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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, another milestone for the san francisco 49ers and their brand new stadium. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll have the latest from santa clara coming up. plus, it's not a bull in a china shop, but a car in a glass shop. a look at all the damage just ahead. golden gate bridge on this monday, may 21st, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody, the time now is 4:30, i'm jon kelley. >> let's check that forecast. good morning, christina.
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>> good morning, laura. good morning to you, jon. we have a gorgeous-looking week shaping up. not just today but all week long, temperatures are going to end up right about where they should for this time of year. and the good news is, this is the best time of year in the bay area. temperatures today in the upper 70s, low 80s, your full forecast in moments. what you do need to know before you go. take it easy on the roads. let's check them out with mike. >> watch for patchy fog, we'll watch for you, as well. we'll warn you about it. right now going to the east bay, just off of 880, to the west, we do have an accident. car went into a light pole. no word on disruption to service or signals and lights in the area. it is on washington avenue, which is one of your exits nearby as you're approaching 238. now, we have no major disruption on to 880, as well, and a smooth drive through hayward. we'll track this and more going on out there, coming up, guys. >> and we'll check back with you. we're still years from
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kickoff, but the new 49ers stadium in santa clara starting to take shape. the team broke ground just more than a month ago and today the team will mark its first construction milestone. marla tellez live in santa clara with a progress report for us. good monday morning, marla. >> good morning to you, laura. if you've ever wondered how a stadium comes together, how a stadium is built, this is your chance to watch all the action unfold. as laura just mentioned, the ground breaking filled with pomp and circumstance happened over a month ago. since then, crews have been installing 30 miles of underground utilities, all sorts of cabling and pipes. today is all about a great photo op when the first of 3,000 piles will be drilled when all is said and done. it is the piles that support the stadium. it takes about 25 minutes to install each pile and 120 will be drilled each day over the next 25 days, a crew of about 50
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workers will put in ten-hour days to complete the project. they are turning this into a media event. it all gets started at 11:00 this morning when the first pile will be installed. you can expect plenty of camera crews out here. of course we'll have a camera from nbc bay area. now the 3,000 plus piles will eventually hold 68,000 fans in this stadium here, expected to be ready for football for the 2014 season. live in santa clara, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. it's 4:33. mercury news reports insiders say the team will move to san francisco in 2017. a spokesman says the team is not confirming or denying the report, telling us, "we are not prepared to make any announcements at this time." oakland mayor jean quan has vowed to keep the warriors in her city just as ed lee has said he would welcome them. broken glass and twisted
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metal at a glass shop after an out of control car crashes into a building. the driver of a mercedes hit the gas instead of pressing on the brakes. crashing into the glass company sunday. when the car finally stops, you can see it was just buried under debris. mind blowingly, nobody was hurt, not even the people in the car. meantime, an out of control driver -- the chp says the victim was shooting cell phone video of the biker sunday on highway 101 in belmont when he lost control and slammed into two riders. officers say some of the angry riders hit the man in the head and threatened him with a knife. both bikers and the driver have been released from the hospital with minor injuries. none of the bikers involved were arrested. two motorcycle crashes in two days. the two motorcyclists died this
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weekend. the latest happening sunday afternoon just south of lahonda road. on saturday, a 57-year-old man from scotts valley died at the same spot after losing control of his motorcycle and falling down an embankment. a nationwide scam is hitting the bay area. pg & e says a false claim is being spread through social media and posted on flyers. the scam says president obama is providing a credit, in some cases the customers are being asked for their social security numbers. pg & e says representatives will never ask you for personal or banking information over the phone. a new national report tracking the number of people falsely convicted of crime is revealing baffling statistics about the bay area. ten people have been exonerated in santa clara county since 1989. alameda county has had no reports of anybody being falsely convicted. meantime in san francisco, four people have been set free. the national registry of exonerations released this
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report sunday. the authors say the study is a work in progress. they're also asking the public to report any unlisted exonerations. it's 4:36. a new push to get more regulations in place for medical marijuana will take place today. lobbyists will visit state assembly and senate offices pushing for the passage of the marijuana regulation and control act. it calls for the creation of a nine-member board to regulate pot clubs. the bill would also create registration fees and authorize fines of up to $25,000 for operating a pot club without the correct registration. well, in just days, president obama heading to the bay area on a campaign fund-raising swing. in redwood city, signs are posted, warning to expect heavy traffic and scarce parking. the president rolls in to town wednesday to headline a reception at the fox theater. that event happens after a high-priced dinner and a
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business round table. president obama, not the first commander in chief to visit redwood city, but it has been a while. the last time this happened was way back in 1932 when herbert hoover rolled in. >> hoover didn't want people to know he was here. obama does. and that says a lot. so i don't think that the economy is as bad as it is is anything like what hoover went through in the depression. >> on the other side of things, presidential candidate mitt romney also expected to make a fund-raising trip right here to the bay area on may 30th. expected to attend a private fundraiser in hillsboro. 4:37, nancy pelosi will get a treat in golden gate park named after her today. middle drive east between martin luther king jr. drive and john f. kennedy drive will be renamed to honor pelosi. a ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. the honor is to recognize representative pelosi's 25 years in congress. and if you're planning to
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vote in the upcoming primary election, today is your last chance to register. voter registration cards available at the u.s. post offices and the dmv. must be signed and submitted in person or by mail. must be postmarked by today to meet the dd line and the primary election is set for june 5th. >> make your voice heard. want to check the forecast with christina loren coming off a nice weekend. >> yeah, we had a really nice weekend and looking toward another great week. let's start with your visibility. this morning, we are watching really thick fog starting to settle in over the coastal mountains. we're going to drop off even more so in terms of visibility. right now pretty good visibility. temperatures are going to be just about as warm as we ended up yesterday. we're in the 50s to start, 53 in san mateo, 54 in sunnyvale, and by noon today picking up plenty
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of 70s, especially through your inland cities and then we're going to round out the day in upper 70s and low 80s. 68 degrees for san francisco, cool by the water, but take a look at this, 78 in san jose, 81 degrees in redwood city and 82 in gilroy. we do have changes, maybe a little bit of rain on the way. first, it's 4:39. no problems on a monday. we don't want any. >> we'll take a look out there. we shouldn't have any issues, no major accidents blocking the roadway. we have problems with my maps now. we're looking first at the live shots, 280 and 17. 280 coming at us, underneath the 17/880 interchange. we do have a smooth drive. there's construction registering at 280 and 17. both on northbound 17 heading to southbound 280 as well as on southbound 880 heading to southbound 280. that shouldn't be a problem as you can see from this screen and we'll get back to the maps as soon as they come online. i don't know if they're coming to the control room.
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if they are, we'll take them, if not, we'll go to the live shot. let's reorient you. a smooth drive there in the middle of your screen. 101 between story and capitol expressway. i wanted to point out that construction spot for the south bay, as well, because there are a lot of activity going on overnight and we should see a little bit of slowing as the crews start to move. live shot now for oakland. thank you very much control room friends. a smooth drive here north through fruitvale, and then i'll go back and check the area reports on my computer to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> you made that look a lot easier than that was. 4:40, monday morning. well, more than 40,000 people ran and walked the annual race this year, but just 19 people arrested and at least eight for having some open containers and marijuana. look at the crowd. that was actually down from 25 arrested last year.
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this is the second year in a row that drinking and floats were banned along the route from san francisco's financial district to ocean beach. now, as for the serious runners and yes, there are those. daska won the race and kitwara was the first-place winner for the men. he's won the race three out of the last four years. >> he knows how to navigate through all that. a deadly quake rattles italy, we'll take a look at the destruction just ahead. and a live look outside. bay bridge toll plaza approach. you can tell by that shot, those metering lights not on just yet. it is early. and for all your news, outthecus out on all the good facebook, search nbc bay area.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside oracle arena this morning. not a lot of activity to report just yet. 4:44. northern italy continues to be jolted by strong aftershocks this morning after an earthquake kills at least six people sunday. it's one of the strongest quakes to ever hit italy. registering a magnitude of 6.0. now this quake forced 3,000
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people from their homes, injured dozens, and damaged several buildings, including a medieval castle. several aftershocks, some severe have been felt throughout the entire area. a 20-year-old dharun ravi is to be sentenced today. he was convicted of using a web cam to see his roommate kiss another man. clementi eventually committed suicide days after the spying, ravi facing up to ten years in prison. and the fate of former presidential candidate john edwards remains in the hands of a jury. jury deliberations resuming today down in north carolina. jurors deliberated for about five hours friday and made several requests for specific evidence before the judge dismissed them for the weekend. edwards facing six criminal counts stemming from his 2008 candidacy. if convicted, he could face up
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to 30 years in prison. 4:45. this is the last day of the nato summit in chicago. and the focus is on afghanistan. today, nato leaders are officially signing off on president obama's plan to pull troops out by the end of 2014. but he's trying to get nato leaders to commit more -- a commitment to help afghanistan after the war is over. brian mooar reports from washington. >> reporter: today in chicago, nato officially endorses a plan to wind down the war in afghanistan by the end of 2014. >> we will make clear our commitment to a long-term partnership. >> reporter: as president obama hosts the final day of the nato summit in his hometown, he's trying to get nato allies to commit money and manpower to not only finish the war, but help afghanistan after 2014. appearing with afghan president hamid karzai, he conceded the road ahead will not be easy. >> we're on the right track, and
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what this nato summit reflects is the world is behind the strategy we've laid out. >> afghanistan is fully aware of the task ahead. and what afghanistan needs to do to reach the objectives that we all have. >> reporter: as nato leaders held their meetings, protesters demonstrated outside in the street. >> on the street. on the street. >> reporter: from chicago to kabul, a diplomatic effort to end a decade long war. the u.s. commander of nato forces in afghanistan says he expects the fighting to continue right up until the pullout. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. well, this morning, concerns over europe could cause more anxiety on wall street. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn it over to seema mody live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you, yes. futures right now are higher, coming off another down week of
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the markets, the dow and s&p 500 closing lower for three straight weeks. europe's debt crisis is still at the forefront for investors. g-8 leaders said this weekend they want greece to remain in the euro zone. eu leaders are holding a summit on wednesday to discuss the matter. asian and european markets are currently trading higher. no economic data out today. but this week we will get reports on home sales, demand for durable goods and consumer sentiment. the dow falling 73 points on friday, the dow lost 3.5% for the week. the nasdaq closing down nearly 35 to 2,778. nasdaq ceo says the exchange is embarrassed by glitches that led to the delay of the start of trading of facebook's ipo on friday. the stock was expected to trade at around 10:45 to 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time, but didn't open until 11:32. some investors didn't find out whether their orders were
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completed until 2:00 p.m. or later. a late flood of orders being canceled overwhelmed nasdaq's system, more than 573 million facebook shares traded on friday, but the stock closed barely unchanged from its $38 ipo price, a huge surprise for wall street. in other news, china's group strikes a deal to buy amc entertainment for $2.6 billion. creating the largest movie theater owner, amc runs half of the 50 top grossing theaters in the united states. wanda operates 86 theaters. that's the news we're watching this morning, back to you. >> thank you very much. let's get a look at the forecast right now. >> we've got a good-looking week shaping up. temperatures nice and comfortable for any sort of outdoor activities. if you've been holding off on washing your car, you're going
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to want to wash it yourself. we do have a slight chance for showers, but only a drizzle up in the north bay and that would be friday. this morning, we are dealing with fog, it's developing out there right now. but our visibilities at the surface are looking good. we've got ten miles or better across the board. that's a live look at san francisco. you can see, the fog is starting to settle in as winds have really calmed down overnight. good morning to you. we've got a good-looking week as you're trying to get your outfits ready for today. it is cool enough for a light sweater or coast. the upper 50s down in san jose. you'll be peeling off your first layer by noon, temperatures climb into the 60s and 70s. 72 degrees in santa rosa as you break for lunch, and about 69 degrees at noon in livermore. it all works out like this for today, really comfortable day for any outdoor plans. even if it just means getting to your car once you leave the office later on today. it won't be completely toasty inside. as temperatures have cooled off, we are right about where we
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should be for this time of year. no longer in the upper 80s holding on to the upper 70s instead. and 81 degrees today in livermore. now, as we head through friday, i do think we'll see a stray shower or two, up in sonoma county. but saturday and sunday, temperatures warm right back up. we're getting ready for another gorgeous weekend. still festival season here in the bay area. we talked about some of the events coming up throughout the day. >> another weekend we're talking about on monday. who needs an ice cream sandwich when you can have an ice cream burger? the new dessert that could be coming to a drive-thru near you. >> ice cream. mmm, burgers. we're looking at 580, smooth drive through this area. we have no major construction coming through the dublin interchange. i'll point out some spots to watch now and into the future. hey, your high speed internet here at home...
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welcome back, everybody. that's a live look at the golden gate bridge on this monday morning. a little foggy out there. as the lights start to glow on the scene. we'll give you a cool look. you might want to stick around for the entire show today. we're going to be checking this out from high atop the golden gate bridge. it is 4:54. >> did you see this last night?
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it was amazing. the sun, the earth, the moon lining up. the ring of fire. the first anular eclipse in 18 years. the ring of fire wasn't visible here in the bay area, but it definitely was in las vegas. scientists say this is as perfect a view you can get in the western united states. the last time this type of eclipse happened was back in 1994. the next time it will happen is in 2023. >> just like perfect symmetrical. >> isn't it amazing? just like that. >> perfect like that. 4:55, we check in with mike to find out, is the traffic perfect? >> i looked right at the eclipse yesterday, i don't know what the deal is, my eyes -- over here? >> that's not even funny. >> i'm just kidding. we're looking over here. we're looking through the peninsula, you guys. a smooth drive for 101. no construction through menlo park or on the dumbarton bridge right now.
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but the note for the dumbo is this weekend, highway 84 will be closed in both directions over the water for the entire memorial day weekend. reopening if on time by tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. that means the san mateo bridge just to the north highway 92 is what option to you? of course 237 freeway down to the south of there is also an option. and moving further up the bay bridge is also an option, but much further north than you need to go. the bay bridge coming into the city moves smooth into and out of the area. this is moving nicely, as well. john showed you no fog right now. but that will change along the coast, especially, but all weekend there while having celebrations, especially sunday and sunday night between 9:00 and 9:30. roughly there's a fireworks display and that will is have the bridge closed and there'll be crowds all around it. we'll send it back to you guys. after enjoying that tasty burger, you can follow it up with a burger for dessert. that's right, the huffington
4:57 am
post reports carl's junior testing out this ice cream burger. you've got your pickles, mustard and ketch-up. right now this thing's being tested in orange county. and carl's jr. deciding if it'll sell it in more locations once guest feedback is analyzed. >> you have to adjust your mind and think, okay, that's sweet. it's 4:57. coming up only on nbc bay area, bob redell gets a bird's eye view of the bay from the top of the golden gate bridge.
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good morning, i'm bob redell, we're going to take you 700 feet plus over the bay area. there she is. we're going to see it in just a moment. that's coming up live. of it is windy where bob is atop


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