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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, president obama is swinging into town. i will tell you where he is coming and how much it might cost you to attend. >> a dead heat. president obama and mitt romney nearly tied important the race to the white house. investigators building a case against a man they believe murdered sierra lamar. but his family says he would never do it. why his mother says her son is innocent. a live look outside. golden gate bridge. you can see it on this wednesday morning. may 23. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody.
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it is just before 4:31. i am jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. let's check in. meteorologist christina loren. >> a good looking forecast again. temperatures high 70s, low 80s. one thing more of a factor are gusty winds. calm along the pen lanes. pretty strong wind speeds in places like novato, 21 miles per hour. we head throughout the day, the winds will pick up. but we have a good looking forecast today. rain on the way in the greater bay area. see how your drive is doing, wind advisory. >> there is an advisory because of the san mateo bridge and chp cr crews -- overnight. winds typical this time of year. no surprise and no big slowing for highway 92. looking at 101. both direction has construction road crews overnight blocking the lane. but no slowing and dunbarton
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bridge has your typical eastbound route. the weekend closure for highway 84 and today we are also watching redwood city because some visitor -- i don't know. have you more on had a? what's going on? >> a little something going on. decision 2012. signs are up, roadblocks are out today in redwood city as president obama rolls in town for a whirlwind fund-raiser. the president and mitt romney turning to the bay area this month for campaign praig. >> this as a new poll reveal it is candidates have a virtual tie leading up to november. team coverage of the poll results and the presidential visit. we begin with christie smith live in redwood city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we got off the freeway and i can tell you that the sign are flashing. they are lit up letting you know traffic will be impacted. i wanted to show you, though, marquee. we were surprised it is somewhat blank this morning in redwood city where president obama will attend a public obama victory
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fund 2012 event at the fox theater. four streets downtown will be blocked off starting at 3:00 p.m. the city has asked business tows close at 3:00 p.m. between hamilton and middleton. obama will attend at three events to support his re-election bid. if you want to attend, you are going have to have a healthy bank account. the redwood city event tickets start at $250 per person and for $7500 you can be photographed with the president backstage. it starts at 6:30. obama will be speaking at a roundtable in palo alto and attend a dinner at the home of lisa and doug goldman. he is the son of levi strauss' heirs. this bay area swing, of course, expected to raise millions of dollars easily.
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reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." new poll for nbc news in "the wall street journal" shows race to the white house tighter than ever. president obama and mitt romney in a stay ttistical poll. >> reporter: president obama has a power-point lead among registered voters in "the wall street journal" poll. he holds a big lead among women, youth and hispanic voters. >> people like him personally but pes miss billion the economy as well as the nation's direction are weighing down on the president. >> reporter: he's tied with mitt romney on the economy, romney is winning men, white, suburbanites and people watching the race closely. today he speaks at a la teen owe summit in washington. insiders say romney needs to win 40% of the hispanic vote and is way behind. hispanic vote folkous the economy. >> jobs and it is going to be --
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keeping their homes and educating tear kids. >> reporter: our poll shows one in five voters feel negatively about mitt romney's work with bain capital and the vast majority have no opinion at all. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. volunteers will be out again in morgan hill today searching for sierra lamar. this all happening while sheriff's investigators building a murder case against a suspect now charged with killing her. 21-year-old garcia torres being held without bond accused of kidnapping and killing the teen. investigators say that they have been tracking garcia torres for weeks after dna evidence from lamar's clothes linked him to her disappearance. a former prosecutor says investigators probably hope the surveillance would lead them to lamar. >> if he just kidnapped her and kept her alive, he would visit her regularly, presumably to check on whether she is still captive, whether she's being fed. >> he says the fact there has been no communication from lamar
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since the day she disappeared will be used as circumstantial evidence to support the claim that she was killed. meantime, the family of the suspect says that the authorities got the wrong guy. >> my son, tell me, what happened? why they follow you? mom, becau i never knew the lady. he says i never see her before. never. >> garcia torres i' mother says he is a family man, husband and a father with a baby girl and another one on the way. as important his wife, francine, we know the two met at a live oak high school a few years back. she works for a chipotle in town. so far she's not made any public statements. we will have continuing coverage throughout the day and all day long at key word, sierra lamar. 4:36 now. facebook's stock is fizzling.
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morgan stanley investment bank was the lead underwriter. regulators are investigating if morgan stanley selectively informed clients of an analyst's negative report before that stock started trading. since trading began on friday, facebook has split from $38 a share to $31. in the meantime, angry investors have filed at least two lawsuits. one is suing nasdaq claiming it ordered for facebook shares were mishandled causing millions of dollars of losses. facebook, the founder and morgan stanley. facebook lost $10 billion in value since it went public. more turbulence ahead for another bay area company. hewlett-packard poised to announce up to 30,000 layoffs today. silicon valley tech site expected to make the announcement after it reveals the quarterly earnings. the ceo reportedly claiming that companywide restructuring and the layoff was represent close to 10% of the company's washington force of 350,000
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employees worldwide. 4:37. a proposal to ban weapons important occupy protesters in oakland remains undecided. video from the may day protests shows occupiers throwing rocks and bottles at police. city council members propose banning shields, clubs, hammers and other items that protesters used against police. vandalize buildings. occupiers crowded last night's meeting to protest the ordinance. the council cut the meeting short without a vote. it will be the voters not san jose leaders to decide if minimum wage work will get a rise. city council deciding if it should be placed on the november ballot. the measure would establish a citywise minimum wage raising it from $8 to $10 an hour with annual increases tied to the consumer price index. by comparison, national minimum wage is $7.25. 4:38. check in with christina loren to find out what this wednesday is going to be like. how about the rest of the week? >> we are looking good. you made it to wednesday.
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now we are closer to friday. that's the good news. temperatures are all the way throughout the remainder of the week are looking very different than how we started. today we are going to hold on to the upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow temperatures tumble. and then looks like we are going to get rain over the greater bay area as we head through friday. just a little bit. enough to clear out our air quality. good morning to you. winds are a factor this morning. gusting anywhere between 15 to 30 miles per hour p. sustained right now at 21 miles per hour in places like novato. headed towards a comfortable afternoon. temperatures are starting out nice and mild again. 54 in sunnyvale and 55. good morning to you. san jose, 54 degrees in livermore. hour by hour forecast for today tells the story. 70 degrees at noon inland. and 61 degrees bayside and 60 degree at the coast. rounding out the day in the upper 70s and low 80s. we will time out that and let you know when you will get those thundershowers at your doorstep and when they will arrive. the 7-day ready to go big memorial day weekend up ahead.
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stay tuned. let's check your drive with mike. >> all right. south bay, reports of road work are the big deal right now on the chp. southbound 880 at brokaw. passed by it over a half hour ago. 4:00 basically. we don't have any construction as is declared in the system. circling it because there may be crews traveling through the area as more areas clear. we are looking down to the middle of the screen, southbound 880 to southbound 280. that does have the connector closed for another 20 minutes there. and construction for 101 on the right as you pass by tully and capital expressway. also further up into mountain view, construction just north of 85 on 101. look at the bay bridge ap. smooth drive at the tool plaza and light volume here. we have reports of a disabled vehicle. it was moving very slowly. reports are 30 miles per hour specifically. it may be stopped. i will let you know if any lanes are blocked. light volume on the maps. no major issues as you cross the speed sensors. the on ramp there currently
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blocked by crews. that should clear up just in time for the morning commute start. right now 18 minutes. >> thank you very much. a new housing development in the south bay giving struggling young adults a place to stay and step up. it is new peacock common apartment complex locate order peacock court. it will provide housing for homeless youth and teens aging out foster care. the residents, ranges there will be 18 to 25 years old. the facility houses mentors to provide guidance and active role models for the residents. peacock commons opens up tonight. last call at least for now. san francisco landmark closes its doors this week. but now there's talk of the lounge reopening somewhere else. we will tell you where. also, an investigation into secret service moves -- as it moves forward today. what the agency's director plans to tell lawmakers. >> he already paid the fees for
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luggage and early boarding but now you could have to pay a little extra just to sit next to your kids on a flight. for all your news, weather and traffic check us out facebook. we make it very simple. search nbc bay area.
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well co-- welcome back, everybody. we have the fountain flowing, the sun shining. lot happening out there. some of it interesting. we will tell you about that coming up. 4:45. >> the director of the secret service will deliver a statement to lawmakers today addressing the colombian sex scandal. he's expected to defend the secret service and argue that the misconduct of 12 officers last month does not represent his organization as a whole. ultimately, nine were found to have been involved in serious misconduct and three individuals were cleared of the most serious allegations. seven agents resigned and one retired from the agency. wall street could be starting off another day on a downward slope. for that and the rest of your news before the bell let's turn it over to sema. good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are lower this morning
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after stocks ran out of steam late in yesterday's session. investors still nervous about europe's debt crisis. big surprise there. leaders meet in brussels today to discuss what to do about greece. whether that country should remain in the eurozone or not. europe and asia are in the red today. the world's bank cutting its growth forecast for china, the world's second largest economy. we get data out this morning on new home sales. that will likely be a market mover. in terms of how markets closed yesterday the dow slipped by one point. americans are paying some of their bills on time. the rate of late car payments, 50 days or more overdue fell to the lowest level in a decade. that comes as lenders are starting to finance more purchases by higher risk borrowers. the government's new consumer watchdog is turning its focus to present paid cards. cards are being used more especially by low-income
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americans in place of traditional checking accounts. the consumer finance protection bureau sometimes money loaded on pre-paid cards will rise to $57 billion last year to $257 billion in 2014. the agency wants to know more about fees attached to the cards and whether they are a good way for consumers to improve their credit rating. interesting stuff. back to you. >> thank you very much for the update. okay. here we go. there are fees for luggage and carry-ones and now you may have to shell out a little extra money just to sit next to your child. travel experts say some airlines are reserving window and aisle seats for either frequent fliers or passengers who are willing to pay extra. the result is only middle seats are available to reserve which can split up families flights. travel experts suggest that families book their flights well in advance to avoid the seating preference problem. >> the little guys will be all
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alone. what will be next? fee force letting your kid in the overhead or something? come on. >> yeah, right. can you imagine? >> good morning to you. good morning to you. pit bet everyone has an uncle dave in their family. we are looking pretty good. we have a great looking day shaping up. great looking memorial day weekend. if you have friends and family coming into town, the good news is that they are going to get the best weather across the entire nation. as we head into friday, saturday, and sunday. we have a little trough of low pressure that will try to bring us light rain showers overnight friday. i don't think we will see much of anything. what will happen is it is going to clear out the air quality which tends to suffer when we don't get any significant moisture through the bay area. it has been rather dry. winds are gusting and we don't have any fog as a result of all of that air moving around. fog means calm skies and calm conditions to really develop.
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so when you have that wind that moisture is not able to settle right at the surface and high pressure compressing. 54 degrees in sunnyvale. high pressure moving in. weak disturbance came through overnight. the two work against each other. creating a tight pressure gradient. for us today the gradient is tighter than it was yesterday. we will see even stronger winds through the higher elevations and gusty through the east bay hills. today and then drop off your temperatures a little bit as we head through tomorrow. very high surf today. waves five to eight feet along the marin county and sonoma county coastline. good idea to brag buddy with you. 70 degrees at noon today. 79 at 4:00 p.m. temperatures looking really comfortable and right on track with averages. tomorrow happy to report finally in the low pollen count range. moderate high level for the past couple of weeks. finally we are back to the low levels. that's great news. if you have been suffering.
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allergies of the season. this weekend we warm you right back up. golden gate bridge turns 75 sunday. lot of fun facts and a full forecast hour by hour as you are headed out will and what you can expect. >> thank you very much. decades old saloon can soon be headed for san francisco's waterfront. sounds cool. the owners of the lounge expected to announce they are moving the iconic watering hole to fisherman's wharf. the bar closing its location later on this week after fighting an eviction notice from the building's landlord. the owners are telling neighbors -- neighboring businesses there they hope to reopen at fisherman's wharf in four month. >> good old fashioned bar. >> that's it. old, old west. >> 4:50. warriors announce they are ditching oakland for san francisco. now rumors they may try to bring another sports team with them. we are going to show you what it is ball coming up next. how about the g-men?
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giants hitting the stride in milwaukee. getting the job done. all the highlights of the good vibrations. giddyap and go. one east bay trouble spot. brake lights are flashing already.
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welcome back on this wednesday morning. a live look at oracle arena out there. lot of things happening as that team, golden state warriors, may be starting to pack some bags. early packing as they brace for a move across the bridge. it is 4:54. >> no kidding. they are headed to san francisco. mayor ed lee joins nba commissioner david stern and warriors executive to announce plans for a new stadium. here is a sketch of it. warriors saying their financinging the deal privately that could cost up to $500 million. plans to leave oakland in 2017. the war years owners said they have not ruled our luring another franchise to the arena. perhaps a pro-hockey team. the sharks owner will partner. >> that sketch does look cool out there. giants say they continue to power surge in milwaukee last night. we take to you the highlights.
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bottom of the first, giants up 2-0. matt cain on the mound. brewers fly one to left. check out cabrera. makes the catch. fires it in. yes. that's money. called a double play. then later, a two-run shot here in the fourth. bang, zoom, good-bye. 4-0 giants on top. no, no. they are not finished just yet. sixth inning. giants up 4-2. how about buster posey? that's called serious flex-appeal. that one leaves the yard. sixth home run of the season. giants take this one by a final count of 6-4. a's side of the things. took on the angels last might. c.j. wilson, eight shutout innings and that hurt oakland. a's going down 5-0. let's see how mike does with traffic. >> we are looking at highway 4.
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i wish i could call play-by-play for some. eastbound highway 4, opposite your main commute and there you go. you are slamming on the brakes. not slamming on the brakes. getting off of the freeway. get back on at somersville. road crews doing all their work. i wish we thing video of that. maybe we can get jon to do play-by-play. >> awesome. >> we will get a live look here and talk about the bay bridge getting across into san francisco. upper deck is moving smoothly now. hit refresh on the chp report, do i see that they have cleared the slow-moving vehicle over to the treasure island off ramp. good news. no more lanes blocked. traveling from oakland to san francisco. good stuff. that's as dynamic as it gets from me. thank you very much. remember when prince charles was doing the weather? you know, bbc, showing off skills. how about this? a royal remix. yeah. england's prince showing off his deejay skills in toronto. got to see this.
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all right. maybe a rookie. got to work -- >> get the flash cam. >> exactly. working on it. having a good time. getting help from professional deejays there. the prince visiting a mission dedicated to offering employment skills and workshops. yeah, you can see it there. deejay, the prince. comfortable. looking stylish in the double-breasted suits and headphones, you know. wheels of steel. 4:57 right now. still ahead on "today in the bay," volunteers returning to morgan hill this morning to continue their search for sierra lamar. the family of the man accused of killing her is speaking out. what they are saying, next. facebook's dismal ipo now promoting and prompting a federal investigation. whyffay investors did not get the full picture.
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new this morning. president obama is coming t


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