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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 26, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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start of summer. it is the unofficial return of winter. >> i think you said it. we are talking about snow in the sierra overnight. still a little bit of that happening this morning. right now 40s and 50s outside. you got the sunshine but we have pretty chilly air moving through the bay area and a bit of an january shore breeze. we are seeing that in oakland and concord over to fairfield. the system thats toed the showers our way yesterday really hasn't moved that far to the east. we'll see more snow showers in the sierra today and a chance for inland hilltops going throughout the day. add some heating to some of the moisture out there, and some more moisture kind of coming in from the north into napa county and the east bay hilltops, a slight chance for showers. there you see the temperatures in the 50s and 60s today. heading out to the golden gate, you'll see numbers stay close to 60 degrees. patchy low clouds nice today. on the cool side tomorrow. we are talking a warm-up coming up, maybe as warm as 75 for the 75th anniversary, at least in some spots. a full look at that and the full forecast in a few minutes.
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this could be the busiest memorial weekend in years. not only are there military remembrances but the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary party. carnival will be sizzling in the mission. and to complicate matters further, the dun bartow bridge is closed until tuesday morning. and the juno line is out of commission. here's a rundown on getting around town so you don't miss what you want to see. >> i'm going to stay home and not go any place. >> reporter: barbara plans to avoid one thing this holiday weekend, gridlock is expected in parts of san francisco. pleasure flashing signs are posted to warn drivers of big delays. there's a long list of reasons why. starting with the golden gate bridge anniversary party sunday. hundreds of thousands of people are expected along the marina green and kristy field. and there's no parking. saturday and sunday there is kindergarten carnaval near the
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mission, construction near the transbay terminal and the muni lines will be shut down. trains loaded with people will be replaced with much smaller buses. that's all just in san francisco. on the peninsula, the dumbarton bridge is closed all weekend. that means more drivers on other bridges. in san francisco muni will be beefing up service. >> if you want to come to the city, come to the city. we'll have a plan in place, we'll have transit out there but there will be congestion. >> reporter: roads approaching the dumbarton bridge could turn into a parking lot when the area is closed at 9:00 for fireworks. if you drive, bring a sense of humor. >> it is going to be horrible. like crossing the bridge on a sunday is horrible. it will be miserable. >> don't do it, take b.a.r.t. or a cab. >> reporter: taking your car is a chance on a long injury knee. jean elle, today in the bay. >> this weekend is a great time to use 511 no matter where you
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are heading. give yourself time to get there and time to go home. a search for sierra lamar was a difficult week for the parents of the missing morgan hill teenager. while there's still a suspect charged with murder, sierra herself is still missing. george kiriyama reports they are showing volunteer searchers, the family is, showing thanks for their support in a key way this weekend. >> reporter: sierra lamar's family thanked their supporters, gave out hugs and even smiles. after an emotional week, one that started out with an arrest and ended with a murder charge against antolina torrez, the family wanted to spend time with the volunteers who continue to search for sierra. >> definitely all the support from everyone definitely helps and being out there at the search center and at these events, you know, just keeps us motivated and focused on finding
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sierra. >> doing a little better, yeah. monday night, tuesday, when it all began, it was pretty much a whirlwind and a really hard time there. >> reporter: despite santa clara prosecutors charging torrez with murder, sierra lamar's body has not been found giving sierra supporters a glimmer of hope that she could be out there alive. for them the search continues. >> we can't conclude she's gone. i don't believe that she's gone. and her family doesn't believe she's gone, so the community shouldn't either. >> christine did know a lot about heartbreak and loss. her cousin michelle lay vanished a year ago this sunday. her body was found four months later in the canyon. >> there was no evidence to conclude sierra is gone. until then, you have to keep up hope and keep raising money for the searches and we are going to find her and bring her home. >> reporter: the family and volunteers are asking for help in the rural areas of morgan
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hill to keep their eyes out for anything. >> for farmers and ranchers who have access to outbuildings, take a moment this weekend to check out the locations to ensure sierra is not there. >> reporter: george kiriyama, "today in the bay." >> all the money raised at the winery last night will go to the search for sierra. that resumes this wednesday after the long holiday weekend. investigators say sierra lamar may not be her accused killer's only victim. garcia torrez may have attacked three oh women, one of them telling her story exclusively to nbc bay area. in a few minutes you'll hear her heroing account of a night she'll never forget. investigators are trying to figure out the identity of a woman stuffed inside a garbage can in pleasanton. they can say that they don't believe it is sierra lamar. medical examiners conducted an autopsy of the body that was found thursday morning along dublin valley road.
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pleasanton police say the results of the autopsy are inconclusive, but they are fairly certain that the body is of a woman and not a teenager. >> the autopsy results have not revealed the age or ethnicity, but the investigators who were there for the autopsy have concluded or believe that based on physical characteristics it is not likely the body of sierra lamar. >> pleasanton police say the victim was wearing pajama bottoms, and a blue t-shirt and fingernail poll i shall. anyone that can identify the woman should call them. the family of the man who drowned at an alameda beach as police and firefighters watched from shore are now suing alameda county. raymond zach was fully clothed when he waded 150 yards into the cold waters off crown beach a year ago. a bystander retrieved his body while rescuers watches. officials said firefighters couldn't save zach because the department's water rescue program has been de-funded. the city has since restored
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funding and purchased boats for water rescues. zach's brother and sister say the 911 dispatchers mishandled the call and the county is at fault. if somebody stole your bike, it may be in the ones san francisco police recovered when putting the brakes on a major theft ring. officers arrested 18-year-old irving sanchez last week and found eight bikes inside his home on charter oak avenue in the silver terrace neighborhood. the discovery led officers to a pair of storage lockers in oakland and a dozen more bikes. in all police recovered 114 stolen bicycles. check to see if yours is among them by going to our website,, and just do a search for stolen bikes. if you are near the bay today, you may catch a very cool sight near the golden gate bridge. the "uss iowa" will begin the trek from the port of oakland to southern california. it was supposed to leave last weekend, but it was delayed because of bad weather. it is scheduled to leave at 11:00 this morning and is
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expected to pass under the golden gate bridge by 3:00 this afternoon. when the iowa gets to los angeles it will be transformed into an interactive naval museum. still ahead on "today in the bay," sierra lamar may not be the only one. we'll talk with a morgan hill woman who says she believes she was attacked by the same man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar. plus, it looks like winter and not spring. the weather this year is making memorial day very different this year.
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before sierra lamar there were other possible victim. in morgan hill three women were attacked, possibly by the same man accused of murdering sierra lamar. we'll get to that story in a moment. but first, we want to get the weather forecast for the weekend. my mistake. hi there, rob.
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let's show you what's going on right now around san francisco. you can see we've got the golden gate bridge there and some of the temperatures around the bay area right now are seeing 40s outside as we take a look at santa rosa. 47 degrees. 46 in novato. 50 in san francisco. 52 currently in san jose. 47 in gilroy. as we take a look at the winds, what you have is a bit of a sea breeze, keeping things cool with some low clouds into san francisco and oakland. and as we watch what's happening with the tropical weather, we are watching this on the east coast. kind of a gloomy start to memorial day weekend. you're seeing a chance of a tropical storm hitting the coast there. the southeast, meantime, off the coast of mexico with what's left of tropical storm bud now, just a depression. so a little bit of good news to our south. but back to the bay area, what you'll notice today is still the lingering chance of a few isolated showers mainly around the east bay hilltops. the satellite radar is showing you that system thater isll itis
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toing some snow toward the sierra, but for the bay area it's still pumping inooler air. so we'll see the clouds at times today, but look at that. napa over to solano county, inland east bay hills, maybe a chance of an isolated shower before sundown tonight. and our temperatures today are not what you would expect throughout the day. we'll see temperatures in the 60s to near 70 inland. only the warmest spots, 61 in san francisco. and 50s around pacifica. 60 for half-moon bay. here we go, three-day forecast for memorial day weekend shows temperatures warming up a bit. heading through tomorrow, mainly for inland spots, and then the big warm up comes rolling toward the middle part of the week with numbers rolling into the mid-80s inland heading to wednesday and thursday. >> i just couldn't wait for your forecast. i apologize for. that he's always prepared, though. much more ahead on "today in the bay," a bit of winter in the spring. be prepared for changing weather em you'redi hoa ea t sierra th ml iadaory isweekend. ♪
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only on nbc bay area, before sierra lamar there were other possible victims. three women in morgan hill were attacked, possibly by the same man accused of murdering sierra lamar. this morning an nbc "bay area" exclusive, raj mathai interviews one of the women she believes was attacked by antolin garcia-torres. >> reporter: this woman doesn't want to appear on camera but describes for us her heroing escape from who she believes was garcia-torres. i sensed someone walking behind me, so i started walking faster. so did he. this happened at the morgan hill safeway, the same story where garcia-torres used to work and was arrested on may 21st. she adds, it was 11:00 at night. thank god i was able to get inside my car, but then i looked up and saw him staring right at
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me through the window. he had a very smug look and those pursed lips i'll never forget. though she got away untouched, her description of the man led to this police sketch. and in the last few weeks she says investigators have been in close contact with her. she tell miss e, i'm reliving those horrible memories from three years ago, but i realize i was able to get away. i'm one of the lucky ones. >> and that was raj mathai reporting. we invite you to stay with "nbc bay area" and for continuing coverage of this case. this year bathing suits, barbecues are out for memorial day weekend in the sierra. all weekend long it has been a cold and very chilly and little rainy day as well. chains are required in the mountains and we'll get more from the wild weather from mallry huff in sacramento.
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>> reporter: flurries fell on their way to tahoe, and the spirit of summer shining through winter conditions wasn't hard to find in the high country. you look like you are kind of dressed for summer down here and winter up here. am i right? >> yeah. >> reporter: how did that happen? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: mr. and mrs. hernandez promised their kids a holiday weekend camping trip and they kept their word. >> actually, i almost canceled by my husband is like, no, we are going. range or shine, we are going. >> reporter: they prepare to make a fire and come to term that is they won't be jumping in the lake this weekend. >> we brought the whole nine yards. >> how many things do we need? >> reporter: moments after we left the campgrounds snow began to fell creating conditions that perplexed this man. >> it feels like winter but it is in summer. but it is weird. >> reporter: is it confusing? >> yeah, it is confusing. >> reporter: caltrans officials hope drivers won't be confused
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by the wet weather. due to construction on the i-80 near kisco grove, the eastbound lanes are narrower than usual. >> that was mallory huff reporting. that poor kid expecting warmer weather. buckets of pea-sized hail fell on the city during a brief flurry. that hail came after the snow showers in reno. look how green everything is in the background. and in central kansas, they are cleaning up and assessing damages after at least one funnel cloud and several tornadoes. this funnel cloud was about 100 miles northwest of wichita. power was knocked out. one house was completely destroyed. and one person suffered minor injuries. well, you don't want to wait in the airport security lines? there's a solution if you want to pay a price. you may remember the clear cards from a few years ago when travelers could bypass the long airport security lines.
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the company went bankrupt but new owners made san francisco international the third airport to adopt the cards after orlando and denver. so far there's no place to launch the fast passes in san jose, although it was the first airport to use the technology back in 2007. memberships cost $179 a year, $229 for a family. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, what would it take to take the online test anonymously for your mental health? we'll tell you about a website that promises to deliver a self-analysis. doctors are going to weigh in on the pros and cons of the new screening tool as well.
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apparently there's big money to be had here in the bay area. president obama is returning to attend a fund-raising office here on june 6th, the day after the california primary.
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how much you're wonder? $7500 per person, which includes a photo with the president. you might recall he was just here this week raising $4 million during his 16-hour stay. this morning there are three very full hearts full of gratitude, full of hope. three young people got new hearts at lucille children's hospital, but what makes it so extraordinary is that their surgeries were conducted over three days by the same doctor. mary ann favro has more on the life-changing surgery. >> reporter: amanda seacrest, william modoro and james spencer share a common pond, they all received heart surgeries just hours apart performed by the same surgeon. >> they were all about 12-hour type of surgeries. >> reporter: not just long, but complicated, too. >> they were all fairly complex cases because of the congenital heart disease they had. >> reporter: the young patients
7:23 am
are certainly grateful to their surgeons but say they wouldn't be here if the donors families had not made generous decisions during a time of tragedy. >> those who donated their organs, god bless them. it is unfortunate for their families and for their loss. i can't thank them more than -- it's such a selfless act. i can't thank them more than anything. >> reporter: the transplants allowed the young patients to start making plans for the future. william will graduate from high school from palo alto in june and later head off to college. amanda and james will head back to college. jainls says he'll always remember the three days that changed three lives and vows to never take his new heart for granted. >> you'll never ever be able to repay them, but it's just something that you can live on, do everything you can to treat your heart the best you can.
7:24 am
you just got a second life, a second chance. >> reporter: in palo alto, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> what is your mental health number? find out by taking just a three-minute anoun mouse test on your competer. mary ann favro looks at the risks and benefits of the screening tool as well. >> reporter: patrick henry had to endure electroshock therapy and more than a dozen trips to the hospital before doctors finally diagnosed him with bipolar disorder, five years later he started showing major system toms. >> anything we can use to find early warning signs or figure out what's going on with the person as soon as possible. we really change the outcome. >> reporter: now primary care doctors have a new tool to screen for mental illness. it's called whatsmy
7:25 am
you can take the test anonymously on your computer or smart phone. in just three minutes you can get your mental health number. if it is over 30, that may indicate you have a mental health issue. >> the questions they are using are actually those that have high sensitivity for detecting depression, anxiety, trauma, ocd. i think the questions they use are good questions. >> reporter: psychiatrist dr. manaja believes the test could help people who didn't realize they have a problem seek professional help. but he's also concerned those who take the test on their own may try to treat themselves, too. >> i think when a person uses their skills without seeing a professional, they need help. >> reporter: he offers patients a better insight to their mental health enabling them to catch early warning signs they may have missed during a quick visit. in san jose, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> the government is hoping to
7:26 am
harness the power of twit tore learn what health issues are trending in your area. recent research shows trending topics on social media are often an indicator of e merging health issues. the department of health and human survey has now come up with the now trending challenge that asks computer-savvy adults to develop a program to keep track of trendy illnesses on twitter. they hope to customize their results by regions so users can learn the top five health concerns for their area. the submission deadline is the end of this month. winners will receive a $21,000 prize. still ahead on "today in the bay," the family of missing teenager sierra lamar gets a chance to show their appreciation. despite their grief, we'll show you why they enjoy a friday night out. and we'll take you to the gilroy fund-raiser as well. plus, a mother's sacrifice. a south bay family is in mourning after a tragic accident on a busy interstate.
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good morning to you. looking live at the golden gate bridge on a picture perfect day. this weekend is the 75th celebration of the bridge. we will celebrate it in big style tomorrow, but today we are just admiring it. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. and the forecast for memorial day, the unofficial start of summer. it's the return of winter, i would say. >> not this week, at least the way things are starting. it is chilly outside. 40s and 50s around the bay area. some sunshine there near the golden gate bridge. and we are watching a few clouds off to our east. you can see the trough that kicked off the showers yesterday still close enough to the bay area that later on today we might see an isolated shower or two.
7:30 am
near pap a county and eastern santa clara county. we are talking on the east side of mount hamilton for the evening. look at the temperatures, most of the bay area at 50s and 60s. close to 70 in concord and santa rosa for the afternoon. speaking of the golden gate, heading out there today, the day before the big anniversary tomorrow, you can keep the jacket on today. we'll be close to 60 degrees with patchy low clouds tomorrow with a warm up coming our way. the seven-day shows a big warm up coming up. we'll let you know if that arrives for the end of the memorial day weekend plans coming up in the full core cast forecast coming up. >> thank you, rob. the search for sierra lamar will continue, just not this weekend. her family asked volunteer searchers to take the weekend off and enjoy time with their own families. sierra's family joined their supporters at a fund-raiser last night at the jason stevens winery in gilroy. it was an emotional week starting with an arrest and ended with a murder charge against antolin garcia-torres.
7:31 am
the santa clara prosecutors are charging garcia-torres with murder, but sierra's body has not been found giving her family a glimmer of hope that sierra could still be alive. >> definitely all the support from everyone, definitely helps, and being out at the search center and at these events just keeps us motivated and focused on just finding sierra. >> all the money will go to the search for sierra. the search will resume on wednesday after the long holiday weekend. a san jose family is in mourning after a tragic accident on 680 thursday. the mom was killed instantly by a big rig as her teenager behind the wheel watched in horror. the pair was exiting the mckey road off-ramp to pick up the teen's high school diploma when a truck flipped over. mom with her last breath made a
7:32 am
decision to save her daughter's life. cheryl hurd as more on the loss and the heartache. >> we have a two-car fatality. one person deceased at the scene. >> a deadly crash on highway 680 in san jose. >> the preliminary investigation shows the big rig traveling eastbound on mckey road to northbound 680. >> reporter: a big rig that may have been going too fast according to the chp. >> the right passenger succumbed to her injuries because of the fully loaded big rig that fell onto the car. >> reporter: the driver said, my mother saved her. a quote from the younger daughter. she says her mom and her were best friend. on that tragic day mother and daughter were about to exit the freeway headed to independence high school to pick up her diploma. she says, my mom's life was filled with hardship but never
7:33 am
minded it. she was happy to take care of all of us. as an immigrant from vietnam, hieu huynh loved to cook and loved her two daughters and her dog. she says her sister was not aware that the truck was tipping over and it was my mom who told her to turn left. through tears she told her sister they have to let her mother go because she has done her job. sending two girls to college. now she can rest in peace. in san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. this morning police are searching for clues in a drive-by shooting that sent a man to the hospital. officers say the victim was driving on bayfront expressway near university avenue around 5:00 friday night when a dark green car pulled up and someone started shooting. the victim was shot and taken to stanford hospital for minor injuries. police are investigating that shooting. a warning this morning for
7:34 am
people in the south bay, especially the elderly. the santa clara district attorney's office is on the lookout for landscapers who show up without being called, offer unusually low prices, and then ask for money up front. the district attorney says once they get the money they leave without doing any of the work. you are asked to find a reliable gardener through friends and neighbors and not to use unsolicited help. firefighters knocked down a very small and smoky grass fire in the south bay last night. it was put out just before 10:00 in coyote creek near the capital expressway area. the flames blackened about 5,000 square feet. it was contained in just about a half hour's time. well, this year is not your usual memorial day weekend in the bay area. it is full of non-memorial day events. you'll want to be sure to plan ahead before going throughout this morning. the 75th anniversary party will draw thousands and the missions
7:35 am
carnaval will be sizzling. beware the dumbarton bridge is closed until tuesday morning and the muni lines are out of commission. here's a rundown on getting around that you don't want to miss. >> i'm going to stay home and not go any place. >> reporter: this woman plans to avoid one thing this holiday weekend. gridlock is expected in parts of san francisco. flashing signs are posted warning drivers to expect big delays. there's a long list of reasons why. starting with the golden gate bridge anniversary party sunday. hundreds of thousands of people are expected along the marina green and kristy field and there will be no parking. saturday and sunday there is carnaval in the mission. there's construction near the transbay terminal and the end juda and j-church muni lines shut down. trains loaded with people will be replaced with much smaller buses. that's all just in san francisco. on the peninsula, the dumbarton bridge is closed all weekend.
7:36 am
that means more drivers on other bridges. in san francisco, muni will be beefing up service. >> if you do want to come to the city, come to the city. we'll have a plan in place, we'll have transit out there, but there will be congestion. >> reporter: roads approaching the golden gate bridge may turn into a parking lot sunday night when the span is closed at 9:00 for a fireworks show. locals say if you drive, bring a sense of humor. >> oh, it is crazy, it's going to be horrible. anything down there, like crossing the bridge on a sunday is horrible. it's going to be miserable. >> don't do it, take bart. take a cab. >> reporter: taking your car is taking a chance on a long journey. jean elle for "today in the bay." >> you can also watch some of the celebration right here on nbc bay area. more on that tomorrow. well, there's a good weekend to use 511 traffic information, and that's this weekend. make sure you give yourself time to get to your destination and extra time to get home. one of the most famous
7:37 am
battleships will bid farewell for the last time today. the "uss iowa" was supposed to leave last weekend but was delayed for bad weather. it is scheduled to leave at 11:00 this morning and expected to pass under the golden gate bridge by 3:00 this afternoon. when the iowa gets to los angeles it will be transformed into an interactive naval museum. still ahead on "today in the bay." on this memorial weekend, a chance to remember a san jose soldier who was killed in afghanistan last week. we'll talk with his parents about how he wanted to give something back to the world and do something different with his life. plus, he squatted in one of the silicon valley's most well-known companies for months to help save money for his start-up. it is an incredible story with a happy ending. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back.
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looking live at a pretty picture of cloud cover there. chilly temperatures to start the day. if you're headed out, make sure to dig out the sweater because it feels more like winter and less like spring. it is a somber memorial day weekend for the family of a san jose soldier killed wednesday in afghanistan. lieutenant travis mccotto died when a bomb exploded next to his patrol. as our sister station reports in seattle, he felt he wanted to do something different with his life. >> reporter: after studying at the u.w., travis morgotto graduated with a civil engineering degree in 2009, but he felt a higher calling. one that his family didn't expect and didn't really want for him. >> i really wanted him to be in the army corps of engineers, but he wanted this. >> he wanted infantry. >> he wanted infantry. >> it was hard, it was hard to let go. >> reporter: his mother and
7:41 am
step-father didn't like it when travis joined the army infantry, but they understand. >> i think it goes back to the core of who travis was. testifies empathetic and he was very giving. >> reporter: family says it came from his upbringing in edmonds. >> he realized how fortunate he was and how good of a life he had and he wanted to give back and help people. i mean, he had a degree in civil engineering, he really could have done anything. but it shows he chose to fight for our country. >> reporter: on wednesday second lieutenant morgotto led a combat in afghanistan and died from the explosive device. family and friends know nothing more than that and are waiting for details from the army. >> i mean, i loved him, more than anything, as much as anyone. >> reporter: at the edmonds fire station the flag is lowered to honor the native son who left the comforts of home and won't be coming back. >> it will be the beginning of a
7:42 am
new see consequence of memorial days for us. never have another memorial day like we used to. and i just hope everyone remembers travis and everybody else who has served on this weekend. >> we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, how far would you go to get your start-up off the ground? we'll talk with an entrepreneur who lived inside a tech company for two months without anybody knowing and how his stunt is paying off. and our bay area weather is seeing all types of conditions. sunshine in san jose, but overcast around oakland with some mist falling in a few spots. we'll talk more about this winter-like start to memorial day weekend and the full forecast when we come right back. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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looking live at the golden gate bridge, looks pretty good for 75 years old. as of tomorrow we'll see quite a show, which will be bringing to you here on nbc bay area tomorrow evening. we are watching the low clouds move in just after the fireworks at 9:00 tomorrow night. we have cool temperatures for you this morning. you need a jacket heading outside. 40s and 50s right now and low clouds into oakland. patchy, low clouds in spots near san francisco. 52 right now in san jose. we do have a pretty strong sea breeze reaching our inland spots into fairfield and concord. you're seeing the winds close to 20 miles per hour. you see here on the satellite and radar view, the system that brought the showers yesterday very slowly moving off to the east. so we'll get this today as the cold air is dropping down over the bay area. we'll give you another cool afternoon, but for the hilltops into napa county and maybe around the east bay, mainly out to traci, east never livermore and off to the east of san jose
7:46 am
during the afternoon. we may see a pop-up isolated shower, but the main affect is cool temperatures here for your saturday. so 4:00, notice this, near napa county and solano county, similar to yesterday. might see an isolated shower. then as the sun sets we lose the instability and things start to quiet down. but if you're heading to the high country, be prepared for winter-like conditions with slow snow levels close to 6,000 feet today. and we could see isolated thunder combining with the heat of the day and the instability. we could get that in addition to some winter-like conditions there around the tahoe basin for today. look at the bay area temperatures. 60s to near 70s for the warmest places inland. partly cloudy skies and cool breeze out of the north. near the tri-valley, numbers closer to 70 degrees for the afternoon. i think some of the warmest spots out to fairfield and napa and santa rosa, if we get the wind out of the north, that should warm you up a bit. maybe the low 70s near sonoma and santa rosa up toward lake
7:47 am
port. san francisco is quite cool with numbers close to 60. tomorrow we'll see temperatures come up a little bit more. shut down the showers tomorrow and you'll see temperatures inland. back into the 70s for your seven-day. should be in the mid-60s during the day tomorrow. and monday and tuesday we'll stay mild, but then the big change comes wednesday and thursday. and so instead of the cold trough bringing the winter-like air towards northern california, we'll see high pressure building in meaning we'll go from a taste of went tore a taste of summer by the middle part of the week. the memorial day weekend is kind of a slow warm-up towards monday, but the middle part of the week is toasty coming back. >> i am experimenting with different allergy medications because your forecast is still kind of allergy-ish. >> the plants have been very busy this year. >> yeah, very busy. >> hope you feel better. >> i don't like this brand, so i'm trying something else. the housing market is tight in the bay area, but this story
7:48 am
goes beyond that. an entrepreneur hid inside a company for four months. it is an amazes story with a happy ending. here's tech reporter scott budman. >> reporter: we have seen young entrepreneurs in silicon valley before, but 20-year-old eric simons is known for more than his work ethic. >> i was working every single day and it got to the point where i was like, there's a couch right there. >> reporter: he's known as the guy who turned a four-month incubator visit at aol into a longer stay. >> they go, this would be a sweet place to live, there's the pin-ball machine, coke on tap. >> reporter: eric squatted at the palo alto headquarters for two months without anyone knowing. >> it was just me. i had no money. and because i had no money i had no place to live. my parents are on the other side of the country. >> reporter: stealthy trying to work by day and finding a place to sleep at night. >> you can't be alert. like you have to go off in a
7:49 am
corner and pray someone doesn't come and find you there. >> reporter: but all good things come to an end. >> the room i was in, they call it nap quest, so you can take naps in there. >> reporter: and eric got caught. >> it is time to go. the party has come to an end. >> reporter: now a couple couches later eric start-up called classconnect has received funding. eric has a house and a silicon valley reputation. >> when you're broke and have nothing, you go to great lengths to make things happen. >> reporter: in palo alto, scott budman, "today in the bay." >> rob stays here on the weekend. >> yeah, that's right. much more ahead on "today in the bay." the bay area celebrates the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary this weekend. why skeptics thought it couldn't be built. but first, here's mike inouye with a look at the weekend calendar. >> good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's a lotted to today in the bay. staying local this holiday
7:50 am
weekend? head over to the 23rd annual bay area kidfest in downtown concord. there's the live shark experience, rides, shows, they also have the clayton bikes bmx stunt show and sponge bob. there's even a demo by the concord canine team for folks out there. police dog, i should say. now we'll contract those with the wiener nationals in berkeley. over 100 wiener dogs will compete in a total of ten races at a distance of 30 yards. that is truly a big deal. if you consider the length of their stride, that is. the puppies race starts at 12:30 this afternoon. maybe too mainstream for you, then jump on the bus to the south. the 33rd morgan hill mushroom mardi gras festival. gilroy has the garlic but morgan hill has mushrooms as their predominant local crop. highlighting local food, local
7:51 am
wines and local traffic. this festival raises funds for local educational scholarships. now, with a source like that, everyone can take a liking to this event. and as you venture out of your cave this saturday, the dumbarton bridge is still close ed today in the bay.
7:52 am
7:53 am
well, what may be the party of this memorial day weekend will be in san francisco as the beautiful city celebrates the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: if you really can leave your heart in san francisco, chances are it's on the golden gate bridge. >> the bridge has a personality, it has a life, it has a feeling to it. it beckons people. >> it's a long way. >> reporter: on its 75th anniversary, the golden gate is still a wonder. >> it's one of the things you
7:54 am
need to see in the world. >> reporter: not just for its beauty, but for the sheer fact it was built at all. skeptics called it impossible. >> the greatest challenge was the south tower. in the turbulent tide of the golden gate strait, the high winds and fog. >> the country was also in the midst of the great depression, but as the bridge took shape over four years, so, too, did the idea that america could rebuild. at 4200 feet it was the world's longest suspension bridge at the time. >> well, it really symbolizes progress to me. >> reporter: edgar stone was just 17 when he and buddies camped out all night to be among the first toes cross. >> the closer you got to the bridge the more excitement. >> reporter: it's not much different today. >> when you see that bridge, you get that feeling, it is just a special place. >> reporter: rocky has worked here for 28 years overseeing the painting of that famous international bridge. >> i dream in international
7:55 am
orange, it's a great color. >> reporter: this color that is such an icon is just an accident. it was just a primer on the metal until the architect saw how it looked against the landscape and the color stuck. >> i can't imagine the color. who would imagine it in gray or silver? >> reporter: it could have been a different picture for the bridge that has stolen hearts. >> it's a great symbol of america and what america can do. >> reporter: and giving hope for 75 years. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, san francisco. >> nbc bay area is a proud sponsor of sunday's 75th anniversary celebration of the golden gate bridge. join us all day tomorrow for extended live coverage of the big party. you can also go to for more information. and we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, she loves shopping, so her boyfriend knew exactly how to propose. we'll have one bay area couple's romantic story.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
if you are a fan of the televised shopping shows, you know you can get almost anything, even engaged. adam knew his fan eleanor was a huge fan of qvc, so he arranged a tour of her pennsylvania studios. she is asked to endorse a product in an interview but then he went off script. >> i would like to ask if you'll marry me. >> yes. >> that was not the end of the surprise. hi, there. i know this is an awful lot for you to take in all at once. congratulations, are you eleanor? >> yes. >> and you're adam? you are a rascally rabbit is what you are. >> david venable joined the couple offering a champagne toast. he wanted to make it original.
7:59 am
we are sold. thank you for joining us today. all the local news will be coming up later on tonight.


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