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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. on the heels of a history-making ipo, mark zuckerberg, the ceo of facebook had another big day today. he got married. it was all kept a secret till the groom posted a wedding photo on where else, his facebook page. nbc bay area's monte francis has more on the event. some big-time wedding guests, as well. hello, monty. >> good evening. that's right. tonight mark zuckerberg changed
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his facebook status to married and tonight here at his home just down the street, the wedding reception is still under way. >> fewer than 100 guests came to mark zuckerberg's house in palo alto saturday afternoon for what they thought was a party to the celebrate priscilla chan's graduation from medical school. instead it was a wedding in his backyard. these photos show the happy couple after the ceremony. a person authorized to speak on their baffle says chan's ring featured a simple ruby. at about 8:30, the lead singer of green day billy joe armstrong was seen leak his house. he had his guitar in hand so we assume he was there to perform. as it grew later, guests danced the night away to '80s pop songs and neighbors didn't seem to mind. >> no, it's cool. everybody likes to party. why shouldn't zuckerberg party? >> the marriage announcement came where else but on facebook where zuckerberg changed had i status to married to priscilla
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chan. they met at harvard and dated for nine years. their wedding caps a busy week for both of them. zuckerberg's birthday and chan's graduation from ucsf medical school were both on monday. on friday, zuckerberg rang the bell for the nasdaq on facebook's first day of public trading. but even in the shadow of the world's biggest ipo, this night perhaps may end up being the most memorable of all for the newly weds. >> it's cool. they've been dating for a long time. they're in love i guess. you know, i wish them happiness. good for them, right? >> reporter: and one of the limo drivers told us he's on duty till 1:00 a.m. we expect this party will go on for at least a couple more hours. there's no word where the happy couple plans to honeymoon. monte francis, bay area news. >> i have to ask you, did any other neighbors, paparazzi, public folks pay much attention to the wedding tonight? >> there were a few neighbors
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who stopped by. a couple of paparazzi hoping to get their own shots of the happy couple. on mark zuckerberg's facebook page, he posted his announcement about the marriage. it had 700 times more likes than his announcement of the facebook ipo. if that's any indication how people are reacting to this news. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> polices in chicago say they discovered and stopped a terrorist plot connected to the nato summit planned for tomorrow. president obama and the first lady landed in chicago tonight several hours earlier, police arrested three men accuses of planning to attack the president's campaign headquarters as well as mayor rahm emanuel's home and other targets. they appeared in a federal courtroom today. defense lawyers for the suspects claim the charges are trumped up to frighten the protesters. >> this is an extremely sensationalized allegation and this is exactly what we anticipate from law enforcement
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and from various levels of government before national special security events. >> prosecutors say the men are self-described anarchists who boasted earlier about the damage they would do in chicago. >> firefighters battling a warehouse fire in downtown oakland made an unexpected discovery, an illegal marijuana operation. tonight police are trying to find the owners. the fire was reported about 4:00 this morning at a warehouse on broadway near 30th street. flames shot about 20 feet into the air. it took fire crews several hours to get those flames under control. once they did, at the back of the warehouse they found about 200 pot plants. a large filtering system and an electrical system that had been alerted, altered to support the grow operation. >> blew my mind. i had no idea. they're quiet tenants, nice people. older couple of people that use the place as i an traunt, warehouse.
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that's the only thing i'd ever seen. >> police are waiting to execute warrants so they can remove the plants and other evidence. officials say the fire caused about a half million dollars in damage. volunteers cleaning up a south bay river made a gruesome discovery this morning finding the body of a man in his 50s. no foul play suspected at this point. police say the volunteers found the body about 10:30 this morning as they were cleaning up the glued lup river in san jose. a silent killer affecting lives of baby boomers. it's called hepatitis c. the government is recommending people in their 40s, 50s and 60s should be screened for the virus at least once. more than 3 million americans already have hepatitis c, a liver illness transmitted by contaminated needles and blood transfusions done before 1992. according to the government one in 30 baby boomers has been inspected and most do not note
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they have it and can unknowingly spread it. there were free screenings today in berkeley and san francisco. and still to come at 11:00, you might be surprised by the latest major group to endorse same-sex marriage. we'll preview something that hasn't been seen in the bay area for about 20 years. plus, 81 years old and going strong. we'll meet one grandmother preparing for tomorrow's bay to breakers. >> and the weather for that are looks pretty good as we look for a stronger seabreeze during the day tomorrow. right now, still 50s and 60s outside. here is the issue. for the afternoon, more coastal clouds which could block the solar ecrisp viewing in parts of the bay area. we'll talk more about your sunday forecast when we come right back. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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the naacp made a move tonight some are calling historic. the country's oldest civil rights group voted to endorse same-sex marriage. gay marriage has long divided african-americans and given the timing of today's vote it's likely to be viewed as a statement of principle and support for the president's endorsement of the marriage. group issued a statement saying the naacp will oppose everts to codify discrimination into law. the strongest opposition to gay weddings within the community has come from church leaders. >> tomorrow, a historic navy battleship is scheduled to travel under the golden gate bridge headed for a new home. the "uss iowa was going restoration and it will be taken to southern california where it's to be turned into i an museum. the "uss iowa should pass under
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the golden gate bridge at about 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. >> and still ahead at 11:00, lieutenant governor by day, talk show host by night. gavin newsom is back on tv and this time doing the interviewing. an investigative unit exposes full-time government employees who are also taking full disability retirement from the same city.
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your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. blind chinese activist chen
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guangcheng an rbi the in the u.s. tonight with his family. he was greeted with cheers when he arrived in manhattan's greenwich vil where they plan to live. cheng is expected to attend law school. it's been almost a month as his dramatic escape from house arrest. cheng has been under arrest for more than seven years in china because of his outspoken opposition to forced abortions and other issues there. >> it's a system that pays out more than $50 million a year. we're talking about san jose's disability retirement program. and for three months, our investigative unit followed the paper trail and found it's a program with few checks and balances. investigative reporter jenna susko has more. >> okay. >> before he became scuba ve, he was lieutenant babineaux of the san jose police department. after 32 years, he retired. on disability. >> retirement. you collect disability. >> that was in 2005. babineaux stated he had problems
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with his neck. back, knees, et cetera. and once the retirement board approves an employee for disability retirement, it's for life. there are no medical follow-ups. that means babineaux could fully recover and still receive his tax free benefits. he's not breaking any rules. >> the problem here is very significant. >> san jose city auditor sharon erickson found major problems with the program last year. her audit revealed one in three police officers and two in three firefighters are retiring on disability. >> i'll tell you, had i not got hurt, i'd still be a cop. >> this council mann is still on disability retirement. before he was in office, he was a police officer injured in the line of duty. >> isn't this double dipping? >> yes, it is. >> do you think that's right? >> it's allowed. >> tomorrow night at 11:00, jenna continues her report with more information on the rule that allows certain retirees to
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double dip. if you have a tip, just call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at >> as of yesterday, lieutenant governor gavin newsom has a new occupation to add to his resume, talk show host. the first episode of the gavin newsom show made its debut on current t vr, the cable tv cofounded by former vice president al gore. his first guest was lance armstrong. in a recent interview with bay area, newsom said he pitched the idea after clearing it with his lawyers and plans to donate his salary to charity. the man behind tesla motors was hoping to watch his private spacecraft lift off today. watch the count down. you don't see or hear this very often. >> three, two, one. zero. and lift off. we've had a cutoff.
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>> with less than a second to go, the launch of the spacex rocket was canceled. it was supposed to have been the dawn of a new era, the first launch by a private company to inelon musk of tesla is the founder of spacex and watched the aborted launch from california. apparently high chamber pressure triggered a computer to shut down the launch at the last second. it was supposed to send 1,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station and the next launch attempt anyway is scheduled for tuesday. right now, we're going to attempt to go over to ron mayeda and check on the weather. the big news for tomorrow. >> still watching the solar eclipse rolling around tomorrow evening starting just after 5:00. it will peak about 6:32. our time we should about an 85% or so coverage of the sun. a reminder you can't look at this directly but you can if you have two index cards where you can cut a pin hole in one and
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project it on the backside of the other. we'll have this for you 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow evening. all the city cameras will watch this with you tomorrow eving. if you're out on the coast, you may miss out. we'll show you why here in the forecast coming up in a second. right now 50s and 60s outside. the late day seabreeze cooled things off after temperatures earlier this afternoon hit the mid 80s inland. wind out of the south into napa and santa rosa southwest at 10 into fairfield right now. our headlines, tomorrow, by the way, will be the warmest day over the next seven days. inland spots mid 80s. a big cool down starting late tomorrow. we're going to get more clouds filling in which may block the viewing out on the coast. a high clouds drifting by as we go through the afternoon. high pressure holding its grounds one more day. this starts to change as the jet stream starts to dip to the south. we're going to start to see this
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beginning late tomorrow. by sunday night into monday, not only a big push of the marine air dropping temperatures down big-time to start the workweek but a few showers north of santa rosa and very likely drizzle heading into tuesday morning. sunday looks warm inland. changes bee beginning this time sunday night. 5:00 tomorrow, the eclipse is starting. notice what's happening around the peninsula toward santa cruz, the low clouds starting to fill in as the sun sets lower in the sky. this might be a problem for the coast. from inland should be good especially towards the east bay into the santa clara valley. morning temperatures should be in the low to mid 50s for most of the bay area. through the day tomorrow, we'll see another warm day inland. this very likely will be the warmest day for the next week or so. those numbers in the low to mid 80s. over to the tri-valley is, close to 8. in pleasanton.
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86 in livermore. for the coast, we'll see increasing low clouds late in the day. 66 san francisco, 70s and '80s around the north bay valley. watch this temperature drop. we hope those coastal clouds hang out on the coast a little longer to get us the viewing for the inner bay. i think we'll get that tomorrow. after tomorrow, the inland temperatures at the top start to drop off. we're in the low 70s and upper 60s and friday, maybe even a chance of showers. >> no, no, no. >> yes, the pattern will hold i think for the eclipse but after that, really windy and much cooler for the weekend. >> memorial day weekend. >> hopefully it will change. >> thank you, rob. ♪ we're going to check out sports with mindy bok. what's going on, mindy? >> anyone in the area who likes baseball knows the bay area teams playing with a little bit of attitude. talk about home field advantage. both teams have swept their
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opponents for the past two seasons. even worse for the a's, they've lost their last ten at at&t park and looking to stop that streak and even the series as they go into game two today. a beautiful day at at&t for the second game in a three-game series. that's jemile weeks leading off the game. a beautiful hit to left. melky cabrera makes an even better catch, just lays out. able to get to his feet after that. he's smiling, hey, that was pretty good. ryan vogelsong in a groove. joany gomes in the third goes down swinging followed by catcher kurt suzuki. same result. vogelsong was perfect through 4 1/3. in the bottom of the sixth with two on and one out, joaquin arias grounds into the 5-3 double play. that's the third double play forced by a's starter tyson ross. he had a very solid outing. with a runner on first and no
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outs, ross's pitch does it hit vogelsong or his bat? the umpire awards vogelsong first base saying yeah, it hit the pitcher. vogelsong saying yeah, it hit me right in the chest. bob melvin doesn't agree and comes out to argue. he would not be successful. three batters later, melky cabrera hits a sac fly and the giants finally get on the board. but they're not done in this inning. with two outs, buster posey up next, he gets the big hit. no one is going to be able to make a play. it's going to bounce over the centerfield wall. it's the ground rule double. another giant comes in to score. angel pagan keeps the hits coming. this single is going to score two more. 4-0 giants at the end of the seventh inning. bob melvinen frustrated comes out to voice his frustration more and gets ejected for the second time in three days.
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the a's offense can't get anything as the giants win the second game, 4-0. >> good stuff. good command of four pitches. great competitor. you know, he can pitch on both sides of the plate. he's, you know, he's continued where he left off last year. and you know, we're fortunate you know, to bring him back and what he did for us last year. but you know, to run off a nice streak like this and give up -- >> so the giants could win their 12th at home against the a's. they're going for that sweep. it will be tim lincecum and bartolo colon on the mound tomorrow. dianne. >> thanks a lot. coming up next, an all-new saturday night live. he's still got the moves. mick jagger hosts and doubles as the musical guest. >> sing with a patch in the ear like that? >> yeah. >> all right.
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so it's a first for the front man. the hosting gig that is. his reviews one person calls it magical. it's the season finale of the show. still ahead, we'll introduce you to one bay to breakersunner not letting age get in her way. r
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this weekend, people in san francisco are celebrating the life of harvey mel can, the first openly gay man to be elected to office in california. today friends and supporters of supervisor mel can met in the castro to rededicate a plaque stolen last year. he and mayor george moscone were assassinated. his birthday is tuesday. we are hours away from the 101st running of the bay to breakers. among the tens of thousands of people who will lace up their sneakers tomorrow is an 81-year-old grandmother who has
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been running the race more than 25 years. kimberly terry has more. >> i love being outside. and just decided i liked running. so i did. >> 81-year-old martha jones didn't take up running till she was in her 40s. but once she started, it stuck. >> i'm down to about four days a week. i think healthwise it's amazing. it really is. does a great deal for you. i know when i don't do it, i don't feel as good. >> every year since 1984, martha has run the bay to breakers. >> i remember the first time my granddaughter ran with me which has been a few years ago, she was flabbergasted with the news people. practically ran off the road. >> while she isn't able to run the entire course anymore -- >> i'm not speeding by any manner. >> she still loves the spectacle of it.
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>> fun people, interesting people. everyone's very friendly. yeah, i get a big kick out of it. >> but after 28 consecutive years, martha says this might be her last run at bay to breakers. the self-sufficient grandmother who still holds a part time job and reads at least one book a week is worried about recovering should she take a fall. >> it's possibly her last race. i wanted to honor her through this. >> martha's son dial came up from santa monica to run with his mom, his first bay to breakers. >> i thought why not. it's the last race. i'm her eldest son. it's time to do it with her. i think it's special for me. >> kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> absolutely. my son his first race a few years ago, he kept taking pictures of naked people and sending them to me. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is up
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next. mick jagger is the host and the musical guest. good night.
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this is pbs. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. well, it's spring again. and as you well know, spring not


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