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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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also, san francisco trying to even the score. team coverage on the city's sports shake-up and how they're changing the playing field in east and south bay. and good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. this morning, temperatures are in the 50s, we're headed toward the 70s. but we do have the chance for rain in the forecast. we'll sort it all out coming up. and 880, construction through fremont has cleared, but we have stuff going on to the south and roadwork also to the north. we'll point out those spots where you might have to hit the brakes a bit coming up this morning. and we give you a live look outside. flashing lights out there. a lot of fog to talk about. so brace yourselves, going to be in for a great week. it is monday, may 21st, "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, it's 5:00 right now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody, i'm
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jon kelley, and this morning, a view of the bay you'll only get here on nbc bay area. that's right. a bird's eye view, in fact, from the very top of the golden gate bridge. and that's where bob redell is the only tv reporter allowed up on the south tower of today ahead of the bridge's 75th anniversary celebration. bob, we know you're up there high, how are you feeling, buddy? >> you know, it's actually you would think just to travel up 746 feet, it wouldn't take that long with modern technology, it actually takes about half an hour. one of the painters was kind enough to take us up here, so we just got up top where it's -- unfortunately it's a fogged in morning, not as cold as it looks, but definitely windy and misty out here. this is your workplace. >> this is my office. >> this is your office. any part of the bridge you have not been up on top of? >> there's a few places, but i've been to most everywhere on this bridge. >> and having the fog doesn't give you a sense of how high we
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are, which for me is good because i'm not a fan of the heights. how do you deal with the height issue? >> i was talking to bob earlier, i take -- and i'm not fearful, but i'm very respectful. i have to make sure that any given time i'm in a space i feel comfortable. i don't go any place i don't feel comfortable and that's how i deal with the heights. >> and we're up here because in six days will be the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. it was may 27th 1937 that this was -- first opened to the public. so they're going to have a bunch of celebrations on sunday. we're going to go over to that in a little bit. i want to get a really good sense, even with the fog, just seeing the main cable dip down into the ether there. whatever's below us is fascinating. meantime, reporting live here up top the south tower of the bridge, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. 5:02. and as we mentioned, the 75th
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festival will be this sunday starts at 11:00 near crissy field. and you can see fireworks at 9:30 that night. and, of course, we'll have you covered on nbc bay area news and at in a matter of days, president obama heading to the bay area on a campaign fund-raising swing. redwood city, signs posted downtown, warning to expect heavy traffic and scarce parking this wednesday when the president rolls into town. the president headlining a reception at the fox theater after a high-priced dinner in atherton. president obama, no, he's not the first commander in chief to visit redwood city. it has been a while, however. local historians say the last time this happened was way back in 1932 when herbert hoover came to town. >> hoover didn't want people to know he was here. you know, obama does. and that says a lot. so i don't think that the economy as bad as it is is anything like what hoover went through in the depression.
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>> let's be thankful for that. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney also expected to make a fund-raising trip to the bay area on may 30th. expected to attend a private fundraiser in hillsboro. if you want to vote in the upcoming primary election, today is your last chance to register. voter registration cards are available at county election offices, u.s. post offices, and the dmv. they must be signed and submitted in person or by mail. a mailed registration card must be postmarked by today to meet that deadline. the primary election is june 5th. this morning, san francisco is losing one team, but may be gaining another one. we have team coverage this morning on some big-time moves for two bay-area sports teams. live in santa clara where crews will be pouring that foundation for the 49ers' brand new stadium. but we sta things off with christie smith live near the oracle arena, which may be home to the warriors for just a few more years.
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>> reporter: good morning, jon. the golden warriors team isn't saying much about the move. but certainly the bloggers and fans are talking about it. we've been out talking with the fans this morning, and it seems to fall like this. if you're from oakland, this was very disappointing news. if you're from elsewhere in the bay area, though, it's all about the possibilities of moving to san francisco. now, the warriors' basketball team may be close to a deal with san francisco according to and a blogger on bay area news group saying the team may build a privately funded arena along the embarcadero. or the team could end up near at&t park. but all signs seem to point to a financially lucrative san francisco move. and that's one fan told us this morning. it makes sense, but he prefers oakland. >> people go where the money is. and that's where the business is. and they have the right for free enterprise and so forth. so they going to go wherever
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they feel like they can make money. >> reporter: now, there would still be five seasons to go here at oracle arena in oakland. and san francisco mayor ed lee recently sent a letter saying the city would work with the team to bring them to san francisco for the 2017, 2018 season. but oakland mayor jean quan also sent out a letter of her own saying she is committed to trying to keep the warriors here in the east bay. now, my colleague marla tellez has more on a san francisco team that is pulling up stakes and moving and more on their stadium. marla, how is it looking? >> reporter: good morning, christie, and good morning to you at home. yeah, the 49ers are well on their way to building their dream stadium here in santa clara. this is a rendition of what you can expect once the $1.2 billion project is complete. it is being touted as one of the world's best outdoor sports and entertainment centers. well, today it's all about the pile drivers, the first of 3,000
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plus piles will be installed. what's the big deal about this? well, the piles, of course, they will hold up the stadium. and it's no easy feat. it's going to take five high torque drilling rigs, 50 workers, and 25 days to install 120 piles every day. now, laid end to end, the 3,000 piles would stretch more than 31 miles, that's almost the distance between the new stadium and candle stick park, the soon to be hold stadium. the action starts at 11:00 this morning. it is a big-time media event. you can expect all kinds of stadium dignitaries out today. we hope to give you a look at all the action coming up during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, marla. all right, it is 5:07 right now. let's check things out with christina loren. actually going to be right here with us. >> okay. good morning to you.
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54 degrees in livermore, 53 in sunnyvale and 48 degrees in santa rosa. as you're getting ready to start the week, start your day, you want to dress in layers today, because we are going to see a fair amount of cloud cover at least until noon. a disturbance, so we'll be dealing with that coastal fog this morning and see another round of it as we head through tonight. patchy fog at the coast, sunshine and 80s inland, warmest cities across the bay. we hold on to spring-like conditions all week long, a gorgeous seven-day. for today, we'll be at 70 degrees noon inland, losing that cloud cover by noon in your inland cities, but holding on to the clouds by the bay and at the coast at least until noon. sunshine between noon and 4:00, 68 degrees at the coast. as you make your way home from work, we've got to get you there on time first, here's mike. >> we're seeing our speed sensors really light up into the red. this is southbound 101 from sir francis drake to rodeo. this is south of the richmond
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san rafael bridge. coming over from the east bay down toward rodeo. we have construction in the area too. that's likely playing with the sensors because there's not a heavy volume of traffic. i checked earlier. a little to the north. no major issues as far as incidents go. now, we will take you over to the east bay where the east shore freeway down the middle of your screen also to the top moving smoothly. 18 minutes, down to the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up through oakland, though, two onramps, one at 23rd and one at downtown. we'll be having construction crews for a bit longer. as the volume picks up a bit, both sides of the freeway with lights, but no major slowing down in toward the south bay for 880. moving nicely. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:09. a single stretch of road turns deadly after two motorcycle crashes in two days. two motorcyclists died this weekend.
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the latest happened sunday afternoon just south of lehonda road. a 57-year-old man from the scots valley died at the very same spot after losing control of his motorcycle and falling down an embankme embankment. the causes of both crashes are still under investigation. broken glass and twisted metal at a san jose glass shop after an out of control car crashes into a building. police say the driver of a mercedes hit the gas pedal at full speed instead of the brakes and that caused him to crash into the building. when the car finally stopped, it was buried under debris. the shocking information we received, nobody was hurt, not even the people driving the car. >> that's the good news. it's 5:10 right now. coming up, is made in the usa becoming a thing of the past? all eyes on facebook this morning in its first full day of trading. we'll have the latest coming up in business news.
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and we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach on this monday morning. smooth sailing. we'll keep you posted on the roads and the weather coming up. and for the latest news, traffic, and weather, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. ♪ jimmy bond my feet are too dry and cracked for sandals. try gold bond foot cream. it has moisturizers that penetrate thick skin. thanks. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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welcome back, everybody, that is a live look at the oracle arena. there is talk up in oakland, there might be some shifting of some teams, we'll keep you posted and tell you all about that coming up. it is 5:13. foreign hiring up in the u.s. since the annual recruiting period began in april, american companies sought some 32,500
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temporary h1 skilled workers. we don't know what sector all that hiring is going for. the government is not revealing those details until the end of the year. but several job market reports have confirmed an increase in tech hiring here in the bay area. saying sorry but not taking any responsibility for the financial losses, this morning the nasdaq getting ready for the first full day of trading for facebook. scott mcgrew with a look ahead. >> good morning. both facebook and the nasdaq have something to prove this morning. facebook you'll recall made all of 23 cents in the first day of trading. a fact that made headlines all over the world. it's been blogged about, it's been argued about. the bottom line, we'll watch today whether that stock actually sinks below its initial public offering price and whether the underwriters, the organizations that actually sold the stock to the general public have to rush back in to prop the price up. officials at the nasdaq meanwhile met over the weekend to discuss that delay we saw
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friday morning. it took a while for facebook shares to trade. that's normal, but it took a long time for people buying and selling leaving some to cancel which caused further confusion. many in the investment business hoped facebook would bring mom and pop investors in the market, these hiccups were particularly unwelcome. other news you may remember. general motors said it would stop advertising on facebook, maybe there's something wrong with gm. we turn to seema mody live at cnbc headquarters. >> general motors is foregoing advertising in the super bowl this year. saying they're becoming too expensive to justify the cost. media buyers say ads for the 2013 game are up about 9%, going for about $3.8 million for a 30-second spot. gm has been the third largest super bowl advertiser behind anheuser-busch and pepsico
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spending about $82 million over the past decade. taking a look at the markets, though, futures trading higher right now coming off another down week for the markets. the dow and the s&p closing lower for the three -- for the last three straight weeks. europe's debt crisis is still at the forefront for investors. g-8 leaders want greece to remain in the euro zone. eu leaders are holding a summit on wednesday of this week to discuss the matter. taking a look at the broader markets, asia did close higher, and european markets are currently trading in positive territory. there's no economic data out here today, but we do get reports this week on home sales, demand for durable goods, and consumer sentiment. so those will likely be market movers. the dow falling 73 points on friday to 12,369, the dow lost 3.5% for the week. the nasdaq closing down nearly 35 to 2,778. we'll have to see how the markets open today.
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back over to you. >> thank you much. the new board of directors at yahoo has been able to do in a couple of days what no other board has been able to do and that is sell most of the interest. he gets much of his company back at a nice price. he has yahoo selling roughly half its interest in this company. yahoo in turn will buy back some of its own stock. this should help raise yahoo stock price. bottom line, things are happening at yahoo after years of uncertainty. now whether these are good things or bad things, jon and laura, we shall see. >> you'll keep an eye on it. >> always a waiting game. it is 5:17 right now. we check back in with christina loren. sounds like a nice weekend. >> you waited for spring to arrive in the bay area, and we are going to hold on to consistent weather. 70s today inland, really comfortable conditions, and this coastal fog is part of the reason why. now, yesterday, it was a little bit warm inland and perfect bay side and at the coast. cooler today, coastal fog is the
5:18 am
reason why, not as warm as high pressure heads off to the east for today. temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable. we're starting out in the 50s, headed toward the 60s and low 70s in places like antioch, fairfield, hitting 70 degrees if you break for lunch, but 60s by the water until noon, between noon and 5:00, though, temperatures climbing very nicely. 81 degrees in redwood city today, 68 degrees in san francisco, about 72 degrees in santa cruz and talking about upper 70s right here in san jose. gorgeous conditions continue for tomorrow, comfortable sunshine. wednesday into thursday, things start to get interesting, we've got an area of low pressure that's going to drop in from the gulf of alaska and this will usher a strong onshore flow. it will cool us down. maybe a stray shower up in the north bay, maybe sonoma county on friday. and saturday and sunday, always thinking about the weekend, we've got that golden gate bridge celebration and the weather looks phenomenal on sunday. let's check your drive with mike.
5:19 am
first we'll check out in antioch, a little slowing coming down to the 50s, not enough to tip things into the yellow. that'll change over a few. but things have been getting started earlier, monday and tuesday and even wednesday for the last few weeks. looking already at some 50s coming in through north livermore, livermore towards north flynn. once you get past north flynn, things are at the limit past vasco. let's catch a live look at 280/17, we had construction going on northbound 17 as well as northbound 280. those crews have just reported clear a light volume of traffic. no slowing detected. back to the maps. this intersection in the middle of the screen, just a blip or two as crews cleared the scene. and 101 both directions between capitol expressway and story, those crews have reported as clear. no more construction, no more road crews going on. the peninsula hasn't had any issues, including the dumbarton
5:20 am
bridge, as well. no overnight construction there going on. we do have a full closure, though, all weekend. in addition to the golden gate celebration, we have the dumbarton bridge closure. one of your great options is the san mateo bridge to the north. on saturday, i was down in san jose, walk now for autism speaks. over 7,000 people estimated there. we raised over $450,000, the goal was $500,000, but money's still coming in. this is going to raise awareness for autism. and the research, this is what they're calling an national epidem epidemic. 1 in 88 kids is diagnosed with autism, 1 in 54 boys. and we had a lot of proud families building a great community. >> look at all the teens, that's awesome. >> a proud team, we supported that. media sponsors, so proud to be there. >> and a great weekend too for us. thanks. >> absolutely. it is 5:20 right now. coming up, all in the name
5:21 am
of science. wait until you see this. why a man volunteered to cover himself with 30,000 bees. yeah, we have all the video coming up. taking a live look outside 880 in the east bay this morning. traffic's picking up just a tad out there. we'll keep tabs on it for you. ♪
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did you get to check this out. how cool is this? the sun, the moon, the earth lining up in a so-called ring of fire eclipse. this is a safe way to watch it. on sunday, people packed the science center in the oakland hills to see the first anular eclipse in 18 years. it wasn't as visible here in the
5:24 am
bay area, but it was in las vegas. scientists say this is as perfect a view as you can get in the western united states. the last time this type of eclipse happened was back in 1994, the next time it will happen is in 2023. you've got to wait for it if you didn't get a chance to see it. >> definitely cool. when i hear ring of fire, i want to hear a little johnny cash music. >> goes with it. >> 5:24, christina loren, take it away. >> burning ring of -- oh, not that way? we've got really good-looking weather for you. later on today, now the good news is, that fog didn't roll in until after we had an opportunity to view that anular eclipse. and what i can tell you in a couple of weeks, we're actually going to see convenience pass by. 55 degrees in san jose right now. as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures will climb into the 80s inland spring stays with us all week long. we even get a chance for spring showers in your seven-day forecast. for today, what you need to know. 70 degrees in san jose, los gatos, 78 for you, and we're
5:25 am
going to hold on to the upper 60s in san francisco, which means comfortable conditions come 3:00, 4:00 today. we'll talk about that chance for showers, talk about convenience co -- >> we're looking over here at the earthly delight, we have the traffic flow. southbound 101 and down to rodeo, we had speeds registering on our sensors in the 20s although that was likely because of the construction going on. well, crews not expected to clear until 6:00, but actually they may be on the move right now because we see the sensors clearing south of the richmond/san rafael bridge. the golden gate, a live look out there and we'll see that the glowing lights are there because of the low clouds. no major issues for fog, but christina has warned us we'll have patchy fog. and we're also watching for bob redell, but i don't see him in this shot, guys. back to you. every once in a while, there's those stories that make you think, hey, better you than me and this is one of those stories. take a look at this beekeeper in
5:26 am
poland. yeah, covered in bees. he says he decided to do an experiment on himself to see if he could survive with, get this, 30,000 -- now, you've got to take the pants off -- 30,000 bees all over his body. long story short, well, yeah, you can do that. why you would? that's brilliant, yeah, the guy's full of honey. he walked away with only two stings, believe it or not. and we highly recommend do not try this at home. >> that's crazy. >> this barely-clothed man has worked with bees for five years. that is just bizarre. >> what was that? oh, my gosh. >> that was the shimmy shake. they do that in harlem, yeah. i don't know what he's thinking about. >> get them off of me. >> fine line between science and madness. 5:26. still ahead, san francisco's opening its golden gate exclusively to bob redell. we have the only reporter on top of the golden gate bridge. we'll also have a live report
5:27 am
for you just ahead. >> pray there's no bees on top of that bridge. >> plus, busted behind the wheel. more drivers slapped with hands free fines. no floats, no alcohol, no 'llweel t you if san . francisco's crackdown on the beta breakers paid off. el
5:28 am
5:29 am
i'm christie smith, i'll have fan reaction coming up in a live report. also new this morning, it is a milestone for the future home of the san francisco 49ers. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you what's happening out here at the construction site coming up. and marla doesn't need a jacket this morning, you probably don't either if you're waking up with us in the south bay, temps in the upper 50s, headed toward the 70s and 80s. full forecast moments away. and we're looking at 24 through the caldecott tunnel. you are at the limit. not the case for all of you east
5:30 am
bay spots. i'll show you where the monday commutes are getting into the yellow zone coming up. and we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog out there. and you certainly cannot see our bob redell, but you will very, very soon high atop the bridge on this monday, may 21st, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. very happy you could join us this morning, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning, dump trucks and moving trucks possibly heading toward another big shake-ups in store for two sports teams today. we have team coverage. marla tellez live where teams will be pouring the foundation of the new 49ers stadium. but we begin with christie smith live near the oracle arena which may be home for the warriors for a few more years. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. well the golden state warriors team isn't saying much about a
5:31 am
possible move from oakland to san francisco. but i can tell you that the fans and bloggers certainly are with the fans saying wait a minute, first the oakland a's, and now the warriors. a lot of them understand this is largely a financial decision. still bloggers and espn all reporting that the golden state warriors are close to making a deal to go over to the city that ed lee on may 11th sent a letter saying it would work with the team trying to get them there in time for the 2017-2018 season. there are reports that the team would build a privately-funded arena south of at&t park. it's not like they're moving out of the bay area. still, people in oakland want them to stay in oakland. outside of oakland, though, it's a different story. i asked one fan this side of the bridge or that side. >> that side of the bay would be better. >> why? >> because i'm from there. >> really? but oakland's been their home for a long time.
5:32 am
>> but just like the 9ers, they're moving to santa clara and moving, so -- >> it's all good. >> it's a bay area team. >> reporter: now, espn reports that oakland mayor quan sent the team a letter of her own saying oakland is committed to keeping the warriors in the east bay. he mentioned the 9ers there in the sound bite, my colleague marla tellez has more on the new stadium. how is it looking? >> reporter: well, christie, the 49ers are marking a construction milestone today. you know the 9ers, of course, they know all too well about the back and forth wrangling of moving out of san francisco down south to here in santa clara. if you've been following their quest, you will recall they just broke ground out here about a month ago. since then, crews have been installing 30 miles of underground utilities, wiring and cabling. and today it is all about a great photo op when the first of 3,000 piles will be drilled.
5:33 am
without the support of the piles, there would be no stadium. over the next 25 days a crew of about 50 workers will install about 120 piles a day. you can bet everyone in the 9ers organization is excited, including the mayor of santa clara who had this to say at last month's ground breaking. >> this is a project that eclipse many generations. we started thinking about this before he was even born. >> of course he was referring to 49ers' president who has been pushing for the $1.2 billion project since 2006. six years in the making. today he is happy to be marking another milestone. no, they are turning this whole construction milestone into a media event. it all gets started at 11:00 this morning. we hope to bring you the latest during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. the stadium expected to be ready for some football by the 2014 season. marla tellez, "today in the bay."
5:34 am
5:33, new this morning, four people in police custody this morning after beating outside dodgers stadium. police say it appears to be a case of road rage after the game. two cars were in a minor collision in the parking lot, eventually four people started beating a driver. the victim went to the hospital along with his wife who was eight months pregnant. she only went, we're told, as a precaution. this attack comes 14 months after two men beat brian stowe in the stadium parking lot. stowe is still undergoing surgeries for his beating. laura, we are happy to report a wild and crazy beta breakers wrapped out without any major problems this year. more than 40,000 people ran and walked the annual race. but just 19 people this year were arrested, at least eight for open containers and marijuana. the good news is, that's down from 25 arrested last year. this is the second year in a row that drinking and floats were banned along the route from the
5:35 am
san francisco financial district out to ocean beach. as for the serious runners, there were a few of those, as well, mimitu daska won the race and sammy kitwara was first place on the men's side. he won this race three out of the last four years. it's 5:35, and an out of control driver recovering from injuries after being bitten, beaten, and suffers injuries in a crash. the man was shooting cell phone video of bikers on sunday on highway 101 and belmont when he lost control and slammed into two riders. officers say some of the angry riders then hit the man in the head and threatened him with a knife. both bikers and the driver have been released from the hospital with minor injuries. none of the bikers involved have been arrested. how is this for irony? state lawmakers set to enter a plea himself for dui. roger hernandez arrested for drunk driving back in march in
5:36 am
concord. about a month before his arrest, hernandez introduced a bill that would expand the kinds of work dui offenders can do to be eligible for early release from jail. among them looking for employment or getting approval to return to their regular work. hernandez set to be in court in walnut creek at 1:30. 5:36. statewide, tens of thousands of people are still getting busted for using their cell phones behind the wheel. in april, officers throughout california rode almost 61,000 tickets to distracted drivers. that includes people using hand held cell phones and texting. that is up 9,000 tickets since april 2011. it's also double the usual monthly amount. well, we can tell you the nationwide scam now hitting the bay area. pg & e says a false claim is being spread. now here's the deal. the scam says president obama is providing a credit or directly paying utility bills. in some cases, customers are
5:37 am
being asked for their social security numbers. pg & e points out its representative will never ask you for personal or banking information over the phone. it's 5:36 right now. time to get a look at the forecast, checking in with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we've got a good-looking day shaping up. temperatures nice and comfortable to start, but we're dealing with thick fog starting to develop. one-mile visibility in santa rosa. as you get ready to take those little ones to school, you want to make sure you're nice and safe this morning. we don't have any drizzle reported just yet. i think as we settle through the next two hours, mostly between about 6:00 and 8:00, we'll see the fog forced to the surface as high pressure in control. a weak disturbance on the way ushering in a stronger onshore flow tonight and keeping temperatures cooler than where we ended up yesterday. nonetheless, we're still talking about the low 80s inland in the warmest cities across the bay. it's going to be really nice. spring is with us about every
5:38 am
single day this week with the exception of friday. for today, 70 degrees at noon, 79 by 4:00 p.m., by the bay, 61 degrees as you break for lunch. round out the day in the upper 60s, low 70s bay side. let's check your drive all across the bay area. what did we have out there, mike? >> looking over here to highway 4. this man is slowing down, 20s as you reach the el street sensor. earlier and for about ten minutes i saw the indicators from harvard over toward willow pass east. that stretch of yellow had extended all the way to that 67. it has cleared up over the last few. that may mean an early start as we have seen over the last few days, over the last few weeks, monday, tuesday, wednesday, getting heavier volume through that area. approaching the maze, highway 24, with a smooth drive through the caldecott and construction through oakland clearing up for 23rd as well as the oak street onramp. no problems approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. get a live look outside.
5:39 am
880 crosses over 280 there. and those headlights northbound, all construction has cleared from the interchange now, but the volume just starting to build for the south bay. we'll get a better look at that coming up. back to you. deadly quake rattles italy, we'll show you the damage just ahead. look who's celebrating a birthday. i'm bob redell. live atop the golden gate for her 75th anniversary. we'll talk to one of the people in charge of keeping her this beautiful color. that story coming up. >> that's pretty awesome. the hat's nice too. for the latest traffic, news, and weather, find out what we're talking about on facebook. come on over and rap with us, search nbc bay area. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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welcome back, everybody. it's 5:41 right now. a tough time in northern italy
5:42 am
as it continues to be jolted by strong aftershocks this morning after an earthquake killed at least six people on sunday. this is one of the strongest quakes to ever hit italy registering a magnitude of 6.0. the quake forcing 3,000 people from their homes. the buildings were getting beaten up over there, a medieval castle also taking a big-time hit. several aftershocks, some severe, have been felt in this area. well, the fate of former presidential candidate john edwards remains in the hands of the jury. jury deliberations resuming today down in north carolina. jurors deliberated for about five hours friday and made several requests for specific evidence before the judge dismissed them for the weekend. edwards facing six criminal counts of campaign, finance violation stemming from his 2008 candidacy. if convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison. in downtown chicago, protests against the nato summit continued into the night after a chaotic day.
5:43 am
four officers now recovering from injuries and 45 protesters under arrest as a result of those violent protests. today marked the last day of the nato summit and the focus is on afghanistan. brian mooar live in washington, d.c. with a look at the president's request for more money and manpower. good morning, brian. >> hi, laura, the windy city is a steadying contrast right now. you have the protests, clashes in the street. but behind the scenes and in front of the cameras, the nato allies are presenting a united front. today they're going to be endorsing president obama's plan for a pullout by the end of 2014 with a major milestone in the middle of next year. that's when afghan forces start to stand up and start to fight for themselves. president obama did meet in chicago with afghan president hamid karzai, both of them acknowledging that the road ahead will be difficult. >> but we're confident that we're on the right track and
5:44 am
what this nato summit reflects is that the world is behind the strategy that we've laid out. >> afghanistan is fully aware all the talk ahead and what afghanistan needs to do to reach the objectives we all have. >> well, that will take some more money, some more manpower, and some more commitment by the nato forces. the u.s. commander of the nato forces in afghanistan says he fully expects the fighting to continue right up until the time of the pullout. laura? >> thank you very much, brian mooar, with the latest from washington, d.c. revealing republican conservatives may not be embracing mitt romney just yet. fewer than 7% of the money raised last month coming from people who had donated to one of his major rivals. one of the $11.7 million that flowed into his campaign
5:45 am
account, just more than $760,000 of those coming from people who had previously donated to one of his major rivals. governor jerry brown is asking for more help to help balance the budget. he's now demanding a 5% pay cut. under the governor's proposal, most workers would move to a four-day 9 1/2-hour workweek, losing two hours every week, or 5% of the pay. also taking away cell phones from state workers and offered a proposal to roll back health and pension benefits. some say brown's cuts are his strategy to show workers that the state can tighten the belt and pass his tax hikes in the fall. a new push for regulations on medical marijuana taking place today. lobbyists will be visiting state assembly and senate offices pushing for the passage of medical marijuana regulations and control act. this calls the creation of a nine-member board to regulate dispensaries. the bill would also create registration fees and authorize
5:46 am
signs of up to $25,000 for operating a dispensary without the right registration. house minority leader nancy pelosi will get a street in golden gate park named after her today. middle drive east between martin luther king jr. drive, john f. kennedy drive will be renamed to honor pelosi. a ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. the honor is to recognize representative pelosi's 25 years in congress. and only on nbc bay area, that's right, a view from the golden gate bridge that you have to be very lucky and very brave to get. our guy bob redell is very brave and always on the spot. the only tv reporter allowed up on the south tower. 75th anniversary today, and i thought we might need an intervention or something when i heard you were up on a bridge, but just a big party, huh? >> it is. we're up on the south tower.
5:47 am
746 feet above sea level. i wish we had a great view today. but you can see, it is fogged in up here. you see those suspender ropes that come off the main cable. they're 50-foot intervals, so you go 50, 100, 150, probably maybe 200 feet of visibility. definitely a very foggy, windy, and wet day up here, and because of these conditions, that's why people like tim need to be working on the bridge. he's the crew chief. >> i run a paint crew, that's exactly what i do. sandblast paint crew. >> reporter: how necessary is it to be painting the bridge? it's been going on and on continuously. never stops? >> never stops. we have about 30 guys out here full-time working on this. we have not only a paint crew, but we have iron worker crew that works very closely with us, as well, to help us do the maintenance we need to out here on the structure. >> if you were to paint from one end to the other end and someone
5:48 am
said go, how long would it take? >> i've been here 23 years and i haven't finished yet. >> seriously? >> seriously. i mean, the idea, everybody always thinks we start at one end and go to the other. and absolutely, there's some truth to that fact. but there's microclimates that come through here. so we could be standing where we're at today as you see the weather and the weather on this end is going to attack this structure and when i say attack this structure break down the coating. >> reporter: sure. different from the mid span or the north side. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the ride up here was very cozy to say the least. we'll show you how that happened. we have video and we'll show you in about 15 minutes. let's just say we're new best friends. >> absolutely. >> that's awesome. >> at least they're both still smiling. >> they're bundled up, must be cold up there. >> very chilly. >> that moisture in the air. >> plus you lack the friction up there too. over the open water and in the higher elevations, so yeah, very
5:49 am
interesting, a little science lesson and a lesson in something else coming up according to bob. looking pretty good out there. as you can see right now, plenty of open sky here. very little cloud cover to start here in san jose, not the case by the water here this morning. full deck of clouds overhead at the coastline. and that will be the case throughout this afternoon. 53 degrees in concord, 52 degrees in san francisco this morning. wait for it, wait for it, are we waiting for something? can i come in now? okay, 54 degrees in livermore, 55 degrees in san jose. all right, then, we're going to do a little action off camera. really doing a little dance right now, you can't see me. temperatures are comfortable. we've got fog out there this morning, as well. but as you can see, at the surface, when it comes down to the surface where you're driving on the highway, the only place where we're losing visibility at this point is up in santa rosa. now, as we head throughout the next two hours, we will
5:50 am
continuously lose visibility. palo alto, though, you'll probably start out with temperatures that are comfortable and partly cloudy skies, about half your sky covered in clouds. this afternoon, 78 degrees in san jose, 81 for livermore. temperatures on the mild side, 76 on on wednesday. then let's check your drive on the bridge and everywhere else with mike. >> first of all, let's bridge the central valley with the rest of the bay area. highway interstate 580, let's look at the westbound direction. we have some slowing now typical build coming into livermore, we showed you the 40s already, now into the 20s at times right around greenville and westbound as you're passing by north livermore and in toward the dublin interchange. typical build here. we're also talking about some low clouds and some fog. let's check the sunol grade, southbound 680 is your commute direction, and the sunol grade would be looking pretty nice. just atop the hills with no
5:51 am
major issues as far as visibility goes. the coast, we're watching there at pacifica, half moon bay, highway 1, going to be affected. meanwhile as you travel in the south bay, 680 and 880, the construction crews have cleared from the south bay and no major problems, northbound is your commute direction and all of those sensors close to the limit for 280 as well as 101, no overnight construction and no delays through menlo park or palo alto. even the dumbarton bridge no construction overnight. friday night at 10:00, full closure for highway 84, the dumbarton bridge, they're doing the final phases of one stage of this work and that will be a full closure. use 92 as one of your alternates, that's a couple of bridges for activity and we have the golden gate bridge with the party going on, as well. a lot of bridge work this weekend. we'll send it back to you. it's 5:51 coming up. who needs an ice cream sandwich when you can have an ice cream burger? it's a dessert with a little side of syrup just aid head.
5:52 am
plus one of the truly greatest roclk l au all time. we'll show it to you coming up. for sandals. d try gold bond foot cream. it has moisturizers that penetrate thick skin. thanks. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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welcome back, everyone, and a good monday morning to you. taking a beautiful look outside this time from the east bay overlooking downtown oakland this morning. we'll have a look at the forecast coming up, 5:54. just like grandmother always said, if add first you don't succeed, try, try again. scott mcgrew here to talk about the space x failure to launch. >> yeah, failure to launch, space x, the company was supposed to launch an unmanned mission to the international space station over the weekend. here is the countdown. >> five, four, three, two,
5:55 am
one -- zero. and liftoff -- we've had a cut-off. >> at the very last second the computer controlling the launch detected a problem with the valve and aborted the launch. now, he later said they could have done without the valve, but nonetheless, launch scrubbed, rescheduled for tonight. technically early tuesday morning. but they will do it again. the nasdaq also going to give it another go after trading troubles friday. in facebook. a company which manages the electronic trading says it's embarrassed by the delays in facebook shares that we saw. technical glitches unsettled investors and they were a bit skeptical about facebook's prospects in the market. well, talk about launch pad failures, facebook trading under the ipo price in premarket trading this morning. we do expect the underwriters are going to come back in today and snap up shares that there's more selling. these underwriters were the first buyers in. this is really embarrassing for everybody. so morgan stanley, other
5:56 am
companies, the people who first sold the stock to the public are coming back in to buy many of the shares to help try to prop up the price. this is totally legal, but obviously they cannot keep this up forever. so facebook is just one to watch this morning trading under $38 a share in german trading and in american pre-market trading. >> but a lot of made for mr. zuckerberg. >> plenty for him. >> sound like vegas coming in. >> scooping it up. >> who also got married this weekend too. >> i know, right. i tweeted out that her parents must be angry. the guy's a college dropout, spends all his day on facebook -- >> yeah, exactly. >> aim high. aim high. all right. we were talking about this, pretty soon you may be able to follow your burger with another burger. >> i like the sound of that. >> it's ice cream. carl jr. testing it, the ice cream burger. it's an ice cream before two sugar cookies, green and yellow
5:57 am
icing makes it look like condiments. and carl's jr. will decide if they're going to sell it at other locations once they get guest feedback. >> every parent's dream. a view of the bay you will not get anywhere else. bob redell, the man on top of the world and on top of the golden gate bridge we'll have him just ahead. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> reporter: it's her 75th anniversary, why not take it close to 750 feet up? i'm bob redell. we'll take you live atop the south tower of the golden gate bridge. it's a foggy morning. this story coming up. and could the golden state warriors be the next bay area sports team to move? i'm christie smith with fan reactions from oakland coming up in a live report. and will the 49ers literally put down roots in the south bay y?


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