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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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upper 70s. but rain in the forecast. i will show when you on your 7-day outlook. slowing showing up for south bay freeways. new incidents for highway 17. an issue heading over the hills. live look outside. clear sailing so far on this wednesday on the golden gate bridge. yes, it is hump day, may 23. "today in the bay." 6:00 on the nose. good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kel. >> i i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with the search for sierra lamar. this morning the suspect in the kidnapping and killing of the morgan hill teenager is behind bars in san jose. waiting first court appearance. at the same time the community is preparing to gather again to look for sierra undaunted by news of the arrest. bob redell live in morgan hill at the meeting place. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you.
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even though law enforcement is convinced that sierra lamar is dead, she was kidnappeded and murdered, her family and the people who run the volunteer search center in burnett elementary in morgan hill are not convinced. they hope people will still show up later this morning to help find this missing 15-year-old girl. >> you know, so many people have, you know, record-breaking numbers showed up at the search center, thousands of people, law enforcement, you know. and i believe there is a reason why she wasn't found. i'm not -- we are not giving up on that. >> reporter: that was marlene lamar, sierra's mom. the sheriff announced more details about the arrest of antolin garcia-torres. he's the 21 year owed man from morgan hill. accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar. the sheriff says it was his dna found on sierra's abandoned bag.
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the motive they are not sure but believe this was purely random, a stranger abduction. the two never met before. investigators had been watching garcia from late march. the sheriff says they have strong evidence that she was murdered. especially given the fact that this very social, outgoing high schooler not tried to reach out to anyone since her disappearance march 16. garcia-torres, who is in jail in san jose, is scheduled to have his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. the search effort, volunteer search effort going on from wednesdays and saturdays the past several weeks at burnett elementary, kicks off this morning at 8:00 a.m. the sheriff is urging the public not to give up the search and try to find sierra's body. the department still has personnel that has been out here searching local waterways while her mother is urging the public not to give up on the search for her daughter who she believes could still be alive.
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>> as important the suspect's family, it is shock and sadness this morning. garcia-torres' mother and sister telling nbc bay area he's, quote, a family man. he's also husband and a father. both say they have been questioned by investigators in recent weeks. the suspect's mother said that after a meeting with detectives she asked her son point blank if he had anything to do with sierra's disappearance. >> i talked with my son, tell me the truth. what happened? why they follow you. mom, because i pass all the time when that happens. he says, i never knew the lady. he said never see her before. >> family members also questioning the dna link between garcia tores and sierra lamar's belongings. as for his wife, francine, we know the two met at live oak high school just a few years back. we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning and all day long on key word sierra lamar. 6:03.
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new this morning, an apartment building badly damaged by an out-of-control car. a man was asleep in his bed when the car crashed through his wall overnight. unbelievably he was not injured. three adults and three children that live in that home, though, now homeless. the driver took off after the crash and is still on the loose. engineers will arrive later this morning to assess the structural damage. bad news, it just keeps getting worse in the wake of facebook's ipo. there is word this morning that the securities and exchange commission will look into questions about friday's stock offerings. scott mcgrew is in the newsroom. lots of new accusations. >> good morning to you. we know now that facebook's shares weren't worth the $38 the bankers set at the price last week. there are questions whether facebook's biggest investors knew that all along. long before everybody else. would separate accusations out there. one is that underwriters like
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morgan stanley were quietly telling their top customers that facebook's growth wasn't what anyone originally thought it would be. and to be cautious about the $38 ipo price. that has regular investors angry because they fell like all they were hearing about-face book was goodings in and weren't privy to the secret advice if it existed. the second accusation made by investor turned journalist henry blogett and others is far more serious and that facebook executives signaled morgan stanley and others that they had set their expectations too high. that's absolutely not allowed. the company has to tell everyone important financial news at the same time. it can't just tell secret insiders. these are accusations only. you mentioned the possible sec sxregs the state of massachusetts has subpoenaed morgan stanly and some investors want to sue the nasdaq over delayed trades. bottom line, this ipo did not work out the way that anybody wanted it to. >> scott, quick question.
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this ipo of the stock price keeps falling for facebook, i think a lot of people wondering what would be a good time to jump in and buy some of that stock? >> i'm not permitted to give you stock advice. but i will read you the s-1. that was that facebook itself is uncertain about the future of its mobile platform and more and more kids and young people are moving to mobile. ipads and iphones, that kind of thing. that's what's spooked investors. if face book not articulated at all what it is going to do about this mobile problem, and can it possibly be worth the kind of money that people are asking for. >> great insight. thanks. talks this morning of looming layoffs from another bay area tech giant. today hewlett-packard will announce it is downsizing and as many as 30,000 people could lose hair jobs. marla tellez live in the bay. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. it is certainly not good news for hewlett-packard which does con to be the world's largest
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computer maker. officials are estimating the cuts will be deep and talking as much as 10% of the work force could be cut. hp employees, close to 350,000 worldwide, and 25,000 to 30,000 people are expected to get a pink slip. the pressure is on fairly new ceo meg whitman to reorganize the struggling tech giant. she was named ceo in september a couple of years after her failed bid for california governor. we spoke to a tech analyst who weighed in on what she is up against. >> whitman, i think, learned that all you can do is cut and if you ever want to go into politics you are never going to make it. i think it is going to be about and it from now on we will see growth with hp going forward. >> many of the job cuts are expected to come from the printing division. no surprise there considering profits in that division sell 10% last year. now i have put in a call and sent an e-mail to corporate headquarters for comment. i am waiting to hear back.
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live in palo alto, marla tellez, "today in the bay." 6:07. check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out about the wednesday forecast heading towards the weekend. >> windy wednesday ahead. good morning to you. taking a live look over the transamerica pyramid. beautiful start over the city by the bay. gorgeous conditions inland. we have a full deck of clouds, though, all the way from sunnyvale to livermore this morning. san jose starting out with high and mid level clouds. temperatures are comfortable in the 50s. and as we head throughout the afternoon winds will strength wren and right now we are seeing strongest wind gusts up in the north bay with the sustained winds at 21 miles per hour in novato headed towards the upper 70s and low 80s today inland bp with those winds pumping all day long. it all works out like the, hour by hour breakdown for today in the bay. we will see temperatures 5691 degrees as you break for lunch. warmer by ten degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland. 79 with a lot of shine. tomorrow things start to change with cooling you off and add more clouds. and then as we have rain in the
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forecast. i will describe when we get to that 7-day outlook red write to go in the next report. check on your drive. would we don't any problems on a wednesday. >> we have an issue updated to a sig-alert now, head-on crash i have been following. marsh creek road closed in both directions. hoffman lane. no reports of major injuries marriages or cleanup now. 30 minutes or more expecting to impact this traffic heading through brentwood. brentwood boulevard or byron highway around the scene. they need a sweeper truck as well as two flat bed tow trucks and cable link and daylight so they can see the area clearly. avoid marsh creek at hoffman. further south, we are looking at typical 580 through livermore. it has cleared. a look at the south bay coming up. >> thank you very much. 6:09. this morning, east bay man facing vehicular manslaughter charges for a crash that killed his girl friend and left her son on life support. berkeley police say 24-year-old jose had a blood alcohol count 2 1/2 times the legal limit when
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he crashed into a tree on tuesday. 22-year-old friend died. her 6-year-old son is paralyzed and clinging to life at oakland children's hospital. pictures on the facebook memorial page show lopez and her son at her graduation this month from u.c. berkeley. both wearing caps and gowns with a note on xavier's cap saying i heart my mom. >> what a tragic and heart wrenching story there. plenty of parents may choose to pull their kids from school today after a bomb threat forced students and teachers to leave a gilroy campus. about 700 students evacuated tuesday after a thief used a stolen radio to transmit bomb threats over the school's radio frequency. officers searched the campus for an hour before they finally were able to give that all clear. but dozens of parents deciding to keep their kids at home for the rest of the day at this point unclear if the pranksters, students, police are still looking for the suspect.
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some east bay teachers will be out of class this morning. oakland teachers rallying outside of the high school. they are angry over the school district's budget cutting plans. they are going to gather at 7:00 a.m. to protest temporary teacher positions and school closures. it is 6:11. the polls are pop in egypt this morning. it is the first presidential election featuring more than one candidate in decades. we will have all of the details coming up. big crowds expected today for president obama's visit to redwood city. i'm christie smith. i will tell you where you want to be for a voice. coming up in a live report. >> for all your news, weather, traffic updates good conversation ndceok.
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look at that beautiful live look outside. nice pictures we are see thing morning from across the bay area. looks like a nice day on tap. 6:14. president obama returning to the bay area today with the new nbc poll showing that race for the white house getting extremely tight. the president now with just a four-point lead among registered voters in the poll. he's tied with romney on the economy and romney winning the men, whites and suburn asites. the president holds big-time lead among women, youth and hispanic voters. >> like him personally but pes miss billion the economy as well as the nation's direction are weighing down on the president. >> analysts think that portraying romney as a rich guy that only cares about profits may hurt the president amoyngds. the poll shows a one in five view romney negatively because of his work at bain capital. most have no opinion on that issue at all. today's visit to the bay area certainly will add money to
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the campaign chest. president obama expected to make several stops along the peninsula including one in redwood city later today. that's where christie smith joins us live this morning with more on the presidential visit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, from the freeway all the way to downtown this morning, signs are up about detours and potential parking issues. ing in fact, four streets downtown will be blocked off starting at 3:00 this afternoon. some parking lots will be affected, too. if you want to catch president obama at the fox theater you will certainly have to be determined to see him. if you don't want the traffic and parking headaches, probably best to avoid the area altogether. at please the late afternoon. the president's re-election bid is bringing him to three fund-raisers in just one day. fox theater here at the grand finale. tickets start at $250 all the way up to $7500. that, though, includes a photo. some protesters are also expected out here and businesses that might be impacted are
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speaking out as well. getting mixed reviews. the mayor says that overall it is -- pretty exciting to have him here. >> this is very exciting for redwood city. it is exciting for our community and exciting to know that he has chosen our city, redwood city on the map. >> reporter: he will attend a roundtable in palo alto and dinner. those tickets are on the steep side. $36,000 for those wanting to come to redwood city. the streets should be clear sometime after 10:00 tonight. reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." millions of egyptians are in line today to freely vote for a president. this marks the first presidential election since hoss my mubarak was ousted from office last year. mubarak running unopposed in a yes or no referendum during his 29-year rule. 13 candidates now running to be egypt's fifth president since 1952. the top finishers will compete
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again in a runoff election next month. 6:16. west side sidewalk of the golden gate bridge will open four months after it was closed for repair. crew were restoring portions of the battery east bay trail. it is a walking path that connects to the west sidewalk of the golden gate bridge. the results, west side rock which was normally exclusively for bikers with clothes. cyclist has to share the span with pedestrians and now it is all open. a reminder the golden gate bridge's anniversary celebration is coming, sunday may 27. nbc bay area very proud sponsor and stay with us for extended live coverage of sunday's celebration. she looks pretty good. >> outstanding. bash all week long. >> it is going to be nice. >> yesterday started on out foggy. today looks like crisp and clear. >> christina and clear. >> hi. got christina on the mind. good morning to you. it is chris and clear out there. we have a gorgeous day shaping
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up. one of those days where if you have to work inside at least open up those windows so you can take a look at the beautiful conditions. it is going to be clear all the way from the coast through livermore. 52 degrees there. start you out. 5 in san jose this morning. and 52 in san mateo. basically starting out with uniformed conditions even without a full deck of clouds. that's rather rare for this time of year. you are probably very familiar with the term may gray. this morning, not the case. as a result of all that sunshine coming in early, your temperatures will climb into the 70s again in places like oaking and forecasting about 730 degrees. 69 in san francisco. winds are forecast to strengthen as we head throughout the day today. becoming breezy by the day's ends. we are expecting the strongest winds between about 4:00 and 8:00 with gusts locally up to 30 miles per hour. through higher elevations we could see gusts to 50. high pressure moves back. two working against each other. as a result those winds will be at their strongest today and we
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have pretty high winds as a result as well. high waves, five to ought feet along the marin county, sonoma county coastline. headed up there, make sure you are very cautious. always a good idea to hit a guarded beach. that water is cold. 68 degrees. that's what you can expect today in places like san francisco. hit the upper 70s here in san jose. by tomorrow, we are cooling you down to the low to mid 70s inland. upper 60s return bayside. low 60s at the coast. by friday things start to change. talking about kind of a brae friday overall. with a little bit of drizzle and light showers over the greater bay area. not just the north bay. late friday into saturday. there is that golden gate bridge celebration. 75 beautiful years here in the bay area. the weather is really going to accommodate that celebration with 80 degrees inland and 73 degrees in san francisco. as make your way into the city from san jose, it will be downright perfect. room temperature, for example, 72 degrees.
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73 on sunday. just you just can't beat. mike has some side notes not just for the golden gate bridge. dunbarton. >> dunbarton bridge is closed this weekend. friday actually, 10:00 until tuesday. hopefully reopening by 5:00. hope to tell you the photograph will be moving slowly. 237, top of your screen, that will take you east-west as well. point out south bay map speeds to the 40s for 101 as well as 87. seeing the yellow crop up on our screen. highway 17, i are check thing out. we had a report of a closure of a road. 17 at the summit. it is also the time when they are picking up the crews from summit. we have overnight construction and no reports the closure. so far we can tell it is just because they are moving crews there. earlier car fire heading away from the bridge through hercules. haven't seen any slowing there. just smoke under the hood. >> mike, thank you very much. it has been no secret facebook not such a great like since last friday's ipo. the company under pressure.
6:21 am
scott mcgrew with conning coverage. >> good morning. we first reported to you at the top of the newscast, there are a number of accusation this morning that underwriter morgan stanley was telling investors that it had serious concerns about facebook's future growth and questioned the value of its ipo. now facebook fell again tuesday in its second full day of trading. the $31 a share. checking actually right now it is up in pre-market trading. we shall see. watch out. even at $31 a share, facebook trades 85 times earnings. it is a way of judging a stock's value. 85 signal it is company will have phenomenal growth or has to anyway to support that price. by comparison, hewlett-packard which has 34 times the revenue of facebook, let me athat again, 34 times the revenue, has a ratio of around five. speaking of hp, marla tellez has been previewing probable hp layoffs. that announcement if it comes
6:22 am
will come after the closing bell on wall street this afternoon. as many as 25,000 to 30,000 people. again, measuring in facebook, about eight times the number of people who work at facebook. maybe we have become accustomed to big numbers. german software giant sap brought areba for $4.43 billions. they work with cloud data. as for wall street european financial ministers are in brussels today meeting to talk about what to do about greece. the problem value probably will become greece's new prime minister which n the new elections since he will not honor the tribute the company wrote under the last prime minister. to support the euro and cut the budget. very serious problem. it is just handicapped wall street for months now. >> yes. >> thank you very much. it is 6:22. coming up, democrats in congress say they want to make things for
6:23 am
you on election day. find out how they want to do it in a live report. >> live look outside. this is the other side of the country. that's the capital of our nationatio -- capitol of our nation, washington, d.c. ♪
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welcome back.
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oh, yes. we overlook san francisco. great shot. >> isn't that beautiful? >> clouds out of the way. soak it all in. pretty. 6:26. changes could be coming to a polling place near you. washington lawmakers trying to streamline the voting process to make it's easier for voters to participate. tracie potts live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. democrats, including more an dozen from california, are behind a proposal called the voter empowerment act. what they want to do is make it's easier for people to vote, register to vote for before and on election day, universal registration online. something that they are pushing along with registering on election day and more money to train poll workers so that people won't be turned away p.m. democrats are pushing back against a number of state laws that are popping up all over the country making it more restrictive, more difficult for people to register to vote. lot of those laws backed by republicans. we convenient 14 new ones just
6:27 am
since the beginning of last year. photo i.d. requirements. you don't have that in california. proof of citizenship required now in some areas. in fact will are nearly 200 proposals out there working their way through state legislatures and democrats are hoping to slow them down. >> thanks for the update. >> it is 6:27 now. still to come on "today in the bay," painful reality. 30,000 people could lose their jobs at hp. volunteers are not giving up the search for sierra lamar. live report is next.
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good morning. we will take you live to the sierra search center in morgan hill where the family and volunteers are not giving up hope that sierra lamar could still be found alive. that story coming up. it is expected to be a rough day for palo alto based hewlett-packard. good morning. i'm marla tellez. more on the looming layoffs
6:30 am
coming up. we are in the 50s to star. headed towards the 07s this afternoon. great looking day. temperatures tumble tomorrow. your full forecast in just moments away. plus, new accidents. debris for the nimitz and sig-alert continues for the east bay. we live l give you those updates coming up. >> taking a live look outside. cloud cover over a beautiful day area morning for this wednesday, may 23. "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. 6:positive. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. search for sierra lamar continues today as volunteers gather again in about an hour from right now. even as the us disappearance sits in jail. antolin garcia-torres suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra. the community at this point is undaunted. bob redell live in morgan hill where a group of people are not giving up on finding the
6:31 am
teenag teenager. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. some of the volunteers here at see ire a certain much center say their focus has not changed consideringing the fact that law enforcement has not found a weapon and they have not found a body. so in spite of what the sheriff's office saying, their focus is on finding a living person and not a body when that volunteer search resumes around 8:00 this morning. investigators are convinced otherwise. they believe the man they arrested, antolin garcia-torres, they believe he kidnapped the 15-year-old girl on the morning of march 16 and then murdered her. his mistake in favor of law enforcement of course was abandoning a bag of her clothes in a field not far from sierra lamar's home. in it, dna. investigators plugged that dna into a criminal dna database and out came his name. garcia-torres, 21-year-old man, from morgan hill, ended up in the database for a felony assault a while back. he was arrested for but never
6:32 am
convicted of. as for motive, sheriff's office not sure but believe this was a purely random stranger abduction. investigators had been is your veiling garcia-torres to see if they would lead him to sierra. even though there is no body the sheriff says they have very strong evidence she was murdered. >> we are not giving up hope until this find sierra. >> we don't have a weapon and we don't have the remains of sierra lamar. therefore, in the minds of her family and the volunteers, and hopefully many other members of the public, this girl could still be alive and it is our job now to find her. >> reporter: that was mark klaas whose foundation has been running the volunteer search effort. if you are interested you can show up this morning between 8:00 and 1:00 this afternoon to register. remember, you must be 18 years of age to participate in the volunteer searches. reporting live in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> conning coverage throughout the morning and all day long on
6:33 am key word, sierra lamar. new this morning, a santa rosa family homeless after a driver slammed into their apartment. the man tells firefighters he was asleep in bed when the car crashed through the wall overnight. take a look at that damage. unbelieve by, he was not injured. three adults and three children homeless, however. the driver took off after the crash. still on the loose. engineers will arrive later this morning to try to assess the structural damage. also this morning, oakland police needing your help tracking down a man wanted in a sexual assault. now we have a sketch of this suspect. we believe -- no, we p don't. we can tell what you happened. this is on holly street in broad daylight back on may 1. officers say that the man is about 5'9". he wears an earring in his left ear. the suspect got up and ran away after the victim hit him in the face with her key. a reward of $5,000 now being offered for any information that leads to an arrest or a conviction. 6:33. bay area tech giant hewlett-packard sending out pink
6:34 am
slips today. tens of thousands are expected to lose their jobs as the company seeks to remain competitive. marla tellez live in palo alto with more of the restruck touring plans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i just hung up the phone with the company's spokesperson and he tells me here the goal is to create savings so hp can invest in the future. now word is that ceo meg whitman is going to announce 25,000 to 30,000 layoffs. that would represent 7% to 10% of the company's work force. hp does employ close to 350,000 people worldwide. the hp representative i spoke to would not confirm these cuts but says that they would be broad based across the company and throughout the world. whitman, of course, is cast with reorganizing the tech giant. they don't rely as heavily as the pc as it once did. pc sales fell 15% during the holiday season.
6:35 am
that was rye after whitman was named ceo in except. here's some perspective from a tech analyst. >> the rule of thumb when a ceo comes in, you are going to make a cut, make it early and deep. get the company focused on growth again. that's what she seems to be doing here. >> reporter: hp is expected to announce its quarterly earnings at the close of the market today. that's when we should learn more about the looming lay office. about 2:00 our time. live in palo alto, marla tellez, "today in the bay." more big news in silicon valley. two separate losses have been filed following facebook's ipo. one investor suing claiming shares were miss handled causing millions of dollars in losses. another person suing facebook, the founder and ceo, and investment firm morgan stanley. despite the brand name facebook lost $10 billion in value since they went public. scott mcgrew will have much more on facebook's new round of
6:36 am
issues. gilroy police officers getting a raise. the city council and police officers association agreeing on a new two-year contract giving a 2% pay hike for all police staff each year. the city typically spends $19 million a year on police services and that's more than 40% of the city's yearly general funds. as city and the union both agree, this contract is fair. fast moving fire burning in a neighborhood. two homes now destroyed as the fire burns about 50 miles southeast of lake tahoe. at one pop between 100 and 200 homes were threatened by the flames. but all appear to be out of harm's way now. and luckily no one has been injured. firefighters say that the fire may have kicked up when 40-mile-an-hour winds began gusting during a controlled burn p. 6:36. those winds seem like they are blowing around here and meteorologist christina loren telling us a windy wednesday. >> yeah. it is going to be even gustier as we head through the secretary half of the day.
6:37 am
winds have relaxed was just touch this morning. as a result, taking a live look from high atop san bruno mountain. you can see a little bit on thin marine layer formed this morning. it is not going to last very long. high pressure moving in and will warm up the top layer. sun is out and what we have out there now is going to clear before we hit 9:00 a.m. 53 degrees now. in san francisco we are headed towards the 60s and 70s bayside today. upper 70s and low 80s inland. winds will become more of a factor as we head through the second half of the day. they are rather strong. sustained at 20 miles per hour. through the east bay hills. keep that in mind. we also expect a few power outages through the higher elevations as we head through this afternoon. as we head through this come weekend, we are talking about sierra snowfall. possible rain right here in the bay area. we will get to that in the 7-day outlook. let's check your drive with mike. >> looking over here to 880 where an earlier accident. like car, pickup truck, hit some sort of debris northbound.
6:38 am
there. slowing in both directions between union city, newark. that's about this time of day anyway. we are looking at a slower drive. 22-minute drive westbound out of the altima pass. despite a hit-and-run accident, north flynn, no lanes blocked. 580. we continue to follow the sig-alert, head-on crash, marsh creek road closed at hoffman lane. update from chp major injuries as a result of the accident which is what we expected with the head-open and this has no op time opening. >> thanks. time is 6:38. coming up, president obama's re-election campaign bringing him right back here into the bay area. act live report coming up. >> plus, new news released of a serious injury from former first lady nancy reagan. details next. live look outside. picture perfect. crystal clear. that's a look over san francisco. all good out there. it is going to be windy. you can see old glory blowing
6:39 am
back there. christina loren will fill you in.
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6:41 am
nancy reagan recovering from broke wren ribs this morning. she fell at her los angeles home about six weeks ago. her spokeswoman says the former first lady making appearances but the doctor told her not to
6:42 am
attend large events. she had to cancel an appearance at the reagan presidential library in similar write valley yesterday. mrs. reagan will turn 91 years old in july. >> wow. got to rest up there. get well soon. it is 6:42. we will catch up on the morning's top stories of 15 minutes of uninterrupted news. a live report on searches for sierra lamar. [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors...
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good morning to you. live look wrought side. nation's capital this morning. president obama making a visit there before he heads here to the bay area. jon has more on that. >> that's right.
6:45 am
going coast to coast. president obama will be back in the bay area today and once again the trip, of course, at this point about money. christie smith live in redwood city with the excitement in that community never hosted a president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. will reports this morning that this isn't the first time that a president has visited redwood city but certainly generating a lot of buzz this morning. president obama coming to the fox theater. one of three bay area fund-raising stops in the re-election stops. you will have to be determined to see him because parking will be extremely tight. four streets near downtown will be closed this afternoon. some businesses are also giving the visit mixed reviews because of the impact. protesters are expected out here, too. but for supporters tickets run about $250. all the way up to $7500. the mayor says that it is pretty exciting. >> small businesses for our community being able to know that he has chosen this city.
6:46 am
i think everyone feels very proud that redwood city has been chosen. >> reporter: would other bay area stops include a roundtable at palo alto's garden court hotel. also a dinner at the home of lease and douglas goldman. goldman, a philanthropist. according to reports this morning, the other president to visit was hoover in the 1930s. the estimate is the streets should be open sometime after 10:00. reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a hot the it, ladies and gentlemen. the prince charles show rolls on this morning. first you remember he was a weatherman in scotland. now check this out. putting on a headphone and getting on turntable. deejay in toronto. check out prince charms. yeah. trying to do a little scratching. getting instructions there. i love your accent, laura.
6:47 am
one of the skills to be a deejay, look at that. he is feeling it. got it working. would go way back. check out the prince. back in 1985, that's right, believe it or not, royal break dancing. check it out. >> walk like an egyptian. >> man. >> wow. he. >> he has some skills. >> what was that? >> going down. >> limbo. getting low. i like the way he commits. >> you know, exactly. praise him for embracing it. >> break it up. he sends it back over to the other guy. that's strong stuff. >> i think he won that battle. better moves than me, that's for sure. better moves than jon kelley i will take that challenge.
6:48 am
>> we want to see you meet that challenge. temperatures looking good this morning. i think that we don't need any start of a remix when it comes to your forecast for today. come friday, you will want the remick because we have showers on the way. time them out to your doorstep in less than two minutes. stay tuned for that. you can see right now, though, what we have left of that marine layer is really clearing quickly. all the clouds banked up against the coast. as we head a strong westerly wind, even had clouds earlier in san jose. high mid level clouds, those are clearing now as well. 52 degrees in san francisco to start. 5 in san jose. winds are clearing. clouds out quickly. our atmosphere is actually moving rather quickly out there. we have a high pressure gradient courtesy of low pressure working against high pressure. cold front came through overnight. moving out of the area. as it does so, it is working against the big ridge of high pressure that's kept us so warm and sunny over the past couple of days. today winds will be up their strongest, breezy to gust write. to the east bay hills. cooler trend for tomorrow. showers on the way as of friday.
6:49 am
waves five to eight feet along the marin/sonoma county coastline. it works out like this. haven't had to use a futurecast for showers for quite some time. we are breaking it out this morning. stopping the clock at 1:00 p.m. you can see greater bay area getting showers for the second half of your friday. we are going to see all this activity clear out quickly overnight friday and maybe a little bit of lingering activity 11:00. whole thing blows out saturday morning. got a nice day out saturday. and sunday. temperatures return to the 80s. today we are talking about closer to 80 degrees. 79 in san jose and 81 in gilroy. 79 degrees in livermore. tomorrow even cooler. we will get more cloud cover, clouds increasing for the second half of the day. by friday, getting the showers, little bit of drizzle. a gray overcast day. by saturday that sun comes right back out. warming us up to 80 degrees. just in time for the celebration of the golden gate bridge turning 75. bay area proud to be the home of the celebration. catch the action here on sunday.
6:50 am
and mike will be in on sunday. rare treat for you. >> yeah. you love it. we will be sharing the studio. right here we are sharing the roadways. we see yellows creeping in from 101. starting before you get to the capital expressway. showing speeds into the 40s as well. there is your build. now the peninsula has not been a problem for the flow all morning. dunbarton bridge closes on friday at ten cloak. as christie smith told you redwood city shut down after 3:00 and opens about 10:00 tonight because of the presidential visit. keep that in mind. this is a wood side -- perimeters of your exits there. motorcade travel through the area. they will let you know if they are coming lou. looking at 880, typical slowing out of san leandro. fremont, castro valley, little slowing as well. as you approach off of 580, metering lights are on. center of your screen. 23 minutes now from hercules down to the bay bridge tool plaza with metering lights. live look at the golden gate bridge. we are celebrating the 75th
6:51 am
anniversary. the birthday -- 75 years old. not bad. i hear that it has some work. smooth drive. no slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. turning to a very serious story we have been covering here on nbc bay area. the search for sierra lamar. volunteers will gather again in just about an hour while the man suspected of killing and kidnapping the morgan hill teenager sits in jail awaiting his first court appearance. bob redell live in morgan hill this morning where the community certainly is not giving up hope, trying to find sierra. in spite of some of the recent developments. good morning, bob. >> reporter: even though law enforce many just announced it believes sierra lamar is dead, that they are convinced she was kidnapped and murdered, her family and many of the volunteers who is working this volunteer search center at burnett elementary are not convinced and hope people will show up later this morning. starting in about an hour to help find this missing 15-year-old girl.
6:52 am
>> you know, so many people have, you know, record-breaking numbers showed up at the search center. thousands of people. law enforcement. and i believe that there is marine she was than found. we are not giving up on that. >> reporter: that was marlene lam lamar, sierra's mom. during which the sheriff announced more details about th arrest of antolin garcia-torres. he's a 21-year-old man from morgan hill accused of kids napping and murdering sierra lamar. it was his dna found on bag of clothes that led to his arrest monday night. they believe this was purely random, a stranger abduction that the two had never met before. investigators have bebeen watch antolin garcia-torres since march. even though there is no body sheriff says they have strong evidence she was murdered especially given the fact that this social outgoing high schooler has not tried to retch
6:53 am
out to anyone since her disappearance march 16. antolin garcia-torres is in jail in san jose ask scheduled to have his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. as far as the volunteer search effort is concerned, registration is between 8:00 and 1:00 today. must be 18 years of age. come here to burnett elementary in morgan hill. reporting live here in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." in the meantime, shock and sadness this morning from the suspect's family. garcia-torres' mother and sister telling nbc bay area he is a family man, husband and father. both say they have been questioned by investigators in recent weeks. the suspect's mother says after her meeting with the detectives she asked if her son had done anything, had anything to do with sierra's disappearance. >> i talked with my son. tell me the truth, when happened. why they follow you. say mom, because i pass all the time when that happened. he says, i never knew the lady.
6:54 am
i never see her before. >> another family member questioning the dna link between garcia-torres and sierra. we will have conning coverage throughout the day. new this morning, how about this for a rude wakeup call for a santa rosa family? an out-of-control car slammed through a bedroom wall. a man telling firefighters he was a sleep when a car crashed into his bedroom at 11:30 last night. unbelievably he wasn't injured. three adults and three children are now homeless. and the driver, well, he jumped up and took off after this crash. he's still on the loose. engineers arriving later on this morning to try to assess that structural damage. wow. 6:54. drivers facing vehicular manslaughter charge this morning for a crash that killed his girlfriend and left her son on life support.
6:55 am
the investigators say that 24-year-old jose rivera had a blood alcohol count 2 1/2 times the legal limit when he hit a tree on tuesday. look at that impact. 22-year-old girlfriend died. she was in the passenger seat and was not wearing a seat belt. the 6-year-old son was belted into the back seat but is now paralyzed. pictures on a facebook memorial page show lopez and her son at her graduation this month from u.c. berkeley. both wearing caps and gowns. with a note on the cap saying i hard my mom. >> so dad and heartbreaking there. an investigation by nbc bay area prompting health officials to take another look at two epa super fund sites in the bay area. the state's cancer registry wants to know whether a toxic plume underground in mountain view could be making people sick there. and concerned residents want answers now. one of our lead investigative reporters has a preview of tonight's special report.
6:56 am
>> i just knew this was the house i was in love with. >> reporter: jane's love of her house also came with heartache. >> my youngest son was very, very ill for eight months and we never figured out what was the matter with him. >> reporter: at least not officially. jane horton thinks she knows exactly what caused her son's illness. >> i think it was tce. >> reporter: a cleaning solvent which is commonly used by the military and the budding semi conductor industry 30 years ago. a toxic sol vent that causes cancer in people and heart deformities in unborn babies. a toxic salt that leaks from underground tanks and spilled all over this area. leaked so extensive that this neighborhood is now an epa super-fund site. >> my son's bedroom, it was collecting like crazy. his bedroom was the most contaminated room in the house. >> we share that concern. >> reporter: the epa's project manager overseeing what's become a multidecade and very complicated cleanup. >> unfortunately in the south san francisco bay area, the
6:57 am
contamination does adhere to the bay mud. >> reporter: in some areas, the cleanup of this mess hasn't even started yet. coming up tonight on the investigative unit they will unearth what's really happening underground with this mess. and undercover the new information that has health officials starting their own inqui inquiry. that's tonight at 11:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. >> 6:57. grim day for people working at silicon valley's giant hewlett-packard as the company expected to eliminate tens of thousands of jobs. marla tellez live in palo alto this morning with an update on hp's plans to remain competitive. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke to a source close to the company. he would not confirm these cuts but officials are estimating that these cuts will be painful. we are talking as much as 10% of the work force could be cut. hp employees posted 350,000 people worldwide and 25,000 to
6:58 am
30,000 people are expected to get a pink slip. it is the world's largest computer maker but it now lives in a world that does not embrace the pc nearly as much as it once did. and that's what fairly new ceo meg whitman is up against. here's insight from a tech analyst who weighed in on the ceos that have come before her. >> a series of cuts, you lose employee confidence and customer confidence and create turmoil and the company never comes back and can spiral tall way down. >> reporter: many of the job cuts are expected to come from the printing unit. last year profits in that division fell 10%. now the layoffs announcement is expected to come about 2:00 our time. here's when the markets close. the other big story we are keeping an eye on today is facebook. our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew continues our coverage. >> facebook tiny compared to hp. hp makes 34 times the money facebook does in revenue but the
6:59 am
stock is far more expense whiff you look at it from an earnings per share standpoint. facebook is up 68 cents this morning bp 2%. $31.56. lost of dust-up over the ipo, lawsuits threatened against the nasdaq by dissatisfied investors. we will continue to watch that all morning. >> thank you very much for the update there. 6:59. get updated when it comes to the forecast. >> good looking forecast for today. temperatures are at 79 degrees inland. bayside, 69 degrees. let's check your drive with mike. >> south bay kicking in for the slowdown. northbound route all showing 40s. slow southbound drive out of the sonoma grade. volume builds up here. the sig-alert for brentwood, marsh creek road just reopened. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us this morning. we will be back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> we will be there every half hour after that as well.


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