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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 22, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. the search for sierra is now a search for her body. at a news conference this morning sheriff lori smith offered new details into the arrest of 21-year-old antolin garci garcia-torres accused of kidnapping and killing the morgan hill teen. smith says sierra was apparently targeted at random. we also learned today that investigators found dna from garcia-torres on lamar's clothing found not far from the home in the days after the disappearance. that link made a law enforcement data bank because of a prior arrest. garcia-torres has been under constant surveillance since march 28. investigators had hoped he would lead them to sierra. today, though, sierra's mother pled for the suspect to put her family at peace. >> i do have a plea to the perpetrator to please, please give the information if you have -- that you have to lead us to sierra, to help end this
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nightmare. i would like you to come forward and say where she is. >> sheriff smith says investigators initially had many suspects in the case but they now believe garcia-torres is the only one responsible for sierra's disappearance. we have live team coverage tonight including community reaction with the suspect's fami family. we begin with tony kovaleski who has been digging into the suspect's criminal history and, tony, it's actually his prior problems with police that played a key role. >> exactly, jess. if it were not for a prior criminal history by garcia torres, it's likely he would not be behind bars, not facing murder and kidnapping charges in sierra's disappearance. we now know it was dna that made him a prime suspect and dna that led to last night's arrest. shortly after investigators spent several hours interviewing the morgan hill resident.
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>> we have gained some value from our interviews with him. but nothing substantive. we hope at some point he does tell us more than he's telling us now. >> reporter: clearly sheriff smith hoping garcia-torres leads investigators to sierra's body. we've learned more today about the man suspected of the murder including the fact law enforcement now believe he is connected to three other assaults back in 2009 and there is evidence tying him to at least one. but it was a felony arrest in 2010 that provided a key connection between sierra and garcia-torres. >> he has a prior conviction for interfering with an officer that's a misdemeanor. he has a prior felony arrest for an assault. that's what got him into the database, but that was not constituted. >> reporter: and here is what we've learned.
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according to court documents in 2009 he was arrested for resistance and obstructing a police officer. in the report an officer recounts garcia-torres said, get out of my house you expletive pig. here is the key point, police arrested garcia-torres on two criminal counts, battery and sexual inter0 course with a minor less than three years younger. because it was a felony arrest he was required to provide dna samples. he was not convicted in those two cases but they clearly set the stage for last night. here is the connection. on march 28, less than two weeks after sierra disappeared, sheriff's investigators had a positive dna match. garcia-torres' dna came up on sierra's clothing located by a search team two miles from where she disappeared. the sheriff admitted today without blood and body evidence getting a murder conviction is more difficult but stressed her office has a strong case against the 21-year-old morgan hill
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residence. in the newsroom, i'm tony kovaleski, nbc bay area news. investigators still on the hunt, the ongoing certificate for lamar continued today. the sheriff's department, search and rescue teams, continued to canvas the reservoir using some new tools that could spot something as small as a handgun. if investigators know what kind of weapon was used in sierra's disappearance, they aren't saying. they expect to be there for the rest of the week. it's not far from where some of lamar's belongings were found and that's the reason they're searching it extensively. the suspect's family insists the sheriff's department has the wrong man. his mother and sister described garcia-torres as a family man, not a killer. he has a 1-year-old child and another on the way. nbc bay area's kimberly tere joins us from morgan hill and, kimberly, this is a family sticking together despite the serious accusations against their loved ones. >> reporter: absolutely and it's the mother that's taking this
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the hardest. she, just yesterday, said it was the five-month anniversary of the death of one of her sons who died from a heart attack and says she came home from work to find out that her other son was in jail facing some very serious charges. garcia-torres' family says they knew police were watching him but say they were shocked when they heard he was arrested. >> it's a shock to it all of us. of course he didn't do it. he it did not do it. i know everybody says that. everybody says that. but i know him. i know he didn't do it. he's not capable. there's no motive. >> reporter: garcia-torres' mother and sister described him as a family man, not someone they say is capable of committing the crimes he is charge charged with, kidnapping and murder. >> i don't think he would do something bad. that is my son. what police say, i don't believe that.
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>> reporter: laura torres says after she went in for questioning she went back to the home she shared with her son, pregnant wife, and granddaughter and asked if he had anything to do with sierra lamar's disappearance. >> i spoke with my son, tell me what happened. why they follow you mom, because of the time that happened. i never knew the lady. i never see her before. never. >> reporter: she says she told her son if he didn't do anything wrong, he doesn't have anything to worry about. the family says he was cooperating with police, going in for questioning twice before the arrest and submitting to two dna swabs. police say they found garcia-torres' dna inside a bag belonging to lamar. >> they say there's evidence of dna in the bag but what were they? that's something they don't want to say. why wouldn't they say, he's the one but not, oh, yeah, this is what we found in the bag.
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>> i feel there's not you have enough evidence to convict him. >> reporter: the suspect's mom says she was able to talk to him last night and that he told her to be strong and to please take care of his children. garcia-torres is expected to be in court on thursday. live in morgan hill, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. friends and classmates who hoped they would soon ceoer , the arrest brings sadness and new despair. over to marianne favro who joins us live from morgan hill and, marianne, it has to be so hard on people. no one really wants to believe she's gone. >> reporter: absolutely especially the volunteers who have been searching for her for so long. now i'm here at the safeway parking lot where garcia-torres was arrested yesterday. some in the community say they're relieve d to know that e is behind bars and off the streets, but others say the murder charge has given them a new perspective. flowers sit on the driveway of
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the home where sierra lamar was last seen march 16th. and today more than two months later, antolin garcia-torres sits behind bars accused of kidnapping and murdering the 15-year-old. her mother has not given up hope. >> end this nightmare for us as a family. i'm not giving up hope. her body hasn't been found. >> reporter: her classmates saw garcia-torres walk right past her seconds before he was arrested in the safeway parking lot yesterday. >> got out of the car and, get on the ground, get on the ground. and then cars just swarmed from the undercover cops. then they arrested him. >> reporter: for weeks an army of volunteers have been scouring the area looking for sierra of the some admit the arrest has been bittersweet. >> when we heard of the charges, that kind of took away any hope of her being alive.
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we still want to go out there and find her body and find her and bring her home for her family. >> i have two daughters so it's been very emotional. and very sad. i'm glad that they caught the person. hopefully this is the right person. still haven't found her, so i keep hoping and praying that we will. >> reporter: where sierra attended high school, students say the mood was somber. >> they are trying to stay hopeful that something will turn out pretty good, that she is is still alive. you have to keep your hopes up even though they are saying that. >> reporter: students and parents admit the arrest has left them feeling a little safer but a lot sadder for the lamar family. there will be another community search for sierra tomorrow. volunteers tell me they are not going to give up until they bring sierra home. reporting live in morgan hill,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. all right, thank you, marianne. and we invite to you stay with nbc bay area for all the latest developments in the sierra lamar case. we also have extensive coverage on our website at coming up at 6:30, another sobering revelation from today's press conference. there are more than 60 teenaged girls missing in santa clara county in the past 18 months. what investigators are saying about the efforts to find them. also ahead, the warriors make it official they're heading back to san francisco and the process the team is pitting two cities against each other. and berkeley's police chief is in the hot seataiagn. the connection to his son's missing cell phone. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. wi windy and gusty here from the higher elevations down to sea level. mt. diablo at 49 miles per hour. napa winds close to 30. we'll talk about warming in the
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short term but also about big time cooling, maybe even sierra snow in the forecast. ag
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back to the future. the golden state warriors making it official today. they're making a fast break back to san francisco. the team plans to build a new arena on san francisco's waterfront not far from at&t park. we have two reports tonight including the impact on the city of oakland. we begin with nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. who shows us the aggressive plan for san francisco. >> reporter: the waterfront parking lot that hasn't seen much love in years was the celebrated center of the bay area's sporting world today, the owners of the golden gate warriors making it official, the home for the new arena for the 2017 season. >> i think if you come here and you look at this and you get approached by san francisco in a way that was so aggressive, so
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entrepreneurial, so positive, kind of a hard tax to beat. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee led a full-court press to land the team says the agreement takes some of the sting out of losing the 49ers. >> some things that you wish didn't happen occur and then are you going to brood upon it or wake up the next day and say, okay, i'm moving forward? >> reporter: the warriors plan the arena which will cost more than $500 million. although the team will seek revenues, the city will benefit through collateral visits as well as the restoration of the aging piers. >> we'll get an investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars first and foremost, a pier that is not broken. >> reporter: the owners expect the arena to become a badly needed entertainment venue in the city. >> it will be a lightning rod for all of those people that work here, perform here, work elsewhere and want to perform here. >> reporter: the project will have to jump through numerous state, local and environmental
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hoops for approval. former warrior great says the team will have to reach out to fans. >> i hope that the people in oakland, the fans in oakland, are not alienated by this because they have been so supportive over the last 15-17 years. >> reporter: it's been 40 years. now the team is coming back to its roots in glorious fashion. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. now to the other side of the bay where things are not as glorious. oakland being dumped yet again. the city leaders who have taken lumps in the media from everything from soaring unemployment to the way they handled the occupy movement. another black eye. jodi hernandez continues our coverage in oakland where fans feel betrayed by a team many say they've been loyal to for decades. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. fans and city leaders are hugely disappointed. the warriors have a solid and loyal fan base in oakland.
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in fact, the team often plays to sold out crowds here at oracle arena. now those fans are crying foul. >> a sad day for warriors fans that live out here, that are middle class people. >> reporter: alfonso has been a warriors fan all his life. he traveled from tracy to oracle arena at least a dozen times each season to see them play. so hearing the team is moving across the bay to san francisco is tough to swallow. >> all these areas come out here and support the warriors. i just think they owe it to the fans to stay here and to keep playing in the city of oakland. >> i'm excited and we are committed and we will get -- >> reporter: as city leaders in san francisco celebrate the team's decision to relocate, oakland officials are shaking their heads. >> if the san francisco businesses and the team owners have the desire to be there and unlimited money to put it there,
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we can't compete with that money. >> you build early and now spend $140 million remodeling that arena. it's a great arena, by the way, and, you know, build a taj mahal? >> reporter: the councilmember says he's frustrated an arena remodel and plans to build a coliseum city to keep the warriors. he says he's disappoint ed bay area cities are being pitted against one another in the quest for sports teams. >> something that we cannot ignore is the cities are willing to steal each other's assets. cities are even in the same bay area. >> reporter: chris dobbins, president of save oakland sports, says he's not ready to throw in the towel quite yet. he believes oakland can still win back the warriors. >> we need to take our slam dunk and put it back -- keep the team here. so it's not over yet. >> reporter: but the city
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leaders today seems to be nothing more can be done. they say that the warriors simply don't want to play ball here anymore. now this will certainly have a huge economic impact. each game employs 700 people and, of course, area businesses will also be impacted. but the bigger worry tonight seems to be concern that perhaps the a's and raiders may follow suit. in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, jodi, thank you. the warriors want to make that move with that arena in 2017. personal errands on the public's eye. berkeley's police chief used four police officers for a personal endeavor, to find and recover his son's stolen iphone. a report released by the berkeley police department shows chief michael mahan sent four agents to track his son's stolen iphone in oakland back in january. there were two hours of overtime at taxpayers' expense. no report was filed with the department. the iphone was never found. meehan is already under scrutiny
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stemming from another incident in march when he sent an armed sergeant to a reporter's home in an effort to change an online story, the story covered the department's handling of the murder of berkeley's hill man. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri and talk about this blustery day. >> yes. winds anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour. wasn't only across the coast and the higher elevations but all the way down here at sea level in san jose where winds did top 25 miles per hour. today the high was 73. nice warm pocket down to gilroy with 71. cooling from san francisco to san rafael. look outside from our sky camera network and there she is expecting to turn 75 here as we head into this upcoming weekend with a huge celebration which you will have right here on nbc bay area. not expected to turn, will turn 75. take a look at the numbers. 61 in san francisco. 61 in san mateo. low 70s from concord to livermore and 75 right now in
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gilroy. you'll need a jacket, the layers if you're heading out tonight with that cool sea breeze staying in place. not much in the way of marine layer left. another cool front offshore as that continues to wind up here over the next 12 to 24 hours. it'll increase this dry northwesterly wind as we continue through the next 48 hours. so wednesday and also thursday looks to stay windy at this point. and here is the other thing. as we head into friday, looking at larger changes with another weaker cool front that may not only bring a few showers but possibly some sierra snow. we'll have more on that in the seven-day forecast. otherwise numbers are expected to top out in the upper 40s to low 50s as we begin the morning with daytime highs in the upper 70s for your wednesday. we talked about ggb turning 75 this sunday. well, we have a lot of facts on it. did you know the span of the golden gate bridge is 8,981 feet long which equates to, get this, 24.9 foot fields. that is one big bridge.
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san francisco forecast expected in the mid-60s as we head into sunday. so if you're heading out there, actually expecting a mix of sun and a little bit of fog at this point, guys. >> fog is perfect on the bridge. >> yes, it's par for the course. >> all right, thank you very much. still ahead, it's a growing crime against kids. parents may not even know about. our investigative unit uncovers how children are put at risk. >> and the item involving ronald reagan now up for auction is raising plenty of eyebrows. >> reporter: i'm scott budman. after a successful launch for spacex, we talk the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
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one company being sued for
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sexual discrimination. >> a company has a culture of discrimination against women. the story is developing tonight. we bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. what have you heard so far? >> reporter: jet ka and raj, where the money comes from in silicon valley, amazon, netscape, zynga among others. reuters reporting one of kleiner's female partners claimed she was harassed by a male partner who has since left the firm. she says her claims were not supported by kleiner-perkins management but were mocked. she also says kleiner left women out of top level meetings. she is suing for harassment and discrimination. when reached for comment, a spokeswoman called the lawsuit without merit and says kleiner defend itself. day three of facebook as a public company and it's yet to turn around. shares of the social network fell 9% today to settle at $31 each. and now for the launch heard around the world. a private company boldly going where nasa has gone before and
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now the spacex with its silicon valley pedigree has taken off, where will it go next? a banner day for the space program and the tech industry as spacex becomes the first private company to send a spaceship to the international space station led by elon musk, leader of both spacex and tesla motors who calls the launch step one. >> i think space exploration and there's a much bigger role for commercial company. >> hats off to elon and spacex. i'm delight that had they succeeded. >> reporter: also celebrating an astronomer at mountain view while the initial mission is to deliver 1,300 pounds of supplies, says eventually it could usher in an era of private
6:26 pm
companies exploring space. >> can we, in fact, travel beyond this planet, beyond our own plantory system and to the stars? so getting the private enterprise involved in spaceexploration is a positive thing. >> reporter: with nasa struggling to raise government money, private funding is likely the future of the space program, and this launch could be where things take off. if all goes as planned, the dragon capsule will dock with the international space station as early as friday. jessica and raj, we'll keep you posted. >> all right. thank you very much. still ahead tonight at 6:00, an important ruling involving m medical marijuana in california. >> also come up, new charges filed against the men accused of beating giants fan brian stowe. >> reporter: and sierra lamar may be the missing girl most of
6:27 pm
us know, but she's not the only one missing in santa clara county. more on the dozens of other girls who aren't where they're supposed to be. and i'm janelle wang. still no verdict in the john edwards corruption trial. the key piece of evidence that jurors wanted to take another look at today. and it was just a note passed to a flight attendant but it prompted a security scare mid flight. more on the emergency landinnae. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors...
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and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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we want to catch you up with what's happening in the sierra lamar case, a case that's made national headlines in morgan hill and in fremont. this morning sheriff smith offered new details into the arrest of 21 ye-year-old antoli garcia-torres, accused of kidnapping and killing the morgan hill teenager. smith says sierra lamar was apparently targeted at random. we also learned today that
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investigators found dna from antolin garcia-torres on lamar's clothing which was found not far from her home the following days after her disappearance. the link to the suspect was able to make that link because of a data bank from a prior arrest. garcia-torres has been under constant surveillance since march 28. investigators say they had hoped it would lead them to sierra. >> these are very, very difficult cases. to prosecute a homicide when you have not found the victim, but it has been done and i think that we have adequate facts, in fact, strong facts to believe that she has been murdered. >> end this nightmare for us as a family. i'm not giving up hope. her body hasn't been found. >> court records show garcia-torres was arrested in 2009 for resisting and obstructing an officer. a year later another arrest, this time for two crimes,
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battery and sexual intercourse with a my are nor. police believe he may be connected to three assaults in 2009 as well. garcia-torres is expected to appear in court thursday in san jose. for parents across the bay area, it was an eye opening statement. dozens of young girls are missing. >> and it's not just sierra lamar. more than 60 girls missing in one county alone. this announcement came together from the santa clara county sheriff. kris sanchez has the new details. >> reporter: hi there. when you talk missing children, law enforcement is quick to point out not all cases are the same. among the 63 girls missing reported in the last 17 months here in santa clara county are included runaways and girls living with noncustodial parents and it is often not until the girls are considered at risk or when they disappear under suspicious circumstances do we learn who they are. on the website of the national center for missing and exploited children there are 61 california
6:32 pm
girls reported missing in the last two years. with you but on average there are 25,000 active missing persons cases in our state. since january of last year 63 in santa clara county alone. as smith announced the arrest of antolin garcia-torres, she also mentioned the other missing girls. >> you wonder if any of those were abductions, also. >> reporter: under the sheriff's jurisdiction are not. >> the other cases we have involving minors don't fit the profile. >> reporter: many of the girls missing are considered runaways. that's the case in san jose where since january of this year 37 girls have been reported missing, 15 from their homes, 16 from group homes, four from foster homes and two from shelters. sergeant jason dwyer says if any of those girls were miss iing a at risk, you'd know their names. but marc klaas says that when a child disappears, parents have
6:33 pm
to do their part to bring attention to their case. >> if you want your child to be found, you'd better get out there and advocate on behalf of your child. you damn well better. if a parent is not going to do that, nobody is going to do that. >> reporter: there is another girl who is missing out of morgan hill and morgan hill police say that she doesn't seem to fall under the same criteria as sierra lamar. there's no waiting period to report a child missing and when they are reported missing, they are immediately entered into the missing unidentified persons system, that allows all law enforcement to know when they come upon a child who is missing that somebody is looking for them. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. a very enlightening story. we invite to you stay with us for the latest developments in the case. we have extensive coverage on sierra lamar on our website at
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right now san jose's city council chambers are overflowing with activists on both sides of a plan to raise san jose's minimum wage. they want it stopped outright. it would raise the minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour. annual increases would be tied to the consumer price index. backers include a labor council and students who collected 36,000 signatures to place the measure on the november ballot but a yes vote from the city counl tonight would make the ordinance take effect in 90 days. putting out pot, the court of appeals in san francisco ruled that marijuana patients cannot use a federal disability law to prevent cities from shutting down pot dispensaries. in a 2-1 vote the court said while it sympathizes with those sick, the federal government's ban on marijuana contains no exemption for the disabled. >> here tonight at 6:00, two men facing charges in the brian stowe beating case will also stand trial on a federal trial
6:35 pm
now. it denounced yesterday, related to firearms for coverage during. they are both felons so they face a tough federal law for possessing firearms. if convicted of that charge, both men could face up to ten years in federal prison. they are accused of beating the giants fan last year during opening day in the parking lot of dodger stadium. a suspicious note on a u.s. airways flight led to an emergency landing. >> janelle wang is here with our international and national headlines. raj and jessica, it happened on a flight from paris to charlotte, north carolina. officials say the woman hand add note to a flight attendant that said she had a surgically implanted device inside of her. they didn't see any sign of recent scars. they notified authorities and two military jets flew in to escort the plane to bangor, maine. raising suspicions, the woman was traveling alone, without any checked baggage, visiting the
6:36 pm
u.s. for ten days. it was carrying 180 passengers and crew members. the woman appeared to be mentally unstable and does not pose a threat but she is in custody and may face criminal charges. nuclear talks are set to begin in baghdad over iran's controversial nuclear program. security is tight for the meeting between iran and the u.s., china, france, britain and germany and tonight encouraging signs going into these negotiations. the u.n. nuclear chief reached an agreement today with iran's top nuclear negotiator to give inspectors access to visit certain is sites. but international inspectors want unrestricted access. iran says its program is for peaceful energy purposes only. north korea spitting out fighting words tonight. the country said it will continue to bolster its nuclear weapons program if the u.s. becomes more hostile. yesterday the u.s. threatened the country with more sanctions if it convicted another nuclear missile test. a historic day in egypt as the first free presidential election is set to take place.
6:37 pm
ballots are being delivered to election sites all over the country. 12 candidates are running for the top spot vacated by hosni mubarak during last year's revolution. day three of deliberations now over and still no verdict in the john edwards corruption trial. today jurors asked to see evidence again related to a donation given by 101-year-old rachel bunny mellon, a wealthy edwards supporter. prosecutors claim edwards used some of the money to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 run for the white house. edwards faced a maximum sentence of 30 years if convicted. you can see jurors obviously having a very difficult time deliberating this high-profile case. >> thank you, janelle. still ahead at 6:00, an nbc bay area investigation into the growing crime against kids. what parents should be aware of. and the item up for auction being linked to president reagan. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area water center. wind will continue over the next 48 hours.
6:38 pm
starts to ramp up in the east bay by the noon hours. temperatures in the mid-70s. this will make your allergies even worse. cooler weather that may have you sneezing a lot less in a few minutes.
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a new report shows that s it tatins may help survive strokes. patients given them immediately after a stroke are more likely to survive and return home
6:41 pm
instead of being sent to a rehab or nursing center. researchers say it's an added benefit of the drug usually given to prevent a second stroke. a bizarre story involving the blood of former president reagan. the blood is being auctioned off. it claims it holds blood residue from president reagan. bidding has topped $14,000. the auction ends on thursday. the reagan foundation condemns the sale. the owner of the vial claims his mother worked at a maryland blood lab which received the sample on the day he was shot by john hinckley injujr. in 1981. he offered to sell to the reagan library but there was no interest. >> all right. jeff joins us now. windy tomorrow. >> i know, i know. a lot of people -- >> blown away. >> shaking their fists at the tv, no! these allergies have been so horrible and it's going to make it a lot worse. we'll tell you about the cooler weather, maybe some showers and, get this, possibly some sierra snow. big news here coming up in the
6:42 pm
seven-day forecast. that is intriguing. it may be may but we're talking football. the 49ers and raiders back on the field. we go one-on-one with the silver and black signal caller. pl plus, the giants and matt cain looking to make it two straight over the brew crew. sports is coming switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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so-called tools of violence could soon be banned from future protests in oakland. the safety committee will vote on a measure tonight that would make carrying sling shots and other similar items during demonstration as misdemeanor. the offense would be punishable with $1,000 fine and six months in jail. >> this ordinance says that if you're participating in a big demonstration, that you cannot bring on your person, hammers, wrenches, fire accelerants, spray paint, paint projectiles, large, heavy sticks, and those big metal shields. >> with the shields, i don't see why we shouldn't be allowed to have them. the police are throwing things at us. they are shooting, you know, what they call nonlethal rounds. >> a lot stems from the occupy protest. the safety committee approves the measure, the full city council would vote on it next
6:45 pm
month. most parents would do just about anything to keep their kids safe but in our electronic world there's crime against kids you may not even have heard about. >> one of our lead investigators joins us now with a preview of this story. steven? >> reporter: raj, jessica, it's a crime against children that many do not catch rate away and it can affect your kids' lives decades later. >> i was afraid that when i grew up, i wouldn't be able to get it back. >> reporter: she's talking about her identity. a frightening thought for a 10-year-old. >> it's not me. it's someone pretending to be me. >> reporter: and riley isn't the only one. carnegie melon lab conduct add back aound check on 43,000 children around the country and discovered more than 10% of those children had their identi identity stolen. >> i think this is a growing crime because it is undetected, because people don't see the harm in it, because there's not enough penalties for the wrong doers. >> and they don't even know who
6:46 pm
they are. >> reporter: those who used riley's social security number have never been caught. and coming up later tonight we will show you how this crime is hitting home right here in the bay area and what you can do to protect your kids. that's tonight at 11:00. >> very interesting especially for the parents. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. you'll see the number here on your screen, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to theunit@nbcbay we've been talking about it all day long, windy weather made it difficult for lots of folks but really difficult for firefighters to control a blaze in san francisco. you can check it out there. the flames could be seen shooting out of a vacant building on 20th and third. firefighters say the winds spread the flames to another vacant building next door. the old police substation. the good news, no one was hurt and firefighters are trying to figure out exactly what sparked the blaze. let's bring in jeff ranieri as we inch towards this holiday
6:47 pm
weekend. how are we looking? >> big-time changes coming in that seven-day forecast. 60-degree weather, even a few showers. we'll have is that in just a moment but as you look right now some of the top winds anywhere from the golden gate bridge into the north bay, sustained winds at 33 in novato gusting into the 40s right now. nearly 45 miles an hour. 26 in napa and 28 currently in downtown san francisco. those numbers the coolest in the coastline with the onshore flow, we've been protected from some of the cool er winds. the numbers stayed warmer as the wind backs more out of the north right down here into the extreme south bay. keeping numbers in the upper 70s to low 80s near morgan hill and gilroy. patchy fog, maybe a little bit of drizzle and the wind goes nowhere for wednesday. in fact, with the pattern setting up the jet stream over northern california and another weak cold front moving in the next 48 hours, the wind will be staying in place. it's going to get gusty not only at the coastline but for the lower elevations. if you thought it was windy today, it will be worse in the
6:48 pm
east bay and the peninsula. by thursday you will have that cooling weather returning. a small craft advisory for the entire coastline if you're heading out there, not an experienced voter. it's very rough right now. 52 in los ga it tos. 51 in san francisco. upper 40s and low 50s. we updated you on this depression. now strengthened to a tropical storm. it's tropical storm bud. right now winds near 40 miles an hour. it looks to stay a tropical storm with the potential landfall on sunday. tracks more to the north. possibly with a landfall this weekend. 74 in los gatos. that's right where we should be this time of the year with this dry wind in place helping to keep numbers slightly warmer. 80 in fairfield. 74 in blackhawk and 60s and 70s from alameda to fremont. with that wind with us, while the air quality is in the good category, the allergies will be moderate to high for wednesday.
6:49 pm
75 in san rafael and 79 in santa rosa. how do the numbers look? not so bad wednesday and thursday and ten look at this. you may need to get the glasses on. 60s inland for friday. and also some fog and drizzle. we still can't even rule out an isolated shower in the north bay. we're going to keep fine-tuning this as we get closer which could also mean right now a mix of some rain and snow on friday if you're heading to the sierra for a long extended memorial weekend, so be careful on that friday for your traveling plans but for ggb on sunday, he's really hip. >> the ggb thing. >> he will be tweeting on ggb as well. looking good. thank you, jeff. now to sports. >> let's get to the jk. >> hash tag jk from the
6:50 pm
newsroom. >> i've seen some hash tags, believe me. let's move it along here. it may have taken 14 innings in milwaukee last night, but when it was all over the giants had a 4-3 road win over the brewers. the giants have won four of five. tonight matt cain on the hill looking for his fourth of the year. to milwaukee we go. top of the first, giants and brewers. two runners on for buster posey. ripped one into left center field. it'll bounce up off the track, the wall. it's a ground rule double. brandon crawford scores. bottom of the first, that's matt cain on the hill. there's that niger morgan with the fly ball to left. mel can canmelky cabrera. they're in the sixth and the giants lead it by a score of 4-2. the first day of voluntary otas and it's a full house for the 49ers. the only players not there are the rookies who are still in need of fulfilling their graduation requirements and yet to sign a franchise tender.
6:51 pm
there is a reason for the high turnout. >> these off-season workouts as well as this ten-day ota are all voluntary. some 49ers are required to be here by their contracts. others have incentives in their contracts to encourage them to take part. the majority have been here since the off-season workout began realizing if they aren't, jim harbaugh has a replacement available. >> i'm surprised without the requirement guys that came, just want to be a part of it, want to show the coaches and the team that we're all in. >> be out here and when i go home going to get in more shape and come back ready for the season. >> reporter: frank gore does have a workout bonus to be here but he's had workout bonuses before as he enters his eighth league in the year. this is the first off-season workout he's taken part of
6:52 pm
voluntarily. jim harbaugh will create competition at every position to make this team better and it's clear his message has gotten through. >> thanks, mindy. to the silver and black, mcclain seems to be the focus point of rader otas. he is practicing with the team while coach says his legal process plays out. he addressed the media for all of 35 seconds following tuesday's workout. >> i'm aware of the bad publicity that i've given the raiders. i've told coach i support the raiders, my teammates, as well as the coaching staff. i apologize for the bad publicity that's been put out there. but for me it's a legal process i can't talk much about. >> and then there's the quarterback. no drama there. just a guy trying to learn a new system. carson palmer, a west coast native, geographically a good fit.
6:53 pm
it had better be given all the raiders have invested in him. palmer discusses that with our kate longworth. >> and obviously the raiders did a lot, sacrificed a lot to make you their quarterback. they showed they wanted you here. now do you feel any extra pressure to show you belong here and this is the right direction to go? >> absolutely. absolutely. i've been playing quarterback for a long time and i understand the pressure side of it. that's one of my favorite parts of the position, the pressure you're in week in and week out, off-season, during the season, pro season. and that's, i think, why i started playing the position a long time ago. there are so many little things that come with this position and pressure is one of the best parts of it. but i did definitely feel the pressure and i think every quarterback in this league feels a tremendous amount of pressure. it's just part of the deal. >> so how do you think you go out there and proven this is the
6:54 pm
right direction for the raiders? >> winning games. >> that's right. football talk in may. you know it's always football season around here. but, wait, this just in. buster posey with a two-run home run in milwaukee. 6-2 the score, hash tag, giants lead. there you have it. >> thank you, jk. >> jk, you've been working a long time. i found this morning the warriors news conference it at the bay, doing all that. are you getting overtime tonight? what's happening? >> i need a better agent. i need a better agent. they've got me chained to the desk baby. i'll be back later. who knows when i'm going home. my kids think i'm a rumor for now. >> all right. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage watch on comcast bay area at 10:30. probably with jk. ch>> ba
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
eck it out. a goalkeeper in south carolina, a reale ga ese are the pictures to prove it. a pickup soccer game between parents and kids came to a stop at hilton head after the ball turned up in the mouth of a 13-foot gator. the parents called critter management but the gator would not give up the ball. they finally had to put a hook in the gator to get the ball out. amazing the ball is still inflated. the gator learned goal. i added that part.
6:58 pm
>> if you come across agator, you are supposed to run in a circle because they can't turn a tight circle. they can go like 40 miles an hour in a straight line. a tight circle. >> i do not want to test it. >> if i can interrupt this story for a moment. at 11:00, our coverage of the se sierra lamar investigation continues. they have yet to find her but does that mean there's no crime committed in the eyes of prosecutors? how does the dna evidence against the suspect lead to charges in this case? that's tonight at 11:00 after "dateline." now you two -- >> now the gator hunter with what's coming up. >> we're going to have coverage of the sierra lamar case as well. plus, space flight, a commercial launch of spacex. they tried a few times. they finally got it going. they're on their way to the international space station. we'll look at that in just a couple of minutes. >> exciting stuff. >> remember, in circles.
6:59 pm
life lived in black and white is not a life lived. today, i choose color. to see it. to feel it. to be in it. to be upon it. and to live a life surrounded by it. today, i put on a fresh coat.


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