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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. and we are just minutes away from the so-called ring of fire, the peak of a rare solar eclipse. throughout this newscast. we'll let you watch the eclipse live. right there you can see it on the right-hand side of your screen. the moon is sliding across the sun, blocking all but a blazing halo of the light, hence the name ring of fire when it gets there. and this is a live look from our camera near reno, which is one of the best places to watch the eclipse, although just about anywhere in the bay area should be pretty terrific as well. just so long as you avoid the fog. the safest place to watch might be right here on your television
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or using special glasses or that old-fashioned pinhole in a piece of paper concept. rob mayeda is here. >> we're going to see the peak viewing of this coming up during our newscast, 6:30. we'll see about 84% of that sun covered. it's not often we get to talk about a crescent sun, that is exactly what we'll see in the bay area as we get up to about 84% coverage. and you'll notice outside, it will temporarily get a little bit darker before skies lighten again as we get closer to 7:30, as the sun sets and moves away from the cutout there formed by the moon between the earth and the sun. the best viewing, we're bringing it to you live. we're showing you that view from reno. this is going to be one of the view areas just off to the north in the totality of this annular ring eclipse. so you're going to see get to see that live here right as we approach 6:30, seeing the peak
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viewing here in the bay area. notice the clouds. they're cooperating. so here are some good news. the fog is holding off long enough that i think most of the bay area will get a pretty good view of this, reaching its peak here in the next hour or so. i know a lot of folks really excited about that. our kim terry will talk more about that and we'll talk more about some of our weather forecast changes for the week, but so far, the weather is holding up for this solar eclipse viewing. >> just perfect. thank you, rob. if you'll be heading outside to watch the eclipse, take your camera with you and make sure you have protective filters on it and send us your pictures. e-mail them to our news roroom newstips@nbcbayarea.c in the meantime, president obama is scheduled to make a fund-raising stop in the bay area this week and as always, he's expecting to raise millions of dollars for his re-election campaign. the largest event will be in
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redwood city on wednesday. and monte francis is outside the fox theater with more on that. hello, monte. >> reporter: good evening, the fox theater will play host to a reception for the president. tickets will be $250 a piece. here in redwood city, signs are already up in the downtown area, warning that traffic will be heavy and parking will be scarce on wednesday when the president rolls into town. now, the president's visit on wednesday includes a high-priced dinner in allerton and a roundtable in palo alto. tickets for both of those events cost $35,800 per person. some folks here in redwood city told us they couldn't afford to attend any of the events, but they're still excited about the president's visit. >> i think it's going to be good, a lot of people come over, so we can share our thoughts, what the community needs, and then a lot of things the president can do if he got re-elected. >> just bringing attention to the town. i mean, it's starting to pick up and you know, as you can see,
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there's a lot of things going on, so it's cool. >> reporter: the last time the president came to calnia waswo able to raise a r $15 $15 million at a fund-raiser at george clooney's home in los angeles. that was a star-studded event, which followed the president's announcement that he supports gay marriage. since the republican primary fight ended, mitt romney, republican presidential candidate mitt romney has been able to raise about $40 million. that's about the same amount president obama has been able to raise during that same time period. by the way, the event here at the fox theater, diane, is already sold out. >> live in redwood city, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monte. and mitt romney is also expected to visit the bay area later this month. romney and his wife is scheduled to attend a fund-raiser on may 30th at the carolyn's mansion in hillsburg. tickets for the general reception start at $2,500, but for $50,000 welcome you can dine with the romneys. the mansion is owned by the
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johnson family of franklin funds who are hosting the fund-raiser. and this isn't the first time they've hosted a republican fund-raiser. back in 2008, george w. bush attended a fund-raiser there that raised $1.5 million for the republican party. a glass company in south san jose is a wreck, really. that's after a car ran into the building, creating a massive hole in the wall and leaving glass just about everywhere. police say the driver of a mercedes hit the gas at full speed instead of the brakes and crashed into ken's glass and mirror company on center road. you can see all the damage here. the car went about 60 feet into the building, taking out mirrors, a pool table, and some support beams. the shop's owner says he was sitting at his desk on the other side of the building when he heard the car come crashing through. >> i heard one bang, another bang another bang, and i thought it was another earthquake, because we had an earthquake in '90 that destroyed all my glass. so i ran out the front and i
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realized it was not an earthquake. so when i come around, this is what we saw. >> he was afraid the old building could have completely collapsed, the car ended up buried under metal, glass, wood. amazingly, no, no one was hurt, not even the folks in the car. and in san francisco, a car ran into a house in the city's visitation valley, rupturing a gas line and causing major damage to the house. it happened last night when a car severed a gas line at a home on mansel street. the meter was completely sheared off, which left the line uncapped. one person was taken to the hospital, but there were no other evacuations and no customers were affected. in belmont, police are investigating an unusual highway crash involving a driver and a group of motorcycle riders. the chp says the driver was using his cell phone, apparently, to take video of the bikers on highway 101 when he lost control of his car, hitting two of the riders. the crash happened just after 8:00 this morning near the rolston avenue exit.
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after the crash, officers say so of the bikers assaulted the driver, hitting him in the head and threatening him with a knife. both the driver and the two bikers involved in the crash were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say it's unclear why the driver was videotaping the riders or whether he'll be arrested. an historic navy battleship that was supposed to sail or at least be towed under the golden gate bridge today stayed put instead. and believe it or not, the delay, well, it was blamed on the weather. it was sunny and clear throughout the bay area today, right? but experts say the conditions on the ocean between here and southern california were just too rough for the ship. officials say the delay is day to day at this point and they plan to monitor weather reports every few hours, starting tomorrow, for a safe window to begin the three to four-day trip. the "uss iowa" just finished being restored in richmond and the ship is expected to become a floating interactive museum in los angeles once it gets there. san francisco roads are back open tonight after yet another wild bay to breakers race.
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but this year there was one major difference compared to many other years. >> this is my second year of bay to breakers. i love it. it's my favorite thing in the world. it's almost like christmas. >> there have been no major problems this year at all. we've done everything we can to control the amount of rowdiness. people can have a good time, but as long as they respect the race and respect the neighborhood, we're here to have a good time. >> the wackiness was still there, but you saw the weather. it was sunny, even the start of the rate early this morning and it just got warmer all day long. the 7 1/2-mile race starts in the financial district, of course. it heads up the famous hay street hill and into ocean beach. there's a fair amount of people jogging right there. about 40,000 people participated. some walk, some run along the way. the most common costume this year, the golden gate bridge, marking its 75th anniversary. this was the second year with more stringent rules. no floats or drinking allowed, but i have to say, i was out there today and there were some
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folks who clearly had decided not to obey those rules. all right, coming up, we're going to check out next at 6:00, crayola is known for its colorful crayons and markers, but there's one color in particular students from the bay area want the company to focus on, and that would be green. we'll explain that. also -- demonstrators clash with police in chicago, where world leaders have gathered for the nato summit. and covered in smoke. we'll show you why crews can't seem to get a handle on a stubborn wildfire in northern arizona.
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all right. we're going to start with the arizona wildfires. and more than 1,000 firefighters are battling a stubborn wildfire with there in northern arizona. the fire has forced evacuations in two communities, including an historic mining town about 85 miles north of phoenix. four homes have been destroyed since the fire began a week ago. warm, dry weather and mountain wind have made the fire pretty difficult to control. it is just 12 percent contained right now. police and protesters have clashed on the streets of chicago tonight, just blocks from the nato summit being held there this weekend. and late in the day, hundreds of protesters pushed up against the
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security perimeters. a group of protesters, many clad in black and wearing masks, antagonized the police. at least, that's what police say. some threw bottles. police kept them at bay using batons and made several arrests. it was the most serious confrontation of four days of protests there, though the action was still several blocks away from the nato meeting. the nato delegates, undisturbed as they took up their business, particularly an end game to the alliances operations in afghanistan and bringing troops home. >> -- of the tremendous strength and resilience of the afghan people. >> afghanistan, indeed, mr. president, as you very accurately put it, is looking forward to an end to this war. >> nato plans to pull out of afghanistan by 2014. soldiers will still be on the front line, there, though, at least until then. and still to come, from nasdaq's opening bells to wedding bells. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is now a married man.
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tonight, we're learning more about the bride and their bay area wedding this weekend. plus, some bay area students want crayola to recycle and tens of thousands o people across the nation, well, seem so agree. and i'm rob mayeda, tracking this solar eclipse live. approaching 6:30, this is going to be the maximum viewing point for the bay area. as we take a look at that view right now, you can see a crescent sun taking shape across our bay area skies. again, the peak viewing coming up just minutes from now. we'll have more on that and your weather forecast when we come right back.
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this is a sign the summer
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olympics are drawing near. the olympic torch run is in its second day in the united kingdom. can you believe it? apparently 8,000 people will carry the flame 8,000 miles to every corner of the uk and back again before the opening ceremony. there are only 67 days left until the games begin right here on nbc bay area. you can get complete information about the olympics on our website at back here in the bay area, dozens of determined elementary school students in the north bay have a bright idea for crayola, or at least they think so. about 40 students at sun valley elementary school in san rafael are circulating anneonlionline petion to encourage crayola to recycle the plastic markers. as of this weekend, the petition has more than 60,000 signatures. a spokesperson for crayola says it has no plans to offer a marker recycling program, because it just does not have the facilities. right now, rob mayeda, he's checking out the eclipse that we've got going on right there
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as well as the weather around here. what's up, rob? >> it's really fun to be in the weather center today. completely distracted by the views we're getting in live here at the nbc bay area weather center. and we're sharing with you throughout the newscast here, as we're getting close to 6:30. around the bay area, we'll get 84% of the sun covered, so this will look like a thin sliver of sunshine around the bay area. you can see the crescent sun taking shape in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. and as we get towards 7:30, things will be lightening up again. but in the next 15 to 20 minutes, skies outside getting a little darker now as we get very close to the maximum viewing of our solar eclipse. now, the place that will see the best view, we're bringing you this live video from out near re reno, where they'll get that ring of fire view, from eureka into reading. the bay area getting an 80 to 90% view of this. the weather, mainly clear skies right now, some patchy skies on the coast. it's kind of warm outside. if you have the special filters or you're watching this perhaps with a little pinhole projector
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outside, it's pretty comfortable. we're not too chilly around the bay area, though that late day sea breeze is picking up. you can see the system that will come on in and usher in some breezy conditions and drop our temperatures down come tomorrow. so changes ahead. today we had mid-80s for highs, tomorrow maybe near 80, the warmest places inland. the low clouds will start to come in during the morning hours tomorrow. may have some coastal mist, and as we go through the afternoon, clearing skies once again. 50s to get your day started. quickly showing you the temperatures. as we jumppe into the afternoon we'll see upper 70s to low 80s tomorrow. so down a few degrees from today. east bay temperatures in the 70s and 80s and around the north bay, with the wind out of the south, that means 70s for highs. things are cooling down. as we quickly show you the three-day forecast, notice the temperature drop here. we're cooling down. the days to watch will be tuesday and wednesday. this will be for some windy conditions. memorial day weekend right now, the chance of a few scattered
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showers. right now the temperatures will be in the sierra where there could be some snow showers. we'll worry about that next weekend. right now we have those clear skies. great viewing of the solar eclipse, reaching its peak in the bay area, 6:32. >> right there, there it is. just ahead at 6:00, it was a top-secret wedding until he posted it to his facebook page. tonight, we're learning a little bit more about mark zuckerberg's bride and the party they threw in his backyard right here in the bay area.
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we are learning more tonight about facebook billionaire mark zuckerberg's new bride. zuckerberg and his longtime girl, dr. priscilla chan tied the knot last night at their home in palo alto. chance graduated from ucsf medical school last monday. she is originally from massachusetts and bilingual in mandarin. her plans to be a pediatrician apparently prompted zuckerberg to promote organ donation. we saw billy joe armstrong leaving the reception with his guitar at about 8:30. zuckerberg announced the wedding by changing his facebook status, that's how you do it, right? the catering for the wedding was provided by the couple's two favorite restaurants and in palo alto, fuki's sushi is a japanese restaurant known for its
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traditional japanese fare and palo alto sol is a mexican restaurant and has sort of contemporary and elegant setting and apparently pretty good mexican food. let's bring in henry for a look at what's going in sports. hi, henry. >> hello, diane. a very, very busy day in sports. an mvp puts up historic numbers in a playoff win, plus, a sharks' rival avoids a playoff exit. and no shortage of drama in the conclusion of the battle of the bay, the as a 12th straight loss to the giants at at&t park with the freak on the mound. big collision at the plate, by the way. highlights and reactions, next in sports.
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welcome back. how about talking some baseball? as and giants wrap withing up the bay bridge series. g-man holding broomsticks while the as were trying to avoid the
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sweep at at&t park. a very exciting day for baseball, where it was brian wilson's gnome day. take a look at that. fans stood in line for a very long time before the game. one of our directors, paul davis, throwing out the first pitch. my goodness, work on your fastball, paul. throw some heat. bottom of the third, runners on the corners for burster posy, hits a line drive from crawford, he is safe at the plate. crawford scoring, making it 2-0. giants top of the fourth, 2-1 giants. bases loaded for collin collgill. a's take the lead, 3-2. two later, gets past buster posey. tim's blocking home plate, look out, collision! my goodness, the ball is loose. collin is safe at home. they checked out timmy, he was okay. he went four innings, five hits, four earned runs and three
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walks. top of the seventh, who else, josh redick going yard. a's get the win, 6-2. reddic's 11th home of the year and our jaymee sire has more from the park. >> it's a base hit. the a's take the lead. >> that one hitting, they came out throwing great. looked like he was going to have a real nice game, but once his pitch count jumped up that high and that fast, it really had no choice but to take him out. >> i feel like i'm pretty focused throughout the whole game. it's a matter of executing pitches like i've always said and i haven't been doing that. so they're making me pay for my mistakes. >> reporter: it was also in the fourth inning that lincecum absorbed a play at the plate that had the rest of the team holding their collective breath. >> it was a pretty good shot. you could see that happening, you know, buster couldn't find the ball, and i knew it was going to be bang bang. that's a big play. they knocked the ball out of his
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glove. then it's a one-run ball game. >> i was just hoping that he was okay. we don't need nobody else to get hurt at this point. we have too many guys banged up. and i was just praying that nothing happened to him. but he's a tough pitcher. he just kept battling and next time will be a better one. >> just maybe hyperextended my thumb back, but that was on my catching hand and other than that, just rattled me a little bit, just a collision. but nothing bad at all. >> reporter: the giants are in the midst of playing 20 straight games without a day off. on monday, they hand the ball to madison bum gardner, who is 3-1 in his four starts against milwaukee. reporting from at&t park, i'm jaymee sire for nbc bay area. >> thank you, jaymee. over to nba playoffs. heat and pacers, game four. dwyane wade and the heat trying to notch up the series. second quarter, wade getting the slam dunk from lebron james, and then the third quarter, wade
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returns the favor. lebron, up top and high. throws it down hard. fourth quarter now, james dishing the ball to joelle anthony. after the miss, james is there for the finish. lebron had 40 points. miami wins 101-93. series is tied at two. speaking of the playoffs, let's go to the ice. where phoenix is on the brink of elimination. 3-0, they're trailing in this series. l.a., shane gets the goal. then in the second period, shayne dome with what appears to be a goal, but the play continues. but after a review in the booth, it is called a goal, his fifth of the playoff. and yes, they're still alive. phoenix gets the win, 2-0. that'll do it for now. diane, we'll check in with you tonight with more highlights and sound from the a's and giants. >> glad lincecum's okay.
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thanks a lot, henry. it's a must-see event across the bay area tonight. folks are gathered to see the solar eclipse. it is expected to peak in just a few minutes at 6:32, to be exact. then it will last until 7:40, give or take. we spoke to astronomy director about the best way to see the event and protect your eyes. >> this is actually kind of a square here, right? but if you do it at the right distance, that will turn into a circle, the shadow of the light will be a circle and you'll know you're doing it right. >> this is a live look now at te clips from our camera near reno. isn't it pretty? again, we are just a couple of minutes from the so-called ring of fire, where the moon passes completely in front of the sun. blocking about 95% of the sun's rays. the last time it happened around here, rob, about 20 years ago, right? >> and it will probably be another 20 years before we get there again, so soak it in while you can. >> we'll bring you the best pictures of the ring of fire tonight as well. those are pictures from the space and science center. if you have any pictures, you
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can send them to us. >> if you have special camera equipment, we're taking in the photos at facebook and submit your photos at the top of the screen. good night. see you at 11:00 blp.


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