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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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barry bonds? do you know the timing of this? >> reporter: what's next is barry bonds could be back in a giants uniform if he got his way. as for the why today, who knows. caught the media by surprise when he decided to open up. as you mentioned did include his take on being convicted last spring. >> it's just there. it is what it is. i went through the system. that's what i am. you can never predict those things. you move on. i'll never forget it. i have been able to move on. i didn't see what they gave me. i'm appealing that. >> you'll be on the hall of fame ballot for the first time.
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are you expecting to be a first ballot guy? >> i have no idea. i'll be at home having a good time with my family. hopefully doing stuff to -- you guys know me. i've never been like that. i don't try to predict the f future. i don't try to analyze what other people are thinking or how it's going to turn out. i have faith in my opponent as they come. it would be very sad if it didn't happen. >> and i know you're wondering, yes, barry says his weight is down to about 212 pounds thanks to new affinity for cycling. we will have more from the home run king later in this newscast. that's it for now. >> okay, thank you very much, dave. for the second time in four days vallejo police are
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investigating the fatal shooting involving one of their own officers. early this morning a police officer opened fire on a 41-year-old man after a high-speed chase. the officer says he thought the man was reaching for a weapon. turns out tofs just a wallet. kimberly tere is live with what police are saying and what the suspect's family are saying, and it's quite a different story. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. we are here where the police pursuit ended in a cul-de-sac on the west side of vallejo. loved ones say the suspect is a good father, someone who worked for the last 15 years as a supervisor at a napa winery. police taking a very different picture, one that includes an extensive criminal history. >> they say he shot my dad and he died. >> reporter: the mother of anton barrett, the youngest son, said she didn't believe it. >> he didn't carry a gun, he
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didn't even own a gun. >> reporter: police say they saw a white lexus with its headlights off. the driver who they have identified as barrett started speeding and did not stop until the car tires were flattened on wilson avenue. from there police say barrett and the passenger, anton jr., took off running. one officer caught up with barrett. >> the officer, a seven-year veteran of the police department ordered him to the ground but barrett failed to comply. >> reporter: police say barrett reached into the pocket of his sweatshirt and pulled out a black object and that's when the officer fired. >> i heard -- gunshots, at least four or five. >> oh, it was scary because of the shots. it was scary. >> reporter: police say the object was a card case. >> sometimes after the fact when we look at all the facts, we tend to go, well, that doesn't make sense. when you're talking about fractions of seconds, there's not a lot of time to assess. they have to react or put
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themselves and others at harm by not reacting. >> nobody is perfect. he had a dui and that's why he ran, because he didn't want to go back. he had a couple of them. and, you know, that still doesn't give anybody a reason to kill anyone. >> reporter: police say barrett had a criminal history dating back to 1985 which includes felonies for evading, resisting arrest and drug possession. he's also on probation in napa county on a suspended license charge. police say they did find barrett's son who took off running. he was arrested. there was a third person in the vehicle. police say they are still looking for him or her. live in vallejo, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. it's not just about parades and memorials. this memorial day is about teaching and coping. older veterans helping younger veterans escape the demons of war, returning from duty can be
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a painful process. david trujillo spoke with veterans separated by a generation. they can be a powerful ally for those just now coming home, correct? >> reporter: and they're doing just that, raj. the veterans will tell you the military does a good job turning them into fighters but getting that fight out of them when they return home isn't always easy. now thanks in part to vietnam veterans getting help has become easier. the war ended almost 40 years ago for hernandez but in many ways the vietnam veteran is still fighting that are war. >> i'm still under a program with the vet center. i've been through the posttraumatic stress classes and i've been through the anger management classes. >> reporter: buddy wanning knows why. >> when we came back, i think vietnam veterans got mistreated and it took 30-some years before
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they realized how bad vietnam veterans got it when they came back. >> reporter: they say they're glad the nation is finally getting it. if not for them, for their brothers and sisters fighting today. one of them toured in afghanistan with the 4th infantry division. >> honored to stand next to you. >> reporter: the department of veterans affairs is urging veterans to get help even if they think they're okay. this woman says she doesn't want them to be treated like those returning from vietnam. >> that's why we are right there, 90 days after they come home, we're right there doing assessments. >> reporter: those who suffer from ptsd deserve a purple heart because they, too, are injured in combat. it just so happens that their scars are on the inside. >> i think that historically p
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it tsd was not treated. it was known as combat fatigue, other things throughout the centuries. we now realize that it is an actual neurological response to a very serious war experience. >> ptsd impacts the brain. they don't come back as the former person that went in to war. >> reporter: hernandez learned that the hard way. 40 years and a part of him is still in vietnam. ry k ricardo is an american patriot serving in vietnam in 1971 and '72. he's now a peer support counselor for returning veterans over at the san jose vet center. if you know a veteran who might need help, logon to our website and click on our story today. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. thank you. another sobering reality of war, a soldier from salinas has been
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killed in afghanistan. he died on saturday but the announcement didn't come until today. the department of defse d says e specialistville march hernandez died in the kandahar province when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. he was assigned to the fourth battalion at ft. lewis, washington. he graduated in 2008. the mayor there says hernandez is the eighth salinas area native to be killed in iraq or afghanistan. >> today also marked the annual memorial for the passengers and crew on flight 93 killed xh the 9/11 attacks. friends and family gather here in the bay area. each victim is remembered with a life size marker of red granite. there's a reading of those on the plane which crashed in pennsylvania. while en route to san francisco. relatives say history shows they did not die in vain. >> people don't sit back on a plane when something is about to happen anymore. we've seen many instances where
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people have risen up to stop people from doing very odd things on airplanes. they are an inspiration. >> the gathering is a celebration of friendship. among those who still maintain ties forged by this terrible tragedy. >> so far so good. the dunbar ton retrofit is on schedule. the bridge should reopen in time for the morning commute. 5:00 a.m., that's the plan. the bridge has been completely closed through the three-day weekend for a seismic upgrade. cal it frans announced it's 75% done. that was this morning. krups are working around the clock installing new steel plates across the entire deck. the plates should allow the bridge to better withstand a major earthquake. >> investigators say they now know the cause of a fire. it was an unattended barbecue that started a fire in one home
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and quickly spread to the home next door. the damage estimated to be $700,000. one firefighter did suffer minor injuries while trying to fight the blaze. no one else was hurt, though. this begs the question, are you prepared? that's the question cal fire is asking. most of the bay area it could be bad when you consider the combination of a very dry winter and a very bad budget. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in walnut creek with more on what firefighters are doing and really what they want all of us to do and, jodi, where you are it is dry. >> reporter: it is very dry, jessica. the dry conditions have prompted cal fire to proclaim today the official start of fire season. we're not even out of the month of may. take a look at how dry this is shaping up to be. you have just enough rain this year for weeds and grasses to
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grow, only to promptly begin drying out. now the stage is set for potential disaster. >> we should be seen at the end of may, the first part of june, seeing a lot more green on those hills. it shouldn't have such a contrast. >> on that has district battalion chief very worried. stewart says this year's lack of rain has turned things brown and dry extra early. making the bay area vegetation more flammable than ever. >> the point we've never seen it in 20 years of documentation. we've never seen it this low. we would take off instantaneously in a fire. >> reporter: conditions have led to an earlier start to fire season. beginning today cal fire stations across the bay area are staffed and ready to roll. >> they're geared up to basically save people's homes. life and property is our main focus.
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>> reporter: cal fire officials say conditions are so dangerous this year, it's crucial for homeowners to do their part. >> each homeowner has to do 150-foot clearance so it makes our job easier. it gives us a fighting chance for them. >> reporter: to add fuel to the situation, fire stations across the bay area and state have been forced to cut back. it just could add up to one of the worst fire seasons in recent history. >> i'm nervous and i'm nervous about the type of fire, how big they're going to get this year and the hack of firefighters on the fire ground and it's going to compromise the safety of all the people as well as the firefighters. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see this hillside looks the way we would expect to see it in july or august. the wind we've been having is also adding to the concerns. now because of the conditions, cal fire has stopped issuing burn permits. they're also warning everybody to be extra careful when lighting up those barbecues or
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using the lawn mower. again, cal fire stations are now staffed 24/7 to respond to wildfires they are certain will start sparking up soon. reporting live, i'm jodi hernand hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. coming up, an amazing survival story. how a california family made it out alive after the small plane crashed into a mountainside. also, the cutting and replanting california trees for a profit. our investigative unit looks into how new rules could help lumber companies gain even bigger profits. plus, where's mark? how the facebook ceo managed to make a bizarre cameo on chinese state tv. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we heard about the official start of fire season winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles an hour today lowering those humidities and as we head throughout tuesday a warming foreca forecast. we'll let you know how hot it will get.
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a stunning survival tale. a wife and daughter and a cell phone. their small plane slammed into the side after snow covered mountain and they all lived. >> reporter: it was fire chief ryan brown and his family will never forget. this is what's left of brown's cessna after it crashed in an idaho forest saturday. >> i think what caused the plane to go down i'm pretty sure i experienced some icing on the wings. the plane stalled and crashed. >> reporter: from his hospital bed in boise, brown called kcr3 and told us what happened on impact and how rescuers found them. >> i hit the windshield which i have somewhere between 50 and
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100 stitches in my head. i broke a rib. i broke my nose. i broke my right wrist, and i have a puncture in my left arm that requires some stitches. my wife, she kind of did the same thing -- she was sitting right next to me. >> reporter: their daughter heather suffered minor cuts and bruises, but it was her idea to try to call 911. >> she made the call and remarkably it connected. >> reporter: he called that connection divine intervention. >> i have to believe there was some divine intervention in there, too, to get a cell phone call out that really shouldn't have made it. >> reporter: that cell phone came in happenedy again. >> on the cell phone there's an application to turn the flash on your camera into a strobe light. >> reporter: that strobe app helped guide rescuers to their broken plane. >> that's are pretty remarkable. it took rescuers 12 hours to get to the crash site. however, brown and his wife are
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expected to be in the hospital just a few more days before they're released. it's a special delivery that nobody ordered. pacific blue fish tune yoe carrying radioactive contamination from japan to our shores. 15 captured by researchers tested positive for cesium. they found levels ten times higher than the amount measured in tuna off our coast in recent years. it's still far below what's considered unsafe to eat. they feed in waters contaminated by the nuclear power plant disaster in japan last year. it's back to business on the golden gate bridge after a spectacular fireworks show in honor of the 75th anniversary. traffic moving right along as you can see from this live picture, the bikes and pedestrians are there, too. last night the bridge was beaming, though. the most photographed bridge in the world became a launch pad.
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thousands of people line up to watch the show and wish the iconic international bridge a happy birthday. last night's display, the anniversary celebration that has been going on for months and jeff ranieri has been a part of. he has this bond. >> a real bond. >> you know it's cool, we were talking about it, the fireworks were cascading off the bridge into the water. it was amazing. >> it was breathtaking. the other thing so simple, so great, they just shined a spotlight up on the bridge. i wish they could leave that on every single night. it was very, very spectacular. happy 75th there, ggb. a look at the numbers today. 63 out at golden gate. we had 64 in free month. 68 in livermore. you can see clearly with the onshore flow able to infiltrate. we had 75 in gilroy. slightly warming winds out of the northwest 15 to 25 miles still at the current moment. from san francisco all the way back over to the east bay winds out of the west onshore cooling
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at about 20 miles an hour. take you out to our live hd sky camera network. you can't get enough of golden gate bridge around that anniversary and across stanford. you see the camera shaking. the official start of the fire season happening today and the winds really ramping up. unfortunately. 54 in sunnyvale. no cloud cover here at the current moment and as we zoom out towards the pacific, not too much showing up either. however, as we head into the morning hours, fog and also drizzle coming back to the immediate coastline, maybe even low clouds back to the east bay and it will be one of those days that by the afternoon hours as we head throughout tuesday we'll have that cloud cover hanging on right up here across the san francisco peninsula down to santa cruz. this is also increasing while the air quality making it a lot better out there. we'll have more details on that and also your seven-day forecast and how hot it could can get in just a few minutes. >> thanks, jeff, we'll see you in a bit. coming up, k-9s in combat.
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the military's working dog. >> and another complication to summer travel. what airlines are doing to make flying a bigger hassle for families.
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if you booked your summer plan tickets, set aside some actual cash to make sure you're sitting with your children. as crazy as it sounds many airlines now say they can no longer guarantee to seat families together unless they book early or, get this, pay extra for preferred seating. the average additional fee for the aisle and window seats is $25 each way. now often passengers have been willing to pay up but new york lawmakers areinrg ug them to do the right thing and ditch those fees for families. >> children need access to their
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parents and parents need access to their children and it shouldn't be a barrier between mother and child. >> families who don't want to pay up will have to depend on the staff to accommodate them or ask other passengers to please rearrange their own seating. facebook is blocked in china. you may know that. mark zuckerberg is not. a surprise cameo by zuckerberg. you see him there and his wife recently on state-run tv. a few seconds of footage showing zuckerberg and chan walking behind two police officers was inserted into a documentary about solving high-tech crime in china. >> bursting the balloon and much more, still ahead at 6:00, a global shortage of helium that could deflate more than just a few birthday parties. >> should not be allowed to be subsidized for this kind of practice.
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>> they're cutting and replanting california trees for profit. the investigative unit looks into how these new rules could help lumber companies fatten their wallets. and as americans gatherrg t remember service members who died in the line of duty, find out are the president and the man who wants to replace him today to appeal to veterans.
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all across the country people are honoring the lives of our heroes and remembering their sacrifice on this memorial day. the wreath laying ceremony is a memorial day tradition. president obama paid tribute to the men and women who gave their lives defending our country. he also noted that this is the first memorial day in nine years that americans are not fighting in iraq. earlier the president helped lay a wreath at the tomb of the
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unknown. mr. obama paid tribute to those men and women who defended our country. excuse me one second. in an election year memorial day often comes as a key day on the campaign trail. president obama and mitt romney scheduled campaign events both spending their time talking about who would be a better commander in chief for a country at war. nbc's brian moore has that story from washington. >> reporter: on this memorial day 2012 president obama marks the 50th anniversary in the war in vietnam. >> 50 years later we come to this wall, this sacred place, to remember. we step towards the granite walls and reach out. >> reporter: a half sent isry after vietnam, a divided nation is trying to get out of an unpopular war but this time
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there is no question about the nation's support for its veterans. >> as long as i'm president, we will make sure you and your loved ones receive the benefits you've earned and the respect you deserve. america will be there for you. >> reporter: that pledge, in part campaign promise in this election year. in san diego presumptive republican nominee mitt romney honored veterans, too, but he suggested he's a stronger commander in chief. >> we choose that course for america not just so that we win wars but so we can prevent wars because a strong america is the best deterrent to war there ever has been invented. >> reporter: senator john mccain took a veiled shot it at the president in supporting romney. >> he believes in american exceptionalism. he believes that the 21st century will be an american century. ♪ america, america >> reporter: patriotism and politics on this memorial day
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2012. the unofficial kickoff to the summer of presidential campaign. military members and veterans are well represented in the battleground states in their support could play a key role in this election. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. there were several events honoring the troops, past and present. this was the scene in san francisco. today the 191st army band was at the front of the procession so the main parade ground on lincoln boulevard. that's where 35,000 vets and family members have been laid to rest. this is the 144th memorial day ceremony, one of the largest events of its kind in the country. the u.n. security council is condemning syria for shelling civilians but stopped short of assigning blame for a recent massacre there. more than 100 people, almost half of them children, died in
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the town of halou friday. general kofi annan is in damascus to meet with syrian president assad. he's calling on the syrian government to implement a previously agreed upon ceasefire immediately. >> a great country paying the highest price in this conflict. >> u.n. observers on the ground report ferocious shelling on friday. the latest accounts say 100 people died including 49 children under the age of ten and some 34 women. the u.n. blames the government for attacking residential areas with artillery but avoided saying who may be responsible for the actual massacre. >> this is the unofficial start of summer, but for many parts of the country it was the strongest may storm in more than 100 years. tropical storm beryl went ashore near jacksonville, florida. it was near hurricane strength, dropping heavy rain and blew
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with enough strength that some vacationers thought the roof was going to blow off. in georgia a double rainbow was the calm before the storm and at florida's daytona beach, lifeguards rescued more than 160 people from the stormy waters. a rescue of some kind may be needed for the oldest living trees on earth. a new survey shows their primary home has the worst air pollution of any national park in the country. june through september, the parks violated air quality standards at least 87 times. the national park is located about an hour southeast of fresno. the pollution comes from seven is tral valley fire for cars and trains. a past effort to clean up the valley air has seen little progress. >> if you play the system right, is it right for some companies to make big money while the environment and taxpayers take a beating? the investigative unit spent the
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last four months researching the cap and trade program. who benefits and who loses under these rules. >> reporter: from the quiet forest in the high sierra to the smokestack and the loud freeways along the way, caring for the environment and providing for our economy has come to a head with some environmentalists crying foul. >> i think it's a tremendous missed opportunity. >> serving as the climate policy director for the conservation group center for biological diversity. >> the program has loopholes and accommodations in it. >> reporter: under california's new cap and trade law, companies that pollute will be able to mitigate up to 8% of what they put into the air by purchasing what's called carbon offset credits. >> it's a tough row to hoe to get a ton of offset grants. >> reporter: stanley wrung serves as communications
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director for the california air resources board. the state agency that will oversee this revolutionary new cap and trade law. >> we want to make sure that every ton that we get from an offset is as rigorous, strict, and permanent as what we get from the industrial facility. >> reporter: and those carbon offset is techniques range from getting rid of old chemical refridge rants and capturing methane from dairy farms in newark to planting trees both in the city and reforesting the wilderne wilderness. it is getting carbon offsets for planting new trees where we encounter questions about the current rules and whether they truly reduce greenhouse gases. >> it doesn't seem right. >> and what that is -- >> reporter: members of the environmental group forest watch are concerned about these new rules. >> logging companies should not
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be allowed to be subsidized for this kind of practice. >> collecting millions of dollars. for the carn offset that they were going to anyways. >> they dump all this into the atmosphere. logging companies will benefit under the new cap and trade rule. paid through carbon offsets to replant those trees. you hear the critics, if you're doing business as usual, how do the rules improve? >> but you're not doing business as usual. we have very strict rules. you have to grow the trees bigger. you have to manage your forest better. >> reporter: you're not doing this out of the goodness of your heart. >> of course not. >> reporter: spi admits they stand to gain hundreds of
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millions of dollars through carbon offsets but insist the company is changing its business practice and not doing business as usual. >> we can show we're well above carbon practice, but, more importantly, the change in business practices, once we move into the offset market, we can no longer cut the forest down. >> reporter: therefore they claim we're reducing gas house emissions as demonstrated in this grasp of their 100-year plan. >> in order to maintain the carbon offsets that we've sold. >> reporter: sierra pacific hopes to use three main tracts to gain carbon offsets. including those 20,000 acres around cherry lake, potentially gaining millions of dollars with trees planted 15 to 20 years ago. the key, they say, is that they are changing their business model on these three pieces of land. >> what i'm changing is that i no longer have the ability to go the other way.
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once i've sold that carbon, i've made a 100-year promise. >> reporter: if you didn't do that, this would be gaining a system. >> it would be gaining a system but that's why we have such strict verification procedures in place. >> reporter: the state air resources board insists they will not let any company gain the system and will hold them to a strict standard in order to get any carbon offsets. >> you must be better than business as usual. if you don't, you don't have additional, and we will not allow those firms to enter into the cap and trade market. >> reporter: brian remains unconvinced. >> that is did he haefinitely o concern that the projects that we are seeing registered by the timber industry largely reflect the plans anyways. >> now the actual carbon offset market will begin when they take
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effect in 2013. already carbon offsets involve tens of millions of dollars on the futures market. what concerns environmentalists more is not that the companies may ben if fit financially but the goal of reducing carbon in our atmosphere will fail. the air resource board insists that will not happen. now if you have a tip for our investigative unit call 888-9 - 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to just ahead at 6:00, was it a bieber beatdown. why the pop singer, what he's accused of has police looking for him. and honoring all those with special honors today for some of our four-legged soldiers. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a cool breeze with us. as we head throughout tuesday, temperatures will warm up inland and also at the bay. numbers in the low to mid-70s with that fog clearing 0 out. we'll talk about a much hotter coming up.
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in health matters, it's a stunning statistic that doctors say should be a wake-up call. it finds kidney stones are nearly twice as common now as they were in the 1990s. the study published in "european neurolo neurology" found one in 20 people had kidney stones. now that number is nearly one in ten. the increase is likely due to more people suffering from obesity, diabetes or gout. conditions that are linked to kidney stones. >> well, it's obviously no secret that kids are influenced by their friends but a new study by researchers confirm that kids' activity is linked to those they hang out with.
6:42 pm
the study found that children were six times more likely to be active if their friends were active, too. >> jeff ranieri is here now. i still can't get over how fun that was last night to watch. i was part of the 75th last night. i don't know if we're going to make it to 100. >> of course we will. why not? we'll all be here on nbc bay area. >> the geriatric news. >> that would be good. a look outside right now at good old ggb, now past that 75th birthday as we count on down to the 100th. it's clear now. we'll let you know about the fog in a few minutes. also ahead, much more on barry bonds possibly helping the giants in the future and on the field they didn't need much help today against the d'backs. ♪ jimmy bond i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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because of the key ingredient in many celebrations is disappearing. helium has long been associated with inflating balloons but technology is making demands on the gas more. now being used for flat screen tvs, mris and help newborns breathe. it has, well, okay, balloons.
6:45 pm
the u.s. government say helium reserves could be used up within eight years. >> remembering our veterans on memorial day is also about paying tribute to unsung partners to work alongside our human troops. we're talking about military dogs here. today marked the first military working dog memorial. the southern california city of encinitas working at the event. they honored the work done by military working dogs during combat. how about that? hundreds of k-9s play a role in the military every day asking soldiers search for explosives and detect danger. >> more of a buddy than actual humans. it's so important on our dog, our fallen dog. >> and here are some amazing numbers. the average military working dog saves about 150 lives during its career. the humane society of encinitas
6:46 pm
hope to continue this remembrance every year. justice bieber wanted for questioning after a paparazzi said the singing star attacked him, telling the officer he was roughed up by bieber as he tried to take a photograph of him and his girlfriend. there was a scuffle and he ended up in the hospital. bieber and gomez left before deputies arrive. investigators say they want to get bieber's side of the story. i think it's embarrassing to get beat up by bieber. >> he weighs like 115 pounds. >> i'm just saying. i wouldn't be going around telling people that story. >> to jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist. 64 in san rafael. 63 in oakland. 68 in livermore. that cooler pacific air to filt er in and right now it's also dropping us dramatically at the coastline. 57 in san mateo and down in the south bay 53 in san jose. our sky camera network so spectacular tonight. i'm sure a lot of you did have the chance to get out and enjoy your memorial day.
6:47 pm
just in case you didn't get to enjoy clear skies down in san francisco, bringing it to you there for free. we do have some fog that will be building off the coastline here as we head throughout tomorrow morning, not only the low clouds but also some drizzle mixed in and then for tuesday the numbers will go up and if you like the hotter weather, i think we'll get it done for you in the seven-day forecast. we have some 80s returning. right now high pressure is way too far to the south to give us any kind of 80s for tuesday. as the winds start to shift on wednesday and that air begins to heat up, you think wednesday could bring us some mid to upper 80s in our extreme interior sections in the east and the south bay and also some slightly drying offshore winds. we'll begin the morning with some larger changes, fog here in the immediate coastline, marin, also the san francisco peninsula, down to santa cruz. our computer models picking up on fog across the interstate 80 corridor and even low clouds for the south bay and then it will be one of those days by the afternoon where we'll have
6:48 pm
clearing for our interior section across the peninsula and the san francisco coastline. that cloud cover will hang on. if you're thinking tomorrow a beach day, probably not the best for those low clouds. 52 in san jose. 47 in redwood city. let's bring you into our numbers here as we head into tuesday. it will be warmer here in san jose. 75. 76 in morgan hill. close to 80 in gilroy. also mid-70s for palo alto and sunnyvale. 73 in pleasanton and 72 in dublin. we'll have numbers in the 60s in downtown. 74 in santa rosa and also 60 with 60 at half moon bay. on your three-day forecast it gets hot by wednesday and also thursday. mid to upper 80s. then as we head into this upcoming weekend, we're going to see those numbers go down but not quite cold for this time of the year. low 80s inland and 70s at the bay. 60s for the coast, and by monday of next week, temperatures will
6:49 pm
be in the upper 70s to near 80s. even tuesday of next week we'll continue the streak with more dry weather. >> very exciting. >> sunshine, yes. >> is something happening on tuesday that i don't know about? >> i've been bugging jeff. my personal weather man. >> what's it going to be like? what's it going to be like? trying to make it work for you. at the top of our newscast we told you about barry bonds returning to at&t park with interesting comments. our coverage from our comcast sports net news. dave? raj, we'll get to that in a moment. let's talk about the game first. memorial day usually represents one of those benchmarks when you start to get a feel whether or not a baseball a team is really a contender. emphasis on usually. the 2012 giants still remains a bit of a mystery. the first memorial day a day to
6:50 pm
remember. k kimmel throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. picks this one up. first and third in the bottom of the first. giants do the double steal. gregor blanco home. the giants take the 1-0 lead. up 3-0 bottom of the second. blanco comes up with an rbi double. manny burris scores. the giants take a 4-0 lead. blanco just gets in there ahead of the throw. 4-2 giants. roberts flies it to right. look at blanco, the nice catch. the giants seal the win, 4-2. jaymee sire has more from at&t. barry zito gave up eight runs, the giants lost 8-5 to milwauk milwaukee. he made some adjustments in between starts and bounced back nicely. >> i've been backing myself in the corner throwing balls. it tough counts. it's not something you can do. >> he's a man.
6:51 pm
and i'm sure this was a big game for them with memorial day and young man out there just getting a new pair of legs, barry played a major role in that. i can't say enough about how he's handled everything thrown at him including not being on the postseason roster. he's been a team player throughout. i'm glad to see him have the success. >> pitching on memorial day was important for barry zito especially with strikeouts for troops. he didn't see the first pitch thrown out, just the fact he was here and standing on his prosthetic leg gave barry zito a boost before the start. for nbc bay area. >> thank you, jaymee. those watching the game at home on comcast sports net were treated to an appearance by barry bonds in the broadcast booth. bonds held court with the media for about 35 minutes and
6:52 pm
expressed a desire to return to the giants payroll. no, not as a player but as a roving instructor. bonds says he regularly watching the giants telecast and is well versed on the team's strengths and weaknesses including the struggle of a tim lincecum. >> sometimes i kind of like want to help. you know, i'm sitting at home. but that's about it. never to pick up a bat. to show you something, i could do that. if lincecum wants the answers, i'll give it to him. if you want them, i'll give them to you. >> as for the a's they begin a six-game road trip. game one in minnesota today. top of the first, josh redick. boy, is this guy hot. his tenth home run in the month of may, 14th on the year. a's have the 1-0 lead. tie game at 4-4. ryan doumit, the sac fly off
6:53 pm
cooke who had his run of 23 straight innings without allowing a run comes to an end today. a's lose, 5-4. they have lost six straight games. memorial day is also ncaa baseball selection day. we knew sanford would be a top seed. now we know which teams will join the cardinals. it will be pemer dine, michigan state and fresno state. the winner moves on to one of eight super regionals. the winner advances to the college world series in omaha. and game one of the eastern conference finals has reached the half. the miami heat lead the celtics by just two points after two periods of play. it's going to be interesting to see who can win that series, guys. >> talking about barry bonds, he's avoided so many different subjects. he's still, i believe, on a personal service contract with the giants. did he discuss contractually what he could do with the team? >> i don't think he was specific
6:54 pm
to that point. he just expressed the desire that, hey, he feels he can help the ball club. if they're interested in that capacity, he's interested in listening. we'll see whether or not major league baseball lets that happen. ultimately bud selig would have some kind of say in that as well. >> he could be a huge help for the giants. thanks a lot, dave. for a half hourcoverarage, , wa corage, watch sports net
6:55 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00, scared silent. one of the most powerful women in bay area sports, admits she's a victim of sexual abuse. now she is fighting back and that's tonight at 11:00 after r "grimm." ♪ i think i want to marry you
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>> wow. pretty impressive. a couple from oregon is engaged tonight thanks to isaac lamb, the future groom and his cast of more than 50 friends and family members. isaac's brother put the headphones on amy, that's the woman, and sat her in the back of his car and then took part in this -- they called it a liftup which has more than 3,000 hits on youtube. the song "marry you" by bruno mars. bruno mars responded directly. congrats to isaac lam and the future mrs. i don't think i could have made a better music video. they are scheduled to appear on the tod"today show." she said yes. >> that's a proposal. >> that's a lot of people. >> he put effort into that. he deserves a yes. >> would you like to get married? >> didn't want to go. it's cold. >> kris sanchez with what's up next. >> a closer look at the conflict in syria. the violence is escalating.
6:58 pm
we'll show what you that means for the prospect of peace in the region and a fungus killing off thousands of frogs with millions of frogs imported here to the bay area. we'll take a look at how the disease could affect our local ecosystem. that and more on comcast 186. your husband is waiting on line two, by the way. >> it was lovely. it was nice. i'm a whiner, though. i want to go to bed. i want to go to bed. that's it. >> 7:30 news in just a few minutes. enjoy the rest of your holiday. >> bye-bye. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios


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