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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 22, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the body has been found. i believe there's a reason she wasn't found. we're not giving up on that. >> sierra lamar's mother holds out hope her daughter could be alive. even after investigators arrest a man for her kidnapping and murder. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. this morning, we have developing and emotional news in the case of sierra lamar. this morning, the santa clara sheriff revealing details how the man now accused of murdering the morgan hill teenager is in their custody. the painstaking investigation laid out as sierra's family
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stood by, listening to this evidence, leading investigators to believe the teenager is no longer alive. we have team coverage. tony kovaleski has been looking into the investigation. christie smith has talked to the suspect's family, but we start with bob redell who is at the sheriff's news conference an hour ago or so. he has the case here against antolin garcia torres. >> reporter: good morning, jon. there was a revelation from the news conference the the sheriff's office considered him a suspect since march and have been following him since. the mother sent him a message. >> a plea to the perpetrator, please give the information that you have to lead us to sierra to help end this nightmare. >> reporter: so far, antolin garcia torres has not given investigators a location of sierra lamar. this morning, we learned it was her bag of clothes found two
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miles from her home, two days after her disappearance march 16th, that led to his arrest. on march 28th. a crime lab linked dna found in the bag to garcia-torres. they began and continued round the clock surveillance in hopes they would lead them to a body. >> it is my hope this was random. it was an absolute stranger abduction. there's no information we have of any type that the two know each other, have had any contact. we believe that this is the worst crime, a stranger abduction of a young girl. >> reporter: they seized his red jetta and found evidence that lipged him to the 15-year-old girl, not blood but something else. even though no body was foumd, sheriff laurie smith says there's a lot of direct and circumstantial evidence that shows sierra lamar was murdered. >> sierra was a very social girl, had a lot of friends, she communicated with her friends all the time through social
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media outlets, through telephoning. from the time she was reported missing, there was absolutely no contact. there had been no contact with any of her friends. we have no reason to believe she ran away. and i think we have adequate facts, in fact, strong facts to believe that she has been murdered. >> reporter: a notion sierra's family is not willing to accept. marlene lamar, heartbroken, fighting back tears, believes there's still a chance her daughter is alive. >> i'm not giving up hope. her body hasn't been found, and so many people have, you know, record breaking numbers showed up at a search center, thousands of people, and law enforcement, you know, doing it simultaneously, and i believe there's a reason why she wasn't found. so i'm not -- we're not giving up on that. >> reporter: the family of sierra lamar along with investigators are urging the public to continue to search for her. that's why one reason they're having another volunteer search effort you heard marlene lamar
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refer to tomorrow morning in morgan hill. live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> the family of the suspect is defending him saying he has been cooperating with investigators, and they don't believe the 21-year-old father could have done this. nbc bay area's christie smith continues our coverage live in morgan hill where she talked to the suspect's sister. christie, that must have been tough. >> reporter: it was. she was in tears this morning. but i wanted to tell you that we are at the search center for sierra lamar, and volunteers are telling me that they opened it today for anyone in the community that might need support because of all of the new developments. the family of the suspect is speaking out. what they're telling us is that he absolutely knew that he was under surveillance for over a month. and investigators had spoken with them as well and asked about his background, including his childhood, but they say, the family, that they didn't think he would be arrested because they say there is no motive and they just can't believe he would
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be involved in the kidnap and murder of sierra lamar. antolin garcia torres was arrested yesterday at a safeway in morgan hill. the family says he has a one and a half-year-old child and a pregnant wife, and that he had actually given interview with investigators. they also say he had given two dna swabs and had totally cooperated with the investigation. they think he may be a target because his car might have been in the area when she disappeared, but right now, they're in shock. >> ever since we found out what, you know, that he could be involved or -- it's just, it's a shocker to all of us. he of course didn't do it. he did not do it. i know everybody says that. i know everybody says that, but i know him. i know he didn't do it. he is not capable of that. there's no motive like was mentioned at the press, there's no motive. >> reporter: i also spoke with a former landlord this morning who said that she had considerable
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troubles with his family on the property and that it took two years to evict them, and she said even now, she's being contacted about them from various attorneys and what not. so she said she actually was surprised about the development, but wasn't surprised that she continues to be contacted about him. meantime, as bob mentioned, there's another search for sierra tomorrow at 9:00. christie smith, nbc bay area news. an investigative unit is piecing together details of the suspect's arrest since the story broke. tony kovaleski joins us now. he learned, pouring over what he learned in the court records. >> reporter: a lot of information we looked at in the past several hours. through sources we have known for weeks, we knew investigators were close to making an arrest. yesterday that dna match was confirmed, that's what prompted them to arrest garcia-torres. this is not the first time he was in trouble with the law.
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it was garcia's dna on file from a prior felony arrest that proved to be a key piece in solving this puzzle. that arrest was for felony assault. he was not prosecuted, but had to give his dna as a matter of procedure in all felony arrests. that dna matched dna in her clothing. bob told you earlier that was back on march 28th, less than two weeks after she had disappeared. sheriff's department seized that red jetta on april 7th. wasn't until yesterday they confirmed her dna was inside that car. that led sheriff's investigators to move on garcia-torres yesterday evening. the santa clara sheriff laurie smith said, and she admits, difficult to convict without a body, but she said the strength of the case is circumstantial and for ensick evidence. that led the district attorney to ask for murder charges. take a look at this.
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we track down what appears to be antolin garcia torres's miles per hour. you see a video tour of his apartment and dog and hear him talk. also, you'll see other pictures on that miles per hour location. this is a location that hasn't been posted to for a couple of years, clearly garcia torres, several pictures, several videos, what appears to be him. you see pictures of a person now held in the kidnapping and murder charges for sierra lamar. the morgan hill community put so much effort and heart into the search for sierra since the 15-year-old disappeared in mid march, there have been weekly searches. thousands of people, most of them strangers, have given their time, hoping to bring sierra home. overnight, news of the arrest spread quickly. people we spoke to say it's a relief, but also heart breaking. one mother says this case changed how she parents.
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>> i have two young girls. and because of the incident, i have had a close eye on them, they don't walk to or from school. still doesn't change the fact he is not the only one that could do this. we still need to be very, very careful. >> the website set up by sierra's family, says the search will continue. the next search is tomorrow from burnett elementary in morgan hill. stay with nbc bay area as developments unfold in this case. we will have team coverage at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. for updates, log onto any time. new at 11:00, it is official. golden state warriors on the move, heading across the bay. san francisco mayor ed lee and officials with the warriors wrapping up a news conference. they confirm plans to build a new arena on san francisco waterfront on pier 30 and 32, near the foot of the bay bridge.
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they will have it ready for 2017 season. the mayor says the project will put thousands to work. >> this new sports and entertainment facility will create thousands of new jobs for bay area residents, will generate tens of millions in economic growth each year, games and events will bring people from all over the region, and the money they spend will benefit our local economy and our local businesses. >> we can tell you the arena will be privately financed. the city will be providing the land. >> you can see from that shot in san francisco, a little breezy. really nice. wait until you see the temperatures. they're nice. show you san jose first. we're also seeing the gorgeous clear skies overhead, all the way from south bay and east bay. we have a difficult time finding any clouds in the sky out ther. take a look at the temperatures. we had a full deck of clouds this morning. now in the 70s in santa rosa. just goes to show what the sun
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will do to the microclimates. we are in the 60s by the bay, but that changes throughout the afternoon. winds are going to continue to pick up. if you live in the east bay hills, tie down any loose objects in the backyard. winds are strongest in fairfield at 21 miles per hour, sustained out of the west, gusting to 45 miles per hour from time to time. keep that in mind. plentiful sunshine, stronger winds for tomorrow. and then we get a chance for rain. it has been a dry may so far. we continue to update you which cities had the best chance. stay tuned for that. >> look forward to it, thank you very much. coming up, an executive accused of getting legos on the cheap illegally goes to court. and we'll show you the beginning of a brand new era for space travel. facebook has lost more than $11 billion in overall value. we'll tip continue to watch tha
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if a disney trip is in your ouay want to up w the budget. we will show you the price hike to see mickey and company.
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welcome back. oakland school district police force is now the target of a federal probe. a district official says they don't know the exact nature of the investigation, but suspect it will be linked to two high profile controversies. the first that the former chief used racial slurs against another officer. the second deals with a deadly officer-involved shooting outside a school dance. in that case, police shot and killed a man after he allegedly tried to stab an officer with a screwdriver. no word when that probe will begin or how long it will last. and silicon valley executive accused of using bogus bar codes to buy legos at discount is in court. he faces four felony counts of burglary.
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investigators say he put fake bar codes over legos sets to pay hundreds less than the original price. you can see him in surveillance video swapping bar codes. a search of his $2 million home in san carlo found hundreds of unopened sets. he used ebay to sell more than 2400 sets for $30,000 profit. he did not respond to our request for comment. the commercial era of space travel officially took off today. overnight, a commercial supply ship owned by the space x company rocketed away from earth. here it is. now, this is the first time a private company has launched to the space station. it is now headed to the international space station.
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solar city is set to ipo soon. tesla's latest car finished the crash test. >> not bad for a week's work. they finished government safety ratings tests. assuming it passes, the sedan will go on sale that much sooner. now they are exciting people all over california, particularly those that work for him and think of him as a modern day edison. this is the view from space x employees. >> three, two, one, zero. you think you had a good day at work, those guys launched a rocket into space. nice work. and facebook tips to sink. the stock fell another 6% in early trading, though stabilized quite a bit since this morning. one big investor said he is
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willing to hold onto the stock long term. >> i have a hard time envisioning a time people don't want to socialize any more. i don't think they're going to lose that audience they've got. worst thing that can happen, it can seem like it is taking them forever figuring how to monetize it. >> google closed the deal or motorola mobility. and watch for hp's announcement tomorrow, we expect news on layoffs. back to you. >> you'll be all over that. thank you, scott. visiting the happiest place on earth is about to get more expensive. price of a single day pass at disneyland jumped from 80 to $87 for ages ten and up. the biggest increase hits people that live outside of southern california and buy a year round pass with parking. that pass will skyrocket from $499 to 649 bucks. for southern california residents, season tickets are discounted and currently run
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$329. >> price of happy keeps going up. speaking of going up, the world's tallest tower is open for business. developers of the sky tree, cutting that ribbon in tokyo today. the building soaring nearly 2100 feet above the city, will serve as a broadcast tower for television and radio, along with being a tourist attraction. hopefully they'll clear out the fog so you can see it. president of guinness book of world records certifying the building as yes, the tallest tower on the entire planet. >> it was totally fogged in with rain. looked like the golden gate bridge. not the case today though. meteorologist christina loren has a nice forecast. it was earlier this morning, completely socked in, then the winds picked up, and as a result it is hard to find a cloud in the sky. good tuesday early, early afternoon at this hour. we're almost to lunch. it is just about lunchtime. if you want plans to eat outdoors by the water, you get phenomenal condition. look at this shot of alcatraz.
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there are ripples on the bay, and that's indicative of the winds that have been pumping for the past couple hours, picking up as we speak at the west 14 miles per hour in san francisco, west northwest at 10 miles per hour in oakland. calm conditions in half moon bay. you may find a little cloud cover there. breezy conditions continue to ramp up as we head through the afternoon. all works out like this. little area of low pressure came through overnight. another on the way tonight. creates a tight pressure gradient as this falls apart. high pressure moves in quickly behind it. the two work against each other. as a result, we get very windy conditions, especially up the coast today. heading through tomorrow, we expect even more blustery conditions. put that in your back pocket. 72 in san francisco, 78 in redwood city, and really comfortable conditions in santa cruz. here is what we're expecting with the winds.
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picks up 5:00 p.m. you look at the key, look at the high end of the key with the orange, red, pink, that's where we expect the heaviest winds at about 5:00 p.m. advance it 24 hours to wednesday at 5:00. getting that bright pink at the coast. so talking about pretty gusty winds not just today, even more so tomorrow. strong enough to really knock you around. you want to hold onto your steering wheel tonight and tomorrow evening, especially if you drive high profile vehicles over bridges. guys, back to you. >> white knuckles when driving, right? >> that's how it works. come up, the end of an era for one of san francisco's oldest restaurants. and a decision san jose leaders could make today that will effect the paychecks of thousands of people. and the bay area city making the list for top traffic headaches. just how much time people sit in gridlock every year. >> that doesn't feel good. to join the discussion,oi jn us on facebook. search nbc bay area. back in minutes. n
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welcome back, everybody. in case you had any doubts, drivers in san francisco can now say we're number three as in dealing with the third worse traffic congestion in the country. this is from a study by inrix. it shows traffic congestion in 70 most populated cities went down last year because of the soft economy and high gas prices, but the going is still tough in that city. includes honolulu. inrix says it has the worst congestion with drivers in 58 hours in traffic last year. l.a., second on the list, not anything to be proud of. 56 hours of traffic. and san francisco checks in at number three, where drivers are digging in traffic 48 hours last
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year. >> no fun. san jose city leaders may volt to give minimum wage workers a hefty raise today. city council could vote to increase the rate from $8 an hour to $10, or could decide to put the issue before voters this fall. many businesses are against an increase, saying it will hurt the bottom line and lead to layoffs. national minimum wage is 7.25. but a handful of cities nationwide have their own rates, including san francisco, where it is $10.24 an hour. san francisco institution voted the oldest italian restaurant in the country is history for now. they served the last meal yesterday, ending a monumental run, which began in the late 19th century. it survived earthquakes and fires, but could not stomach the slow economy. owners say it is tough to say good-bye. might not be the end of service. hope to reopen for the italia in the future. >> you didn't get a chance to
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get the new safeway app. it's free. and the easiest way to get the most savings. finally this morning, move over david beckham. there's a new soccer player in bite.not as good-looking .tebi we have pictures to prove it. >> a pickup game between parents and kids came to a stop in hilton head, south carolina, after the ball turned up in the mouth of this guy. a 13 foot gator. the parents called critter management but the gator wouldn't give up the ball. >> critter management. >> kept it in its mouth for two days straight. wranglers had to finally put a hook on the gator to get the ball out. amazingly, the ball is still inflated, despite some teeth marks. >> the kids look like they're in shock. that's the guy you want in the net playing goalie. >> all right. thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00.
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