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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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location close by didn't work out. i'm christie smith. i'll explain coming up in a live report. and get ready for the coolest day of the week. temperatures in the 50s to start, headed toward the low 70s. your full forecast and seven- day in moments. 880 north through fremont moving just fine, but further up, a new accident reported. i'll get those details, bring them to you coming up. and we'll take you live outside looking at the embarcadero all lit up for this thursday, may 17th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us. 5:00 right now, i'm laura garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley and this is new this morning. a bizarre story overnight happened on the pe naninsula. a man trying to escape an attacker and had no idea how far he was going to fall there.
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"today in the bay's" bob redell live with details on what happened. good morning, bob, kind of crazy out there. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. yes, unfortunate for this person we believe was a victim of a car jacking, trying to escape, not realizing there was a drop off from where he jumped over the edge on to the highway. this happened where you can see the headlights are coming down the decline. our general understanding is before 2:00 this morning, this man had been car-jacked. he escaped his assailant, ran away, leaped over the edge at highway 92 thinking it'd be a short drop, turns out it was 30 feet to the ground we drove past that area, it is deceptive in the dark. he was able to call chp, they stayed on the line with them and were able to locate him by listening to the sirens approaching in the background. the area he landed was so
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inaccessible that the fire department had to hoist him back up on the highway in a rescue stretcher for transport to the hospital. his condition unknown. so is the whereabouts of the car jacker, but as our understanding, that san mateo police did recover that vehicle at another location. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." san jose police hope to talk to a man this morning who survived seven days with no food and water. michael sanchez jr. lost control of his ford pickup on highway 101. a witness says he saw the truck go down an embankment and crash and saw sanchez get out of the car and walk away. chp and sheriff deputies searched and found no sign. seven days later, returned to the scene and found sanchez still alive. >> well, he actually was out there for seven days and, you know, he was found alive so i know that the investigators were elated to know that they actually found someone that they essentially rescued.
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>> sanchez is in the hospital recovering. detectives expect to talk to him today. this just into the newsroom, a teenager now dead after a shooting in sanjose. doctors work through the night trying to save the 18-year-old boy, but unfortunately he died early this morning from a gun shot wound. officers found him and another man injured on walnut woods drive late wednesday night. the other man was assaulted and has serious injuries but he was not shot. so far, no word on a possible motive. and police have not released a description of any possible suspects. 5:03. and this morning, a sheriff deputy facing surgery after a murder suspect attacked him. the sheriff's department says the deputy was putting dewitt into waist and leg chains when dewitt punched him breaking his jaw. the deputy will have to undergo surgery to have his jaw wired shut. dewitt is accused of bludgeoning a homeowner to death with a flower pot.
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a stanford professor will not be facing charges after police found more than 40 teenagers holding a party at his house. the san mateo district attorney says, no, there is not enough proof that william burnett bought the alcohol or made it available to the teens. burnett was arrested back in november after neighbors complained about a loud party at his menlo park home. burdette says he left his teenager and son to have a party but was not aware the kids were drinking. this morning, fed up grocery workers delivering a strong message to employees. they'll be heading to 24 grocery stores. the workers employed by lucky, nob hill, and safe way say they are demanding a contract that provides good jobs and affordable health care. at 4:00 this afternoon, the buses will converge at chavez park in downtown san jose for a rally. well, a food fight ends up with burger fans winning
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big-time in one bay area city, in and out burger at the east bay location after being rejected by a neighboring city. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live where the fast food chain is bringing more than just burgers out there. christie, good morning. smelling any scent of fresh grilled burger yet? >> reporter: no, i wish i was. because i absolutely love it. but let me tell you, they are getting close to opening up this morning. a giant in and out truck pulled up, and we've been seeing workers bringing onions and buns and that sort of things to the front and workers inside putting the finishing touches on, but no, unfortunately, i can't smell anything yet. just a little too soon because the doors open up at 10:30 this morning here on contra costa boulevard in pleasant hill. this is bringing jobs, 50 new burger associates starting at $10.50 an hour. and the patties being served out
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here. the location is up the road from a planned second in and out location that started this whole burger controversy in the first place at the border of walnut creek. people there concerned about the potential traffic and parking and other issues with the city. but this in-n-out is a couple miles up the road. it's good to go. so walnut creek residents will be able to get their burger fix here. most days it's open until 1:00 a.m. and on weekends, open until 1:30. reporting live in pleasant hill, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, christie. >> yeah, i'm in the mood for fries and burgers this morning, breakfast of champions. christina loren here to talk about the weather and what might be good for a picnic. >> we're going to have a nice day for an indoor picnic. we have temperatures today and cloudy conditions. that will keep you inside. that sunshine we had yesterday, not going to be the case today. but what i can tell you is that sun will come right back out tomorrow and as it does so, temperatures are going to warm
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just in time for the weekend. we're going to get the best weather over the weekend. we're in the 50s to start. i stopped the clock at 3:00 p.m. and you can see here, that's when we'll see a little bit of sunshine. between about 3:00 and 7:30, we will see the sun, but we're going to have to wait for it. limited sunshine just about all day long. now, one of the benefits of a strong onshore flow is that we've got good air quality out there. and we're going to hold on to this good air quality over the course of the weekend as a result. so once we do start to warm up, you can open up those windows and breathe it in and our pollen levels are starting to decrease. up to 74 degrees as you make your way home from work. down from the mid-80s yesterday, 10 degrees cooler at the coast, 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in places like pacifica. let's check your drive at 5:07. here's mike. >> the incident at the bay bridge toll plaza reported as a fender bender. let's look out at our live camera to see no slowing visible approaching. this is just past the toll
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plaza. lane number three as i understand. fast track just fine right now and no major slowing. we'll track it and make sure they can clear it without incident. meanwhile, you see a smooth traffic flow through the maze and over off of the city side, as well. milbray avenue, the onramp still closed for construction, probably another 45 minutes till that crew starts to move. westbound 92 to southbound 101 at the interchange, more construction there. and we continue the dumbarton bridge, all crews cleared there as well as for 101 south of embarcadero, remember the dumbarton bridge closes and memorial weekend all three days. back to you guys. all right. if you're headed to san francisco, rare chance this morning to see a world class racing yacht up close. the americas cup organizers will display a full-size catamaran in san francisco's union square. 66-foot tall race boat will be there from 10:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon.
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san francisco, of course, will be the home city of the 34th americas cup next year. pretty cool. >> intense and exciting stuff there. it is 5:09 right now. coming up, yeah, his elbow isn't moving too much, but that cannot stop his mouth. we get an update status from brian wilson just ahead. and verizon makes a big announcement that's going to affect thousands of customers. you could be one of them. i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you the details coming up. and for the latest news, traffic, weather, check us out on facebook, just search nbc bay area. and a live look outside, yes, majestic look over san francisco. yeah, i love these shots in the morning. it's a little bit of a oerusibe soing to start your day. 5:09, back in minutes. new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain.
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welcome back, everybody, on this thursday morning. it's hp pavilion out there in san jose. in a matter of weeks will be the u.s. olympic trials for the gymnasti gymnastics. going to be exciting stuff. right now, very calm, but early. 5:12. it could soon cost you more to upgrade your phone. verizon wireless says it will no longer customers to keep their unlimited data plans. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live outside a verizon store with more on how the changes will affect customers. a lot of people are grandfathered in. >> reporter: and i'm one of them. i'm one of verizon's 93 million customers. i have one of those unlimited data plans, if you're like me, next time you go to upgrade your phone to get on that faster 4g network, you're going to have to sign on to a data share plan. verizon making this big announcement saying it is doing away with grandfathered unlimited data plans.
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the idea is to migrate customers into the new faster 4g lte network. the company's cfo making this announcement and saying the move will make it easier for families and small businesses to connect multiple devices. now while this could be true for the solo customers with just one device, for instance, this move could move them away from verizon. pricing for the data share plan has yet to be announced and the company also is not saying precisely when this new rule will go into effect. other than to say it will be introduced some time this summer. verizon doing away with unlimited data plans in the future, forcing customers to sign on to a data share plan. well, if you are wondering, verizon brought in more than $70 billion last year. now, i have called into verizon headquarters, i'm waiting to hear back from a spokesperson. live in milpedas, today in the
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bay. move over apple and nokia, there's a new sheriff in town. samsung has bragging rights saying it's king of the mobile phone world. according to the latest stats. samsung sold nearly 87 million devices in the first quarter, nokia dropping down to second place after an almost 15-year run as the world's leading mobile phone vendor. it sold a mere 83 million units. apple would surprise some here selling only 33 million iphones. 5:14 right now. facebook announcing this week it is selling more shares than first planned. scott mcgrew says some of those shares coming directly from facebook's first investors. >> yeah, laura, which i think should give regular investors some pause. why are those people getting out now? right? take for instance the paypal founder quite famous for making an early investment in facebook and he's going to sell half his holdings. now, goldman sachs also selling half its holdings, as well. diversifying your portfolio totally normal, but one does have to wonder if they know something that mom and pop investors don't.
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now, to be fair, some insiders aren't selling any shares at all. palo alto's pinterest down the street from facebook has raised $100 million worth of private investment this morning mostly from japanese investor. this deal gives pinterest a value of $1.5 billion. while the rest of us are trying to figure out how jpmorgan chase could lose billions, talking about awarding bigger bonuses. good morning, seema. >> good morning to you. yeah, bonus checks may be bigger for wall street bankers this year. a closely watched survey by johnson associate is predicting bonuses will rise 5% to 15% with bond traders expected to see the biggest increase. banks may use a larger portion of their profits to fund the bonuses despite heavy job cuts across the industry and excessive pay.
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in other news, ford is taking on toyota in the hybrid market. the automaker will sell the new small minivan for a base price of $29,995, that's $500 less than the prius. ford says it will also beat the prius in fuel mileage getting an average of 42 miles per gallon in combined highway and city driving. toyota still dominates the u.s. hybrid market selling about 2/3 of all hybrids on the road. back to the markets, though, futures are higher after stocks fail to hold on to early gains on wednesday. worries about greece continue to offset the positive economic data. yesterday's data came out on the factory output and housing. the markets were spooked by reports that the european central bank was pulling support from several greek banks. a look at asia markets. asia closed mixed overnight. japan's economy grew more than expected this winter. europe is currently trading in negative territory.
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we get data today on new filing for unemployment. so that will surely be a market mover. and other news we're watching, walmart reported earnings this morning before the bell. a look at how the markets closed last night, the dow fell 33 points to 12,598 near a four-month low. also have the tech-heavy nasdaq losing 19 to 2,874. right now, futures are trading higher. back to you. >> hey, thank you. jon and laura, she mentioned greek banks, the one person you can't blame for the run on greek banks is the bank customer. greeks drew hundreds of millions from their own savings and put them in german banks and that's totally logical. there's talk of replacing the euro with the drachma again. you can't blame the individual person trying to protect their retirement, trying to protect their savings. >> protect the family and their
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lives. >> right. >> exactly, thinking ahead. thank you very much. >> not getting any better in a hurry over there for sure. it's 5:17 right now. check on the weather. looks like we're cooling off in this past week. >> yeah, about 10 degrees cooler through this afternoon. and where we ended up yesterday. so that means you want to break out the winter wardrobe just for today. it will be the coolest day of the week and temperatures are going to climb right back up as we head through friday and more so for the weekend. i wanted to point out that we are dropping in terms of your visibility at the surface. even down here in the south bay. gilroy reporting three miles of visibility and these numbers will continue to drop off as we head through the next few hours. we're expecting the lowest visibility between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. keep that in mind if you're a late-morning commute. 52 to start you out in san mateo, 54 in san jose. throughout the afternoon, an area of low pressure is going to pass to our north just to the north of the bay area as this thing moves over us, it's going to usher in that strong flow, and the marine layer is about 2,000 feet deep.
5:19 am
and we're going to have to wait until about 2:00 p.m. until it clears even your inland cities getting peaks of sunshine at that time. and then between about 2:00 and 7:00, you're going to get the most sun throughout the day. sun sets at about 8:15. 79 degrees today in livermore. those are some of the warmer the is only touching on the upper 60s in places like oakland. don't forget, tomorrow, the bay bridge series starts. and you can catch that game. the a's taking on our own san francisco giants. that game right here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00, and that series is going to be a great one. good weather saturday and sunday if you're headed out to at&t park. >> going to be crowds then, of course. and also the bay bridge series celebrating the golden gate bridge birthday. i like when the bridges get together to do that. looking over here, construction clearing 101 heading north of mountain view into palo alto. still have crews right here, 880, 17, that interchange.
5:20 am
i did see one crew hanging out at the overpass. yeah, they've gone. there were some flashing lights northbound 880 as you just travel from 17. now all things are cleared as you travel north of 280 coming northbound. very light volume of traffic. let's get back to the maps and show you livermore where we do have slowing coming into livermore, a typical pattern. still 14 to 15 minutes, a little slowing up towards north livermore. smooth down past airway, that 64 registering past the dublin interchange. of note still, we have construction crews there from al costa, but no slowing in either direction. as you're traveling westbound for 580 and a smooth drive through the castro valley y as well as across that san mateo bridge. back to you. it's the start of a bummer summer for the san francisco giants. yeah, the g-men losing last night to the cardinals 4-1. but at least one of the members is staying positive. yes, mr. brian wilson, out for
5:21 am
the entire season after his second tommy johns surgery, kind of staying of the spotlight until now. so the questions are, what's he been up to? and what's going on. here's the update from the bearded one himself. >> i kept myself busy with charting the games at home and -- doing rehab every day, it's going really well. we're ahead of the schedule. not getting too crazy, but -- things have progressed exceptionally well so far. >> more good vibrations, wilson is so optimistic about his recovery, he says he'll be ready by opening day next year. >> good deal. all right. >> good to know that elbow surgery's not hurting him from grooming that beard. >> he's got people, right? coming up, a bull's eye on new jobs. a potential target for your resume just ahead. and a lovely live look outside over san francisco. old glory just kind of waving back and forth. so not too windy out there. looks like it's going to be a pretty day. kind of chilly, though,
5:22 am
christina loren with all the details. 5:21.
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welcome back, everybody. how are you doing on this thursday morning as you roll out of bed and maybe chilling out on the sofa. that's a live look at downtown san jose. again, that sun coming up and pushing the blue look into the sky. we'll tell you about the weather and traffic coming up. it is 24. more than 300 new jobs up for grabs on the coast. target opening up a brand new store near monterey bay come july. and before its grand opening, the mega store giant planni inno hire more than 300 new employees. just trying to fill all those open positions.
5:25 am
it starts at 8:00 a.m. this morning and if you're going to go by, you should know that it's running through saturday. >> there you go. looks like a nice new store there. it's 5:25 right now. time to check that forecast once again. a cooler one. >> spoken like a true mother of triplets. yes, it is cooler out there. temperatures are going to be on the mild side today. i'd love to tell you it was going to be a warm spring-like afternoon. but what i can tell you is this is the only cooler than average day we're going to have to get through all week long. temperatures starting out on the mild side. you might not need that heavy coat. 57 degrees in sunnyvale, 55 in san jose. as we head through noon, temperatures already at 70 degrees only climbing to 74 in san jose and livermore which means 68 degrees in san francisco. let's check your drive all across the bay with mike. >> yeah, specifically crossing the bay, the bay bridge toll plaza. had an earlier incident reported. no slowing approaching the toll plaza and clear chp reports without drama. volume still very light. considerably more cars than the
5:26 am
last time we took a look. this will bump up over the last half hour, but no slowing down the east shore freeway and a another live look shows you the golden gate bridge already for the morning commute. more cars heading southbound than we did before. the volume increasing, but no slowing, you're at the limit, san rafael down to the maze, i'm sorry, down to the city itself. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. well, it's 5:26 right now. still ahead, beta breakers buzz kill. how cops are cracking down at this year's race. plus, a patient behind bars for not taking his medicine. why officers say he's a contagious threat. and a spray-painting spree. how this photo could help track down a tagger. hey, let's take a live look outside. this is our production booth this morning. really the brains. kind of where the great oz lives. >> the unsung heroes as it were. >> love our crew out there this morning really making this show look great. 5:26 right now. >> thanks, guys. .
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a man is car-jacked on a peninsula, now in the hospital not realizing his escape route had a 30-foot drop. take you live to foster city. and in-n-out burger fans have a new option, a new in-n-out is opening after a different location did not work out. the burger slap in a live report. we've got a good-looking forecast shaping up for you today. it will be cloudy and cool, but temperatures climbing as we head into the upcoming weekend. your full forecast moments away. and not so nasty as you're traveling up through oakland, but we do have a new incident reported nearby and i'll follow the slow zone on the peninsula coming up. and how about that, a nice look outside at the bay bridge. we give you that live view here. and good news to tell you. we're creeping ever so closely to friday. it is friday eve, thursday, may 17th, "today in the bay."
5:30 am
good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. g glad to see it's now 5:20. a peninsula driver so lucky to be alive in a desperate attempt to escape an attack. he jumped from an overpass unaware how far he was about to fall. bob redell live at the scene with details of what happened. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. a couple hundred yards away from the scene. i want to give you the lay of the land. where those trucks are on the decline up there. that's eastbound highway 92 just before mariners island. that might have been one reason this man thought he could safely hop over the edge of the highway not realizing, instead, there was a 30-foot drop. it was our understanding he escaped a car jacker, running away when this happened around
5:31 am
1:45 this morning, tried finding a safe area. the man was able to call 911 after he hit the ground, they did stay on the line with him, were able to locate him by listening to the sirens approaching in the background. the area where he landed was so inaccessible that the fire department had to hoist him back on to the highway in a rescue stretcher for transport to the hospital. we also don't know the whereabouts of the car-jacker. but it is our understanding that san mateo police were able to locate that car at another location. reporting live here in foster city, bob redell, "today in the bay." vice principal at a south bay high school now facing felony charges for sexually assaulting a teenage girl. a 32-year-old assistant principal of activities at leland high accused of having unlawful sexual contact with a minor who is a student. the alleged incident happened last september. he was charged yesterday with two felonies and one misdemeanor. he has been placed on paid administrative leave.
5:32 am
this morning, a sophisticated drug ring now dismantled by federal agents in the east bay. a tip led authorities to a home in discovery bay where several people allegedly grew marijuana for money. also targeted a business called growers choice hydroponics. confiscated more than 30 firearms and a grenade launcher. he's been called a danger to the public and now the man is in jail. charging a tuberculosis patient who says -- they actually say he refused to take his meds. they're trying to keep his disease from spreading. 34-year-old hermando rodriguez has t.b. that can be spread through the air. and you can see in this photo, rodriguez wearing a protective mask. prosecutors say he was arrested for refusing to take his medication, missing doctors appointments, and endangering
5:33 am
public health. rodriguez facing two misdemeanor counts. 5:32, questions and concerns unearthed along with bodies in a hidden grave in a san jose construction zone. and a new push to have those coffins removed. it's a story we first broke at nbc bay area. santa clara county planning to file a petition asking the court to remove 100 of the coffins found at valley medical center's construction site. county leaders say the bodies were likely in a long forgotten cemetery dating back to the 19th century. construction on new parking center is now on hold at the medical center while that investigation continues. oakland city leaders this morning considering a brand new law targeting violent and unruly occupy protesters. it would make it a misdemeanor to bring so-called homemade weapons to protest. that includes shields, fire accelerant and pressurized paint sprayers. police say the law would allow them to arrest potential agitators before protests would
5:34 am
get out of control. the city's public safety commission will consider this proposal tuesday. it's 5:33 and new this morning, east bay police need your help to track down the serial tagger. the photo just released. officers say this man may be linked to a graffiti spree that left several downtown businesses spray painted on may 6th. if you recognize this person, call police. all right, time to lace up those running shoes and go ahead and grab one of those crazy costumes. got to leave the booze at home. police laying down the law for this weekend beta breakers race. the 103rd annual race. last year, if you recall, alcohol was banned from the race after a lot of bad behavior in neighborhoods. police say they'll be keeping alcohol off the race route this year, as well. organizers say the goal is to simply have a good time and have a safe time. >> well, they're having a food fight in one community. but it's benefitting another. in-n-out will open another restaurant in pleasant hill this
5:35 am
morning after being rejected by walnut creek. "today in the bay's" christie smith live with the details this morning. good morning, they've got the food deliveries coming this morning. we've seen onions and buns, but i don't think the grill is working yet because i can't smell anything. i just spoke with one worker had this morning and asked why do they have all this tape and the cones up here in the parking lot? and he told me that they actually had people trying to park here early to be the first to get their hands on an in-n-out burger. they put this barricade up. the popular chain is opening up here on contra costa boulevard, the first in the central part of the county. it's bringing jobs about 50 new burger associate jobs, there's 98 seats, but this was not without a burger controversy. in-n-out planned another location along the walnut creek border, but residents there came out -- they were worried about potential traffic impact, trash, there were parking restriction
5:36 am
issues, but this one is good to go, a worker told me that they open up this morning at 10:00. reporting live in pleasant hill, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> now this whole debate about burgers now. >> and it's only 5:36. >> i love burgers in general. >> there you go. it is 5:36. christina loren, we know you like burgers and the weather. >> yeah, i like both. i also learned in the past couple of minutes that jon thinks that in-n-out burgers are flavorful. so, yes, i had the luxury of listening to that whole conversation. it is our claim to fame here in california. one of our other claims to fame here in california, the weather. we're going to get one of those days, may gray, but this is the only day of the week that we have to deal with these foggy conditions that are going to last until about 2:00 p.m. but you can see here, 58 degrees at noon in san francisco. that means temperatures will be on the cool side, limited sunshine today, hey, that's still going to bring us up to 70 degrees because we're starting out mild inland and 74 at 4:00
5:37 am
p.m. your full forecast, seven-day, planning that week, so much happening around here this weekend. and, of course, the a's taking on the giants at at&t park. your full forecast, seven-day in just a moment. here's what's going on right now, talking about an incident over near the bay bridge. this is actually taking you away from the area. southbound highway 13, the warren freeway, the connecter on to eastbound 580 so everything is opposite your main commute. and as far as this aspect goes, reports of either some debris or a minor accident. i'm still tracking this -- letting you know if there are any lanes blocked on that connecter, but sounds like it's off to the shoulder. watch for any slowing. meanwhile, we continue eastbound 580 approaching 238 and saw earlier slowing there, as well b uh that has cleared up in the last three minutes. we have a smooth drive for the castro valley "y," 92 not reporting any problems. right now, we do have the construction cleared and 92 at
5:38 am
101, as well as the onramp has reopened without any slowing through this portion of 101. and to the north bay, 101 moves smoothly south to san rafael all the way down to -- this is looking toward lincoln avenue all the way down to the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:38 right now. still ahead, jabs about jobs on the campaign trail. the latest on the presidential race there still ahead in a live report. first you see them, then you don't. dramatic video as a firefighter falls through the roof of a burning building just ahead. >> that's crazy video. and flying free into the heart of an active volcano. we will show you the daring stunts just ahead. >> pretty amazing video to show you this morning. but take a live look outside from the south bay, as well. we're talking about cooler temperatures across the bay area. you're certainly going to feel them. and for the latest news, traffic, weather, and good things, check us out on facebook, it's very simple. merely search nbc bay area, see you back in a minute.
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hi, everybody. welcome back on a thursday morning. that is a live look at the embarcadero in san francisco. you can see the little lights flowing smoothly out there. a nice crisp start to your day. going to be chillier than the last couple. be ready as you go out the door. it's 5:41. occupy san francisco will migrate down the peninsula today. they're planning to protest an appearance by tony blair. blair is giving a talk at stanford on economic development in africa. his speech prompted a scathing opinion piece in the sanford daily calling him a war criminal and comparing him to charles manson. many say they'll be on campus to greet him later today. closing arguments getting underway in the john edwards campaign corruption trial. the defense resting without calling the former presidential candidate or his mistress he's accused of spending campaign
5:42 am
donations on. the jury could get their instructions later on today and officially begin deliberations tomorrow. now to decision 2012 this morning, republicans are closing ranks around mitt romney as president obama takes congress to task. "today in the bay's" brian mooar with a look at how the economy and jobs are turning into those jabs on the campaign trail. good morning. >> hi, laura, it's interesting, because the campaigns right now are running down parallel paths and the message is remarkably similar. at this point, president obama taking a day off on the campaign trail today sending out his attack dog joe biden, the vice president unleashing him for an attack on mitt romney and his time at bain capital as a venture capitalist. the vice president was in ohio yesterday and will be there again today. in a pair of steel towns that have fallen on very hard times. and his message is they don't get us. he's referring to mitt romney and the republican party.
5:43 am
meanwhile, romney and the republicans are sort of leveling the same charge at president obama saying the president is spending too much that he is killing jobs and that he is going to make it hard for america's future. mitt romney had with him yesterday a new weapon on the campaign trail. herman cain, his former rival delivering his endorsement. and reaching out to tea party skeptics urging them to jump on the bandwagon. but right now, both campaigns essentially have the same message. i'm the one who can create jobs. the other guy is going to kill them. live in washington, i'm brian mooar, laura, back to you. >> thanks so much, brian. a lesson plan involving harvey milk drawing criticism this morning. >> parents, you boys and girls are being targeted for immoral indoctrination at school on harvey milk day. >> that is a radio ad sponsored by the group save california. its leaders urging parents to keep kids out of school on
5:44 am
harvey milk day may 22nd. they say teaching students about the openly gay supervisor is wrong, but members of the harvey milk democratic club say the ads are harmful. >> pure fear-based manipulation. and it's really sad because some of those children are gay. and the message that those children are getting is that they're not worthwhile. >> california lawmakers made harvey milk's birthday a day of significance back in 2009. for the first time, minorities make up the majority of u.s. births. hispanics, blacks, asians and other minorities account for 50% of all births in 2011. that compares with 37% back in 1990. as a whole, the nation's minority population continues to rise. minorities make up more than a third of the country's total population. and new this morning, four pilots now dead after two pakistani air force planes crash during an overnight training
5:45 am
mission. five people also on the ground were killed when the planes went down in local pakistan. local residents say they saw the two planes collide in midair, but the air force still investigating. to space now where the russian made soyuz craft has docked with the international space station. two kosmonauts and american astronauts will spend four months in space. and in italy, two men have literally gone off the deep end at europe's largest volcano. yeah, check this out. the two speed fliers, the very first to successfully descend into mt. etna using a paraglider and skis. the team had to wait for the exact perfectly timed moment to do it since the volcano has already erupted, yeah, about four times so far this year. >> that is amazing video. >> very cool.
5:46 am
>> adventurous. >> the question is why? >> because it's there. >> i guess so. christina's here with a look at the forecast for today. little cooler. >> yeah, one of those days where you want to surf the web because temperatures on the cool side and we have a lot of cloud cover to deal with. good morning to you, san jose. i wanted to take you out live and show you the clear start that we once had just about an hour ago has now become mostly cloudy. that marine layer pushing all the way inland. and it is thick this morning. we're probably going to see mostly cloudy conditions until about 2:00 today. wanted to go ahead and talk about your visibilities. we are dropping off in places like gilroy at 3 miles. continuously going to drop off through the next couple of hours. the fog will get worse before it gets better. you want to keep that in mind. one of the benefits of a stronger onshore flow. we have a much lower pollen count. you probably already noticed this. if you are someone suffering from the allergies of the season. now, low pressure is going to change our weather pattern significantly for today. it's going to bring in that marine layer. and we're going to have to deal with those cloudy conditions
5:47 am
until maybe 2:00 p.m. even here in san jose. but by tomorrow, that sun comes right back out, and we clear you out nicely just in time for the weekend which looks phenomenal around here. temperatures today rather comfortable, little bit on the cool side on the coast. but you're talking about room temperature readings at 4:00 p.m. you don't need the a.c. nor the heater los gatos or san jose today. we're going to climb to about 84 degrees on saturday. peak warmth on sunday. that's your beach day, and we'll talk about air quality coming up. also want to show you some of these live pictures where the fog is really starting to settle in at this point. stay tuned for that. first, we want to get you out the front door now that the weather is coming into play. >> christina, no problems so far, but as you know fog doesn't affect the drive until about 1/4 mile in many spots. we're looking at no delays towards the bay bridge, the east shore freeway at the limit or close to it. warren freeway, the earlier incident has cleared from the
5:48 am
equity canning ramp on to eastbound 580. eastbound 580 at broadway reports a tree down blocking your left lane as well as some trash in the area. stay to your right as the crew arrives, might have to block two lanes, two lanes over to the left, the fast lanes. we'll watch for that and report any updates about lane closures. here's your commute coming up for highway 4. 24 at the el street sensor, but 20 where it's red. no major problems through pittsburgh and bay point, but this little blip we see in concord, could be early slowing, but likely a few more cars skewing the average. for now, we'll watch that as the computers catch up. westbound 580, a smooth drive into the altamont pass, 16-minute time and building as you're coming through central livermore without any delays through pleasanton and dublin. and the earlier stall has cleared. live look shows you 880 past the coliseum, the volume builds a tad bit. a smooth drive at the limit through fremont and into milp a
5:49 am
milpedas and the south bay. everything september a little construction northbound 280 through 880. no major issues and no slowing, guys, back to you. >> thank you, mike. this morning watching the high winds, they have tripled the size of a wildfire spreading in northern arizona. the fire in the prescott national forest has grown to about 6,400 acres in more than eight square miles. nearly 500 firefighters trying to keep the flames away from crown king. most of the town's 350 residents have evacuated their homes. and this morning, dramatic video that shows a firefighter actually plunging through the roof. watch it here. of a burning apartment building. that is in portland, oregon. two other firefighters managed to grab ahold of the firefighter and actually pull him back out of that hole. luckily the firefighter was not injured, but he was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out as precaution. >> we know 2 1/2 hours of news every day, we see unusual stories.
5:50 am
this is one of the strangest. a woman's cargo pants catch on fire. that's not the weird part. this is. investigators blame a pocket full of rocks. yeah, the woman says she picked up the orange and green speckled rocks at an orange county beach and her walking, apparently caused a little friction and a spark. the woman caught fire and suffered third-degree burns to her leg. this morning as they should be the rocks are being examined in a lab for testing. >> that is strange. >> it really is. >> boy scouts want to know. earn a badge, right? coming up, cutting through long lines at sfo, technology making a comeback to get you where you want to go a little quicker. plus, sound waves on the water front. oakland tuning up for its summer concert series. >> and where did the persian gulf go. where did you last leave it? coming up. taking a live look outside. can you make out transamerica pyramid in that shot? much cooler day across the bay. one will the sun arrive? christina loren will tell us. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you,
5:51 am
he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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5:53 am
good morning, everyone on this friday eve. a foggy shot of alcatraz out there. the sun's starting to come up over san francisco. always nice to see that out there. you know that means the day's about to start. it is 5:53. >> it is already well underway. and memorial day soon to follow. travelers will be able to pass some long security lines at sfo. clear cards are back at san francisco international airport. remember those? they allow registered travelers to speed through security by
5:54 am
submitting their fingerprint or eye scans in advance and paying a yearly fee. the company actually shut down its services at sfo back in 2009 but now says it plans to relaunch clear lanes at every terminal starting on wednesday. clear says it will also honor all prior memberships. okay. how about this? you can't find the persian gulf on google maps. and scott mcgrew says, yes, that has persians upset this morning. >> sure, where'd their gulf go? making threats against google this morning. here's the map, the company dropped the name from the map. iran's foreign minister says if google does not restore the name persian gulf, it'll face serious damages. the controversy is centuries old. most do indeed call it the persian gulf. if i don't get a chance to mention it tomorrow because we're too busy, this is my absolute favorite event of the year.
5:55 am
gathering a wild and crazy inventors. a lot bigger than you think and very family-friendly. now, why might we be too busy? well, because facebook will start selling shares if everything goes to plan. the company should price its stock tonight. i'm predicting $27.50. and we are going to have team coverage live from here, live from menlo park and palo alto and new york. we're going to take you live to the preparty before the open. straight through the ringing of the nasdaq buzzer at 6:30. when trading begins, we'll be there. that's when the public can start buying, we'll start tracking that price. big day tomorrow. >> okay, you say $37.50, i'm going $38. >> i'm going to go $37.25. >> $37.25, and let's get mike as long as we're at it. >> $1, $1. >> right, you're way in the background, but go ahead. >> $40 straight up. >> i assume -- >> speaking of christina, you take it away.
5:56 am
>> thank you, laura. might be the only time you give it to me. we're looking good this morning. we have temperatures climbing into the 70s, as of noon, 70 degrees at 4:00 p.m. at the bay and coast, temperatures are only going to end up in the 60s. require a jacket just about all day. your full forecast is moments away. let's check your drive with mike. >> still watching this tree down and the updated location lane number two. one of your middle lanes is eastbound 580. opposite your commute taking you away from the bridge, 24 and 980. a smooth drive, look at the live shot of the toll plaza. crowd starting to grow, guys, back to you. >> $1, huh? 5:56 right now. starting tonight, sound waves will rock the water front in oakland. the second annual freight concert series at jack london square kicks off tonight at 5:30. on stage tonight, new orleans-style brass band called the brass mafia. free concerts will be held every thursday through june 14th. all right. it is 5:56 right now. still ahead, bumper-to-bumper for burgers, why gridlock is expected in an in-n-out griddle
5:57 am
just ahead. plus, limits on your unlimited plan. the news that verizon customers will not want to hear but will definitely be talking about. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪
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a man's attempt to get away from a car-jacker lands him in the hospital. not realizing his escape route had that 30-foot drop. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to foster city for the rest of the story. police hope to interview a san jose man found after spending a week without food or water following a truck crash. and thousands of verizon customers are sure to be affected after the company's big announcement. i'm marla tellez with that story coming up. and we've got changes to your forecast today, cooler, cloudier weather moving in. and temperatures struggling to break into the mid-70s. your full forecast just moments away.


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