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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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after seven harrowing days unconscious, in heavy brush, beside highway 101, a man is found alive. his family reported him missing. what they didn't know is people had seen his truck crash near san jose. tonight, chp is answering questions why it took so long to find the 21-year-old. george kiriyama joins us live. >> reporter: michael sanchez is at regional medical center, after seven days of no food or water. police say it's a miracle they found him alive. >> it's amazing. and the simple fact you're doing a story on this shows how amazing it is. >> reporter: a witness watched michael sanchez lose control, drive off the exit on 101. >> this vehicle crossed all lanes. went across the embankment.
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>> reporter: the same witness reported seeing sanchez get out of the car and walk away. what happened next remains unclear. the chp, fire crews and deputies found his ford ranger, similar to this one, smashed up. but no sign of sanchez, in the dense, heavy brush. >> i'm confident there was a diligent job done out there. >> reporter: the crash turned into a missing persons case. seven days after the accident, san jose police returned to the scene. they found something even better. they found the 25-year-old, still alive. >> i don't know if the person was in better condition initially. and over the week-long, deteriorated. >> police say sanchez was unconscious when they found him. >> i know the investigators were
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elated to find someone they actually rescued. >> reporter: detectives have not talked to him yet. they hope to interview him tomorrow. we're live at regional medical center in san jose. >> thank you, george. we did check with doctors on how long someone could survive a trauma like an accident and go without food and water. their best estimate, was between seven to ten days. >> two months of sierra lamar has hope. >> i'd like to thank everybody, all the volunteers and the response. the fight continues. we're not giving up. we're hopeful. >> they're hopeful because there's new leads following a profile on this case on "america's most wanted." the strongest evidence we know about so far is the red jetta,
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seized by sheriff's deputies. investigators will not release the identity of the car's owner. divers are searching reservoirs. drugs, guns and a grenade launcher. federal agents busted a sophisticated pot ring in the east bay, after a year-long investigation. tonight, nearly 20 people are under arrest. cheryl hurd is live in brentwood with what's being called operation disco daze. >> reporter: according to federal documents, this drug ring was run by a father/son team. they allegedly used the business to furnish equipment for partners to grow marijuana for crash. >> what is this? "scarface"? >> reporter: a tip led federal agents to a massive drug range
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operation. early wednesday, drug enforcement agents swarmed the lake's community in discovery bay. >> there were plants being taken out of the house. and guns. and even a grenade launcher. >> reporter: the dea sacramento district office, started their investigation in early 2011. among the things seized, 14 indoor marijuana grow operations. 96 pounds of processed pot. 36 firearms, including multiple assault rifles and a grenade launcher. much in this house. >> it's awful. you know, it's bad. it's been a long time coming. it's a gated community. we're not supposed to have countries of car traffic. and there's a lot of unwelcome guests coming down the street. we have small kids.
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>> reporter: agents also seized some $400,000 in crash. if convicted, some defendants could spend life in prison. rerting live in brent wood, i'm cheryl hurd. when the smoke cleared in this story, richmond fire crews discovered a marijuana den in a warehouse thursday night. firefighters initially responded to reports of an electrical fire and quickly found the large-scale grow operation. >> there is a process you have to go through. an approval process. >> so far, no arrests have been made. officers seized and destroyed the pot plants. as they say, smile, you're on camera. san francisco police, tonight, released their best photos of a
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bank robbery duo. it might be a description of the second man that brings them to justice. the first suspect, seen here, hit a bank in the financial district on april 30th. he's linked to a bank heist on monday. the suspect used a handgun during at least one of the robberies. sfpd is looking for a second man who helped pull off the robbery on may 12th. they hit a bank near chestnut and philmore street. this suspect is missing three fingers from his right hand and two fingers from his left hand. the man accused of bludgeoning a berkeley hills man to death, reportedly attacked a sheriff's deputy today, breaking his jaw. the deputy tried to transport him to the napa state hospital this morning. the deputy will have to undergo surgery to have his jaw wired hut. he was accused of beating a berkeley woman to death.
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they unearthed bodies and questions and concerns. why didn't anyone know about the hidden grave in san jose. and what happened with the remains of the nearly 1,500 people? this is a story we broke yesterday. the accidentally discovery at county medical center. county officials say the bodice might have been buried there in the 1930s. l archaeologists say the condition of the remains is determined by many factors. >> i understand they've been under asphalt, under a parking lot. they may be in pretty good condition. i've worked on burials from the 1880s, 1890s, where they -- the people still had hair. >> construction on a new parking structure has been halted in this area.
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the county plans to file a petition, asking the court to remove 100 of the coffins in the immediate construction zone. joanne hoesawitt. she told "the chronicle," she stopped paying support to her ex 14 months ago. the chief had a restraining order against her ex. the cost of raising her kids alone became too much. and that her ex, who lives in a halfway house, has not made a got effort to find work. she pays $3,300 a month in spousal support. a fiery commute on a san jose freeway. this is the 280, 880 interchange. it's anything but routine.
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you can see what's happening. the vehicle rolled backwards. the burning vehicle rolled on to uncoming traffic. but amazingly, didn't hit any other cars. incredible experience. and now, our dreams came true. >> they had trouble conceiving. so, they looked for help. it wasn't adoption. >> a rare move by health officials. why they threw a sick patient in jail. >> a big, new feature expected on appls next gadget. that marine layer is strong enough to provide a lot of fog for the peninsula. even a bit of drizzle at the current moment. we'll track that and have details on our cooldown for thursday. and wheninapup. nthrs80s, comin.
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a date celebrating the work of harvey milk in schools is becoming controversial. >> the group called save california is urging parents to take kids out of school on may 22nd, to avoid what they call an immoral lesson plan. >> reporter: here in san francisco, harvey milk has schools and an art center named for him. but a group called save california, says california students shouldn't learn about the gay politician. and that group is hitting the radio waves.
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california lawmakers made harvey milk's legacy, on may 29. >> he wasn't just about gay rights. he was about workers' rights. he was about equal rights for everyone. >> reporter: the president of the harvey milk democratic club says there's a lot to learn from milk. but a group called save california, is urging parents to keep their kids out of school on may 22nd. >> your children are being targeted. >> reporter: running radio ads in sacramento, warning parents it's a dangerous lesson plan. >> pure fear-based manipulation. it's sad because some of those children are gay. and the message those children are getting is they're not worthwhile. >> reporter: the campaign against harvey milk day comes at a time when some lawmakers are talking about naming a military ship after milk. and on the heels of president barack obama, saying he believes
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same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. parents we talked to said their kids won't be skipping school. >> that kind of reaction is probably demonstrating a little bit of prejudice. >> reporter: gay rights supporters say the campaign is a teachable moment. >> i think these hate-filled messages help people understand what we face. >> reporter: here in san francisco, harvey milk will be honored at several events next week. >> jean, thank you. he's sick. and now, he is in jail. authorities took the unusual step of charging a tuberculosis patient, who they say refused to take his meds to keep the disease from spreading. health officials say 30-year-old armando rodriguez, had active pulmonary disease, which can spread through the air. rodriguez is seen wearing a
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protective mask. prosecutors say he was arrested for endangering health. you want a baby but you can't have one. and adoption isn't in the coard. where are you supposed to turn? what about another woman that would carry a child for you. it's an option more and more. but is it legal and costly? we are introduced to a woman who says surrogacy is something available to more than just the rich and famous. >> reporter: when this san francisco couple married, they knew what they wanted next. babies. a few years after their picture-perfect wedding, a beautiful boy. then, a year later, a second pregnancy. >> we were so excited. and we had a miscarriage. we thought, okay. one's not a big deal. but then, every six months, we'd get pregnant. and miscarry. and no one could say why. >> reporter: for years, tiffany, kept trying to get pregnant
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while trying to adopt. then, she turned to surrogacy. something becoming more popular and more accessful. when presumptive nominee, mitt romney's youngest grandchildren were born may 4th, romney tweeted, thanks to our surrogate. and a cancer survivor revealed on the "today" show, that she's using a surrogate to make her baby dreams come true this summer. but people are also turning to surrogates in countries like india, guatemala and the ukraine. >> i think we're going to see a rise in medical tourism, generally. and figuring out the international law aspects of that. >> deborah wall says she is seeing a dramatic rise in couples using surrogates, rather than adoption.
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>> people look to surrogacy because it gives them a measure of control. >> according to the american bar association map, surrogacy is illegal in the nine states in red. only in california and the other six brown states is there case law. in the rest of the states, surrogacy is in some form of legal limbo. tiffany found her surrogate just hours from her home. >> we had a cup of tea. and she has a lawyer and i have a lawyer. and you go over the specifics. >> reporter: once that was settled, tiffany and her surrogate began a friendship. and tiffany got to watch her baby grow throughout the pregnancy. and when the baby girl was born, tiffany was there. >> i got to cut the umbilical cord. i was on the bed with her. we were hugging. it was an incredible experience. and now, our dreams came true.
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>> reporter: tiffany shared her story, in hopes of empowering women, paralyzed after infertility. >> to have the surrogacy go so smoothly, such gratitude. >> if you'd like more information about tiffany's story, we'll link you to her facebook page. go to our website, and click as seen on, or such surrogacy solutions. time to upgrade your iphone. the next generation iphone will offer a wider screen. apple has placed an order for bigger display screens from its asian suppliers. the display will reportedly be four inches diagonally. the next jen iphone is looked to have a fall release date. not surprisingly, apple has not confirmed these reports. >> you know who is going to be standing in line for those. jeff raineri.
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>> i was anying how expensive this was getting. the latest weather technology, of course. we're tracking some drizzle across highway 101. right down to san francisco. if you're a bay area commuter, hopping over the bay bridge tomorrow morning, we'll find cloud cover. and the drizzle happening there now, is not going to budge until tomorrow morning. we'll look out the h.d. sky camera network. those low beams are on. we have low visibility across the bridge at the current hour. it's going to be getting worse in the next three to four hours. with the high due points in this hour, we can't rule out a few airport delays at sfo, and in oakland. if you have early-morning flights, that's something you're going to want to check on. that cool breeze will stay in place. you may want to grab that jacket as you head out the door. you're not going to get in on
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this 80-degree heat that won't have you in shorts until saturday and sunday. we have an area of low pressure moving across california. we need to get in on this before we get in on 80s by saturday and sunday. this is going to hang out for the next 48 hours. keep the fog and drizzle in place until thursday. friday, that will be the transitional day for us. here's the good news. you may be a little annoyed by the fog that's moving in, it has lowered the allergy forecast and the air quality, quite a bit better until this time next week. 46 in santa cruz. and 46 in santa rosa. cold in the north bay for this time of year. and 51 in san jose. cooler tomorrow in the south bay. those of you in san jose, low 70s there. 68 in santa cruz. and 60s in hayward, fremont,
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alameda. but in the east bay, we should pop up to mid-80s, in pleasanton, dublin, into walnut creek. and in san francisco, the layers as we head into thursday. 64. we're going to pop up to 72 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, we warm up as we head into saturday and sunday. eight weekends in a row of awesome weather here. temperatures in the mid-80s by sunday. and into next week, we do not have any large storm systems coming our way. temperatures holding smooth and steady for tuesday and wednesday, with double 7s. seven's lucky, right? >> yeah, wednesday. >> we've been lucky and partly-cloudy. >> yeah. all right. still ahead, the shoes the feds say were part of a sketchy promise.
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an amazing story here. a paralyzed woman moved this robotic arm to bring her a drink using her mind. a chip implanted in her brain monitors for movement. and the software interprets the message, and sends them to the robot. researchers say the technology is years away from practical use. they are excited about the result of their tests. sketchers will have to foot a huge bill about making false promises about its shoes. sketchers usa will admit they made false claims about their shape-ups toning shoes. if you bought the shoes, you'll be eligible for a refund. but it's unclear how much you will get. jennifer lopez is on top of the world. the 42-year-old entertainer was named the most powerful celebrity on the planet by "forbes" magazine today.
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j. loum jped 41 places from last year. thanks to her gig on "american idol" and huge endorsement deals. rounding out the top five, oprah and justin bieber kept their spots from last year, at second and third respectively. rihanna made her debut on the list. and lady gaga dropped from the top spot down to fifth. >> back in a moment with sports and brian wilson.d
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hi, everybody. you know, 2012 is beginning to look eerily familiar for the giants. great pitching. offensive struggles. injury issues. the latest seeing melky cabrera, who is a late scratch because of a sore toe. not serious. and melky could be back in tomorrow. he did pinch hit tonight against
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the cardinals, as they begin a quick two-game series. madison bumgarner was 8-0. he goes yard for the eighth time. 2-1, st. louis. and skip schumaker greets him with a double. the cardinals beat the giants, 4-1. >> the call was, whether they were anxious or had trouble picking up the ball. we had some, you know, tough at-bats with runners in scoring position. young guys, they're anxious, and i know they want to get it done. he was smart. he expanded the zone and we chased it. >> among the more notable giant injuries, brian wilson out for the season after tommy johns surgery. willie had been noticeably
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absent until today. he updated the world on his habbies and his rehab. >> early on, you can think of all of the negative things that hinder you. if you focus on negativity, that's exactly what you'll produce. but i try to think more positively. and surround myself with teammates like i have, that are positive and are going to help me heal well. >> how about the a's in texas. bottom four. 1-0, oakland, until adrian beltre, from one knee, leaving the yard. two-run shot. rangers up 2-1. hugh darvish was terrific. one earned run. and the rangers beat oakland, 4-1. and nba playoffs. lakers/thunder. game two. thunder down with 21 ticks. kevin durant, the tough floater.
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oak city down by one. they were up seven with two minutes to go. this is a good choke job by the lakers. steve blake needed a three at the buzzer. 77-75, the thunder even up the series. back to our top story, guys. the giants will try to flip the two-game set with the cardinals tomorrow. and the bay bridge series coming up this weekend. >> our other top story, scott, happy birthday. >> waiting for the package, guys. >> we go minan
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you ready buddy? you're probably not getting called up to the majors.
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but your fence? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. check this out. that is a horse swimming. 6-year-old horse at sea. the horse got spooked on the beach with its trainer. it swam two miles out to sea. pretty deep. after three hours, the crews
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were able to corral the house. he was a little dehydrated but okay. >> you see the edge of the satellite there. >> it's an amazing feeling to sit on a horse when it starts to swim. >> did they know the horse could swim like that. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ]
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