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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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stuck to a trash can and left along a popular east bay roadway. new at 11:00, what police have learned about a body found in the east bay. good evening, i'm jessica aguir aguirre. >> i'm roger mathai. a gruesome discovery in a family community. police and residents of pleasanton are trying to piece together what exactly happened and who it is. the body of a woman found in a trash can. it happened here near dublin canyon road and laurel creek
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drive. nbc bay area's jean ellie is in oakland where an autopsy is planned. >> reporter: information in this case is still developing. the coroner did tell police the victim is a female. and the garbage can she was found inside they know is not a city trash requecan but it theyt know where it came from or how long it was on the side of the road. barb young has live of here much of her life. she came home thursday to a swarm of police officers in front of her home on dublin canyon road. >> this is the most action i've seen on the property for a long time. >> reporter: pleasanton police says someone nearby called in to report a suspicious garbage can. when police looked inside, they found a decomposing body. >> the officers who responded found inside the trash can what
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looked like a body. they froze the scene. >> reporter: police say the alameda county coroner says it's a woman body, no word on the age or ethnicity or how long the body had been there. pleasanton police are not investigating the disappearance of any woman. they are reaching out to area agencies who are. >> we're reviewing all the track flyers that go out with photos or descriptions of anyone who's missing. >> reporter: pleasanton police are treating the gruesome discovery like a homicide trying to piece together the moystery. the coroner is expected to perform an autopsy tomorrow. pleasanton police are hoping for a quick identification of this woman. so they'll have news to work with. >> the search for answers and the search for sierra continues tonight. even with a suspect in custody.
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fwar s garcia torres appeared prosecute a judge today. we learned more about the day she disappeared. we're live in morgan hill. george? >> reporter: jessica for the defense, that side has asked for more time to review documents and the judge fwrant egranted t request. on the prosecution aside there are questions whether they can solve the case without a body. >> i believe we can. i believe we can. i believe we have strong evidence. >> reporter: sant xlair ra county sheriff lori smith is convinced they have enough evidence. she says they're moving forward whether or not they find the body. >> it's not critical, but it would help. more than that, it's important
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for the family, for closure. >> reporter: new information from the statement of facts given to us by the it district attorney's office reveals sierra was very close to her home when she was kidnapped. quote, a tracking canine tracked her scent from her house to a point approximately midway down her street where the dog appeared to lose the scent. >> we charged garcia torres with murder and the special circumstance of kidnapping.  >> reporter: garcia-torres didn't enter a plea. his attorney asked the judge for more time to review it documentses and was granted that request. legal analyst stephen clark says it's likely the defense will do its own forensic review. >> because this case comes down 0 a lot to dna. we don't have a body or a weapon. there's really no murder scene at this point. >> reporter: the santa clara county d.a.'s office charged garcia torres with murder with the special circumstance of kid mapping. that makes him eligible for the death penalty.
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>> can the d.a. office tie him to other assault-type cases? if so, it increases his chances for the death penalty and makes this case stronger. garcia torres' arraignment is next week. getting a fair trial here in the bay area mighti inbe a challenge. media exposure and public sentiment was fierce, as evident at the courthouse today. vocal volunteers in the search for lamar gathered near the courthouse. our cameras captured the suspect's family, here they are, walking in. the sister of garcia-torres says their family is under orders of the public defender to stop granting interviews. many volunteer searchers said they were disgusted to see garcia torres in court. >> to see him like that, i was mad. anger. because he took this little
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girl. and i hate the person he is. >> it made me angry that he's been flying in the radar, hanging around town like it's another day in the park. >> reporter: as the legal side moves forward, the dive teams continue rescanning the reservoir with improved sonar equipment. so what's next for garcia torres? he was officially charged today with the kidnapping and murder. because the kidnap is considered a special circumstance, if convicted he could be sentenced to death. he's currently held without bail at the santa clara county main jail, the same jail where his father is being held for sexual abuse charges. garcia torres is due back in court as we mentioned next thursday to enter a plea. stay with us for our continuing coverage of this case both on air and online at we have a special page on our web site devoted to this story, just search "sierra". happening now. a fast-moving wildfire burning out of control north of san
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diego. look at the flames. firefighters say it's been burning 1200 acres and is about 5% contained. the blaze breaking out around 2:00 this afternoon, it's about 100 homes in the shelter valley area that have been forced to evacuate. people are now back in their homes. tonight no word on what started this fire. well, it will be a somber memorial day this monday for the family of san jose stoerld killed yesterday. the department of defense says that lieutenant travis morgado died when a roadside bomb exploded near his patrol. he had been serving in the country since december and it was his first deployment. more than 100 troops have been killed during fighting in afghanistan so far just this year. tonight -- parents in san mateo are worried after the district announced plans to move students from one high school to the grounds of another. the goal is to cut costs but there could be a higher price to
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pay. the principal of peninsula high school say his students deserve of an updated facility closer to where they live. the school district is considering a move to relocate the continuation high school on to the campus of either hillsdale or san mateo high. but the proposed move is causing a major sfir in san mateo. the police chief warned council members there are significant gang members attending peninsula high. some parents and students we talked to agree. >> we students don't feel safe walking outside the school. if there's disruption to their classes or studies or sports, it's obviously very -- it waes aa scary thing. >> a decision about the move is not expected to be made until next school year. well, this weekend california lawmakers won't be working but they still will be getting paid. their thursday session was moved to friday to accommodate the holiday weekend. this means they'll continue to collect their $142 a day per diem. per diem payments continue as
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long as the legislature does not take a break of more than three days. how much does this cost taxpayers? about 65 grand. new at 11:00 -- it's not uncommon for a father to help search for his son's stolen iphone. but it is it uncommon when the father is a police chief and he enlists his officers to join the search. it happened in berkeley. tonight the embattled berkeley police chief is twending his actions. here's sheryl hurd. >> my son was the victim of a crime in the city of berkeley. he's also entitled to police service. >> reporter: berkeley police chief michael ian only making himself vainly by phone to explain why he use a team of cops and overtime to track down his son's iphone stolen from his school locker. >> i didn't use my muscle to solve this crime. i provided the phone to the detective sergeant and said, what can we do with this? >> reporter: the chief says the phone had an active line or gps tracking system so he used that to try and catch a thief.
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>> when we have resources available, we certainly want to devote them to crime fighting. >> reporter: and the overtime? >> we do not tell people, hey, you just hit the end of your shift, break this off and let the guy get away. >> reporter: in this case, the thief did get away. the phone has not been found. berkeley residents i talked to didn't want to go on camera, but some expressed concern before the way the police chief used police resources to try and track down his son's iphone. they also said they didn't know enough of about the case. one fweshgly citizen told me the chief has got a lot of explaining to do. he was referring to the criticism he received when he ordered a police sergeant to go to a reporter's home in the middle of the night to ask for changes in a story. one city councilwoman asked for an investigation when meehan was criticized over the speed at which police respondnd to a man's home who was beaten to death. in this case, no report on his son's cell phone investigation was filed. any regrets?
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>> would i do anything different? yeah, i would have followed up with it and said, hey, don't forget there should be a police report. i didn't know at the time there wasn't one. we should have written a police report. well, up next, and only on nbc, the accidental find that may shed new light on charles manson and an unsolved killing spree. she stopped me on the street and she said, you are going to kill me. >> one-on-one with elle yawn na lopez, what she said about the incident that brought down the sheriff of san francisco. and check the calendar. tonight they're gearing up for snow in the sierra. >> that's right. i'm jeff raranieri. a batch of snow alrea sgta inrt here across lake tahoe, a few lightning strikes, plenty of instability with a winter weather advisory in effect the next 24 hours. we'll tell you how much snow, and we're also lookingwe aherndn weather and showers. full details in just a minute.
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the wife of the san francisco suspect ed eliana lopz says her family has had financial loss and heartache because of a legal system punishing her husband. >> he's paying the price in money. he's paying the price in family. he's paying a lot. >> the man admitted he grabbed her arm in january. the suspended sheriff pled guilty. and the mayor has called him
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unfit to hold office. lopez and her son teo have been staying with her parents in venezuela. this interview took place in miami. when lopez told us she was beside herself when she first learned her neighborhood, ivory madison, had reported the incident to police. >> when she stopped me in the street and she said, you are going to kill me. i called the police. i was shocked. i was, what? and took me, like, several minutes to recover from that impressi impression. and the only thing i was repeating all day to her was, you don't have my permission to do that. >> madison also recorded video of lopez's bruised arm. lopez says she loves her family and that now they're out of money and that the couple's attorneys at this point are working for free. you can watch the entire interview on >> los angeles police say they may have new evidence linking
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followers of charles manson to a number of unsolved murders. police say eight hours of audio recordings between attorney bill boyz and then-client charles watson was recently uncovered by it accident. boyz's law firm went bankrupt and its property is in the process of being liquidated. the tapes were found among countless documents and items in his office. lapd has requested the tapes saying watson discussed additional unsolved murders committed by charles manson's followers. watson is serving a life sentence for his involvement in the sherry tate killing. doc watson is in critical condition after taking a fall at his home in north carolina on monday. we want to show you a photo of him from 1986 that appears on his web site. the 89-year-old is best known here in the bay area for his performances at the hartley strictly bluegrass convict center. her daughter said the blind
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singer didn't break any bones but he is, quote, real sick. a birthday party we're invited to for a landmark, the it 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. able versery events on sunday include concerts and a fireworks show. the golden gate bridge not surprisingly is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world but no one will be able to imitate the photos of one amateur photographer. >> reporter: every day visitors from across the globe snap thousands of photos of the golden gate bridge. but, back in the day when the bridge was still it under construction, there was mostly just a man named ted huggins. >> he was assigned to photograph the golden gate bridge under construction. >> reporter: in the early '30s, huggins was a salesman and amateur photographer who worked for standard oil, now chevron,
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while organizing the groundbreaking ceremony, he realized the bridge district didn't have a budget for a photographer so he offered his services. >> he came out night and day at all times and photographed the bridge from under water to a blimp above. >> reporter: carol huggins-trabor says her father spent 3 1/2 years photographing the bridge, capturing it from every angle, climbing cables and braving the heights of workers. his images grace newspapers and magazines, including the may 1937 cover of "life" magazine. >> it said huggins was able to beat out a number of other "life" photographers to capture the prize cover page. >> reporter: the thousands of pictures it taken by huggins helped build excitement for the new structure making san francisco to marin county. they also told the story of the times. >> they convey ared the rezil yans of the american worker and this region during one of the
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worst possible economic times the country had faced. >> reporter: along the way, the bridge became another member of the huggins' family when it opened in 1937 when a public walk, huggins' family was in the crowd. >> i don't know if i was in a stroller or what, but people have told me that i was the first child to cross. >> reporter: ted huggins died in 1989 at the age of 97, but time stands still for the young bridge that lives on in his photos. >> he took hundreds, thousands of pictures, and he loved the bridge. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> beautiful shots. all of the fun just three days away. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor of sunday's 75th anniversary. join us all day for extended live coverage of all the big events. you can also go to n for more information. >> you know who's going to be celebrating the ggb? >> mr. twitter himself?
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>> mr. twitter, you have more followers than i do. >> oh, man. >> got to retweet my weather -- oh, you already do that. let's get a look at the doppler radar. we do have this rare may sight happening across the sierra right now. this is actually snow here in between highway 15 off to interstate 80. the nearest areas of rainfall about 256 miles off to the north here and eventually we get a small slice of this, but we'll have to wait at least 12 hours before we see anything. the other thing that's been so annoying the past couple of days is wind. four days of wind, couple thousand people without power off and on. winds right now 10 to 20 miles an hour, eventually it will die down but not before our latest storm. 51 right now in san francisco, 51 in san mateo, 53 to oakland. let's go outside to our hd camera, if you look at the center of your screen right it down the middle, that is
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actually the moon that has been sloem dropping back into that picture. a waxing crescent tonight. i looked at it and thought, is that a ufo? no, it is not. let's bring you back to our weather headlines, what we'll find for the morning is a colder start, temperatures in the 40s for some. isolated thunderstorm, showers on thursday. if you're headed near the sierra for the holiday, get ready for potentially some snowfall. here's that storm track dropping unusually far to the south and there's the cold core area of low pressure. it that's what could bring us it enough uplift for these isolated thunderstorms. best chance of that happening will be on friday. then here's the good news. you head throughout the weekend, it will get sunny and also warmer. a little bit of speed bump as one of my viewers called it, i pothole in the forecast. 7:00 a.m., not much rainfall, but throughout the day it looks like we'll see a few isolated showers develop. it's not going to be widespread, heavy, nonstop rain, more hit and miss. sp of you will get some activity
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and some may not see anything at all. up to the sierra, this is the best chance of any measurable precip. be prepared for some winter weather. as far as the wind goes, if you're sick of it, looks like sunday is the day things will start to calm down as we get into the golden gate anniversary. 44 in los gatos, 48 in san francisco, 51 in san rafael. your friday forecast? 69 in los gatos, 68 in san jose, 57 in san francisco and 70 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, numbers warm up inland upper 70s to 80s on sunday. we should be able to see the fireworks, not too much fog. and dry all the way through memorial day on monday. and i was researching the bridge tonight. did you know that cantilever suspension that's part of the
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bridge was patented 14 years before the bridge was completed? >> just a wealth of knowledge. >> you need to see someone. >> that's what makes me so good. up next -- the anger and delight of passengers.
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a controversy offial move by united airlines to streamline its boarding process is getting praise and criticism, the criminal 6 from parents who say the airline stopped its policy to allow parents with children to preboard. but frequent fliers are praising the move saying one of the perks of earning status on united is the ability to preboard, giving them first crack on overhead bins. united says reducing the boarding groups helps with ontime departure. back on time with henry would ford wwofford who is eati
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welcome back. nothing like home sweet home, but the way the giants are playing right now, they're in no rush to get back to the bay. the g-men are on a seven-game road trip and so far have avoided almost every of speed bump and pothole. let's go out to some action, ryan vogelsong on the mound taking on the marlins. bottom of two, scoreless. john kacarlos home run off voge soj, 1-0 home rung run,est mighted 434 feet. top of seven, melky cabrera, shoots it down the left field line, two score. giants win huge 14-7. 49ers' defense put the rest of the league on notice last season, finishing fourth overall in yards allowed per game. veteran patrick willis and last season's rookie standout aulden smith anchor a group of
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linebackers that could be considered the best in the nfl. >> just knowing what we were a part of last year, knowing it wasn't good enough, knowing that we could be better, knowing that we could do better, and not saying that's what's fueling us, knowing we have so much more to give and so much more to go get. >> trying to perfect all the good things we did last year and some of the bad things we've got to make sure we get those out so we can be a better team, make our defense a better defense period. finally, if you think eating competitions are a piece of cake, you might have a different attitude if you actually give it a try. i did that tonight on the "chronicle live" by challenging zack swanson who's competed in dozens of competitions. we want to see who could eat the most buffalo wings in two minutes. i ate about 13 or 14 of them. you know, dax says he beat me. i don't think he dshid you know.
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i don't buy it at all. i'm getting my grub on, i think i won fair and square. >> i hope you have the next few days off. >> i don't have it off, but my older son said, you know what, dad? you're fatter than the guy who actually eat for a living. i said, that's bad, man. >> thanks a lot. >> we'll be right back.
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is pf. >>. check out this video from steamboat springs, colorado. that's a 300-pound black bear. he's in a tree and asleep because he's been tranquilized. the firefighter is about to nudge him out of the tree. and there he goes! threea b falls through the air headfirst toward the ground. don't worry, the bear landed safely on a tarp set up by the firefighters.
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50 feet below where they caught him safely. >> oh, my goodness. >>etti a an early jump on the holiday weekend. what does it look like tomorrow? >> well, a few showers as mentioned earlier, possibly some sierra snow. let's it get a look at the seven-day forecast maybe. maybe not. i don't think so. has it all the time. there it is. >> bye-bye! ea
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your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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>> nbc celebrates 20 years with jay leno. thanks for making them so great. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes glenn close. "american idol" winner phillip phillips.


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