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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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drivers in san francisco this weekend. we'll have more on that in just a moment. we begin, though, with stephanie chuang. >> reporter: there was a ribbon cutting ceremony today featuring a very special guest, a quiet, shy man who played a small but critical role in building the golden gate bridge and today we spoke with him about what it all means. >> i hope everyone will join us. >> reporter: ed lee was thrilled to meet this man. >> i can't believe the honor bestowed on me now. >> reporter: the 95-year-old, gustav. a humble man. >> at that time we never thought of it as a big project. we just looked at it as workers. now i don't know what happened all of a sudden. >> reporter: during those two weeks he helped pull cable through the first tower, building the golden gate bridge.
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now it's one of the most recognized symbols in the world, that famous international orange today standing against the blue skies above the bay. ♪ san francisco hoping your golden gate ♪ >> reporter: the 75th anniversary celebration kicked off with a ribbon cutering featuring local and state vips, some sharing the perm. >> when i was courting anita in hong kong those days, it was both the golden arches and the golden gate bridge that i used to get her over here. >> reporter: and others seeing the opportunity as a political plug. >> i have to make my little point about high-speed rail. they said you couldn't build this. >> reporter: nothing else matters more than those memories and this moment. >> elated to a point where i just can't imagine what i'm going to do tonight. >> reporter: a lot of fun for him today and a lot of talk today about the 50th anniversary. our photographer was actually there. he witnessed the ribbon cutting
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which was sawing a redwood tree on the bridge before an estimated 300,000 people walked across, so heavy that it flattened the bridge. so far much tamer but excitement ahead of sunday's big party. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang. >> yes, i was on that bridge that day as well 25 years ago. it was an amazing and memorable day this bridge celebration will be memorable, also, but the traffic this weekend might also be one for the record books. best advice for getting around? be patient. there's a lot happening. jean ellie joins us now in the city with some crucial details. jean? >> reporter: let's hope we don't all remember the horrible traffic. we all know it can be awful even when there's not a huge event. a look up at the new approach to the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving smoothly but it's expected to hit much slower speeds this weekend because there are so many events and road closures in san francisco. we have the anniversary party for the golden gate bridge sunday. hundreds of thousands of people will be attending on saturday
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and sunday. we have carnival. we will have work at a terminal and work on the church line that will have people crowding onto buses. muni will be beefing up service to keep people moving to and from events. on a normal day in san francisco, traffic is slow going even on muni. if you want to enjoy the festivities, plan ahead and take public transportation. >> if you do want to come to the city, come to the city. we will have is a plan in place. we will have transit out there but there will be congestion. >> reporter: transportation officials have been warning drivers about the looming closures and expected delays for days because even if you're not attending any of these events, if you drive through san francisco, you will be affected. also, keep in mind the golden gate bridge will actually close sunday night during the fireworks show. that closure is expected from 9:00 to 10:00 sunday night. if you do drive into san francisco and actually find a
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place to park, read that meter carefully. many will be in effect. so there is a lot to keep track of here in san francisco this weekend. so if you're planning to join the fun, plan ahead. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> it will all be worth it. stay here with us for our continuation coverage of all the traffic issues this weekend. we will have live team coverage of sunday's big celebration. we have complete coverage on our website. >> now to traffic issues. with the if full closure of the dunbar ton bridge the entire holiday weekend cal trans will be working on the western side of the bridge. that begins tonight at 10:00 p.m. and is planned to be reopened by 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. new details tonight in the sierra lamar case. the district attorney says he has a good case but tonight the defense is calling the evidence against suspect antolin garcia-torres weak.
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m mandel is questioning what prosecutors are charging his client with murder when there's no body and no murder weapon. nbc bay area's davmian true hji is still jailed, no bail. >> reporter: he is here on no bail, jessica. they marked the spot at the reservoir where divers need to take a second look hoping to find that key piece of evidence in the sierra lamar murder. so far there's been nothing. d discouraging you can't find what you're looking for? >> no, it's such a large project and we're looking in so many different places taesh, it's no marty of discouraged. >> reporter: they haven't impressed ken mandel, the attorney for antolin garcia-torres. over the phone he told me the evidence is thin if they want to convict his client of murder. there is no body, no murder weapon, no blood, and no crime
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scene. >> ken mandel is the perfect attorney for this case. he's a seasoned, experienced homicide defense attorney. he's got a great courtroom presence and demeanor. he's low key. he's not going to overplay his hand in this case. >> reporter: steven clark knows mandel from his days as a prosecutor, the defense lawyer says mandel knows how to meticulously tear apart each piece of evidence and he credits mandel with reading the room, knowing which buttons to push and which ones to stay away from. >> he's going to recognize that a lot of people are going to want to convict his client, but he's going to keep can doing his job. he's going to do the best he can for his client. i think it's a great choice to defend this case. >> reporter: mandel told me the effort to link garcia-torres to the morgan hill safeway assault is also weak. the veteran public defender admits he hasn't seen the entire file on his client, but mandel is not impressed by what he's seen so far. and this afternoon the chief
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prosecutor here told me, quote, we prosecute cases with facts and evidence in the courtroom. now mandel will be going up against david boyd, another seasoned prosecutor. so it will be an interesting case. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area. thank you. and it wasn't just sierra lamar. investigators believe he might have attacked three other women three years ago. i talked exclusively to one of these women and tonight at 6:30 you'll hear her harrowing account of a night she'll never forg forget. there's also a disturbing story in pleasanton. a woman's body was found in a garbage can yesterday. within the last two hours investigators told us they don't believe it's the body of sierra lamar. it was found off dublin canyon road. jodi hernandez joins us tonight. jodi, this is one of the safest communities in the bay area. are there any leads tonight? >> reporter: there aren't any leads, and that's what everyone here is asking. who made this woman be?
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now the woman's body was found stuffed in a garbage can just across the street from where we are standing. tonight we are learning that she was wearing pajama bottoms and blue fingernail polish. but investigators have yet to identify her. >> it's shocking to the whole neighborhood. we've never had anything like this happen. everyone is shocked. >> reporter: chris says it's highly disturbing just down the street from his upscale pleasanton neighborhood, police found a woman's body stuffed in a garbage can. >> who is it and where they're from and why dropped them there is what's on everyone's mind. >> reporter: police say an autopsy conduct this had morning came back inconclusive. but while they don't know who the woman is, they're fairly certain who she is not. >> the autopsy results did not reveal the age or ethnicity, but the investigators who were there for the autopsy have concluded
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or believed that based on fiscal characteristics that it is not likely the body of sierra lamar. >> reporter: now investigators must tray to determine the woman's identity. they're releasing new details tonight that may help. >> the woman had brown hair and was clothed in pajama bottoms and an old navy shirt, and she wore blue fingernail polish. >> reporter: neighbors say they can't stop thinking about the mystery woman who ended up dumped in their quiet town. >> my thoughts go out to her family and friends. i hope that they can identify her body and give her family closure. the whole neighborhood, the whole town wants that. >> reporter: police say they are checking in with law enforcement agencies across the bay area and the state to see if this case matches any missing person's report. they're asking anyone with information to contact them. reporting live in pleasanton i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi.
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it turned out just to be a pellet gun but when an allege the reported robber waved it at police, they shot and killed him. that shooting happened overnight in vallejo at the intersection of sonoma and capital streets where police say officers confronted a suspect who was walking away from them. officers claimed that when they asked the man to stop walking, he reached into his pocket for the gun and turned towards them. that's when both officers say they fired their weapons. a short while later the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. a routine investigation is now under way. >> still ahead at 6:00, getting guns off the street. the technology that's being credited for making one of the most violent cities a little bit safer. >> reporter: it's a medical milestone. surgeons at one bay area hospital perform three heart transplants in three days. i'm marianne favro. coming up, i'll introduce you to the young patients who now have new hearts. and how far would you go to get your startup off the ground?
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the entrepreneur who lives inside a tech company for two months without anyone knowing and how the stunt is paying off. >> reporter: and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live at the golden gate bridge. it's looking better than ever. less than two days away from the 75th anniversary and, yes, i'm on a bike. we'll explain why and what it has to do with that 75th anniversy comi up. doesn't she look marvelous tonight? mom? hmm?
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following some breaking news we want to share with you now happening on the 101 near east palo alto. chp is looking into and investigating a driver who may have been shot on the freeway. this happening during the 5:00 hour. it may be just south of wood side. still at this point no word on how seriously the driver was injured or if they have a suspect that they're following. all we know at this point is
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that someone was shot on the 101. we'll continue to try to find out more information and will bring you updates as they become available. oakland 0 police say technology is helping to get illegal guns off the street. oakland officers showed off ak-47s, uzis, all taken off the streets in recent years. they've seized 340 weapons already, many because of the city's shot spotter system. now the technology is a network of microphones placed on poles and buildings in a five-square-mile area of the city that alerts police to gunfire. they've used the system since 2005. police say it's now so sensitive that it can alert them quicker and tell if there's a single shoot shooter or multiple shooters and exactly how powerful the weapon is. >> we were responsible at the dispatch center in reviewing the alert, determining if it was a gunshot and directing the individuals to walk and don't walk in the intersection. now with this new alert
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technology, we get the google maps. we get a review alert that we're 99% sure this is actually a gunshot. >> police say this year they've had 2,000 spot shotter activations and now are applying for federal funding to try to expand the system to other parts of oakland. >> in san jose, fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused an office building to go up in flames. that fire break iing out overnit at the former saratoga medical clinic at sayer tratoga avenue williams road. firefighters say it took a few hours to knock the flames down because the metal roof made venting the fire difficult. luckily no one was inside at the time of the fire. investigators say it does not appear to be a case of arson. three days, three heart transplants, and three second chances. >> that medical milestone happened this month at lucille patrick children's hospital in palo alto. marianne favro talked with the patients who received those lifesaving transplants. >> reporter: 20-year-old amanda
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sea crest, 17-year-old william, and 18-year-old james spencer share a common bond. they all received heart transplants at lucille packard children's hospital just hours apart. performed by the same surgeon. >> and they were all about 12-hour type of surgeries. >> reporter: not just long but complicated, too. >> they were all fairly complicated because of the congenital heart disease they have. >> reporter: the patients are certainly grateful to their surgeon but say they wouldn't be here if the donor families had not made generous decisions during a time of tragedy. >> the male or female, god bless them and unfortunate for their family, for their loss. i can't thank them more. i'm so emotional. i can't thank them more than anything. >> reporter: the transplants have enabled the young patients
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to start making plans for the future. william will graduate from gunn high school in june and later head off to college. amanda and james will head back to college. james says he'll always remember the three days that changed three lives and vows to never take his new heart for granted. >> you'll never ever be able to repay them but it's just something you can live on, do everything you can to treat your heart the best you can and you just have a second life, a second chaps. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> what a wonderful story. well, if you're heading to the sierra this week, bring the barbecue and carry chains. while the roads were clear most of the winter, they were not today. it's definitely flip-flop weather. snow showers at lake level to 6 inches in the high country. it's supposed to end by tomorrow and warmer weather is on tap for most of the holiday weekend, sunday and monday and that snow
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is incredible to see. this is not from winter. this is fresh video from the mountains. well, it is all clear in san francisco. perfect day for a bike ride with jeff ranieri. >> reporter: you like my new wheels? >> i do. >> i was a little apprehensive to actually ride this live on air for the live shot. you get a good view. this will cost you a couple hundred bucks. there are going to be more than souvenirs. brett's bring in david shaw with the parks conservancy. this is a major event, the golden gate bridge turning 75 years old. in the beginning people thought it could never be built and now here we are 75 years later. what is one of the biggest things this weekend to happen? >> well, people should really plan their visit and come down in keeping with the national park and hike or bike in. very limited parking. it's going to be great activities all along the north waterfront, over two miles of
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things happening along the north waterfront. >> so that's why you put me on the bike because i can't take my car here, right? >> that's right. for the best experience, do not drive to this event. >> that's some great information. and then we have all this stuff along the waterfront, the dance stage, there's going to be music and food and souvenirs. also, the historic tent sounded boring at first, i have to say, but i went inside and i was just amazed. >> the history tent is amazing. like a giant circus tent, full of history, graphics, fphotos ad artifacts about the bridge's history. >> and about the fireworks, we know that's sunday between 9:00 and 10:00, i believe. nbc bay area is the sponsor. we'll have some awesome coverage on our television station. is there anything special people should know about that on sunday? >> fireworks start at 9:30 and they're going to be best visible along crispy field and the marina greens. >> and we're working on the forecast for you. i'm trying to clear out the fog
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for you. david shaw, thank you so much for coming on out and thanks for lend i lending me these wheels for a little bit. i only hit one or two gopher holes. let's take a look at the weather maps. good old ggb turning 75 and we're going to get this rain activity out of here. we did have to deal with that trlier on in the day, but it's all pushing off to the east. however, if you're heading up to th sierra for this weekend, be forewarned. while that snow is tapering off tonight and into tomorrow, it may cause you some problems up there anywhere from 2 to 4 inches highway 52, interstate 80. these temperatures will warm up that have been cold today. 60s in the east and the south bay. we should be in the mid to upper 70s this time of the year. all right, on the day part forecast, numbers in the 70s here, at the coastline if you're coming out here on saturday for some prebridge stuff, everything is happening on sunday, the main event. take a look at what's happening and there may be a thing or two open. did you know back in april of
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1923, that is, the patent for the cantiis lever-suspension bridge was granted. that would allow the bridge they didn't think could be constructed to get placed here. and then the bridge wasn't built for another 14 years later. that's how much planning went into this magnificent structure that is historic in so many ways. numbers in the mid-60s with sun, scenic fog on sunday for the celebration. of course nbc bay area will be proud responsponsors. speaking of proud sponsors if you come out to our booth you can make a small donation and you get one of these that looks like a regular bag, right, you guys? >> it's impressive. it's cool colors. actually, look what it does. back here behind me we have my friend shawn out here and he is our kite model today trying to get some air back behind that thing. keep it up, shawn. it's not working so good. >> keep trying, shawn. >> i assure there will be enough wind. a small donation and then look at this.
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a guy, the phone company, they love nbc so much they came by, gave me this for free. you can get it for free if you come out. they're going to be handing them out. >> that's nice. >> very cool. what a great weekend. >> freebies. >> i like that bike jeff's on. >> i know. he's mr. ggb. well, coming up in the fast lane, the technology making a big return to the bay area and an airport and how it will help passengers speed through security lines. >> also, the popular laundry detergent some kids are mistaking for candy and helping prevent the confusion. and it's not war. it's the lesson in history. a dramatic demonstration for one bay area high school today.
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east bay schoolchildren traded up today. the first graders experienced the thrill of performing are for the first time with neon colored vie lins and some cellos courtesy of an education program funded by the california sim is fony. >> these are all the first graders. we are offering the program to every first grader who needs to have an instrument in the hands of every first grader in the bay area ultimately. so we're thinking big but starting small. >> good dreams. studies show music improves academic achievement especially when combined with tutoring which the program will also off offer. it's pretty dramatic. not many high school kids get to learn about the vietnam war by having a heli actually land on the football field but take a look.
6:26 pm
it happened at dougherty high. vietnam day is part of american history for juniors at the skal and this year veterans landed on campus in a refurbished helicopter that was actually flown in vietnam. get into the feeling of the tiles, students are required to take sides. >> we divided in half, pro-war, anti-war, one day on the vietnam war. >> no matter what your opinion is, people are fighting for what they believe in. and my feelings to be a part of the project. >> the perfect lesson especially for this memorial day weekend. students spent the day talking to veterans about what it was like in vietnam. the annual program is as popular with the vets as it is with the students. >> that's hand-on education. still ahead here at 6:00, history in space. the changing of the guard way above earth. >> also, the suspect under arrest in the sierra lamar case is believed to have attacked three other women several years ago.
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tonight i talk exclusively with one of those women. and i'm janelle wang. it appears the defense team is preparing for an insanity defense for the man who confessed to killing a young boy exactly 33 years ago today. and a man in the pope's innermost circle is arrested at thatictellou why next. ♪
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adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. want to take a moment to update you on the breaking news we told but a few moments ago. a shooting on 101 northbound near east palo alto. police are confirming a driver was shot on the freeway. at this point we don't know the extent of injuries. but we know that person has been moved from that area. the scene is cleared, traffic is moving and chp has left the area. we'll update this and bring you new information tonight at 11:00. >> the suspect in the case, antolin garcia-torres, is believed to have attacked three other women. i interviewed one of the women at length off camera about her ordeal. it's an nbc bay area exclusive.
6:30 pm
>> there were three assaults in morgan hill about three years ago. in march of 2009. we linked one of those to our suspect through forensic evidence. they were not solved. >> reporter: the case against antolin garcia-torres goes far beyond sierra lamar. three years ago, without the search crews or candlelight vigils, there were a series of assaults that investigators believe might be linked to garcia-torres. among the women that were attacked, this 38-year-old from morgan hill. she doesn't want to be identified are or appear on camera, about but she describes for us her harrowing he escape whom she believes was garcia-torres. she says, i sensed someone walking behind me, so i started walking faster. so did he. this all happened at the morgan hill safeway, the same store garcia-torres used to work and was arrest on may 21st.
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she adds it was 11:00 at night. thank god i was able to get side my car. i looked up and saw him staring right at me through the window. he had a very smug lack and those pursed lips i'll never forget. though she got away untouched, her description of the man led to this police sketch and in the last few weeks she says investigators have been in close contact with her. her account could bolster the d.a.'s current case. she tells me, i'm reliving those horrible memories from three years ago, but i realize i was able to get away. i'm one of the lucky ones. she goes on to say how bad she feels for the lamar family and how this close-knit community of morgan hill has been tormented yet united. investigators continue to interview all three women about their recollection of what happened those nights three years ago. >> a bike bonanza. san francisco police are looking for the owners of more than 100 stolen bicycles. officers arrested 18-year-old sanchez last week and found eight bicycles inside his home
6:32 pm
on charter oak avenue. that led the officers to two storage lockers in oakland and dozens more bicycles. sanchez is being held on newmans are felony counts of stolen property. now you can check to see if your bicycle is among those recovered by going to our website,, key word stolen bike. a new bill to protect cyclists is on its way to becoming law. the state's senate approved a bill requiring drivers stay three feet away from cyclists when passing them. the current law says motorists need to stay a safe distance away which some lawmakers say is unclear and just dangerous. the measure needs to go to the vote in the assembly before it is eventually passed. decision 2012 and follow the money. the bay area is becoming a favorite destination for president obama who was just here to raise campaign funds. he's coming back for more. the president is scheduled to return to the bay area within two weeks. he'll be raising money at a big
6:33 pm
money event in san francisco on june 6th. that's just a day after the california primary prices are $5,000 per person and if you want to take a photo it's $7,500 per person. the president, you might recall, raised $4 million during his whirlwind visit. when fidel castro's niece walked into the museum today, she chose an unlikely local landmark to visit. it still hosts some 20,000 visitors a year. the museum is the only one of its kind in the united states. castro is the daughter of cuba's current leader, raul castro, and an activist for gay rights. after visiting the museum, she chaired a panel on sexual diversity and politics at the latin american studies association. she did not take any questions from reporters. >> an insanity defense, the attorney for the man who
6:34 pm
confessed to killing a young boy some 30 years old now says he's mentally ill. >> janelle wang is with us for our national and international headlines. raj and jessica, pedro hernandez was arraigned on second-degree murder charges. he was arraigned via video just a few hours ago from his new york city hospital room because he's currently on suicide watch. in the video hernandez's attorney says his client suffers from schizophrenia and hallucinations. the judge has now ordered a mental evaluation. earlier this week hernandez confessed to killing 6-year-old etan patz in manhattan exactly 33 years ago today. he said he lured patz with a soda as the boy was walking to school in 1979 and then killed him and threw his body in the trash. a tense standoff with the gunman in indiana has ended with the suspect shooting himself in the head. it all start this had morning with a man storming a real estate office. he held several hostages at gunpoint for most of the day before releasing them and then killing himself. police say the suspect went to the office because someone there
6:35 pm
apparently owed him money. highly suspicious, united nations atomic watchdog agency has found evidence that iran is enriching uranium at a level closer to what's needed to make a nuclear bomb. the agency says it found evidence in an underground bunker. iran says the more highly enriched uranium came about because of a technical glitch. the agency is looking into that explanation. iran maintains its nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes only, but it's enriching uranium at levels higher than experts believe is necessary. two days of nuclear talks between iran and six world powers. those negotiations will continue next month in moscow. a political nightmare in ukraine after the parliament fistfight we first showed you this video yesterday. lawmakers throwing punches after a debate on whether to approve russian as a second is language in the country. the tension is still so high there the speaker of the
6:36 pm
parliament is now suggesting the chamber be disbanded and is calling for new elections. not quite a holy man. a source inside the vatican says the butler for pope benedict has been arrested, accused of leaking confidential documents. the documents allege possible corruption and favoritism within the vatican. the documents released to the italian media earlier this year. and those are your international headlines. >> thank you, janelle. well, putting a cap on out-of-state students. lawmakers are now considering putting a limit on the number of out-of-state students admitted to the university of california. the proposal of a cap on 10%. the numbers are much higher for incoming freshmen this fall. 23% of the system's most popular schools like cal and ucla. forcing a 10% cap at uc schools would allow more in-state students to go to college in california. uc administrators say they would oppose that ban saying out-of-state students pay higher tuition which is good for easing
6:37 pm
their budget crunch. in health matters, the makers of tide pods will create a new lid to keep children from eating the detergent pacts. doctors say kids can mistake the palm-sized capsules as candy. nearly 250 cases across the country have been reported. the new lids are expected to be ready in the next few weeks. well, still ahead at 6:00, speeding through airport security lines. new technology making a comeback at a bay area airport. >> reporter: i'm scott budman. you've probably heard of cyber squatting, but this is incredible. coming up, how a 19-year-old entrepreneur lived here at aol headquarters for two months and got a startup company out of it. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in san francisco right here where there's not a whole lot happening right now but there is plenty of setup. you can see that music stage over there. countless performers this upcoming weekend. as we pan off to the golden gate
6:38 pm
bridge upon that 75th anniversary, that 746-foot tower 0 close to the clouds. we'll let you know if those will clear.
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6:40 pm
it looks like we have us a dragon by the tail. >> the dragon is the capsule snagged by the robotic arm of the international space station this morning. dragon is the creation of the californ california-based space flight company, spacex. it carries nearly 1,000 pounds of supplies to the station.
6:41 pm
the mission's first test by nasa to outsource to private companies. spacex says it hopes to continue hauling cargo and eventually astronauts for nasa. >> if you don't want to wait in those long airport security lines, we have a solution for you. if you're willing to pay the price. you might remember those clear cards from a few years ago when travelers could buy those clear cards which would allow them to bypass long airport security lines. the company went bankrupt but new owners stepped in and made s sfo the third airport to adopt the card after orlando and denver. so far there's no plans to launch the card in san jose although san jose was the first airport to use the technology in 2007. membership costs $180 a year. $230 for families. let's check in with mindy back at the comcast newsroom. hi, mindy. hi. nice to see you. yes, a big weekend in sports. we start with the giants. tim lincecum takes his talents to south beach in game two of
6:42 pm
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you know the housing market is tight. a tech entrepreneur hid inside of his giant company for months. >> it's an amazing story but it has a happy ending. here is our business and tech reporter, scott budman. >> reporter: all right. we've seen young entrepreneurs here in silicon valley before but 20-year-old eric simons is known for more than just his work ethic. >> i was working at aol every single day. it got to the point where i was like, you know, there's a couch right there. >> reporter: he's now known as the guy who turned a four-month incubator visit at aol into a longer stay. >> you go there, this would be a sweet place to live. there's a pinball machine. there's coke on tap. >> reporter: eric squatted at the company's palo alto headquarters for two months without anyone knowing. >> it was just me. i had no money. because i had no money, i had no thace oeivhe siener are like on the other side of the country. >> reporter: stealthily working on his startup by day, trying to find a place to sleep by night.
6:45 pm
>> actuallalmy fling asleep, yo can't be alert. you have to go off into a corner and pray someone doesn't come and find you there. >> reporter: all good things must come to an end. >> the room i was in, they call it nap quest so you can take naps in there. >> reporter: and eric got cau t caught. >> it was very clear, like, it's time to go. the party has come to an end. >> reporter: now a couple of couches later, eric's startup called class connect has received funding. eric has a house and a silicon valley reputation. >> when you're broke and you have nothing, you go to great lengths to make thengs happen. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that looked nice. i'd like to live there there, too. have to squat over there. let's turn our attention to the bay. how about this shot. this is from our photojournalist mark who has the best assignment of the day. he is literally on the boat in
6:46 pm
the water, a great vantage point looking at the golden gate bridge. if you were with mark, you would have had the best seat in the house right there along the bay for sunday night's big celebration. >> if you're not on the water, the best place to be is where jeff ranieri is as well. are you painting the bridge, jeff? >> painting without looking and mark is catching all the paint drops before they go in the water. how does it look? >> nice. >> oh, right there. a little nbc blue. oh, yes, yes. we're sprucing up that bridge, of course, tonight out here getting ready for that 75th anniversary. there's going to be a lot going on. not only are we the proud sponsor, there will be fireworks. there's going to be music stages, food, plenty of souvenirs and tens of thousands of people. so if you are going to be coming out here, you need to plan ahead. howard here is joining us tonight with the golden gate bridge and, howard, we see you have that fancy bike i was on earlier. you're giving me another hint,
6:47 pm
right? >> i am. don't drive to this event. come by foot. make it a family biking day. use public transportation. plenty of bike parking and no car parking. >> okay. so it's something where you can come out, get active, you have to leave the car somewhere else. you can't plan to come on down to the water. when people do come out, the hot spots right against the water, i'm guessing. >> you're right. along the water's edge. the marina green, beautiful views in marin county. even distant views from the east bay. anytime you have to look at the view from the golden gate bridge, you'll have a good seat to watch the show. >> thank you so much, howard, and we do want to show you quickly, things you can buy out here, this bike just several hundred dollars. your bike shirt, this cap he has on is also going to be for sale. what is this here? >> a water bottle because we're hoping for warm weather, but warm weather or not, it's always good to carry water. >> thank you, howard. f
6:48 pm
we appreciate it. thanks for letting me get on those hot wheels. i can can't believe i dn't fall. the weather graphics, it is going to coperate for the golden gate bridge anniversary. mother nature changes her plans after that late season rnai that we had today, you'll see nn much left there on the doppler radar as it scans around. we're looking at relatively dry conditions. and over the next 48 hours on our weather headlines, what we'll find is temperatures are going to be warming up into saturday and also for sunday. the next seven to eight days. so here comes that area of low pressure we dealt with today with a few scattered showers across the east bay that will be moving out for saturday. sayonara, get out of here and good-bye. as we head throughout the next 48 hours, what we're going to be finding is more milder air up along the coastline and we may even have a fog free forecast coming our way for sunday.
6:49 pm
here are the daytime highs. for saturday in the south bay, looking at low to mid-70s near san jose and gilroy, and for that bridge anniversary the water way too cold to take a dip in. 50 degrees. but did you know that all three fog horns, well, they have been part of the bridge since its opening and they're still operated manually out here by people. mid-60s by 4:00 p.m. in the 70s as we head throughout the upcoming weekend and eventually a few 80s and dry weather. so, again, when mother anywnatu calls for the golden gate bridge celebration, well, we get that weather clearing on out. you're probably wondering where we are at back out here live now. we're inside the history tent. this is one of the many things you can come out and take a look at. all kinds of really cool examples of how the bridge got put together and how much work it takes to keep it going each and every day.
6:50 pm
there's even a sign back there that says it was just 25 cents. then look at this. this is the original aviation beacon that sits on top of that 746-foot span in the center of the bridge. look at that sucker. it still works. that's the original one way back in 1937 that was put up. it's unbelievable they have out here. >> very cool. >> jeff, you are an official ggb historian. you know everything about the bridge. >> and look what i paint ed for the both of you. >> thank you. i can't wait to see it. >> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports. >> see you. well, thanks so much. we begin sports with the giants. they set two season highs with 14 runs and 15 hits in their 14-7 win over miami last night. game two tonight is well under way and so far the marlins are on their way to returning the favor, unfortunately at the expense of tim lincecum. it was a nervous night for
6:51 pm
giants fan. for buster posey, one night ago against the marlins he had that ankle shattering injury but he's recovered quite nicely. blocks the low pitch and look at this. gets the runner at second. logan morrison out with plenty of space to spare. well, it's two outs. it's john carlo sanchez. we're going to send this one right up the middle. the giants will come around and score. that's in the third. but then this is the one with two on in fourth for john carlos stanton right here. his 11th home run of the season, straight over the center field wall. that's his 11th of the year and that's a first home run that tim lincecum has given up since the season opener. melky cabrera has the most with 67. right there he added 8. and the giants extend their lead.
6:52 pm
right now the marlins way on top of the giants. they had a three-run home run as lincecum gave up six. the a's continue their six-game home stand with a big weekend series against the new york yankees. the a's lost their last six games in oakland to the bronx bombers. this year's new york team has not been overpowering. two games over .500 and fourth in the a.l. east, still, bob melvin says you have to respect the pinstripes. >> it's a historic franchise that, you know, goes without saying. more of the energy in the ballpark based on fans out here rooting against them which i like to see. i love the energy in this park when there's a lot of people here, when we get 20, is sounds like 40. when we get 35, it sounds like 70. >> and a big night in sacramento is what the a's hope will be a major part of their offense is in the lineup. that being manny ramirez, of course. our john henry smith is in
6:53 pm
sacramento with what it all means. john henry? >> manny ramirez has been playing major league baseball since 1993 so understandably he was not overly excited about making his debut in front of the home fans tonight. the fans certainly are. the river cats say that the box office has been swamped all day long. the fans are excited. the big excitement has got to be with the oakland a's themselves as manny winds down his assignment in the minor leagues getting ready to get back to the major leagues wearing the green and gold. manny says, hey, there's still some rust to knock off. >> i'm in spring training now, getting myself ready to put my time in and leaving everything to god. you have to be patient and trust
6:54 pm
yourself and forget about what people say. people never play the game. take your time, work where you need to work, and we'll see. >> manny will bat third. brandon inge has been on the dl for the a's, he'll be batting second as he works his way back from injury. with the manny ramirez watch, john henry. >> squon henry, you have to warp the dreads. i want to see the hat. one more note, the star forward of the earthquake named to the first u.s. national team. he had play in the world cup qualifiers in 2014. so congratulations, a native of danville. >> for a full half hour watch on mcast spor net bay area at
6:55 pm
10:30. o
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