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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we have adequate facts, strong facts to believe she has been murdered. >> but where is sierra lamar. >> marlene hasn't given up. we're going to support here. >> tonight, the promise from a community to bring a mother's little girl back home. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> we have live, in depth team coverage on this story, covering all angles. we begin with jean elle live in san jose, with the dna evidence
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that head the santa clara sheriff's office to their suspect. >> reporter: in the meantime, they're building a case against him, based on dna and circumstantial evidence. sierra lamar's social nature will be key in building a case against antolin garcia-torres. without a murder weapon, investigators are building a chain of circumstantial evidence, to prove garcia-torres, killed lamar. >> no one has received a text or a call from her since then. that will be part of the circumstantial case. >> reporter: dna evidence found on her purse, linked garcia-torres to her disappearance. they started following the
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21-year-old on march 28th. building a homicide case. >> to show that if he had just kidnapped her and kept her alive, he would visit her regularly, presumably to check on whether she's still captive. whether she's being fed. >> reporter: sheriff lori smith knows it may be difficult to prove. but it's competent. >> these are very difficult cases to prosecute a homicide when you have not found the victim. but it has been done. and i think that we have adequate facts. in fact, strong facts to believe that she has been murdered. >> reporter: facts like that dna evidence. >> clothing that she wore on the day of her disappearance. they found personal belongings and the suspect's dna was found on that. that's going to be good circumstantial evidence, tying the suspect to her disappearance. >> there's video of garcia-torres' car, a red jetta, with a black hood, near the bus stop where she was last seen. they have linked garcia-torres
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to a string of assaults. this is a sketch of the suspect in those assaults. compare that to his mug shot. garcia-torres is behind bars. but the search for missing links in that chain of evidence continues. garcia-torres is expected to make his first appearance in court on thursday. >> thank you, jean. so, it was one positive match that led to the arrest of garcia-torres. our chief investigator, tony coveless ski, reveals how they got it. >> we now know it was a dna hit that made garcia-torres, the prime suspect. he was arrested for resisting and obstructing a police officer, and convicted of a misdemeanor. but it was a felony arrest in
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2010 that provided essential evidence in the case of sierra lamar. back in 2010, garcia-torres was arrested on two criminal founds. one for battery and a second r sexual intercourse. here's the key. on march 28th, two weeks after sierra lamar disappeared, sheriff's investigators had a positive match. garcia-torres' dna came up on sierra's clothing, about two miles from where she disappeared. we'll continue to investigate and have more on this story in coming days. >> without a body, the lamar family says it's not giving up hope of seeing sierra alive. >> that same feeling is mobilizing a community to bring sierra home.
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cheryl hurd has more from the command center in morgan hill. >> burnett elementary is the place where volunteers have been coming to gather for over two months now. and today was no exception. >> we're not giving up hope until they find sierra. >> reporter: sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with volunteers, she called her search family. they laugh, only to relieve stress from crying. they know a suspect is behind bars and soon will be charged with kidnap and murder of sierra lamar. still, they say their focus has not changed. >> they don't have a weapon. they didn't have any blood at first. we know, you know, they didn't tell us. but there's still hope. >> i'm going to think she's out there. >> reporter: that's how sierra's parents field. marlene lamar is not giving up hope of finding her daughter
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alive. >> as a mother, i'm hopeful because her body has not been found. >> i'll be back tomorrow morning. >> reporter: marc klass is the founder of the klass foundation. >> we don't have a body. in the minds of her family and the volunteers and hopefully many other members of the public, this girl could be alive. and it is our job, now, to find her. >> we're asking everybody to come out, take a few hours out of your day. come out and help bring some closure to this family. let's bring sierra home. >> reporter: sierra will tie this community together, with these yellow ribbons in hope that she will be found alive. a search team will start here tomorrow at 8:00 tomorrow in morgan hill. >> we'll be there to cover that. our coverage of the sierra lamar
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investigation isn't over. coming up in ten minutes. >> he did not do it. everybody says that. >> the family of garcia-torres, says police have the wrong man behind bars. hear why they believe he had nothing to do with the disappearance of sierra. facebook stock is fizzling. morgan stanley is under the microscope for what it did before the company's ipo. the investment bank was the lead underwriter. regulators are investigating if morgan stanley selectively informed clients of an analyst negative report before the stock started trading. reportedly morgan stanley's analysis may not have reached many investors. facebook has slipped from $38 a share to $31. hewlett-packard will
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announce layoffs tomorrow. it is expected to make the announcement after reporting earnings. meg whitman announced company-wise restructuring. it will affect the workforce of 350,000 employees worldwide. president obama is scheduled to arrive at moffett field in mountain view tomorrow evening. he will be whisked away to bay area fund-raisers. he will attend a dinner at doug goldman. the guest list includes don cheadle and music legend, david crosby and gram nash. tickets are $36,000 a person. the maximum campaign donation allowed by law. the president will finish with a reception at the fox theater in redwood city. and another fund-raiser in palo alto on thursday morning before leaving town. you can stay with us for continuing coverage of the president's visit. it starts tomorrow morning.
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when we come back, our coverage of sierra lamar continues. why the family of the suspect in custody say police have it all wrong. >> it's not me. it's someone pretending to be me. you don't think of children being victims of identity theft. the investigative unit looks into a silent crime that can happen before your kids are born. and san francisco may not be stopping with the warriors. more professional teams coming to the bay area. in the weather center. a blustery bay area here for us. with temperatures in the 70s. also, winds near 50 miles per hour. we'll have details on how we'll go for our wednesday. and how bad that poll listen stay. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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santa clara county sheriff's deputies are looking for sierra. they're hoping that she's coming home alive. the suspect's family is standing by him, steadfastly saying he's done nothing wrong. two families, tragically, at odds. >> reporter: definitely. after talking to reporters all day long, the family says it's staying out of the spotlight tonight. we hear his sister, is done talking for the night. both are convinced that garia-torres has nothing to do with sierra's disappearance. they say he's not a killer.
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but a family man, a husband and the father of a 1-year-old baby girl and another on the way. >> it's a shocker to all of us. of course, he didn't do it. i know everybody says that. everybody says that. but i know him. i know he didn't do it. he's not capable of that. there's no motive. >> reporter: antolin garcia-torres is in jail, convicted in the disappearance of sierra lamar. >> i don't see him doing something like that. he's my son. one of the kids doing something wrong. i don't believe that. and i don't want to see him in all that. it still happens. >> reporter: garcia-torres' mom says she asked angeline if he had anything to do with sierra's disappearance. >> i said, tell me the truth. what happened? why they follow you? he said, mom, i was there at the
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time when it happened. i never knew the lady. >> reporter: but investigators say they found garcia-torres' dna in the clothing. >> what were they? why wouldn't they say, they don't want to say, this is what we found in his bag. >> reporter: as for his wife, francine, the two met a few years back. she works for a chipotle in town. she was not available for a comment tonight. >> thank you, george. we invite you to stay with nbc bay area. as developments unfold in this case. on our website,, we have a special page dedicated to the sierra case. all you need to do is search sierra lamar. this november, voters in san jose could give low-wage workers a pay raise.
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the city council made that decision tonight. the measure would establish a city-wide minimum wage, raising it from $8 to $10 an hour, with annual increases tied to the consumer price index. by comparison, the national minimum wage is $7.25. is your preschooler a land holder? does she own a yacht? nbc bay area's investigative unit found that many children own luxury, big-ticket items. and the family don't know about it. how? try i'd identity thieves. this crime is growing exponentially. it's hard to believe. >> reporter: hard to believe, indeed. a recent report by all-clear i.d. found that identity theft of children 5 years or younger, has jumped 105% since last year. and another piece of research, by ci-lab, run by carnegie mellon university in the bay
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area, has found that 10% of ilendr nationwide have had their identities stolen. it costs families $13 billion every year. 10-year-old riley and her 6-year-old sister, quincy, show no fear. whether they're climbing trees. or flying down a zip line. what scares riley and her family, is what happened to her without her knowing it. >> i was afraid i wouldn't be able to get it back. >> reporter: she's talking about her identity. a frightening thought for a 10-year-old. >> not me. >> reporter: riley' mother discovered her child's information had been compromised by two different people. one used riley's identity to acquire credit. another thief used her social security number to set up a utility account. >> they took what i could have had later. >> reporter: and riley isn't the only one.
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carnegie mellon's sy lab conducted a background check on 43,000 children around the country. and it discovered more than 10% of those children had their identity stolen. that might not sound like much. but it's 51-times the rate of adults. >> our children are for sale. epor riley's mom. >> it was an emotional punch in the stomach. >> reporter: she is the founder of the identity, a website aimed at educating businesses and people like you, about identity theft and protection in the digital age. >> here i was, probably one of the most informed people about privacy and identity theft in general. i had no idea this was something particularly targeted to children. i had no idea it could ever happen to my family. >> reporter: and that's what the sy lab research shows. children as young as 5. their social security numbers being used to buy everything, from homes in other states, boats, cars, obtain fake
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driver's licenses, get loans, even get employment. after learning of the sy lab research, they discovered that riend beur had beenbe used by an unknown thief 11 years before she had been born. >> if i can be victimized, when i'm so aware of what the risk is, anyone can absolutely vulnerable to this crime. and there's 74 million children in america. >> reporter: the study found the primary drivers of these attacks on children's identity are illegal immigration and organized crime used to commit financial fraud. >> this is a growing crime because it is undetected. people don't see the harm in it. there's not enough penalties for the wrong doers. >> reporter: those who used riley's social security number have never been caught. and riley wonders what might happen when she grows up.
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>> i'm me and there's no way to prove that unless i have that number. >> reporter: parents have to take charge to protect their own children's identity. even when they are babies. before she's even born. hackers have been known to break into school computer records and steal them. others have paid off staff members at hospitals and medical clinics, to steal parts of children's identity. many children don't realize this has happened until they grow up and try to take a job or take a loan. so, what can parents do? we have a list of tools and resources that the experts say will help protect children. it's all posted on our website. go to and search child i.d. theft. >> thank you, steven. a lot of parents will be heading to that website right away. if you have a tip for the investigative unit call --
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let's bring in jeff ranieri. and hold on to your hats, jeff. >> it's been raining the last 24 hours. leading to power outages. 517 customers without power. at its peak, 932. that's from winds that gusted 40 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour. winds topped out at 45 in san francisco. and napa at 30. we're finding the strongest wind in the north bay. 15 to 30 miles per hour, down into novato. and 14 in san francisco. let's take you to our camera network. it's not blowing around too much. and it is crystal clear. back to the golden gate bridge. that anniversary this upcoming weekend, we'll be celebrating as we head into sunday. on our weather headlines, we'll find a shred of fog here on the coastline, with the numbers in the 50s and 60s. and throughout wednesday, it will stay windy, which may produce more power outages. here we go. here's the cool front over the next 48 hours. that's going to sweep across the
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northern california region. that will keep this wind machine in place. for wednesday, it will be gusty in the lower elevations, all the way back at the coastline. we'll have a small craft advisory in effect. on thursday, the wind will decrease. and number wills go down. it will keep sunny skies in place. we'll begin with 52 in los gatos. 51 in redwood city. 54 in san francisco. and daytime highs expected to top out near average. how's that in morgan hill? 78 for you. 77 in ever green. 76 in san jose. 72 in the castro valley. 78 in concord. and back for hay ward and alameda, staying in the 60s. 64 in san francisco. 60 in pacifica. and close to 80 degrees in sandt the to rosa. on your three-day forecast, major changes by friday. numbers crashing to the upper 60s inland. fog and drizzle. at the coastline, in the 50s.
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if you're headed to the sierra on friday, potential for rain/snow mix. so, be prepared for potentially wintry conditions. it's not going to last long. by saturday and sunday, things will clear out just in time for good, old g.g.b., who is going to be turning 75. sounds like a relative, right? >> sounds like you're going to a party. what can you get for g.g.b.? >> it will be a big party. >> yes, it will. >> all right, jeff. is it a power play? the warriors might not be the only team. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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it's a fast break. the warriors announcing they're leaving oakland and returning to san francisco. and late tonight, the warrior's owner saying they haven't ruled out luring another franchise to the arena. perhaps a hockey team.
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as for today's announcement, san francisco mayor, ed lee, joined the nba commissioner, david stern, along with the warriors executives, at piers 30 and 32. the warriors plan to leave for a new arena on a 13-acre pier. the warriors say they will which could cost up to $500 million.
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hey, everybody. damon andrews from the xfinity sports desk. what's drewing in milwaukee? beer. and a giants power surge. the g-men going for extra hits. four on monday. with a little more left in the tank tonight. bottom of the first. the giants up 2-0. matt cain on the hill. nyjer morgan, has liftoff to left. melky cabrera hauls it in. and it is a melk man delivery.
11:27 pm
touching down. aoi can i. runner on for joaquin arias. his first big-league jack. 4-0, g-men. top of the sixth. 4-2. buster posey delivers, 438 feet off the scoreboard. his sixth of the season. giants go on to win by a final of 6-4. angels and a's going at it in the coliseum. top of the third. already 3-0. anaheim, albert pujols has got to go. a solo crank to left. c.j. wilson had eight shutout winnings. striking out seven, allowing one hit in the ball game. a's get shut out by the final of 5-0. on the turf, rolando mcclain, may be the insider for raiders otas.
11:28 pm
he practiced with his team, while dennis allen says he goes through the legal process. mcclain did step up to the mic. it took him of 35 seconds to say i messed up. >> i'm aware of the bad publicity i've given the raiders. i don't have the support of the raiders, of my teammates, the coaching staff. i apologize for the bad publicity that's been put out there. but to me, it's a legal process. i can't talk much about it. nba playoff. pacers/heat, game five. series tied at 2-2. heat up by seven. udonis haslem with a takedown of tyler hansbrough. he had no intention of letting him shoot that shot. heat up 14. lebron james, one-handed dime to d. wade. flash, putting it down with ease. heelt win, 115-83, and lead the series 3-2. on ice, kings/coyotes.
11:29 pm
kings lead the series. with a closeout, they would win it. steve yandel scores. game tied at 3-3. 2:30 left in the first overtime period. justin pinner scores the game-winner. kings win 4-3. they're going to the stanley cup finals, which you can see right here on nbc bay area. that's going to do it for sports.mon damon andrews. back to you in the studio. we'll be right back. dr
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there's no body. there's no weapon. but investigators are convinced that sierra lamar is dead. and a morgan hill man is to blame, they say. they say they have dna evidence to prove it. volunteers will search the area for the missing teenager. the man accused of killing her, 21-year-old antolin
11:32 pm
garcia-torres. our coverage continues overnight, online and on-air, starting at 4:30 a.m. thank you so much for joining us tonight. we hope to see you back here tomorrow night. >> bye-bye. ♪
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