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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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he's got three stops. i'm christie smith. i will tell you where he's coming and what it might cost you to attend. that story in a live report. volunteer searchers not giving up after law enforcement says it believes sierra lamar was murdered. i'm bob redell. we will take you live here to morgan hill. >> reporter: a rough day ahead for palo alto bay's hewlett-packard. good morning. i'm marla tellez. what could be in store for thousands of employees coming up. wednesday morning as you are trying to get that wardrobe red write to go, dress for the two parts today. rain on the way. less than 72 hours. your full forecast in moments. >> all lanes just reported clear for from the bay bridge. i got other spots where you are tapping the brakes. we will show you where the red shows up. >> i know where it always looks nice. fine arts in san francisco's marina. it is wednesday, may 23. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we will get things going with decision 2012. that's right. right now the bay area getting set for another presidential fund-raising visit. mr. obama arrive thing afternoon for a list of south bay and pen lanes stops. christie smith, live in redwood city. signs posted in downtown, warning of heavy traffic and limited parking. christie, no doubt a wednesday crush out there. >> reporter: yes. absolutely. president obama is going to be speaking at the fox theater here on broadway. this is one of three bay area stops he is going to be making. price-wise in may be your best deal with tickets starting at $250. we did notice the marquee this morning is pretty blank here at the fox theater. but all signs around redwood city this morning point to detours and no parkping signs
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all around the downtown area. rally at the fox theater, get in the door, $250 on up to about $7500 to get a backstage photo of president obama in support of his re-election bid. the mayor here says that it is exciting to have him. >> this is very exciting for redwood city. it is exciting for our community, exciting to know he has chosen our city. put us on the map. >> reporter: obama also attending a roundtable in palo alto and then a dinner in ackerton. particular lets set you back quite a bit. nearly $36,000, $5,000 of that going to the re-election campaign. the rest going to the democratic national committee. reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." to the south bay and search for sierra. investigators are build tharg case against the man they believe kidnapped and killed
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sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres remains behind bars. volunteers will be back out this morning searching for the morgan hill teen. bob redell is live in morgan hill this morning with more on those efforts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. even law enforcement is convinced sierra lamar is dead, that they believe that she was kidnapped and murdered. her family and many of the volunteer searchers are not convinced and hoping that this new information will not deter people from coming out here later this morning to the search center to help find this missing 15-year-old girl. >> you know, so many people have, you know, record breaking numbers shown up at the search center, thousands of people, law enforcement. i believe that will is a reason why she wasn't found. we are not giving up on that. >> reporter: marlene lamar, that was her yesterday -- yesterday's news conference at the sheriff's office the mother of sierra
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lamar. the sheriff announced more details about the arrest of antolin garcia-torres. he is a 21-year-old man from morgan hill. accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar. the sheriff's deputy said dna found on sierra's abandoned bag of clothes that led to his arrest monday night. as for motive they are not sure. they believe this was random, stranger abduction of a child. the two had never met before. and investigators have been watching antolin garcia-torres to see if they would lead them to sierra. even though there is no body the sheriff says they have strong evidence that she was murdered. especially given the fact that this very social, outgoing high school girl has not tried to reach out to anyone since her disappearance march 16. garcia-torres is scheduled to have his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. that search effort, one has been going on every wednesday and saturday beginning today at 8:00 here at burnett elementary.
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the sheriff surging the public not to stop in the search for sierra's body. the department still has personnel out here searching local waterways while her mother is urging the public to not give up in the search for her daughter who she believes could still be alive. again, you want to be here between 8:00 and 1:00 to register. must be 18 years of age. reporting live here in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." shock, confusion, sadness from the family of a man accused of killing sierra lamar. they tell nbc bay area antolin garcia-torres is a family man, husband and a father baf by girl with another one on the way. they say everybody has been questioned and he has been cooperating. his mother says after she talked to investigators she asked her son point blank if he had anything to do with sierra's disappearance. >> my son, tell me this, what happened, why they follow you. mom, because i pass at the time it happened. i never knew the lady.
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he said i never see her before. >> some family members questioning the dna link between antolin garcia-torres and sierra lamar's belongings. as for an tomorrtolin's wife, s worked in high school and now works for a chipotle in town. so far she has not made any public statements. we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning and all day long at key word -- sierra lamar. 5:06. new video this morning of an apartment building badly damaged by an out-of-control car. santa rosa firefighters tell as you man was inside of his bedroom sleeping when a car crashed through the wall overnight. imagine waking up to that. unbelievably thankfully and that man not injured. three adults and children homeless. the driver took off after the crash. still on the loose. engineers will arrive later this morning to assess the structural damage. this morning an east bay man is facing vehicular manslaughter charges that killed his
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girlfriend and left her son on life support. a blood alcohol count of 2.5 times the legal limit when he crashed into a tree on tuesday. the 22-year-old girlfriend died. the 6-year-old son is paralyzed and clinging to life at oakland children's hospital. pictures on the facebook memorial page show lopez and her son at her graduation this month from u.c. berkeley. both in were in caps and gowns. happening right now, a fast moving fire burning in a neighborhood near the nevada/california line. two fires destroyed. at one point between 100 and 200 homes threatened by the flames. but no -- all the homes at this point appear to be out of harm's way. and no injuries have been filed here. firefighters say that the fire may have been kicked up by
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40-mile-an-hour winds that began gusting during a controlled burn. plenty of parents may choose to pull their kids out of school today after a bomb threat forced students and teachers to leave a gilroy campus. 700 students at brownwell middle school evacuated tuesday after using a stolen radio to transmit bomb threats over the school's radio frequency. officers searched the campus for about an hour before eventually giving the all clear. but dozens of parents decided to keep their kids at home for the rest of the day. it is unclear if the prankster was a student. police are still looking for him. east bay teachers will be out of class this morning. oakland teachers rallying outside of the high school p perfect angry over the budget cutting measures. gathering at 7:00 to protest temporary teacher positions and school closures. new this morning. silicon valley giant hewlett-packard will be sending pink slips to tens of thousands of its work force later today. it comes as the company will reveal the latest earnings
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report. marla tellez live with more on hp's restructuring plans. >> reporter: good morning. it is certainly not good news for hewlett-packard which continues to be the world's largest computer maker. now officials are estimating that the cuts will be deep. we are talking 25,000 to 30,000 people expected to be laid off by the new ceo meg whitman. named ceo in september. eight months on the job for her now. many of the job cuts are expected to come from the printing division. no surprise there considering profits in that division fell 10% last year. now whitman is tasked with reorganizing the tech giant that's just fighting to stay remember in a world that's not relying on the person am computer as much as it once did. >> when they come in, you will make a cut, make it early and make it deep. get the company focused on growth again. that's what she seems to be doing here.
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>> reporter: a few months ago whitman cut 275 jobs when the company discontinued its web os lineup. here's something to think about. 30,000 employees handed a pink slip today, that would represent close to 10% of the company's work force. hp employees employ 350,000 people worldwide. i put in a call to an hp spokesperson this morning and i'm waiting to hear back. >> this's more big news from silicon valley. not a lot of likes for facebook stock offerings. two lawsuits have been filed following the company's recent ipo. one investor is suing nasdaq saying orders for shares were mishandled. another person suing facebook. the founder and ceo mark zuckerberg and investment form morgan stanley. despite the brand name facebook lost $10 billion in value since it went public. scott mcfwru will be along soon
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with more on the store write in matter of minutes. let's check in with christina loren. she joins us with a look at the breakdown of the day. how sit looking? >> great looking day. good morning to you. temperatures are starting out really comfortable in san jose 5shgs 5 degrees. 57 in santa rosa and novato. we are headed towards the upper 07s and low 80s again. winds more of a factor as we head lou the second half of the day. right now they are actually rather strong. and in places reich novato, sustained at 15 miles per hour. straight out of the west and west-northwest wind at 11 miles per hour in san francisco. that could catch you off guard. high-profile vehicle, over the open water bridges where we have 15 to 30 miles per hour gusts from time to time. as you head throughout the day you can see we stop the clock at 11:00. windier at that point. we will continue to see the winds strengthen for six and then start to drop off. today works out like this. 70 degrees at noon inland up to 79 at 4:00 m. we actually have rain on the way to the bay area. i will let you know when in the next report. let's check your drive.
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beautiful sunrise out there. >> it is a beautiful sunrise and beautiful reddish-orangeish on the sensors. construction crews blocking the roadway. detour there having folks get off and back on at somersville. confusing for at least one person. that crew should be clearing over the next 15 to 20 minutes. really the westbound commute direction is what we are concerned with. seeing that 50 over on the right side of your screen. further to the right, little bit east of here, marsh creek road, hoffman. there is a report after head-on collision. injuries are reported but no major injuries. big deal is someone ran away from the scene as well. police activity continues to brentwood. we will get a live look at the golden gate bridge as we see a beautiful view of all of those lights. clear view across the bridge. no problems for north bay. into or out of there. >> 5:12. coming up, a 9-year-old food fight goes viral. how a blog changed what the caferia ladiesnd gentlemen are serving at a school.
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welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful live look outside bay bridge. look at that. isn't that gorgeous? >> i like that. >> painted sunrise out there. nice day across the bay area. 5:15. big questions this morning about that botched facebook ipo. number of lawsuits going on right now. and some concern over whether facebook itself signaled the big time investors it was not worth its own ipo price. scott mcgrew is here to break it all down for us. >> good morning. we all know now facebook shares weren't worth $38 as bankers had set as the price last week. questions now as to whether facebook's biggest investors knew that long before everybody else. there are two separate accusations out there. one is that underwriters like
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morgan stanley were quietly telling their top customers that it was not what anyone thought it would originally be and to be kaush bus that $38 ipo price. that has regular investors angry this morning because they fell like all they were hearing were good things and they weren't privy to the secret advice if it existed. now, that accusation is a bit weak because much of what is being said in retrospect could be found in facebook's financial filings. remember, the company made a last-minute correction warning in explicit language it had big concerns over mobile growth. i even read that to you last week. the second accusation made by investors is far more serious. that is the facebook executives signaled morgan stanley and others that they had set their expectations too high. that is absolutely not allowed. the company has to tell everyone important financial fuse at the same time. it can't just tell certain
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secrets insiders. other news, computer business is so bad, hewlett-packard once thought about getting out of it altogether because there were too many cheap brands out there. it is about to get worse. good morning. >> good morning. vizio has become one of the nation east biggest tv makers plans to launch a line of computers next month. now they include would notebooks, laptop, two desk top pcs. vizio says they will be easy to set up right out of the box just like its tvs are. taking a look at market, futures are trading lower this morning after stocks ran out of steam late in yesterday's session. investors are still nervous about europe's debt crisis as leaders meet in brussels today to discuss what to do about greece, whether the country should remain in the eurozone or not. europe and asia are in negative territory. world bank cutting its forecast
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for china, world's second largest economy. we are getting data out on new home sales in the u.s. market mover. how the markent ended last might. dow by one point. 12,502. nasdaq losing eight points to close at 2839. it should be interesting day in trading especially around the facebook drama. back to you. >> thank you. before we go i should mention german software giant bought a sunnyvale company $4.3 billion. you know, $4.3 billion, used to be a lot of money. >> chump change. christina is here with the forecast. >> 78 degrees today. that's about it in your inland cities. forecastping 79 degrees right here in san jose. and san francisco, you will get pretty close to that 70-degree mark. i'm keeping your temperature at about 69. here's something that's unique for this time of year.
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you hear may gray, yeah. we often say that this time of year. this morning, we are seeing completely clear sky. you saw that live look over the embarcadero. no problems whatsoever in terms of low cloud cover. but what you will notice is you have mid-level clouds overhead. once the sun starts to make its way over the horizon, we will show you some phenomenal sunrise shots this morning. 52 degrees in san mateo to start. 55 degrees right here in san jose. winds are going to become a factor for the second half of the day. strengthen in santa rosa. you are at 12 miles per hour out of the west-northwest. stronger gusts from time to time 15 to 30 miles per hour. you will want to take it easy over the open water bridges as you make your way to work this morning and high-profile vehicle and more so as we head through tonight and winds really pick up. high pressure moving in. working against area of low pressure that came through overnight. tight pressure gradient. breezy to get to today. high spurts in place. from marin county, sonoma county, coastline, you will find large waves, five to eight
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footers today. the forecast tells the story. up to 70 degrees at noon. comfortable conditions for outdoor lunch plans. we will drop temperatures off substantially as we head through friday, bringing a little bit of shower activity friday night into saturday morning. we are going to warm you right back up. just in time for that golden gate bridge celebration. sunday, 80 degrees. let's check your drive to see if there are any problems. >> no problems now. road crews are moving. there is an issue watch for it. as the crews clear we see slower sensors and that's what we are seeing around the 280/17. 808 interchange. a lot of spots there, including the foreclosure from southbound 880. again, crews clearing. also clearing up through mountain view. 85 all the way up towards palo alto. we had crews on both sides of the freeway. they had cleared out of the area. dunbarton bridge, no problem this morning. remember, that brigitte self 84 closed is completely on friday at 10:00 p.m. we are also watching, of course, warnings for redwood city.
5:21 am
don't even plan on going downtown redwood city any time after 3:00. between el camino and 101. broadway, avoid that area. wind advisory has been cleared for the san mateo bridge. not an issue. also clears the air so no fog advisory this morning. smooth drive once the vehicle got off of the freeway, upper deck of the bay bridge. that was moving nicely now. bay bridge toll plaza shows you christina is talking about -- i'm talking about clear roads. beautiful sun coming up. skies, no clouds now. back to you. >> good looking day. >> beautiful out will. thanks so much. 5:21. how is this for a food fight? 9-year-old prompting change in scotland after blogging about the food served at the school cafeteria. on her blog called never seconds, martha snapped pictures of her school lunch every day. i guess it is a piece of pizza. looks like hashed browns. corn. next picture includes -- i --
5:22 am
the number of mouthfuls. cucumbers and a popsicle. the school doesn't serve enough food and the food is unhealthy. hurt enough the blog went viral. prompting reaction from the soy council. even celebrity chef jamie oliver sent her a handwritten note. keep it up. lots of love. clever girl. >> focusing on nutrition. now make me something to eat. >> when i was that age i was focussed if they had chocolate milk and mcreason write and cheese. >> lunch lady was my mom. >> 5:22. coming up shall how about this? new fresh prince on the tarnl. turn table.
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welcome back on this
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wednesday morning. live look outside of san jose. hp pavilion. calm, cooling and collected. round of applause for hp. some of them will be having the u.s. olympic gymnastics trials out there. >> excite. >> in june, how about van halen? they will be performing out there. >> how about you get some tickets? >> i will go. david lee roth. >> there we go. we will get them while we can. christina, you in? >> i'm in. we are cheering for the weather today. because that's what we are all getting spoiled. we have a gorgeous day today. we are going to hold on to comfortable conditions. as we head into the upcoming weekend, 70 degrees at noon today. 79 at 4:00 m. got a big celebration coming up this weekend. we are going to talk about your forecast, golden gate bridge turned 57 here at nbc bay area. we are all over it. that full forecast coming up. first a check of your drive. >> we are all over this accident as well. in brentwood. head-on collision, at the t. reports are would flat bed tow
5:26 am
trucks get there to clear that. watch for traffic. also controlling your traffic, employee and volume slower through antioch and commute direction. >> we have been talking about it. 5:26. prince charles show continues this morning. first to the weather in scotland. now, hey, now a deejay. you think that was good. check it out. >> pull the roof off this joint. >> vinyl. they showed him how to spin, the turntable. p how to become a deejay. show me how to become a king. >> cool factor is going through the roof. now he has to get ahold of jimmy kimmel and do some slow jam. still ahead, a city that's stretching budge support the men and women in blue.
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i'm bob redell.
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we will take you live to the sierra lamar search center where volunteers are still searching. that story coming up. it is expected to be a bad day for the world's largest computer maker. good morning. i'm marla tellez. as the sunrises over the bay area we are in the 50s to start headed towards a gorgeous day with temperatures ending up in the upper 70s inland. your full forecast in moments. >> sunrises and pets come down. usual suspects for the tri-valley and watching a head-on collision. i will give thank you latest coming up. >> we are watching those clouds over san jose. picturesque shot to start your day as the sun starts creeping over the horizon. it is wednesday, may 23, "today in the bay." it is almost 5:30. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kel write. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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we begin with the search for sierra. this morning, the suspect in the kidnapping and killing of the morgan hill teenager is behind bars in san jose. awaiting first court appearance. the community certainly is not giving up on finding sierra lamar. bob redell live in morgan hill this morning where volunteers will stage again to look some more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the volunteers at the sierra search center tell us that their focus has not changed because law enforcement does not have a weapon, do not have a body. in spite of what the sheriff's office says, the family and volunteers are treating today's search as a quest not to find a body but a living person. investigators, however, are convinced otherwise. they believe that the man they arrested, antolin garcia-torres, k kidnapped the 15-year-old girl on the morning of march 15 and murdered her. his mistake in favor of law enforcement was abandoning a bag of her clothes in the peeled, not from her home. investigators say that on it was
5:31 am
dna. investigators plugged that into a criminal dna database and out came his name. garcia-torres ended up in the database for a felony assault a while back he was arrested for but never convicted of. as for motive, they are not sure but they believe that the sheriff's office, that this was a purely random stranger abduction of a child, the two had never met before. and investigators have been is your veiling garcia-torres since late march to see if he would lead them to sierra even though there is no body, the sheriff says they have very strong thaefd she was murdered. if you are interested in volunteering, helping out on the search taking place on wednesday and saturday mornings, come here to burnett elementary between 8:00 and 1:00 to register. remember, you must be 18 years of age. roaring live here in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> without sierra's body or murder weapon, it may be difficult to prosecute antolin
5:32 am
garcia-torres. the investigators say dna evidence found on clothes inside the 15-year-old's purse links antolin garcia-torres to sierra. as bob mentioned the suspect's dna is already in the system after a felony arrest back in 2010. still garcia-torres' family is skeptical about this. >> why wouldn't they say yeah, he's the one. they don't want to say this is what we found in the bag. >> his sister is shocked by the charges her brother faces. she says her brother is a family man, father of a baby girl with another on the way. continuing coverage throughout the morning and all day long on key word -- sierra lamar. 5:32. this morning oakland police need help tracking down a man who dragged a woman to the ground and sexually assaulted her. police just released this sketch of the suspect in the attack. it happened in broad daylight on
5:33 am
holly street, may 1. officers say he's about 5'9", wearing an earring in his left here. the us is president got up and ran away after the victim hit him in the face with a key. a reward of $5,000 being offered for information that leads to an arrest or conviction. gilroy police getting a raise. the city council and police officers association agreeing on a new two-year contract that would give a 2% pay hike for all police staff each year. the city typically spends $19 million on the services. that works out to more than 40% of the city's yearly general fund. the city and the union both agree this contract is fair. 5:33. new this morning, silicon family giant which is facing stiff competition and slumping stock prices will announce it is laying off tens of thousands of employees. we have coverage on the layoffs. scott mcgrew will join us in a moment from the newsroom. first we begin with mar la
5:34 am
tellez live at the head quarters in palo alto with the company's restructuring plans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bottom line here is hewlett-packard is just struggling to stay relevant. sure, it is the world's largest computer maker but it is also a world that does not rely as heavily on the pc, personal computer, as it once did. word is ceo meg whitman will announce 25,000 to 30,000 layoffs. that would represent 7% to 10% of the company's orchestra work force. th many of the job cuts are expected to come from the printing unit. last we are profits in that division fell 10%. technology analyst we spoke to shed light on the history of hp and the ceos that have come before. >> we do a series of cuts, and you lose cuts -- you lose employee confidence and customer confidence. create turmoil and the company never comes back and spiral all
5:35 am
the way down. >> reporter: what i find interesting is on the hp website just this morning, two announcements. one, hp opening technology renewal center in scotland and also naming a new ad agency to promote its pc business. both seem to be -- moves made by a thriving company. nonetheless, our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew continues our coverage now. scott, at some point layoffs paralyze a company. >> yes. good morning. that's what's happened at hp which is tragic. because hp was the silicon valley what apple is today. revolutionary company that absolutely set the standard. you mentioned that they had layoffs in the past. coming -- he was replacing mark herd. you have meg whitman there. mark laid thousands of people off. lost his job as ceo. wall street loved herd because he cut costs so quickly. you think after layoff after layoffs hp is getting smaller and smaller.
5:36 am
it hasn't been. when herd left there were 295,000 employees. more cuts under -- now whitman. you mentioned hp says it has 350,000 employees. it continues to grow. we will know what does happen just shortly after about 2:00 our time when hp gets on the phone with reporters and has a discussion after its quarterly report. that will come after the closing bell on wall street. back to you. >> all right. always interesting. thanks so much. >> big changes at hp. 10%, ouch. 5:36 now. speaking of wind blowing, let's check the weather now. >> hold on to your hat. windy wednesday. we have a really good looking day shaping up. what's interesting is as soon as we lose the wind the fog is able to form. now the winds have dropped off a little bit here in san francisco. you can see just that is happening. but i think we will see enough wind throughout the morning and movement within our atmosphere to keep that fog from really getting thick. right now to mostly clear. we will see a gorgeous day as a
5:37 am
result. it will be a little bit on the blustery side. not a great day for the flowing. go with a pencil skirt. temperatures climbing to 70 degrees inland. gorgeous day. 79 the high. you don't need the ac. no need for the heater but we have rain in the forecast. i will let you know when you might need that umbrella coming up. 5:37. let's check your drive. here is mike. >> we watched the flowing skirt. what about the mc hammer pants, are those okay? looking over here, 580 through livermore. typical pattern here. we have the slowing in out of the altima pass. 16 to the 40s and 50s coming into livermore. further north we continue to follow this. head-on collision at marsh creek road and hoffman lane. this has closed both directions of marsh creek road. you can use brentwood boulevard and byron highway north to get around it. keep this in mind. reports are they are going to need more daylight from cable and folks on the side of the road. one of the cars is stuck there. they will have to remove that
5:38 am
after daylight comes up. another hour or so. we are looking apartment antioch. didn't take long for this to change. speeds to the 20s now. slow all the way through antioch approaching loveridge and eastbound construction crews. all clear now in the smooth drive. we will get a live look outside. northbound with tail lights, southbound with the headlights. much clearer than yesterday. breezy conditions and cleared out the fog. we had an earlier wind advisory important the san mateo bridge. that, too, has cleared. >> thanks so much. it is 5:38 now. coming up, preparing for a presidential visit. live team coverage of the president east fund-raising stop. >> we take you outside. soak it in. that's a live look over the bay bridge. look at that. the colors, the sun, the orange and yet the water. refreshing. enjoy it.
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welcome back, everybody. sweeping live shot looks like a spider on the lens there. >> charlotte. >> get some rain. anyway, the sky is a beautiful one. christina lore wren will be telling bus the weather coming up. >> all right. secret service director heading to washington to defend his team. mark sullivan will deliver a statement to the senate homeland security and government affairs committee. secret service employee today. he is expected to present a vigorous defense of the agency's employees. it will be the first public appearance before congress since that big prostitution scandal in colombia in a caused seven secret servicemen their jobs. former first lady nancy reagan recovering at home this morning after suffering broken ribs. she fell in her los angeles home about six weeks ago. she was scheduled to attend a
5:42 am
speech at the reagan presidential library yesterday but, unfortunately, she was unable to go because of that injury. a spokeswoman for mrs. reagan says although the 90-year-old former first lady is still adding appointments to her calendar, she was advised by her doctor not to attend. to decision 2012. today air force one will touchdown in the bay area as the president swings through for a new round of campaign fund-raising. we have team coverage on the presidential advice hit the morning. christie smith live in redwood city with a look at the president's agenda. we begin with tracie potts live on capitol hill with new evidence that the presidential race will be a tight one. interesting. >> reporter: it sure will. good morning, everyone. latest numbers we have from the nbc "wall street journal" poll, 47-43. the president four points ahead of mitt romney with registered voters. but that's a statistical tie, within the margin of error of that poll. now, romney has a bit of a
5:43 am
challenge. hispanic vote i, according to the poll, president obama has a huge lead among latino voters. in fact, today in d.c., he will be speaking to a latino summit. insiders say romney needs to get about 40% of that vote and right now he is nowhere else. president obama will begin the day in colorado where he is speaking at the air force academy fwraduation and then from there, he is going to do a fund-raiser in denver and then heads out to california where he will have a lot more of the fund-raisers happening there in the bay area. >> getting into are a lot of the deep pockets. thank you very much. continuing our coverage on the president's visit to the bay area we turn to christie smith. she's live in redwood city where the president will be trying to raise funds for his re-election campaign. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and from the freeway all the way downtown, the signs are up this morning. detours and no parking signs. all important the president's visit to redwood city. in the bay area to raise money
5:44 am
for his re-election bid with the three stops here in the bay area. downtown redwood city, some business hess mixed feelings about the visit because some of the businesses have to close early. some protesters are expected here as well. now for those with a little extra cash in hand, $250 is the least expensive seat at the fox theater where obama will speak on up to some of these tickets, $7500 which includes a backstage photo. the mayor here says that bottom line, it is exciting for businesses and residents to have a president in town. >> means a lot for our community to be able to know he has chosen this city. i think everyone feels very proud that redwood city has been chosen. >> reporter: he's also going to be attending a dinner at a roundtable at palo alto at the garden community hotel. those tickets, though, a little steeper price, about $36,000.
5:45 am
the fox theater event is a finale and that's set for 6:00. roaring live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." business and political experts in san francisco this week for a u.s. high-speed rail conference. san francisco mayor ed lee opening things up. welcoming the group this morning. will will be more than 40 speakers at the three-day event including nancy pelosi. construction on the first phase of the proposed california rail system scheduled to start later on this year. but only if lawmakers in sacramento put up the state's share of that funding. 5:4537 protesters will be rallying in san francisco again important medical marijuana users. on monday, the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco ruled that marijuana patients cannot use a federal disability law to prevent cities from shutting down pot clubs. the court said while it sympathizers with those that are sick the federal government's ban on marijuana contains no
5:46 am
exex exemption for the ruling. it is set for noon at the federal building on 7th and mission street. it is 5:45 right now. we get back to meteorologist christina loren. looks like a nice start out today. curious how this weekend is looking. >> you are curious. aren't you? yeah. we have a good looking weekend coming up ahead. the good news is that we have rain in the forecast. but it is not going to come down over your weekend plans. memorial day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. and we are seeing longer days. sunrise much earlier. you can see right now coming up over the city by the ball, just a beautiful, beautiful picture here. i would like to hold on to this all day. 5:46. gorgeous sunrise. we have high clouds over the south bay. it is not quite as nice inlands. what's happening is the winds are coming straight out of the west and pushing that cloud cover in. that's why we are starting out with the cloudry conditions inland this morning.
5:47 am
and 6:00. we will get a little bit after break. these winds will be strong enough to catch you off guard if you drive a high-profile vehicle. take it easy. gusting to 50 miles per hour at times. we are going to see the strongest winds, of course, higher elevations, over the open waters. 70 degrees at noon inland.
5:48 am
you will round out the day at 79 degrees. lower pollen, something to get really excited about on thursday. winds drop off. we are finally in the low pollen range. friday into saturday, expecting a little bit of shower activity. but it is going to come down overnight. then saturday into sunday, temperatures rebound right through the season averages in time for the holiday weekend. let's check your drive with mike. >> starting in the south bay, although it does not look too dramatic, everything showing up green. we have the 50s showing up. highway 87 slowihowing up. we are seeing patches of 50s cropping up. we may see the colors change. the volume is starting to build important the south bay. pretty typical pattern for wednesday. we are seeing slowdowns here. 808 over the last ten minutes. showing a lot of slowing coming down through milpitas. keep that in mind. now get into silicon valley commute starting to build as we get closer to 6:00. looking at the lower bay shore. no major problems all morning,
5:49 am
101 and 280 moving smoothly. dunbarton bridge and highway 84 over the water is closed all weekend start frig night at 10:00. downtown redwood city, that's basically closed at 3:00. don't plan on going on broadway any time after 3:00. wat watch, motorcade may travel on highway 101. that will be an issue as well. looking at the approach to the bay bridge. no major problems. golden gate moving smoothly. clear flow. clear view from the north bay and no major slowing. all the way down through san traffic wrestle and to the brigitte self. across the city from the east bay, bay bridge toll plaza shows an easy flow as well. we are just starting to see volume starting to build. no problems at the toll plaza and east shore freeway. >> we like you employee. thank you very much. decades old union square watering hole could soon be heading for the san francisco waterfront. the owners of the lounge are going to announce they are moving the bar to fisherman's
5:50 am
wharf. they have been fighting an eviction notice from the landlord. telling neighboring businesses they hope to reopen at fisherman's wharf in four months. it is 5:50. coming up, san jose international airport wants to spread its wings. how you can help pick its next list of getaway locations. >> we will take a look at the return of the business. >> how about this? two for the price of one. couple of live shots. san jose, clouds up there. it is a clear day so far. spectacular. that's san francisco off in the distance. that's the golden gate bridge. look at that. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words:
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chevron with techron. care for your car.
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5:53 am
good wednesday morning. you cannot escape this. that's alcatraz island. you can see quite a day shaping up. very crisp, cool, but going to be sharp and sunny. christina loren will tell us about it in a minute. >> san jose international airport wants to do something about it. an e-mail campaign is being launched to find out which destinations, pliers want the most. the survey includes cities from across the country and around the world. logon to flysanjose.come for more information. today is the dawe clear returns to sfo. you may remember this. lexus lane through security for
5:54 am
business travelers, scott mcgrew joining us now. scott, clear went out of business the first time. what's changing now. >> good question. new owner has all the clear machines at a sale price. technology there was there to buy up cheap. after the company went into bankruptcy the first time. so a couple of guys from wall street did just that. started the company with none of the debt. clear says it will honor all memberships under that old system, by the way. with clear you go through one big security screening and background check to prove you are not a let and then you sail through security from then on for a price. world markets moving lower again. greece, if you will, by concerns over europe. it is a good time to travel to your open. euro at its lowest point in three years. hewlett-packard reports profits and probably layoffs after the closing bell. also keeping a close eye on facebook. company stock split again tuesday. looking fairly grim today. accusations and lawsuits this morning over the possibility
5:55 am
that underwriters like morgan stanley knew full well facebook wasn't worth the price the bankers were asking and passed that on only to select investors. it is a complex accusation. we are going to break it down for you in the 6:00 hour. >> you do that so well. 5:55 now. let's check the forecast. >> good morning to you. temperatures are running mice and mild this morning. mid to upper 50s headed towards the 70s. 79 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in case you don't already know golden gate bridge turns 75. as of this sunday, little quick fact for you. span of the golden gate bridge is tantamount to 24.9 football fields. this weekend's celebration conditions will be perfect. nbc bay area proud to carry that celebration. it is going to be a great day. mike, you will be giving traffic updates. >> i will. for the morning news.
5:56 am
580, look at this. westbound, typical slowing through livermore. eastbound, that's atypical. no incidents reported for eastbound getting out of livermore. i will give you the updates if anything else is reported. we are report thing. head-on crash at marsh creek road. both directions closed. be prepared to use byron highway. brent wood boulevard past the scene, coming through brentwood, typical highway west tlup antioch. holding fine. dipping as you come through pittsburg. >> thank you very much. a russian physician lost his job, not for playing the wrong tune but for having a bad attitude. take a look at video. look at that. bare feet. the cellist refusing to move his bare feet to the seat in front of him. at one point he touches his foot to the passenger's head. the woman throws magazines, water bottles at him. the guy is being flash-out rude.
5:57 am
he issues an apology. bro, too late. beijing symphony orchestra firing him for not following chinese laws and ethical code. toe jam on the head is not cool. >> no, no. still ahead, looming layoffs at hp. we will tell you why thousandsar bs. employees can sn se their jobs.
5:58 am
5:59 am
roll tears vowing not to give up on finding sierra lamar live even though law enforcement believes she was murdered. palo alto based hewlett-packard could lay off as much as 10% of its work force. i will have the latest the expected layoffs coming up. we have a good looking forecast shaping up for you today. lots of sunshine, highs


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