and stole a bicycle that belonged to one of seau's friends. it appears nothing else has been taken. seau committed suicide, shooting himself in the chest at his home on may 2. 5:44. occupy movement hitting the road. protesters will be occupying ac transit buses today. they are trying to send a message to make public transit more affordable for low-income communities. organizers say that bus drivers will be honoring that protest. transfers for more than one use and up to three hours will be accepted. you have to come up with a new plan to get to work if you take a light rail or bus in san francisco. muni shutting down several key routes for an 11-day stretch starting may 25. buses will run in place of
5:45 am
trains on the -- help me with this one -- enjuta line, ocean beach. the j church line will operate to market and church streets. muni says the construction will make tracks smoother and more reliable. other lines impacted by the construction, 22 fillmore, 37 corbett, 43 masonic. n owl routes. >> mcdonald's is reap branding it snowfall berkeley. bloggers at berkeley say the chain is revamping its location on san pablo after. mcdonald's says the location gets its strawberries from watsonville and the fish in its fish fillets on an improved list of sustainable seafood. compiled by the monterey bay aquarium. the chain says it is also turning towards packaging with more recycled content. >> sustainable seafood. >> sustainable mcdonald's. we check in with meteorologist christina loren.
5:46 am
deeps than d a decent day for lunch. >> this morning is just about perfect out there for a morning jog. nice and brisk out there. 56 degree in sunnyvale. or a bike ride in san mateo. temperatures are running on the mild side to start out. we are going to see the 60s by noon today. i did want to point out we still have a moderate pollen count but we are in the high range over the course of the weekend. and just about every day last week. so if you have been noticing improvement in terms of your allergy symptoms this is the reason why. we are going to see even more improvement as we head into the upcoming weekend. hold on. it is coming soon. much, much better air quality as we head into this weekend. temperatures are going to be on the mild side at the coast for first part of the day. warmer this afternoon. high pressure brings your temperatures up by about 3 to 5 degrees at the coast. more like 2 to 3 degrees inland. actually have a pretty warm dawe around here yesterday. san jose topped out in the 80s. today 83 degrees for you. 84 in concord.
5:47 am
61 degrees right by the water. it will stay nice and cool pacifica today. now thursday into friday, we all see the marine layer. penetrate as far inland as concord. that means our temperatures limited sunshine will drop off into the 70s. we head into the weekend, climbing right up into the 80s. great looking weekend to hit that beach. 83 degrees inland on sunday. 79 degrees by the bay. that means 72 degrees in half moon bay and pacifica looking for the warmest beach city this weekend, santa cruz. 80 degrees on sunday. good looking day there for the beach. monday and tuesday, we drop off yet again to our seasonal averages. but the good news is we don't have any extremes in the weather department. we have to deal with the very, very warm temperatures. leveling off now enjoying the springlike weather. hopefully it will maintain. check your drive and see how that is maintaininging with mike. >> extreme weather. we will see what we can get coming into the future. look here. no extreme traffic. no p.m. construction, 280 northbound heading up towards
5:48 am
17. there is a construction zone continuing. no specificoffer ramps. into the 40s as well as 101. north of 680. little earlier than we typically see. we saw this on wednesday as well. maybe a new trend. tuesday and wednesday showing a heavier south bay commute. we will watch this to see if it is more than a blip. 6 looking over here. still construction around university for 101. no slowing here. light volume all the way up into the city. dunbarton bridge, construction crew clearing from both directions. remember, dunbarton bridge major construction. closing it for memorial day. that will be the case that entire three-day weekend. highway 4. antioch, that's not a concern. typical slow, redwood. 24 at ells street. heavier volume here as well. similar to a tuesday commute seeing slowing heading over in towards concord. watching 242 and 680 as well. live look outside. see how things are shaping up across the golden gate bridge.
5:49 am
low clouds covering around. traffic moving slowly out of the north bay. we haven't had any problems reported. we will follow this as well. that will change the conditions as well. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. what a difference a day makes. giants and a's struggling in their games last night. giants hoping to extend their winning streak to four. they took on the rockies again. lincecum on the mound. giants not getting much done. eventually rally tying up the game in the to top of the ninth. 4-4 for the rockies. spoiled that party in the bottom of the ninth. home run. major buzz kill. they couldn't do it. rockies won it 5-4. a's hoping to sweep a two-game series. now it is the angels' turn. 4-0. fifth time they have been shut thought year. let the roast and the games begin. legendary funny lady betty white, one of my favorite people on the entire planet, becoming
5:50 am
the latest honoree to sit in that hot seat for the notorious and always outrageous roast set for tonight. you know betty is going to be lighting that one up. 90-year-old golden girl. career spanned 70 golden years following in the footsteps of the roast. past recipients like lucille ball, milton burle. according to the hollywood reporter, guess what, barbara walters, she will step in and be roast master. that's what they pride themselves on. i'm sure betty white can keep up. >> she is sharp and looks beautiful. amazing. coming up, new report that might have cows thug about changing its mascot from the golden bear to the bookworm. dow jones down 600 points. >> no matter how you slice it, live look from san jose. hp pavilion. sun coming up.
5:51 am
take you on oar to sonoma grade seeing traffic flow on by. we will be back in a moment with all the day's news. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors...
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and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. this is a live look outside. sun coming up over the bay area. pretty clear. cool 80. they are not open just yet. we are for business. lots of news to report this morning. 5:53. >> shop in your mind. this morning's scott mcgrew, all about the eighth amendment. scott, the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. >> right. the eighth amendment to the facebook filing. anything about but krul
5:54 am
important the company. just filed this paperwork earlier this morning. confirming what our friends and cnbc reported first. that is that facebook is increasing the number of shares it will offer in its ipo by 25%. you recall tuesday that facebook increased the price and now it is increasing the size on track for an ipo worth as much as $18 billion. now you can choose the date of your ipo up to a certain point. will are a number of financial and legal reasons that facebook chose this week and it is not the greatest timing. the whole world worries about europe. dow lost 647 points. 4.9% since may 1. again, this is since may 1 when the slump began. dow down 647 points. nasdaq lost 463. s&p 500, 65 points. speaking of heart attacks that super cool iphone app invented by firefighters in san ramon getting attention from the white
5:55 am
house. san ramon fire district chief richard price here will meet with the obama administration this morning to discuss this app which was recently adopted in san jose as well. remind you when somebody has a heart attack, obviously 911 sends an ambulance. the dispatcher in san jose use the app to notify anybody with an iphone that's nearby to come help and the idea being the person who is 100 feet away will get there much sooner than the fire department does. really, really need that. >> it is amazing. explanation important the app, video made fwl chilling. >> try to find a link for that. >> we will put that on facebook. it is the advertisement that they run in the movie theaters in san ramon, fantastic. yeah. >> get on that. will you? >> yeah. >> really cool. >> also, hey, taking care of the forecast for us, meteorologist christina loren. >> speaking of which, we are not yet in fire season but because we had such a dry winter, we are
5:56 am
gearing up for a big one. so we have the potential you want to keep that in mind and already good idea to be on your best behavior when it comes to fire and safety. monitor your barbecue closely and no cigarette butts out the window. we are in the 50s across the board. take a look at what happens at moon. those temperatures just separate. at the coast temperatures are going to hold on to the low 60s and then we will see the upper 70s in places like antioch as you break for lunch. rounding tout day in the mid 80s. major tumble in temperatures. let's check your drive with mike. >> looking at a tumbling of speeds now. coming down. typical. got a little trigger happy here. they are worried -- i had circle in the area, concord, the slowing, it is a little more severe. typically see, an accident reported. there is a reason. again, speeds down to the 30s and may cue an early slowdown for concord and highway 4. we will watch that. make sure no one has unexpected drama. just have drama you expect. not any better. looking at 101 northbound. north of 680.
5:57 am
slowing there. 87 sorted itself out. that's the cue traffic volume picked up. heading into downtown. keep that in mind. track all of your daily commute force that coming up. >> 5:57. bunch of book warms making berkeley one of the best read cities in the country. berkeley ranked third on amazon's list. best read cities per capita. sandwiched between two other college towns, cambridge, massachusetts and ann arbor, michigan. alexandria, virginia. the rankings are based on the sales of books and newspapers and magazines. all the cities on the list have populations of more than 100,000. happening now, live pictures of a wildfire that's burning down in arizona. this is happening near the mining town of crown and king. see a lot of smoke there billowing into the air. more than 2,000 acres right now on fire. we can tell you two homes and a trailer have been destroyed. we will be right back.
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