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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i'm scott budman at facebook headquarters where this morning, silicon valley's hottest company is set to go public. and, while facebook is giddy with excitement, a long list of silicon valley and around the world may soon be out of work. also, your friday night preference may be recorded tonight where you choose to spend your evening may broadcast publicly. we'll explain all. taking a live look outside beautiful bay bridge glistening on this friday, may 18th, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning, everybody, almost 4:31 in the morning, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's check that forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, a good-looking day shaping up. it is the coolest start to the week that we've had. all week long, temperatures have been in the mid-50s at this point. we've got the 40s on the map in oakland, san francisco, and livermore. so as we head throughout the day today, i happily get to tell you it's going to be warmer and we've got a great-looking weekend forecast. stay tuned for that first. you might find a little fog out there. let's see if that's interrupting a smooth drive with mike. >> so far, no reports of that, christina, but that's a great note on your part. a little bit south of the city on the peninsula, actually northbound 280 coming through daly city. we have an accident partially blocking your left lane for quite some time. our reports are from chp that a person has been drinking since they stopped and talked to them. the person then crashed into -- crashed into the side of the road and that's how they were able to stop and talk to them. the conversation continues, two the roadway sounds like things are clear for 280 as well as 101 heading into the city.
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golden gate bridge, live shot, no problems as far as fog goes right now at the bridge, but we'll check the other spots as christina will tell you, things will change. can you feel the anticipation? the energy? that's right, we're two hours away from one of the most anticipated ipos in history. >> this morning as the facebook campus and menlo park counting their millions. scott budman live with what is ahead. >> reporter: good morning, you heard about big man on campus, and a little later, i'll be the poor man on campus. there have been a lot of people at facebook overnight focusing on business, but yeah, if focus will at some point later today turn to money. so much of it is about to change hands. in fact, by going public and setting a price at $38 a share, facebook has already pulled in $6.8 billion. that is a very substantial amount to have in the bank. as you know, facebook has been growing and hiring a lot. this will allow the company to do so even more. what about the rest of the investors?
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potential investors for the very first time will be able to own a bit of facebook starting later on this morning when the stock starts to trade on the nasdaq. and speaking of the nasdaq, it has come across the country to today be at least virtually here in menlo park. we are told that ceo mark zuckerberg will ring the bell virtually here at the menlo park headquarters instead of having to go all the way to new york. shows you a little bit about the power of facebook going public. it will be as of the opening trade a company valued more than hewlett-packard and starbucks combined. talk about the power of the social network. and, again, people will get their first chance to buy shares of facebook when the market opens a little later this morning. we'll be regularly with you all day long counting this thing down. i'm live at facebook headquarters at menlo park. back to you guys. >> we'll keep checking in with you, thank you. facebook's right on par with
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other tech companies in 1980, apple stock went for $22 a share. yahoo back in 1996 went for $24.50 a share. and in 2004, google stock sold for $85 a share. >> what is facebook going to possibly do with all this new money? well, the company's expected to raise some $16 billion on that ipo and one of the largest cash reserves of any nonbank public company. facebook has talked only in broad terms about how they actually might use the cash. but analysts believe it will likely go to buying, building, and hiring more people to continue its dominance in the world of social media. >> we will have continuing coverage of the facebook public offering throughout the morning with multiple live reports from our team of reporters at the menlo park campus to the nasdaq live in new york. we'll be on campus all day long. coverage, as well, tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. for complete coverage, check out our website, nbc bay, just search facebook. now, symbolic of the silicon valley while facebook is basking
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in the glow. another tech titan is fighting just to stay relevant. the sobering reality for hewlett-packard. talking about company wide restructuring, including major layoffs. up to 30,000 hp employees could get the dreaded pink slips. >> so the rule of thumb for a new ceo when they come in, if you're going to make a cut, make it early, make it deep, get the company focused on growth again. that's what she seems to be doing here. >> the layoff could represent close to 10% of the company's workforce. hp employees close to 350,000 people around the globe. 4:35, and new this morning, berkeley police investigating a deadly car crash. it happened in california just after 1:00. berkeley police say a car struck a tree. one person died while two others were taken to a hospital with serious injuries. we do have a crew at the scene. christie smith gathering information and we'll have a live report. the family of michael
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sanchez this morning demanding answers about why it took authorities seven days, that's right an entire week to find that missing man. san jose police found sanchez tuesday in thick brush off of highway 101 in south san jose. a week after his truck crashed at the exit off of 101. the 25-year-old went without food or water for seven straight days. chp says it understands why the family would have frustrations, but defends its actions giving what they knew at the time. sanchez remains hospitalized. doctors say a man any older would not have survived. santa clara county officials could head to court to get permission to move 100 coffins in a hidden graveyard underneath valley medical center in san jose. we first broke this story for you on tuesday. since then, archaeologists have come forward saying they want to study those remains. construction crews discovered the nearly 1,500 bodies back in february. >> i think it's an opportunity to tell a story for each body.
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you can learn a lot of things about health. >> a 78-year-old woman from san jose believes her grandmother is buried there. she told the mercury news her family has always believed she was buried in the cemetery under a county hospital. but until now, no one believed her. several women right now facing charges linked to a scam targeting elderly asian women in san francisco. investigators say the suspects were after cash and jewelry. they would tell their victims older asian women that they were plagued by evil spirits and they would die unless they brought back valuables to be purified. at least two dozen people fell for this. police right now asking any victims to come forward. berkeley's police chief admitted he was wrong to pressure a reporter to change a news story. but that's not enough for city leaders. the city is spending $20,000 to review the media policies. a southern california based communications company will spend six months auditing department procedures and then make recommendations.
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the move comes more than two months after chief michael meehan sent the sergeant to the home of an oakland reporter with the demand the reporter change the story he posted online. and this morning, new insight into the controversial shooting of trayvon martin. the autopsy report states martin was shot in the chest no more than 18 inches away, that is point-blank. also toxicology tests finding the florida teenager had marijuana in his system. >> whether or not he smoked a joint a week before, it does not matter. this was an unarmed teenager in a place he had every right to be who was confronted by a man with a 9 millimeter gun. >> the state released the documents, photos, and witness statements. prosecutors claim they support the second-degree murder charges they filed against george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who claims he shot martin in self-defense. a wake will be held today for robert kennedy jr.'s estranged wife mary kennedy. she hanged herself wednesday at the family's ten-acre estate in
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new york. in recent years, the 52-year-old experienced drug and alcohol problems. funeral services are planned for saturday morning at a catholic church in bedford. the kennedys had four children together. if you saunter into a bar in san francisco tonight, a new app could be sizing you up. 25 bars have installed special cameras with facial recognition software that will give them a snapshot of the crowd. how many, how old, and male to female ratio. iphone and android users can download scene tap to get the information. the software breaks it all down in an anonymous way. scene tap first launched the software last year at 50 venues in chicago. and since then, several other cities have signed on. >> can't even get a beer without big brother watching you. >> tell if the cougars are out. >> watch out. it is 4:39 right now. let's check in with christina loren to find out about the day and weekend ahead.
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>> a great day for outdoor plans at night and during the day. temperatures are going to be in the 50s to start. we've got a great-looking day shaping up. the temperatures at the day's end will be so comfortable, you might just get mad at yourself if you don't get outdoors. we're at 49 in san mateo, good morning to you there. as we head throughout this afternoon, winds will pick up just like they did yesterday, but we're not dealing with the gusty conditions that we had last night. area of low pressure came through, that actually cleared the area. now, at this point, high pressure's moving back in and moving in quickly. as it does so, temperatures are going to climb by about 5 to 8 additional degrees from yesterday's highs. few 80s inland today, tomorrow even warmer by about three to five degrees. we're looking at a really comfortable saturday. your highs today in the 80s and 70s across the board. 71 for fremont, and 65 degrees today in san francisco. your day part forecast is coming up. but what i can tell you now is bring that jacket. something to peel off later.
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>> we're looking at a number of accidents, and nothing major, but still, the other incident report. i want to point them out westbound 80 at central just around the merge off the richmond bridge, which is moving smoothly. we have an accident moving to the shoulder, should be completely cleared now. chp said they were clearing it last time i checked. and with no slowing right now. we'll track that one. meanwhile, northbound, 680 approaching interstate 80, a car went off the roadway into a ditch. no injuries there, but some flashing lights as you're heading opposite your main commute through the north bay. one highway 29 at jameson canyon and the other one at highway 12 right around the bridge. we're looking at a couple of incidents, they may be the same thing. i'll track that and let you know if they have to close any of the lanes. light volume through the north bay and a live look outside through the east bay. 880 past the coliseum, things moving nicely, no problems as far as speeds go, both directions for the nimitz.
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4:41. coming up, the space odd couple. >> japan's venturing into the commercial space flight business carrying another country's pay load. also, mark zuckerberg's sister sending him a message on the eve of facebook's public offering. what she had to say. and hopes of getting in on today's ipo. our facebook ipo coverage continues all morning on "today in the bay." and for all your news, weather, traffic, and ipo action, check us out on facebook. i guess that makes sense. just search nbc bay area. we've got it. i was told that i was at@risk
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for sudden cardiac death. i was 23 years old.
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i wasn't overweight. i never dreamed this would happen to me. when the doctor told me i had three blocked arteries, i felt like i was punche in the gut. i found out that one in three women die from heart disease. how did i not know that ?
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good morning, everybody. how are you feeling on a friday morning? we give you a live look from new york city. that is time square. look at that nasdaq board. and, yeah, a lot of things happening right here in the silicon valley, going to be pumping that juice out there in new york. facebook going off. it's 4:45. >> big ipo, facebook all the talk this morning, but there are the market factors at work, as well. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to seema mody, good morning. >> good morning and happy facebook friday, everyone.
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facebook does inch even closer to becoming a public company today. the social networking site, of course, pricing its ipo at $38 a share, the top end of the expected range. now, facebook -- excuse me, will raise $16 billion with the option for an additional $2.4 billion in about a month. now, that will make it the third largest u.s. ipo behind visa. it's also the largest internet ipo topping google, can you believe it? facebook's market cap is about $104 billion, only 21 companies in the s&p 500 are bigger. now, if mark zuckerberg were to cash out his $19 billion stake in the company, this could buy companies like kellogg's, heinz, and yahoo, shares will start trading under the symbol fb at about 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time. this continues to be the big news of the week and of the day. back to you.
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>> certainly here in silicon valley. thank you very much, seema. >> it is on all day long, and so is the weather. christina loren here to tell us about friday and the weekend. i like saying the weekend. >> and i like saying good weather in the silicon valley. we've got a good-looking day shaping up. wherever you're headed, you have a good-looking forecast for this morning. it actually feels kind of crisp out there. it's the coolest start we've had all week. and when you walk out your front door, you will be greeted by really comfortable conditions. but now, i will say it's going to be a little bit cold. if you're spending any more than an hour outside this morning, you will need that jacket. as we head throughout the day, though, by noon, temperatures climbing into the 60s and 70s and then we're going to round out the day with a couple of 80s on the temperature map. one thing that has improved overnight, much calmer winds to contend with this morning. we had really gusty conditions overnight. high pressure building in and moving in quickly. this will bring the temperatures up by about 5 to 8 degrees today and even warmer conditions on
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the way as we head through your saturday. so we're still getting an onshore flow this morning and i'm not going to be surprised to find a full deck of clouds at the coast, probably blanketing the entire peninsula until about 9:00 a.m. but 11:00 to 2:00, temperatures starting to climb as the sun comes out and we're going to get a really, good-looking day out of it. as we head throughout the next couple of days, we'll keep climbing and cool off a touch as we head through the second part of your workweek. temperatures will climb back up to the 80s. we continue that roller coaster ride. but really, not seeing any major swings in our temperatures at this point. that's the good news, staying rather consistent for once, mother nature keeping it real. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, christina. and new this morning, japan takes its first steps toward the commercial space flight business. japan launching a rocket overnight carrying two satellites including one from south korea. this is the first time a non-japanese payload was
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launched on the japan h2a rocket. up there to provide high resolution images of earth. the japanese satellite will study the role that water circulation plays in climate change. we're expecting to learn more about spacex and its plans to launch an unmanned cargo ship to the international space station. this is video of the dragon space capsule. the first launch is set for tomorrow morning becoming the first private company to rendezvous with the iss. today the company will hold a news conference. so how big is the hype around facebook? well, a south bay company wants a piece of that facebook pie so badly they're putting their home on the line. no joke here. ken and linda are selling their 10,000 square foot home in los gatos for $29 million. not necessarily in cash, they said, hey, they'd trade their estate for pre-ipo facebook shares.
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>> was hoping and planning on actually after the ipo buying some real estate. the other person just was inquiring about how many shares it would take. >> well, they put their home and all those paintings up for offer online. at this point it is not clear a move like this would be legal. >> that's a beautiful home. coming up, what do you say to your little brother as he is about to become a billionaire? >> can i get a loan? >> i don't know if she needs it. mark zuckerberg's big sister just ahead. >> and that's my brother too. we're looking at 580 as we travel through livermore and a smooth drive. we're watching a couple of accidents changing the situation in the north bay.
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and this is a live look outside. beautiful all lit up at the embarcadero in san francisco this morning. friday forecast coming up as well as the weekend. all right. can taste it. >> just so much. feel the magic. and it is facebook friday. but life does roll on in other areas, that includes the roads. mike here to talk about what's happening outside. >> first of all, with all that facebook activity, we're going to warn folks around the dumbarton bridge, watch for a lot of activity and a lot of gawkers, but the activity will be on the campus, likely. we're covering the whole thing. we're looking here northbound 29
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in the north bay. an update from chp, the accident at 221, they've shut down your right lane. as you're getting over to the ferry area, because of this accident and the reports are that vehicles are "coming in hot," that means they're coming in very fast through the area because there's a light volume of traffic. watch for the flashing lights there in traffic control and nearby off of highway 12, another accident in the area. so a couple of issues. no major injuries, we want to keep it that way. watch for the flashing lights, northbound 680, that car off of the road, the approach over on the right side of your screen. live look outside and see how things are shaping up at the golden gate bridge. an easy drive out of the north bay. from san rafael down into the city, no delays, at the limit, including through the tunnel where you would and should slow a bit. back to the maps, the east bay now at central. westbound 80, we still have that accident there, but it is off to the shoulder. no injuries and no slowing past the scene. but this is a focus point as folks approach the merge off of
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the bridge passing that racetrack in the commute direction. and highway 24, and the related freeways. construction, not an issue now, coming to lafayette, westbound has reopened, guys, back to you. >> thanks so much. 4:55. all greek in oakland this weekend. oakland's greek festival kicks off this morning with music, dancing, and, of course, that great food. plenty of homemade greek dishes to sample along with cooking demonstrations. festival starts at 10:00 with officials opening the ceremonies at noon at the greek orthodox cathedr cathedral. and it runs through sunday night. and if greek music isn't your thing, how about smooth jazz? the malcolm x jazz arts festival is saturday. painting, poetry, as well as the great live performances from local dance groups, starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning and goes until 7:00. >> it is 4:55 right now. this week, one of napa's largest resorts and spas is officially larger.
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the $40 million 19-month-long renovation is now complete. among the additions, 165 guest rooms and suites and a lounge to go with a luxury bowling lane. she was one of facebook's first employees and she will likely cash in big after her brother's company launches its ipo today. we're talking about randi zuckerberg. she tweeted this to her younger brother yesterday. so proud of my brother on the eve of tech's biggest ipo. she adds a related note saying, hey, mark, now can you pay me that $10 i lent you for a lemonade stand? >> when you're big, you're big. and calling this one the zuckerberg musical. three women singing about the famed ceo's life on youtube. ♪ this is the dawning of the page that you share with us ♪ >> yeah. let her rip, ladies. not too bad.
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got that "glee" vibe. they put it to a funny twist on the social networking giant's history. from his beginnings at harvard university all the way until today's worldwide public offering. >> that's fun. we're going to have continued coverage and live team coverage all morning including mark zuckerberg actually ringing the opening bell this morning from facebook headquarters in menlo park. >> and he'll be singing his own tune inside his head. 4:57 right now. coming up, funny man bill cosby will be in the bay area today. what's behind his special appearance.
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this morning, the hottest topic in silicon valley, the social offering. facebook, it started as a project in a harvard dorm room, then became a college fad at a few select universities, including stanford. and now in just a matter of years, the social networking


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