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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we begin with bob redell live at santa clara's county jail in san jose where the suspect is now behind bars. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. he is in jail facing charges of kidnapping and murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar. the sheriff telling us she'll provide more details about his arrest during a news conference that is scheduled a few hours from now around 8:00 this morning. law enforcement arrested antolin garcia-torres around 6:00 last night in morgan hill. they brought him here to san jose, to the sheriff's office for an interview, and as you can see, escorted him out last night for a ride over here to the jail for booking. sheriff lori smith tells us he is the registered owner of the red vw jetta seen around march 16th around the time she disappeared. and they do say they have a lot of physical evidence that connects him to her disappearance. >> public safety's our main concern. we don't want anyone else hurt.
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we don't want any more little girls taken. >> reporter: the sheriff told us they have spoken to the lamar family, and they will be at that news conference scheduled for 8:00 this morning. the sheriff's office still does not know where sierra lamar's body is. and they are urging the public to continue to help in that volunteer search effort which my colleague marla tellez will have more on right now. she is live outside the safeway where garcia-torres was arrested. and you spoke to one of his colleagues, is that correct? >> that is correct. first i want to say the community and morgan hill has put so much heart into searching for sierra lamar, and the suspect worked in their own backyard at this safeway. it is a 24-hour safeway. i just walked in and spoke to an employee who worked with antolin garcia-torres. i asked him if he knew him.
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and i asked what sort of guy he was and if he was surprised by this entire arrest and he told me no comment. safeway employees are being told not to speak to the media. nonetheless, this is where garcia-torres was arrested last night. we heard from one girl who witnessed the whole event. >> i was at work and we just saw a bunch of cops. it was pretty scary. i work right here and we're here until 11:30 sometimes. >> reporter: well, not far from here, not far from the safeway is burnett elementary. that has served as the search post for sierra lamar. volunteers meeting there each wednesday to head out on foot searching the surrounding areas. her family, the lamar family also started a website to keep the community updated. that website is i logged on this morning, i can tell you it has not been updated with the latest news of this arrest. the last entry was from sierra's
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father marking the two months since his daughter disappeared. she disappeared march 16th, the two-month mark was may 16th. that, of course, was just six days ago. live in morgan hill, marla tellez, "today in the bay." 5:03. our legal expert steven clark has been working with us on this case. he says a lot is still unknown, but antolin garcia-torres could face the death penalty. clark talked about the challenges of the case if a body is never found. >> there are prosecutions without bodies and i think that's why they will continue to investigate the case and they will continue to see whether anyone else may have been involved in this case. but clearly they believe at this point that the forensic evidence is such they can tie this defendant to her kidnapping and the fact that she has not come home that she's not the type of person to run away that they can infer she must be dead and i think that's why they're going with murder now. >> clark adds part of the
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surveillance was to see if he was to make any mistakes to aid the investigation. >> we can tell you that the sheriff's department and sierra lamar's family expected to speak out publicly this morning. stay with us throughout the morning for the latest updates and all day long on our website, just search sierra lamar. 5:04. new questions about abusive power by the berkeley police chief. michael meehan sent four sergeants to track his son's stolen iphone in oakland in january. they worked two hours of overtime at taxpayers' expense. and the iphone was never found. earlier this year, chief meehan apologized for sending a sergeant to a reporter's home in the middle of the night to demand changes into a news article. that led to an audit of the police department's media policies. this morning, the school district now the target of a
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federal probe. the police department telling the district, a federal grand jury will investigate the force. it's unclear what they'll be looking at. but expect the focus will be twofold. the first concerns, allegations that the former police chief used racial slurs against another officer, the second, dealing with a deadly officer-involved shooting outside a school dance. now, in that case, police shot and killed a man after he allegedly tried to stab an officer with a screwdriver. no word on when that probe will start or how long it's expected to last. bogus bar codes leads to the arrest of a silicon valley executive. and today he will answer to those charges in court. 47-year-old thomas lengabach is accused of stealing legos by sticking fake bar codes over the real ones.
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in a search of his $2 million home uncovered hundreds of unopened lego sets. >> it does appear it's something that was fun -- that was he got some sort of enjoyment out of it because there was a lot of work involved. >> police say he also used an ebay account to sell more than 2,100 lego sets for $30,000. he did not respond to our request for comment. silicon valley is high-tech and it is high-priced, but now low-wage workers in san jose may get a little help. today the city council could vote to increase the city wide minimum wage jumping from $8 to $10. by comparison the national minimum wage is $7.25. only a handful of cities nationwide have their own rates. san francisco is one of them. that rate there, $10.24 per hour. >> time to ask for a raise. 5:06 right now. >> always a good time. >> i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> maybe the boss is watching.
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maybe you did ask for that. good morning to you. a great-looking day shaping up. a little bit of fog. we're not going to deal with it as long as we did yesterday. temperatures will be just about as warm and we'll see winds really starting to pick up through the second half of your day. we're in the upper 50s in san jose and sunnyvale, and your weather headlines tell the story. little built of patchy fog mostly at the coast for today. your open-water bridges you'll see fog between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00. and then we're going to go up and down in terms of your temperatures. so a little something for everybody as we head throughout the next few days. temperatures today work out like this, your hour-by-hour forecast noon inland and 75 at 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work. we've got a lot happening this weekend that mike can let you know about. a lot of construction that will become a big factor if you're not aware of it. >> one of the major issues would be the dumbarton bridge.
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that's highway 84 just to the north, san mateo bridge would have been an alternate. an early morning accident, deadly accident, a single car, an suv went into the center divide. the driver of that car is the person that died at the scene presumably. and it sounds like all lights have been restored and no lanes are blocked and there should be no problem with the flow we've been monitoring. it's very light across the san mateo bridge right now. north of there, looking at oakland, 880 and 580 move smoothly. the construction mark is on the southbound side from downtown to about high street where we get this live look at the coliseum. the southbound side with these lights now the lights barely visible on the northbound side because there are some low clouds drifting through this area. and as christina talks about, fog in places like the bay bridge. chp gives a fog advisory. just watch for those drifting banks coming across the water, be uh no delays, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. looks like the golden state
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warriors will be taking a shot at a new arena deal in san francisco. the owner of java house says the warriors' top brass telling him they plan to build on that water front territory and he can stay. they set up tents for what they're calling a city event. people who live near that site say traffic and view obstruction concerns, but not everybody's opposed to the idea. >> maybe it'll obscure some of those buildings right over there, but at the end of the day, they're not going to just throw up something bad right there. it's going to be pretty cool, have cool lights, add to the bay bridge, going to accentuate it. >> and even after the announcement is made, oakland city leaders at this point expected to keep on talking with the warriors. it's 5:09. still ahead, heartbreak for a south bay community that pulled together to find a missing girl. more on the sierra lamar murder investigation just ahead.
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and we continue to monitor facebook stock and a rocket launch. a look into business news just ahead. and a live look outside kind of at the golden gate bridge. you can see cars flowing through and you see some street lights out there. you don't really see the bridge. we'll keep you posted on the low-hanging fog coming up. and for the latest news, weather, traffiuthes out on facebook. search nbc bay area. and save. to policies don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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an update to a story in the south bay this morning. a live look at the safeway in morgan hill where sheriff deputies made an arrest. an employee that works at that safeway. now the case has turned into a murder investigation. the suspect under arrest this
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morning, 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres facing kidnapping and murder charges. so far it's unclear if he knew sierra before the killing. sierra's body has not been found. stay with "today in the bay" for continuing coverage throughout the morning. facebook continues disappointing investors. and lots of people pointing fingers of blame. scott mcgrew with an explanation. >> facebook has remained mum about this whole thing, but underwriters, jon, the banks that first bought the stock and sold shares to the public continue to criticize the nasdaq for the late start on trading on friday. but as time passes and facebook shares continue to sink, that accusation becomes less and less likely a cause of the stock's woes. facebook will start well under its ipo price this morning, at some point you'll see a bounce perhaps as investors feel the stock has reached the correct price. whether that's today, though, only the wisdom of the crowd can say. nasa turns to the private
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sector. >> the other big news, space x has reached orbit after launching the falcon rocket last night. this is the second time they've sent it into orbit. this is the first private spaceship to carry supplies to the international space station. tracie potts will have more information for us in about 20 minutes. now it's been quite the 24 hours for space x founder who also runs tesla motors. about eight hours ago, he found out the government had finished crash testing the new tesla model s electric car, meaning those can go on sale earlier than expected. let's get the latest on markets from seema mody. good morning, seema. good morning to you. apple is still the world's most dominant brand. the annual brand study out today shows the ipad maker boosted its brand value 19% in the past year.
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the study combines the company's market value with its ability to create customer loyalty. seven of the top ten brands are tech-related. not a big surprise there. mcdonald's, coca-cola, and marlboro are the others. facebook was the biggest mover last year boosting its brand value 74% to move into 19th place. a quick check on the markets, futures are flat after markets bounced back a bit on monday, the dow snapping a six-day losing streak. the s&p 500 putting in its best day in two months, the nasdaq, that's our tech-heavy index where facebook is listed had the best day in five months. taking a look at global markets, asia was higher overnight, but europe trading in negative territory. fitch has cut the country's debt rating. we get data out this morning on existing home sales for the month of april here in the united states. so that will likely be a market mover. and a quick check on how markets ended last night. the dow rising 135 points to
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close at 12,504. the nasdaq adding 68 to close at 2,847. with all that said and done about facebook losing more than 10%, the nasdaq still posting strong gains for the day. guys, back over to you. >> thank you very much. coming up in a bit, laura, hewlett-packard and google may have layoffs ahead. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> thank you very much. 5:16 right now. visiting the happiest place on earth about to get a little more expensive. the price of a single-day pass at disney jumped from $80 to $87 for age 10 and up. the biggest increase will hit people outside of southern california that buy year round pass with parking. that pass will skyrocket from $499 to $649. for southern california residents, season tickets are discounted and currently run $329. there's cinderella. >> the price of happy keeps going up.
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>> no kidding. the one thing that is free out here, spectacular weather. christina loren here to tell us about another nice weekend. >> another nice week ahead. no need to travel this weekend or make any plans to get out of town because the weather here is going to be phenomenal. a lot of kids getting ready to get out for summertime and of course, the unofficial start to summer coming up this weekend. memorial day is monday and temperatures will be nice. you saw that live picture, san francisco, the embarcadero, fog setting in. and it will become rather thick as we head throughout the morning hours. you want to keep that in mind. this morning, temperatures are really nice to start, 59 degrees in san jose this morning. 53 in san mateo, we're at 54 degrees in san francisco. so it's nice and crisp out there this morning. you will notice quite a bit of moisture in our atmosphere and that's because we had an area of low pressure come through that carried in that moisture. bringing in that strong onshore flow, and strong enough this morning so we could actually see a little bit of drizzle along the peninsula. you want to keep that in mind.
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but windy conditions today, all that cloud cover cleared out of the area. cooler and gustier as we head through tomorrow. i wanted to show you your future cast, stop the clock at 5:00 p.m., you can see it turning rather breezy right at the coast. the high end where you're getting the pinks, oranges, and reds. really gusty conditions for the second half of the day. even more so as you head through your wednesday. keep that in mind, tie down any loose objects that could get blown around in your backyard. and of course, the windiest locations will be the areas where we lack friction. over the open water, in the higher elevations, east bay hills, fair game for possibly 45, even 50-mile-per-hour gusts tonight and tomorrow. 78 degrees for wednesday. little bit cooler on thursday. temperatures in the low 70s inland and area of low pressure might bring showers up to sonoma county. more about that coming up. more about what you can expect this upcoming weekend. a lot happening in the bay area. first let's check your drive with mike. little something happening right here as you might expect.
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first we address the construction eastbound opposite your main commute from about antioch. we have one lane blocked and not much of a commute issue. and as we zoom out, looking at slowing approaching the el street sensor with a 50 here, yellow zone starting up already. we're kicking off the commute for westbound highway 4. traffic tuesday, things start earlier, flow little heavier for most of your major routes and that's what we're seeing for livermore, as well. a 15-minute drive, standard bill coming into livermore, and once going through livermore, you're at the limit toward the interchange. now, no problems for 680 or 880 getting down into the south bay. and we're looking at, well, basically all the construction spots i picked out. they have all reported as cleared now from chp, no delays and now the crews clearing from the roadway without any problems, but we'll track things, about 6:00 for the low spots to kick in. dumbarton bridge, moving smoothly right now, but there's a weekend closure. keep that in mind, highway 84 across the water close -- alternate is the san mateo
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bridge. that's moving smoothly now and that's an alternate over the weekend. a live look at the bay bridge, we have a fog advisory, but the toll plaza was clear, as well. look at the clouds in the distance, guys. back to of you. well, the track coach in oregon high school now out of a job after taking a 17-year-old boy to prom. 41-year-old melissa bowerman said she went to the boy to the prom because he felt bad about not having a date. she says the boy's father actually gave permission. if you feel you've heard that name before, it is the daughter-in-law of nike co-founder phil bowerman. 5:20 right now. coming up, a tragic twist in the search for sierra lamar. a missing teenager now deemed a murder victim. also a pilot slams his plane into a southern california neighborhood. we'll have video of that wreckage just ahead. a live look outside from the east bay this morning, traffic picking up a little bit on 880 near the coliseum this morning. mike's keeping an eye on your morning commute across the bay.
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an update to a developing story in the south bay this morning. the search for sierra lamar now officially a homicide. the 15-year-old's body has not yet been found, but a man is behind bars charged with her killing. he is 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres. it's unclear if he knew her prior to her disappearance. we do know he is the registered owner of a red volkswagen jetta seen around the neighborhood around the same time she disappeared. there is a dna match between the car and sierra lamar's clothing. it is 5:23 right now. a plane crash in southern
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california leaving an entire neighborhood without power. federal aviation administration spoke people say the pilot reported engine problems about 8:00 last night, three miles from a small public airport. the plane ultimately hit three power poles in glendale, california, before slamming right into the ground. the pilot, you can see, was taken to the hospital, only suffering major injuries. we're happy to report nobody on the ground was hurt. about 2,000 homes in that area lost power after the crash. 5:24 right now. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking? >> great-looking day shaping up. as you're waking up trying to pick out your outfit, dress for two parts. 40s up in the north bay, everywhere else the 50s, mid-50s right now inland. breezy conditions picking up, up to 70 degrees in livermore as you break for lunch and we'll round out the day in the upper 70s and low 80s just like we did yesterday inland. and meanwhile, talking about the upper 60s and low 70s right by the water. your seven-day has some changes on the way, even some showers. we'll talk about that coming up.
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first, we want to check your drive at 5:24 with mike. hey, we'll take folks out to the east bay looking at the maze and the approach to the bay bridge. now the construction i'm marking at the bottom of your screen is southbound 880, and no major slowing, one, maybe two lanes blocked for another half an hour. we're looking at the fog advisory for that bay bridge, so consider that as you're crossing the span. north bay, construction crews from sir francis drake down to rodeo. and getting on to northbound 101, we see slowing, as well. indicating the golden gate bridge slow. the live look will show you there's not much traveling, there is fog and low clouds and construction crews may be clearing. that's what's going on there. i will monitor it. back to you. take a look at this, mike, the world's tallest tower now open for business. the developers of the sky tree cut the ribbon in tokyo yesterday. the building soars nearly 2,100 feet above the city. it'll serve as a broadcast tower for television and radio along with being a tourist attraction.
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the president of the guinness book of world records certified the building as the tallest tower in the world. quite a celebration there. >> indeed. 5:25 right now. heart break and anger in the south bay as the search for sierra becomes a homicide investigation. we of course have live team coverage on the arrest in this case just ahead. plus, a judge decides if there is enough evidence to bring bryan stowe's suspected attackers to trial. and the oldest italian restaurant in the entire country hanging up those apron strings. taking a live look outside. look at that sun coming up over the bay area. it should be a nice day on tap. traffic and weather together.
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public safety is our main concern. we don't want anyone else hurt. we don't want any more little girls taken. >> hope shattered in the south bay as the search for missing teenager sierra lamar officially
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becomes a murder investigation. good morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining us. the time now is 5:28. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning, heart break and sadness as the family of sierra lamar wakes up to the realization their little girl will not come home alive. the suspected killer is antolin garcia-torres. now investigators are working to find sierra's body. to find out how and why it all happened. marla tellez live in morgan hill this morning at the safeway store where sheriff deputies cuffed the suspect, but we begin with bob redell live in the santa clara county jail in san jose where the suspect is now behind bars. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. and yes, with the announcement, the suspect has been arrested for kidnapping and murder. the sheriff's office is ruling out any hope that 15-year-old sierra lamar will be found alive. the man allegedly responsible for her death in the main jail
5:30 am
behind me here in san jose. law enforcement arrested him around 6:00 last night at the safeway grocery store where he works in morgan hill. you can see him there being escorted out of the sheriff's office after an interview with detectives. his name is antolin garcia-torres, a 21-year-old resident north of morgan hill. the sheriff says her department had him under surveillance prior to his arrest, that they do have a lot of physical evidence that connects him to sierra's disappearance and that he is the registered owner of that red vw jetta that was seen near her home around the time she disappeared on the morning of march 16th. that car has been in the possession of law enforcement. the sheriff promised more details during a news conference that is scheduled for around 8:00 this morning. the department tells us they have spoken with her family and they too will be in attendance during that news conference. >> this is very, very difficult for the family. the family's been very, very supportive all along, they understand, we've kept them
5:31 am
apprised of everything that's happened with the investigation all along. we think it's important they know. it's very difficult for them. >> the sheriff department still does not know where sierra lamar's body is located. that's why they're asking the public to continue in the volunteer search efforts. we know marla tellez is going to have more on that. she's also live outside that safeway where garcia-torres worked. and what's the latest you're hearing down there? >> reporter: that whole lot of surprise and shock, bob, good morning to you. yeah, this is the safeway where the suspect garcia-torres worked as bob just mentioned. this is the safeway, and i just spoke to an employee of garcia-torres -- a co-worker of his. a co-worker of his told me he couldn't comment on this latest news. he says that safeway is telling the employees not to speak to the media though he did confirm to me that he does know the suspect. now, this is where garcia-torres was taken into custody last night.
5:32 am
we spoke to a young lady who watched the arrest happen about 5:30. >> just cops and cop cars, it was all really fast. that's really scary, i have a little sister and she's 13, and yeah, that really scares me. >> reporter: according to sheriff deputies, garcia-torres lives in san martin which is just a couple miles south of here. sierra went missing on march 16th about seven miles north of this safeway. this is all happening within a ten-mile stretch. it was about a week and a half ago when the sierra lamar case was featured on "america's most wanted," and according to the website set up by the lamar family,, there is a fund-raising concert scheduled for sierra this friday, which happens to be national missing children's day. that's may 25th. that concert is scheduled to happen in gilroy. it is unclear at this point if that concert will still go on. live in morgan hill, marla tellez, "today in the bay."
5:33 am
steven clark says the rest of the investigation will still take some time, but ultimately antolin garcia-torres could face that death penalty. >> could certainly be a death penalty case because it's a murder committed while there was also a kidnapping as a special circumstance. but the d.a.'s office likely won't make that decision for several months. that i they're going to want to know a lot more about the individual and a lot more about the crime and what sierra lamar went through before they made that decision. his age, the fact he's young will go against them, i think, seeking the death penalty here. >> clark points out part of the reason this case has continued so long is investigators, well, they've been waiting on dna analysis to allegedly link garcia-torres to the crime. clark says finding sierra lamar's body is critical, but not mandatory to building a case against garcia-torres. and the sheriff's department and sierra lamar's family set to speak at a news conference set
5:34 am
for 8:00 a.m. this morning. we will be streaming that live online. and more details about the arrest and video of the suspect. for all the latest updates, go to search sierra lamar. 5:34. this morning, the men accused of beating bryan stowe and leaving him with severe brain damage will appear in court. today a judge will hear evidence to decide if there is enough to bring sanchez and norwood to trial. the hearing comes a little more than a year after stowe was attacked in the dodger stadium parking lot after the opening day game against the giants. sanchez and norwood are charged with battery and other felony counts. stow is undergoing rehabilitation at a central valley recovery facility. this morning, a scandal involving former alameda county supervisor nadya lockhear is taking a new turn. it will be whittled down to three in a meeting. the three finalists will face public interviews in june. lockyer resigned on april 20th
5:35 am
after reports surfaced about drug abuse and an affair with a meth addict. she's married to bill lockyer the state treasurer. today's meeting kicks off at 2:00 in oakland. why don't we check the forecast right now with christina loren. 5:35. >> yeah, we've got a great-looking day shaping up. i'm back here looking at all the different microclimates and how they're going to impact the weather where you live and the good news is, everywhere is going to be nice. now we are going to start out with a fair amount of cloud cover, but here's the deal. temperatures are going to be just about as warm as they were yesterday inland. and we're going to see a warmer day right by the water. as these winds pick up, it's going to blow that cloud cover out of the area. the winds will feel nice later on today, little chilly to start in places like san mateo, 57 degrees in sunnyvale, headed toward the 60s and 70s with a building breeze as of noon and 1:00 p.m. today, 71 at 1:00, in santa rosa, 77.
5:36 am
so the contour map really tells the story when it comes to the microclimates. staying on the cool side until about 1:00, but between 1:00 and 5:00, temperatures are going to soar to 71 degrees, perfect conditions in places like san rafael, 76 in napa today, 79 for livermore, and downright perfect, not too hot, not too cold here in san jose. we cool off substantially toward the end of the week, maybe even get some rain. it's on the way, first, if you're leaving right now, here's mike. get on your way to work. how's that? we're looking over here at the maze, we have construction heading south, 880 out of downtown to the coliseum. but a live look shows two things, no slowing shows up through the construction zone. that's one concern, and the other is lower visibility. this is actually the best we've seen it, thank you mark, in the operations control room for getting us a better view of the clouds coming through the area, sometimes making it very tough to see from our rooftop position across from the coliseum. right now traffic volume is moving smoothly, visibility also an issue back to the maps
5:37 am
because there's a pedestrian reported on 980. right around 7th. but someone walking around on the freeway in low visibility. i'm going to track that until the chp makes sure that person has gotten off the roadway or safe through the area. we're looking into highway 4. westbound, your typical commute building coming off of hillcrest, speeds into the 20s at times, really not so bad is traffic tuesday, suspect slowing to build in through bay point, concord, and walnut creek. the oldest italian restaurant in the country closing its door. it's served its last meal on monday ending a run that began back in the late 19th century. business kept going even after the earthquakes and fires but couldn't survive a down economy. the owners say it's tough saying good-bye. >> it's memories from high school and college and everybody here is family.
5:38 am
>> between baptism, communion, high school, marriage, and so on and on and so on and birthday, so it is a tradition. >> we are hearing some possible good news. might not be the end of service. some of the co-owners are hoping to reopen in the near future. hope that's the case. >> absolutely. making me a little bit hungry this morning. 5:38. we have developing news in morgan hill. a man facing charges for the murder of sierra lamar. the latest on that investigation ahead. plus, a new frontier in the space race, the landmark liftoff just ahead. i'll give you a live look outside at the hp pavilion, the sun slowly coming up. it is 5:38. hey, for the latest news, traffic, weather, find us on facebook, just search nbc bay area.
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an update to a developing story in the south bay. you're looking live at the county jail in san jose where a man has been arrested in the disappearance of sierra lamar. this case now being investigated as a murder. the suspect under arrest this morning, 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres. he is facing kidnapping and murder charges. so far, it's unclear if he knew sierra before the killing. sierra's body has not been found, but make sure to stay with us on "today in the bay" for continuing coverage throughout the morning. 5:41. new this morning, we have liftoff on a first of its kind flight to space. for the first time a private company has launched a supply ship into orbit. tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning with a look at what the white house is saying about the flight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's actually a california company from hawthorne, southern california space x that has launched this flight, the dragon capsule for the first time they believe is going to be the first
5:42 am
private spacecraft to dock with the international space station. liftoff was today. they're going to try to dock on friday. and boy is that going to be a feat. each of them traveling at 70,000 miles an hour, 200 miles above the earth. but today's liftoff was virtually picture perfect, especially after saturday when the whole thing was scrubbed less than one second before liftoff. all the computers shut down that launch because they had a faulty engine valve. turns out they fixed it and everything went well today. but this is the future for nasa. looking to private companies like california's space x to try to continue the space program with the shuttle program now retired, nasa is hoping that more billionaires will try to finance some of these missions. this one taking some cargo up to the international space station. >> so interesting to see this day in age. thank you very much. a popular air show will go on, but not without changes.
5:43 am
today organizers for the championship air race held in reno will announce new safety measures. you remember that scene, wow, last year. this is in addition to government recommendations back in september, 11 people killed when a plane crashed near a viewing stand. the reno air race has been in business for nearly half a century. 5:43, new this morning, 65 miners are trapped underground right now at a platinum mine in southern zimbabwe. the conveyer equipment collapsed at the facility about 250 miles south of the capital. 20 men have been rescued so far. and in india, a deadly train accident killed at least six people. authorities say a passenger train collided with a freight train in the southern part of that country. three cars were derailed and burst into flames. the cause of that crash is unclear. a hearing is set for today in a lawsuit that accuses a judge and two lawyers of looting the estate of the late civil rights pioneer rosa parks. the lawsuit claims the wayne
5:44 am
county michigan probate judge conspired with two attorneys to rack up more than $500,000 in mostly unnecessary legal fees. parks left almost all her estate to the institute when she died in 2005. her family contested the will. a controversial plan to tap oil from canada is running on empty. a report by an environmental group says the keystone pipeline will not lower gas prices. the special refining process needed costs actually more than traditional drilling. the project was supposed to deliver crude from the north all the way south to the texas gulf coast. earlier this year, president obama blocked that pipeline over environmental concerns, but congress has since been trying to revive it saying the project will create thousands of jobs. turning to decision 2012, president obama is taking aim at mitt romney's record at bain capital. but it could backfire. one of the president's key supporters already calling foul.
5:45 am
an obama campaign attacks romney saying he did not care about his employees. but newark mayor cory booker says that's not fair. he made the comments on sunday. romney's team seized the opportunity and released this web ad. >> even obama's own supporters have had enough. >> it's nauseating for the american public. enough is enough. >> booker says his quote was taken out of context and he still supports president obama. obama's defending his campaign strategy. and republicans say the president's ad is misleading and does not accurately represent romney's record. >> the fun's only beginning in this campaign, right? it's 5:45 right now. time to check in with christina loren and a smooth, nice start to the day. >> no debate in this department. it's going to be nice. that's why we live here in the bay area, the weather is going to be phenomenal today and tomorrow, then we have some changes on the way. so let's start with what's happening out there right now. really interesting shot here. weather in action happening over
5:46 am
the bay bridge now. the golden gate bridge is entirely socked in with fog. the bay bridge will likely get socked in with fog as we head over the course of the next two hours, but right now just starting to settle in. you can still see a beautiful sunrise. and now we want to show you the contrast, take you inland into san jose. take a look at this, you're getting more sunshine this morning over the bay bridge for the time being. between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00, the marine layer is going to push in, but not going to last quite as long as it did yesterday. 53 degrees in oakland, right now 57 degrees in sunnyvale, 53 in san mateo and temperatures nice and crisp to start. you don't have to worry about packing on that heavy jacket as you head out the front door. so rather comfortable conditions. an area of low pressure came through, a weak cold front, we're going to call it a cool front because it didn't drop our temperatures off. they're going to be just about as warm as they were yesterday and warmer by the water. what's going to happen today is as the system moves out and high
5:47 am
pressure moves in, the two work against each other, we've got a tight pressure gradient, those winds will whip later on today. all works out like this, your future cast tells the story. we stopped the clock at 5:00 p.m., you see the reds, the oranges coming in over the peninsula, even concord and livermore turning downright breezy. then we advance this 24 hour, stop that clock again at 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. yes, the bright pink's moving in. that is the highest wind. we are going to see potentially 50-mile-per-hour gusts at the coast tomorrow. it's going to be a blustery wednesday. today, kind of breezy too windy for the second half of the day. your temperatures, you can't beat them this time of year. 79 degrees in san jose, right on track with our seasonal averages. in oakland, 59 for you, 57 in san francisco, meanwhile, holding on to the upper 70s for tomorrow, we'll keep that wind in the forecast. but that means we will see less in terms of cloud cover. and cooling you off a little bit for thursday. here's where it gets interesting, friday, i think we'll see a few showers in sonoma county, maybe a little
5:48 am
bit of drizzle along the marin county coastline. but overall, expecting all that activity to stay north or the golden gate bridge. saturday and sunday, warming you right back up into the 80s. and speaking of which, golden gate bridge turns 75. you can catch that celebration right here on nbc bay area. and another bridge impacting this weekend. mike is all over that. good morning to you. >> we'll talk about that in a second. let's start with the south bay where we had the road crews here and that construction clearing without any incident. but now we're just ready for the highway 87 slow down to start. heading up past kertner. right around the 680 interchange, the heaviest volume of the week typically, that's what we're seeing before 6:00. nothing dramatic so far. looking over here to the peninsula. we had construction both directions for 101. that is completely cleared, as well. the road crew for the dumbarton
5:49 am
bridge, but as christina's talking about, the dumbarton bridge is closed all weekend starting friday at 10:00 p.m., hopefully i'll be here tuesday 5:00 a.m. to tell you everything's fine, no problems, but over the weekend you'll use the san mateo bridge as your alternate. again, friday at 10:00 p.m. is when the dunbo closes over the water. the dublin interchange, we do have your typical build, 17-minute drive now as you're slowing through livermore, speeds into the 40s and 50s where you see the yellow, but once you pass by, things are just fine, over to 680. we do have one issue, byron highway at mountain has a big rig off of the roadway, 40,000 pounds. they have to pull it off to the side of the roadway. no major injuries from what i understand. we'll get a live look out there and see how it's shaping up. this is the fog christina's talking about, making it hard to see on the deck of the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge at times. keep that in mind.
5:50 am
so lower the speeds. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:49 right now. a teenage boy alive after a dramatic rescue over a waterfall. the 13-year-old was wading in a river when he lost his footing. she w he was swept away but was able to pull himself on a rock shelf. crews made several attempts to reach him but without luck. eventually they rigged up a ladder to cross the water. >> and the ladder gave me a good place to stand. so he came over and he hooked me up in a safety harness and we had to go straight up. >> he wanted to go faster than we wanted him to go. he was motivated to get out of where he was. >> i'd say. he had spent 8 1/2 hours stranded on the rocks before eventually being rescued. >> that had to be pretty freaky in the dark too. >> yeah, no kidding. help, get me out of here. a tragic twist in the search
5:51 am
for sierra lamar. the latest on the suspect arrested for the teenager's murder. and we'll take a look at two companies this week. and high above -- well, can't get above those clouds this morning, hovering over the bay area, sun trying to breakthrough, burn things off. we'll keep tabs on it all. i found a powerful new way to cut out arthritis pain. [ male announcer ] new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain.
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5:53 am
an update to a developing story in the south bay. the search for sierra lamar now officially a homicide. the 15-year-old's body has not been found, but a man is behind bars charged with her killing. he is 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres. it's unclear if he knew the
5:54 am
teenager prior to her disappearance. but we do know he is the registered owner of a red volkswagen jetta last seen in lamar's neighborhood around the time she disappeared. a reliable source tells "today in the bay," there is a dna match between the car and sierra lamar's clothing. new this morning, it is a big day for opower. and this is video of the opower website. major ed lee will do the ribbon cutting honor on harrison street at 5:00. over the last year, opower has doubled its workforce and locked in two major partnerships. it's now working with facebook to use social networking to raise people's awareness about energy use. opower has teamed up also with honeywell to launch a web and smartphone connected programmable thermostat to help people better control their energy usage. 5:54, not one, but two silicon valley companies may announce layoffs this week.
5:55 am
scott mcgrew with the latest. >> good morning to you, laura. google says it could finalize plans to buy motorola's cell phone business as early as today, and reports say google executives have scheduled what they're calling listening meetings at mobility locations in silicon valley and in the company's home base of chicago, as well. many employees are interpreting that as a way to find out what they do and if they should be laid off. now, layoffs after one company buys another are not uncommon. and hewlett-packard could announce thousands of layoffs tomorrow, as well. as we first reported last week, the total could be as high as 30,000, thad be company wide. hp reports its quarterly profits tomorrow. shares in facebook fell further after -- in after hours trading. zinga in san francisco which gets much of the income from facebook at an all-time low despite the fact they're not affected by facebook share price. best buy, a stock to watch after that company announced better results than expected, better
5:56 am
sales. they weren't good, but they were better than expected. jon? >> thank you very much for the updates. well, a gator turns goal keeper in south carolina. we're not joking here. we have pictures to prove it. a live gator. a pick-up soccer game between parents and kids came to an abrupt halt after the ball turned up in the mouth of a 13-foot gator. now, the parents called critter management. >> that's a big critter. but the gator would not give up the ball. he liked chomping on that thing so much, he kept it in his mouth for two straight days. wranglers had to put a hook into the gator to get the kids' ball out to play soccer. the ball actually still had air in it. couple of teeth marks there, couple of kids just examining it thinking that's kind of cool, though. glad it wasn't my leg. >> wow. 5:56 right now. still ahead team coverage on the tragic news in the south bay this morning. the search for sierra lamar now turning into a murder investigation. plus, an east bay school district becomes the target of a federal investigation.
5:57 am
why a grand jury is looking into campus police. we'll have that just ahead. and busted for bogus bar codes. the lego scam that landed a silicon valley exec in handcuffs. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages...
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adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
5:59 am
a developing story this morning. 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres arrested facing murder charges in connection with a 2-month-old disappearance of sierra lamar. >> what led investigators to the suspect and why they charged him with murder. >> we have team coverage on the investigation this morning. it is monday, may -- it is tuesday, may 22nd, this is "today in the bay." good morning to


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