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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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crowds are a bit smaller than expected. we have live team coverage from the 75th anniversary and even live on the san francisco bay. let's begin with george kiriyama who's at the marina green. hello, george. >> reporter: hello, diane. you know, paris has the eiffel tower, well, we have the golden gate and the big orange bridge in the bay means something different for everyone, but it's been a symbol of love for many, especially one woman who walked the golden gate 75 years ago. >> so there's alcatraz. >> reporter: doris hale will never forget that day when she and her family walked across the golden gate bridge for the very first time. >> we packed up a lunch, walked the bridge and sat on the marine side and had our lunch. >> reporter: in the 75 years
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since, the golden gate has been a symbol for memories for doris, romance being one of them. >> when i was dating we used to walk across. i guess that's a romantic situation. >> reporter: bethese two are hoping their love does as well. >> the duration is romantic, that something is longlasting, forever, and strong. >> reporter: this engineering marvel is much more than just a red bridge. the golden gate is san francisco. >> probably even better than eiffel tower. it's not as tall, but it serves a purpose. it's not just a structure that sits there and looks pretty. >> reporter: doris hale calls it a thrill to be here 75 years later. to her, the bridge is just asma jess tick now as it was back then. >> well, i feel i'm blessed to begin with, that i'm able to be here physically and it's very exciting because now my family can do it with me.
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>> reporter: here's another live look at the golden gate bridge, beautiful just after 6:00. i met a lot of people who speak of the gaelden gate with such passion. they tell me they wanted to be part of this historic event and of course they can't wait until the fireworks which begin at felony: 9:00. i'm george kiriyama, bay area news. >> here is a live picture showing the view of the gaelden gate bridge from the san francisco bay aboard a boat. that's why it's a little -- we're moving along a bit. little rapv wavy there golden g bridge, absolutely gorgeous. let's check in with stephanie trung with more. >> reporter: hi there, diane. we moved so you could see the vantage point for people here at chrissy field, a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. you know, everyone i've stopped and talked to has said this event has lived up to all of its
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hype. they were looking forward to it, and it's been a success so far, especially for the people with personal ties to this bridge. people like arlene gordon who's here with the family, celebrating her father accomplishments, charles heynebok elle, he helped to build the bridge from 1933 to 1936. he just passed away a few years ago. he would have been 100 years old. his family came to honor his memory, a legacy he didn't know he was going to leave behind, at least not at the time. >> we've been talking about that he didn't see it in that way. he saw it as it was a good job, and he brought money home to his family. because i was just lucky to have a job. now that it's become an icon. >> reporter: an icon enjoyed by tens of thousands of people today. the main stage is cloels, where there's music all day long. what just wrapped up is a vintage car and motorcycle
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display from the year 1937, of course when the bridge opened, until now. i just spoke to mary curry from the transportation zraidistrict. she said the traffic was a concern, there hasn't been many problems. another important note, the fireworks show is huge, of course so many people coming out for that. but it also means the sidewalks on the bridge are going to be closed. they've been closed as of 6:00. and the bridge will be closed to cars at 9:00. so just a warning. stephanie truong, nbc bay area news. today's celebration looks quite a bit different than the bridge's 50th anniversary in 1987. this youtube video shows the massive crowd of about 3,000 people who converged onment bring that day. at one point all that weight caused the bridge to flatten, dropping about seven feet from its normal arch. that's not even counting the
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other 500,000 people or so who crowded on the waterfront and couldn't get to the bridge. 25 years later, the bridge is not crammed with people or cars. in fact, right now the pedestrian walk ways are closed. cars can still cross this evening, but, at 9:00, they, too, will be out of luck. the bridge will shut it down to all traffic from 9:00 to 10:00 for the fireworks show. right now no traffic on that bridge. speaking of fireworks, though, meteorologist rob mayeda is in san francisco with a look at the fog forecast for us tonight. hopefully no fog in the forecast. what's up, rob? rncht >> reporter: are well, so far i'm enkoorg couraged by all the camera views. you saw the live pictures across the golden gate bridge. we are fog-free for now, which is the good news, as we get right to the forecast. it's chilly out here. you probably don't want short sleeves like i have. a jacket will be final. but we will see some low clouds coming back in as we go through the rest of the night. what we're going to see here as we get to the fireworks show
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around 9:30, we'll see patchy low clouds toward midnight. we won't see the red and blue clouds sometimes when the fog rolls in. the low clouds should stay above the tops of the towers so overall good viewing. a little windy outside. as you might have noticed, it's been a cool memorial day weekend so far, but we do have much warmer, big changes in your seven-day forecast. we'll talk more about that as we come back for the full weather forecast. right now, all signs and all systems go for a great fireworks show. the weather is actual ly koormtdikoormtd i cooperating. >> if you want to watch the fireworks, you can log on to we will be live-streaming the fireworks show, beginning at 9:30 tonight, and we will have more coverage on the golden gate's birthday throughout the it newscast just a little later, we speak to former san francisco mayor wil brown about the bridge, the celebrations and the history of the golden gate bridge.
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there is another bridge that's getting plenty of attention this weekend as well, but for very different reasons. the dunbarton bridge is closed for seismic upgrades this weekend. the work is about one-third of the way done, caltrans says. a new steel plate is being installed across the deck, that plate should allow the it bridge to be move and be flexible during an earthquake. >> replacing the original with a new seismic joint, giving the deck an additional 18 inches of movement in a seismic event. >> officials say they'll have better idea when the bridge will open to traffic tomorrow. as of now, the plan is to have the bridge open in time for the morning commute tuesday. next at 6:00, san jose police investigate the death of a 16-year-old boy this weekend. we'll have the latest on that. also ahead, we'll take you out to the east bay as the family of michelle language meie one day since she disappeared.
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also the family of sierra lamar is taking part. the u.n. holds an emergency meeting over the massacre in syria and offers some harern wo storm bers.l w yl bears tropical storm beryl b down on the east coast. we're back in two minutes. mom? hmm?
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zane-year-old boy. it happened around midnight on a home on virginia avenue near the interchange of 101 and 680. police say they found two people with gunnel shot wounds including a 16-year-old boy who died at the scene. other man was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to survive. police have not made any arrests but say gun fire appears to be dang related. and happening right now, here is a live look at a prayer vigil being held right now for michelle lay, the 26-year-old nursing student who was killed last year. the family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is also expected to attend this vigil. the two families have grown close since sierra went missing more than two months ago. lay's memorial, which is open to the public, is being held at mt. eden park near the intersection of hesperian boulevard and tennyson. michelle went missing in hayward in may of 2011. after more than three months of searching, her body was found in
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pleasanton. lay's family says while it's been a very difficult year, they want to focus today on lay's life and to celebrate it. >> just remember that her story is not forgotten, that people still love her and care for her even a year later. >> a former high school classmate has been charged with lay's death. the 28-year-old entered a not guilty plea. her driel is scheduled for september 17th, exactly one year from when lay's body was found. in news it from around the world, the united nations security council is coming down hard on syria after a massacre that left more than 100 people dead. across syria today, people filled the streets to protest the killings. most of the victims were with women and children. today the u.n. council condemned the syrian government for its role in the massacre, the action the strongest yet allowed by russia, a strong ally of syria. syria continues to blame others for the massacre. back here in the united states, tropical storm beryl has shut
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down beaches across southern atlantic coast. the national hurricane center now says beryl is near hurricane strength. the tropical storm warnings are in effect along the georgia coastline as well as parts of florida and south carolina. beryl is expected to move ashore later this evening, bringing heavy rainfall and winds along with it. and still ahead at 6:00, a unique thank you for veterans of the bay area hospital. plus, our coverage of the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary continues. rob mayeda is live at the bridge with your fireworks forecast and memorial day forecast as well. plus -- >> the view of the bridge is spectacular. coming up, we'll hear how some folks feel about the bridge and when they were here 25 years ago.
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returning now to the coverage of the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, a live look at the bridge and just another gorgeous day. it's sunny and windy out there, but look at that. no fog as of right now. the durational gift for a 75th anniversary is a diamond so tonight we're saying that fireworks will serve as diamonds, i suppose. and for those of us who have been around for a little while, we also remember the last big party, the 50th anniversary of the bridge. i remember it well. and nbc bay area's sheryl herd caught up with one of the party planners from 1987. hi, sheryl. >> reporter: how are you doing, diane? i caught up with willie brown, but i have to tell you he tested me during the break. i do believe 25 years ago i was a writer somewhere here in the bay area for one of the news stations. we're right in the middle of
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this celebration, folks are lining up, getting ready for the spectacular celebration. and we can also hear from the folks who were the party planners 25 years ago. >> it looks nice. >> reporter: dave elliot and michael fisher are getting ready to take their boat out into the bay to check out the fireworks for the 75th annual golden gate bridge celebration. they both remember what it was like during the bridge's 50th anniversary. >> i go to my wife, look at the bridge. it's completely flat. there's no arc in it. we're going, yeah, it's flat. how can this be? it's eerie. is this safe? >> we attempted to make our way aclos on bicycles but it was futile. we got a beautiful picture of the blimp coming across. it shows the blimp in between the top of the tower, which was a gorgeous site. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor willie brown remembers the views from the landmark bridge. he was actually walking on the bridge from san francisco, meeting people from the marin
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county side. this youtube video shows just how packed it was on the bridge that day. >> and with more than 1 million on the bridge, it appeared to have flattened out, which frightened me. it took almost four hours for me to get off that bridge, and this celebration i am going to enjoy every second of it, but it will not be in close proximity to anybody. >> reporter: the forecast is expected to be about the same as it was 25 years ago, but this time there will be no marin county and san francisco meeting in the middle of the bridge. but there will be thousands of people on land and hundreds of people in boats. boating safety will be a top prierlt. >> most of the boaters that go in the bay are somewhat trained, take coast guard auxiliary courses. most of the skippers in the bay know what they're doing. then again, you have a handful that sometimes don't pay that close attention to their environment. >> reporter: so we are having a spectacular time here on the
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finway. why is it called the finway? our skipper here russ is from boston, but we won't hold it against him because he has been a spectacular host for us tonight. as you can see again, the folks are lined up waiting for the fireworks tonight. we will also be here on the boat and bring you some spectacular views coming up at 11:00. so stick with nbc bay area. reporting live from the waters on the finway, i'm sheryl herd, nbc bay area news. back to you. >> sheryl, we are dating ourselves, admitting i was graduating from college and you were already working 25 years ago. all right, thanks a lot. >> reporter: exactly. meteorologist rob mayeda is also in san francisco with a look at the weather and your fire woshg fireworks forecast. >> reporter: joined by a bigger crowd, really folks starting to fill in around marina green. it is still cool and breezy, but, look, we still have sunshine and the sun glint off the water. so still nice conditions out here. quickly, to the forecast, what i
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can show you is that we're finally going to start to see a pattern change as we get out of memorial day weekend. first, we've had the cool air over the bay area for the last couple of days, starting tomorrow our inland temperatures will warm up a little bit as we start to see a pattern shift, this trough over the west coast for the last couple of days. that's going to finally scoot to the east, allowing high pressure to build in. then i really think you'll notice wednesday and thursday. gone will be the 60s and low 70s for highs, wednesday, thursday and friday we're talking summerlike heat coming back, 80s and 90s come thursday into friday. so something to look forward to if you like summer weather. fireworks forecast looks pretty good. i think we'll get patchy clouds filling into the bay, especially after midnight tonight. but the bases of those clouds should hopefully stay above the golden gate bridge towers. then tomorrow morning plan on some mist and drizzle for your morning drive. overnight temperatures as the low clouds fill back in, we'll see 40s and 50s around the bay area. if you wake up tomorrow morning for your memorial day plans,
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don't be surprised to see mist on the windshield. temperatures a little warmer, a few 70s popping up inland. to the tri-valley the numbers should be in the mid-70s. the north bay, a few low 70s around santa rosa and sonoma. mid-60s up and down the peninsula for tomorrow. the three-day forecast shows wednesday into thursday temperatures really climbing up. there you go, 80s, 90s. thursday the hottest day of the week. as you roll toward next weekend, we'll see cooling temperatures again. live across the bay, as you look across the bay, you can see the boats out there and also nice conditions, a little windy, though. and, as the crowd continues to fill on in, i've got to ask the folks here at marina green, hey, you guys excited for some fireworks or what? i think they're pumped up. we're pumped up. about three hours from now, the good show is it going to be right off the golden gate bridge there. right now the weather is cooperating. everybody here having a great time. of course we'll be broadcasting it to you on
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that's how things look here at marina green. back to you in the studio. >> rob, i hope you brought a jookt jacket for tonight. it is already too cold to be in short sleeves. >> it is. >> thanks, rob. still ahead at 6:00 -- the bay area hospital with an mi up.'ll plain coming
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people at stanford hospital who have serve of in the
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military will receive a special honor this memorial day. all patients and employees who identify them as u.s. veterans monday will be given a red, white and blue wrist band. the idea is the wristbands will publicly identify veterans, giving people a chance to say thank you to the vets and perhaps even encourage conversations between patients as well as visitors about their service. a stanford hospital employee came up with that idea. and still ahead at 6:00 -- the san francisco giants take on the marlins. we'll show you. then the a's find themselves locked in a tight btle with the yankees. sports is next.ed
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i'm at the xfinity sports desk. like many others in this country, the giants spent their holiday weekend fishing. early this afternoon they finally reeled one in in miami. we take you to the series finale
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between the giants and marlins. matt cain would have a lead before he took the hill, that courtesy of melky cabrera, two outs he lines one over the wall in right, his fourth homer of the year, on1-0 giants. buster posey lops one to center. brian peterson has a beat on it but can't make the play. posey watches melky score. 3-2 at that point. matt cain 6 2/3 innings and the giants would close this thing out with a win before cain gives up the run there to make it 3-2. then here's jose reyes, the final out of the game, casilla gets the save, giants win 3-2. how about the's ta a's and yank. scoreless, top of the second, andruw jones, see you, a solo shot, 1-0 new york. the a's in a hole.
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top of the seventh, same score, mark teixeira, red hot, into the gap in right center, rbi double, allows granderson to score. yankees take a 2-0 lead. staying that way into the ninth, a's get a runner on in the ninth, but a strikeout to end the game. yaees win 2-0 and sweep the series over the a's 3-0. >> pitched great. jones hits a home run off him on a first pitch and really that's all they got, not many great swings until teixeira hits the ball in the gap. i think we're beyond pressing at this point. you know, we've got to try to relax and not -- we're trying too hard. got to take it easier. indianapolis, the great spectacle in racing, dan weldon, the defending champ passed away last october, the defending champ. mike conway, not a textbook pit
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stop. final lap, dario franchitti in the lead. the race would finish under caution. fran kchitti takes the victory, his third career indy 500 career. wife ashley judd pretty pleased. got to love it. diane, won't be as good as the party tonight in the city of san francisco. >> i can't wait. thanks a lot. and the golden gate bridge is part of the fabric, right, the artwork of the bay area. so we asked you to send your favorite pictures to us using insta-gram. you can see the pictures on our web site you can also still send your pictures, again, use hash tag ggb and we'll take those pictures and put those on our web with site, as many as we can, show of all the spectacular sights of the beautiful golden gate bridge. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. remember, if you don't want to
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go out to the bridge, you can watch the fireworks on starting at 9:30 tonight. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00 with righighlights. until then, have a great night and enjoy a shot of the bridge.


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