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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, thanks for being with us. it's 6:00, i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley with breaking news right now happening from outer space. yes, the docking of the privately funded space x "dragon" capsule stopping a few hundred feet short of docking. scott mcgrew has been watching this and has the latest on what's been happening up in the air. >> good morning to you. we're about 30 meters a i way as we look at a live picture of the dragon space capsule flying just under the international space station. you're seeing this from the iss's cameras. there is apparently a problem with the lidar, very similar to radar. space x mission control talking about some sort of odd reflection they're getting on the lidar, and one person talked about how they're going to sort
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of squint it down so they're seeing a smaller picture and that should allow the space x "dragon" capsule to come in closer to the international space station. again the capsule holding about 30 meters away as they try to solve this problem. they think they will get it solved and bring it in more closely and have the robotic arm come out and snatch it. obviously what they don't want in space is a collision. they were expecting, jon and marla, about a 6:10 a.m. california time latching and docking, obviously that'll be a little later. they've also got to make sure they do it in daylight. so it should happen some time this hour if they can get this thing figured out and we'll continue to monitor it. a developing story in the south bay in san jose, firefighters looking for the source of an overnight fire that badly damaged an office building. the former saratoga medical clinic at saratoga avenue in williams road is in danger of partially collapsing. the fire began in the attic
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about 10:30 last night, but crews had that hard time fighting the flames because the building, it has a metal roof. the good news is, no one was inside at the time. firefighters say it does not look like the fire was intentionally set, but they are looking for that cause. and we should be learning more today about the identity of a body found in a quiet east bay community. pleasanton police finding a woman dead inside of a trash can. this all happened near dublin canyon road and laurel creek drive not too far from the 580/680 interchange. christie smith has more on this gruesome discovery. >> reporter: good morning. i spoke with the coroner's office this morning, and they tell me that the autopsy hasn't been done yet, maybe today, but even when it is complete, they won't be releasing results. that will have to come from the police department because there is a press hold on it after a very gruesome and disturbing discovery yesterday. a body decomposing body believed to be a woman found inside of a trash can yesterday about 11:30
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a.m. on dublin canyon road. police say that a car noticed that there was a trash can in the shrubs that just didn't seem normal. it didn't look like other cans typically issued by the city. it's unknown how long the can had been in the street. pleasanton police say they're not currently investigating the disappearance of any women. >> we're reviewing all the flyers that go out in the area with photos or descriptions of anyone missing lately. >> the age and race are still unknown. police were asked if this might have anything to do with the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar out of morgan hill. at this point, though, this does not appear to be the body of a child and the contra costa times is reporting based on the decomposition it's really not likely. police also took five brown bags from the area but didn't say what was inside of them. in pleasanton, christie smith, "today in the bay." now the latest with the
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sierra lamar case. the prosecution says they are confident they have enough to convict the suspect now carjackcarjack -- suspected of the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar. sierra because were close to her home when she was kidnapped. there are questions about whether the prosecution can win its case without sierra lamar's body. santa clara county sheriff lori smith says they are moving forward whether or not lamar's body is found. >> it would help, but more than that, it's important for the family, it's important for us. it's important for closure. >> garcia-torass w officially charged thursday with murder and kidnapping. now, the kidnap charge is considered a special circumstance which makes this case death penalty eligible. garcia-torres is currently being held without bail at the santa clara county main jail due back
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in court next thursday to enter a plea. >> it is 6:04 right now. and drivers consider yourselves warned. the dumbarton bridge shutting down this weekend for earthquake safety upgrades. bob redell live on that bridge with more on the closure and what you'll need to know to try to work around it. what's happening out there, man? >> hey, good morning to you, jon, as we head westbound on the dumbarton bridge. if you have to commute this morning, it is very windy out here. we're actually seeing white caps out on the bay. just keep that in mind, safety point of view as you're coming to and from work this morning. but for the bridge closure, shutting down at 10:00 tonight, reopening 5:00 on tuesday morning in time far the morning commute. actually the people who are shutting it down say it's possible they could have this done earlier. and what they're going to be doing is work on the mid span, this is seismic retro fit work. construction crews will be using hydraulics to lift the bridge 5 inches so they'll have a little
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space there so that under that space over the next several months they can install what they're calling a seismic bearing. some sort of equipment that would let the bridge move, have a little bit more leeway during an earthquake. also installing a steel seismic plate which will go across all six lanes of traffic. and this plate will be at the stop of the span, it'll join the span together and, again, that'll give the bridge lee way, movement, about 18 inches in case there's some movement. this project's part of a larger seismic retro fit project of the bridge that's been taking place supposed to be completed in 2013. again the bridge shutting down at 10:00 tonight, reopening 5:00 tuesday morning in time for the commute. if you are commuting across this tonight, right now, boy is it windy out here. keep that in mind. as far as getting around this weekend, there's 61,000 vocals on average crossing this bridge, those vehicles will be displaced. we have mike inouye telling us
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how to avoid the bridge. >> thanks, bob. hey, first of all, good note about the winds. all the open-water bridges. holiday weekend, less than 60,000 likely planning on crossing. also dumbarton express doesn't run over the weekend. bus alternates not necessary. if you're planning on crossing the bay and this is your normal route the dumbarton closes tonight at 10:00. your alternates to the south, this is 237 connecting you from 880 in to 101 coming through sunnyvale, that's one of your alternates to the south. to the north, it's the san mateo bridge taking you over the water, highway 92. either of those routes will add about 20 minutes on to your drive. so keep that drive time, add that to the weekend commute. but other than that, those are pretty simple workarounds for you. that's what's going on the dumbarton bridge, but being a "holiday weekend," we have more work going on. we do have a the lo of stuff to talk about in san francisco this weekend. let's check the forecast, though, with meteorologist christina loren first.
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good morning. >> good morning to you. this is the leading edge of an area of low pressure that's going to bring showers to the bay area. already bringing showers up to the north bay, but here in the south bay, this is san jose, we're going to have to wait until the second half of the day. for the most part, showers are still to our north. as we head throughout the next few hours, it'll push to the south. and we are expecting a pretty good shower activity. we stop the clock on your future cast at 9:00 a.m., and a pretty active cell located right over the south bay at that time. we're going to continue this, stop it again for you at 1:00 p.m., nice and wet through livermore, concord, napa, and looks like this will be an event that really impacts the east bay and the south bay. watch san francisco, not getting a whole lot of activity all day long. you might get a little something at about 3:00 p.m., but we continue that future cast at 7:00, what's left of the front falls apart and by 8:00, nice clearing starting to take place. winds will be a factor. you heard from that live report. bob redell driving over the
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dumbarton bridge. it is gusty out there. hold on to your steering wheel. throughout noon, slick and windy conditions as the showers start to ramp up. 62 degrees in san jose at noon. now, if you don't like the wet weather, the good news is, we're going to warm you up just in time for this holiday weekend and so much happening around the bay area, your full forecast, seven-day in just moments. >> thank you. 6:09. well, the rest of the country will be getting a break on gas prices this memorial day weekend. guess what? not here in california. here's the deal, several california refineries are shut downright now for maintenance. and there are not many refineries outside california that make the state's clean burning gasoline. you're paying more for the average price of regular. today in the north bay, police officers will be on the job to make sure tragedy does not repeat itself. novato police holding a dui check point today in honor of
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melody, a 9-year-old girl killed three years ago by a drunken motorcyclist on san marin drive. sunday is the third anniversary of that crash, and police have not yet released the time or location of today's check point. that check point will be one of many to be held throughout the bay area this weekend. the chp and local law enforcement planning extra patrols to try and curb drunk driving during this long holiday weekend. in just hours, mayor ed lee and nancy pelosi will be onhand for a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new visitors center. you can see tents here already set up at chrissy field. now the celebration lasts all day long sunday and features concerts and a fireworks show. why not? nbc bay area is your broadcast home for the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. join us sunday for extended live coverage of all the day's events. well, the "uss iowa" will begin its trek from the port of
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richmond to southern california tomorrow. it was supposed to leave last weekend because it was delayed because of bad weather. it's expected to pass under the golden gate bridge by about 3:00 p.m. when "iowa" gets to l.a., it'll be transformed into an interactive naval museum. very, very cool. >> yeah, floating education right there. >> i like that a lot. 6:11. some south bay high school students may have to change schools. we'll tell you why next. it was almost a week ago exactly right now that facebook ipo'ed, but their work is really ahead of them. talking about that coming up. and a live look outside. that is a picturesque kind of an abstract shot of the golden gate bridge looking through at the city. we'll keep you posted on the festivities and what kind of weather to expecs11 [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving.
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we give you a live look at the breaking news we're following taking you to outer space of the -- keeping you posted on the space x "dragon" capsule history in the making preparing to dock as the international space station had a problem a few minutes ago. it was in a holding pattern 30 meters away from the iss. it is back on the move scheduled to dock at 7:40 california time. so another hour and 20 minutes or 30 minutes. we'll check that with scott mcgrew in a little bit. >> sounds good. let's do that right now. and speaking of the final frontier, scott mcgrew is joining us. and sounds like a lot of rich tech execs were working on their own programs. >> good morning. musk made his money down the street at paypal. john carrmack invented the
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"doom" video game, he has aerospace, paul allen up until now accomplished the most with his funding of spaceship one. but musk, a south african immigrant has them all beat this morning. well, here's a guy who could fund his own space agency if he wanted to. mark zuckerberg now officially a billionaire. up until now a billionaire on paper. but he did the math, mark has sold enough shares to make himself worth $1,134,916,000 richer in actual cash money. it's been quite a week for facebook. this time last friday, they were minutes away from opening the nasdaq, and that whole ipo. but the hard work doesn't end with the ipo. that's actually kind of where it starts. robert thomas is ceo of info blocks, the bay area the company, just ipo'ed himself.
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when a company goes public, it has pressures from the public it never really had before. >> oh, absolutely. now we have to make sure that we deliver earnings that investors expect, and that goes on quarter after quarter after quarter. so it's not just going public that's an important event. it's what you deliver for the next several quarters and many, many quarters after that. >> we've been talking a lot about wall street in europe for the last couple -- gosh, i guess it's been months now. and i've been trying to drive home to people that europe and what happens to europe does affect what happens in silicon valley and the bay area. how is it affecting you? >> europe definitely affects us. i think it affects the bigger guys a little bit more. they have much more revenue coming out of europe. but europe was relatively flat for us last quarter, we don't expect it to improve much this quarter, and for a few quarters to come. i think it's going to be problematic. i do think there's hope on the horizon, though. and we'll see europe improving some quarters out and definitely a problem at the moment. >> the ceo of infoblox, thank
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you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> they're up about 5% this morning ahead of the bell. the company made significantly more money than analysts had guessed. other news, former head of the fdic sheila bair calling for the breakup of jpmorgan chase. strong words. and okay, how much financial trouble is europe in? let me put it in terms of singing grandmothers. you may or may not know about this. this is a single competition called eurovision. it's a huge deal, like american idol for a whole continent underway right now. this is russia's official entry the singing grannies. the final is tomorrow and looks very likely the woman representing spain may win. and here's the problem, jon and marla, the country that wins hosts next year's event and spain is saying it can't afford to host the show. so in a way they're kind of hoping she doesn't win. >> they need to hold a bake
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sale. >> when you can't make up the kind of money that they make, then you've got a problem. >> that is good stuff. and i'll tell you, that latest cd by the singing grannies, spectacular, go pick it up. >> top of his ipod. meteorologist, christina loren, some rain happening today. >> glad to know. i'm going to go out and get it myself. good morning to you. whatever you choose to put in your vehicle, listen to on the way to work, you're going to get a gorgeous sunrise this morning. we do have changes on the way. still tracking those showers to the north of ft. bragg. they will be in our neck of the woods especially for the second half of the day. and it is windy out there ahead of that front. a few thunderstorms to fire off as well. but right now, you're getting the best weather of the day. so if you have outdoor activities that you want to take care of even if it's just walking the dog right now might be your time to do so. area of low pressure moves to the south. through the next three hours, the activity will really ramp up. we did have some sunshine, but those skies are quickly turning
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gray especially san francisco and right by the coast. keep that in mind, the system is pushing in and as it does so we're going to get gusty winds. for tomorrow, sunny and warmer weather develops and that's just in time for the big celebration of the golden gate bridge this sunday. you'll be having some pretty good-looking conditions. you'll have some good-looking conditions to look forward to at the coast and bay side. if you're looking for the warmth on sunday and monday, stay inland. san jose, we're going to hit the upper 70s. but here, noon, 66 degrees a the the golden gate bridge celebration. if you don't want to fight those crowds, no need to do so. just flip on your tv to nbc bay area. we'll have all the action, proud to be the broadcast home of the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. 69 degrees today in san jose, 69 for livermore. this will be the coolest day of the week. upper 70s return by sunday and memorial day, great-looking day to hit the beach. santa cruz will be the warmest beach at about 78 degrees come monday. let's check your drive right now with mike. >> all right. we'll start back in the south
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bay. folks, give you an update on the accident. all accident activity has cleared from the roadway. a smooth drive right there. 87, starting to see slowing coming up. speeds into the 50s. not enough to tip into the yellow. the volume's starting to eke up now a slower more gradual increase as things bog down around 7:30 for the south bay. 680 moving just fine. a 16-minute drive now, altamont pass, little blips here and there coming through livermore, but not a big concern over to the dublin interchange where that congestion has started almost always starts there any time of the week. and showing you getting into san francisco, here's what we're talking about, the volume of traffic not so bad for 101, the camera shaking because of those gusty winds. keep that in mind over the open-water bridges, as well. these folks heading to the upper deck of the pbay bridge. back to you. >> appreciate it. well, this morning, parents
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in san mateo worried a cost-cutting move could endanger the lives of their kids at school. they decided to move peninsula continuation high school from san bruno on to the campus of hillsdale or san mateo high school. the principal of the continuation school says his students deserve an updated facility closer to where they live. but it's causing a major stir. san mateo police chief warning that gang members do attend the continuation school. some parents are concerned, as well. >> if students don't feel safe walking outside the school, if there's disruption to their classes or their studies or their sports, it's obviously very scary. >> the decision about that move not expected to be made until the next school year. 6:21. cutbacks and layoffs may be coming to an end in oakland. city leaders are pointing to better than expected revenue growth as a sign oakland's economy is improving. spurred by sales and hotel tax
6:22 am
growth, oakland's mayor released a budgets that giving additional money to the police academy and restoring some senior center funds. the budget calls for no layoffs or service cuts. the city council for approval next month. all right, it is 6:22. and big-time changes could be coming to san francisco's skyline after five years of discussions, the city's planning commission has approved plans for a new high-rise neighborhood. that includes the 1,070 foot tall transit tower at first and mission streets which would ultimately become the tallest building in san francisco. the commission also paving the way for six additional towers up to 850 feet tall in the new 145-acre transit center district. >> no doubt, gorgeous views from there, but i'm good on the ground. >> you and me both. coming up, lawmakers could cut millions of dollars in aid to pakistan today. and tensions rise, a live report from washington next.
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and this historic structure right there, the golden gate bridge getting ready for sunday's big bash, they're going to have a party, fireworks, music, a good time hopefully by
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welcome back at 6:25. this morning, more fallout from pakistan's controversial decision to jail the doctor who helped track down osama bin laden. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning where lawmakers could decide to slash $1 million worth
6:26 am
of aid every year. as for the doctor, he remains behind bars. good morning. >> marla, good morning. good morning, everyone. $33 million in less aid for pakistan for the 33 years for treason that was given to the doctor. the u.s. government says he did nothing wrong in helping our cia track down osama bin laden. but these tensions between the u.s. and pakistan, they've been growing for some time now ever since last year when we killed two dozen pakistani soldiers, the leader of the ruling party tells nbc in an interview the u.s. should apologize for that. they have since cut supply lines in to afghanistan for our soldiers there. but some analysts say there is incentive for pakistan to restore that. they're losing money not sending those trucks over the border. . marla? >> thanks so much. let's check out our weekend forecast. long weekend with memorial day. meteorologist christina loren here to tell us.
6:27 am
looks like it's not going to be too bad. >> not too bad. we'll be here on monday if you've got to go to work, as well. we'll be here, as well, to get you there on time. bring that umbrella and the jacket, up to 68 by 4:00 p.m. let's check your drive with mike. >> a slower, more gentle build. kinder gentler commute on friday. highway 4, there you go, speeds down below 15 over at the el street sensor. starting to see a little eke down here at pittsburgh and bay point. the approach to the bay bridge, no big deal, back to you. >> thanks so much. it is 6:27 right now. and more on the dumbarton bridge closing coming up on "today in the bay." and live on that bridge, why it's closing and how -- we'll show you how to get around all the construction. and why not take you to outer space at 6:27 right now? we are tracking space x "dragon" capsule making history as it prepares to dock at the et>> g >>etting close.
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good morning. i'm bob redell. the dumbarton bridge, just hours from a three-day shutdown. we'll tell you everything you need to know about getting around this closure this weekend. that story coming up. and you're going to need alternates. i'll show you how to get around or across the bay otherwise. and more coming up. and we're mostly dry to start, but we've got showers on the way to the bay area later this afternoon. your full forecast is just moments away. and right now, we give you a live look spanning over oakland as the daybreak starts to get going out there. yes, indeed. feels good. it's friday, may 25th, "today in the bay." >> welcome back, everybody. good morning, the time is 6:30 right now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. we start off with a live look
6:31 am
taking you to outer space, these are live pictures of the space x "dragon" capsule approaching the international space station just about 30 meters away. this is the privately funded space x project master minded by tesla's elon musk. you're watching history be made right now. right now the capsule's approaching the space station and will be snagged by the robotic arm and will be pulled in. it's scheduled to dock at the space station and drop off some supplies at 7:48. -- 7:38 rather our time. >> that is very cool stuff to watch there. back here on earth for us earthlings, pick your bridge very carefully. the golden gate bridge celebrations, that'll be one issue. but the bigger issue for the south bay, that dumbarton bridge. guess what? it's being shut down. bob redell live driving that bridge as we speak with more on that closure and hopefully what you can do to get around it. bob. >> yeah, you might want to avoid
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this area. good morning to, jon. you're going to have to. the dumbarton bridge will be shut down from 10:00 to 5:00 tuesday morning. they tell us on average about 60,000 cars cross this bridge every day. you can imagine that many vehicles being displaced over the weekend. menlo park area, there could be a lot of traffic. you just want to keep that in mind. what's going to be happening is we're going to be doing some seismic retro fit work on the mid span. and we've got sun coming up here this morning. there's two things primarily they'll be doing. one is they're going to be installing a steel seismic plate at the top that connects the two parts of the bridge together. and when this plate comes in, it's going to give about 18 inches leeway for the bridge if there is an earthquake, it has that much more movement now. and they're also going to be raising the bridge about 5 inches. so they're going to be using hydraulic jack to get that 5-inch space so underneath they can put what they're calling seismic bearings. that's something they'll be doing over the next several months. with those two pieces of
6:33 am
equipment now installed on the bridge, this bridge will be much more safer if and when there's an earthquake that starts to shake it. this is part of a greater project that's supposed to be finished in 2013 as we've been mentioning all morning long. you look out to the left side of the window there, i can see white caps out on the bay. it's an indication it is very windy out here. we're driving -- you see it as you're going to and from work this morning, just keep that out in mind that there is some wind you want to be careful on your ride in to commute. again, 10:00 tonight's the shut down, 5:00's the reopening time tuesday morning in time for the morning commute on tuesday after this holiday weekend. if you are going to have to be traveling around this area over the weekend, there's some ideas on how to get around all this and that's why we have our own traffic anchor mike inouye. >> good note about the wind this morning right now as we speak. we're talking about the closure, again, 10:00 p.m. like you said, and that will be an issue crossing over between fremont. if you cross typically there,
6:34 am
you have two options. pretty simple. 237 to the south, that's the land route between 880 and 101, taking you between milpedas and sunnyvale. you'll have to pay a toll, though, however if you're heading over to the west. and both of those routes will probably add about 20 minutes extra travel time. so keep that in mind as you plan your weekend, guys. that'll be a different flow. back to you. 6:34. a developing story in san jose. firefighters looking for the source of an overnight fire that badly damaged an office building. the former saratoga medical clinic at saratoga avenue in williams road is in danger of partially collapsing. the fire began in the attic about 10:30 last night. but crews had a hard time fighting the flames because the building it has a metal roof. the good news, no one was inside at the time. firefighters say it does not look like the fire was intentionally set, but they are looking for the cause. we can tell you an autopsy
6:35 am
is set to be performed on the body of a woman found in a very nasty scene just stuffed inside a trash can in pleasanton. this gruesome discovery made yesterday morning near dublin canyon road on laurel creek drive not too far from the 586/80 interchange. somebody who lives nearby called in to report a suspicious garbage can in the bushes. when police looked inside that black garbage can, they found a decomposing body. the coroner's office, well, they say they will use fingerprints to i.d. this victim. 6:35, the man at the center of the sierra lamar murder investigation due back in court next week to enter a plea. antolin garcia-torres appeared before a judge on thursday. he did not enter a plea deal during his brief court appearance. but new information from the d.a.'s office shows sierra was close to her home when she was kidnapped. lori smith says they are moving ahead with murder charges.
6:36 am
whether or not lamar's body is found. garcia-torres was officially charged thursday with murder and kidnapping. now here's the thing. the kidnap charge is considered a special circumstance, which makes this case death penalty eligible. garcia-torres is currently being held without bail at the santa clara county main jail. stay with us for continuing coverage of this case on air and online at we have a special page on our website devoted to the story you just need to search sierra. overseas, he was a soldier, but right here at home, he was a son, a friend, and now the family of a san jose soldier will spend a very somber memorial day honoring a life cut far too short in the line of duty. the department of defense says travis morgado died this weak when a road side bomb exploded next to his patrol. he'd been serving his country since december and this was his very first deployment.
6:37 am
more than 100 troops have been killed during fighting in afghanistan so far this year. 6:37. breaking her silence. this morning, the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is coming forward to talk about the ordeal she says has ripped her family apart. >> he's paying the price in money, he's paying the price in family, he's far from theo, he's far from me. he's paying a lot. >> that was ileana lopez speaking about her husband ross mirkarimi during an interview in miami, florida. mirkarimi is now suspended from his job while a san francisco ethics committee decides if he is fit to hold office. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after beiruising hi arm's wife after an argument. 6:37 right now. let's get a check on that weather. and i'm sure we're not the only
6:38 am
ones looking forward to a nice holiday weekend. the extended forecast with christina loren. >> well, you know, hard to tell judging by this live picture over san francisco that we have a very potent storm on the way to the bay area. potent in terms of the winds that it will generate. and we are going to get significant rainfall looks like in the east bay. that's where we're expecting the most moisture to come through. right now, showers still to our north. it all works out like this for today. 7:00 a.m., you can see that front starting to slide to the south, getting that shower activity offshore. 9:00 a.m., mid-morning, getting our action down in the south bay, a little cell located right over san jose, then we advance it to 1:00 p.m., looks like from napa down south to livermore getting pretty good shower activity and embedded within these showers, isolated thunderstorms, you could get caught in a brief heavy downpour, gusty winds, gusting to about 50 miles per hour and pea-size hail. and you can also see here, we're going to go a little deep green in that future cast. that's an indication of some moderate rainfall coming down over the tri-valley and east bay as we head through this
6:39 am
afternoon. by 8:00 p.m., the whole thing clears out of here. highs today not all that warm, but they will be tomorrow. your full forecast, this weekend. lots happening around here, that's coming up in the next report. back to you guys for now. >> thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay," a shocking confession. a suspect now behind bars 33 years to the day.
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6:41 am
new this morning, an armed suspect now dead, shot to death by officers in vallejo.
6:42 am
police say two officers shot the man after he pulled a handgun from his pocket just before midnight on sonoma boulevard. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. neither of the officers were injured, but they will be placed on paid leave while the department investigates this deadly shooting. and now, here is a live nasa feed that we're taking a look at. we've been showing you the pictures from outer space all morning long of the -- the space x "dragon" capsule as it prepares to make history when it docks at the international space station. the capsule was carrying about 1,200 pounds of food, water, clothing, and supplies for the station's crew. it took off from cape canaveral, florida, tuesday, it's scheduled to dock at 7:48 our time. hopefully we'll bring you more live looks of that. >> very cool. history in the making. "today in the bay" will be back in a matter of minutes.
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and the golden gate bridge is turning 75 this weekend on sunday, in fact. celebrations get started at 10:00 this morning with an event with san francisco mayor ed lee. we'll tell you about that. this shot being brought to you by our photographer. nice look out there. today a bittersweet anniversary for a new york family. 33 years ago today etan disappeared off the streets of manhattan, and pedro hernandez will be in court today, as well, after admitting to police two days ago he lured the 6-year-old into a convenience store before choking him and throwing his body into the trash. he is due back in court this afternoon. today is also national missing
6:46 am
children's day in etan's memory. police in oregon trying to identify three very young children found in a shed thursday morning. the owner of the property in southeast portland called police and witnesses have come forward saying they saw a woman leave those kids. they're now in protective custody as investigators try to search for their mother. it is 6:46, the "today" show is coming up next. the former football recruit sentenced to six years in prison for rape. he is exonerated. it started when his one-time accuser contacted him through facebook and admitted she made it all up. you'll hear what he has to say abt l althis in an exclusive interview. and then the "today" summer concert series gets underway with a performance by rapper pit bull coming up today starting at 7:00. happening right now, a fast-moving wildfire still burning out of control this morning down in southern california. flames just chewing through
6:47 am
1,200 acres of dry grass and brush. right now, this one is just about 5% contained, but we do have good news to report to you. the wind there pushing that fire out to a rural area, that is a i way from the home in the town of julienne. so evacuation orders for now, they've been lifted. so far, no word of any injuries or damages to any buildings. >> so it's windy down in southern california. also very windy around the bay area today. >> yeah, we've got rain on the way. a change to the sunny warm weather we've had for the past few weeks. and looks like the east bay, tri-valley, you will see most of the moisture coming through. right now a live look at the clouds thickening up over san jose. and we're still getting some sunshine. so if you want to get outdoors, if you want to walk the dog, get the mail, anything that you don't want to have to dodge showers while you're doing it, you want to go ahead and do it now because by about 10:00, maybe even 9:00 a.m., south bay expecting our first showers. all works out like this today. temperatures are cool to start, coolest start we've had all
6:48 am
morning. low 50s and upper 40s and showers still to our north. this front is going to move through quickly. as it does so, ahead of that front, we're getting very, very gusty winds, sustained wind speed at 25 miles per hour straight out of the west in oakland, 15 in novato, and pretty strong winds gusting to 40 miles per hour from time to time. you want to keep that in mind for your morning drive if you drive a high-profile vehicle. now, as we head throughout the day today, that front moves through quickly. area of low pressure's going to track right over the bay area. this is going to usher in quite a bit of instability. so the chance for thunderstorms actually pretty good for today. i think we will see a few pop-ups as we head throughout this afternoon. sunny warm weather returns for tomorrow. we'll be in the upper 70s and then the big celebration come this sunday for the golden gate bridge, 75th anniversary. temperatures if you will be headed out there will be on the cool side. you'll probably need a light jacket and i do think we'll see a little bit of fog out there. 66 degrees at noon, 64 degrees out there, at 4:00 p.m. but if you don't want to fight
6:49 am
the big crowds, all you've got to do is flip on your television set to nbc bay area. proud to be the broadcast home. we'll have all the celebrations for you all day long on sunday. 69 degrees in san jose today. tomorrow, back in the 70s and sunday into monday, we're going to keep warming you up memorial day getting great conditions for outdoor plans. let's check your drive. mike's going to be here on sunday and monday for you. >> i'll be here sunday, monday, thankfully, got memorial day off. now you know. we're looking over here to the bridge. i hope she's not too jealous. this is supportive, as well, well, the tower. we have the celebration just to the south and west of here. the marina green. that's where all the folks will be, avoid the area with car if you can, come here mass transit, take a bike, whatever you can, but don't expect parking, it won't be there. we're looking over at the oakland area, we're looking at 880 past the coliseum. the roadway is moving fine, the shaking is the camera because of the gusty winds coming through as christina's been talking
6:50 am
about. that is the case, but it's also friday traffic. a lighter flow, watch the bridges as you're crossing over them, as well. looking at the south bay for a quick check of minor slowing northbound, 101 north of 680, 87 coming into downtown, but no incidents. we're looking over here to 237 also. i'm marking this as an alternate route. 237 all weekend will be one of your alternates to the dumbarton bridge, your alternate to the north closing tonight at 10:00 p.m. and the reason why, let me take you out there. our own bob redell is driving the span, bob, what's going on for the dumbo this weekend? >> well, they're going to be doing some seismic retro fit starting at 10:00 tonight. that's when it starts until 5:00 tuesday morning. i don't know if you can tell just how windy it is out here this morning. so if you do have to commute across the dumbarton bridge just some time soon, just keep an eye, it is very gusty out here. the work this weekend will be taking place on the mid span.
6:51 am
two major things they'll be doing. one is actually quite fascinating. they're going to be raising a portion of the bridge using hydraulic jacks 5 inches so they can have some space between the bridge and the pier and then putting in seismic bearings and they're also are six lanes here they're going to be putting a steel plate across the six lanes that will be connecting two sections of the bridge, and with this new seismic steel plate, the bridge will have 18 inches of leeway of movement in case there is an earthquake. again, taking place over the memorial day weekend for three days, closure again tonight at 10:00, reopening in time for the morning commute if not sooner, they're saying, by 5:00 tuesday morning. reporting live here westbound direction of the dumbarton bridge, bob redell, "today in the bay." time now to take you back into space, the final frontier. this is the privately funded space x project. this whole project master minded
6:52 am
by elon musk. what's happening, the space station, the arm is about to reach out, this docking was delayed originally supposed to be about an hour ago, but now it's been given the go ahead. the space station crew has been given a green light to reach out and grab the capsule, pull it in and it should dock about 7:00 a.m. we will keep you posted. history in the making, pretty exciting stuff to watch out there. very cool to see it in action. >> suspended, eight minutes away from that. all right. well the man at the center of the sierra lamar murder investigation right now due back in court next week to enter a plea. antolin garcia-torres, appearing before a judge on thursday, torres did not enter a plea deal before his brief court appearance. but new information from the d.a.'s office showing sierra because very close to her home when she was kidnapped. there are some questions about whether the prosecution can win its case without sierra's body. santa clara county sheriff lori smith says they arethoving on whether or not lamar's body is found.
6:53 am
>> it would help, but more than that, it's important for the family. it's important for us, it's important for closure. >> officially charged on thursday with murder and kidnapping. and the kidnapping charge -- this one's considered a special circumstance which makes this case death penalty eligible. garcia-torres currently being held without bail at the santa clara county main jail. well, police in the east bay investigating a gruesome discovery. the decomposing body of a woman found inside a trash can along dublin canyon road in pleasanton. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in oakland where they plan to do an autopsy. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. an autopsy is expected some time today. but i spoke with the coroner's office a little earlier this morning and they tell me that the results of that autopsy will have to be released from the pleasanton police department. because there is a press hold on this case.
6:54 am
of course, that's after they determine who this person is and how they died. after a very gruesome discovery, decomposing body in a trash can on dublin canyon road in pleasanton yesterday. the caller noticed that this trash can was in an odd location in some bushes and didn't look like the other city issued cans in the neighborhood. it's unknown how long the trash can had been there. police believe this may have been the body of a woman, race and age unknown, though. pleasanton police investigating. they say right now, though, they're not looking into the disappearae ofsdny a women, but they're checking with other agencies who might be. >> the flyers that go out in the area with photos and descriptions of anyone missing recently. >> pleasanton police say they are treating this as a homicide, and investigators were asked if this might be related in any way to the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar from morgan hill. they say it doesn't appear to be the body of a child and the
6:55 am
contra costa times this morning is reporting that is not very likely. investigators also took about five or six bags, brown bags from that area, but didn't say what was inside. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:55, a developing story this morning in the south bay, san jose firefighters looking for the source of an overnight fire that badly damaged an office building. the saratoga medical clinic at saratoga avenue at williams road was in danger of partially collapsing. the fire began in the attic, but crews had a tough time fighting these flames because the building has a metal roof. no one was inside at the time, firefighters say it does not look like these flames were intentionally set, but they are looking for the cause. 6:55 right now, and just hours, the golden gate bridge kicking off that birthday bash in san francisco. mayor ed lee and congresswoman nancy pelosi will be onhand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new visitors center. and we will show you the set-up
6:56 am
out there. getting ready for that party, music, this is all for the bridge's 75th anniversary party. the celebration lasting all day long on sunday. itnyl feature the concerts and, of course, the big fireworks show. nbc bay area, yeah, your broadcast home for the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. make sure to join us on sunday for extended live coverage of all the day's events. the "uss iowa" will begin the final trek from the port of richmond to southern california tomorrow. it was delayed because of bad weather. scheduled to leave at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and is expected to pass underneath the golden gate bridge by 3:00 in the afternoon. now when the iowa gets to l.a., it will be transformed into an interactive naval museum. right now let's take you back into space. the people in nasa right now scrambling around as they watch the space x project in motion. we've been told that the space capsule is docking right now to that space station.
6:57 am
the arm has reached out and grabbed it. this is a privately funded project by tesla's elon musk. they will slowly and gradually pull this ride in. that capsule is full of a lot of supplies there. it's got food, water, and things, but scott mcgrew has told us there is a seat. it could be manned. it's not right now. it is preparing for years down the road when they can get a man up there. very cool stuff as the space station is being docked. >> got the dragon by the tail. >> i like it. well, msnbc's chris matthews grilled newt gingrich on "hardball." >> but things got strange when it turned to gingrich's love of zoos. that's when he turned to questions usually reserved for 8-year-olds. >> why do you like the reptile house? most people are afraid -- >> they do it in a totally different way than we do. and they've been successful for a very long time. >> favorite snakes? >> probably a python.
6:58 am
>> why? >> passive -- >> the constrictor aspect of it? >> no, i think -- >> they like to eat cows whole. >> they don't eat cows whole. >> what about a mamba, they attack your nervous system, you've got 15 minutes to live. >> you have a more ruthless approach to politics than i do. >> anyway, thank you. >> he got gingrich to laugh. >> and i love chris matthews, tell me about the python -- of course. >> well, here's the thing, scott mcgrew likes zoos too, but he loves gadgets. >> yeah, let me talk to you about dr. seuss if i could. do you recall the name of the zoo? the mcgrew zoo. look it up. i swear it's absolutely true. >> well done. >> good morning to you. i have a gadget. you remember the jam box. this was a couple of weeks ago, a small wireless blue tooth-powered speaker. well they've come out with a bigger one and they're calling it the big jam box.
6:59 am
it's about $300. now we have a tradition we play music on gadget friday, you get to choose the music i play. and our fine weather person said wanted "dead or alive" by bon jovi. it's really good sound. >> nice. ♪ >> playing for keeps -- >> it's a good bass sound. there's christina in the background. good bass sound. >> love it. >> wanted. >> dead or alive. let's get right to our bon jovi fan, christina. >> if you're going to take a ride on your steel horse, mike's got that traffic update in a minute. 68 degrees at 4:00 p.m., grab that umbrella, grab the jacket, ditch both as of tomorrow. back to you, mike. >> well, might be a little windy for a lot of folks riding those motorcycles. we'll look over on the


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