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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: the prosecution could pursue the death penalty but first they will have to talk to sierra lamar's family before making that decision. tonight we spoke with sheriff smith. >> i believe we can. i believe we can. i believe we have strong evidence. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff lori smith is convinced that the prosecution has enough to convince in the murder of sierra lamar. she says they are moving forward whether or not they find lamar's body. >> it's not critical but it would help. but more than that, it's important for the family. it's important for us. it's important for close sur. >> that's the challenge for district attorney jeff rosen and his office. >> we do it in a way that is fair and in a way that respects everybody's constitutional rights. >> reporter: he did not enter a
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plea in his brief 90-second appearance in court. hits attorney asked for more time to review documents and was granted that request. steven clark says it's likely the defense will do their own forensic review. >> this case comes down a lot to dna. we don't have a body, a weapon, and there's no murder scene at this point. >> they charged torres with murder and kidnapping. that makes this case death penalty eligible. >> but can the d.a. office tie him to other assault-type cases. if they can, that both increases his chance to the death penalty and makes this case much stronger. >> reporter: and the formal arraignment will be next thursday. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. well, they went from searching to supporting. volunteers who have dedicated countless hours to finding sierra showed up in court today. many to see for themselves the man accused of killing the 15-year-old. a face-to-face encounter that was both painful and
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frustrating. nbc's bay area damian trujillo continues our coverage outside of the san jose courthouse. >> reporter: jessica, those volunteers were very vocal. the suspect's family waited an hour to walk out of the courthouse. you can tell that if both sides come face-to-face, tensions will run high. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> the suspect's sister says the family is under order to stop talking. their exit from the courthouse came after well most volunteers left, volunteers who have been looking for sierra lamar. but one volunteer shouted at them, where is sierra? where is sierra? >> reporter: some volunteers says that they were disgusted to see torres in court. >> to see him like that for -- hate. i was made. anger. because he took this little
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girl. and i hate the person he is. >> it made me angry that he's been flying under the radar, hanging around town like it's another day in the park. >> reporter: his family has been vocal since his arrest, claiming his innocence. not anymore. >> i felt bad for him because they are so blind. they think he's innocent. i mean, yeah, you're innocent until proven to the court of law. >> dive teams continued scanning the reservoir. >> we have a much newer sonar system that has given us images. we're rescanning the area. >> while they search, torres' lawyer will prepare his defense but finding an impartial jury in this area will be tough. you might expect a change of venue type of proceeding as this case progresses and you may
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expect security detail around the suspect's family if in fact the tension runs high. sierra's family was not in court because a volunteer saidt would have been too hard for him. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> we invite you to stay tuned for continuing coverage. findhet latest updates on our website at we want to get you updated. we have a developing story in pleasanton. a body was found inside of a trash can near dublin canyon road and laurel creek drive. jean is joining us live from the scene. jean? >> reporter: pleasanton police have cleared the scene and dublin canyon road is once again opened. someone reported finding a garbage can this morning on the side of the road. it was on the freeway side of
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dublin canyon road in the bushes across the street. we have pictures from overhead taken earlier today. you can see lots of police were around a black garbage can. the road was blocked while police investigated. we are told police did find human remains and the alameda county coroner took the body to identify it and examine it. it's an alarming discovery in a quiet, rural area. >> terrible. we haven't had anything like this on this street at all that i'm aware of. so it makes you nervous. >> reporter: pleasanton police were not allowing cars heading west until recently an hour ago turning them around while the investigation was under way. the body was found near the entrance of a large housing development called the preserve. we're waiting for the identity of the body found here in
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pleasanton. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, je. somber news from the war in afghanistan. the department of defense , reports 25-year-old travis of san jose was killeyestilday in the city of zharay. he died when an ied exploded next to his patrol. more than 100 troops have been killed fighting in afghanistan so far this year. a deadly crash on 680 this mornyeg in san jose. a woman was killed instantly but a big rigged dumped over and crushed the car. witnesses say the driver was speeding along that curve. the driver lost control of the truck which tipped on to its side crushing the camry carrying two om men. a woman in her 40s was pronounced dead. the driver of the camry was
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taken to the hospital for mine more injuries. the wife of the sheriff who was suspended is telling her story. she says her family and her husband's career has been ripped apart because of the legal system. >> he's paying the price in money, with his family. he's paying -- he's paying a lot. >> these images now of lopez where she is displaying a bruce, he pleaded guilty to disdemeanor false imprisonment and then the mayor called him unfit to hold office. she and her son are staying with her parents in venezuela. they are united and are fighting
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this. >> i don't think san francisco has been nice to me. yes, we have a lot of support but i don't feel right now very happy being in san francisco. maybe that will change. >> lopez says the family is simply out of money and the couple's lawyers are working for free. you can watch our entire interview with eliana at turning now to decision 2012, an estimated $4 million in 16 hours. that's when president obama reportedly met in his fast and furious trip through the bay area. at 8:30 this morning mr. obama held a fund ratesing breakfafung breakfast in san jose. this morning's breakfast followed two other venevents la night. after a whirl wind trip through
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the bay area, he headed to the battleground state of iowa. from the president to the governor, a new poll shows that voters are paying attention to the governor and his threat to make big cuts to education if the tax initiative doesn't pass at the polls. brown's initiative calls for raising the income tax on the state's most affluent residents and a sales tax hike. it's headed for the november ballot. a new poll shows 56% of voters support it. that is slightly more than a month ago. 7% say that they are still undecided. tissue uburculosis will keen behind bars because he allegedly refused to take medication. ar man doe's request for release was denied. he failed to take medication on
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his own and is contagious. he pleaded not guilty to refuse to comply with the order. still ahead at 6:00, it takes just minutes and could help you learn more about your mental health. but doctors say they are not sure. we'll explain the test. i'm scott budman. a new release and question mark from facebook. a new way to take your search topics mobile. and will it cut costs or increase violence. details of a controversial school proposal. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the ayrea weather center. we're tracking a storm nbstem. details in just a couple minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families...
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parents in san mateo worried after the district announced plans to move students from one high school to another. the goal is to cut costs but
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could spell big trouble on campus by pitting rival games against each other. jodi hernandez looks into the issue. >> reporter: it's a school that hasn't been updated since the '70s and the principal in san bruno says his students deserve so much more. >> they need a facility that is on par with all of the other facilities and honestly it should be centrally located so it's closer to where they live. >> reporter: the school district is considering moving the high school on to the campus of hillsdale or san mateo high and is causing a huge stir. >> to put these two very different high schools on the same campus i think is a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: parents and students are reeling and so is san mateos chief of police. in a memo to the city council, the chiefnesignificant gang mem
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attending peninsula high. she says the move, quote, will likely create violent conflicts. that may be tough to coil. >> if students don't feel safe walking outside the school, if there's disruption to their classes or studies or their sports, it's obviously a scary thing. >> it's a really good school. i loved it and i feel like it could cause more trouble between students. >> reporter: the principal says the facts are being exaggerated and his students are not violent but they are, however, academically challenged and he thinks moving them to the grounds of another high school isn't a bad idea at all. >> they have the same goals as all of the students in the district. they want to graduate and be successful in college and career. we're here to support them. >> reporter: a decision isn't expected to be made until the
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next school year but that's not stopping parents from voicing their concerns. a big group of parents will speak out tonight at the school board meeting. jodi harn nan dez, nbc bay area news. the california university system announced he's retiring. charles reid, a frequent target of students, employees, and legislators as tuition quadrupled during his tenure says he's done. he wants to spend more time with his family who lives in florida. he says he will stay in california while a replacement is found. >> okay. time now for tech and business news and we've got something new from facebook. but the question is, is it a snap decision? >> let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. it's been a disaster week for facebook.
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>> say what you will, but people are talking and tweeting about something new tonight, the facebook camera. it's a camera app for your iphone that allows you to shoot and share your photos like instagram. given that the deal has not closed, this is something else. an instagram-like app that facebook paid $1 billion for. now to zombies on the streets of san francisco, that's what these guys are. they are not a commentary on zynga's stock price. they are part of a promotion called zombie swipe out. these guys know how to market themselves. you'll be able to play on your mobile devices, just like you'll be able to shop and search in new ways. thanks to a pair of releases today from silicon valley donuts. >> reporter: donuts meet
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smartphone. pay pal turned sugary for the day to show some of the 15 retailers who will use the mobile payment system to let you shop by phone. >> we call it a you normal because people use their smartphones to shop. >> reporter: more ways for customers to save money. >> former chants to serve their customers better, send them off if they are set to receive them and grow their businesses. >> there is money changing hands but more importantly there is information changing hands that is more relevant on an individual consumer basis and from our perspective we'll be able to customize offers in a more specific way. >> reporter: speaking of mobile, it's where yahoo! is going to try to turn things around starting here with axis, its new browse ser aimed at your mobile device. >> no matter where you are and what you are doing, you have your results there.
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>> the struggle is dot-com releasing a mobile statement. it wants you to search here, then take those answers with wherever you go. >> you can start on your ipad and put it down and pick up your iphone and pick up where you left off. your last page that you were on, all your book marks are accessible, even on your desktop. >> reporter: mobile payments both with new ways to sweeten your online experience. jamba juice tells us that they will start to receive mobile payments in the weeks to come. it's a free download in the apple app store. back to you guys. >> all sorts of cool stuff. thank you. >> you bet. let's check in with our cool weather man. >> it is cool outside. that sounds good. yes. it's windy out here. that wind is also very cool here near the coastline but gusty and damaging in the north bay. anywhere from 20 to 40 miles per hour.
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people are without power in the napa region. let's take a look at highs that we have today. 60s in san francisco down the peninsula and then take a look in the south bay and it was cooler as well. look at this, with the wind turned slightly warming, napa is the hottest spot on the board. a lot of 50s and 60s at the immediate coastline and across the peninsula as the wind is cooling from the pacific. good old ggb turning 75 this coming weekend, here we go again. we have a speed bump just before the weekend. if you're doing any kind of holiday travel, watch out. it's ending up in washington and oregon and as we set ourself up into summer soon, this is more like winter. major changes for friday. jet stream is taking a major dip off to the south. it allows a trough of low
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pressure that ignites thunderstorm activity. here's the situation for friday. it's not going to be widespread heavy nonstop rain. it's more of a hit and miss activity. possibly showers near the east bay and south bay. as we head throughout the day with daytime activity, for the south bay and east bay, we can't rule out a thunderstorm. heavier pockets of rain and maybe even hail. and if you head to anywhere else, this is a big warning. winter conditions, two to four inches across interstate 40 and highway 50 as we head through friday and early saturday morning. upper 40s and low 50s with slight chance of showers and then as we head throughout the day, the numbers stay cool. ten degrees below where we should be for this time of year. upper 60s inland.
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and we mentioned the bridge. it's going to be way too cold to get up into the water. if you're headed out to the golden gate bridge, the end national orange is selected and increase the visibility and fog. temperatures expected in the 60s for that celebration which is going to turn that bridge 75 this sunday. full coverage, of course. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, toxic fumes seeping from the ground. our investigative unit looks at what is spreading underneath a south bay city for decades. also coming up, a milestone involving san jose. >> and documents history, a look at the bridge as we approach the big celebration. stay with us. fr
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this sunday, the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. crews are setting up for the big celebration. tents stretching from the point to the marina green. and the anniversary is on sunday and includes concerts and a choir work show. >> no one will be able to imitate the legacy in black and white. >> reporter: every day, visitors from across the globe capture images of the golden state bridge. but there was mostly just a man named ted huggins.
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in the early owe 0s he was a salesman and amateur organize the and district and a budget for a photographer so he offered his services. >> he came out night and day at all times and photographed the bridge from a case on underwater to a blimp above. >> reporter: her father images graced newsletters including the may 1937.
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>> the time stood still for the young bridge that lives on in these photos. >> hundreds, thousands of pictures and he loved the bridge. >> people still love the bridge. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor for the golden gate bridge.
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please join us for extended live coverage. go to for more information about the big event. still ahead here at 6:00, a bay area road ask now closed and if you believe it's because of the weather. >> also, he's been missing for more than 30 years but today a break in a high profile child disappearance. and i'm janelle wang. the u.s. deals a financial blow to pakistan after its decision to convict
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an eye-opening story, a toxic fume in mountain view. our investigation with the cancer registry to open its own probe. >> they are investigating whether it can be making
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investigators looking to protect what is happening underorgund in a well-known local city. >> guys, we ask the state's cancer registry about two separate e.p.a. superfund sites. the entire issue -- >> i fell in love with my house. >> reporter: fell in love 30 years ago. the year, 1975. >> i just knew this was the house i was in love with. but nobody knocked on doors to tell us it was a superfund site. my youngest son was ill for eight months but nobody ever told us officially. >> reporter: she knows now what caused her son ds illness. >> i think it was tce.
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>> reporter: a toxic solvent that causes cancer in people and heart deformities in unborn babies, that leaked from tanks that spilled all over this area. this is now an e.p.a. superfund site. >> in my son's bedroom, it was collecting like crazy. >> reporter: contaminated by tce evaporating from the very soil. tce-filled air inside buildings and homes and the epa measured tce nearly four times higher than the level that they consider safe. >> we share that concern. >> reporter: the epa's project manager very complicated cleanup. >> unfortunately, in the south san francisco bay area, the contamination does adhere to the
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bay muds. >> reporter: caused by the birth of the semiconductor industry, the tok i can plume is underground towards the san francisco bay under nasa's move fit field. there is joins another similar plume that makes up a second e.p.a. site. according to the e.p.a., the asbestos washing off the super decomposing hangar one a mess in the muck. >> it's difficult to remove that contamination. >> reporter: while the department of defense has signed the responsibility of cleanup of the secondrgsuperfund site to te army, the army doesn't want to take any further action on the site n this letter, the e.p.a. takes issue with that saying that no further action is required. >> we did testing where we found
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tce levels ten times greater than a cleanup level. >> reporter: is that a concern in. >> yes. such that we've worked with both nasa and the navy to clean out that building. >> this is the heart of silicon valley. >> reporter: they have been monitoring the underground plume for years. >> >> it's safe for drinking water. >> reporter: a closer look reveals another concern. at the front gate of nasa where children play at the daycare. one lurking. >> information that we have shows that the groundwater contamination doesn't go and
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migrate towards that particular daycare center. however, we are looking at all buildings that overlie the groundwater contamination to see if there's a potential health concern. >> reporter: since we began answering questions, california opened its own inquiry to see if they are statistically higher. >> absolutely. >> reporter: as for jane horton, her old home now resembles something out of the space age. large pipes fed by machines located in her basement run 12 hours a day sucking the tce contaminated air out. >> i want it cleaned up and cleaned up now. >> reporter: but she worries that won't happen in her lifetime. >> i don't want my kids to have
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cancer. i don't want to have to prove that this is bad. >> the e.p.a. agrees that there are is a health risk by vapor intrusion by tce. that's why they continue to very carefully study this site and the healthy effects. we tried to get a comment about its role in this but they did not respond to our questions. so far, the e.p.a. has removed more than 100,000 pounds of tce and five billion gallonses of contaminated drinking water. officials admit there's decades of work to be done there. we are still waiting to hear what the cancer registry finds and we will pass that on to you. nbc bay area news. >> steven, thank you. this report getting a lot of attention from a lot of different people, especially the residents of mountain view.
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if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly. still ahead here, talk about dirty politics. a brawl that erupted between lawmakers. we're going to show that to you next. i'm marianne far favro. >> this wild and erratic and 571,000 with wind at 52 miles per hour. change this is friday, including sierra snow.
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a confession in a landmark criminal case a 51-year-old new jersey man has signed a confession in the murder of 6-year-old etan patz back in 1979. since the 33rd anniversary of the boy's disappearance, they fear it's just a false lead. the man who confessed today
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worked at a convenience store and lured the boy inside with the promise of a soda and strangled him in a basement. he hid the body in a box which later disappeared. there is a hard blow to pakistan. >> raj and jessica, a senate panel voted to cut aid to pakistan by a symbolic $33 million. $1 million for each year of prison time handed to a pakistani doctor. yesterday in a secret trial, the government convicted him of treason and sentenced him to 33 years behind bars. he's actually a hero for helping them find osama bin laden. the pakistani authorities arrested him calling him a traitor. today's decision is not going to help u.s.-pakistani relations. both sides of the conflict are guilty of serious human rights
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abuses. government forces are executing entire families, rebel torturing and killing soldiers. the u.n. report says that they are being carried out by government forces. the u.s. is discussing a plan to possibly arm the rebels. the two-day presidential election in europe is over and now the ballots are being counted. and both vowing they can not let the other party rule. if there is no clear winner, a runoff election will be held next month. nuclear program will continue next month in moscow. iran and six world powers met for two days in baghdad. they could not come to an agreement but both sides found common ground and want to hold another round of negotiations. they want iran to stop the
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highly enriched uranium program and want the sanctions to be lifted. cooperation against the u.s. and iran continues on the high seas. they received a distressed call in the gulf of oman. earlier this year, american forces helped with the rescue of a sinking fishing vessel in a hijacked fishing boat. if you think u.s. politics are bad, check this out. lawmakers in the ukraine throwing punches. the reason for the fight, whether to allow russia as an official language in some parts of the country. politicians are very upset saying that they want ukraine to be independent. one lawmaker had to be taken to the hospital with a head wound. so a lot of rough housing there. >> a passion for politics. thanks, janelle. let's check in with jeff ranieri.
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>> mother nature is getting rough with us. we're heading into summer shortly. that is snow that we're tracking. how much you could get for this holiday weekend and when that wind is going to stop. we've heard about damaging power outages. the full update after this. coming up in sports, the giants hanging out in the sunshine state. we'll have highlights from game one of the four-game series. pl eries.we'll take you to fresno pl plus, we'll take yous waiting to hear the worfrlugger waiting to hear the words we need you in san francisco. stay with us. sports is next. it has moisturizers that penetrate thick skin. thanks. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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orveg okay. do you have any idea what your mental health number is? you can find out by taking an anonymous test on your computer. >> the risk and benefits of this screening tool. it's in tonight's what matters. >> reporter: patrick henry had to endure electro shock therapy before doctors finally diagnosed him with bipolar disorder five years after he started showing major sy outoms. >> it's a to find early warning signs or figure out what is going on with a person as soon as possible
6:46 pm
really changes the outcome. >> reporter: now primary care doctors have a new tool. it's called whas ofs my it lgnks for anxiety and bipolar disorder. you can take it ano you can get your mental health number. if is ofs over 30, that may indicate that you have a mental health issue. >> those that have a high sensitivity for detecting depression or anxiety or ocd. so i think the questions that they used are actually good questions. >> reporter: p stachiatrists wi san jose eind grated wellness thinl. it may help people those that didn't know that they had a problem but those that take it on their own may try to treat themselves, too.
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but he can sk a the value of primary care doctors to gain insight and catch early warning sise during a quick visit. the warm spring south fremont station will be at the end of the new warm springs in stension and a big ceremony s today and will be opened late 2015. is ofs a key link to bringing b.a.r.t. to san jose. b.a.r. it, to the silicon valley will connect from fremont. high winds forced crews to shut down near s, tean beach today. the strong gusts have blown sand all over the roadway making it unsafe for drivers. the road is closed in both directions between slope and
6:48 pm
lincoln. still no word on when that highway will reopen and we are also hearing that here along the peninsula there are power outages as well due to bad weather. >> severe wind and rain and snow in the mountains. jefr ranieri, this is unique for many? >> for sure. wild way to start the holiday weekend. san mat!i with over 1500 people without power at the current movement. winds from 40 to 50 miles per hour for the last three days. powerlines can't handle the stress. commenting here in fremont that, you know, some of her outdoor furniture actually broke in some of this wind. usl you have anything lgnse on your porch, you want to take that in because the wind will stay with us for at least the next 18 hours. south-southwest at 8 in san
6:49 pm
inat!i. it's still going quite a bit well for others. satellite radar shoonn rainfall that is now up to the north but all of this is going to push to the south here as we head throughout the next 24 hours and is ofs going to change things u for us. the current numbers that we have right now, is ofs going to feel like this all day on friday. we're not going to sk a warming coming our way with the colder storm system setting up for thursdaced not only that, but a chance for thundersto sps on tcrsday and also sierra snow sliding in. what we need to make this happen this time of year is this. the jet stream taking an unusual dip to the south. horte u for er level low pressu system dropping over california. enough cold air, instability that a fpwi isolated thunderstorms may fire off. here's the ggnd neonn. we'll deal with this on friday. the sun will come back out and get warmer for us and eventually will get rid of this wind. 6: w a.m. frnt ay, very hit and
6:50 pm
miss throughout your last day of the workweek for most of you. by the evening hours we may sk more fire up across the east bay, south bay, and peninsula. is ofs not going to be widespre rain but rather hit and miss. one to tepk a inches expected there with a winter weather advisory in efft for frnt ay. it's been damaging and power outages have bk an reported. the winds will finally calm down. u for er 10s and low000s. daytime highs topt stng out at degrees below average. 68 in los gatos. east bay, is ofs going to struge to get out of the 60s with wind and scattered showers and an isolated thunderstorm. 70 in santa rosa. we warm up on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the near 80t as we head tepoughout monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we will
6:51 pm
stsy out and also numbers will gradually warm up. tomorrow is the speed bump or as another viewer called it, a pothole in that seven-day forecast. we'll get out of itin sauickly. just take slow. >> sure. les ofs get to sports. >> what is happening, henry? >> raj, jessica, will they continue to roll is the big question. san francisco took three out of five games. they opened in the sunshine state. giant getting their first lgnk at the park which has a good night. tape measure h1 o run.measure h1 o f1 otimated 431 feet. but the rest of the game has
6:52 pm
belonged to the orange and the black. miguel cabrera scores to tie the jame.l cabrera scores to tie the is ofs 8-1. he's going strong. also, how about a nice story fr1 o also, how about a nice story fr1 o our mandy bach spoke with one of the players that has big aspirations. we need you in san francisco. >> usa today dnt a survey on te toughest thing to do in baseball and it's the hardest thing to do. >> reporter: roger has been squaring up the ball more often than not. >> a two-run double.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: he's quick to deflt >> from top to bottom we've been able to hit the ball and those guid making the bats easier. it's definitely our success that is top to bogre1 o >> reporter: his success has come at a rapid rate. the overall pick in the 2008 draft participated in the second big league camp this spring. >> is ofs a great experience toe able to play with those guys and learn from them and sk aing san francisco being on the field and nctuff like that, is ofs a ggnd in sperience. you can always work on being consistent. you know, defense, you work on every aspect of your game. you're nhaper content with what you have and working on every bit base running, i mean f1 obase runerything. an >> runners being sent home, it's a good throw and there he goes. >> all i can control is what i
6:54 pm
can do here and wherever i'm playing. nco right now is ofs do what i for the fresno grizzlies. >> thank you, mindced finally, the spartans have fired gene as their new sports y.irt s their new sports he turned the program into a powerhouse. by the way, re in and jessic co f i will be on the show competing against a competition. >> he dnt n't want to tell us what he was going to do. >> he'll be co oueting against y wi1 ol be co oueting against etition eater? >> a competition eater. >> i put my money on heledced t> all right.neou sptsne central tonight at 10:30. sptsne central tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be rigcf1 o tonigcf1 o
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following developing news that we first told you about at the toour sof the hours. a body found in pleasanton. we also have more ls, tal coverage at 7: w with brent cannon. >> yes. ur sour l haal analyst eund lai happened in court today regarding the sie-wa lamar case and what happened with the golden gate before there was a brnt ge. that and more on c1 o ast 186 in re on c1 o a couple of minutes. >> we hope you have a great hapening and hope to see you bak here at 11:00 as well.
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hapening and hope to see you bak here at 11:00 as well. >> bye- sie.
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